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2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Sep 11, 2017 352,121 views

We drive and review Chevy's budget electric car: The Bolt.



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  • 5K
    5K Год назад The volt and a sonic gangbanged a fit.
  • the1andonlyPZ
    the1andonlyPZ Год назад Legitimately laughed out loud ... well done.
  • Gus U
    Gus U Год назад BEST COMMENT
  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool Год назад My Summer Mayonnaise DVDA.
  • Flame Beats
    Flame Beats Год назад I'd rather have any of those 3 rather than this.
  • Freeze Breeze
    Freeze Breeze Год назад My Summer Mayonnaise ...Definitely in my top 3 proudest faps.
  • Brandon Michaels
    Brandon Michaels Год назад Coming to a devianart page near you soon
  • Nathan Long
    Nathan Long Год назад My Summer Mayonnaise nah more like the fit and the Prius but the Prius daughter banged their own son (incest) made the bolt.
  • 5K
    5K Год назад And the '99 Corolla gave the bolt it's seats.
  • 5K
    5K Год назад Looks like a Prius got a little action too.
  • Wayne Ong
    Wayne Ong Год назад Don't forget the bmw i3 also fucked the fit and came inside it
  • Owen E
    Owen E Год назад My Summer Mayonnaise That's exactly what it looks like wtf.
  • North Star Ken
    North Star Ken Год назад That is not my fetish.
  • At 2015071
    At 2015071 Год назад My Summer Mayonnaise and somehow the end product got all the bad chromosomes these cars have and threw all the good ones out
  • martWart tenniS baLL. yeet.
    martWart tenniS baLL. yeet. 9 месяцев назад My brain any time except during a test: normal brain functions My brain during tests: 0:22 - 0:36
  • Car Witness
    Car Witness 1 месяц назад Or just simply trying to human.
  • Vicini Scalirotti
    Vicini Scalirotti 7 месяцев назад Or trying to talk to a hot girl
  • Cameron Sours
    Cameron Sours Год назад Disclaimer up front: I work for GM, but not on the Bolt EV. I've test driven a Bolt, and I will say that the seat critique is on point. As a tall and large person, the support frame for the seat hits me inside the shoulder blades. Regular sized folks probably won't notice. I will say that it's funny that people complain about the huge, thick seats in cars, and then complain about the skinny seats in the Bolt. I do think the skinny seats could use another design iteration or two. I think people will get used to the shifter. The shifter is a shared component - the Bolt probably had the quickest design cycle of any modern GM car, so there really wasn't time to design a new shifter from scratch with EVs in mind. Re: plastic - guess what is light and cheap? Did you guess plastic? The Bolt is a heavy car, but it is a light heavy car - if it was ICE powered, it would probably be the lightest GM car on the market. That's also the reason for the front seats. You don't make lighter cars by removing weight from "somewhere" you make lighter cars by removing weight from everywhere
  • DigikidForever
    DigikidForever 2 недели назад Well said.
  • Blaine Murphy
    Blaine Murphy 2 месяца назад The reason people complain about the seats is because big, thick seats take up ludicrous amounts of space and somehow still manage to be less comfortable than airline and bus seats. And those are incidentally are even skinnier than the Bolt's so it really makes you wonder what the hell interior designers are doing when clearly other industries have already figured this out.
  • JJ J
    JJ J 4 месяца назад @Tesla Roadster and pay about 15k more than Bolt LT for cheapest 3 available now.
  • stinkyfungus
    stinkyfungus 5 месяцев назад @Kevin Smith The problem is a 300 dollar gaming chair would kill you if it was bolted into a car - and the car wrecks.
  • Nathaniel Raddin
    Nathaniel Raddin 5 месяцев назад (изменено) plastic doesn't have to feel cheap, yet every car manufacturer on the planet seems to fail at both what kind of plastic they use, but also generally molding it well so that there are no seems. it's become such a cliche that plastic is cheap and will fall apart that companies like Koenigsegg refuse to use it instead using aluminum and carbon fiber in places you can't see that where plastic would do a better job. The firearms industry figured out how to make plastics that work and look good a few years back after trying for just a few years. maybe you can ask them,
  • unclejoeoakland
    unclejoeoakland 8 месяцев назад "You don't make something light by removing weight somewhere, you make it light by removing weight EVERYWHERE" this will be my go-to quote for the month.
  • Tesla Roadster
    Tesla Roadster 9 месяцев назад Just get a Model 3
  • manoman0
    manoman0 Год назад People who cross shop Tesla 3 / Bolt EV won't care too much about the brand caché. I want the cheapest 60kW/h-battery, be it a Tesla or not. If it's a Chevy, it will be a Chevy.
  • manoman0
    manoman0 Год назад On this specific car, yes, a bit disappointing......I must admit.
  • manoman0
    manoman0 Год назад They did. It didn't have 10hp but 84hp, and they called the car VOLT.
  • manoman0
    manoman0 Год назад Gosh, you work for GM. Did you work on the Volt? Anyway, GM cars are good. And I am saying that after some Audis.
  • Neil Caulfield
    Neil Caulfield Год назад I got to drive the bolt during development (I don't work for GM but worked for a company that evaluates prototypes), it was absolutely awesome to drive. Constant torque and constant acceleration at any speed. Interior wasn't actually that bad for an economy car, but the seats were pretty uncomfortable
  • Brett Waechter
    Brett Waechter Год назад If there's one area to not go cheap, is the thing that hugs your ass and back every time you use the vehicle. The steering wheel and pedal placement is a close second. Don't cheap out on the things that matter most.
  • digitalrailroader
    digitalrailroader Год назад (изменено) essentially, the predictions I made when I said Tesla hasn't thought out the logistics for ramping up Model 3 production were 100% TRUE: they only delivered 220 cars the last 3 months, ALL of them HAND BUILT, and a bunch of them fitted with PRE PRODUCTION parts.
  • henderthing
    henderthing Год назад The Model 3 with the extended range to match the Bolt's range, costs more. And---oh yeah---you can't buy the Model 3. You can pay to wait a year or two.
  • jonnda
    jonnda Год назад Jeff Zekas because for some people, that would make it not an electric car. That would also drive up cost, complexity and may have taken up space from batteries.
  • digitalrailroader
    digitalrailroader Год назад (изменено) robertsd247 now you are starting to sound like one of those people who think that the only countries that should be allowed to build cars are the Germans and the Japanese, and that the United States is wholly incapable of building a car period.
  • Grey Lives Matter
    Grey Lives Matter Год назад There is no GM defense to purchase any of the union made trash they shat out. Until I see GM pay back the government, in full (which they HAVE NOT DONE), a GM product will never again sit in my driveway.
  • Grey Lives Matter
    Grey Lives Matter Год назад There is no money to be made by doing that. It makes more sense (to them) to only offer full sized trucks, loaded with 10,000 points of failure, and with zero manual options (like manual transmission, no power windows, no power locks, etc) than to offer a full sized station wagon or a real S-10 or Ranger like small pickup truck. The Subaru Outback and Toyota Venza are the closest things we have to a station wagon in the US but head over to Europe and getting a wagon (or estate) there is common.
  • Brandon Petroski
    Brandon Petroski Год назад Can you tell GM to give us back fullsized rwd wagons and utes in the states please? Thanks.
  • Grey Lives Matter
    Grey Lives Matter Год назад Good point. Tesla took a blow when Toyota broke up with Tesla a couple of years ago to pursue Fuel Cell cars, which is likely the REAL replacement for gasoline powered cars. Musk was banking on that arrangement for manufacturing.
  • Grey Lives Matter
    Grey Lives Matter Год назад The problem with EVs in general is they are too expensive and depend on the government subsidy to sell, which is built into the price. Let's see what happens when the WELFARE coupon is taken away. There are also laws on the books in place in the Soviet Socialist Republik of Kalifornia that requires car makes to sell non-gas vehicles on the lot. EVs are shat out by everyone to comply. GM just happens to make the worst EVs on the market. The Volt sucks too.
  • Bill Kerr
    Bill Kerr Год назад Jeff Zekas, They installed a Tesla size battery to deal with range anxiety. If you can drive more than 240 miles w/o a pee break you have better bladder control than I do (or you wear Depends™). DC fast-charging stations are uncommon away from big cities. I ordered my Bolt because I can cruise from Dallas to Austin at 70mph w/o charging. Plenty of charging available in most cities today. if you live where there is no charging your best option might be to move to someplace nice, you know, where they have internet and restaurants and stuff. If you simply must have that backup generator to keep your emotions stable Chevy also sells the Volt and BMW has the i3. Don't do that though. you will be disappointed.
  • digitalrailroader
    digitalrailroader Год назад Jay Q the big difference between GM and Tesla is that GM already has the logistics of the Bolt already sorted out where it didn't disrupt Sonic production (the Bolt is made in Orion Township assembly alongside the Sonic) whereas there is a TWO YEAR WAITING LIST for the Model 3 because Tesla has not figured out the logistics of ramping up Model 3 production without disrupting Model S and X production. Long story short: the Bolt is Available NOW at over 1,300 Chevrolet dealerships, where if you want a Model 3, you are going to be waiting until 2020 to get one.
  • Cameron Sours
    Cameron Sours Год назад I had a Sonic Hatchback, and it fit me fine. Better than pretty much every sedan, cause the doors were taller than normal. The seats were big enough in every dimension, but two big dudes sitting side by side would rub shoulders.
  • Girish Sardey
    Girish Sardey Год назад you know why the seats don't fit big frame people it was designed by the Daewoo Division, after all GM is a global company, and so was the sonic
  • Yazan Sakran
    Yazan Sakran Год назад LT swap a Bolt lol
  • Eskimopride07
    Eskimopride07 Год назад biff s you're dumb as hell. The big three took bailout money in one shape or another. This was also years ago they're making a lot better cars then they used to
  • biff s
    biff s Год назад (изменено) And that's one of many reasons why GM went bankrupt. Less than 40K doesn't mean cheap junk anywhere but GM. Can only piss on people and convince them it's rain so many times.
  • qman
    qman Год назад Cameron Sours Tell GM that if they're going to make electric cars, they need to make them cheaper than Tesla Model 3. No one is going to pay more for a Chevy than a Tesla.
  • David H
    David H Год назад Cameron Sours fix your LinkedIn. It reads like a 15 year old did it. Let's think about the F U T U R E.
  • Wookie AutomoTV
    Wookie AutomoTV Год назад That's disappointing. I've worked with a Volt and I loved the interior of that car.
  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Год назад You can have a light comfy cheap seat. I just mentioned exotics because they show a way. Obviously I am not suggesting replacing the plastic with carbon fiber where most of the costs in exotics is. I am suggesting replacing door handles with cords/straps, replacing the way the vehicle starts up, replacing the way the vehicle shifts, replacing the infotainment options, and replacing the seats. There is a lot of wasted weight here. To get a cheap cloth well supported seat, you need look no further than gaming chairs that manage it for under $300 a chair.
  • Alien Drone Services
    Alien Drone Services Год назад It did. See: Chevy Volt.
  • yan-Deriction
    yan-Deriction Год назад @Justagermannerd LOL The renault fluence ze is a eurotrash car that ended production in 2014, which had 22kwh battery (less than half of the bolt) and was rated by the NEDC (europe's fuel economy standard) at 115 miles of range. The ~32000 euro bolt is rated by the NEDC to travel almost 3x as far (310 miles), while costing only 25% more than your claimed 26000 euro. There are plenty of electric cars on the market that will give you "quality" as long as you don't mind low range - the Model 3 and Chevy Bolt are special because they brought long range EVs down to an upper-middle class price point, making them much more affordable and just between you and me, I'm ok putting up with shitty seats if it means I can reach destinations much further away.
  • Dominic Annese
    Dominic Annese Год назад 40,000 is not cheap for a plastic toy car
  • rrr330
    rrr330 Год назад Cameron Sours Are the motors able to be recycled? If GM wants to be eco friendly, fine. But don't make me throw everything out.
  • Kris R
    Kris R Год назад Cameron Sours still is garbage the tesla model 3 is cheaper
  • jrherita
    jrherita Год назад There is no defense for GM interiors on 40k cars.
  • Space Reptile
    Space Reptile Год назад >40k >cheap dude a RENAULT FLUENCE Z.E. is 26k (euros) and its a fucking electric sedan w/ some quality to it
  • zwilliamsdev
    zwilliamsdev Год назад Cameron Sours my Cruze is the same my back doesn’t touch the top of the seat comfortably but also the headrest position is terrible too I’ve been rear ended in my Cruze and my back and neck were decimated....
  • wpm
    wpm Год назад Exotics can have light and comfortable because they don't care about price. They can use high end materials and techniques. This car is less than $40k. Light Comfy Cheap Pick two
  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Год назад I have a rotary shifter. God it's awesome. Also seats can be light and comfortable. You just have to look at exotics on how to keep the weight down as they go to extreme measures like, open the door with a cord. You could easily cut an additional 500 lbs out of this car.
  • mastapasta
    mastapasta Год назад +John Doe Wow I didn't realize hip bone width and height were determined by weight thanks for the tip.
  • Tyler Rebello
    Tyler Rebello Год назад Jeff Zekas There isn't any room for it. With the big battery and electric drive unit up front, and the bigger battery underneath.
  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад Solution for the seat: don't be fat.
  • Clay Casto
    Clay Casto Год назад Jeff Zekas They did, it's called the Volt. This car is supposed to be different than the Volt.
  • rainb0wsquid
    rainb0wsquid Год назад Thanks for the little inside view, man.
  • areitu
    areitu Год назад Love behind the scene insights like that.
  • Keith Gable
    Keith Gable Год назад The fact the shifter is shared is even more stupid. I want a shifter with detents for every position, like every shifter made in the past 40 years.
  • Y4123
    Y4123 Год назад Ten ten ten ten ten ten ten
  • lardogaming
    lardogaming Год назад "its heavy, but quiet like a bbw w/ low self esteem" IM DYING xD
  • James Rayson
    James Rayson Год назад 93mph... Strange until you realise that's 150km/h
  • Julian Cavaleri
    Julian Cavaleri 1 месяц назад Fuck that's slow
  • Paul Blackman
    Paul Blackman 1 месяц назад Chevy makes their cars with metric parts. Even in America.
  • Gytis
    Gytis 1 месяц назад @Jackson Shelton to me its not an overstatement. 150 is fast, you dont need more unless you want to race. 150 represents that it is fast, 93 doesn't
  • Gytis
    Gytis 1 месяц назад yea, 150 is more than enough. especially in that death can
  • Chad Dulake
    Chad Dulake 2 месяца назад The 93mph was also what the factory tires speed rating is if I recall
  • David Pennington
    David Pennington 2 месяца назад And GM has always done that. I know on their trucks they're governed to 93, at least the 90s/early 2000s ones
  • Jackson Shelton
    Jackson Shelton 3 месяца назад Kilometers makes speed seem like an overstatement
  • Fake Name
    Fake Name Год назад Xplosion51 what the fuck lmao
  • Alejandro Mirabal
    Alejandro Mirabal Год назад But... But I love BBWs with low self esteem. Bonus points if she has daddy issues.
  • QuillBin
    QuillBin Год назад And we all thought GM learned its lesson about crappy Interiors. It's not just the bolt. I was in Arkansas for a business meeting in June and I had a rental 2017 Chevy Cruze. I forget what trim level it was but it felt like the Plastics were constructed by melting down Dollar Tree toys and those sketchy no name ebay USB wall chargers.
  • Steve Jones
    Steve Jones 3 месяца назад GM never learns anything.
  • MichaelD8393
    MichaelD8393 5 месяцев назад 0:27 "HNNNNNNNNNNGH 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, I POOP, I POOP, I POOP AND THEN I broooown!" Best RCR moment, end of discussion!
  • Marney Olson
    Marney Olson 1 месяц назад “Maybe like 90, or 95...” FARTS
  • Impulsegt1
    Impulsegt1 Год назад thumbs up for FF7 soundtrack
  • xedge4lifex
    xedge4lifex 1 месяц назад @Shats Bassoon same
  • Shats Bassoon
    Shats Bassoon Год назад Impulsegt1 scrolled for a hot minute to find this comment because I knew I couldn't be the only one!
  • Amitieldawn
    Amitieldawn Год назад Man that's what I though that was. oh memories.
  • Coletrain
    Coletrain Год назад New tech always starts with rich people, it's just how markets work.
  • Damp potato #36
    Damp potato #36 8 месяцев назад Coletrain yup. That’s how electricity and indoor plumbing got started. It’ll trickle down eventually.
  • uncertifiedmechanic
    uncertifiedmechanic Год назад I live in Trumann Arkansas, a town where if you have an extension cord running out your window to charge your electric car some meth addict will likely yank it out, not just to spite you, but to steal your power, they'll run that extension cord over to the abandoned house they're squatting in because they have no electricity because they blow all their money on dope and can't afford to pay the electric deposit
  • steelmesh
    steelmesh 3 месяца назад Hardness of the plastic = level of quality
  • Warhead Urban Exploration
    Warhead Urban Exploration Год назад Brown, real fart and a final fantasy 7 outro in one video!? Good lord.
  • Jay PATEL
    Jay PATEL Год назад Everyone hating on the gear shifter which is exact same thing that bmw has...but no one hates on bmw,.......
  • Dan Katz
    Dan Katz 5 месяцев назад I have the BMW i3 and it's nothing like this, basically just 3 positions and it's operated with a twist like a column shifter. But I haven't driven a modern automatic BMW :)
  • Wicked RAD
    Wicked RAD 8 месяцев назад Because this video isint about bmw
  • SPcamert
    SPcamert Год назад "It's heavy, but quiet. Like a BBW with low self-esteem." Thank you. My coffee is now inside my keyboard.
  • Dan Katz
    Dan Katz 5 месяцев назад 93mph is 150kmh And the speed is probably limited for the benefit of the tires :)
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas Год назад Ahhhh, you're BACK TO FORM. EXTRA CHEWY!
  • Oldsmobile69
    Oldsmobile69 Год назад It actually has an alarm for the cable. If someone yanks it, you get notified on your phone
  • Mike Farrington
    Mike Farrington 2 недели назад It also sounds the alarm, but sadly only when L1 charging (to warn of possible theft of L1 charger). I wish it did the same for L2 and L3 to prevent both rude people who either want to mess with EVs or who think their charging needs are more important than your charging needs.
  • darrellhay
    darrellhay 1 месяц назад @nathan casarez Is it? Someone can siphon your gas or piss in your tank "out of spite". How is that different?
  • nooranik21
    nooranik21 Год назад Yes, but that doesn't stop people from messing with it. Knowing something is happening and preventing something from happening are two very different things.
  • Commander Zero
    Commander Zero Год назад Bob Schmidt ..6 years outside charging for me and nobody ever pulled the cable. They can lock but not necessary.
  • Mike Tython
    Mike Tython Год назад nathan casarez but if someone really wants to fuck with your car, all they have to do is slash your tires. Its more effective, and less likely that they will be electrocuted.
  • Bob Schmidt
    Bob Schmidt Год назад 2 years of charging outside and I have been woken up exactly zero times. Just sayin...
  • calaphos
    calaphos Год назад Cutting a 10KW cable sounds like a thing someone wont do twice.
  • One Opinion
    One Opinion Год назад "Bolt" cutters. Nice.
  • Joesolo13
    Joesolo13 Год назад MiIesTailsPrower most any bolt cutters then? People have done it before. They're turds but they do
  • Mc Earl
    Mc Earl Год назад Ganaria Gente where do you live? I'm guessing anyone in the market for this car doesn't have to worry about thugs in the night messing with their cars. No matter what car you have if you live in that kind of neighborhood someone can fuck with it.
  • eternitynaut
    eternitynaut Год назад There are other solutions like wireless charging. You could install the charger flush with the pavement and there would be no cables to mess with since they would be covered by concrete. Think wireless charging for smartphones but with cars.
  • Robert Breeden
    Robert Breeden Год назад LAAAAAAAME
  • Brian Ross
    Brian Ross Год назад does it have an alarm for when someone sets it on fire?
  • Jon Dittmar
    Jon Dittmar Год назад (изменено) Ganaria Gente most electric cars but not the bolt for some stupid reason have a locking feature so the plug can't be pulled out
  • Oldsmobile69
    Oldsmobile69 Год назад Car alarms already do that tbh.
  • Oldsmobile69
    Oldsmobile69 Год назад Well, I guess. But people can fuck with your regular car too.
  • Central Intelligence Agency
    Central Intelligence Agency Год назад MilesTailsPrower Except most diagonal pliers have rubber that easily protects you from 240V AC. Also, any charging cable hanging outside absolutely must be protected by a GFCI, or else an electricity leak could easily injure or kill a pedestrian walking by in rain.
  • Ganaria Gente
    Ganaria Gente Год назад great, so you get to be woken up in the middle of the night by that fucking alarm cuz some street thugs messed with your cable. ya know....depending on the thugs, that could be a Trap.
  • MiIesTailsPrower
    MiIesTailsPrower Год назад nathan casarez I would love to see someone cut into a live 240v 30amp connection:) even better would be a public DC fast charger at 50kW.
  • nathan casarez
    nathan casarez Год назад (изменено) Oldsmobile69 That's pretty neat, but just the fact that people can fuck with it outside or even cut the cable out of spite is nerve wracking.