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The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace Is the Most Important SUV of the Year

Published on Dec 3, 2018 1,189,885 views



The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace is the most important SUV of the year. Today, I'm reviewing the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace to show you why it's so important -- and I'm showing you why the I-Pace is a great rival to the Tesla Model X and other electric SUVs.

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  • AJB BHM82
    AJB BHM82 3 месяца назад Doug’s the type of guy to bring back your electric car with a full tank of gas
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 дня назад Speaking of which
  • Erik Lewis
    Erik Lewis 3 месяца назад Doug, the type of guy to lick his fingers before turning a owners manual page.
  • Gowtham Vivek
    Gowtham Vivek 2 месяца назад lol
  • Apples in Mono
    Apples in Mono 2 месяца назад The type of guy to lick his finger before turning the page on his Kindle
  • Hoppebold02
    Hoppebold02 3 месяца назад 10:35 even roofs have notches now.
  • Mateja Radojevic
    Mateja Radojevic 1 месяц назад Hahahahh true
  • Kevin Cox
    Kevin Cox 3 месяца назад Nice car, but seeing how slow the interfaces move, even on the climate control buttons makes me cringe. Legacy automakers need to get a handle on software or they will soon be obsolete.
  • Dima Ant
    Dima Ant 3 месяца назад yeah it is ridiculous. The asking price is $70k and an old smartphone (~$100) can outperform these things.
    GORDO EINSTEIN 2 месяца назад Kevin Cox , agreed. It goes further though. I tell my wife all the time that there’s no reason for delay in anything electronic; it defeats the conceptual purpose for making anything function via electronic. The delay is obnoxious, especially given the cost associated with modern vehicles/ mobile iPhones.
  • Dr. Noonan
    Dr. Noonan 2 месяца назад Your smart phones aren’t operating mechanical parts, that’s what the delay is for. When you change the fan speed a motor has to adjust for it.
  • Kevin Cox
    Kevin Cox 2 месяца назад @Dr. Noonan So how does Tesla pull it off? And you can change the actual fan speed in the background and show animation in real time.
  • BurgielKing
    BurgielKing 2 месяца назад ​@Dr. Noonan That's just bad excuse. Developing an intuitive UI isn't the hardest job there is. These screen should perform the right way by receiving input by the user and then on-screen instantly change the variable so the UI always stays smooth and the user knows that he changed it. Then in the background a process will start to operate the mechanical part with the variable based on the user input for example setting the A/C to 21 degrees. The UI should never lagg and the software and hardware should be decoupled. Tesla has done this perfectly for years now.
  • Maxusy
    Maxusy 2 месяца назад lol you tesla fanboys are so stupid. Legacy automakers will be obsolete because of a silly animation? Clearly that's the most important part that makes or breaks a car..
  • Kevin Cox
    Kevin Cox 2 месяца назад @Maxusy Thank you for assuming I'm a Tesla fanboy. The main reason for my argument is that all cars are "fine" now. The only thing really setting them apart is stuff like software, and this clearly sucks. And yes, animations and aesthetics do matter.
  • Maxusy
    Maxusy 2 месяца назад if you think the majority of people that doesn't spend half their day on the internet cares more about animations in a car than how it drives, quality of materials, performance and reliability, you are wrong.
  • Angelo louisjeune
    Angelo louisjeune 2 месяца назад @Dr. Noonan smart man
  • psimac
    psimac 2 месяца назад Tesla needs to get their handle on reliability, fit/finish quality, distribution, and customer service or they will become extinct. A slow screen I would accept above all Tesla’s shenanigans.
  • Pop Laurentiu
    Pop Laurentiu 1 месяц назад You think Tesla did not update they software on cars ? how many times and are still having so many issues ? So if Jag software is laggy but remember this is the first version.. but imagine if is this good from the first version the version 03, 04 would be so much better no doubt.. what else ? you have cameras on Tesla but the software do not allow 360 wiew how stupid is that ? no head up display on windshield of Tesla that is so useful for night driving.. no pre- heat for battery in cold winters sorry but that is bad.. no massage seats in Tesla ? (instead stupid functions that will diminish the life of battery when used intensive like ludicrous, flappy doors disco mode in X, dog mode? (really) and the air setup on Tesla yes is a feature but remember the I-Pace can do really good off-road and even cross thru water in small rivers if is necessary (watch Fast Lane review of I-Pace- they were also pretty impressed) and overall I-Pace in Europe has a better offer considering the service delays & coverage issues of Tesla that Elon avoid to improve..
  • RichardBr1
    RichardBr1 1 месяц назад Hey guys why do people make fun of fully electric cars?Do they not care about reducing co2?I think electric cars are the future,of course it still needs improving but still don't understand why people make fun of it
  • Efstathios Dimopoulos
    Efstathios Dimopoulos 3 недели назад The decision to use the previous gen infotainment from Land Rover came from the company overlords in India for cost reduction purposes. And for those saying instant UI nonsense it is obvious you have never worked as programmers to know what happens under the hood.
  • Isaac Fox
    Isaac Fox 1 день назад Perhaps I'm just crazy.....But exactly how was that interface slow?
  • Vlad Tataranu
    Vlad Tataranu 3 месяца назад I am a Model X owner and I welcome the competition. The more uncompromised EVs are offered, the better for all EV manufacturers and the better for the infrastructure development.
  • chronodiver300
    chronodiver300 3 месяца назад Like the Tesla--but the price is quite up there for most.
    DARKNINJA 3 месяца назад i am one too but other ev's are trash
  • Brad Kurtz
    Brad Kurtz 3 месяца назад As bad as Jag reliability is, it is probably better than Tesla
  • ThreeSilverCoins
    ThreeSilverCoins 3 месяца назад I-Pace is not a real competitor. There are more Model Xs sold than all Jaguar models combined.
  • gnoxycat
    gnoxycat 3 месяца назад I drive mine from LA to ABQ twice a month. I don't think I could do that with the Jag.
  • John Valerian
    John Valerian 3 месяца назад A few articles that I’ve seen show the Tesla gets advertised mileage and Jaguar does not. Doug has no idea what he’s talking about by saying it’s better. Tesla battery technology is superior.
  • John Control
    John Control 3 месяца назад Weird flex, but okay
  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster 3 месяца назад As nice as this car is, the $$ in Tesla is the super charger network. I'm sure you could drive this car across the country on level 2 chargers but it would take a lot longer.
  • Laurens Woltermann
    Laurens Woltermann 3 месяца назад Exactly, it was about time! This will only do good for progress and it is so nice to finally have a manufacturer that exceeds Tesla on certain points :)
  • Troy Mihalicz
    Troy Mihalicz 2 месяца назад Like Tesla, like the model X, but it’s styling is from Hyundai 10 years ago. WTF was and is Elon thinking. It looks so incredibly terrible I would never, ever own one...ever! Ugly as hell. Just don’t understand why it had to be so incredibly horrid. Fugly! I guess is what I am trying to say is it lacks slightly in the style dept. lol
  • Sana
    Sana 2 месяца назад @ThreeSilverCoins That's not true. The Jaguar I-Pace is already outselling the Model X and Model S combined in worldwide sales.
  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 2 месяца назад Sana Yeah I figured that stat was way off, maybe the model three is out selling all of Jagz combined but I still doubt that as well
  • mujjuman
    mujjuman 2 месяца назад I want Lamborghini or Ferrari EV SUV cant wait for that to launch so I could stunt on these hoes
  • EpicMusicLemon
    EpicMusicLemon 2 месяца назад @Troy Mihalicz Troy its styling is from Lotus. It is also not a 5 seater. Those extra seats and room are the reason its not quite the performer the tiny smaller than a prius Ipace is. Prius plugin is literally bigger with cargo room.
  • ymcpa73
    ymcpa73 1 месяц назад @gnoxycat The range is supposed to be the same as a model X.
  • gnoxycat
    gnoxycat 1 месяц назад @ymcpa73 Its over a 1000 mile trip. I have to supercharge with the Tesla and I dont think there are any options for the Jag like that.
  • Kein Nigga
    Kein Nigga 2 недели назад Grow up and get a 911
  • Vlad Tataranu
    Vlad Tataranu 2 недели назад Kein Nigga 911 is a second car
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад The I-Pace is just not a direct competitor to the Model X (as it's smaller in all dimensions), neither the Model S (taller, but not by much). It's more like a competitor to Teslas upcoming Model Y. It's a fine car, but it has not as effecient drivetrain as Tesla, laggy interface, but better interior materials.
  • Martin Andreas Kruse
    Martin Andreas Kruse 4 дня назад @Brad Kurtz And you say this because...? You seem to have had a Tesla, or am I right in assuming you're just spreading whatever FUD you've been fed online?
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 дня назад @Brad Kurtz Nothing like presumption, is there?
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 дня назад @John Valerian Tesla tents to underestimate
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 дня назад @Laurens Woltermann Which are?
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 дня назад @Sana The Jag "outsold" the S and X for the first month it was introduced in most markets. It's called a backlog! The Jag used all its reservation stock. It's now being spanked by the model 3, they seem to be omitting it from some lists of cars sold, it's been on 0% finance ,(usually reserved for cars that aren't selling?) And there are reports of unhappy customers returning cars in some locations. Apart from that, all's well!
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 дня назад @EpicMusicLemon It's styled in house.
  • Ilija
    Ilija 3 месяца назад Journalists : "British cars are known for their bad electronics in cars and it's unreliability" Jaguar makes an electric car Journalists : Gasp
  • Corn Pop
    Corn Pop 3 месяца назад Jaguar are Indian and yes they really shouldn't make a electric vehicles considering how unreliable their current vehicles are.
  • Roy Hall
    Roy Hall 3 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂exactly what I was thinking. Jaguar cant even keep the climate knobs working past 50K in regular cars but you want me to buy an all electric car from them.
  • MKRM27
    MKRM27 3 месяца назад Find better journalists; not one that use hackneyed cliches.
  • Joseph Henry Oculam
    Joseph Henry Oculam 3 месяца назад Surpised_pickachu.jpeg
  • Ilija
    Ilija 3 месяца назад @Joseph Henry Oculam exactly
  • Efstathios Dimopoulos
    Efstathios Dimopoulos 3 месяца назад It does not have Lucas components (The infamous Lord of Darkness)
  • P1st0ls
    P1st0ls 3 месяца назад Jag is already known for having horrid electronics reliability. I dont trust this car to get me down the road
  • erlik07
    erlik07 3 месяца назад I believe that electic drivetrain is provided by Rimac so it has nothing to do with British or Indian failures. It is Croatians which is former part Yugoslavia so expect Yugo problems :)
  • aserta
    aserta 3 месяца назад Firedepartment: GASPING
  • Paul Mansfield
    Paul Mansfield 3 месяца назад There are many reports coming in about problems with this iPace.
  • Superb Media Content Creator
    Superb Media Content Creator 3 месяца назад Kind of like your English...
  • Neojhun
    Neojhun 3 месяца назад Indian owned built in Austria. Oh lol how things have changed.
  • Askari Jafferi
    Askari Jafferi 3 месяца назад McLaren is British and uses waaaaay too much electronics
  • Daniel MacAskill
    Daniel MacAskill 3 месяца назад Manufactured in England at Jaguar Land Rover Halewood near Liverpool airport.
  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy 3 месяца назад @Daniel MacAskill I think the i-pace is actually made in Austra by a third party.
  • Gary Noone
    Gary Noone 3 месяца назад I owned an XJ for 11 years and160,000 miles. Never an electrical problem.
  • IAmMr200
    IAmMr200 3 месяца назад Doug isn't a proper journalist. And all the ones that are? Most of them are full of shi*...
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 дня назад Considering it's built (slowly) in Austria?
  • Bogdan Florescu
    Bogdan Florescu 3 месяца назад How do you enter the car when the door handles are covered by freezing rain?
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад You don't buy an electric car if you're some city dwelling peasant with no garage and have to keep it outside where you can't even charge it.
  • quintan bacchus
    quintan bacchus 3 месяца назад I thought the handle was dumb too looks like one of the first things to break
  • Calle Söderberg
    Calle Söderberg 3 месяца назад @Adrian So I need to find a new winter chalet with a full garage to park my Jag in, because they designed it in a way which can't handle actual winter. Yeah, seems like a very clever design there.
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад @Calle Söderberg It could handle my winter. Can't say the same thing of city dwelling peasants, though... Whatever, I don't really give a fuck, Tesla's better anyway...
  • Marshall Tomlinson
    Marshall Tomlinson 3 месяца назад Adrian right because us with garages don’t go out for supper and it rains and freezes while we are there...
  • Calle Söderberg
    Calle Söderberg 3 месяца назад @Adrian Not sure I understand what you're trying to say. city-dwelling peasants can't handle your winter? Keep not giving fucks though. Nobody else gives a fuck whether you do or not, but I'm sure it's fun for you at least.
  • Slit Wrist Misfit
    Slit Wrist Misfit 3 месяца назад Blow dryer?
  • IncognitoTorpedo
    IncognitoTorpedo 3 месяца назад People ask that about Tesla door handles too. It doesn't seem to be a problem in the real world. I guess the handle motors are pretty strong, car acts like The Hulk.
  • Bogdan Florescu
    Bogdan Florescu 3 месяца назад @IncognitoTorpedo Tesla ones did not require a button to push to activate them. Not saying it will not work, but the process to open the door seems more cumbersome.
  • Danny 204
    Danny 204 3 месяца назад We don't get freezing rain in the uk, so I guess they did not think of that for the rest of the world, 😂
  • Calle Söderberg
    Calle Söderberg 3 месяца назад @IncognitoTorpedo Well, living in Sweden (about as far north as southern Alaska) has its downsides and two of those are snow and ice. To me the retracting door handles are a gimmick and adds very little on top of looking cool in reviews but offer a potential problem for real-life use.
  • Matthias Fritz
    Matthias Fritz 3 месяца назад the same question is asked to Aston Martin, GT-R, or Model 3 owners.
  • Gareth Hood
    Gareth Hood 3 месяца назад Jaguar Land Rover did testing in freezing conditions where the handles were frozen shut and they can still open. Search on YouTube about that.
  • Brad Kurtz
    Brad Kurtz 3 месяца назад All kinds of cars are going to this design, so I guess you will soon be driving Fords if that is really your issue
  • A4 Charger
    A4 Charger 3 месяца назад @Adrian city dwelling peasants?......that is extremely rude and disrespectful keep your tesla and your cocky attitude
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад A4 Charger If this is rude, you're gonna have a really bad time when you finally get out of your nest into the outside world.
  • A4 Charger
    A4 Charger 3 месяца назад @Adrian I already in college NO CAR on my own
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад Calle Söderberg Calle Söderberg You don't understand? It's pretty simple: You live in a house, you have a garage where there's no freezing rain and you have much better options for charging the electric car. I'm sorry for you, @A4 Charger, but in this situation, you're as peasant as a peasant can be.
  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman 3 месяца назад You hit it.
  • Integrafreak1
    Integrafreak1 3 месяца назад Why is a luxury car being parked outside?
  • AM D
    AM D 3 месяца назад @Calle Söderberg I think it was tongue in cheek...
  • AM D
    AM D 3 месяца назад @Adrian I thought you were being tongue in cheek, you're seriously calling people who park on on the street in cities "peasants"? Sounds like someone's never priced an apartment in NYC, Boston, SF etc before...Tons of places you'd pay through the nose for an apartment with no guaranteed parking
  • Calle Söderberg
    Calle Söderberg 3 месяца назад @Adrian I don't really see where you want to go with this "you peasants" angle. Are you saying you have no real arguments and are only wastin people's time? I have plenty of time to spare on you, but your joke is wearing a little thin...
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад (изменено) Calle Söderberg, AM D Hey, relax, you butthurt city dwellers. I only suggested that an electric car might not be the best choice for your kind, but one with an internal combustion engine would be better in your circumstances. You can take my indication into account or not, I don't give a fuck either way.
  • AM D
    AM D 3 месяца назад ​@Adrian Give it up man, you were funny and now you're just angry. Electric cars are designed with urbanites in mind, given their short range and lack of charging infrastructure nationwide, neither being problems for ICE
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад AM D Did you read another comment by mistake or are you just retarded?
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад AM D Aren't you a little bit angry and butthurt over any opinion that doesn't fit yours?
  • Calle Söderberg
    Calle Söderberg 3 месяца назад @Adrian You're about as poor at understanding people's level of indignation as you are at friendly banter, Adrian. Nobody's butthurt here. I perhaps feel a little disappointed that you couldn't throw arguments back and forth a little better but had to choose the "you-are-butthurt-and-I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-you-say-anyway" approach to excuse yourself.
  • AM D
    AM D 3 месяца назад @Adrian Butthurt? It was my mistake for responding to a 13 year old on the internet who likes getting rides in daddy's Tesla, that's all
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад ​@AM D It was your mistake going full retard over a simple opinion. Who's a 12 year old, really?
  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 месяца назад @AM D But I have to agree with you here, you probably shouldn't have responded in the first place if you have to excuse your childish reaction to my comments by calling other people kids.
  • AM D
    AM D 3 месяца назад @Adrian Kiddo, you're the one who started calling people "butthurt" and "peasants" over a silly thing, the only one being childish is you. It's called projection.
  • Gizmo Thewytchdoktor
    Gizmo Thewytchdoktor 3 месяца назад why would one drive in the freezing rain in such a vehicle in the first place? at this price point,one should be able to own a beater car that can be sacrificed in such weather.
  • AM D
    AM D 2 месяца назад @Gizmo Thewytchdoktor Lol because lots of people drive in that kind of weather for much of the year and they expect their fancy "SUV"/sedan to work as a daily driver and not need to be treated like a 1970s Fiat
  • Sqwerpo andrizzrazz
    Sqwerpo andrizzrazz 2 месяца назад Bogdan Florescu I'm sure there is a mode to leave them open
  • khizar hayat
    khizar hayat 2 месяца назад (изменено) Range Rover has tested that on Range Rover Velar and it works fine when there is ice on the door handle and the motor is powerful enough to bust the ice. Here is the link to that video
  • Barbarian GLE
    Barbarian GLE 2 месяца назад As if the ice on windshields is not enough, now we need to worry about frozen doors handles?
  • xombi
    xombi 2 месяца назад Yup. It’s retarded, Teslas have them too though.
  • Mark White
    Mark White 2 месяца назад The handles were designed for Russian winter conditions, way worse than anything in the USA, no problem with freezing, but you are all entitled to your uniformed opinions, next time try positive enquiry, it’s much more productive, but that’s probably why we have a real I Pace :-)
  • Bogdan Florescu
    Bogdan Florescu 2 месяца назад @Mark White The source for the statement in your first sentence is what i'm interested in, the rest after the second comma points out you are being unproductive
  • Mark White
    Mark White 2 месяца назад Bogdan, Jaguar test all cars to extreme climates, including Russian car wash tests down to -40 degrees, the handles will open even after frozen water is in the handle, there are lots of uninformed opinions on this review, mostly I suspect from people that actually do not have the money to buy a Tesla or a Jaguar, but everyone is entitled to an opinion...
  • GOD
    GOD 2 месяца назад Never mind opening it. What if you had your hand in (on) the handle and it retracts?
  • Power and Luxury
    Power and Luxury 1 месяц назад @Adrian What a schlop
  • Adrian
    Adrian 1 месяц назад AM D, If you don't want to get called a butthurt peasant, then don't be a butthurt peasant, you fucking idiot
  • Adrian
    Adrian 1 месяц назад (изменено) Power and Luxury is probably not what describes your peasant ass
  • Pharmokan z
    Pharmokan z 1 месяц назад see answer here:
  • ymcpa73
    ymcpa73 1 месяц назад @Bogdan Florescu You also have the key fob to activate the handles.
  • Dithh
    Dithh 2 недели назад Bogdan Florescu I have a Velar with the same handles, and it breaks through the ice no matter what.
  • Leo Cruz
    Leo Cruz 3 месяца назад (изменено) A beutiful day out in the future all electric car no noise, fumes, or polution. Then suddenly the dude in his ford f-450 with aftermarket smoke stacks, rolling coal pulling out into the street.
  • antonthewall
    antonthewall 3 месяца назад yeah abeautiful dfay where you grovel and drink soylent green all day , you ll be lucky to eat powdered maggots slave
  • odellus
    odellus 2 месяца назад ????????????
  • Rafael Đurin
    Rafael Đurin 2 месяца назад And he will be most happy person in world that moment when he ran to over Tesla but when his tire stuck in panel gap he will be sad again
  • Apples in Mono
    Apples in Mono 2 месяца назад That'll be me
  • steve crawford
    steve crawford 2 месяца назад Leo Cruz whew, thank you... cannot wait for quiet roads! I am getting old!
  • Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guard
    Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guard 2 месяца назад antonthewall just because you own electric cars doesn’t mean you are in love with the environment some people just buy Tesla’s because the is almost ZERO maintenance and ( when you convert electricity to mpg) it drives at 70 MPG
  • leebee1100
    leebee1100 2 месяца назад The image I got from reading that made me actually laugh and hard. Haven’t actually laughed at something on YouTube in awhile and a thank you to whoever wrote this comment is in order
  • leebee1100
    leebee1100 2 месяца назад “...aftermarket smokestacks...” hahahahaha dead af. Priceless image
  • Leo Cruz
    Leo Cruz 2 месяца назад Hear me out I'm not a fan of electric cars I like muscle cars, trucks, and super cars I like having an engine under the hood okay. So what I'm saying here is that it be a funny joke kinda like someone reving at a Prius.
  • Baiet Simpson
    Baiet Simpson 1 месяц назад @GORDO EINSTEIN Nobody with a pickup uses it to haul stuff. At least around here.