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Tata Tigor EV | First Drive Review | Autocar India

Published on Jul 2, 2019 275,288 views

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Electric cars might well be the future, and though there are more than a few examples of high-end models from international carmakers, our Indian carmakers do have some EVs that are far more affordable. Like this Tata Tigor EV - it looks every bit like the standard car, but under the skin, there's not a drop of petrol or diesel to be found. But how good is it? Nikhil Bhatia rented one for a day to find out.

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We borrowed the Tata Tigor EV from pan-India self-drive car rental service, Zoomcar. If interested, you too can rent out the Tigor EV or one from a whole range of cars. As a plus, Autocar India viewers can apply the code ‘ZC04AUTOCAR’ to get 20 percent off* (up to Rs 1500) on their ride. Keen to subscribe to a car? Use code ‘ZCAUTOCAR’ and get Rs 10,000* cashback on your first months subscription fee.

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  • Autocar India
    Autocar India 3 недели назад Viewers! What do you think of the Tigor EV? You can't buy one for personal use yet, but would you consider it as a daily driver if you don't do long distances? Let us know in the comments #TeamAutocar
  • Ram KS
    Ram KS 5 дней назад Best wishes to Tata. Good initiative. With time things will improve as per Indian road requirements.
  • Gaurav Sahu
    Gaurav Sahu Неделю назад Good move by Tata motors👍👍...Range should be atleast 250+ kms
  • Ajinkya Kadam
    Ajinkya Kadam Неделю назад Autocar India - Zoomcar Pune shows the Tigor EV for booking but doesn’t really give it. After checking this video, i tried booking twice - last Saturday and today. Twice they took the booking but an hour before the trip starts they inform the car is not available. Don’t know if it is available in other cities. Better wait for the car to come to the showrooms
  • HayenK BoroK
    HayenK BoroK Неделю назад @Sagar Shaharkar city ke liye perfect! office ke liye daily 20-25 Km Drive karne walo ke liye
  • sumshij pk
    sumshij pk 2 недели назад Which motor tigor using?
  • Sagar Shaharkar
    Sagar Shaharkar 2 недели назад Good move for EV, but still its not a good range and speed, i think for not no use to purchase it, but for sure in 2020 it will be better range and spees which i am looking for.
  • Gaurav Choudhary
    Gaurav Choudhary 2 недели назад @Parikshit Zende It did whether you buy now
  • Parikshit Zende
    Parikshit Zende 2 недели назад Todays budget will tell us whether to buy a electric car or not 😂
  • Rahul Penumala
    Rahul Penumala 2 недели назад Simply NO
  • Sumit Kumar
    Sumit Kumar 2 недели назад If 300km + range then any EV practical & hit in India other wise flop... & flop...
  • Gaurav Choudhary
    Gaurav Choudhary 2 недели назад It's great but there are 2 things:- 1) Lesser no of charging stations 2) Charging time is 90 minutes Who's got that much patience. The ecosystem will be one day but that is much far from 2019 or 2020. 5 or 10 minutes charging is what anyone can wait.
  • Moshel Erulkar
    Moshel Erulkar 2 недели назад Electric cars cannot be a viable option until they come with swappable batteries.
  • ABvidblogs
    ABvidblogs 2 недели назад In a country where most of electricity is produced by burning coals, turning to EVs will cause more damage to environment than burning refined fossil fuels. Also country does not produce enough electricity to fulfill needs of households in rural and semi urban areas who have load shedding now and then. turning onto electric driven vehicle in urban areas will consecutively effect more load shedding in Rural and Semi Urban areas. In my point of view enhancing road infrastructure might help in saving more energy and pollution than introducing EVs which are far behind global levels.
  • Suraj Doshi
    Suraj Doshi 2 недели назад If our daily run is under 50-60 km then surely its 👍! Also no one can drive 80kph in city traffic so no issues of 18 secs. Such small steps will be useful for saving EARTH #GoGreen
  • Pranoy Roy
    Pranoy Roy 3 недели назад I will buy the lightest electric car available like alto for better range and low cost of car... These are anyway unsuitable for long distance travel
  • Vaspaan Chichgar
    Vaspaan Chichgar 3 недели назад Yes absolutely I would go for this car! Makes perfect sense!
  • Amal Joe Abraham
    Amal Joe Abraham 3 недели назад School buses are perfect to be EVs, they get much more time for charging and have shorter trip distance.
  • Shakuntala Mazire
    Shakuntala Mazire Неделю назад 40 seater bus would cost 1.5 crore
  • Parth Sahu
    Parth Sahu 2 недели назад @sandeep kumar its useless , and tesla is expensive , we need to find an alternate fuel like maybe hydrogen or fuel cell , this wont work in India
  • 30 seconds Tech
    30 seconds Tech 2 недели назад i have seen e rickshaw used as school buses
  • ramendra gupta
    ramendra gupta 2 недели назад Y not govt ban diesel vehicle first lauching suv like gm hector harrier seltos and many more and talk abt EV JUST A DIKHAWA .........INTRIDUCE HYDROGEN AS A FUEL
  • Milan k
    Milan k 2 недели назад @XUV 500 pinelah 💕
  • Thunk Waltz
    Thunk Waltz 2 недели назад It is actually good idea. It will also put a curb on reckless driving of these drivers.
  • chandransh pandey
    chandransh pandey 2 недели назад @Kevin Samuel also mass production will cut the cost down by at least 30 percent, take example of Tesla model 3
  • chandransh pandey
    chandransh pandey 2 недели назад @Kevin Samuel if you consider per km driving charge plus maintenance cost of gasoline cars it's not much expensive, it's just you have to pay most money in just buying the cars, also li-ion battery deteriorates with time and not excessive usage which is boon for people who drives a lot. Also electric motors doesn't have much vibration compared to gasoline cars so reliability of cars will be much better than gasoline cars. Ather scooter goes 80 km for RS 10 and a gasoline bike will take around 1.5 litre petrol ( that's more than 100 rupees) I have done many calculation and electric cars are not that costly if your usages are lot. Also electric cars will not deteriorate with time and just change of batteries will be fine for running it again and not like gasoline cars who's engine become useless after 200000 km ( generally engines become bad after 100000 km)
  • Gaurav Khulbe
    Gaurav Khulbe 2 недели назад Pura school bik jayega itne m... 🤣
  • Swapnil Sinha
    Swapnil Sinha 2 недели назад Nice Idea but school owners won't buy ev buses...all stupid business minded people run school nowdays.
  • WhatsApp Stories
    WhatsApp Stories 2 недели назад Correct!
  • cs b
    cs b 2 недели назад (изменено) Cost of 1 electric bus will be be equal to 15 Tata Tigor EV.
  • venkat jampa
    venkat jampa 2 недели назад Amal Joe Abraham good thought man, all government vehicles too. Must implement as rule.
  • nfuel900
    nfuel900 3 недели назад Wow wow.
  • johan kallukaren
    johan kallukaren 3 недели назад Yeh u r rightt
  • aditya dhaka
    aditya dhaka 3 недели назад @Kevin Samuel But you don't buy one so it's not a problem
  • Gourang Shinde
    Gourang Shinde 3 недели назад And has ample amount of space to put huge batteries⚡
  • Kevin Samuel
    Kevin Samuel 3 недели назад they're too expensive tho!
  • sandeep kumar
    sandeep kumar 3 недели назад What ever if you want to save Earth you have to encourage EV
  • Ashish Suri
    Ashish Suri 3 недели назад Good Idea Sirji
  • XUV 500
    XUV 500 3 недели назад Milan k മലയാളി 😍😍
  • Rohit Verma
    Rohit Verma 3 недели назад This is actually a nice idea.
  • Milan k
    Milan k 3 недели назад Crt Sheri anu bro
  • Amal Joe Abraham
    Amal Joe Abraham 3 недели назад (изменено) EVs have to be designed as EVs, all these problems occur when they try to redesign an existing car into an ev.
  • Amal Joe Abraham
    Amal Joe Abraham 2 недели назад (изменено) @PrathamZ what i meant is that they had no space after mounting all those batteries that they put the extra tyre inside the boot. If they were to design an electric car from scratch they won't have had these constraints
  • PrathamZ
    PrathamZ 2 недели назад (изменено) but when they design EVs as EV like mahindra e2o..then people like you says tht why they dont design EVs as regular cars
    SAJEENDRAN B.S. 2 недели назад But the advantage of reusing an existing lineup eases up the manufacturing cost and more importantly the spare parts cost. Every Indian customer will be worried about what happens if i broke my rear view mirror.
  • Ishan
    Ishan 2 недели назад Bingo. Exactly my point.
  • Toshi Krishna Abhishek
    Toshi Krishna Abhishek 2 недели назад Exactly , btw I believe Nano EV would have been a more better and practical approach than Tigor or KUV100EV for launching EV's in India.
  • Abhishek Das
    Abhishek Das 2 недели назад Man ki baat cheeen li tune toh
  • Swapnil Sinha
    Swapnil Sinha 2 недели назад (изменено) EV revolution will not take place untill battery technology matures from standard Li-ion to something like graphene or solid state batteries.
  • TheCrazyStar
    TheCrazyStar 2 недели назад But then it becomes a bit hard to market
  • V J
    V J 2 недели назад Very novice and general statement.Depends on the context. As a daily office commuter it does the job in our already bumper to bumper traffic.
  • Jijo Joseph
    Jijo Joseph 2 недели назад വാഹ് ക്യാ ബോളാ
  • nfuel900
    nfuel900 3 недели назад There is lots of free space in ev compared to oil car
  • savari giri giri
    savari giri giri 3 недели назад Tata need to learn how to make cars lighter, as most of their cars are too heavy,oops not nano..
  • Ved Janve
    Ved Janve 3 недели назад Absolutely right!
  • Maxpower Overdrive
    Maxpower Overdrive 3 недели назад Wah bhai Wah! Kya bola!
  • Joyfull Jishnu
    Joyfull Jishnu 3 недели назад Ev should have minimum 300 km range
  • charudutt gadge
    charudutt gadge Неделю назад 500 bro at is working on 1000kms
  • nevermind
    nevermind Неделю назад So people want to buy pricier car to compromise and deal with its shortcomings.
  • Sakuntala Khataniar
    Sakuntala Khataniar Неделю назад It's not a tesla
  • jia hq
    jia hq 2 недели назад Tor fer MG ka wait koro..
  • Joshua Nishanth Christian
    Joshua Nishanth Christian 2 недели назад Or, if it has low range, it should charge fast. The Honda E has only 200km range, but it charges very fast.
  • Pushyamitra Gurethia
    Pushyamitra Gurethia 2 недели назад १५०।
  • PlugInIndia
    PlugInIndia 2 недели назад 90% of population in urban areas drive 40 km per day. A 100-150 km EV is perfect for almost all.
  • Evo296
    Evo296 2 недели назад Ev's are designed for city to reduce pollution they are not made for your tour and travel business. 97km is not bad if you get 1 day off every week. Other than that you have dirt cheap govt transportation to travel long distances.
  • Pankit Shah
    Pankit Shah 2 недели назад Yes we need something of 300+ km range otherwise we will stick to a 13 kmpl IC engine....Height of hypocrisy
  • 100,000 subs without doing anything help!!!
    100,000 subs without doing anything help!!! 2 недели назад This car would be more than 1000 km when technology reaches its peak
  • kalipppotaz
    kalipppotaz 2 недели назад @nokiareddy m lithium ion batteries not cheap
  • kvrreddy1605
    kvrreddy1605 2 недели назад @NM INDIA That's the 64 kwh battery version, the one coming to India is 32kwh, range is around 300 kms.
  • Abhishek Das
    Abhishek Das 2 недели назад @nokiareddy m 25 lakhs. Doable but still should be less and eventually other models will be incorporated soon by KIA.
  • nokiareddy m
    nokiareddy m 2 недели назад @NM INDIA Kona is very expensive
    NM INDIA 3 недели назад Kona has 400+ range!
  • Arvind fluidic
    Arvind fluidic 3 недели назад Hyundai Kona Electric is coming soon.
  • kalipppotaz
    kalipppotaz 3 недели назад And price will be above 25 lakhs
  • V.B ;
    V.B ; 3 недели назад Joyfull Jishnu exactly
    PANKAJ TAMBE 3 недели назад TATA really have to extend range. who will buy for just to travel 97 km and then wait 2 hours to charge.. not practical
  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh Неделю назад Ev's are good but yes some people travel alot for jobs 70-80 km + extra erants each day and then & 6 hour wait for full charge? Exhausting.. We need tesla in india with a manufacturing in India to get this EV scene bumping and going
  • HayenK BoroK
    HayenK BoroK Неделю назад @PANKAJ TAMBE, city ke liye perfect! office ke liye daily 15-20 KM drive karne walo ke liye bahut hi atsa hai. city mai rehne wala jyadatar is tarha ki hoti hai.. 10, 15, 20 KM daily drive karta hai.. agar unmese 1/10 bhi is tarha ki electric car use karega toh Delhi jaise polluted metro city ke liye bahut bari bat hogi
  • nevermind
    nevermind 2 недели назад @Evo296  so you want to buy an EV that is pricier than ICE only to compromise and deals with EVs shortcomings.
  • Virat Sharma
    Virat Sharma 2 недели назад In future it is practical for city commutation,for inter city public transport will be used
  • Pushyamitra Gurethia
    Pushyamitra Gurethia 2 недели назад प्यौर प्रैक्टिकल। शहर के हिसाब से।
  • Evo296
    Evo296 2 недели назад I think tata did a great job. 97km is enough for someone like me who get only one day off in week. For long distance we have cheap railway, bus and airways.
  • 30 seconds Tech
    30 seconds Tech 2 недели назад so if someone drives even 100km a day, its 3000km a month, 36000km a year. about 1 lakh km in 3 years. only taxi drivers drive such distances
    FATAL FORCE 3 недели назад Won't work at all. Tata doing same mistake Mahindra did with E2o, EVerito. DONT TURN EXISTING CARS INTO EVs, DESIGN NEW ONES. 1. MAKE THEM 80% CHARGED IN 2HRS 2. MAKE THE RANGE 250KM+ 3. KEEP PRICES AROUND PETROL PRICES
  • Sripal india
    Sripal india 2 недели назад U supply battery to them cheap so they can make for petrol car price.
  • saurabh mokashi
    saurabh mokashi 2 недели назад @Anbarasu P not now
  • Sunny Desai
    Sunny Desai 2 недели назад kvrreddy1605 unless Ambani steps up😂
  • Sundar Bharadwaj
    Sundar Bharadwaj 2 недели назад @Anbarasu P Now they have come down to 12%
  • Evo296
    Evo296 2 недели назад @Anbarasu P now this budget reduced the duty.
  • Var r
    Var r 2 недели назад @Anbarasu P and import duty on Li batteries
  • Atul Navadiya
    Atul Navadiya 2 недели назад Yeh Mr automobile why don't u start making ev cars if it's that easy then.
  • ramendra gupta
    ramendra gupta 2 недели назад Lithium found in china australia and south american country not working concept of EV . . ...
  • Pankit Shah
    Pankit Shah 2 недели назад Make this, make that, do this, do that blah blah blah..... Things will not happen just according to your orders. This thing is a result of 50+ years of hard work of researchers and innovators around the world working day and night to make this world pollution free.
  • Sunil Bhat
    Sunil Bhat 2 недели назад It's lot easier to make a petrol or diesel car than eV...but one most encourage the automotive companies are working in good's great to see our Indian car makers Tata and Mahindra making evs...evs will be good for environment. But yes the pricing is too's becoz most of the components are imported. India doesn't have manufacturer of Li on or Ni Cd batteries...but with time things will get cheaper....
  • mb the boss
    mb the boss 2 недели назад When u want 1 and 2 u can't get 3
  • Easylife
    Easylife 2 недели назад @Anbarasu P on my bike battery gst was 28% .
  • kvrreddy1605
    kvrreddy1605 2 недели назад For 250 kms range in traffic, will need atleast a 30 kWh battery. To charge such a big battery in 2 hrs needs super fast charging stations. With all these plus R&D cost plus setting up infrastructure, no private company can or will sell it at petrol car prices. Wishful thinking.
  • ching mong bing bong
    ching mong bing bong 2 недели назад (изменено) If you want 250+ km range it will cost way more than petrol vehicles
  • rob Rodriguez
    rob Rodriguez 2 недели назад (изменено) @Anbarasu P atleast they can reduce to 6 to 7 %..... lets see
  • Jason Rao
    Jason Rao 3 недели назад you're implying the E2o wasn't designed to be an EV
  • P Ma
    P Ma 3 недели назад Talking is easy... Try to do one like these...
  • kalipppotaz
    kalipppotaz 3 недели назад In your dreams
  • Varun Rao
    Varun Rao 3 недели назад @Anbarasu P Just a guess, but i think it's because we import most of the batteries
  • karthik velly
    karthik velly 3 недели назад Never going to happen.
  • Anbarasu P
    Anbarasu P 3 недели назад ladiesman : do you know the govt still charges 18% GST for Lithium ion batteries 🔋!!!
  • Heramb Patkar
    Heramb Patkar 3 недели назад Ask a Mumbaikar ...I have 1 important question...Will this car work in water logged areas??? We need to see some water related testing results!
  • Ram KS
    Ram KS 5 дней назад Matlab, pani k andar chalaoge kya yar? naav le lo ek sasta baithega
  • Mukund Thorat
    Mukund Thorat 2 недели назад Even petrol or diesel cars fail when Mumbai gets are expecting too’s a car not a canoe.
  • I am Smexy_AF
    I am Smexy_AF 2 недели назад Very good actually because they don't need air.
  • Amuzic Earth
    Amuzic Earth 2 недели назад ACtually EVs work better in waterclogged area as they don't have an exhaust pipe from where the water could seep into the engine. All sea faring vessels are basically driven by electric motors(which is powered by a diesel generator).
  • Gaurav Khulbe
    Gaurav Khulbe 2 недели назад Buy a motorboat
  • Aakash Sahani
    Aakash Sahani 3 недели назад Well any electric car can be a Mumbai submarine until your seat gets wet.
  • Sharad Upadhyay
    Sharad Upadhyay 3 недели назад Diesel Electric Submarines works underwater on battery power. They can easily be made waterproof. Ever heard of Casio G-Shock? It's waterproof even at 40-60m depth.
  • Shikhar Pandey
    Shikhar Pandey 21 час назад dear tata motors, we are proud of you, you have to set your mind to compete with tesla.
  • Gursimran Singh
    Gursimran Singh 3 недели назад EVs are useless if their power still comes from coal thermal plants. I think an efficient and layered mass transit system is the best option for the entire country.
  • temur dhir
    temur dhir 1 день назад you can place coal thermal plant at cleaner place and use ev at cities.
  • nevermind
    nevermind 2 недели назад I agree mass transit is much better than EVs. It will help more than stopping pollution.
  • PlugIn Caroo
    PlugIn Caroo 2 недели назад (изменено) But nothing stops people from putting solar panels on their house or building rooftop. Also today solar plants are cheaper and quicker to setup than coal, gas or hydro power.
  • PlugInIndia
    PlugInIndia 2 недели назад Mass transit is better but we cant stop people from buying cars. So having EV's is best option to reduce city pollution and OIL use.
  • Divitya
    Divitya 2 недели назад Even if the car is charged using Thermal power using coal it is still 100 times cleaner then burning fossil fuels...
  • Vaibhav Bhandula
    Vaibhav Bhandula 2 недели назад @DVS Swetan Absolutely correct a coal power plant makes energy more efficiently than a car engine
  • Rhishikesh Bhagwat
    Rhishikesh Bhagwat 2 недели назад EVs make sense as more Green or renewable power comes into the electricity grid. In fact EV thrust is parallel with the National Solar Mission to bring in more solar power in this country.
  • Aravind MK
    Aravind MK 2 недели назад @Prathamesh Pimputkar To produce EV'S they same amount of co2 of life time running of a petrol and diesel cars
  • Aravind MK
    Aravind MK 2 недели назад Evs need current which need lines and so many electronic devices which are easily inyerruptable not easy to store like petrol and diesel it can poured in minutes
  • Pankit Shah
    Pankit Shah 2 недели назад That's just a stupid excuse. Conventional IC engines of cars have an efficiency of 20-25%. While electric cars have an efficiency of 50-60%. That means your Ic engine car that travels 14 kms by gulping down 1 litre petrol which has actual energy of covering 70-80 kms but it wastes 80% of the fuel through heat and friction losses. And regarding your argument of power coming from thermal plants, a charging station can be powered by solar energy. You'll many such examples in USA and Europe.
  • Everything Cool
    Everything Cool 2 недели назад (изменено) Clean air in cities smog everywhere else especially in industrial area
  • P Ma
    P Ma 2 недели назад Then you do it instead of blaming
  • DVS Swetan
    DVS Swetan 3 недели назад A coal powered plant is far more efficient than petrol or diesel engines.
  • Prathamesh Pimputkar
    Prathamesh Pimputkar 3 недели назад Agreed with ur point. But the air in cities is cleaner with ev. Compare an electric loco pulling off by side on a station with a heavy diesel running by. Thats the difference it will make.
  • Dev Winchester
    Dev Winchester 3 недели назад Long way to go, but that's a start, Good work TATA
  • rambot670
    rambot670 3 недели назад I am sorry but the environmentalist in me took a back seat after hearing the price @7:00. I am all for green and clean energy, but at the end of the day, a family man who knows there are more comfortable options out there.
  • PlugInIndia
    PlugInIndia 2 недели назад Sadly these ICE car makers have their own agenda, they artificially inflate prices. Startups will dirve the electric car revolution
  • Crazy MOFO
    Crazy MOFO 2 недели назад The way they are gonna produce thst electricity is equally polluting
  • Vikram Singh
    Vikram Singh 3 недели назад if range goes from 100 km to 200-250 km we can consider to buy this. and max speed to 100kmph instead of only 80kmph.
  • HayenK BoroK
    HayenK BoroK Неделю назад city ke liye perfect! office ke liye daily 15-20 KM drive karne walo ke liye bahut hi atsa hai. city mai rehne wala jyadatar is tarha ki hoti hai.. 10, 15, 20 KM daily drive karta hai.. agar unmese 1/10 bhi is tarha ki electric car use karega toh Delhi jaise polluted metro city ke liye bahut bari bat hogi
  • aditya thakoor
    aditya thakoor 2 недели назад @Parimal , but from the way the car was stretching past 50 i guess 80 would have anyways been it's top speed
  • Saurabh Srivastava
    Saurabh Srivastava 3 недели назад As per govt. rule, speed of commercial vehicles is capped to 80kmph.
  • Bennet Daison
    Bennet Daison 3 недели назад The 80kmph is limited to car hire services like Zoomcar, Drivezy, Mychoize, Revv etc... For the safety of the users and government regulations just like Uber and Ola or tourist Vehicles who requires a governor to limit the speed to 80kmph as per the RTO norms for passing and qualifying.
  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 3 недели назад Max speed of 80 kmph is because this tigor was a taxi/permit. For private cars, there won't be speed restriction.
  • Amuzic Earth
    Amuzic Earth 2 недели назад Wait for Tata Altroz EV, which is an EV built ground up with a skateboard platform. That will have high voltage system(meaning shorter charging time and higher performance) and about 250-300 Km of range.
  • Joy Chakraborty
    Joy Chakraborty 3 недели назад Atleast some major company took this step, kudos to TATA
  • Piyush Parmar
    Piyush Parmar 2 недели назад Awaiting Nano EV with 100 km range for replacing my bike for commuting 30 km a day. PS: I can charge at office for weekends mall trips.
  • Evo296
    Evo296 2 недели назад Buy revolt rv400. You can charge the battery at your office desk lol.
  • Good Destiny
    Good Destiny 2 недели назад Piyush Parmar good choice to go for EV but bad choice to go for nano.
  • Jeevan More
    Jeevan More 6 дней назад (изменено) EVs are long road ahead. Right now EV technology is like that of the bulky mobile phone in 90s (1983 to be precise). So if Mobile phones can take 3 decades to evolve then we should give EVs reasonable time to evolve on technological front. At this point it will be stupid to buy an EV, unless you usually drive within city limits (30-50kms max). And/or have surplus cash to buy another ICE car for long commutes. Also you need a charging point, which means if you are a road side car parking person and have no fix parking place, such people should completely avoid EVs. India has zero infrastructure for such type of scenario. I am not sure how the Govt is going to tackle this issue in future especially with our exploding car population.
  • Rajesh Achanta
    Rajesh Achanta 3 недели назад Positive first step from TATA. The future is electric!
  • Sudhir Hole
    Sudhir Hole 2 недели назад Is it electric car workable in mumbai floods🌊🚘...? Is it water pruf battery car...?
  • dewal bharadwaj
    dewal bharadwaj 2 недели назад For now, in india such vehicles should be used for cab services n public transport. Look forward to many such initiatives! Great job TATA, on initiating a revolution in the automobile industry!
  • manoj kumar
    manoj kumar 2 недели назад Maximum speed ? Can we charge car at home supply like battery auto riksha