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Regular Car Reviews: 1996 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

Published on Oct 26, 2015 623,024 views
  • Joseph Donnelly
    Joseph Donnelly 3 года назад possibly the most regular of regular cars
  • funloveish
    funloveish 3 года назад +Joseph Rogers but the Camry.
  • Joonas6
    Joonas6 3 года назад +Joseph Rogers Is it weird that i have never in my life seen a Cavalier. and after this video i thought that it´s a cool looking car and id want one.
  • easterferret
    easterferret 3 года назад +funloveish how dare you, the camry is "the upgrade"
  • Bleakwolf
    Bleakwolf 3 года назад +Joonas6 Only the Z24s look cool.
  • ZombieBait
    ZombieBait 3 года назад +Wolfofthepast that's still a stretch.
  • dubbreak
    dubbreak 3 года назад +Joseph Rogers The Cavalier definitely shits on the daily. So in that sense I'd say it's definitely one of the most regular cars.
  • MuteCrimson
    MuteCrimson 3 года назад +Joseph Rogers i think the 04 corolla ce is even more regular
  • 8bitfireball
    8bitfireball 3 года назад +Joseph Rogers Chevy Cavalier: the official car of living in a poor town and you're the only one in your friend circle who managed to scrape together $700 for a car, so now you're the guy who has to give people rides
  • Nate Swartz
    Nate Swartz 3 года назад +Joseph Rogers Nah Corolla
  • Balloon Boy
    Balloon Boy 3 года назад +8bitfireball Do what I do when I give friends rides in my 1990 lesabre. Make them buy you McDonald's.
  • Angelo Reyes
    Angelo Reyes 3 года назад He reviewed a 2002 Civic LX. That is the most regular car he ever reviewed
  • rambow70
    rambow70 3 года назад +Angelo Reyes This and a pontiac grand am/grand prix (early 2000's) are probably just if not more regular. Oh and the sunfire.
  • mundotaku
    mundotaku 3 года назад +Joseph Rogers The most Regular Car of Regular car would be a 1990-1994 Ford Taurus.
  • ImWafflesPSN
    ImWafflesPSN 3 года назад The most regular car is the 98-99 Camry and Corolla imo.
  • TheGranFan04
    TheGranFan04 3 года назад +ImWafflesPSN I would say the '07 Camry.
  • Logan McCarthy
    Logan McCarthy 3 года назад +Joonas6 I had a '99 Z24 as my first car and miss it every day...
  • Josh Caviness
    Josh Caviness 3 года назад +Logan Mccarthy what do you drive now?
  • Jeff DeWitt
    Jeff DeWitt 3 года назад +Joonas6 You probably have, but they are both really common (or they were) and kind of innocuous so they pretty much fade into the background.
  • Darren Ma
    Darren Ma 3 года назад +Joonas6 There used to be a lot of them on New Zealand streets. But then they went extinct in recent years.
  • MinnesotaChevy454
    MinnesotaChevy454 3 года назад +Joonas6 I can see how I'd want one if I had never seen one before, because when you actually look at it, it does look kinda cool with it's dramatic angles and shape. I'm just so used to seeing the typical cavalier in a dark green color, rusted out, and with matte black bumpers. People also like to get a can of the closest matching shade of spray paint and just go crazy with it on the rust.
  • Hakeem Sd70M
    Hakeem Sd70M 3 года назад A '97-03 Chevy Malibu, the most regular car.
  • MinnesotaChevy454
    MinnesotaChevy454 3 года назад @Hakeem Mulholland Ah, the most popular teenager car right behind the '97-'03 Grand Prix 
  • turshin
    turshin 2 года назад depends on where you live. early 2000's ford Taurus takes that crown here in Michigan
  • CopenhagenCowboy Daugherty
    CopenhagenCowboy Daugherty 2 года назад here it's the Honda accord...
  • MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T
    MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T 2 года назад Joseph Donnelly not really
  • MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T
    MICOLE WHYTE #Oneplus6T 2 года назад Joseph Donnelly nope 1999 Toyota Corolla is the most regular car.
  • CopenhagenCowboy Daugherty
    CopenhagenCowboy Daugherty 2 года назад MICOLE WHYTE I guess I'd have to agree with that lol
  • J Ā K E -Æ8
    J Ā K E -Æ8 2 года назад MICOLE WHYTE yea
  • Chavonne Mitchell
    Chavonne Mitchell Год назад (изменено) turshin Agreed. Can't think of a more common "regular" car in Metro Detroit than the 3rd gen. Ford Taurus.
  • Der Ossi
    Der Ossi Год назад Joseph Donnelly That would be the Golf.
  • J Ā K E -Æ8
    J Ā K E -Æ8 Год назад Der Ossi Depends on country. example most normal cars in Europe are europian. So in America it's American cars.
  • Der Ossi
    Der Ossi Год назад JAKE _ Yeah, but the Golf kind of is the most regular car there is.
  • Skeene _6
    Skeene _6 Год назад I might pick one up for 800 for DD . I like them cause they so regular u can just fuck around wit them
  • Mr. Bean
    Mr. Bean Год назад Joseph Donnelly Or the sunfire
  • ToyGTone
    ToyGTone Год назад The Toyota Corolla & Camry and Honda Civic would like to have a word with you.
  • Olivier Savard
    Olivier Savard Год назад In Quebec, the Cavalier/Sunfire was the most regular car in regular cars. The type of car you'd buy when you couldn't afford a car. Even the Civic and the Corolla were less regular than that, but they come pretty close. This Z24 is less regular than the Civic though, the most regular car would be a 1999 Cavalier sedan. With rust.
  • Mr. Bean
    Mr. Bean Год назад rambow70 grand prix was always a car I liked
  • scottcol23
    scottcol23 Год назад Corsica and lumina were pretty plain too
  • Robert Coffey
    Robert Coffey 8 месяцев назад I don't know, the Chrysler Sebring was aggressively vanilla. Not bad, not good, but reliable, dependable blandness. I turned down one in favor of the base model VW Golf Mk. 4 because the Chrysler was so painfully boring that I could not muster a willingness to spend actual money on it.
  • civic cruiser
    civic cruiser 3 месяца назад @turshin I always thought those were the most bland sedans ever. Then again, alot of sedans we're pretty vanilla. The 2005ish Civic sedan, Accord, Sebring, Malibu/"classic" and Toyota Avalon. Everything Buick.
  • Valentine Ramos
    Valentine Ramos 2 недели назад I drive a 92 cavalier rs and let me tell you....rally car
  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee Неделю назад More like the Ford Tempo
  • Ob Bop
    Ob Bop 2 года назад My girl-friend and I conceived our first 3 kids in a Cavalier.
  • tfw no gf
    tfw no gf 2 месяца назад Ob Bop TMI.
  • Kyle
    Kyle 2 месяца назад Are you 2 midgets?
  • Jason Chicoine
    Jason Chicoine 2 месяца назад Thats sad
  • fuckyou
    fuckyou 1 месяц назад He went on to graduate with his cousin a year later, making him the first in the family to receive his high school diploma.
  • RoundenBrown
    RoundenBrown 2 недели назад A Cleveand Cavalier, that is!
  • ICU81 2
    ICU81 2 2 дня назад I have a 4 door cavalier and had 2 cousins in the back seat b4 it works pretty good not at the same time tho lol it was separate weekends
  • salvatore wilk
    salvatore wilk 2 дня назад My gf has a cavalier what are you saying sir
  • Drakilicious
    Drakilicious 2 дня назад Legend has it I was conceived in the back of a 1970's Chevy Nova so that happens. Especially if you're trailer trash.
  • iona
    iona 22 часа назад @Kyle idk the backseat of my cavalier is more spacious than i thought it'd be
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 3 года назад Well ladies and germs, here it is. THE domestic ricer.
  • ZombieBait
    ZombieBait 3 года назад Truth haha.
  • Johnny Hernandez
    Johnny Hernandez 3 года назад +twotailedavenger dodge neon srt 4
  • ZXtuba
    ZXtuba 3 года назад +twotailedavenger Forgetting the late 90's Escort ZX2?
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 3 года назад @Brennon Addy No. Most of those have either rotted away or have been destroyed. The few that are left have little to no modifications.
  • ZXtuba
    ZXtuba 3 года назад +twotailedavenger rotted? not mine :)
  • bobyknish
    bobyknish 3 года назад Don't forget about the pontiac sunfire
  • Glycerin
    Glycerin 3 года назад +twotailedavenger the neon is the domestic ricer. that car sucks ass, fuckin' dodge making a lame ass car.
  • Joe
    Joe 3 года назад Ford Probe FTW!!! Lol
  • Matthew Sharpe
    Matthew Sharpe 3 года назад +twotailedavenger We got them here in New Zealand as Toyota branded grey imports from Japan - still a pretty common site on the road, so I was really surprised to find out they are American.
  • NoBrakes23
    NoBrakes23 3 года назад +Brennon Addy having driven a couple of them, and driven a few J bodies, I'd take the 'scort over the Cav any day.
  • NoBrakes23
    NoBrakes23 3 года назад +Frank Magana not by a long shot.
  • Quique D.
    Quique D. 3 года назад +Brandon Leeton --- True, but also, people are tired of getting FU*ED in the A* by GM, Ford and Chrysler not standing behind their products. I own a GM car now and twice it needed repairs while still under the powertrain warranty and GM refused to fix my vehicle. This is why people go to Toyota and Honda. Is sad but true. This will be my last GM. Going to Toyota next time.
  • speedyme200
    speedyme200 3 года назад +Glycerin you fukn wish..
  • benracer
    benracer 3 года назад +twotailedavenger i still see them on the road here
  • smashingstuff09
    smashingstuff09 3 года назад +twotailedavenger You'd be thinking of a civic.
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 3 года назад @smashingstuff09 DOMESTIC ricer. 90's Civics were still Japanese-built.
  • NoBrakes23
    NoBrakes23 3 года назад (изменено) LOL, not all of them. My EJ8 was made at ELAP in Ohio. First alphanumeric of VIN is 1, not J.
  • smashingstuff09
    smashingstuff09 2 года назад +twotailedavenger So a dodge neon?
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 2 года назад @smashingstuff09 The Neon does get riced a lot, but they also don't last as long. The Cavalier seems to keep on chugging though.
  • smashingstuff09
    smashingstuff09 2 года назад Yeah you don't see to many neons around, Or cavalier's with the LD9 2.4L in it. Its mostly just the unkillable LN2 2.2L. Powerless but reliable.
  • Naegleria Fowleri
    Naegleria Fowleri 2 года назад that engine is prolly the only good thing about this car
  • smashingstuff09
    smashingstuff09 2 года назад @Latin Lover Nah, The car looks good. If it had the 5speed in it you'd think different. These cars are great for 3400 swaps.
  • Naegleria Fowleri
    Naegleria Fowleri 2 года назад @smashingstuff09 the exterior had some potential, but the inteior it was terrible, no amount modification would make the interior look good, if anything ive seen more riced out cavalier interiors than anything, where they paint the parts and shit lol
  • smashingstuff09
    smashingstuff09 2 года назад @Latin Lover I've only had one out of ten cavalier's with nice interior. Half leather and all black. Unless you buy a 95-99 vert. Some had white leather seats and power seats.
  • TheRealDirtyDan
    TheRealDirtyDan Год назад Johnny Hernandez thats fuckin fast tho
  • TheRealDirtyDan
    TheRealDirtyDan Год назад Glycerin the SRT4 is amazing
  • Valentine Ramos
    Valentine Ramos 2 недели назад I have a 92 cavalier rs and my buddy just got the 98 ford zx2 and both are...well perfect rally cars the cavalier is quick and light and the zx2 is faster than the old sho and its easy to get power out of light front wheel drive high output engines that kick ass if you like handling and dont wanna drive fast in a straight line quick zippy cars
  • Valentine Ramos
    Valentine Ramos 2 недели назад @bobyknish thats literally the same as the cavalier
  • Valentine Ramos
    Valentine Ramos 2 недели назад @smashingstuff09 i have a manual 92 cavalier rs (2.2) and it make enough power to have fun and its a head turner the engine sounds beefy and is stronger than all hell but the automatic....i cant say the same for
  • smashingstuff09
    smashingstuff09 2 года назад I daily drive one of these, Its.. Cheap on gas, Cheap on parts.. Hell its just cheap. But its great.
  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Год назад smashingstuff09 Yeah it's a awesome daily commuter, about the only thing it's good at.
  • ProCam
    ProCam 4 месяца назад We built a turbo Cavalier on my channel
  • pontiacGXPfan
    pontiacGXPfan 3 месяца назад Some of the worst cars have some of the biggest selection of aftermarket parts......this being one of them
  • Plutonius X
    Plutonius X 4 дня назад @pontiacGXPfan It is isn`t the best car ever made, but it is no Dodge Neon. Lol
  • Drakilicious
    Drakilicious 2 дня назад I'd rather have a Dodge Neon so the ABS breaking system can fail on me and I can go flying off a cliff into a tree duke of hazard style.... oh wait that already happened... Early ABS breaking systems... especially cheap ones... not the best fellas.