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Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling

Published on Mar 28, 2016 45,651,458 views

Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling - Studio C. Scott Sterling is BACK defending his team in the Volleyball Championship. And as per usual, Sterling isn't going down without a BIG fight!
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Cast: Matt Meese, Jason Gray, Stephen Meek, Jeremy Warner, Stacey Harkey and James Perry
Director: Jared Shores
Producer: Jared Shores and Diane Mayne
Writer: Matt Meese
Editor: Yurii Hydrick

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Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling - Studio C

  • Rawjustice2
    Rawjustice2 3 года назад Bruh I thought this was real for the fist minute lol
  • Jennifer Gryte
    Jennifer Gryte 2 дня назад Rawjustice2 it is real
  • Gamer 1029 Timothy
    Gamer 1029 Timothy 3 дня назад I love these trolling vid but idk it's real hurts or photoshop
  • Daniel Kamara
    Daniel Kamara 6 дней назад Same wit me
  • CreepziNoise 69
    CreepziNoise 69 Неделю назад Same wait isn't this real
  • destiny arrives
    destiny arrives 2 недели назад Same
  • Amprx
    Amprx 2 недели назад Rawjustice2 is it real
  • michael hennell
    michael hennell 1 месяц назад It could be real if his head has a gravitational field to rival a black hole. An X-man mutant impervious to concussion! Wolverine and Blob wrapped together in one tiny man willing to lay his life on the line for his team. I love this guy!
    KILLER PLAYS 1 месяц назад It looks so real
  • CrosscutNOAH
    CrosscutNOAH 1 месяц назад Holy crap same here
  • Night Bot
    Night Bot 1 месяц назад Wait it's fake? (You can r/woosh me. But I didnt know it was fake.)
  • Amadeo Antoun
    Amadeo Antoun 2 месяца назад Rawjustice2 same
  • Nicki Boone
    Nicki Boone 2 месяца назад ikr
  • Content Available
    Content Available 2 месяца назад Everyone did
  • Thomas Cannon
    Thomas Cannon 2 месяца назад Same
  • Tommy Veee
    Tommy Veee 2 месяца назад How the eff do they do this?! LOL
  • ClickityTap
    ClickityTap 2 месяца назад Rawjustice2 me too
  • damatommy _
    damatommy _ 3 месяца назад Me to HAHAHAHAHA
  • Ayori kun
    Ayori kun 3 месяца назад Is it not?????
  • Lil Bosko
    Lil Bosko 3 месяца назад Why do you have the same profile pic from just destiny
  • B3ATYOU 1
    B3ATYOU 1 3 месяца назад Rawjustice2 it’s not?
  • No Mercy Gaming
    No Mercy Gaming 3 месяца назад Hahahahahaha i am glad you noticed
  • Patyk *
    Patyk * 3 месяца назад And it is not?
  • Hamim Chowdhury
    Hamim Chowdhury 4 месяца назад Me too
  • dibash bikram Thapa
    dibash bikram Thapa 4 месяца назад First min..i tht all min was real
  • Jorven Productions
    Jorven Productions 4 месяца назад Rawjustice2 first not fist
  • Goat Group
    Goat Group 4 месяца назад I keep seeing u
  • junyuxn _
    junyuxn _ 10 месяцев назад +Mineav fake vid
  • Brick Brick Brick Brick Brick. It’s fun!
    Brick Brick Brick Brick Brick. It’s fun! Год назад It's not but it's still painful. Poor Matt/ Scott Sterling.
  • ViscaElBarca
    ViscaElBarca 2 года назад RawJustice2 lmfaoo my sister thought the soccer one was real basically the whole video, lol she was so amazed
  • Max Bjørgum
    Max Bjørgum 2 года назад RawJustice2 o
  • Eli Chao
    Eli Chao 2 года назад Chewbacca The Wookie I watched the Soccer one twice and didn't notice it was fake
  • Benjamin Luna
    Benjamin Luna 2 года назад RawJustice2 I
  • SuperDog101
    SuperDog101 2 года назад Also I did when I first watched the soccer one I did too but I watched it 5 times and still didn't realize it
  • SuperDog101
    SuperDog101 2 года назад RawJustice2 it's not and also I recommend watching other studio c videos there awesome
  • Redstone Zombie
    Redstone Zombie 2 года назад awesome nerd no, it is staged
  • joey hicks
    joey hicks 2 года назад RawJustice2 wait, its not?
  • Gummy Bear5544
    Gummy Bear5544 3 года назад Same here
  • Lookexc
    Lookexc 3 года назад +RawJustice2 how did you get dem likes?
  • 닭
    3 года назад Bruh how can't you notice that is not real
  • Pasta
    Pasta 3 года назад +RawJustice2 Brrrruuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh........
  • Neckdown
    Neckdown 3 года назад It looks so real at first... 😝
  • Abby Randall
    Abby Randall 3 года назад +Hariotte Lane why what happened at 1:01
  • Paweł Kęcerski
    Paweł Kęcerski 3 года назад +Hariotte Lane You sound fun -.-
  • Hariotte Lane
    Hariotte Lane 3 года назад +RawJustice2 So... exactly at 1:01 you stopped thinking that it was real?
  • Mineav
    Mineav 3 года назад WTF you talking about? This is completely real. Scott is a legend!
  • rhya villanueva
    rhya villanueva 3 года назад +RawJustice2 yeah same. XD
  • Micah Fischer
    Micah Fischer 3 года назад +RawJustice2 Icing on the cake for me was the stretcher at 2:28 that has "Reserved for Sterling" written on it :D
  • Elc J
    Elc J 3 года назад +RawJustice2 Lol as soon as I saw the male cheerleaders, I knew it was fake
  • R T
    R T 3 года назад +RawJustice2 same
  • nigling
    nigling 3 года назад +RawJustice2 fake and gay
  • C Ooper
    C Ooper 3 года назад If this was real the news would be going crazy
  • Liam Mello
    Liam Mello 3 года назад +roninglx yeah
  • Genocide Doug
    Genocide Doug 3 года назад +crackerjack batman nahh you're crazy this is totally legit and not staged in any way, like it's so obviously real
  • Don Lucky
    Don Lucky 3 года назад +crackerjack batman really? i didn't know! i'm not being sarcastic either. are sherlock holmes or something?
  • canadianbacon1199
    canadianbacon1199 3 года назад +Don Lucky the creators said it was fake
  • Don Lucky
    Don Lucky 3 года назад +crackerjack batman that was real bruh. so is this. no irony whatsoever.
  • Genocide Doug
    Genocide Doug 3 года назад +crackerjack batman nah bruh that was totally real
  • willm
    willm 3 года назад Same
  • Redstone Pro
    Redstone Pro 3 года назад +RawJustice2 same XD
  • Owl Liang
    Owl Liang 3 года назад Me too, lmao!
  • Jet Seal
    Jet Seal 3 года назад +RawJustice2 same
  • Greg E
    Greg E 3 года назад +RawJustice2 me too, until i realized everyone was about 5'5 and the spin serve looked like something a high schooler would do
  • The Thanks
    The Thanks 3 года назад ចិតមេន
  • canadianbacon1199
    canadianbacon1199 3 года назад +Don Lucky that was fake too
  • Rayyan Zafar
    Rayyan Zafar 3 года назад For real
  • Don Lucky
    Don Lucky 3 года назад it's real. scott sterling used to be a goal keeper in football. search his video here in youtube
  • Splodium
    Splodium 3 года назад +Sv1501st hi
  • Sv1501st
    Sv1501st 3 года назад same
  • I Juliana
    I Juliana 3 года назад a lot of people that don't know what studio c is think it is real. it is really funny.
  • Natalia Vargas
    Natalia Vargas 3 года назад me too lmao and when I realized it was fake I felt so dumb
  • Sophia Scott
    Sophia Scott 3 года назад +RawJustice2 lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DaFireMangu
    DaFireMangu 3 года назад I thought the soccer one was real xD
  • Rachel Carson-Lecuyer
    Rachel Carson-Lecuyer 3 года назад until I saw the fake doctor person 😂
  • rdrmw2
    rdrmw2 3 года назад Same lol
  • roninglx
    roninglx 3 года назад +Luke Hynes I like that one more
  • Luke Hynes
    Luke Hynes 3 года назад +RawJustice2 Check out scott sterling - goalkeeper :P
  • Kavinchu
    Kavinchu 3 года назад How long is a Fist minute!?
  • Gezuh
    Gezuh 3 года назад I did the same thing with the soccer/football one because I was looking for a legit video😂
  • Maximos V
    Maximos V 3 года назад +ian shouts it's fake... He just fakes getting hit in the head and then the ball is computer generated
  • Julius Green
    Julius Green 3 года назад +ian shouts You should follow matt meese on instagram, he has a photo there were he explains. Basicaly the close ups are real, with a rubber ball obviously. And the wide shots are sgi, were it is faked
  • Kevin polo
    Kevin polo 3 года назад me to Lol
  • Amir Rifaie
    Amir Rifaie 3 года назад +ian shouts thats obvious. the reason he can tank all the hit is because hes Scott Sterling
  • TheMonkeysHead
    TheMonkeysHead 3 года назад They already a video like this
  • Goku Norris
    Goku Norris 3 года назад +RawJustice2 my peoples didnt even get it they thought this was real... lol
  • James Delaurier
    James Delaurier 3 года назад Same lol
  • Pasta
    Pasta 3 года назад Bruhhhhhh.....
  • hardfugoo
    hardfugoo 3 года назад Watch the soccer one, haha.
  • Galaxy Exile
    Galaxy Exile 4 недели назад (изменено) There needs to be : A golf version An NFL version, A rugby version Another soccer version A basketball version And last but not least bowling
  • Arvin Cruz
    Arvin Cruz 15 часов назад Never forget BASEBALL
  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith 1 день назад Throws bowling ball backwards Everyone jumps and spins but Sterling get hit in the face while jumping
  • Gabrielle James
    Gabrielle James 6 дней назад He needs to play locros
  • wooosh me if ur stupid
    wooosh me if ur stupid 6 дней назад Cricket
  • Cat Facts
    Cat Facts Неделю назад Hockey
  • HighExpectation HighDissapointment
    HighExpectation HighDissapointment 2 недели назад And shot put
  • Christopher Janda
    Christopher Janda 2 недели назад @Newt Scamander Comes up in the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, 100 mph fastball to the face for the game winning RBI.
  • Newt Scamander
    Newt Scamander 3 недели назад Baseball. Comes into the 9th, 3 line drives off his face into his glove
  • TechWizPC
    TechWizPC 3 недели назад We need dodge ball too.
  • Potterheadtexan Studios
    Potterheadtexan Studios 3 недели назад He'll be the human bowling pin
  • Another Random Cat
    Another Random Cat 3 недели назад If Scott Sterling was real I’d actually watch sports
  • Inugami wang
    Inugami wang 5 дней назад Same
  • Jeremeow Jeremeow
    Jeremeow Jeremeow Неделю назад Another Random Cat me toooooooo😂😗😉
  • Another Random Cat
    Another Random Cat 2 недели назад Jared Judson oh definitely
  • Jared Judson
    Jared Judson 2 недели назад If these commentators were real I'd watch sports
  • ty sushi
    ty sushi 2 недели назад actually i watch baseball
  • ty sushi
    ty sushi 2 недели назад same
  • Rimuru The slime
    Rimuru The slime 1 месяц назад he attacc he protecc but mostly he almost broke his necc
  • Shadow Stalker
    Shadow Stalker 2 недели назад He protec He attac But mostly His face get smac
    HMᝰᏦᏎᏦᏎᏚ 1 месяц назад Pvto
  • Rimuru The slime
    Rimuru The slime 1 месяц назад Wow guys! You guys are so kind
  • Rimuru The slime
    Rimuru The slime 1 месяц назад Thank you guys for all the likes!
  • Rimuru The slime
    Rimuru The slime 1 месяц назад :v
  • ღ Banana chip ღ
    ღ Banana chip ღ 1 месяц назад It’s “He protecc he attac” not he attacc he protecc well I guess do it your way
  • Salvagamings2
    Salvagamings2 1 месяц назад This needs to be the most liked comment on youtube
  • Domenic Petrucci
    Domenic Petrucci 1 месяц назад His face got recc
  • King.K The Best
    King.K The Best 1 месяц назад They have a medical bed literally with Sterling on it😂.
  • Vectorbro
    Vectorbro Неделю назад "reserved for sterling"
  • Pornelius Hubert
    Pornelius Hubert 2 года назад There are only two things that cannot be destroyed Nokia and Scott Sterling's face
  • Bubbles 105539
    Bubbles 105539 Неделю назад So what happens when you throw a Nokia at Scott Stirling’s face?
  • Jacob Mayer
    Jacob Mayer 3 недели назад Dude, there should be a sketch where someone throws a nokia at Scott.
  • The Football Planet
    The Football Planet 1 месяц назад @ristuksenvittu yes we know
  • I Love BTS
    I Love BTS 2 месяца назад Facts
  • Elly Keyla
    Elly Keyla 2 месяца назад Woy
  • Pale Gamer
    Pale Gamer 2 месяца назад You forgot about amusement park wrist bands
  • Jetiel Torres
    Jetiel Torres 2 месяца назад By the way you forgot a out Chuck Norris. Lol
  • Jetiel Torres
    Jetiel Torres 2 месяца назад No one has mentioned Nokia in forever. Plus Respect for this comment.👍
  • Tayger
    Tayger 2 месяца назад Aaaaaaand my depression.
  • FosterSky
    FosterSky 3 месяца назад Pornelius Hubert what about flex tape
  • Alex Scarbrough
    Alex Scarbrough 3 месяца назад U Right
  • pol ara
    pol ara 3 месяца назад Except his face is quite destroyed
  • Philip Robinson
    Philip Robinson 3 месяца назад (изменено) Come the nuclear war, the only things that'll survive are cockroaches and Nokia 3310s, and SCOTT STERLING's face, lol!!! Fired up my 13 year old Nokia 3310 recently and it still works, never has my ghast been Frankie Howerdly flabbered.
  • magical football
    magical football 10 месяцев назад Ely Tuyor not my face. Everyone can shooting like this but it needs massive edit
  • H67
    H67 2 года назад THE MAN!! THE MYTH!!! THE LEGEND!!!!
  • The Seventh Raiper
    The Seventh Raiper 2 года назад As an owner of a Nokia phone and a fan of Studio C: SO TRUE!
  • Myreflection
    Myreflection 2 года назад ristuksenvittu you must be fun at parties.
  • Bon Jovi
    Bon Jovi 2 года назад ristuksenvittu Stfu
  • Aimer Coal
    Aimer Coal 2 года назад XD 😂
  • ristuksenvittu
    ristuksenvittu 2 года назад the difference between nokia 3310 and scott sterling is that nokia 3310 is real and scott sterling is just a fictional character :D so yeah... in real life situation, 3310 would do better job than scott sterling.
  • Show Some
    Show Some 2 года назад so true
  • Zacho-Web Administrator
    Zacho-Web Administrator 3 недели назад Last block is illegal....unless you are Scott Sterling :)
    INESSA 2 недели назад You must be fun at parties
  • Zacho-Web Administrator
    Zacho-Web Administrator 2 недели назад @Aldi Firmansyah It's illegal for 2 main reasons. First of all, a libero is not allowed to block the ball in the attack zone (above net height). Second, you are not allowed to assist your teammates in gaining height or similar when fx attacking or blocking. I admit these af official FIVB rules, special rules may apply for college volleyball, but I think they are basically similar.
  • Aldi Firmansyah
    Aldi Firmansyah 2 недели назад no that's not illegal cause his feet not step on the line. he was carried by his team. So brilliant 🤣🤣🤣
  • The Tig Way
    The Tig Way 1 день назад Scott Sterling would have a rating of 99 for defending and Goalkeeping in FIFA and Pes
  • Kyle Braithwaite
    Kyle Braithwaite 3 недели назад “That man will leave the court today knowing he gave everything he could... if he leaves at all” 😂
  • star Black
    star Black 4 недели назад One is the loneliest number Two tickets to paradise There times the lady F O U R E V E R Y O U N G
  • nrg
    nrg 3 года назад Donald Trump: "We need to build a Scott Sterling around Mexico."
  • Azrijal Rijal
    Azrijal Rijal 3 месяца назад i laugh for 10 min
  • Azrijal Rijal
    Azrijal Rijal 3 месяца назад i get it the wall of scott sterling HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA
  • Ivan Wei HONG
    Ivan Wei HONG 3 месяца назад Also Donald Trump: "And the wall has to be made of his face AND only his face.
  • Arvinth Kumar
    Arvinth Kumar 3 месяца назад LMAO
  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 5 месяцев назад Yo!
  • Jared Myers
    Jared Myers 5 месяцев назад Ryan G. They’d go broke in a month
  • Jason Ringo
    Jason Ringo 10 месяцев назад That would be too OP!!
  • Te Pakira Wells
    Te Pakira Wells 10 месяцев назад Triggered Niqqa are you happy or mad at this I can’t tell
  • Te Pakira Wells
    Te Pakira Wells 10 месяцев назад No matter what nobody can pass through because his head could stop a planet the size of Jupiter
  • Te Pakira Wells
    Te Pakira Wells 10 месяцев назад Oh my god yes
  • Meme Nation
    Meme Nation 2 года назад nrg dislike
  • AlexTheBoii
    AlexTheBoii 2 года назад nrg I
  • Jackson Isaacson
    Jackson Isaacson 2 года назад Zimmycrafterplaysminecraft
  • zimmy
    zimmy 2 года назад a brick wall that can feel pain?
  • No Name
    No Name 2 года назад nrg OMG LOL
  • Judy
    Judy 2 года назад nrg lol
  • Jonah Sheppard
    Jonah Sheppard 2 года назад Gv
  • bryan_ MOBA
    bryan_ MOBA 2 года назад Yesss I will take 100 000 000 balls and throw at him
  • Not Tfue
  • Nuclear
    Nuclear 2 года назад Elver Galarga he is he is a dumbass
  • Nuclear
    Nuclear 2 года назад Ryan G. Why not America huh??
  • charli O_o
    charli O_o 2 года назад nrg lol
  • nrg
    nrg 2 года назад @Deja Banks Yeah What's up?
  • Deja Banks
    Deja Banks 2 года назад nrg
    IM_NOT_PSYCHO 3 года назад Over 4000 likes on a comment
  • Dusty rottweiler
    Dusty rottweiler 3 года назад +Infrared NRG im proud to give u ur 4000th like sir
  • 56Landon
    56Landon 3 года назад +Infrared NRG Ikr
  • nrg
    nrg 3 года назад I deleted all the negative comments because we're all here for some fun and this is a joke, but holy this got a lot of likes.
  • Raphael Facelo
    Raphael Facelo 3 года назад I've been to the Great Scott Sterling of China
  • katy goodrich
    katy goodrich 3 года назад +Infrared NRG HAHA!!!!!!!! LOL
  • Cruz Anibal Barrón Leal
    Cruz Anibal Barrón Leal 3 года назад @Rafael Soler At the end its the U.S. loss, no more guacamole for their snacks. Next time the Super Bowl comes, good luck eating Doritos with wasabi.
  • Rafael Soler
    Rafael Soler 3 года назад +Infrared NRG that will be the next skit scott sterling will enter the army and blcok every immagrant from coming in with his face
  • Skullknight 5653
    Skullknight 5653 3 года назад So good but so bad at the same time
  • Angelo Ochoa
    Angelo Ochoa 3 года назад I half smiled
  • Cruz Anibal Barrón Leal
    Cruz Anibal Barrón Leal 3 года назад @dbrayx9 Actually, ex-president.
  • Jacob Birdsong
    Jacob Birdsong 3 года назад Studio C is like Key and Peele's white friend that's not as funny.
    IM_NOT_PSYCHO 3 года назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Conrad Kay
    Conrad Kay 3 года назад OMG lol
  • Zuko-Kitty
    Zuko-Kitty 3 года назад +Infrared NRG The Great Wall of Scott Sterling (probably was already said, but hey)
  • Bobby Buckets
    Bobby Buckets 3 года назад +Infrared NRG Best comment ever
    SANTACLAWZ 3 года назад Lmao nice 😂😂😂Im pretty sure this is the only comment on youtube with 2800+likes
  • Roberto Coria
    Roberto Coria 3 года назад Good, we need a Scott sterling around the u.s.a...the rest of the universe
  • XxTeeDaBeastxX _YT
    XxTeeDaBeastxX _YT 3 года назад Lol we must build a wall
  • Josh Toze
    Josh Toze 3 года назад You have officially won the internet.
  • ZwiiRek
    ZwiiRek 3 года назад omg!!!!!💀💀💀💀
  • Leah Wilson
    Leah Wilson 3 года назад hahaha, lol!! :)
  • Presfection Studios
    Presfection Studios 3 года назад Haha
  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 3 года назад Agreed
  • Some Guy Probably?
    Some Guy Probably? 3 года назад LMFAO
  • queenandthebeatles1
    queenandthebeatles1 3 года назад I love you
  • robert tucker
    robert tucker 3 года назад +Infrared NRG He will block them... WITH HIS FACE!!
  • Clashy Gamer
    Clashy Gamer 3 года назад lol
  • Quixoid
    Quixoid 3 года назад really funny....good one
  • Freshroland
    Freshroland 3 года назад Lol
    FLUBS 3 года назад Likes at 2020. Perfect.
  • Aceson x
    Aceson x 3 года назад lmfao
  • Richard Rodriguez
    Richard Rodriguez 3 года назад You know it's funny when a Mexican laughs at it and man that was funny Hahahahaha
  • Darthy24567
    Darthy24567 3 года назад +Infrared NRG Lolololololololol
  • Viraj Patel
    Viraj Patel 3 года назад Nice
  • Dom Animations
    Dom Animations 3 года назад Lol
  • Yoshi Brothers
    Yoshi Brothers 3 года назад +Infrared NRG XD OMG HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Brendan Swords
    Brendan Swords 3 года назад 😂😂
  • The Last Attempt
    The Last Attempt 3 года назад Best goalkeeper of all time: Sterling's face. So proud.
  • Valentin Bobrov
    Valentin Bobrov 3 года назад +Infrared NRG it seems, you already have a Scott Sterling)
  • Antonis Georgiou
    Antonis Georgiou 3 года назад hahahha
  • SimplePeoples
    SimplePeoples 3 года назад You know, as much as I'm tired of these jokes, props to you for this one. (Not a Trump supporter, just that these jokes are so old now)
  • Elver Galarga
    Elver Galarga 3 года назад +DJ TRUMP 2016 yeah just wait till he fucks up the US
  • esme diaz
    esme diaz 3 года назад +DJ TRUMP 2016 plz dont advertize
  • Shawn Lewis
    Shawn Lewis 3 года назад +Infrared NRG Right on dude! I'm freaking dying from laughing! First the video then your comment was just way to much for one session.
  • Stig Lindstrom
    Stig Lindstrom 3 года назад Correction: we need to build a Scott Sterling face around mexico
  • chachacharly08
    chachacharly08 3 года назад haha no funny
  • dbrayx9
    dbrayx9 3 года назад +Samuel Ng thanks for the news update 👌
  • Kayla Berger
    Kayla Berger 3 года назад rofl😂😂😂
  • Ryan G.
    Ryan G. 3 года назад "And we'll get Mexico to pay his medical bills!"
  • trang trinh
    trang trinh 3 года назад roflmao
  • LikeOrigami
    LikeOrigami 3 года назад lmao
  • Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson 3 года назад YESSSS
  • Joseph Bourne
    Joseph Bourne 3 года назад W
  • Laura Wilson
    Laura Wilson 3 года назад HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Orennsystem
    Orennsystem 1 месяц назад The stretcher literally says “Reserved for sterling”😂😂
  • Jaideep Mehta
    Jaideep Mehta 19 часов назад First time I watched this I was laughing like crazy
  • Aaron Simon & Co.
    Aaron Simon & Co. 1 месяц назад "When Armageddon comes I want to be in a bunker made from that man's face"
  • Sebastian Centers
    Sebastian Centers 3 недели назад I read this as he said it
  • Nibba Nibba
    Nibba Nibba 3 недели назад Senior Smiles It’s in the video
  • Senior Smiles
    Senior Smiles 1 месяц назад Nice one bruh. Thanks for the laughs...
  • manabratu 987
    manabratu 987 3 дня назад this man would be very bad at dodge ball
  • Jeff Ren
    Jeff Ren 2 месяца назад FIFA needs to sign these commentators 😂😂😂💔
  • viperswhip
    viperswhip 3 недели назад The British guys do put in the odd really great burn, I get a couple lols per Women's World Cup match.
  • Александър Иванов
    Александър Иванов 3 недели назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • YG Pricetag
    YG Pricetag 1 месяц назад Yes
  • Nika Nikolozi
    Nika Nikolozi 1 месяц назад @J Lei i understand sarcasm. and btw there are some retards who dont understand that its fake. so i am saying it just in case.
  • J Lei
    J Lei 1 месяц назад @Nika Nikolozi wow no one noticed it wasn't real. 😒😒😒 (sarcasm) just in case you didn't notice.
  • roastbeef
    roastbeef 1 месяц назад Nika Nikolozi it’s sarcasm it’s obviously not real dumbass
  • J Ansems
    J Ansems 1 месяц назад @Nika Nikolozi thanks for playing
  • Manip Maharjan
    Manip Maharjan 1 месяц назад Very true
  • Andrew Nkandu
    Andrew Nkandu 1 месяц назад Ikr🤣🤣
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    Picksleet9 1 месяц назад 😂😂💰💰👍
  • Nika Nikolozi
    Nika Nikolozi 1 месяц назад @Van De Donk I meant to say that, it would never happen, if they didn't plan it.
  • Van De Donk
    Van De Donk 1 месяц назад @Nika Nikolozi wth are you saying , this is clearly a real footage xD
  • Nika Nikolozi
    Nika Nikolozi 1 месяц назад Its not real. on the replay's, the ball was going other way after hitting the face. its too much easy to realize
  • max Wehri
    max Wehri 1 месяц назад that would make watching fifa so much better that would be amazing
  • Felix Villasanta
    Felix Villasanta 1 месяц назад It is real footage no matter what anyone says
  • TheAero1221
    TheAero1221 1 месяц назад I've just accepted that this is real footage.
  • Tejas
    Tejas Неделю назад hits THE MAN hits THE MYTH hits THE LEGEND!!!!!!
  • John Angelo Isnani
    John Angelo Isnani 1 месяц назад "THE PEOPLE ARE WEEPING!, THE TWEETS ARE TWEETING!, THE HOSPITALS ARE PREPARING!" - Commentators the next 2k Sports needed
  • Danny Coleman
    Danny Coleman 4 часа назад I love how the stretcher specifically says: Reserved for Sterling
  • Nathan24-_-
    Nathan24-_- 1 месяц назад I never laughed so hard in ages man, thank you random YouTube recommendations
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    YouFancyMe 1 месяц назад Me2, I was wondering why I got that recommended
  • Aphrodite
    Aphrodite 1 месяц назад Nathan24-_- You should watch more of their vids then :)