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Jeff Dunham's AMC Gremlins - Jay Leno's Garage

Published on Jun 27, 2016 1,029,590 views

Jay invites Jeff Dunham to the garage to check out his 1972 and 1973 AMC Gremlins.
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A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.

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Jeff Dunham's AMC Gremlins - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno's Garage

  • NiteGambler
    NiteGambler 5 месяцев назад My first car was a '75 Gremlin X with the 5 liter 304 v8 and a 3 speed bought in june of '75, when i was 19. As of to today that car sits in my driveway and I'm 63 now lol.. AMC might be dead but not forgotton
  • Zephyrmec
    Zephyrmec 1 день назад The 4 speed manual transmission they put in the Gremlin X was a Warner T-10. A set of aluminum heads and intake a bit more camshaft lift and duration, a set of headers and dual exhaust, then you would have a fun car..... except for the trunnion front end..... the gremlin was a type 01, formerly the Rambler American. The Hornet was the type 10, formerly the Rambler Classic, two slightly different cars. Both had the critically necessary standard equipped flush reclining front seats! The perfect date car. Everyone thought you were a nerd, driving a Rambler, those “in the know” were well aware of the reclining seats..... very well built economical cars! With gas shocks and radial tires, they drove and handled quite well!
  • the cool gamer
    the cool gamer 2 дня назад @fleiva30 the car that explodes
  • David Dennison
    David Dennison 4 дня назад Awesome wish I kept mine
  • Ron Schlorff
    Ron Schlorff 1 месяц назад My mom had a big AMC stationwagon, Rambler, very nice car, in late 60's drove it a long time. I had a "75 Matadore as my first "company car", bullet proof, as I had to go "overland" in it for my job as a field biologist. Good stuff AMC!
  • daniel nicholls
    daniel nicholls 1 месяц назад bot a 1975 hornet hachback x silver 304 3speed standard with levi interior. no air. band new late 75. wish i still had it. really rare now. found high test gas really made a differance. the levi buttons were hot when i wore shorts lol
  • Michael Ashcraft
    Michael Ashcraft 1 месяц назад Is it still under warranty?
  • C T
    C T 2 месяца назад Nice!
  • fleiva30
    fleiva30 3 месяца назад mine was a 1976 Ford Pinto.. my sister sold it to me for $300
  • lavapix
    lavapix 4 месяца назад My neighbor had one just like that. It was a neat little car. Not as good as my 66 stang fastback but, still nice.
  • Conyey
    Conyey 4 месяца назад 3% Neanderthal yea 63 and a supercharged gremlin
  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 4 месяца назад i forget what year mine was [73 maybe],but it had the 305 ,and always one bald tire on the back ,no posi trac
  • NiteGambler
    NiteGambler 5 месяцев назад @3% Neanderthal I'm Canadian..they have quite a few fast AMC in USA
  • 3% Neanderthal
    3% Neanderthal 5 месяцев назад @NiteGamblernice..... that should give some pep. I hope you get bit by the bug afterwards and make it the fastest Gremlin in the US. Good luck
  • NiteGambler
    NiteGambler 5 месяцев назад @3% Neanderthal I have an original Edelbrock 4bbl intake that will go on in the spring.
  • NiteGambler
    NiteGambler 5 месяцев назад @David Hollenshead yup its a manual
  • David Hollenshead
    David Hollenshead 5 месяцев назад If it has the manual trans, it is rare...
  • 3% Neanderthal
    3% Neanderthal 5 месяцев назад Do something with it. Make it a super charged sleeper and have fun with new Mustangs and Camaros on Saturday night
  • MrTruth111
    MrTruth111 5 месяцев назад wow, sir make a video, with photo's through the years please:)
  • Jason Q
    Jason Q Год назад (изменено) Ok, my story. I had the AMC Spirit, similar to the Gremlin. I was young and it was all I could afford, but I learned to drive standard on it. My girlfriend’s father tried to teach me. Finally, I got a feel for the clutch. So, once mastered, my girlfriend and I went parking to get a feel for each other. One steamy night, we had to drive her mother on an errand. As the windows fogged up, I kept my eyes forward. My girlfriend, sitting in the backseat turned bright red and hid her face in shame. Her mother, who didn’t say a word the whole trip, just sat there with a telltale grin as she stared, not through the windshield, but at our collection of footprints that the fog , in utter betrayal, had revealed to her. I loved that car.
  • the cool gamer
    the cool gamer 2 дня назад I have a 1974 diecast
  • Ron Schlorff
    Ron Schlorff 1 месяц назад @jenky1044 Right, everyone from that era has that kind of "steamy window" story! I had a bigger car, a Mercury, so "get at room" meant, "let's move into the back seat for more room"! LOL.
  • Ron Schlorff
    Ron Schlorff 1 месяц назад @Anonymous User sorry, no Iphones then, also they knew better than to sext and leave conclusive evidence! Not like the little dolts of today!!
  • PBR Streetgang
    PBR Streetgang 1 месяц назад Fits a lot of roady sody's in the back. Toss em out as you go. Ah the good old days.
  • Launchpad 72
    Launchpad 72 1 месяц назад My first car was an AMC spirit ..... baby blue at that. Was not a chick magnet by any means!
  • GGALLIN1776
    GGALLIN1776 2 месяца назад @goopah - When I would see the cops coming about 1/4 mile away, I'd hit the now or never button & toss the rubber. Well one time I go to toss the thing (it was cold but with my gf you needed the windows cracked, not because she was hot but either her cave was filled with guano or she farted alot) & it gets caught on the window. The cop pulls up & sees the thing hanging there, leaking, says "that's disgusting, get out of here" & sped off. I don't remember if I had her clean the side of the car off or if it was just forgotten about & the next rainstorm cleaned it up. Either way, moral of the story is don't lean up against other people's cars. Oh & make sure your gf looks good in a batgirl costume but doesn't smell like the bat cave.
  • john preston
    john preston 2 месяца назад @goopah Were you banging your sister?? Phrased as if you shared parents..
  • whoami7721
    whoami7721 3 месяца назад Good story. The footprints on the glass, I can see it. Kids today don't even have the same car culture. They all love taking Uber on nights out. Plus cars are much smaller. My dad had a 1975 Gremlin, which he gave to me. I never got lucky in it, but that back seat was so small there wouldn't have been enough room!
  • goopah
    goopah 4 месяца назад (изменено) Nicely done, sir. Since my parents (and my girlfriend's parents) forbade us to experiment in our respective houses, my first girlfriend and I resorted to using the back seat of my car, a 1973 Javelin. The parents never caught us, but the cops did. It was middle of the night in winter. The windows were fogged up. Suddenly, a spotlight hit us, and a cop car did a couple of circles around the car and then waited at a respectful distance while we got dressed and drove off. Could have been so much worse, as I was 19, and she was 16.
  • Tony Feuerhelm
    Tony Feuerhelm 4 месяца назад ...Great Memories...
  • Prabhath Gera
    Prabhath Gera 4 месяца назад Better tell that to VIN Wiki
  • Bill Christen
    Bill Christen 4 месяца назад That is a GREAT story!! LoL!
  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 4 месяца назад pics or it didn't happen
  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 месяцев назад omg you read my mind i was gonna ask who lost their virginity in a gremlin ty for the smile on my face jason good man
  • eaglevision993
    eaglevision993 5 месяцев назад Great story. Nothing more to add.
  • Big Teddy Bear
    Big Teddy Bear 5 месяцев назад Mom's the original pimps.
  • Damian Grouse
    Damian Grouse 5 месяцев назад Jason Q Similar story for my wife and I 46 years ago. Except substitute 1966 Fury I And we kept our shoes on...🖖
  • Daniel Cannon
    Daniel Cannon 5 месяцев назад @Dion St. Michael I wanna know that too!
  • Phillip
    Phillip 5 месяцев назад Delightful Story!
  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 6 месяцев назад That’s awesome. But did ya marry her?
  • jenky1044
    jenky1044 7 месяцев назад Very familiar story.
  • Evan Cranidiotis
    Evan Cranidiotis 8 месяцев назад shhhh count dooku we kno about your fall from grace
  • C.J.
    C.J. 8 месяцев назад lol that's awesome.
  • jm adams
    jm adams 8 месяцев назад Hilarious!
  • ron rupska
    ron rupska 8 месяцев назад Good story😎
  • RadioFreeSpike
    RadioFreeSpike 9 месяцев назад (One of the best car stories... ever!)
  • D Allen
    D Allen 2 дня назад "When you hit a pedestrian, he's gotta get up laughing" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Harry Sachs
    Harry Sachs 14 часов назад Much respect for Jeff Dunham, awesome!!!!
  • Bojan Kis
    Bojan Kis 4 дня назад Mr. Jay you need to do episode with Yugo! Please please please!!!
  • James Chisholm
    James Chisholm 2 недели назад The poor man's Corvette was the Fiero... The AMC Gremlin was a pretty decent car...
  • J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅
    J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅ Год назад (изменено) Yes, the car was featured in an early scene from Gremlins
    MB4LUNCH 5 месяцев назад As a Gremlin owner he seems used to being quick with a comeback, and didn't take too much crap from Jay! I give the owner a "10." One of the best owners ever on the show.
  • Martin Liehs
    Martin Liehs 2 месяца назад This episode is just hilarious. Entire episode was based on making fun of this long forgotten (but well liked) car.
  • tom90046
    tom90046 3 месяца назад Yes, indeed!
  • greatbyrondo
    greatbyrondo 4 месяца назад @Stephen Hawking's Football Boots....I think it's also obvious that Jay and Jeff are good friends.... :)
  • Stephen Hawking's Football Boots
    Stephen Hawking's Football Boots 5 месяцев назад They're both professional comedians, so that probably has a lot to do with their witty banter.
  • Charlie
    Charlie 2 года назад I never understood why people made fun of these cars. I always thought they looked nice, were easy to work on, had a good price, and ran pretty good.
  • Joe Ford
    Joe Ford 6 дней назад I would like to have one today.
  • Commenter Five
    Commenter Five Неделю назад Charlie, agreed. AM was doing what they could. They made some simple, decent cars. And some were good looking. They made the mistake of buying or making leaf suspension springs that broke. Seeing an AM driving around with the back hanging down had to have been terrible advertisement. But they all were a far better car than the understeering-to-oversteering, can't-see- out of the windshield because of the defroster Corvairs and VW bugs. I liked the looks of these Gremlins. I think Jay's ridiculing them was uncalled for. Draw a sketch of one made into a AA/FA.
  • Don Jose Miguel Maese
    Don Jose Miguel Maese 2 месяца назад @TaUnc Fester I have a 64' American 440-H with the OHV 195.6 and twin stick. It was my first car and i probably will never get rid of it.
  • tom90046
    tom90046 3 месяца назад I had one, too, and the L-head made it real quiet. It idled like a Rolls Royce, too.
  • Spuds
    Spuds 3 месяца назад @Michael Musumeci I had a 76 Feather Duster with a 225 with 3 +OD A/C about 32 mpg on the Interstate... Sold it for 300 bux (way too much rust to save it) with 125,000 miles on it.