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Regular Car Reviews: 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Published on Jan 26, 2014 760,102 views

The Veloster is to Hyundai in 2013 what the CB750 was to Honda in 1969. The Hyundai Veloster is the gem of the company's new Premium Youth Lab sub-brand, filling the gaping wound the Tiburon left on the mortal flesh of Hyundai's corporate carcass in 2008.

If I had the money for a turbocharged hatchback, I would buy a used Honda CX650 and a Dodge Omni.

  • PopeDope69420
    PopeDope69420 5 лет назад I sometimes can't tell what his actual opinion of the car is.
  • Robert Lawson
    Robert Lawson Год назад (изменено) well it is a 201 horsepower vehicle with 2900 pounds to push around. It's a Toyota 86 with about 4 less hp (manual)and about 100 more pounds added to it, never mind a worse suspension setup and and bad weight distribution. It also costs about the same. All the speed of the 86 (and even then not really), none of the fun.
  • Bryant Woods
    Bryant Woods Год назад So...same as usual then?
  • Pibbles 'n Bits
    Pibbles 'n Bits Год назад Jedi mind tricks.
  • Zuniga Dragon
    Zuniga Dragon Год назад tuck234 but he almost always seems that way
  • tuck234
    tuck234 2 года назад +James Payne He seems quite cross...
  • James Payne
    James Payne 3 года назад +James Payne ?
  • James Payne
    James Payne 3 года назад +Dark Matter Why are you so angry
  • Diax1324
    Diax1324 3 года назад @Dark Matter woah edgy
  • Cane Sugar
    Cane Sugar 3 года назад +MeddlingWithMetal Unns unns unns unss
  • Diax1324
    Diax1324 3 года назад +MeddlingWithMetal That's actually brilliant journalism at work. Jeremy Clarkson does it, but not as good as this guy. You counter your own points, (Subtly in this case) and make the viewer/reader/listener/longpooper decide their own opinion. It's also a part of writing. You let the reader create what you WANT them to create. Something that is uniquely theirs. You don't forcefeed them an image.
  • Chris P.
    Chris P. 3 года назад +MeddlingWithMetal He does this with so many reviews :P
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 5 лет назад Tee Hee
  • Matt b
    Matt b 4 года назад i remember back when i was 4 or 5 i thought hyundai was a direct rip off of honda
  • Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson 8 месяцев назад I remember when they used an exact copy of a Mitushubish engine. Parts were interchangeable.
  • Matt Wolf
    Matt Wolf 10 месяцев назад I thought they were the same company, I've ironically owned a Honda before and currently own a Veloster now.
  • ibladesi
    ibladesi 11 месяцев назад And it still is.. well, maybe.. rip off of just about everything.
  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson Год назад I guessed the same back in 1989 until Geo made the Metros. Now I thought that was a direct rip off of Honda.
  • Expired Wasabi
    Expired Wasabi Год назад Mr Avacado 😂
  • Sir Loin Of Beef
    Sir Loin Of Beef Год назад ME TOO!
  • Expired Wasabi
    Expired Wasabi Год назад I thought it was a lighting bolt "⚡️" just really condensed. 😂
  • Slit Bodmod
    Slit Bodmod Год назад Matt b same here
  • Nick Automotive game unboxing
    Nick Automotive game unboxing Год назад Matt b same here lol
  • Robert
    Robert Год назад efil4nameltneg If the H is straight, it's still not great. Honda makes shitty cars and they finally brought back the NSX.
  • symerebackwoods
    symerebackwoods Год назад I would take a genesis over almost any car in its price class
  • g kado
    g kado Год назад Its not?
  • SpeedingDemon 1738
    SpeedingDemon 1738 Год назад I thought they were the same thing, just another way of pronouncing.
  • Bolt
    Bolt Год назад I think we all did lol
  • Isaiah W. EJ25
    Isaiah W. EJ25 2 года назад Matt b sameeee
  • Kangaroo Jack
    Kangaroo Jack 2 года назад Me too lol
  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 2 года назад how old are you now may i ask, 7?
    xRECONCILEDX 2 года назад omg same lmao
  • mwkmn
    mwkmn 3 года назад +thebigwarthog The 90s Hyundais were basically rebadged (or sometimes gimped versions of) Mitsubishis, not the ripoffs as the two companies had a licensing agreement.
  • WatchDogs29
    WatchDogs29 3 года назад +Matt b Ha same!
  • efil4nameltneg
    efil4nameltneg 3 года назад if the H ain't straight it ain't great 😎
  • thebigwarthog
    thebigwarthog 3 года назад The Pony was Hyundai's attempt at recreating the Honda Hatchback civic.   They were very common as Taxi's in Korea.
  • thebigwarthog
    thebigwarthog 3 года назад Early nineties they basically copied the Japanese models but the more blatant copies weren't sold outside Korea.
  • Clous von
    Clous von 3 года назад Because they were the 06 sonata was a big rip off of a 01 accord.
  • MechRider89
    MechRider89 4 года назад Ya, I had the miss fortune of driving a pony once...aaggghh death traps! (I'm Canadian also.)
  • Maestro_T
    Maestro_T 4 года назад @MechRider89 They make a few good cars now and have come a long way from where they were.  A very, very loooong way.  (In Canada, we had the, uh, "pleasure" of being introduced to Hyundai before the US with a small car called the Pony and a midsized car called the Stellar.  Those who think the Excel and Sonata were bad have no idea what those abominations were like.)  
  • MechRider89
    MechRider89 4 года назад lol yet they had Mitsubishi engines in them! I hate Hyundia but I would buy a Genesis coupe for sure, its a great car.
  • Maestro_T
    Maestro_T 4 года назад Well, damn, I mean, look at their logo, it looks like a Honda logo that melted or something!
  • eMAN
    eMAN 4 года назад Haha me too!
  • Mighty Car Mods
    Mighty Car Mods 3 года назад Sup!
  • Chill
    Chill 9 месяцев назад Get one and modify one guys!!!
  • cheese burger
    cheese burger 11 месяцев назад Mighty Car Mods holy shit
  • David Cheeseman
    David Cheeseman Год назад Avery Lee a reference to mighty Car Mods at 4.40... Do you even YouTube?
  • Avery Lee
    Avery Lee Год назад Why does this have so many likes
  • Sydney Pettitt
    Sydney Pettitt Год назад Yeaahh I love this!
  • Bones Steitz
    Bones Steitz Год назад RegularCars i pump my genitals full of orange soda for more stcky-ness ahhh....
  • g kado
    g kado Год назад Sup bro
  • The Hoopty Mini
  • home built cars
    home built cars 2 года назад Mighty Car Mods thats awesome
  • vlenhoff
    vlenhoff 2 года назад CHOPPED!
  • Brett Voigt
    Brett Voigt 2 года назад regular car mods, blah
  • R Peterson
    R Peterson 2 года назад Silent Hurricane same !!
  • TheAxio300
    TheAxio300 2 года назад regular colon reviews?
  • MoonMoon
    MoonMoon 2 года назад So now, we need to have RCR go to Australia and review some cars down there!
  • Maximiliano Obach
    Maximiliano Obach 2 года назад Mighty Car Mods no way!
  • BungTunger
    BungTunger 2 года назад OI LADS ITS MOIGHTY CAA MAWDS EEREE
  • Matt Snyder
    Matt Snyder 2 года назад came here purely to see if the shoutout would get a response. the satisfaction
  • Motoko Shimomura
    Motoko Shimomura 2 года назад "Suck it marty and moog" Ahhh!! I get that reference! I have to comment about how cool I am for getting the reference... scrolls down Oh shit! Its marty and moog!
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 3 года назад You should send RegularCars guy some TimTams lol
  • Silent Hurricane
    Silent Hurricane 3 года назад +Mighty Car Mods Man, As soon as he said "Sup Marty and Moog" I paused the video, scrolled down to see if anyone was talking about that shoutout and when I saw this as the top comment I did a Moog-style arms-in-the-air run and then the running man. Maaaaaaaaaaad
  • Dakota Neubert
    Dakota Neubert 3 года назад aayyyreeee
  • Wild_ Toilet
    Wild_ Toilet 3 года назад Olá
  • modwlego
    modwlego 3 года назад +RegularCars now, see, when you talk about bowel movements, you get more fame. When I do it, I just end up ruining the graduation.
  • The Paper Ninja
    The Paper Ninja 3 года назад +Mighty Car Mods Im guessing you guys are friends, the way mr regular throws little greetings your way haha
  • Circuit Bender
    Circuit Bender 3 года назад +Mighty Car Mods This is rad. Two awesome channels and youtube unites !
  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 3 года назад @Karl Pair I am hoping for something really cool.
  • Karl Pair
    Karl Pair 3 года назад That will be interesting for sure. Low rider gramps cruising through the desert? Maybe...
  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 3 года назад @Karl Pair Martin Car Mods is doing one with Road Kill soon
  • Karl Pair
    Karl Pair 3 года назад @RegularCars So when's the MCM plus Regular Cars mash-up episode that we need to have now?
  • zhbvenkhoReload
    zhbvenkhoReload 3 года назад @Mighty Car Mods hey!
  • EmX3Ed
    EmX3Ed 3 года назад @RegularCars When is Not So Regular Cars going to exist?
  • Kyoto-Moto
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад @Mighty Car Mods What is up? I am drinking a 1/2 serving of a protean shake for breakfast because I am out of cereal. I also have a cup of coffee and a Fiber One bar. I call it "The Gentrification Cleanse" because in MOVES THE BROWN.
  • korbitr
    korbitr 3 года назад Somehow, you managed to say "Hyundai" using all 3 pronunciations...
  • Musicalknight
    Musicalknight Год назад Daniel Park we play video games and play football xD
  • Colin Donovan
    Colin Donovan Год назад Isn't it pronounced "hun-day" here in America?
  • Justin Harris
    Justin Harris Год назад Zzyzx Wolfe Yup there's an old commercial from the 90s that says "it's Hyundai, like Sunday!" But I sometimes fuck up and say hi-un-day
  • Quix
    Quix Год назад It is only 2 syllables, so basically all the pronounciations in this thread are wrong. That's cool though, English doesn't have a syllable for hyun. Dai is pronounced like the word day. I don't really think it's fair to ask people to province something with sounds the language they're speaking doesn't even have. Even Hyundai corporate agrees, listen to the pronunciation in their ads. They want you to say hun, as in Atilla the, then day. That's that for what's "right", but I encourage you to pronounce it any way you like, there is a great history of companies bending to popular demand with their chosen pronounciations. If enough people say it the same way it eventually just becomes the pronunciation. Language is a living thing after all.
  • Разафи  Марсель
    Разафи Марсель Год назад Хёндай
  • Y4123
    Y4123 Год назад (изменено) CWINDOWSsystem32 I say Hi-yun-die, but what do I know I'm just a Michigander who is shit at pronouncing things
  • RemixedVoice
    RemixedVoice 2 года назад Zzyzx Wolfe Correct. Source: I lived in Korea for many years
  • Zzyzx Wolfe
    Zzyzx Wolfe 2 года назад Hyundai rhymes with Sunday. Source: I worked for Hyundai Merchant Marine.
  • Lucas Mah
    Lucas Mah 2 года назад its hyun deh if youre still curious, daniel park up there got it.
  • oldfrend
    oldfrend 2 года назад so... three different koreans have confirmed for us three different ways is the correct one? did i get that right?
  • Rolling Guy #1
    Rolling Guy #1 2 года назад he yun day. That is how you say it... scrubs.
  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 2 года назад He didn't use the pronunciation I consider correct, hi-yun-die
  • Al Kaholic
    Al Kaholic 2 года назад Americans: Hondai Others: Hayundai Correct: He-yun-die
  • Ciaran Fitzgerald
    Ciaran Fitzgerald 2 года назад hi-un-die...
  • Tyer Estes
    Tyer Estes 2 года назад We mostly just eat unhealthy amounts of food and jerk off to pictures of Camaros.
  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park 3 года назад It's pronounced "Hyun-deh". Source: 2 hours of Korean school every Saturday in elementary school when all my white friends were playing football or jerking each other off or whatever Caucsasian kids did on Saturdays
  • NordenTV
    NordenTV 3 года назад +CWINDOWSsystem32 We spell it "Hyndai". Y like yyhh. Not "ii" sounding.
  • korbitr
    korbitr 3 года назад @Aussie Muscle Too bad that this is one Hyundai that will never see a hoon day...
  • Evil Ash
    Evil Ash 3 года назад +CWINDOWSsystem32 my favorite Hyundai pronunciation was 'Hoonday'.
  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg 3 года назад They should really stop trying to design cars for the "youth market" because nobody in that category has enough money to spend on this.....and when they rarely do, they are usually smart enough to get something better or [depending how you look at it] shallow enough to just get a Mustang because all girls are impressed by Mustangs and pussy is what really matters
  • Adam Ziolkowski
    Adam Ziolkowski 1 месяц назад I like Harleys yet....
  • All Outta Gum
    All Outta Gum 3 месяца назад They really shouldn't make suvs appealing to wimmens
  • The11devans
    The11devans 3 месяца назад She may be shallow, but that pussy is deep
  • Inverted V12 Powerhouse
    Inverted V12 Powerhouse 8 месяцев назад I just jumped the wagon and got a brz
  • 2bit MarketAnarchist
    2bit MarketAnarchist Год назад 2 years on and I still give you an upvote
  • A Satsuma Orange
    A Satsuma Orange Год назад The Veloster sells... not very well, but it sells. Maybe the whole point of having a Hyundais with good aesthetics is to end their brand association with being cheap for a new car. Base-model Veloster is still the third-cheapest Hyundai, but it goes up to the fifth-cheapest Hyundai.
  • Nick Automotive game unboxing
    Nick Automotive game unboxing Год назад (изменено) tankd0g you are 100% right nobody in their right mind at a young age can afford these kind of cars maybe the base model at best but to get the sporty type car you have to spend like 60 Grand just to get a sporty looking youth appealed vehicle most all these cars are driven by old people so I don't get why they don't just go back to making plain old simple Vehicles like early 2000s Cadillacs or Buicks that's why I can't understand the stuff the one why they're making the cars for youth cuz there's no way they got credit to afford them most kids for their first car get pre-owned from a family member or from Craigslist no one usually has enough money at a young age to go to a car dealership or from Facebook like I did that's where I got mine laugh all you want it's a smart car I don't care it was cheap and good on gas and it's actually nice
  • Alex Fishman
    Alex Fishman 2 года назад I mean they are very cheap and well made compared to VW or Ford. I got a Turbo for 14k when it was worth 18k on
  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg 2 года назад @Tyer Estes damn 27? They all want benz and bmws
  • Tyer Estes
    Tyer Estes 2 года назад You mean a fairly high percentage of males from the ages 0f 15-27.
  • Melissa The Rotund
    Melissa The Rotund 3 года назад so... most highschool seniors?
  • spit fire
    spit fire 3 года назад The R-Spec version of this car is actually a pretty good. Also if you need a car to impress a girl then you have a shitty personality and you're going after shallow females
  • HyperLeafBlower
    HyperLeafBlower 5 лет назад I like how you pronounced Hyundai differently each time
  • Surfside
    Surfside 2 месяца назад He yun day 😂
  • Fernde09
    Fernde09 5 лет назад That way nobody can tell him the pronunciation is wrong lol
  • Andrew Wittwer
    Andrew Wittwer 4 года назад Auto makers really need to stop "designing cars for the youth market". They always miss and we end up with a bunch of women in their 50's buy them because "oh hey doesn't that look special?"
  • David Sanchez
    David Sanchez 8 месяцев назад "Oh hey doesn't that look special" .....😆
  • Kujiko 123
    Kujiko 123 Год назад Tooootaly read that special line in a stereotypical Midwestern mom voice.
  • Melissa The Rotund
    Melissa The Rotund 3 года назад so I take it you took all the meth beforehand? I mean, that's a good twenty hours of driving by my guesstimations.
  • Thalass
    Thalass 3 года назад +Andrew Wittwer This is funny, because my Aunt in her 40s has one of these.
  • Shane995
    Shane995 3 года назад +Andrew Wittwer best teenager cars are sports cars. the ford ST's are perfect youth type car. all the car must be is loud,sporty looking and good on gas then its a perfect youth car.
  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 года назад The last part of your comment had me thinking of Dana Carvey doing the church lady skit on snl.
  • Pinfari13
    Pinfari13 3 года назад +Grumpy Jarhead I unfortunately just sold mine (college loans coming through now and i had to downsize), but I drove it from Pennsylvania to Arizona in two days. Fantastic car. Gonna miss it.
  • Grumpy Jarhead
    Grumpy Jarhead 3 года назад +Pinfari13 (me being late to the game again) Bought a 2014 Veloster Turbo about 2 months ago (new, still sitting on the dealer's lot... got a deal, obviously) I see a few around me. The NA Velosters are mostly being driven by kids in their 20s. Me... I'm 52. a grandpa. So far, the only other turbos I've seen around me are being driven by guys in their 50s. It's a mid-life crisis car for people who can't afford a summer car and a winter car. Sporty enough to feel like a sports car when you want it to, so long as you don't take it to the track, practical enough to be a daily driver and occasionally haul the grandkids or the dog around. Good on gas, decent handling, and can get up and move when you want it to. Personally, I love the design, but that's a matter of taste.
  • Adan Marrero
    Adan Marrero 3 года назад +Pinfari13 Or 2014 scion tc's It was special for me in 2013... gave it 6 months it was everywhere and anywhere like justin bibers baby back when it first came out, so I crashed mines and It's payed off. Win!
  • Pinfari13
    Pinfari13 3 года назад +Andrew Wittwer When I got my Veloster in 2013, the few other new Velosters that passed me were driven by young dudes who would wave back when I'd wave. Now it's 90% grandmothers.
  • Pedro Mayn
    Pedro Mayn 3 года назад @Andrew Wittwer Seems like the whole 'GTI' era had it right. An upgraded model from your typical POV spec, basic range.
  • Mel C
    Mel C 4 года назад @Andrew Wittwer Yeah designers really are trying too hard in the car industry. I rented a new-ish Ford Focus before and I couldn't stand how the interior made me feel like a pre-teen boy
  • Millermacs
    Millermacs 2 года назад 3:42 "Nor will your anti-capitalist girlfriend appreciate the sharp angles and classic sports car configuration" Scarily accurate.
  • Bryant Woods
    Bryant Woods Год назад Dump that cunt.
  • Amazing Swami
    Amazing Swami 2 года назад Millermacs fr ?
  • Michael Luscher
    Michael Luscher 5 лет назад 4:10 MCM Shoutout! Well done.... FWIW, MCM partnered with Hyundai last year and made a video on taking care of the Matte Plasti-Dip like finish on a Veloster Turbo. These Obscure references are getting fun
  • GunfightersINC
    GunfightersINC 3 года назад Your metaphors are legendary.
  • SmileyLegoGuy
    SmileyLegoGuy 5 лет назад "Sup Marty and Moog" :DDD
  • 170324341a
    170324341a 5 лет назад As soon as he mentioned KW instead of HP, I was thinking of MCM too! :D
  • TheKaziCo
    TheKaziCo 5 лет назад Omg Marty and moog Shoutout!!! 
  • iamstd2
    iamstd2 5 лет назад 'Sup Marty and Moog! :D
  • Riles07
    Riles07 5 лет назад We need a 2007-current Honda Civic Si review.
  • Robert Torres
    Robert Torres 4 года назад I love how I can watch these with my 10 year old brother right next to me in the room while I'm wearing headphones and it looks like I'm just watching car reviews but he would be scarred for life if he heard the audio on some of these videos:)
  • Adam Ziolkowski
    Adam Ziolkowski 1 месяц назад Thought about that at the gym....
    DONJ0SE 5 лет назад Awesome Mighty Car Mods shout out!
  • Lawrence Timme
    Lawrence Timme 5 лет назад yeah 151KW!!!!! MAD
  • splewy
    splewy 5 лет назад Lol, "Marty and Moog". Someone watches Mighty Car Mods.
  • Eggly Bagelface
    Eggly Bagelface 4 года назад @splewy The unns unns "song" from the beggining sounded like Moog's music.
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад @Noah Rosenheck  That would be awesome. I imagine Mr. Regular reviewing "Gramps". "This is a a nineteen-ninety-something Subaru wagon that is not driven by a lesbian."
  • Noah Rosenheck
    Noah Rosenheck 4 года назад It makes me happy to know they're fans of each other. How badass would it be to have a regular cars review of a mcm project car?
  • DuBstep115
    DuBstep115 4 года назад @Ayden Boros Damn i forgot mustang was made in australia...
  • DuBstep115
    DuBstep115 4 года назад @Ayden Boros Ford is aussie? well you learn something new everyday... (nosarcasm)
  • DuBstep115
    DuBstep115 4 года назад @Ayden Boros holden? D:D
  • aarroyo15
    aarroyo15 5 лет назад my shit
  • Mihaly Lukacs
    Mihaly Lukacs 3 года назад Never thought the Free Soil Party would ever be mentioned in a car review. But it was. Holy shit.
  • CJTD
    CJTD 2 года назад t. apush student
  • Gabor Szedlak
    Gabor Szedlak 5 лет назад Car memes was here.