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Regular Car Reviews: 2005 Lotus Elise

Published on Dec 25, 2013 867,180 views

If the Lotus Elise was a person, it would be that jerk who eats nothing but fried rice and city chicken, yet never gains a pound. The Elise is also the gate keeper between daily-use cars that are kinda fast (Honda S2000) and dedicated sports cars (Elise). Once you drive one of these...oh Like Skywalker swinging at that remote with the blast-shield down...Regular Car Reviews has taken a first step into a larger world.

  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 5 лет назад I literally had the same thing happen to a friend who owns a Lotus, somebody came up and started begging assuming he was some millionaire. It's an exotic looks for cheaper prices. Spot on. 
  • ravesilly
    ravesilly 5 лет назад hi david :) 
  • TheLaXandro
    TheLaXandro 4 года назад And exotic performance! At least in the corners.
  • maxshuty
    maxshuty 6 месяцев назад I’ve had so many people come up to my in my old Elise and my current Exige asking if it’s 1) a McLaren Lotus and 2) a $500,000 car 🤣
  • Erik Truchinskas
    Erik Truchinskas 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @maxshuty makes you facepalm huh? Its okay I get that feeling when listening to people who have no idea how guns work try to explain what guns are good and what are bad and why they should be illegal
  • AnythingEvil78
    AnythingEvil78 5 месяцев назад Haha, u try that in Australia u will get rolled as the dude in the expensive car will be a higher level drug dealer.
  • Quinn Kirlew
    Quinn Kirlew 2 года назад She told a SAAB story... I get it.
  • ThatOneRacistAsshole
    ThatOneRacistAsshole 2 года назад lmao
  • Lachlan Cook
    Lachlan Cook Год назад I'm glad somebody else did this joke.
  • Moyses APereira
    Moyses APereira Год назад What does it mean ? 😂
  • Jetstream Z
    Jetstream Z Год назад Papo Reto SAAB.. The brand... What she was driving....
  • Bass Buster X
    Bass Buster X Год назад Jetstream Z I get that, what is the other part of the pun
  • Mike likes trains
    Mike likes trains 8 месяцев назад "Sob story" is an expression in the US
  • salant96
    salant96 4 года назад this shit goes from beauty to dead perverted comedy, i cant keep up, i love this guy
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 4 года назад Thanks!
  • TTorace
    TTorace 4 года назад so true lmao
  • Travis Fluker
    Travis Fluker 4 года назад 1970's bush...lmao 
  • TheMeanmarine13
    TheMeanmarine13 4 года назад Haha I was already enjoying the review and then the eating pussy comment floored me! Hilarious!!!
  • Derrick King
    Derrick King 3 года назад @salant96 WOULD U BUY A CAR FROM THIS GUY? LOL
  • U’re /sweet/ Like coco
    U’re /sweet/ Like coco Год назад salant96 1000 like dab on the
  • DreamWave Dave
    DreamWave Dave 11 месяцев назад I was thinking where the hell did he get off to talking about penis pumps. gold. pure gold.
  • maxshuty
    maxshuty 6 месяцев назад So epic🤣💯
  • Paddy Dubz
    Paddy Dubz 5 лет назад So the oldest male in my family was watching this with me and needless to say is disgusted. So job well done!
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 5 лет назад HAHAHA!
  • KimiDesu
    KimiDesu Год назад Oldest male? What a weird way to describe someone lol.
  • Brendan Hauser
    Brendan Hauser 6 месяцев назад R.I.P.
  • Phuck Hugh
    Phuck Hugh 5 месяцев назад Eating that sweet 70's bush!
  • Kenneth Higley
    Kenneth Higley 2 года назад But on a serious note, this video had some truly vital penis pump information.
  • Alex King
    Alex King 3 года назад still can't believe this gorgeous car is 10 years old. It looks like it was released yesterday.
  • Fathappykitten
    Fathappykitten 2 года назад timeless design.. =) a sportscar icon
  • Zli Kurac
    Zli Kurac Год назад it would look better if you remove the second pair of lights
  • tomatodamashi
    tomatodamashi Год назад The models post 2010 have single headlights...unfortunately, they were not made available in North America due to failing stricter crash requirements. The S3 models are gorgeous, so it is a shame.
  • Nick Salvatore
    Nick Salvatore 7 месяцев назад Zli Kurac get a Tesla roadster
  • Amrit Singh
    Amrit Singh 5 месяцев назад @Zli Kurac i hope to god they bring back the second pair of headlights
  • JgHaverty
    JgHaverty 4 года назад "Saab story". 
  • Grey Tiger
    Grey Tiger 4 года назад Genius
  • Muamin Hugsy
    Muamin Hugsy 3 года назад "oh I get to drive it?" This guy is a legend
  • p4horror
    p4horror 3 года назад "He filled up her tank because what else can he do?" He can prevent that con from happening by telling that bullshitter......"No". It's that simple. But he chose to be a doormat.
  • theyoyomaster
    theyoyomaster 3 года назад +p4horror Or I can spare $40 and she obviously needed it more than me. I won't give cash but if someone has a legitimate need I'm fine buying a meal or filling up a gas tank.
  • p4horror
    p4horror 3 года назад @theyoyomaster I buy people meals all the time. Every human being has the right to nourishment. But to me, filling up a gas tank is not necessity to live. But that's me. She may have conned you. 
  • theyoyomaster
    theyoyomaster 3 года назад Eh, in rural America transportation is integral to both employment and lodging so I would argue that for a self sufficient adult gas is pretty much a necessity. She might have conned me but even if she had the $40 to fill the tank it would have probably been her last $40 where it wasn't mine.
  • nic jones
    nic jones Год назад theyoyomaster you did the right thing my man
  • compmanio36
    compmanio36 6 месяцев назад theyoyomaster  Your choice but you probably got scammed. She probably makes $300 a day with that sob story.
  • LandonGendur
    LandonGendur 4 года назад Who the hell begs for gas? Seriously! I'd give her a $10 Tim Hortons card and be like "good luck".
  • dbateman
    dbateman 4 года назад I got approached by one in a Lowe's parking lot.  This one was saying she was supposed to be meeting a friend but he didn't show up and she didn't have enough money for gas to get home.  Luckily I had heard about the scam and told her "Sorry, not falling for that, but good luck."
  • kenshin moriame
    kenshin moriame 4 года назад the same dumb brod that steals make up at wal-mart, the same dumb brod that lets you buy her lunch just to get a free meal, the same dumb brod that excepts free drinks at the bar but has no intrest in speaking to you, bottom line dumb brods that think they can play with men's minds, emotions, and hearts (don't ever give in to any of these dumb brods ever, or else they win)
  • Nathan Long
    Nathan Long 4 года назад Thumbs up^
  • thelaughingman79
    thelaughingman79 4 года назад @kenshin moriame  are there any freshly dug holes in your yard by any chance?
  • David Dennehy
    David Dennehy 4 года назад @kenshin moriame HAHAHAHAHA
  • jerry henderson
    jerry henderson 4 года назад when people ask me if i have any spare change , i just say what the hell is spare change ? i have kids to feed . get a fucking job !
  • Grey Tiger
    Grey Tiger 4 года назад I have, is even worst when you are already pumping your gas and they approach you.
  • Tim Young
    Tim Young 4 года назад Its happened to me too often, usually they want food. I offer to buy them some and even allow them to come in with to me to the closest fast food place or whatever but all the sudden their not hungry. I won't feed a persons addiction.
  • Marco Muto
    Marco Muto 4 года назад @LandonGendur lol I got approached by one right before an exam in the Sally Horsfall building in Toronto.
  • WeActOnImpulse Official
    WeActOnImpulse Official 3 года назад People approach me all the time for gas. Doesn't help that my car looks maaaaaad, but still, it happens.
  • p4horror
    p4horror 3 года назад @kenshin moriame Insightful assessment. So true.
  • Getsuu Fuma
    Getsuu Fuma 3 года назад @LandonGendur gas begging is an old scam, dont fall for it.
  • Jared Lancaster
    Jared Lancaster 3 года назад @dbateman Some dumb broad tried that with me and said "Help a fellow Christian" Uhh I'm a Satanist (yeah going to hell whoop de fucking doo) I got $15 if you need itLady: Get away from me demon! went in grabbed a pack of smokes and a six pack drove away happy :P
  • TheGoldenSaber
    TheGoldenSaber 3 года назад +LandonGendur I'd be like Joe Dirt and blurt out "show me them titties!"
  • KingViperrr
    KingViperrr 3 года назад +dbateman What you do is you give her a dollar in pennies so that if she is not scamming you, she'll go and get gas, but if she turns you down, you know she's lying
  • Charles
    Charles 3 года назад +kenshin moriame you can always spot a beaten man LOL
  • Charles
    Charles 3 года назад Some people actually need it
  • TheGoldenSaber
    TheGoldenSaber 3 года назад @Carlos Sanchez If they can't afford gas they can't afford the car to put it in, let alone insurance and maintenance. Either sell it and buy a bicycle or get a job. Or do what most scum do; have 4 kids, get a bunch of handouts from the government, feed them ramen noodles and rc cola, and spend the rest on meth.
  • Practical Life M6
    Practical Life M6 3 года назад +Carlos Sanchez thats their own fucking problem, sell your car bitch and start walking
  • defender of the good
    defender of the good 3 года назад +kenshin moriame so the Arab and other foreigners that are taking over the country?
  • Mister Bearpunch
    Mister Bearpunch Год назад LandonGendur Most of them quit once I tell them I don't carry cash.
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy 2 года назад B I G B U S H W E E K L Y
  • Antares_1_
    Antares_1_ Год назад YellowBeanieBoy yep
  • RyoHazuki224
    RyoHazuki224 2 года назад I sure as hell won't drive an Elise some day... my 6-foot, 3-inch overweight ass can't fit in one. Trust me, I've tried.
  • Re Boi
    Re Boi 2 года назад I haven't been in one but will definitely have a struggle in fitting in one. Struggles of being tall.
  • Mickr4
    Mickr4 2 года назад I keep saying, being close to 7 feet tall isn't something to be happy about.. -.- It's ok if you're like Shaq and have money out of your ass, but otherwise...
  • The Real DudzFryd
    The Real DudzFryd 2 года назад (изменено) I've got the same problem with the Pontiac Solstice and roadsters like it. I think all the fun cars were made for 5.5 males with a Napoleon complex.
  • Mickr4
    Mickr4 2 года назад @Gaming with The Real DudzFryd Americans are oversized in every ways... A huge majority of the world's population are under 6 feet tall... (Excluding women)
  • The Real DudzFryd
    The Real DudzFryd 2 года назад (изменено) @Mickr4  I'm glad I could give you an opportunity to express your prejudice.  BTW the tallest man in the world is from Turkey.  The world's fattest man is in Mexico.  I suppose that's our fault too.
  • RyoHazuki224
    RyoHazuki224 2 года назад @Mickr4 That is pretty true, most of the world IS under six feet tall. I'm fully aware that people like me, over 6ft tall, are the exception, not the rule. (though humans as a whole ARE getting taller on average throughout the world compared to what they were just 50 years ago, much less 100 or more years ago)  And yeah, just like the previous guy said, I once tried to fit my tall ass into a Pontiac Solstice, and my head had to be scrunched down into my chest! haha
  • Mickr4
    Mickr4 2 года назад @Gaming with The Real DudzFryd What prejudice? You mean like you did when you assumed that all smaller men suffered from a Napoleon complex? Quote: "I think all the fun cars were made for 5.5 males with a Napoleon complex." Aren't you being an hypocrite?
  • Fathappykitten
    Fathappykitten 2 года назад cus losing weight is not an option
  • RyoHazuki224
    RyoHazuki224 2 года назад @ittybittykitty For some people, it's not the issue of weight, it's the issue of height. When your legs are too long to fit within the foot-well of the car, and your torso is too long to keep your head from hitting the ceiling, then there is nothing that can be done.
  • 0001Stealth
    0001Stealth 2 года назад one of the only times I can truly say my height is an advsntage. I'm 5'6".
  • Fathappykitten
    Fathappykitten 2 года назад @Mickr4 LOL btw shaq cannot physically get inside one, if he tried to, just not possible I reckon, even if they used a whole team and a crane to his aid. rofl
  • Mickr4
    Mickr4 2 года назад @ittybittykitty Nha but he has the money to make a custom one that fit him.. ^^
  • Dennis nguyen
    Dennis nguyen 2 года назад I guess up to 6.1 it's ok. I can easily fit in mine.
  • koukido
    koukido 2 года назад i'm 5'2 though so i've got a hard time even looking out the windshield
  • Dennis nguyen
    Dennis nguyen 2 года назад +Sypadizre what are u talking about I'm 6.1 84kgs and absolutely no problem at all to own that car.
  • koukido
    koukido 2 года назад yeah but i'm 5'2
  • Dennis nguyen
    Dennis nguyen 2 года назад +Sypadizre oh sorry I guess I didn't read your comment properly. my bad. put some pillows and u ll be good to go. 😉
  • Mike Tython
    Mike Tython 2 года назад lol thats why I like being 5'10. Not too short to reach the top shelves, but I can still fit comfortably in just about any little car.
  • Donlad Trump
    Donlad Trump 2 года назад same 6"5'
  • sam newman
    sam newman 9 месяцев назад 6'2 and below you should be ok in an elise, although it is possible to be to small to reach the pedals or see out of an elise due to sitting position. i have heard of guys who are 6'5 driving an elise (presumably with roof off).
  • Colin Donovan
    Colin Donovan 9 месяцев назад It's hard for me, being 5'9". Can't adjust the seat, the pedals, especially the clutch goes so far back, and getting in and out is a pain.
  • Brap Brap
    Brap Brap 4 года назад Anybody else notice the RX-7 GSL in the video?
  • Jaebodiah
    Jaebodiah 3 года назад +Brap Brap The engine's so small! SO MUCH POWER!!!
  • Jaebodiah
    Jaebodiah 3 года назад (изменено) +Brap Brap The engine's so small! DID I TELL YOU HOW MUCH POWER IT MAKES!!! DID I TELL YOU IT'S A ROTARY?! MOAR TRIANGLES!!!
  • TomsFruitStand
    TomsFruitStand 3 года назад +Brap Brap My Dick is full of cheese!!! Oops thats the FD
  • Eli B
    Eli B 3 года назад +Brap Brap Hell yea!
  • TheAnalXylophone
    TheAnalXylophone Год назад And yellow MR-S.
  • stijniman
    stijniman Год назад 3:15
  • ///sunburst///
    ///sunburst/// 9 месяцев назад Did I tell you it was a rotary? fb is good rx7
  • Lukas Radzanowski
    Lukas Radzanowski 8 месяцев назад PISS SPIN!
  • Brogan Todd
    Brogan Todd 7 месяцев назад there was also a Toyota MR-S
  • laz foot
    laz foot 6 месяцев назад hell yes!! there was a toyota mr5 that I didn't
  • Ze Germanz
    Ze Germanz 3 года назад Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious
  • Draufgaenger
    Draufgaenger 3 года назад That only applies to lotus before the use of Toyota engines. Nice try though.
  • RegularAudioReviews King
    RegularAudioReviews King 2 года назад funny, but top gear :)
  • DavieDrum98
    DavieDrum98 2 года назад Serious
  • sm0l Mane
    sm0l Mane Год назад FIX IT AGAIN TONY
  • Uber Virsacii
    Uber Virsacii 8 месяцев назад How Other Normal Drivers Act
  • laz foot
    laz foot 6 месяцев назад Break My Window
  • a b
    a b 3 месяца назад Yawn
  • Crazy Cupckake
    Crazy Cupckake 2 месяца назад The 80s wants their jokes back
  • Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood
    Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood 2 года назад In 2013 an Elise in the USA: $30,000 in 2016 an Elise in the UK: £8,000 - £15,000
  • theyoyomaster
    theyoyomaster 2 года назад The Elise was only legal for sale in the US through 2011. The Elise is offered in the UK in many different levels and the lower (and cheaper) engine options were never available in the US.
  • Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood
    Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood 2 года назад @theyoyomaster  That explains it haha
  • AutomotiveEngineered
    AutomotiveEngineered 2 года назад Dylan 'Robin' Harwood look again, prices have gone mad.
  • Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood
    Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood 2 года назад @AutomotiveEngineered Why are US prices so high? Supras here are about £10,000 ($12,000) and in the US they're like $35K for an 'okay' one.
  • Andrew Sinclair
    Andrew Sinclair 2 года назад imports I'd assume, but on the upside pony cars and corvettes over here are dirt cheep
  • Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood
    Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood 2 года назад Any US import is easy 10x the price here than it is in the US. Even a bad condition Mustang would be something like $20,000
  • Wretched Slippage
    Wretched Slippage 2 года назад My friend just bought one in Canada for a little under 50
  • Nick Salvatore
    Nick Salvatore 7 месяцев назад Dylan 'Sonmambulist' Harwood I’ll trade you a mustang for a Supra bro
  • FOV_90
    FOV_90 3 года назад How do you shut up a miata driver? s2000? How do I shut up s2000 drivers? mazdaspeed turbo miata.
  • Charles
    Charles 3 года назад yes because they're so plentiful xD
  • Naveek Darkroom
    Naveek Darkroom 3 года назад +amaher547 How to shut up Mazdaspeed Miata drivers? A Miata with a Corvette engine.
  • Gabriel Gagne
    Gabriel Gagne 3 года назад +Naveek Darkroom how to shutup a miata owner with a Corvette engine. an s2000 with a hellcat engine
  • dvtc8u
    dvtc8u 3 года назад +amaher547 theyre still slower.
  • AE86 of Mt. Akina
    AE86 of Mt. Akina 3 года назад How do you shut up any car ever? AE86.
  • Spike Razzor
    Spike Razzor 3 года назад +AE86 of Mt. Akina Shit car out of the box lol.
  • AE86 of Mt. Akina
    AE86 of Mt. Akina 3 года назад @Spike Razzor Nope
  • TrashKanKid
    TrashKanKid 3 года назад Mazdaspeed Miata still made less hp that then s200"
  • Luna Car Girl
    Luna Car Girl 2 года назад +amaher547 I wonder where my 06 Z4 M Roadster falls under his "pecking order"
  • FOV_90
    FOV_90 2 года назад @Luna Magazine I wonder...
  • Luna Car Girl
    Luna Car Girl 2 года назад +amaher547 I KNOW RIGHT! Like you would want to put it at an S2K level but being the M and the engine and suspension and handling differences might make it rather close to the Elise. I know when it was new it cost more than a new Elise but price isn't everything
  • FOV_90
    FOV_90 2 года назад @Luna Magazine Not sure if the MSM would match an elise though.
  • Luna Car Girl
    Luna Car Girl 2 года назад +amaher547 MSM?
  • FOV_90
    FOV_90 2 года назад @Luna Magazine MazdaSpeed Miata
  • Luna Car Girl
    Luna Car Girl 2 года назад +amaher547 I see. I don't think the MSM would match the Elise mainly because of the weight and engine placement advantage on the Lotus. I'm more reffering to track times but as a drivers car it is up to personal preference
  • FOV_90
    FOV_90 2 года назад @Luna Magazine Oh right, I misunderstood!
  • Ben Heely
    Ben Heely 2 года назад Having owned both an MSM and an MR2 Spyder (aka The Elise For Poor People) there's no way in hell would the MSM keep up with an Elise. Just put a 2ZZ/C60 in a Spyder and even with the extra 400 pounds over an Elise the MSM would have a hard race on its hands. Yes it's cheap to extract a fair amount of power from an MSM, but as well as the Miata handles it just can't lay it out at the apex the way the MRs do. That said, the MSM's a good giggle, you can drive it every day, and you couldn't offer me enough to replace it with an S2K. An Elise... if I didn't have so much history with mine, absolutely.
  • RenlangRen
    RenlangRen Год назад As someone who wasted a lot of time on theS2000 site, no Miata impresses a S2000 owner, not even one with a 5.0 swap. To be fair though I have learned from that the Elise almost handles as well as a Miata NA, and f40's are too heavy.
  • ThatLegitBeast
    ThatLegitBeast Год назад RenlangRen Lol spending time on that site is my life basically at this point. Oh you're ls swap looks nice I say to myself whenever I come across an old thread. My ls swap is coming along slow and it's been in the process of swapping for over like 6 years at this point. Yeah I barely got it last summer, but I wish the guy before me at least kept some of the interior for me, but I guess I'm just full on racecar now. Having 350 hp in a car that might way something like 2150 lbs is kinda scary.
  • screaming
    screaming Год назад AE86 of Mt. Akina lol weeb
  • Saint Noodles
    Saint Noodles 10 месяцев назад How do I shut up a Mazdaspeed Turbo Miata driver? Lotus Exige S
  • Tim Young
    Tim Young 4 года назад Lol this brings back memories, when I was 9-10 years old my dad bought me a stamp to mail a letter to Lotus in the UK for a brochure on the Espirit. They sent me that and a bunch of posters, fully knowing I was a kid. Awesome.
  • swSephy | Sim Racing
    swSephy | Sim Racing 5 лет назад Got told a Saab story? Great video yet again!
  • James Eden
    James Eden 2 года назад Denver is crawling with those gas beggars, weekly occurrence. Most look like meth heads
  • James Eden
    James Eden 2 года назад And i drive a 97 nissan hardbody!
  • Patrick Lamontagne
    Patrick Lamontagne 2 года назад Look at you mister moneybag.
  • MrScorp6666
    MrScorp6666 2 года назад I Havent run into one yet. I take it you live on the east side
  • James Eden
    James Eden 2 года назад I live pretty central downtown but I wanna say that most I encounter are west of 25 or very near it
  • Peter Schmidt
    Peter Schmidt 3 года назад Saab story or sob story?
  • ChewyProductions#2
    ChewyProductions#2 3 года назад haha that's what I was thinking