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1976 Winnebago Chieftain Turbo LS: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Feb 18, 2019 572,272 views

Built by Corey and Justin. Corey is his correct name. I mis-spoke in the video of this LS Swapped Winnebago motor home.


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  • Kyntteri
    Kyntteri 3 месяца назад It's a sleeper. More than one way.
  • aserta
    aserta 3 месяца назад Sleep'in'Sleeper
  • joe roche
    joe roche 3 месяца назад Hats off to you sir!
  • Eslayer12
    Eslayer12 3 месяца назад Bravo on the pun sir!
  • Salvatore Climenti
    Salvatore Climenti 3 месяца назад We'll played 👏
  • Tomoko Kuroki
    Tomoko Kuroki 3 месяца назад ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Michel Chapoy
    Michel Chapoy 3 месяца назад LOL
  • Roger Hazen
    Roger Hazen 2 месяца назад Some reddit gold for you.
  • TehRacer
    TehRacer 1 месяц назад Torille
  • oldreliable303 Justin Scott
    oldreliable303 Justin Scott 3 месяца назад (изменено) Cop, "sir do you know how fast you were going?" "Offasir, we are in a 76 winabego, going up a hill." Fastest meth lab ever.
  • TWX1138
    TWX1138 3 месяца назад Someone got their photo radar ticket for doing 140 miles per hour in an '05 or so Hyundai Elantra tossed by citing that it's a Hyundai Elantra.
  • Blue51
    Blue51 3 месяца назад Offasir
  • oldreliable303 Justin Scott
    oldreliable303 Justin Scott 3 месяца назад @Blue51 yes i know i cant spall worth a shit. No need to tell me.
  • The Zoltan
    The Zoltan 3 месяца назад @oldreliable303 Justin Scott spall
  • Takumi Fujiwara
    Takumi Fujiwara 3 месяца назад hey wanna like but i like the number like my Æ
  • zbudda
    zbudda 3 месяца назад Too small to be a meth lab...perfect for an interstate serial killer who doesn't have a CDL
  • yamahonkawazuki
    yamahonkawazuki 2 месяца назад in this case, zero fucks were given@Blue51
    PROD. MCMXCIX 2 месяца назад oldreliable303 Justin Scott you edited this and still couldn’t see you spelled officer all weird lol
  • the commenter
    the commenter 2 месяца назад Ociffer*
  • David Humphrey
    David Humphrey 2 месяца назад Ofassur
  • SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad
    SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad 2 месяца назад (изменено) Also... This isnt JUST a '76 Winnebago... Its also not a '76 Winnebago Indian... But... alas... a '76 Winnebago Chieftain... with a lot of sex going on and stashed hookers...
  • russell zauner
    russell zauner 2 месяца назад 0 - desert in 7.2s
  • Asuka Langley
    Asuka Langley 2 месяца назад (изменено) -You can't LS swap a house! -Hold my beer
  • gtr500able
    gtr500able 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂
  • siefer117
    siefer117 1 месяц назад Can you LS swap unit 2?
  • Asuka Langley
    Asuka Langley 1 месяц назад @siefer117 Yes I can
  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin 2 месяца назад (изменено) SHTRS FULL license plate, priceless.
  • A Recurring Problem
    A Recurring Problem 3 месяца назад I have never laughed so hard at a machine. I have no idea why this exists, but I am SO glad it does.
  • Jim
    Jim 3 месяца назад lol haha
  • Nord
    Nord 2 месяца назад The fucking plate - "SHTRS FULL" . Glorious.
  • pbfloyd13
    pbfloyd13 3 месяца назад LITERALLY LS SWAPED A HOUSE SON!!!
  • aserta
    aserta 3 месяца назад LS the White House!!!
  • Alystas
    Alystas 3 месяца назад On a long enough timeline, everything get an LS
  • Stabbs _
    Stabbs _ 3 месяца назад add brown in the sentence and then its perfect
  • Your First House In Minecraft
    Your First House In Minecraft 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Stabbs _ LITTERALLY LS SWAPPED A HOUSE SON AND NOW MY PASSENGERS PANTS ARE BROWN!
  • Pierre C
    Pierre C 3 месяца назад LS SWAP EVERYTHING
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 3 месяца назад I JUST LS SWAPPED MY WIFE... SHE DOES 10s IN THE QUARTER MILE NOW!
  • Red Army Robin
  • Warrik
    Warrik 3 месяца назад Cant race a house, but you can live in a car son
  • mitchell duchesne
    mitchell duchesne 3 месяца назад Literally LS swap the world!
  • Bad Monkey
    Bad Monkey 3 месяца назад Contractor's creed: "You can't drive you house to work but you can sleep in your car"
  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh 3 месяца назад Corvette Engine in an RV WHO HOO! Fast! Just wish the toilet, shower, and stove worked so you could use it for an actual road trip. Take a girl on a trip across the country. Bang her in every continental state!
  • tricky ricky
    tricky ricky 3 месяца назад LS the barbeque grill!
  • WarDuck Tank Co.
    WarDuck Tank Co. 3 месяца назад pbfloyd13 LS SWAP A M1A3 ABRAMS TO MAXIMIZE FREEDOM!!!
  • Pierre C
    Pierre C 3 месяца назад @Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict Does she leave skidmarks everywhere now too?
  • Matt
    Matt 3 месяца назад cops pull you over in your is that open liquor?
  • Maimo Moline
    Maimo Moline 2 месяца назад LS SWAP AN LS
  • Miatas Forever
    Miatas Forever 2 месяца назад Phuck Hugh this isn't a vette motor it's a 6.0 truck motor from a 2500/3500
  • 24 daytona
    24 daytona 2 месяца назад The LS knows no and has no bounds.
  • earl Auto
    earl Auto 2 месяца назад pbfloyd13 😂😂😂😂
  • RyanM4N
    RyanM4N 3 месяца назад A LS Swapped turbo Winnebago with meth injection ... wow Please upgrade the brakes lol
  • Timothy Mckee
    Timothy Mckee 2 месяца назад Brakes...nah just get a sticker saying brakes are broke sorry!
  • funny time oof man
    funny time oof man 1 месяц назад Brakes are other cars
  • Charles Magic
    Charles Magic Неделю назад RyanM4N Put some Carbon Ceramics on it.
  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g Неделю назад "Winnebago with meth".... I see what you did there.
  • Doogie Labs
    Doogie Labs 3 месяца назад The rear view mirror is to tell the kids to stop surfing and sit down while dad freight trains hondas down the interstate.
  • Roger Lund
    Roger Lund 3 месяца назад One of the best blogs today. Even though I'm a Honda fan that was very funny
  • Kurt Ragucci
    Kurt Ragucci 3 месяца назад with motorheads the Ace of Spades cranking out of that thing And the L from LS stands for Lemmy , put a Motorhead logo on that Beast!!!!! 🤘🤘
  • cameron johnson
    cameron johnson 2 месяца назад The ace of spaaaades the ace off spaaades
  • KoRMaK1
    KoRMaK1 2 месяца назад "When this baby hits 69MPH, your gonna see some serious shit." "Nice."
  • Endie
    Endie 3 недели назад Nice
  • jvleasure
    jvleasure 3 месяца назад That thing is basically a Millenium Falcon...
  • TWX1138
    TWX1138 3 месяца назад (изменено) Millennium Falcon is the equivalent to the tractor part of a tractor-trailer. This is the Eagle 5.
  • RamblerTurbo
    RamblerTurbo 3 месяца назад May the Schwartz be with you.
  • Nicholas Morris
    Nicholas Morris 2 месяца назад Liquid Shwartz!!
  • PR B
    PR B 2 месяца назад That carpet is basically Chewbacca
  • jvleasure
    jvleasure 2 месяца назад @PR B fact!
  • Jared S
    Jared S 2 месяца назад LS swapped Millenium Falcon!!
  • Ken John
    Ken John 1 месяц назад Space balls
  • Yonatan Goldman
    Yonatan Goldman 3 месяца назад (изменено) "Where's my hazards?" - Dude, you're in a beige apartment in the middle of the road. They see you.
  • Alex C
    Alex C 3 месяца назад LOOOOOL
  • gary allen
    gary allen 3 месяца назад Best YouTube comment I've seen in awhile. Thanks I needed that
  • Data.Complex
    Data.Complex 3 месяца назад lmao
  • tomolu5
    tomolu5 3 месяца назад +10 internet points for you good sir, hilarious
  • Chad Rivet
    Chad Rivet 3 месяца назад I agree with other comments; that was pretty funny. Thanks for making me laugh!
  • Jack Rich
    Jack Rich 3 месяца назад Lol 😂
  • Brook Caywood
    Brook Caywood 3 месяца назад Gotta love when a comment legitimately makes you stupid laugh. Goon on ya
  • kgoldric
    kgoldric 3 месяца назад Lol!! True.
  • Willis What Chu Talkin Bout
    Willis What Chu Talkin Bout 3 месяца назад You would be surprised!
  • Brandoxic
    Brandoxic 2 месяца назад You would be surprised.
  • ClarkReviews
    ClarkReviews 2 месяца назад i was thinking... dude u are the hazard, just hurry up and move???
  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 недели назад LMAOOO He was trying to be polite.
  • Cringe Master
    Cringe Master 3 месяца назад This is the definition of "Why not?"
  • Jimmy S
    Jimmy S 2 месяца назад Be careful of the throttle you might go to plaid on accident.
  • Eddie Miller
    Eddie Miller 2 месяца назад Nice Spaceballs reference!
  • therealsnow
    therealsnow 3 месяца назад I'm bummed they didn't demo the musical horn!
  • one4uf
    one4uf 3 месяца назад therealsnow same.
    SANDSCORCHER 3 месяца назад Definitely a missed opportunity ☹️
  • StraightSixBenz
    StraightSixBenz 2 месяца назад This thing makes so little sense that it actually makes sense
  • Miles Gerschefske
    Miles Gerschefske 3 месяца назад Jesus christ it's the 2019 equivalent of the millennium falcon...
  • A7Dad
    A7Dad 3 месяца назад Spaceballs, mang
  • Reddsoldier
    Reddsoldier 3 месяца назад Lone Star's ground transportation can do plaid...
  • Alystas
    Alystas 3 месяца назад more an equivalent to the Captain Lone Star's Eagle 5
  • Purple Aki
    Purple Aki 3 месяца назад Scuffed Falcon
  • Justin Robert
    Justin Robert 3 месяца назад "Sir they have a junkyard LS and a Chinese turbo on that thing!!!" "AND WHAT DO WE HAVE!?! A CUISINART!?!?"
  • Mike Northrup
    Mike Northrup 3 месяца назад You've never heard of the Winnibago Falcon? It's the camper that made the Kessel Run in less that 12 Parsecs!
  • Your First House In Minecraft
    Your First House In Minecraft 3 месяца назад @Justin Robert Now all It needs are jet engines and a giant jar of rasberry jam!
  • Uğur Mete
    Uğur Mete 3 месяца назад i have paused the video just to say that.
  • Killing Time
    Killing Time 3 месяца назад But can it reach ludicrous speed?
  • jgfjgfify
    jgfjgfify 3 месяца назад "What a peice of junk!", "Hey this motorhome made the Kesslerun in 65 parsecs"
  • Charles Eye
    Charles Eye 3 месяца назад Liquid Schwartz!
  • Jordan Pence
    Jordan Pence 3 месяца назад @Your First House In Minecraft Only one man would DARE give me the raspberry...
  • Your First House In Minecraft
    Your First House In Minecraft 3 месяца назад @Jordan Pence Lonestar!
  • Push Back
    Push Back 3 месяца назад Comment threads like this make me feel less guilty for fucking around instead of working like I should be.
  • Mirek Fe
    Mirek Fe 3 месяца назад @Your First House In Minecraft I am your father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate.
  • Brian Argo
    Brian Argo 3 месяца назад What's that make us?
  • Your First House In Minecraft
    Your First House In Minecraft 3 месяца назад @Mirek Fe Comb The Desert!
  • james bulkley
    james bulkley 3 месяца назад @Your First House In Minecraft man we ain't found sheet!
  • Last Gen Gamers
    Last Gen Gamers 3 месяца назад @A7Dad I was thinking the same thing man.
  • user 59802
    user 59802 3 месяца назад So...The Millennial Falcon?
  • Your First House In Minecraft
    Your First House In Minecraft 3 месяца назад @james bulkley Out of order?! Even in the future nothing works!
  • Novusod
    Novusod 3 месяца назад Someone should make a low budget movie featuring that Winnebago. Spaceballs meets the road warrior.
  • wdistel
    wdistel 3 месяца назад As Han Solo would say: "Space Balls.... Space Balls... WHERE?!" (As he backs into the Winnebago.) XD
  • Ehaliya
    Ehaliya 3 месяца назад It's more impressive than that piece of shit lunar module NASA supposedly landed on the moon..
  • Bigfoot Where Are You
    Bigfoot Where Are You 3 месяца назад Novusod .
  • ztm454
    ztm454 2 месяца назад Eagle 5
  • Chaos Garage
    Chaos Garage 1 месяц назад "How's the steering?" "Vague" That's comforting 😂
  • micro christ
    micro christ 3 месяца назад Drove around the country in one of these with my band after highschool in 2005. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 2 месяца назад i love it! i love the license plate! SHITTERS FULL! i can hear the music from the scene where eddie's pumping it into the storm drain haha
  • Timothy Mckee
    Timothy Mckee 2 месяца назад (изменено) Eagle 5 Captain Lonestar Hero for hire. Sticker for the doors and I love Uranus bumper sticker!
  • Ben Treece
    Ben Treece 3 месяца назад Sounds like. This needs to be made into a Hot Wheels die-cast model.
  • Matt Green
    Matt Green 2 месяца назад and what? you push it faster and make turbo noises?
  • Timothy Mckee
    Timothy Mckee 2 месяца назад check out the Eagle 5 from Spaceballs.