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Football WOMEN Comedy ● Fails, Bloopers, Funny moments.

Published on Oct 11, 2018 4,658,369 views

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  • viperRX
    viperRX 2 месяца назад It’s difficult to tell who is playing on which side...
  • Youtube Employee
    Youtube Employee Неделю назад Lol the edm track completes it
  • ApacheOW
    ApacheOW Неделю назад @kwwyy Football, but ok
  • Sreehari C
    Sreehari C Неделю назад loL XD
  • Panadol
    Panadol 2 недели назад LOL so true ..
  • kwwyy
    kwwyy 2 недели назад "We should get equal pay in soccer" 😂
  • Saul Garcia
    Saul Garcia 2 месяца назад I’m going to have surgery And become a woman I’ll be top 5 at least
  • Hennet Ahgera Nailo
    Hennet Ahgera Nailo 1 час назад You don't need any surgery, just keep saying you feel like a woman that's how you feel inside that defines gender and then you can go back man again because guess what, gender fluid bullshit it's true so you can switch gender as you "feel". Easy isn't?
  • WhiteHorseDown
    WhiteHorseDown 1 день назад You are so brave and my her-o.
  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle 4 дня назад Even a man women women of the year
  • Hyped Dino
    Hyped Dino 4 дня назад Women football is a joke. Good for laughs.
  • Oliver Heaviside
    Oliver Heaviside Неделю назад @Mario A but it'll be like winning a tournament against u10s... no sense of real achievement
  • Mario A
    Mario A Неделю назад I honestly would be the best player in the world. Id get ballon do’r every year, no questions asked
  • Sian Getz
    Sian Getz Неделю назад top 5? you have low aspirations in life? you should be aiming for nothing other than top 3 :D
  • Oliver Heaviside
    Oliver Heaviside Неделю назад you must be pretty shit if you can only manage top 5
  • Ангел Пасков
    Ангел Пасков 2 недели назад @Blade RMD but dude,i havent ever heard of a woman who transed to a male and got into male sports.......its always the other way sux
  • Ангел Пасков
    Ангел Пасков 2 недели назад After you have this surgery you will be a star in woman soccer/football....but you will also be a target to be fuked :))))))
  • Blade RMD
    Blade RMD 2 недели назад @Deep Banerjee yeah youre right that thing it's coming soon
  • Blade RMD
    Blade RMD 2 недели назад Just wait some years. Cause with this stupid thing about human rights a man just need to say I fell like a woman and if you are not ok with that it's discrimination. In some years all woman sports records will be broken by men because of equality😧
  • Deep Banerjee
    Deep Banerjee 2 недели назад Don't need to have surgery... It happened few days ago... A man declared himself a women, and broke women's world record for heavy lifting championship... Then he again got back on being a man... Lol
  • Sam 2014
    Sam 2014 2 недели назад Saul Garcia , lol. Good one.
  • Randy Bobandy
    Randy Bobandy 2 недели назад If you have 1 working leg you are guaranteed top scorer.
  • Fabián CT
    Fabián CT 2 недели назад Saul Garcia if u play professional and right age u would be the best women football player to had ever lived
  • Akshay Shirodkar
    Akshay Shirodkar 3 недели назад Probably you could bag balon dor as well
  • Selinor578
    Selinor578 1 месяц назад If I was a female goalkeeper, I would just identify as a woman who had not just let an easy goal go in. We would never lose.
  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C. 1 месяц назад Bro, you don't need to have surgery. All you have to do is identify as a woman. And that's it. :) You're good to play in a womens team. Lol.
  • deep shergill
    deep shergill 2 месяца назад @GuusF it was funny😁
  • GuusF
    GuusF 2 месяца назад Only top 5? Do you have only 1 foot?
  • mario rossi
    mario rossi 2 месяца назад try top 1
  • Bagas Kurniawan
    Bagas Kurniawan 2 месяца назад (изменено) Top 5 wtf u underestimate wamen😤 Suckness on football Top 1 should be an obvious for u 😀
  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby 2 месяца назад it's funny because you could probably do it in todays fucked up society
  • A guy
    A guy 2 месяца назад You could be top 5 and make tens of thousands a year.
    REMEMBER THE NAME 2 месяца назад Zuby style lol
  • Cartoonman154
    Cartoonman154 2 месяца назад You don't even need the surgery. Just self identify. lol
  • Bruno Der
    Bruno Der 2 месяца назад (изменено) After Ronaldo retires... Cristina Ronalda, a new 40 year old transgender Former Male professinal footballer scores her's 340 consecutive hat trick in her first season!
  • Jackson james
    Jackson james 5 часов назад @Decent Fellow lol it's a fuckin joke Just get it through that thick skull of yours
  • Jackson james
    Jackson james 5 часов назад O god
  • Pelado Hdp
    Pelado Hdp 3 дня назад (изменено) @Blade RMD messi plays well in Blade RMD FC
  • j rudy morgan clark
    j rudy morgan clark 6 дней назад Lmao hahahaha
  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix Неделю назад Ur good
  • Blade RMD
    Blade RMD 2 недели назад Yeah youre right cause messi wouldn't do that because he only plays well in Barcelona😂
  • Roman Chivers
    Roman Chivers 2 недели назад He scored quadrupole hatricks
  • XULT
    XULT 2 недели назад Derrick From Walgreens u can’t be this retarded holy fuck ur basically saying that having 1 hat trick is not possible because 1 is not divisible by 3. U just keep adding 3 goals to every hat trick dumbass. 340 hat tricks would be 1020 goals
  • XULT
    XULT 2 недели назад joaquin if u score 6 goals in 1 game for example than that’s already 2 hat smarter
  • Joel Laffoon
    Joel Laffoon 2 недели назад @Decent Fellow multiple hatricks per game 😂
  • Derrick From Walgreens
    Derrick From Walgreens 2 недели назад 340 isn't divisible by 3 mate so it can't be a "consecutive hat trick*
  • joaquin
    joaquin 2 недели назад 340 games is a long fucking first season
  • XULT
    XULT 2 недели назад Decent Fellow and r/wooooosh to ur dumbass
  • XULT
    XULT 2 недели назад Decent Fellow it is possible retard
  • Han Tang
    Han Tang 3 недели назад Damn, genius you are!
  • mahjoub
    mahjoub 3 недели назад Hahaha!!
  • Andre Gordon
    Andre Gordon 3 недели назад Good one
  • Isaac Yang
    Isaac Yang 3 недели назад He'll at least score 400 goals in two games.
  • Decent Fellow
    Decent Fellow 3 недели назад It's impossible to score 340 hat tricks in a single season retard
  • Hessler
    Hessler 4 недели назад How could he play 340 games in a single season?😂😂
  • easy deism
    easy deism 1 месяц назад And keeps winning untill he is 80.
  • Texx Hexx
    Texx Hexx 1 месяц назад Bruno Der you made my day 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  • Angel Videos
    Angel Videos 1 месяц назад Jajajaa
  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C. 1 месяц назад Hahaha bro that was awesome. Great comment. I spit out my water reading it. I was thinking of doing the same thing and becoming a professional women footballer, but then again, if all the ex pro men are going to do it, then i won't make it. Lol.
  • Paulo Marreiros
    Paulo Marreiros 2 месяца назад You wouldn't even need to put Ronaldo in there for that, get an average EPL player and they'll fuck those leagues up ahahahahah
  • One of Five
    One of Five 2 месяца назад @Bruno Der everyone following messi is of a low the man himself
  • Eddie Lambert
    Eddie Lambert 2 месяца назад @Bruno Der no just ur bad spelling like transgerder
  • Bruno Der
    Bruno Der 2 месяца назад @Eddie Lambert Signs of low IQ
  • Eddie Lambert
    Eddie Lambert 2 месяца назад I had to read this like 5 times to understand it
  • Matthew Fogger Gratis
    Matthew Fogger Gratis 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏
  • FunnyTvShows
    FunnyTvShows 2 месяца назад Lmfao!!!!!
  • Chris This
    Chris This 2 месяца назад Bruno Der hahahah, fucking gold
  • Clancy Von de Brugge
    Clancy Von de Brugge 2 месяца назад Women goalkeepers are something else bro 😂
  • Snicker Doodle
    Snicker Doodle 4 дня назад Female goal keepers = goal post Models
  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C. 6 дней назад Women are about 5-6 inches shorter than men, on average. The average female keeper is only 5'5. Which is very short! They are also a lot slower and jump less. They are terrible.
  • Matvo86
    Matvo86 Неделю назад (изменено) @psgaming101 Craup Aren't we talking about a gender gap the whole time? What is your problem with this word? And no, I do not remember such bridge. You have to tell me the name of the bridge at least. But I remember this one:
  • psgaming101 Craup
    psgaming101 Craup Неделю назад @Matvo86 (((pisa))) Also stopped reading when you said gender cap. "How did men partscipate war" For about since the dawn of humanity. "Studies show" Remember that bridge that collapsed and killed some people and who lead it? Woman.