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Junk Yard Recon

Published on Aug 19, 2015 277,278 views

Spoiler: I didn't find any 302 V8's worth using for Vagabond Falcon. I still had fun though!

  • Next Level Scrub
    Next Level Scrub 2 года назад which junkyard car is best junkyard car?
  • Max Chavalithumrong
    Max Chavalithumrong 2 года назад my junk yard car is best junk yard car because RUUUST
  • Max Chavalithumrong
    Max Chavalithumrong 2 года назад junkyard bro
  • David Mars
    David Mars 2 года назад (изменено) my junkyard car is best junkyard cause it smells like her castle grey skull and it runs
  • Snow Bunneh
    Snow Bunneh 2 года назад My junk yard car is best because, snow turns it into nothing but dust. ~
  • g h
    g h 2 года назад Merkur
  • Snow Bunneh
    Snow Bunneh 2 года назад Red-Rum 
  • CyborgeBolt
    CyborgeBolt Год назад My Junkyard Car is Best Junkyard Car because CHROME DASHBOARD
  • CurierFrom Xibalba
    CurierFrom Xibalba Год назад my junkyard car is best because I've got a title with it.
  • Mustberice Channel
    Mustberice Channel Год назад My junkyard car is best junkyard car because deployed airbags
  • Philip Bosley
    Philip Bosley 6 месяцев назад My junkyard car is best because two years late to the party.
  • iron 13
    iron 13 4 месяца назад no, my junkyard car is best because action figure in rear seat
  • Mike Northrup
    Mike Northrup 1 месяц назад My junkyard car is best junkyard car because it hit a County Sheriff cruiser!!
  • ColonelHarmlessMug
    ColonelHarmlessMug 1 месяц назад (изменено) My Junkyard car is best junkyard car because my parts has been STOLEN
  • BoyPagcuSecondDude
    BoyPagcuSecondDude 1 месяц назад My Junkyard car is best Junkyard car because if has "Sub to Regular Car Reviews" Sign
  • Jon Bass
    Jon Bass 1 месяц назад (изменено) The Toyota Previa is best junkyard car because QUIRKY
  • Ryukachoo
    Ryukachoo 3 года назад (изменено) 5:37 YOUTUBE HERE IT IS A..... its called a "key coffin", its actually an immobilizer bypass mechanism used for remote start systems. when you hit the remote start button on your aftermarket keyfob, it energizes the immobilizer chip such that the car can read it and it allows the car to start without a key inserted. the fact they left the actual key blade attached is a BIG NO NO, you want to cut that off so a thief cannot take it out of your dashboard and use it as an actual key. its considered a really crude way to do a bypass, by modern standards. most bypasses for modern cars interface directly with the CAN-bus and use little chips that can be programmed by special software for whatever car they're going into
  • rodentexplosion
    rodentexplosion 3 года назад @Ryukachoo <---This guy is right. ASE master auto tech here. I've never seen a system like this, but that is exactly what it appears to be.
  • Ryukachoo
    Ryukachoo 3 года назад @rodentexplosion wait, really? these were the gold standard for remote starts for....a very long time. the newer systems didnt really become vogue until about a decade ago
  • austin1002
    austin1002 3 года назад @Ryukachoo As a licensed locksmith and experience with car alarms, that box is in fact for remote start. That's an old way of tricking the immobilizer to allow the engine to start. Newer versions interface directly with the PCM/BCM and trick the car's computer without a key. Basically just reiterating and reinforcing what was already said.
  • Kevin Konopka
    Kevin Konopka 3 года назад Beat me to it, but yea, basically you lose a key during a remote start install. Nowadays they have bypass modules that replicate a coded key with most cases you don't have to lose a key. Euro vehicles I still haven't found a bypass that lets you keep both keys
  • Ryukachoo
    Ryukachoo 3 года назад +Kevin Konopka (DrWatson) check out idatalink's various offerings, they've been on a roll reverse engineering various european car's CAN bus signals and making keyless bypasses. the bmw e90 and e60 generations recently got one
  • Kevin Konopka
    Kevin Konopka 3 года назад i love idatalink. really smart guys over there. bmws i havent had too much issue with, its the vws and volvos we run into issues burning up keys. the new ads AL is pretty good though, didnt have to use up a key, fingers crossed it stays like that for later installs
  • RL R
    RL R 3 года назад +Ryukachoo Whatever it was, the guy entered into "Curly speaking mode" when commenting about it..."I am nooootSUUUUURE what this is...oh, wise guy?" lol
  • The Savvy Sultan
    The Savvy Sultan 3 года назад +Ryukachoo Thanks for being here
  • LtPliers
    LtPliers 3 года назад That Toyota Previa was all souped up.
  • Joel Getz
    Joel Getz 3 года назад @bladexero23 HEY-OH!
  • MrWolfSnack
    MrWolfSnack Год назад This joke got canned.
  • the game
    the game 2 года назад one guy is chewing gum and the other dude is walking around with a gun SO AMERICAN
  • Wicked RAD
    Wicked RAD 8 месяцев назад Not really. If I'm going anywhere outside of my main town (unless for work) I'm carrying
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 7 месяцев назад Why? Expecting a zombie apocalypse? Life isn’t a Hollywood movie, and guns are far less effective for protection than most believe.
  • A-10 Warthog
    A-10 Warthog 7 месяцев назад Bartonovich52 jesus you’re retarded
  • Wicked RAD
    Wicked RAD 7 месяцев назад @Bartonovich52 regardless its protection and majority of the time a simple glock (what I carry) will do fine just intimidating people and if worst comes to worst anyone with basic training (again me and then some) is more than able to defend themselves and their family. I never got it to be a hero. Let's say theres a shooting I'm not gonna be a Hollywood action star. I'm gonna have my gun accessible maybe just maybe turn off the saftey and run as far as I can.
  • Sebastian Mustermann
    Sebastian Mustermann 4 недели назад @A-10 Warthog Because he says the truth? Oh how edgy you are.
  • P77777777
    P77777777 3 недели назад @Bartonovich52 Theyre in the middle of nowhere its probably for protection against dangerous animals more than anything
  • Das_Bass
    Das_Bass 2 года назад Seeing rusted up 60s mustangs rips my heart up.
  • Yee 2222
    Yee 2222 10 месяцев назад Das_Bass same but any classics
  • odeiup
    odeiup 9 месяцев назад Yee 2222 F O R D P I N T O
  • Yee 2222
    Yee 2222 9 месяцев назад (изменено) odeiup I like a ford pinto with a v8 and a fuel cell
  • hmartyn YT
    hmartyn YT 1 месяц назад Das_Bass seeing all those smashed 9th gen f150s’ tears my heart to bits
  • rANDOMdUDe
    rANDOMdUDe 2 года назад junkyards have the mystic n sadness bout imagine every single one of them brand new....just to end up there....kind of like life really...only we can't come back to life if you rebuild our hearts...:(
  • RoboGoat
    RoboGoat 2 года назад damn son
  • skileg10
    skileg10 2 года назад Deep shit
  • osp80
    osp80 Год назад they were all somebody's new car at one point that they were so excited about...
  • rANDOMdUDe
    rANDOMdUDe Год назад osp80 exactly...I responded late cuz I NVR get notifications for comments on my posts anymore for whatever reason
  • civic cruiser
    civic cruiser 1 месяц назад You gotta remember though: they are just machines. They had there day, they lived and took people around, laughed and cried (like us) but sadly, like us, our lives are finite. They are tired, but accomplished, they are ready to move on, be made into new.
  • johnny hirt
    johnny hirt 2 года назад Beware: people delving into the philosophies of open carry below.
  • nitehawk86
    nitehawk86 7 месяцев назад Considering someone was living in that Previa, probably wise regardless of you philosophy on guns.
  • Sebastian Mustermann
    Sebastian Mustermann 4 недели назад @nitehawk86 Obviously, since every homeless person is a murderer. /s
  • Dylan Sterling
    Dylan Sterling 22 часа назад nitehawk86 Not just homeless people M-M-M-M-M METH HEADS.
  • m e g a c h o n k e r
    m e g a c h o n k e r 2 года назад There's probably one million dollars in change in all those cars.
  • papakfmcnados king
    papakfmcnados king 3 года назад 10:10 earliest known Ford Eco-boost prototype
  • eletor
    eletor 3 года назад A lot of those 5.0s looked fine, no big deal if they are missing the distributor cap. I think you should have checked the odometer first (not that means everything). Bring a breaker bar with and see if the engine will roll over off the main crank pulley. After that, see if it has a starter and try and crank it over, if possible. You can't tell how good the engine is on visuals alone.
  • TheHm3
    TheHm3 3 года назад @eletor You sound a lot like mr. regular... and you comment on most of this channel's videos... are you Mr. Regular?
  • eletor
    eletor 3 года назад @TheHm3 We're brothers from different mothers.
  • eletor
    eletor 3 года назад @beyondthelol I've heard that a few times. Thanks for the kind words.
  • timewave02012
    timewave02012 2 года назад The Glock on that guy's hip makes me think RCR could start a successful side channel for gun reviews in the RCR format. It would be like a mix of IV8888 or similar and CarnikCon.
  • Revolt Wolf
    Revolt Wolf 2 года назад timewave02012 Sweet fucking Jesus, Yes.
  • Lucas Avalos
    Lucas Avalos 2 года назад Eureka. you have found gold
  • SyrupCartel
    SyrupCartel 2 года назад timewave02012 Shit yes. If I got around to doing a gun channel, I may riff on RCR's style.
  • Jackie Charleston Chew Schwartz
    Jackie Charleston Chew Schwartz Год назад Regular Gun Reviews...Fund IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • prylosec or something
    prylosec or something Год назад Definitely
  • prylosec or something
    prylosec or something Год назад Which milsurp is best milsurp
  • AremStefaniaK
    AremStefaniaK Год назад problem is, guns are not fun, they're kinda political and prolonged session of antisemitic, patriotic, conspiracy jokes is mostly creepy. So it would be a match of skills in making videos
  • ordinaryJeff
    ordinaryJeff Год назад My Steyr AUG is best Steyr AUG because 16" barrel. Because 18" barrel. Because 20"barrel. Because rare 24" barrel sniper. Because I have a video of me re-enacting a movie scene (SOLE REASON I BOUGHT THIS) poking at the bottom of a ventilation duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu rare.
  • Hamsaphina
    Hamsaphina 10 месяцев назад Guns aren't fun to those who believe guns are inherently bad... To normal people they are a tool just like any vehicle
  • Richard Mochi
    Richard Mochi 10 месяцев назад I would check out channels like Forgotten Weapons, and C&Rsenal, they at least try to make their stuff about the guns and the history and nothing else. InRange is good for impartiality as well, but is really just an extension of FW. You're right tho, gun channels are their own worst enemy in a lot of cases.
  • CAPDude44
    CAPDude44 10 месяцев назад Ew. No.
  • stinky nibba
    stinky nibba 9 месяцев назад O P I N I O N
  • Logical Volcel
    Logical Volcel 8 месяцев назад 1911 review with two minutes of yelling 2 world wars
  • nitehawk86
    nitehawk86 7 месяцев назад Forgotten Weapons is a history channel, not a gun channel. That is why it is not cancer.
  • stinky nibba
    stinky nibba 7 месяцев назад @nitehawk86 guns aren't bad people are so fuck off lefty
  • AngPur
    AngPur 6 месяцев назад @AremStefaniaK watch Forgotten Weapons or Inrange shooting videos and tell me guns aren't fun. You just need to meet a better caliber of gun autist.
  • P77777777
    P77777777 3 недели назад @Hamsaphina Many people think cars are inherently bad
  • At Your Six
    At Your Six 2 года назад The transponder box at 5:36 is for an old school remote start. That key in that box then had wires that ran up to wrap around the key cylinder to replicate the key in the ignition on remote start. I installed a ton of them in the day.
  • MidasTouchPictures
    MidasTouchPictures 2 года назад I scrolled through comments just to find someone that explained it. Thanks
  • At Your Six
    At Your Six 2 года назад No problem!
    THE DRIVE 3 года назад Good luck with Project Vagabond Falcon, we're rooting for ya man!
  • shamothecow
    shamothecow 3 года назад Well now you know your moving up in the world when /DRIVE notices your project
  • filespec
    filespec 3 года назад @shamothecow rcr is pretty far up in the world already, heaps of people like his style
  • TheMilkMan
    TheMilkMan 3 года назад I guess
  • Eoin Rossiter
    Eoin Rossiter 3 года назад 10:03 you should have looked more into that mustang,it had a nice tree02 :P
  • OFWGKieran
    OFWGKieran 3 года назад This needs more likes.
  • adam abu othman
    adam abu othman 3 года назад @DriftersGaming "Eco Boost"
  • Commiellama
    Commiellama 3 года назад @DriftersGaming It's got a powerplant
  • Andrew Cathcart
    Andrew Cathcart 3 года назад @adam abu othman That made me laugh more than it should have. Thanks for making my day
  • Eric Stearns
    Eric Stearns 3 года назад @DriftersGaming No need to worry about pollution, this baby runs on photosynthesis!
  • chckycrk
    chckycrk 3 года назад Would you say it was a.... Stick shift?
  • A channel with a name
    A channel with a name 3 года назад @chckycrk 3 on the tree?
  • goddimmus
    goddimmus 3 года назад @DriftersGaming That engine would leaf him stranded!
  • Matthew Bailey
    Matthew Bailey 3 года назад this is the best chain of comments ive ever seen in my life
  • Christian Menchu
    Christian Menchu 3 года назад haha you guys are funny.
  • Sheehy
    Sheehy 3 года назад I don't know man, it might cost a lot to treebuild it.
  • Christian Menchu
    Christian Menchu 3 года назад Is that the new Nissan leaf?
  • Stephen Bianchi
    Stephen Bianchi 3 года назад Never laughed so hard at so many 'dad jokes'.
  • aptspire
    aptspire Год назад Meh, those engines are all bark and no bite :/
  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Год назад its more powerful than a Prius and its "green"
  • kaposvári bando
    kaposvári bando Год назад i would like the comment but it already has 302
  • eberbacher007
    eberbacher007 3 года назад (изменено) as a German or European in general, US junkyards are always amazing, if I could transport some of these cars over here, without transportation costs, you could put them on ebay and people would buy them to restore them. and why are your junkyards not shredding the cars? here they just rip off the parts they think they can sell and shred the rest and ofter some time, if the stuff they took of isn´t sold, they also shred that. If we had junkyards like yours it would be much easiere to find parts for older European cars :(
  • a DIY Car Guy
    a DIY Car Guy 3 года назад @eberbacher007 the yards here do eventually crush the cars for recycling
  • eberbacher007
    eberbacher007 3 года назад @a DIY Car Guy but here they do it after weeks or maybe moths, not decades ;)
  • a DIY Car Guy
    a DIY Car Guy 3 года назад @eberbacher007 it's usually a few months here for the active yards...those cars probably weren't there for decades...some people keep their cars going for a long time here can find tons of freshly scrapped cars from the 70's and up here.
  • a DIY Car Guy
    a DIY Car Guy 3 года назад @eberbacher007 but I know what your'e saying :D
  • Expired Pancake
    Expired Pancake 3 года назад I think that they don't shred cars because, here, enough people turn around to get classic cars, just like Mr regular is doing right now, not to mention, land around here is dirt cheap depending on where you look, there are signs posted along the highway selling as much as 100 acres at a time.. so filling up these junkyards is a challenge in and of itself.
  • CPD0123a
    CPD0123a 3 года назад @eberbacher007 It depends on the yard. Some are scrapyards, where they don't even part them out before bailing them, while others are purely parts yards and will get every usable part off of a car before they recycle it. Others are a mixture of both. All depends on what the owner wants to do. Scrapyards have the fastest returns, while parts yards can get much more money, but it takes them a long time to sell the parts.
  • Purgso
    Purgso 3 года назад @eberbacher007 Land is cheap so it's far more profitable to run a junkyard and charge people for the parts they pull than to just scrap the cars.
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 3 года назад @Purgso Pretty much this, one of the benefits of having a country with HUUUUGE... tracts of land. It's more cost-effective to have a huge lot and just let cars sit than to part-out cars as they come in and hope you got all the good-stuff before grinding-up the bodies.
  • Zero the Wanderer
    Zero the Wanderer 3 года назад @eberbacher007 In the US, it's mostly "you come get it yourself" and once something has been mostly picked over, they might remove a few other small things that could be of use or worth value and crush the rest. Lets do a trade, get me a W108~W109 300 SEL 6.3 ('69-'72) and take your pick of what you want over here.
  • eberbacher007
    eberbacher007 3 года назад @Zero Shima german old metal isn´t that cheap to have, there are non on wrecking yards (because as I  said, they are already crused and of those that you can find on mobile or autoscout (german car selling websites) are usuallywith the 4.5 liter engine because the big engine wasn´t really sold ingermany,) As I said, you could put one of those half gone mustang wrecks and put it on german ebay and it would still sell for 4 digit money
  • Zero the Wanderer
    Zero the Wanderer 3 года назад @eberbacher007 I'd gladly give up an old Mustang for a 6.3 300, it's such a beautiful car. Had the chance to have one but didn't have the money at the time, was rough body wise but everything worked, even the air suspension.
  • eberbacher007
    eberbacher007 3 года назад @Zero Shima just for giggles, tell me what would that W108 with the big engine in normalused meaning bad condition would be worth in the USA? Whats also nice about the USA is the distance, for somebody from the westcoast its not worth it to drive to california to buy and transport a 5000 dollar car, whereas here in Germany, the whole of germany is available as a buyer for a car somewhere ingermany,