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2018 Rolls Royce Phantom Review - The Most Luxurious Car In The World

Published on Jan 15, 2018 1,051,627 views

Check Out The Car At Ogara Coach Westlake►



2018 Rolls Royce Phantom Review - The Most Luxurious Car In The World

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  • Payton Frith
    Payton Frith Год назад A healthy horse at the right age can actually produce 15 horsepower.
  • SoulSax - Raheem Vassell
    SoulSax - Raheem Vassell Год назад Really ??
  • Martini is a wino
    Martini is a wino Год назад Our whole fkn life has been a LIE!!!
  • boi
    boi Год назад Holy shit, actually that makes sense because they are fast af.
  • Wayne Coolidge
    Wayne Coolidge Год назад 3 year old Thoroughbred
  • Wayne Coolidge
    Wayne Coolidge Год назад you should attend a horse race stand about 50 yards from the start.
  • Dohny
    Dohny Год назад HOW DID YOU PUT A HORSE ON DYNO?
  • bouke Kalkwijk
    bouke Kalkwijk Год назад just not for long
  • Wayne Coolidge
    Wayne Coolidge Год назад A horses power is determined by the weight it can pull.
  • Mariano Gaston
    Mariano Gaston Год назад yes, but when scale was invented, wan old small horse was used. so is probably right
  • StrangeClouds
    StrangeClouds Год назад Next Video: Straight piping my race horse. Way too loud
  • Charles
    Charles Год назад Next video: 5 things I HATE about my 15 hp race horse!
  • Hunter
    Hunter Год назад Tfw all these car guys are just now realizing that horsepower is a unit of power and is unrelated to horses.
    SVGLNR Год назад A great reminder that the idea of cars wouldn't be possible without horses. :)
  • Pim Prijs
    Pim Prijs Год назад 40
  • Pim Prijs
    Pim Prijs Год назад When a horse is pulling a carriage it produces 1 hp
  • Jared Mayo
    Jared Mayo Год назад I thought it was 20
  • whitewarmaker
    whitewarmaker Год назад And that was the naturally aspirated version too, The turbo went to 25hp
    THEMANIACE Год назад LOL
  • WeKnowTheTruth2012
    WeKnowTheTruth2012 Год назад Some horses can make over 30 actually
  • Luka Yonny
    Luka Yonny 10 месяцев назад Doesn't horsepower mean power of 1 horse?Or maybe they took an old horse and tested its power lol
  • Nate Hawk
    Nate Hawk 9 месяцев назад Koichi Hirose really? That's amazing!
  • Emil Talent
    Emil Talent 8 месяцев назад Koichi Hirose how to take the fun out of everything 101
  • xd_Calum240
    xd_Calum240 8 месяцев назад My life is a lie man
  • dean warren
    dean warren 7 месяцев назад yeah but they redline after 10 seconds and they need to cool down after pulling that
  • Le Oui
    Le Oui 6 месяцев назад I did not know that.
  • XX Clarkyy
    XX Clarkyy 4 месяца назад That’s more than a bmw isetta
  • Atharva Joshi
    Atharva Joshi 4 месяца назад 😮 I did not know that
  • Yvng Jayce Grxms
    Yvng Jayce Grxms 4 месяца назад I was just watchin the guy laughing wit joy in a tesla lol
  • Kyle Kane
    Kyle Kane 4 месяца назад oh yeah yeah
  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect 3 недели назад True
  • Christian Kinzel
    Christian Kinzel Год назад “Because vertically opening curtains, are for poor people” 😂😂😂
  • MD Mahabub
    MD Mahabub Год назад Christian Kinzel djdevduf
  • abdurrahman nashit
    abdurrahman nashit 8 месяцев назад @Dozhq oh no those people we don't talk about
  • Murad Khan
    Murad Khan 3 месяца назад Haha this funny
  • - ZyDaBread
    - ZyDaBread 1 месяц назад But poor people dont have a car or cant afford a car cos the gas and stuff
  • Perfectly Imperfect
    Perfectly Imperfect 3 недели назад By poor he means audi and benz owners😂😂🤣
  • Loopdy Loop
    Loopdy Loop 2 недели назад Christian Kinzel I don’t even have a curtain 😂
  • Criterion CyBorgTM
    Criterion CyBorgTM 2 недели назад Very cool 🕶
  • Stephan D
    Stephan D Год назад “So you can stare at yourself” okay Doug 😂
  • Jatin Handa
    Jatin Handa Год назад actually, an average horse is capable of producing about 13.1 hp
  • Matt From Wii Sports
    Matt From Wii Sports Год назад Jatin Handa But why is it called 1 HORSEPOWER then? Isn’t it like the power of one horse???
  • Jatin Handa
    Jatin Handa Год назад Kristoffer Vatshelle honestly, that's what I've been thinking, I think I read that fact on car throttle or somewhere.
  • TTate
    TTate Год назад (изменено) I think the horsepower is defined by the average power a horse can produce when pulling for an hour or something like that. The max power will be more
  • kevin kazanova lopez gonzalez
    kevin kazanova lopez gonzalez Год назад Probably that horse was on steroids
  • pop eye
    pop eye Год назад A horsepower is defined as the power used by a horse to lift a 1kg weight using a specific scripet sistems
  • Kyle 4827
    Kyle 4827 Год назад Nobody can sound as good as Jeremy Clarkson when he sais “in the world”
  • Micheal Spence
    Micheal Spence Год назад Kyle Grzech u know it...
  • JK Nice Guy
    JK Nice Guy Год назад in thi w i rld
  • Junky DIY guy
    Junky DIY guy Год назад But is it more RELIABLE than a Toyota Camry??
  • Samson Okoro
    Samson Okoro Год назад But we never do hear of Rolls Royces breaking down though, most owners drive these vehicles occasionally and not every day. Any one with a Phantom would own several other luxury vehicles and sports cars really. They could even own a Lexus Ls for top most reliability as a daily driver.
  • David Abazadze
    David Abazadze Год назад actully if you buy phantom you have lifetime warranty on anything at least thats how it works in my country and i imagine in usa also. even regular maintance is free like brake pads oil changes etc
  • James Rail
    James Rail Год назад Junky DIY guy next video
  • Squidward's House
    Squidward's House Год назад Gotta respect a reliable car, the Camry is a beast in that department
  • 92 Jeep Cherokee XJ
    92 Jeep Cherokee XJ Год назад Junky DIY guy I’ve always wondered if you can put 100,000 miles or more on a Rolls Royce
  • ItsTheWeeknd
    ItsTheWeeknd Год назад A v8 is way more reliable then a 4 cylinder
  • David Perry
    David Perry Год назад A buttery smooth single overhead cam V12 is as reliable a car engine can get when it comes to IC engines.
  • A E
    A E Год назад Fun fact rolls royce claimed that this car could last 100 years
  • Rashawn Waiters
    Rashawn Waiters Год назад No it's not that's why they give you the option of a lifetime warranty! ps it's not life time.
  • ferw swer
    ferw swer Год назад PROBABLY no
  • andy elliott
    andy elliott Год назад Yes.
  • julioarroyo751
    julioarroyo751 Год назад Lol
  • Spazik86
    Spazik86 Год назад (изменено) More expensive car = more expensive maintenance, it is simple as that. Everything costs more with more expensive cars starting with service hour, tyres, oil change, brake pads etc. Also more electronics and computers in the car => more issues.
  • Ridheesh
    Ridheesh Год назад MoMoney wtf?
  • Jokes Animated
    Jokes Animated Год назад Hell no
  • Jeffrey Havlik
    Jeffrey Havlik Год назад (изменено) no not in the USA. They will bend you over at $235/hour at RR of Westlake. Regular maintenance is not free.
  • Vladimir Klashnicov
    Vladimir Klashnicov Год назад No
  • Ryan Nutter
    Ryan Nutter Год назад Actually, they share a lot in common. They have four tires, an engine, a transmission, a steering wheel, and all of the other working parts that make a vehicle a usable and safe mode of transportation. They're both made of metal, rubber, plastics, glass, etc... and both will get you from point A to point B. The differences are obvious to anyone, of course. In actuality, though, they're just vehicles which both perform the same function.
  • Clive Sinclair
    Clive Sinclair Год назад Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. They both get you from A-B, are powered by an ICE... ;-)
  • mena seven
    mena seven 11 месяцев назад Nice question Junky for $575,000 it deserve to be more reliable then a Toyota Camry.
  • Benjamin Hopson
    Benjamin Hopson 11 месяцев назад Probably not
  • Anthony Medina
    Anthony Medina 11 месяцев назад Junky DIY guy lmao those cars are very reliable but nothing is as reliable as a Tesla.
  • The Invincible
    The Invincible 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Samson Okoro.. Yeah you r right but have you seen this
  • David D
    David D 10 месяцев назад Well you have a lifetime warranty so who cares.
  • Galaxy Enix
    Galaxy Enix 10 месяцев назад Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. Smh yall over here talkin about rolls royces and Toyotas i only got a honda grom
  • Cio Dokop
    Cio Dokop 9 месяцев назад Or reailble than the Honda
    LUXURY & ELEGANCE 9 месяцев назад Samson Okoro yeah lol. And the Lexus is made by Toyota. I own a Lexus GS 350 awd 2013. Still really reliable
  • Duncan Dante
    Duncan Dante 9 месяцев назад Junky DIY guy damn for real
  • RabbidPotatoe Gaming
    RabbidPotatoe Gaming 8 месяцев назад @ItsTheWeeknd this is extremely false and just based on the engineering of the motor. Any 4 cylinder can be just as reliable as any 8 cylinder and so on
  • Luka Yonny
    Luka Yonny 8 месяцев назад @Ryan Nutter in a different way
    ROBERT OQUENDO 8 месяцев назад Who cares.. If you can afford this car and it breaks down. Just Buy another one.... LOL
    ROBERT OQUENDO 8 месяцев назад Who cares.. If you can afford this car and it beaks down just Buy another one. LOL
  • Billy Lingle
    Billy Lingle 8 месяцев назад Junky DIY guy o
  • Swathed Circle 4
    Swathed Circle 4 8 месяцев назад Hade a birthday party In a phantom
  • Mister John güick
    Mister John güick 8 месяцев назад Junky DIY guy lets be honest
  • Batman
    Batman 6 месяцев назад David Abazadze I don’t think so .
  • Batman
    Batman 6 месяцев назад A E Yes in the garage .
  • Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash
    Donald Trump is Ghetto Trash 6 месяцев назад Junky DIY guy By leaps and bounds
  • Raj Deol
    Raj Deol 4 месяца назад Its serice costs same as price of camry
  • Best Gaming
    Best Gaming 3 месяца назад Hahahahahahahaha
  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar 3 месяца назад Noooo
  • Caca Koala
    Caca Koala 3 месяца назад No ofcource
  • Arslan Ahmad
    Arslan Ahmad Год назад Old parker back again!!
  • Chris
    Chris Год назад (изменено) Exactly my thoughts. Not that there is something wrong with vlogging, but it became excessive and clickbaity. I'm glad to see proper reviews and actual content on the channel.
  • Elfie Gaming
    Elfie Gaming Год назад For reals
  • Elfie Gaming
    Elfie Gaming Год назад I missed the old Parker
  • B. Herlick
    B. Herlick Год назад Parker - I don't care much for your usual "baller" content, but I'm a typical middle-aged guy so take that with a grain of salt. However, your talent absolutely shines through when you do actual car reviews. I also really enjoyed your Germany trip. Just subscribed.
  • Parashoot
    Parashoot Год назад Completely agree! He is excellent at doing the reviews. Even if it's a car I'll never afford, it's great to watch every time.
  • rextetron
    rextetron Год назад Yup, he's a real pro doing the reviews!
  • Elfie Gaming
    Elfie Gaming Год назад Indeed he is
  • supperterofsanity
    supperterofsanity Год назад Exactly what I was thinking.
  • The Hot Beveridge
    The Hot Beveridge Год назад Doug demuro *
    GOLF CODE WEEKLY 9 месяцев назад B. Herlick totally agree...
  • David Hill
    David Hill Год назад Nice review Dou .....Parker ..
  • Jackalish
    Jackalish Год назад David Hill LMAOOOOOOO
  • Benjamin Botelho
    Benjamin Botelho 10 месяцев назад a great imitation
  • Mye *ao
    Mye *ao 10 месяцев назад David Hill search movies
  • Mye *ao
    Mye *ao 10 месяцев назад search moyies /
  • KraseyFit
    KraseyFit 9 месяцев назад I know right I was thinking that too, omg
  • Lone Lobster
    Lone Lobster 8 месяцев назад DeMuro is a god
  • Mister John güick
    Mister John güick 8 месяцев назад David Hill Doug demuro
  • GT-R gaming
    GT-R gaming 5 месяцев назад Ha ha
  • Brian Ortiz
    Brian Ortiz 4 месяца назад Lol 😂
  • Kyle Copier
    Kyle Copier Год назад I love how no matter how luxurious the car gets, we can always count on our boy to give us a 0-60 😂
  • Luka Yonny
    Luka Yonny 10 месяцев назад Kyle Copier Actually that really triggered me
  • LordYoav
    LordYoav Год назад 2:18 HOLY SHIT THEY ARE SUPER FRIENDLY!? I gotta buy one of those
  • Charbel Saber
    Charbel Saber Год назад nice joke
  • Malcolm Francisco
    Malcolm Francisco Год назад Obviously non of his subscribers would ever go, but it's being polite to the dealership that helped him. Who knows, what if someone in the market for one looks up reviews on YouTube?
  • Malcolm Francisco
    Malcolm Francisco Год назад But nice meme
  • Jesus Trujillo
    Jesus Trujillo Год назад Don't mess with that horse.... it's supercharged
  • Marshall Belcher
    Marshall Belcher Год назад But does it have V-TEC?
  • Jesus Trujillo
    Jesus Trujillo Год назад Marshall Belcher 2 liter supercharged V-Tec with Nissan's AWD system bud
  • Drake Osuna
    Drake Osuna Год назад Marshall Belcher Bruh you fkn killed me 😂
  • Nuno Rezende
    Nuno Rezende Год назад Why is he trying so hard to be Doug DeMuro?
  • GscGsc
    GscGsc Год назад Dont create a civil war, Douggers vs Parkers.
  • Jonathan Cullifer
    Jonathan Cullifer Год назад Parker should have given it a DougScore.
  • Luka Yonny
    Luka Yonny 10 месяцев назад Doug team!!!
  • Dario Modrić
    Dario Modrić 9 месяцев назад Because, Doug is obviously better reviewer! Doug in one day have millions of views! This kid is boring!
  • Gone with the Wind
    Gone with the Wind 4 месяца назад I scrolled just to find this comment
  • Saugat Ghimire
    Saugat Ghimire 2 недели назад @Gone with the Wind me too
  • Intelligent Money Investing
    Intelligent Money Investing Год назад That slanted floor thing is insane! They actually thought of everything
  • donnyj88
    donnyj88 Год назад they should make a extra long version where you can have the rear seats custom loungers !!
  • Scolecite
    Scolecite Год назад Yea its almost as if they spend all day thinking about how to build cars and stuff.
  • RabbidPotatoe Gaming
    RabbidPotatoe Gaming 8 месяцев назад @donnyj88 well your in luck because Mercedes,Bentley and rolls Royce have that as an option.
  • The truth hurts
    The truth hurts 7 месяцев назад This guy makes me wanna sell my moms house and by a PHANTOM😱😱
  • 252laylow
    252laylow Год назад What's the doug score?
  • Daniel Moore
    Daniel Moore Год назад 252laylow dammit I posted this too thinking I was clever. And then I read the comments 😂
  • Rodrigo Martins
    Rodrigo Martins Год назад Actually a horse is capable of producing 14.9 hp (no hate)
  • Ball into theMax
    Ball into theMax Год назад Rodrigo Martins 14.8
  • I Araujo
    I Araujo Год назад 14.7
  • ideologicduck
    ideologicduck Год назад 15
  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 11 месяцев назад 13.1*
  • Mimi floridalolz
    Mimi floridalolz 6 месяцев назад @Your Mom 69.96
  • Ivan Vranić
    Ivan Vranić 3 месяца назад You guys put your horses on a dyno ? 😂
  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Год назад People buying the car won't waste their time watching reviews.💯
  • tadexbeats
    tadexbeats 5 месяцев назад Stoner 101 true
  • wadda fuqq
    wadda fuqq 2 месяца назад What if they wanted to know if it was the right car for them?
  • Pratyush Shyam
    Pratyush Shyam 2 месяца назад @wadda fuqq tuuruu
  • nathan basiuwa
    nathan basiuwa 2 недели назад they will dog heard.
  • XCousCousX Live
    XCousCousX Live Неделю назад Just bought one
  • Dariune
    Dariune Год назад "4 wheel steering - cutting edge technology" this guy says. Ha, Honda Prelude had 4 wheel steering in the 90's
  • Tom Bo Ros
    Tom Bo Ros Год назад Dariune 4 wheel steering on the Icarus in 70s
  • Jan M
    Jan M 11 месяцев назад I have an old vagon probably from before 1950's and it has four wheel steering. It is even mechanically progressive. The rear vagon:
  • Aye J
    Aye J 10 месяцев назад Facts
  • Eric George
    Eric George 9 месяцев назад Knob head.
  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 8 месяцев назад I had a 1987 Mazda capella or 626 which had 4WS nothing cutting edge or great about it car slides on gravel way to much cost me $800 the car at an auction
  • Batman
    Batman 6 месяцев назад Dariune Mazda too.
  • # Kato
    # Kato 5 месяцев назад But this is a Rolls-Royce not a Honda 😀
  • CrowDizzL
    CrowDizzL 4 месяца назад Yep....1991 Prelude had it.
  • A K
    A K Год назад 8:25 Doug DeMuro reference 🤔
  • boxedmilk
    boxedmilk Год назад This entire video felt like a Doug DeMuro video.
  • theuselessmember
    theuselessmember Год назад boxedmilk nah too much production value for a DeMuro review.
  • D. B. Cooper
    D. B. Cooper Год назад 15:25 too