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Football WOMEN Comedy ● Fails, Bloopers, Funny moments.

Published on Oct 11, 2018 3,309,796 views

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  • G.H - Choi
    G.H - Choi 4 месяца назад This one video is much funnier than 98% of woman stand up comedians
  • Nobody listens to techno
    Nobody listens to techno 4 месяца назад I'm glad that somebody let those bitches out of the kitchen.
  • ecerenu
    ecerenu 3 месяца назад Think you meant 100%, pal.
  • Paul Nguyen
    Paul Nguyen 3 месяца назад agreed, woman stand up comedians are very bad they laugh at their own joke thinking it is funny :x
  • Dopewentwild Pbruh
    Dopewentwild Pbruh 3 месяца назад "Women were made equal"
  • Will to Power
    Will to Power 3 месяца назад So true.
  • Chi wong
    Chi wong 3 месяца назад Who are the funny female comedians tho? This video has me laughing to stomach pains.i would say funnier than all female comedians
  • 우리엄마는
    우리엄마는 3 месяца назад korea is fucking women's nation. All korean girls are fucking feminist
  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C. 2 месяца назад Amen. Especially that massive hippo Amy Schumer. Not funny at all.
  • Mila
    Mila Неделю назад Nobody listens to techno You are a idiotic sexist male.
  • José Pecina
    José Pecina Неделю назад Women comedian jokes be like: P U S S Y
  • Nigel Farage
    Nigel Farage 2 дня назад 100%
  • sapbwguru
  • Bruce Lombardo
    Bruce Lombardo 1 день назад Lewis C. “Vagina!!! Haha haha haha!”
  • V V
    V V 4 месяца назад And those aren’t just some regular women playing football. Those are the elite. The ELITE in women football.
  • Dr.존나세
    Dr.존나세 3 месяца назад yeah~ They are 'Professional' football players! wow
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 3 месяца назад No. They are the select few women who bother to try football as a career. Most quality women footballers give up the sport because there is no point wasting time on a career that goes nowhere. So no a lot of these players are not the best women players in the world.
  • Mecurial Loki
    Mecurial Loki 3 месяца назад funny thing the elite were beaten by U15 school boys.
  • TheChico868
    TheChico868 3 месяца назад Some not all. Most of these countries don't even invest in women football.
  • Boqoreh
    Boqoreh 3 месяца назад @TotnumMatt If only they stuck thru...they'd be competing with Ronaldo and Messi I doing the mass delusion thang right??
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 3 месяца назад @Boqoreh Nope all wrong I am afraid, because the mass delusion is 99% of all other posters in here. But seriously, no, I never said that. For one we would never know, because they keep mens and womens football apart (mostly anyway). But lets play pretend and imagine that men and women played with and against each other. I would say, the answer to your question would be unlikely, but we just do not know that for sure. As I have said (and as many excitable males have said else where in this comments section) men DO have a slight physical advantage. So that means the best players in the world are more likely to be men, if you take away every other factor. BUT thats NOT to say a woman can be be the best, just like so many women around the world are better than so many men, despite the advantages men have and the mass disadvantages women have, there is ALWAYS a chance it could happen, however likely or not.
  • King Chong
    King Chong 2 месяца назад @TotnumMatt it's physically impossible u tard. Its like saying a woman could run faster than usain bolt
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 2 месяца назад @King Chong No....its not physically impossible. No matter how unlikely it is, its still not 100% physically impossible. So before you get all upset and resort to insults, use the right words.
  • King Chong
    King Chong 2 месяца назад @TotnumMatt with ur theory a baby who couldn't walk yet could beat usain bolt its unlikely but could happen. Do you realise how retarted you really are?? Wow
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 2 месяца назад I cannot tag you in a reply for some reason... But well done, you have included something that was never intended for my logic. I am comparing ADULT men to ADULT women. At this current time, human babies cannot out run bolt because guess what? They cant walk let alone run. Then it takes a long time to become a good wnough sprinter to even have a chance at beating him. Therefore your comment is irrelevant. It would work if ALL men were faster than ALL women, and i was disputing that. But thats not the case. So i am not sure how my logic is "retarted".
  • King Chong
    King Chong 2 месяца назад @TotnumMatt u r dumb
  • Tom Grenham
    Tom Grenham 2 месяца назад @TotnumMatt I see your point but your coming off as a pretentious twat so do everyone a favour dude..
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 2 месяца назад @King Chong hahaha I am dumb, yet you cannot even formulate a proper rebuttal ;)
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 2 месяца назад @Tom Grenham dont really give a shit how I sound, its much better than sounding rather ignorant like the majority of people in this comments section!
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 2 месяца назад @King Chong Instead of all the insults how about you listen to what I am saying and you will realise I have a fair point. Lets take the fastest women sprinters in the world. I don't know off the top of my head how fast they can do the 100m. Bolts record was what, 9.5ish? Again can't remember. Women do it in 10 or 11? so a second or 2 difference. Now, men football players who are not sprinters as well, which is most players. I imagine even the fastest would do it say a second or 2 slower than Bolt. Therefore. The best women sprinters would be a similar speed to fast footballers. All of a sudden that difference in speed between men and women is nullified IF a women sprinter is also a footballer, or a women trains so hard for years on her speed. And there we have it, a women can compete with some men (in terms of speed) its NOT impossible.
  • Tom Grenham
    Tom Grenham 2 месяца назад (изменено) @TotnumMatt Although I see your point your argument is null you cannot compare a female sprinter to a male football player. They are completely different and train for different attributes. You have to compare a sprinter to a sprinter and obviously there is no comparison. But hey I'll humour you kylian mbappe has been clocked at a faster speed running with a ball under control in a game than the fastest woman of all time , and guess what she had no ball , she was on track wearing spikes especially equipped for sprinting ,I'm all for equal rights but it's a fact men are physically more able than women. End of. Maybe one day your argument will stand up but not yet buddy...
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 2 месяца назад @Tom Grenham Ok let me just say that when I talk about sprinters, I am purely guessing, I know very little about sprinting, so perhaps my example isn't very accurate, but its the point I am trying to make that the gap between men and women's physical abilities in football is not as massive as people imply. Absolutely men are more likely to be 'better', I am not denying that for one second. But, my point is that just because the top men are generally more talented than the top women, thats not to say that the top women cannot be as good as, or better than, men who are near the top. A lot of the comments in this comments section are noting that teenage boys in school teams can beat a womens national team, so the gap between men and women must be THAT big. Where I am saying, you cannot use that as a fair reflection because there are a lot of things going on in womens football that means the national teams are not as good as they could be. But you are right, perhaps a poorly chosen example but I stand by my belief that the gap between men and women is not as large as what people assume.
  • TotnumMatt
    TotnumMatt 2 месяца назад @Tom Grenham Also your point reminds me of Usain Bolt recently being rejected by Central Coast Mariners. So you are right, its not just all about speed!