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New BMW X5 Review // Mercedes GLE, Porsche Cayenne or This??

Published on May 18, 2019 44,832 views

BMW released the 4th generation X% SUV with a new design, updated interior and two beautiful engines. The all-new 2019 BMW X5 is longer, wider and taller than the outgoing model with bold new design features that can be a bit polarizing. The oversized front grill and air intakes are features that make a statement. The interior of the all-new BMW X5 include two standard 12.3-inch screens, one behind the steering wheel and the second to control the iDrive system. There is more room now in the back seat and the cargo space is very large. The new X5 now has a dual power folding clam-shaped rear hatch design. Under the hood is a 3.0L turbo 6-cylinder or turbo 4.0L V8. The Majority of buyers choose the BMW X4 40i with 335hp and 330lb.-ft. of torque to an updated 8-speed automatic and revised AWD system. The X5 can now be fitted with air suspension, rear steering and active suspension with actuators on the suspension for better balance through the corners.

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  • Dwayne Rose
    Dwayne Rose 1 месяц назад Each new version of SUV grows in size. If only parking spots grew in size at the same rate.🇨🇦
  • HiPlains1
    HiPlains1 1 месяц назад I think the X3 is a perfect size. No need for an X5/X7
  • HiPlains1
    HiPlains1 1 месяц назад @Immortal Guard Your right about that.
  • Eden Roth
    Eden Roth 1 месяц назад And the street in Montreal need to expand bigger also.
  • Immortal Guard
    Immortal Guard 1 месяц назад Dwayne Rose yea I agree with you on that. Costco parking style must be standardized imho
  • Ib7 h
    Ib7 h 1 месяц назад @Antonio Zamudio im sorry ur comment is literally retarded
  • Antonio Zamudio
    Antonio Zamudio 1 месяц назад If only people stop asking for bigger SUVs and instead use the city car they truly need: a compact hatchback.
  • nelsonlee
    nelsonlee 1 месяц назад 9:45 From what I've heard, the GLE isn't available with rear steering.
  • Oliver Hall
    Oliver Hall 1 месяц назад Fantastic video as always, I am looking forward to your X7 review!
  • Blue Ribbons
    Blue Ribbons 1 месяц назад The best Canadian automobile journalist, way before YouTube kids!, and He's still going strong.
  • Ahmad Lebanon
    Ahmad Lebanon 1 месяц назад hhh he is boring like all Canadians
  • Motormouth
    Motormouth 1 месяц назад Thanks for noticing. Sometimes it is discouraging when hype gets more views than real content.
  • Sanjay Parekh
    Sanjay Parekh 1 месяц назад Your take on the new X5 is fantastic and I completely agree with you. I have been a Mercedes loyalist for several years, but this time I am leaning towards this X5 as well and for the exact same reasons you just mentioned. Keep up the great work.. Love your videos..
  • Ib7 h
    Ib7 h 1 месяц назад @divjot singh the x5 is basically better then gle in every way except comfort but its also a very comfortable car.
  • SM-317
    SM-317 1 месяц назад divjot singh just because it’s comfortable, doesn’t mean it’s the best, the new GLE looks horrendous.
  • divjot singh
    divjot singh 1 месяц назад Mercedes still the best sir !! X5 is good, but from the comfort perspective GLE nails it !!
  • Kellington Link
    Kellington Link 1 месяц назад Of course it’s not cheap, but walk into a Cadillac dealership and see what that buys you. I like the exterior of this BMW, but I LOVE that interior colour combination. Impressive. I appreciate your integrity and honesty, when you break down how simple the Brands are and/or have become. It was another great video, well thought out. Thanks.
  • Matt Mac Mullin
    Matt Mac Mullin 1 месяц назад Great vehicle right up to the day and hour the warranty expires.
    NO_EYES_ON_ME 1 месяц назад And replacing those 20 to 21 inch tires won't be for the faint hearted.
  • HiPlains1
    HiPlains1 1 месяц назад (изменено) IMO, when BMW revised the X3 in 2018 it killed the need to buy the X5. The X3 Xdrive 30i is all you really need. Tons of room, fast, great MPG's, and overall the best SSUV. The X5 will cost you at least 10K or more USD. Now if you have the bucks and really don't care about money I think the new X7 is hard to beat. For a first year model full size SUV the X7 hit a home run first time to bat. I like all the X series Suvs. But the X3 is the sweat spot for the money. And you can get big discounts. I got 7K off my X3 and paid 47K (MSRP 54K) and it's loaded. Very fun SSUV to drive.
  • cizzane46
    cizzane46 1 месяц назад (изменено) X7 makes them (X3 X5) look outdated.
  • HiPlains1
    HiPlains1 1 месяц назад @Baasil F. nevertheless, I'd stay away from the X7. Too much to go wrong. With the air suspension and all the other gadgets they stuff into it. But yes it has a bit of Rover DNA with the higher hood line and boxier stance. Even the new Kia telluride looks a bit like a rover but the interior on that is all BMW. IMO, the X7 is a waste of money unless you plan on living in the back seat. All the added length went directly to the back. Front is basically the same dimensions as a X5 with a little more bling.
  • Baasil F.
    Baasil F. 1 месяц назад The X1, X3 & X5 all look the same in the front (sometimes I get confused between the new X3 and new X5 when I see one from the front lol) , whereas the X7 looks a lil different in the front
  • HiPlains1
    HiPlains1 1 месяц назад Actually they have similar themes. I think they all look very modern. The X7 does have a better looking grill however. The bigger grill makes more sense on the full size X7. But a loaded X7 will run you well over 100K. Its definitely a step above as it should be. The outgoing 2017 X3 definitely looks dated now compared to the new one.
  • Farid Alghali
    Farid Alghali 1 месяц назад Great video and content, as always! Thank you 😊👍
  • Philippe Peltier
    Philippe Peltier 1 месяц назад Thank you for saying truth about the X7 !
  • Gary Sandhu
    Gary Sandhu 1 месяц назад Great review. I wish they still offered the Diesel. What is the hybrid model like?
  • Alex on Cars
    Alex on Cars 1 месяц назад (изменено) First of all very glad you back review BMW a long time whant you thoughts about Second, big fan of BMW interior actual buttons but the nig one i don't like is a instriment cluster not a big fan of the design glad if they make it custum with diferet graffics
  • Lovelace Boi Wonda
    Lovelace Boi Wonda 1 месяц назад All round best ❤
  • Alexandra P
    Alexandra P 1 месяц назад Reliability? Not great from what I hear.
  • ysz199
    ysz199 1 месяц назад Your review is the best!
  • fahlafelqueensbabiib
    fahlafelqueensbabiib 1 месяц назад What about the Range Rover sport?
  • Gurkirat Uppal
    Gurkirat Uppal 1 месяц назад You are very right, this is really good except from exterior styling. It looks so similar to last 2 gen X5 and a casual glance won’t even make you notice this is new. This will never command a second look unlike GLE or Cayanne.
  • Gaurav Christopher DCosta
    Gaurav Christopher DCosta 1 месяц назад Great review. Love that you included your thoughts on the GLE as well. Thank you!
  • Lorand Layton
    Lorand Layton Неделю назад the GLE has voice recognition ? for what that's worth.