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FAILS EVERY WEEK #3 | Funny Fail Compilation | February 2019

Published on Feb 16, 2019 503,176 views

WHAT'S UP EVERYONE? Hopefully you're lucky enough to have a three day weekend, so you can kick back, relax, and watch all these hilarious videos we have lined up for you! Enjoy!

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  • Debraval Reyes
    Debraval Reyes 1 месяц назад Videos of the week found on the net from years ago video. Classic YouTube channel
  • QRS3C273
    QRS3C273 3 недели назад hahahaha they are so lame
  • Kevin Kiss
    Kevin Kiss 1 месяц назад Best fails of the week..first clip from 2014 smh.. ✌
  • MartyChills
    MartyChills Неделю назад It's a really good fail though
  • Joshua Ruiz
    Joshua Ruiz 1 месяц назад Glad you decided to start off a 2019 fail video with a clip that definitely wasn't from 2019...
  • Karl Harris
    Karl Harris 1 месяц назад 8:51 Chris Griffin was on that boat!! 😳
  • PopulationMusic
    PopulationMusic 1 месяц назад One of these clips is from the place I live, dope
  • Jesus Reyes
    Jesus Reyes 5 дней назад 1:16 poor girl and the guy didn't even help.. probably was her Ex! 🤣
  • Matthew Short
    Matthew Short 1 месяц назад 8:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Will4May
    Will4May 1 месяц назад 5:01 my ears heard Roofie, wouldnt be my 1st pick fo a childs name :) and yeah I know is Ruthie, but Ruth for a name is horrible and is bible age, poor girl.
  • Peter Edwards
    Peter Edwards 1 месяц назад Suggest you tube should rename to. DOOM AND GLOOM once it was a pleasure, now it caters for negative thinking clients .
  • PDaley Productions
    PDaley Productions 1 месяц назад videos of the week... yet its mostly summer clips from 3 years ago.. ooookay
  • Supertech & Superfun
    Supertech & Superfun 1 месяц назад Second Last🤣🤣🤣
  • Dan Hard
    Dan Hard 1 месяц назад at 8:15 I'm pretty sure I know what caused the earth quake here in the Philippines now
  • TheCimbrianBull
    TheCimbrianBull 1 месяц назад ROFL! 🤣 😂 😅
  • Farlié LaCroix
    Farlié LaCroix 1 месяц назад I hate school.
  • blitzedPIG
    blitzedPIG 1 месяц назад I remember the time when these falls wouldn't have hurt but now being over 40 I'm sure I would break bones. Getting old sux
  • StevenFromTexas
    StevenFromTexas 1 месяц назад (изменено) That's the truth. LOL
  • TheCimbrianBull
    TheCimbrianBull 1 месяц назад I can relate. 😁
  • TheHorsePrincess Daou
    TheHorsePrincess Daou 1 месяц назад Your old.
  • blitzedPIG
    blitzedPIG 1 месяц назад @TheHorsePrincess Daou laugh now because tomorrow you will be also. Seriously, enjoy every moment of it cuz it really does fly by. Yesterday it seems like I was 20. It goes by way too fast.
  • TheCimbrianBull
    TheCimbrianBull 1 месяц назад @TheHorsePrincess Daou *You're
  • TheCimbrianBull
    TheCimbrianBull 1 месяц назад @blitzedPIG Youth is wasted on the young!
  • Tony Roulston
    Tony Roulston 1 месяц назад These kids needs to study physics
  • Elizabeth Miller
    Elizabeth Miller Неделю назад THAT WHITE JACKET IN THE GRASS THO
  • richard dale
    richard dale 1 месяц назад These are all reposts.....
  • TheCimbrianBull
    TheCimbrianBull 1 месяц назад "Submit your fails?" How can I submit my entire life?
  • Thgt Ggyh
    Thgt Ggyh 1 месяц назад You submit them = we just copied them
  • Dexter Rodriguez
    Dexter Rodriguez 1 месяц назад 4:57 i hear a fart