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Most Reliable Engines of All Time

Published on May 25, 2019 1,459,873 views

Have you ever wondered with all the technology that is available why we can produce incredibly reliable engines? Could it be that engine manufacturers really don’t know what they are doing? Or are they purposely making unreliable engines to make money from part and repairs... Everyone knows it’s not profitable to make something that lasts forever. Despite this, there are some engine manufacturers that made incredibly good engines…so good they had to stop! Check out these most reliable engines of all time.

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    Keegan Minnie 1 месяц назад I subed too you and liked
  • blake102989
    blake102989 6 дней назад @Keegan Minnie then ya do yourself a favor now and go outside and experience shit first hand unless you're only using youtube to learn how to do something. Theres too much misinformation online to know what to believe and scars you for life and being on your device constantly keeps you from witnessing all the good stuff life has to offer you. I'm not much older than you I'll be 30 in october but I quit using shit like facebook almost 2 years ago and my life got 10x better bud. I promise you wont regret it if you do but if you dont and continue then you forsure will.
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    Keegan Minnie 6 дней назад @blake102989 I am 15
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    Keegan Minnie 6 дней назад @tom92fs I need a girl
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    Keegan Minnie 6 дней назад @Crazy Funny Cats lol
  • blake102989
    blake102989 6 дней назад @Keegan Minnie I really hope you're not like 7 years old... if so get off any electronic device you have, throw it in the drawer until you're 20 and go outside and play in traffic
  • danmar007
    danmar007 Неделю назад @jack Macer American engines used to be bullet proof when they had 6 liters and 150 horsepower and loafed along at 3000 rpm. :-) A buddy had his F150 for 19 years and he only bought a new one because of rust.
  • Billybob Schneider
    Billybob Schneider Неделю назад Do you like his dick so far up your ass?
  • jack Macer
    jack Macer 1 месяц назад @Chrome Bonez thanks for sticking up for American power!! All these videos comparisons are always the same All Foreign Motors / cars. I can't believe people still think that All American cars are junk!?! In my experience it hasn't been true at all.
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    5,000 Subscribers With No Videos 1 месяц назад tom92fs why?
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    tom92fs 1 месяц назад Keegan Minnie you should be ashamed of yourself, I am for you
  • Paul Roos
    Paul Roos 1 месяц назад Here our toyotas reach over 600.000km+ all that gets replaced is injectors every 200k to 300k kms and major services get done every 100.000km with minor every 15.000km they really go on forever
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    Chase Jones 1 месяц назад And sucked this dudes dick
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    Keegan Minnie 1 месяц назад @snek you are just jealous
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    snek 1 месяц назад LOL, he pinned and hearted this, what a loser.
  • Jake Cawkwell
    Jake Cawkwell 1 месяц назад ya another person that doesn't know anything about cars...
  • snek
    snek 1 месяц назад @Conner Cloutier yes
  • Conner Cloutier
    Conner Cloutier 1 месяц назад snek do you just like to cause issues?
  • snek
    snek 1 месяц назад So you're a moron as well.
  • K Gappa
    K Gappa 1 месяц назад Someone who says 100,000 miles is long lasting can't be taken seriously
  • deepsquat600
    deepsquat600 6 часов назад @RossP Barnett I would imagine these days a hundred fifty thousand is average it used to be back in upto the 1980s once a car reach 200,000 miles it was pretty much done unless you planned on doing a bunch of engine work to it now people would be really pissed if they only got a hundred thousand miles out of their car
  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 4 дня назад Yeah my BMW X5 has 140k and it hasn't had any major issues yet. And it's a BMW.
  • E C
    E C 4 дня назад FACT
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun Неделю назад @Frank Garrett ok I looked it up. what's you're point?
  • ztwntyn8
    ztwntyn8 Неделю назад Yeah that was the case in 1962 lol
  • PsychoticBovine
    PsychoticBovine Неделю назад One of our members in our motorcycle group has 610,000 miles on his Honda Valkyrie motorcycle. Still on original clutch, and engine and transmission have never been apart.
  • Joshua Herring
    Joshua Herring Неделю назад My first car a crown vic lasted to 500,000 miles before it broke finally and I swapped the engine
  • Sniper Progz
    Sniper Progz Неделю назад @Brandon Bailey there was no 7.3 for 1998 stupid. OBS stops at 97 and superduty starts at 99.
  • Frank Garrett
    Frank Garrett Неделю назад @Electronics For Fun research GM's rotary engine dipshit
  • RossP Barnett
    RossP Barnett Неделю назад @mark p I don't believe 250K is average and very few motors go 350K regardless of who makes it ?
  • RossP Barnett
    RossP Barnett Неделю назад @MrStubat That may be an excellent engine but I don't believe it don't use a drop of oil !
  • BestCanKeanRob2
    BestCanKeanRob2 Неделю назад Does it matter? 100 k miles is a lot of road.All this about one engine that does 250 k miles without breaking is good but it doesnt mean I`d buy the car.
  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey 2 недели назад My 98 7.3 turbo diesel f250 had over 450,000 and ran like new except hard to cold start and had no blowby and no engine work done previously when I sold it. Ran great like a new truck with no smoke and getting 17 plus mpg when it wasn't winter. Probably need glow plugs.
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 2 недели назад @Eric Anderson "how isn't that a fair comparison?" because it's a diesel which makes it a different animal. I didn't say all diesel engines there are some pretty bad ones out there, but a good diesel will outlive a good gasser.
  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 2 недели назад @Electronics For Fun how isn't that a fair comparison? And not all diesels are "inherently more reliable." They're just built that way. GM proved that it's VERY possible to build a self-destructing diesel.
  • Really Dead Guy
    Really Dead Guy 2 недели назад @iowntissuehair He is hired to be the narrator. He just read the script.
  • newagetojo
    newagetojo 3 недели назад Hell, there are Yugos that lasted 100k..... Thats nothing.... Had a '76' econoline with the 300 six in it that had over 280k on it when I sold it....
  • Dark angle
    Dark angle 1 месяц назад True i have 345k on minr
  • iowntissuehair
    iowntissuehair 1 месяц назад A lot of the stuff this guy says makes me think he knows jack shit about cars and engines and did some research online and compiled it for this.
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 1 месяц назад @MrStubat well l mean that isn't a fair comparison because diesel engines are just inherently more reliable.
  • mark p
    mark p 1 месяц назад 250K miles is average these days. Reliable would be at least 350K miles.
  • MrStubat
    MrStubat 1 месяц назад My 1KHD Toyota diesel has 710,000kms on it and doesn’t use a drop of oil. Never been touched
  • EVO X
    EVO X 1 месяц назад Right ?
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 1 месяц назад or somebody who thinks the rotary is one of the most reliable engines in the world.
  • TheWorteldrie
    TheWorteldrie 2 недели назад Who else stopped watching after this guy tried to say the Mazda Rotory engine is reliable?
  • Henry Ostman
    Henry Ostman 2 дня назад @yavin99 the slanty six was a good engine for a workaday car until the EPA changed the design of engines.
  • Henry Ostman
    Henry Ostman 2 дня назад @Mike Schiavoni GM had a great skunkworks with some really good engineers but this stuff rarely saw production that was run by bean counters not engineers.
  • Henry Ostman
    Henry Ostman 2 дня назад @Bob Jackson actually there were several sixes, MB, BMW, Toyota and Nissan and a Plymouth slant six.
  • wildcard749
    wildcard749 3 дня назад Marcos Ortega yeah the K20 was in the RSX AFTER the integra
  • AâŠîm Sakharkar
    AâŠîm Sakharkar 3 дня назад No J37 J35
  • ma6netho
    ma6netho 5 дней назад they won the lemans 24hours race, when main piston engine copetitors engines failed
  • Marcos Ortega
    Marcos Ortega 5 дней назад TheWorteldrie what??? Idk he had the audacity to say that! I stopped when he claimed the k20 came in the integra type r 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️ he also forgot to mention that the rb also came in the r32 & r33
  • spookysaul2
    spookysaul2 6 дней назад Me lol
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun Неделю назад @Frank Garrett that was a rebadged mazda engine and if it was so great then why are they not using it anymore? because they were unreliable. they burned oil and drank gas like crazy and were infamous for needing to be rebuilt after a sunday drive.
  • Jeff Sartain
    Jeff Sartain Неделю назад I had a 1989 RX-7. Great car but there is not enough money in the world to keep the engine running.
  • Chad Helton
    Chad Helton Неделю назад Me!
  • ztwntyn8
    ztwntyn8 Неделю назад LMAO
  • Pat X
    Pat X Неделю назад this list is not good , if you skip the 3.8 from gm ......well.....but about the rotary engine , sorry but i had one rx-7 and the engine was a good one .
  • raomar
    raomar Неделю назад Also people dont pre mix their gas, and dont change oil as frequently, but trust me if taken care of they are pretty damn good.
  • yavin99
    yavin99 Неделю назад I know thats funny but he sort of made up for it by bringing up Chryslers slant 6.
  • Mike Schiavoni
    Mike Schiavoni Неделю назад @Gainey Productions yea, that and the worst engine they ever made reliability wide..... the 2.3 turbo eater engine. Fast, yes, durable, no.
  • Mike Schiavoni
    Mike Schiavoni Неделю назад Mazda n/a 2.5 is reliable. The non skyactive are in transit mini trucks now along with a bunch of stuff in Asia.
  • Frank Garrett
    Frank Garrett Неделю назад GM made one that ran for half a million miles with minimal wear.
  • Frank Garrett
    Frank Garrett Неделю назад The greatest enemy of rotary engines are their ignorant owners.
  • David Norris
    David Norris Неделю назад @Gainey Productions that triggered me lol
  • Gainey Productions
    Gainey Productions Неделю назад plus as he's talking about mazda rotary engines, he displays a picture of a mazda ohv piston engine lmfao
  • Mr. Stealth R/T
    Mr. Stealth R/T Неделю назад The RX-7 FD rotory is pretty reliable, it was the RX-8 that made them not reliable cause mazda cheaped out on the oil seals in the "combustion chamber*.
  • Bob Jackson
    Bob Jackson 2 недели назад Yeah well, no Straight six, no Cummins, no Model T engine, no 351w, and no SBC 5.7L.. this list sucks.
  • firesniper14
    firesniper14 2 недели назад TheWorteldrie I’m saying. But no 5.9 Cummins or 7.3 power stroke smh
  • Frederico Leite
    Frederico Leite 1 месяц назад who else got triggered just after watching the first minute?
  • Sandy Lee
    Sandy Lee 4 дня назад @Russell Baker dat fucker is a Telsa driving homo idiot !!! 😉
  • Sniper Progz
    Sniper Progz Неделю назад Where's the 7.3 power stroke and 5.9 12v Cummins? Honda's Toyotas and Mazdas what a douchebag.
  • AKA Zeus
    AKA Zeus 2 недели назад @MrGert150 It does have 6 individual throttle bodies..
  • AKA Zeus
    AKA Zeus 2 недели назад I got triggered coz the rb26 isnt even that great..
  • Sammyboyschnitzel
    Sammyboyschnitzel 3 недели назад Talking about the k20 and showing cars that use b16 🤔🙄😳
  • MrGert150
    MrGert150 3 недели назад 6 individual throttle bodies what a dumbass
  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 недели назад @Andy Frye They would have been great the but seals were their Achilles tendon. And the mileage was pretty bad also. One would think a modern material could be had to cure the apex seal problem, and fuel inject them. But who knows? They probably lost their shorts on the whole deal, and just cut there loses. They kind of always had engine issues. Had an MPV, again a great vehicle, but had lifter issues, they put these little tiny hydraulic lifters in the valve end of the rocker, could never get enough oil out to them, so they rattled all the time.
  • Adam Weisman
    Adam Weisman 3 недели назад Frederico Leite JESUS CHRIST! He showed a four cylinder when talking about the 13b.
  • Adam Weisman
    Adam Weisman 3 недели назад I was yelling at my phone. Just terrible.
  • Andy Frye
    Andy Frye 3 недели назад This guy has no idea what he's talking about. He said the Mazda 13b rotary was dependable...I guess he's never heard of apex seals.
  • Samson Stenton
    Samson Stenton 3 недели назад Talking about a Nissan engine and showing a Toyota? Stopped watching 😂😂
  • Russell Baker
    Russell Baker 4 недели назад Dett and showed a supra for a skyline motor
  • Everett Ridgeway
    Everett Ridgeway 1 месяц назад dett
  • Bigtin asoup
    Bigtin asoup 1 месяц назад Whoever researched this has never seen an engine. This hurt me.
  • Greg Hercher
    Greg Hercher 4 дня назад @Batojiri1 I know right, my 2011 GMC Sierra with a 5.3 has 285,000 miles and has never had major mechanical failure. It's basically expected for vehicles, especially those that cost upwards of $30,000, to last for 250,000 miles before repairs are more than it's value.
  • lazo marsh
    lazo marsh 5 дней назад @Rob Demers 150 000km is only 93 000 miles
  • Rob Demers
    Rob Demers 6 дней назад ya most engines with timing belts do not even recomend a belt change till 150,000 k
  • Dixon Begay
    Dixon Begay 2 недели назад ​@Batojiri1 very surprised not to see 12 valve cummins or 4bt cummins not on the list, and Ford 300 inline 6. Whoever did the research is fuckin stupid.
  • Batojiri1
    Batojiri1 2 недели назад The person who compiled this list is a moron and should be shot for spreading misinformation. 100,000-300,000 miles isn't impressive, nearly every automotive manufacturer makes gasoline engines that will last that long before needing to be rebuilt or scrapped. I rebuild diesel engines with 1m to 1.5m miles on them and that was the first rebuild they have ever had. So this bozo wants to talk about reliability, he's fucking stupid.
  • Pete Thompson
    Pete Thompson 19 часов назад I had the Bmw engine in my MG which was brilliant and best part of the car. Mazda... I would avoid, the rest are all honda/old nissan/Toyota. No fords... they havent been able to make an engine since the 80s.
  • WifeBTR123
    WifeBTR123 6 дней назад I have a 2006 Subaru WRX with 306,000 miles. It still has the original clutch. Not slipping yet! :)
  • davon byrd
    davon byrd 1 месяц назад I had a Lincoln Town car with 440,000 miles the 4.6 Ford v8 is very reliable
  • askani79705
    askani79705 1 день назад 97 F150 326k when I sold it.
  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 3 дня назад @star jones I use nothing but royal purple fluids in my lexus is300 an d my bmw m3 I actually had a ass mechanic tell me royal purple is garbage and that ceramic brakes are garbage and never heard in his life about chamfering brake pads that didn't come chamfered.
  • Dead Gorgon
    Dead Gorgon 4 дня назад Same but in my Marquis!!
  • Daniel Renteria
    Daniel Renteria 6 дней назад 2009 Lincoln Towncar Executive L with 478000 miles and 4474 idle hours! Absolute tank.
  • Jesus F.
    Jesus F. Неделю назад @ted sontona AMEN.
  • Jesus F.
    Jesus F. Неделю назад @Brad Perkovich agreed.
  • longlivethe2v 4.6
    longlivethe2v 4.6 Неделю назад @Tonefiend sorry to hear that, must have been a case of unfortunate luck. That should've been taken care of for you. thats one of the worst cases i have heard of though, normally the plastic intakes crack causing coolant to leak into the spark plug boots, causing a misfire but ive never seen one that caused catastrophic damage.
  • Tonefiend
    Tonefiend Неделю назад @longlivethe2v 4.6 I took my case all the way to Detroit. At the time it was a major problem with all the local dealers fixing multiple vehicles a week for the issue. It wasn't covered the time but myself and others were pressing the issue. Glad they stepped up finally! This happened to me in 2004
  • longlivethe2v 4.6
    longlivethe2v 4.6 Неделю назад @Tonefiend did you not get the recall done? They recalled this exact proplem and even extended the warranty coverage another 10 years, sorry to tell you now but that issue would've been fixed FOR FREE
  • MOB Trucker
    MOB Trucker Неделю назад @James Lewis 4.6l isn't a good motor? You know how many police interceptors made over 250k, which all 250k miles was abuse, over idling, and generally driven without regard of them being taking care of. Which after retirement they are sold to the public to still run without major issues.
  • star jones
    star jones 2 недели назад I have a 2007 lincoln towncar that have 180,000 miles since i bought in 2013 with 97,000 miles the only major part i change is the EGR Valve . I change oil regularly, since Dec. I started using Royal purple oil .
  • Jonny Gg
    Jonny Gg 2 недели назад Oh yeah! I have a 01 crown vic 4.6 with 254k on it.
  • Stacy Wilson
    Stacy Wilson 3 недели назад I had a 02 f150 4.6 that had 336k when I traded it for a mustang. I live in socal and got a parking ticket in the mail from texas a few weeks after I traded.
  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 3 недели назад @Patriantoni Matahari you mean the cabs that get checked over and maintained everyday dont forget when the valves aren't sealing they do a complete valve job change main bearings ECT ext yeah I wonder how much money was sunk into that can after 300k is bet as much as the car was new
  • Pay Meuponrequest
    Pay Meuponrequest 3 недели назад The Ford 4.6 is a pretty reliable engine. The Chevy 2.2 ecotec is another engine that I've seen hold up in the paint. Don't see many of them blown up.
  • joemama1151
    joemama1151 3 недели назад Great engines! My old employer gave me a 2003 f150 with the 4.6L to work out of. I didn't have to pay for gas or repairs and did not stay on top of the oil changes. Like 8000-10000mi in between changes. I did not treat it well either. Lots of full throttle time if you know what I mean. It got retired at 398000mi but still ran great with no smoke. Truck got rusty and was leaking everthing but engine oil so boss decided not to spend the money to keep it going. The only engine repairs were spark plugs a few times, exhaust manifolds, and the fuel rail cracked and started leaking. Nothing internal at all. I owned a 99 f150 and still drive a 2006 e250. Both with 200000+ and no failures just wear parts like plugs and belts.
  • Patriantoni Matahari
    Patriantoni Matahari 3 недели назад @James Lewis ýūūýýd
  • Brad Perkovich
    Brad Perkovich 3 недели назад @Chris Daigle I know, that's why I said they routinely make it over 300k
  • Chris Daigle
    Chris Daigle 4 недели назад @Brad Perkovich Many cab companies get a million miles out of The 4.6 with good maintenance. And they idle more than drive!
  • joseph hansen
    joseph hansen 4 недели назад These r 4 cly engine any 4 that goes 200k without major repair is pretty good.
  • Geo M.
    Geo M. 4 недели назад Just commented above and I scrolled down and saw your comment. I can attest on how good these cars are.
  • Brad Perkovich
    Brad Perkovich 1 месяц назад @James Lewis 🤷‍♂️
  • Brad Perkovich
    Brad Perkovich 1 месяц назад 4.6's routinely pass 300k. Ask the cab companies.
  • ted  sontona
    ted sontona 1 месяц назад 01 town car 219,000. Of course one would have to replace some parts.(nothing last forever) love it though. 4.6 is a highly reliable engine! If you don't think so then maybe you should pack up your 64 piece tool box & call it a day.
  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 1 месяц назад @Valentin Arzola also if you take off the cap where u add oil while engine is running and can feel air blowing in or it aounds like a blow suck sound your valves are not sealing and either need new seals or a whole valve job thats always first thing I do if im buying a car. If valves aren't sealing you could have oil leak down into combustion chamber and glaze cylinder walls wich will cause loss of compression and eventually smoke coming out exhaust and burning oil if adding water to cooling system never use mineral water use distilled and never add just pure water when its starting to freeze outside water expands and can cause all kinds of hell worst being a cracked block if your lucky and block has em u push out a freeze plug or two
  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 1 месяц назад @Valentin Arzola change fluids and filters when called for aand never run cheap gass station oil its just recycled old oil thats been filtered. Keep up with tune ups run a good gas run a good gas treatment every 6 months like say Lucas high mileage fuel cleaner to an almost empty tank 1 bottle treats i think up to 20 gallon when I do it i always use highest octane fuel i can find but I run 93 octane anyways I would run a midgrade in yours dont neglect trans either do a flush and filter change when manufacturer suggest I also use royal purple fluids but it's about 12 bucks a quart a good synthetic will be fine
  • James Lewis
    James Lewis 1 месяц назад 4.6 has never been known to be a great motor ive seen alot go before 75 k but once in a while u get one that's been put together with just the right parts with perfect tolerances and get a good one
  • Tonefiend
    Tonefiend 1 месяц назад I had a 97 f150 that didnt make it to 100k. The lower intake manifold gasket went out dumping coolant into the engine.
  • Valentin Arzola
    Valentin Arzola 1 месяц назад What year was it? I have a 4.6L Ford F150 with 198900+ miles as of today hoping to make it to 400k. What you do to keep it going?
  • nam tran
    nam tran 3 дня назад toyota camry 1992-1996 is best engines for camry that toyota ever made.
  • Pete Thompson
    Pete Thompson 20 часов назад Nissan DET were brilliant. Now Nissan is Renault vom
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад 150-200K miles isn't very impressive
  • Lenny
    Lenny 6 дней назад Yeah, my mom's 04 honda pilot has about 330k now.
  • Jamil Mahfoud
    Jamil Mahfoud 6 дней назад Jacob Peoples i can’t tell if your post is satirical or not
  • Noble6
    Noble6 Неделю назад Ya that’s what I was thinking that’s about normal if you just do basic oil changes......
  • Noble6
    Noble6 Неделю назад Ya that’s what I was thinking that’s about normal if you just do basic oil changes......
  • Noble6
    Noble6 Неделю назад Ya that’s what I was thinking that’s about normal if you just do basic oil changes......
  • Gregory Gosa
    Gregory Gosa Неделю назад My 1990 Jeep Comanche had 367k miles on the original 4.0L I6 and automatic transmission when I sold it. She still had perfect compression.
  • drx1 xym
    drx1 xym Неделю назад lol, OK, buddy. Certainly some engines will go 500K, 1M+ with regular maintenance. I presume they are talking about some sort of "average" or even minimum run time (miles/KM) for these reliable engines. Sometimes the rest of the car is the first to fall apart.
  • thetruth
    thetruth Неделю назад I had a 1994 dodge colt that had over 250000 before u sold it. I changed the oil and that's pretty much it.
  • MA4TU2
    MA4TU2 Неделю назад Had 350,000 on a Ford Bronco II
  • MOB Trucker
    MOB Trucker Неделю назад Shit my 5.7l 350ci vortex in my 99 yukon just hit 319k
  • Linden Leishman
    Linden Leishman Неделю назад 1hd-fte 💪💪💪
  • Anthony Towsley
    Anthony Towsley 2 недели назад for a BMW engine it is.
  • Amano Yuuji
    Amano Yuuji 2 недели назад @silverbird58 imagine if you remove the fancy component like back seats and any music player its gonna be light
  • Lawnmowerman lawnmowerman
    Lawnmowerman lawnmowerman 2 недели назад My 4.6 modular Ford v8 has 230,000 miles on it and it still runs great.
  • bob thompson
    bob thompson 2 недели назад @ron paul2069 my integra has 300k on it
    SIM DIESEL 2 недели назад Yea a Cummins can triple that, even more than that. That is not really know that much
  • Friedrich Wilhelm
    Friedrich Wilhelm 3 недели назад That's exactly what I was thinking Wayne 300,000 miles is just about when I'll start to say not too bad but 200,000 miles should be the expectation of a new car
  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 недели назад @JBags1230 Not profitable to produce good quality any more. Better to run crying to the taxpayers for a bail out. And people rail about "welfare mothers" LOL! In a "real" capitalist system Chrysler would have gone out of business. It's assets absorbed by some other enterprise. Was just a big con job, and the fat cats ran away with stuffed pockets!
  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 недели назад @Deplorable Constitutionalist My son has a Cherokee with almost that much on it! One of the best engines ever built!
  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 недели назад @bearatts Still built by a corporate welfare recipient, than should have gone out of business, in a real capitalist system!
  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 недели назад @IT'S DAVE! Don't be so cocky, time will turn you into an "old guy" soon enough! No one escapes the clock ticking!! And by the way I understood everything he said!
  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 недели назад @Wayne Holder That was a good engine also!
  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 недели назад @S V True that, only way to afford them any more! Certainly not impossible, don't know about some of the newer stuff though.
  • hoffer54
    hoffer54 3 недели назад @silverbird58 Wow, pretty cool! But what a project! You didn't mention any kind of front suspension modifications to compensate for the extra weight of the Cummins. I know my International 7.3 in my F250 weighs in at around 800 lbs. I would think the Cummins would be close!
  • Firebrand
    Firebrand 3 недели назад @DarkLinkAD Only if properly looked after.... but in reality, the vast majority of people have NO IDEA what they're doing. If people ran their cars properly, cars should run for at least a century.
  • DarkLinkAD
    DarkLinkAD 3 недели назад @WhiteShawcolate RS Youll get about 350k miles out of those trannys if you let them warm up to operating temp before driving.
  • DarkLinkAD
    DarkLinkAD 3 недели назад @John mike Sounds like you took it to a dealership and got the tranny flushed... probably over dirty gas and a clogged fuel filter.
  • DarkLinkAD
    DarkLinkAD 3 недели назад @Firebrand Even shit engines will do 170k miles for pushrods and 90k miles for interference/timing belt engines.
  • DarkLinkAD
    DarkLinkAD 3 недели назад @John mike I dont believe a word your saying. I dont think anyone else does either.
  • John Wyman
    John Wyman 3 недели назад @Karen Marie Little your oxygen is running a really, really long Marathon?
  • Karen Marie Little
    Karen Marie Little 3 недели назад @collin blanford My 02 is getting ready to cross 300k
  • newagetojo
    newagetojo 3 недели назад Not that impressive anymore, especially out of a car... Not ONE of the engines mentioned would hold up if actually put to work.. Like in an actual work truck or van... Pushing a light weight car down the highway like a little sewing machine isn't impressive... Pulling a bobcat and trailer with a 1981 F150 (with 3/4 ton springs in back) 300 six cylinder with 3 on the tree for 6 plus years IS impressive to me... That truck had over 150k on it when I started hauling the bobcat, and was only unhooked from it for tires a couple of times and replacing brake pads n rotors.... She had just under 280k on her when I traded her in on a fuel injected 300 six F150.
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 1 месяц назад @Harry Satchel oh yes, l am well aware. lol l am MoPar guy.
  • Harry Satchel
    Harry Satchel 1 месяц назад @Electronics For Fun They're very similar engines. In fact, the 3.9 was based on the 5.2 and 5.9. I have a '92 Dakota that ran so well and have me ten years of reliable service. Last year, it finally blew a head gasket at 283k miles. I have to admit, I didn't take care of that engine very well. I could honestly rebuild it and go on with it, but I like my 02 Ram. I have plans to drop in a 360 in the Dakota anyway.
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 1 месяц назад @Harry Satchel me too, l only run amsoil in my truck. my engine which is the dog of the fleet (3.9) has a few less miles than yours but, but still far from new and she still sounds new. the only rattles and squeals come from my AC compressor and my alternator, but the block is pristine.
  • Harry Satchel
    Harry Satchel 1 месяц назад @Electronics For Fun I can vouch. I'm at 136k on my 2002 5.9L. It's still a baby and running great. Of course, I'm meticulous with oil changes and maintenance.
  • Harry Satchel
    Harry Satchel 1 месяц назад @David S No, you stink. Stinky head.
  • ESDBlog
    ESDBlog 1 месяц назад 500K miles is impressive. Most of cars in my country are imported after reaching 150-200K they roll another that much or even more. Note: on average used cars are bought for $3500 in my country.
  • WhiteShawcolate RS
    WhiteShawcolate RS 1 месяц назад I gave to agree. I just had a GM 3.8L with over 200k. The tranny went out but the motor was still strong.
  • Insert name HERE
    Insert name HERE 1 месяц назад *Average
  • Bad Roy
    Bad Roy 1 месяц назад The best engines are the 1nx Toyota engines found in the corolla , Celica and other Toyota cars. Many of these cars still driving with over a million miles and still good
  • SubarashiPiano
    SubarashiPiano 1 месяц назад @silverbird58The car with the most miles is a 1966 Volvo with 3.000,000 miles.
  • Dylan Widner
    Dylan Widner 1 месяц назад I was just about to say that... I own a Camry with the exact engine and it’s at 150K miles. Kinda clenched my cheeks a tad bit. They’re known to burn oil for sure after 100K
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @Deplorable Constitutionalist probably would buy another if I didn't have my 88 yota 4X4 (close off road capability for fun/function with a truck bed for hobbies/work)
  • Deplorable Constitutionalist
    Deplorable Constitutionalist 1 месяц назад @Wayne Holder I know that pain myself lol.. ended up getting another jeep after tho
  • Deplorable Constitutionalist
    Deplorable Constitutionalist 1 месяц назад @Limeyfrog exactly!!!
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 1 месяц назад @bearatts that's nothing. the hemi in my grandma's truck is closing in on 200k, and still runs like new.
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 1 месяц назад @silverbird58 some of the most reliable engines are older engines. for example dodges LA motors of the late 90's and early 00's are bullet proof, l have easily seen those things hit 500k before needing a rebuild. the block and heads on those engines are cast iron. the crankshaft and piston rods are forged steel. the LA motors were based off of the older MoPar small blocks that chrysler was putting the in the dodge and plymouth muscle cars of the 60's and 70's. l have seen people run sand through those motors and they don't cry about it. and saying that they are bullet proof is no exaggeration, those engines could stop a bullet and suffer little to no damage from it depending on the round.
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @phydeauxddog fuck NASA
  • collin blanford
    collin blanford 1 месяц назад Honorable Davis it has not been rebuilt, it just hit 351000
  • phydeauxddog
    phydeauxddog 1 месяц назад Sterling Free Piston engines can run years under full load. NASA has one that has ran 110,000 hours without fail.
  • kevin goins
    kevin goins 1 месяц назад No shit , 200,000 ain’t shit, my Chevy Silverado has over 300,000, and is still my daily driver. It’s a 4.8 manual.
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @John mike agree with consumer report 110%
  • John mike
    John mike 1 месяц назад @Wayne Holder consumer reports verify the decreasing quality of Chevy through the years.
  • John mike
    John mike 1 месяц назад @ZT Super22335566 didn't know the transmission oil needed to be changed at 10,000 miles. But , it's a chevy
  • RptrKlr 60
    RptrKlr 60 1 месяц назад @bearatts just hope that hemi doesnt blow a piston on ya. 167k and kicking is pretty good for a hemi
  • Allen Loser
    Allen Loser 1 месяц назад @Jacob Peoples Please learn to use capitalization and punctuation. Doing so will make it much easier to read what you write.
  • Brian C
    Brian C 1 месяц назад Those Camrys will get 300k if u do proper maintenance
  • Jacob Schneider
    Jacob Schneider 1 месяц назад Jeep's 4.0 inline 6 guys it will outlast the next 5 Jeep's u put it in
  • boniface njoroge
    boniface njoroge 1 месяц назад How?!?!?!?
  • Gian K Perez
    Gian K Perez 1 месяц назад @Wayne Holder My 1984 Supra with the M5 engine have 350K and was not mention either.
  • packingten
    packingten 1 месяц назад I worked on some dodge diesels 12 valve cummins with 300K + heard of some with million miles on them w no rebuild
  • Adam Kremer
    Adam Kremer 1 месяц назад Wayne Holder exactly! Maybe something around 500k = good number. Where is MB 270cdi.... etc. Milion miles engines
  • MarkEmmeran
    MarkEmmeran 1 месяц назад @silverbird58 These days you can have that car with Tesla (or similar) underpinnings and power. If you can't have an original a repli-car with all the best modern technology isn't a bad substitute. You still get to drive that car and not have to worry about where you will find the parts.
  • J Y
    J Y 1 месяц назад ron paul2069 indeed. There was a 900,000 mile k series that is now sitting in a dealership
  • Firebrand
    Firebrand 1 месяц назад Depends on the context....... mass generalisations mean NOTHING. The average statistic is far below 150-200k, so your comment really is irrelvant, lol
  • Newfie-Dean
    Newfie-Dean 1 месяц назад 150,000 to 200,000 miles is nothing!! I have had Fords with double that mileage that still ran great! People who think 150,000 miles is a lot are people who don’t drive much or who have never owned a high mileage vehicle.
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @John mike if that was true it would be the same story across the board and wouldn't have a single truck on the road. But yeah it's easier to blame dumb decision on something else
  • John mike
    John mike 1 месяц назад 2000&2001 one a v6 single cab 4x4 other a extended cab z 71. Got about 40 k out of both before major transmission/electrical problems. I’ve owned ~ 20 automobiles. Yes, I am familiar with routine maintenance. I was 22/23 when I purchased them. No, I didn’t tow with either truck, no didn’t off road them. Just sorry quality.
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @John mike would only buy an s10 with 4.3l.. only v6 Chevy has mastered (a 350ci missing the back 2 cylinder)
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @John mike I owned a 98 z71 wasn't a fan of mine but through owning it and doing maintenance I was able to peace together the puzzle to see the picture.. pretty much looked good but wasn't maintenance properly. Wasn't a bad truck just bad owners... but with that said I tend to like parts you can neglect and it juat ask for more. If you like c1500 or K1500 style shoot for 88-95 Chevy pickup. Lil more resilient in the drive line
  • John mike
    John mike 1 месяц назад @ZT Super22335566 the engine was only one of the problems
  • John mike
    John mike 1 месяц назад @Wayne Holder worst 2 trucks I ever owned
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @Josh Davis notice that the later vortex 96-98 Chevy 350 tend to have valve problems at higher mileage (200,000+) just smokes before warm ups (metal expand and allows it to seat properly).. not a huge issue just can seem worse than what it really is but there will be a Lil power loss compared to new or one with rebuilt heads
  • ZT Super22335566
    ZT Super22335566 1 месяц назад Unless you never changed your oil
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @John mike ?? Hope you're not talking about me? If so just look close at the little photo (69 c10) owned every Chevy body style produced since late 60's
  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis 1 месяц назад What about the 98 vortec 350? Or the little 4cyl. In s-10 same year? I know a guy who has one that has 410,000 miles on it with just basic maintenance.
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @John Sears don't know a inline 6 that has any mechanical issues, just my assumption but I think it's cause the pistons are going straight up and down instead of in an angle.. (feel like its gonna have a Lil pull (piston and rods) towards the ground since its going out in an angle instead of up and down) plus it's old technology which seems to be simple is better
  • John mike
    John mike 1 месяц назад Says the man that has never owned a Chevy
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @Shame iz dank from experience Chrysler makes good product for the most part just depends on vehicle and year it was made
  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 1 месяц назад Depends where you live
  • Wilder Evans
    Wilder Evans 1 месяц назад Jacob Peoples lots of million mile diesels out there actually
  • Wilder Evans
    Wilder Evans 1 месяц назад Jacob Peoples yeah but a diesel can run for a million miles before any repairs have to be made
  • John Sears
    John Sears 1 месяц назад @silverbird58 my 1978 Ford Granada 250 straight 6 head over 400,000 miles on it still started and ran before I take it out and took it apart so no not a couple years ago it's not special somebody says they have 200,000 miles on my car. I have a Cadillac also known as a Pontiac because it's front-wheel drive 4.9 V8 a little bit over 300,000 miles.
  • Shame iz dank
    Shame iz dank 1 месяц назад Wayne Holder i just got a jeep wk 3.7 powertech with 194k and still a smooth engine. Not a fan of chrysler but this motor is pretty solid
  • Joel Spivak
    Joel Spivak 1 месяц назад Wayne Holder njjvxfj
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад @Deplorable Constitutionalist sold my 02 jeep tj when it had 185,000. Only replace thermostat battery and oil. (Regular maintenance) I sold it cause I needed a truck
  • Shame iz dank
    Shame iz dank 1 месяц назад Lm7 v8 vortec engines go 300k easily but no love for american here.
  • Marco Baraco
    Marco Baraco 1 месяц назад I know, lol my 2000 Chevy truck has 450.000 miles all original just basic maintenance, change oil, plugs, fluids, etc. and still runs like the day a drove it out of the dealers lot.
  • Raymundo Lopez
    Raymundo Lopez 1 месяц назад what about the 03 f150s they go on for awhile too or any 5.3
  • Limeyfrog
    Limeyfrog 1 месяц назад @Deplorable Constitutionalist I came here to say the same thing. The 4.0L straight 6 in XJ and WJ Jeeps are virtually unkillable. They are still worth buying even AFTER 300,000.
  • 330turbo
    330turbo 1 месяц назад Lol Ikr I have to stop the vid right here haha, 303k miles on a 5.4 2v ford with original long block and gaskets (except the valve covers gaskets))
  • FutureDieselTech
    FutureDieselTech 1 месяц назад 12 valves typically have 500,000
  • FireBlade X
    FireBlade X 1 месяц назад That's what I was thinking too.
    42PURPLEHAZE 1 месяц назад I got 386,876 miles on my 2rz tacoma
  • Honorable Davis
    Honorable Davis 1 месяц назад @collin blanford probably been rebuilt before be serious
  • K.M. Performance
    K.M. Performance 1 месяц назад @S V in mine too 😂😂
  • Dalton Kenworthy
    Dalton Kenworthy 1 месяц назад True. My 4.6l f150 has 260k on it
  • aurauskulma
    aurauskulma 1 месяц назад I got Mercedes w210 270cdi only 570 000km and previous car was Mercedes w124 2.0 diesel 850 000km 😁
  • JBags1230
    JBags1230 1 месяц назад Deplorable Constitutionalist I loved my friends grand Cherokee with the same engine. That was a great car and especially a good engine. Too bad Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep stopped making such bulletproof engines.
  • JBags1230
    JBags1230 1 месяц назад bearatts well there’s not much to those engines, as they’re pretty basic and reliableb. They hadn’t changed much since the 60’s. You must get. HORRIBLE gas mileage though.
  • JBags1230
    JBags1230 1 месяц назад My mom has an 87 Saab 900 Turbo we got brand new that she wouldn’t let us get rid of. Had over 300k when my father brought her home a brand new 7 series and she finally said she’d let it go when she had a new 7 series in front of her. Great little car too. Only had the clutch replaced once, oil changes and a turbo replaced. Kind of wish they had kept that car, as I’d regularly go on joy rides in it at 13 when they’d be away or not coming home.....I’ll never forget being a little kid and the turbo spinning up and pushing me into my seat. It felt so cool as a little kid, I used to pretend we were blasting into space with the sounds it made with the turbo.
  • David S
    David S 1 месяц назад @bearatts Rams stink. Lol
  • Deplorable Constitutionalist
    Deplorable Constitutionalist 1 месяц назад @Wayne Holder I agree I mentioned the 22r in my comment in here and also the amc/jeep 4.0 lol. One of my jeeps has 418,000 miles on it still daily driven and runs flawlessly in it's all factory never rebuilt form
  • bearatts
    bearatts 1 месяц назад I know right? That means my 2004 hemi powered ram is considered very reliable at 167,000 miles 😂
  • collin blanford
    collin blanford 1 месяц назад My dads 01 f150 just hit 350k
  • IT'S DAVE!
    IT'S DAVE! 1 месяц назад @Bubbs man probably just a senile old guy 🤷‍♂️ even the way he writtes is really odd
  • Bubbs man
    Bubbs man 1 месяц назад silverbird58 wtf?
  • Wayne Holder
    Wayne Holder 1 месяц назад 1988 Toyota with 3vze "v6" 230K runs like new. Was the 22r even mention? Checked out when 150-200K was bragged about
  • IT'S DAVE!
    IT'S DAVE! 1 месяц назад @S V true😂😂😂
  • IT'S DAVE!
    IT'S DAVE! 1 месяц назад @silverbird58 did anyone ask?
  • Jacob Peoples
    Jacob Peoples 1 месяц назад I Have A WeaK 1.3L 4banGeR only 64HoRsePoWeR but it ReaCHes 31MPG In tHe City & 38MiLes PeR GaLLon on tHe HiGHWay AnyWay StiLL Runs WitH 197tHousand 577MiLes one tHe odometer Bout to Put CHRome HundRed SPoKe's on it & daRK BLaCK tinted windows Cause AC don't WoRK ANY MORE
  • S V
    S V 1 месяц назад 200k would be a low mileage car in my driveway
  • ron paul2069
    ron paul2069 1 месяц назад the k-series from honda is rated for 300,000 miles he just didn't state it. few rsx's around at 280,000 full bolt ons and not one problem . all about maintenance.
  • silverbird58
    silverbird58 1 месяц назад (изменено) my ideal car would be the 1959 country squire , with twin spots , dana 60 /3:50 cogs . cummins 24 valve and the 46 re Tflight . once you scrap the jap -german alternator for the Chrysler 1969 unit the trans mission shifts fine ! . fourdoor with 215 white walls . and believe it or not Slave cyl steering . 2 wheel drive . town & country radio . (yes tube ) , and under dash AC . so I can take it out . Sunset corral with beechwood and sea spray interior . Total weigh est. is 4600 total curb weight with disk brakes . ( F250).
  • silverbird58
    silverbird58 1 месяц назад it was years ago .
  • Jason Butko
    Jason Butko 3 дня назад Not 1 American made engine mentioned. God bless America
  • Clover Rover
    Clover Rover 1 месяц назад 4.0l Inline 6, in the 1987 and on Jeep Cherokee’s, very very reliable
  • Dav2Kink
    Dav2Kink Неделю назад @Gorky D Jeeps alway are over heating
  • Gorky D
    Gorky D 2 недели назад Dodge/ Chrysler does make (or buy) great engines. It's everything else that falls apart. When someone says their Jeep is in the shop I ask if the radiator is leaking, and I'm usually right.
  • Brad Perkovich
    Brad Perkovich 1 месяц назад Plus the rear diffs always come apart first
  • Johnathon Castro
    Johnathon Castro 1 месяц назад A friend of mine had a 95 cherokee with 420k miles!!!! It was a beast but rusted out and was junked. 4.0 high output!!!
  • Alex Dumitrescu
    Alex Dumitrescu 1 месяц назад Tractor engine not on the list !
  • Clover Rover
    Clover Rover 1 месяц назад (изменено) Charles Nash daaaaamn I had no idea, thank you for the info it’s always cool to learn new things like that!!!! I own a 1987 Jeep Cherokee Laredo with the 4.0 235k miles and still has a lot of power!!!!! Of course it’s old but I love it it’s cool and very comfortable they definitely knew how to make really nice seats back in the 80s 😂😂😂 I’m only 18 so I really wouldn’t know but those seats are the comfiest seats I’ve ever sat in
  • Charles Nash
    Charles Nash 1 месяц назад Those AMC sixes with the 7-main bearings were durable, long-living motors. Easy 200K life with a little care. They date from decades before the Jeep Cherokees used them. Back in the 1960s, famous race car engine builder, Barney Navarro built Indy 500 race motors with the 199- CID version that made over 850 horsepower.
    ERIC NG 16 часов назад My bet would be on the early Lexus LS400. They just run and run and run.
  • Allan Damm
    Allan Damm 1 день назад My Old Fiat Ducato 2.3 multijet from 2012 had 407000 miles on. The engine and transmission had never ben open. IT still had the original turbo. The var did not use any oil. At the time egen i crashed the car it was still driving with the original driveshafts.
  • gearhead196
    gearhead196 1 месяц назад This was clearly not made by car guys..
  • Vivid Media
    Vivid Media Неделю назад @Adam Kirkwood probably talking about the celica supra
  • Adam Kirkwood
    Adam Kirkwood Неделю назад most reliable engines of all time..... Mazda rotatory.... apex seals.....
  • Adam Kirkwood
    Adam Kirkwood Неделю назад toyota 3s-fe.... 4 cylinder.... found in toyota supra.....
  • Gamesotic
    Gamesotic Неделю назад Oh ?
  • Thomas Amundsen
    Thomas Amundsen 3 недели назад As a benz enthusiast, his M102 segment made me cringe so hard
  • The Valentine Show
    The Valentine Show 1 месяц назад I was going to comment this but you beat me to it. Not even some of the pictures matched what they were talking about.
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 1 месяц назад it was made by somebody who just graduated from the school of reading wikipedia articles into a microphone.
  • Tofu Eurobeat
    Tofu Eurobeat 1 месяц назад But it was made by idiots!
  • erich84502ify
    erich84502ify 1 месяц назад Mad Lab
  • Mussa Musumeci
    Mussa Musumeci 1 месяц назад Are you kidding me NO Toyota 1kz-te or 22re but you slip the rotary in here your on ICE. I have two Toyota Hilux utes one 22re with 431000km never touched a thing and one 1kz-te with 404000km never touched a thing. TOYOTA UNBREAKABLE “Disclaimer” serviceable item were touched with love!!!!
  • jose flores
    jose flores Неделю назад i have seen tons of 22re engines take a beating on and off road and go more than 300k miles and can go miles and miles still performing great even with low maintenance and very low oil
  • Digg087
    Digg087 2 недели назад or the toyota 1hz or 2h diesels, i have 500,000 klms in my 1hz landcruiser with only the standard oil an filter changes.
  • R
    R 1 месяц назад Yup had a 22 r on my cressida that engine worked some like clockwork but sadly I had to transplant her. But I went in to better things 2 jz ge nice
  • Christian Rosas
    Christian Rosas 1 месяц назад Seen alot of toyota 2tr with more than 300k miles here in CA.
  • MrStubat
    MrStubat 1 месяц назад Mussa Musumeci 710000k on a Hiace diesel 1kd-ftv....never touched and not a drop of oil, and it gets worked.
  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez 2 часа назад My dodge Cummins has 560k and still going strong
  • Devin Bankett
    Devin Bankett Неделю назад Longest road trip is from New York to Canada? I live in Texas and I can have a longer road trip just trying to leave the state.
  • Mystic Daves Tarot & Machine Shop
    Mystic Daves Tarot & Machine Shop Неделю назад That's too funny but true. I drove through Texas once. I think there is some kind of quantum space distortion going on there. It took longer to drive through Texas then to get their from Virginia.
  • Erik Samuelsson
    Erik Samuelsson 1 месяц назад "RB26 is so strong that it can handle single or twin turbo" Dude, that is like saying my car is so fast it can buy a baseball hat
  • Batojiri1
    Batojiri1 2 недели назад I so badly wanted to link the Aussie youtube channels that explain how much of a shit engine in stock form the RB26 is, but I realized the person who compiled this list is a fucking moron that doesn't know anything about engine reliability. Or for that matter, that 100,000-300,000 miles isn't impressive reliability, most gasoline engines last that long if properly maintained. Diesel engines, twice that figure or more before requiring a rebuild.
  • Redbeard gaming
    Redbeard gaming 3 недели назад Right? I was laughing so hard at that.