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Here's Why the Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car

Published on Dec 14, 2016 8,739,080 views



I recently drove the Tesla Model X in order to find out why so many car enthusiasts don't like it. Here's what I discovered.

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  • adil
    adil 3 месяца назад Took me a while to know that it was sarcastic
  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham 2 месяца назад (изменено) American ?
  • Jxcksonn
    Jxcksonn 2 месяца назад @Ian Mangham k
  • dylan moore
    dylan moore 2 месяца назад Hell yeah😂
  • Noelia Añazco
    Noelia Añazco 2 месяца назад Me too!
  • thanos 09
    thanos 09 2 месяца назад Me too
  • filip zugec
    filip zugec 1 месяц назад Hehe me too👍🏻😂
  • Herr Bachem
    Herr Bachem 1 месяц назад But it's really shit
  • Andrew McCarter
    Andrew McCarter 1 месяц назад Same with me!
  • Ishan Ganesh
    Ishan Ganesh 1 месяц назад adil yeah same
  • Resin Pain
    Resin Pain 1 месяц назад Same
  • Jacob Gardner
    Jacob Gardner 1 месяц назад adil same
  • Cusco 4X
    Cusco 4X 1 месяц назад Because your IQ is low.....
  • Hello Frens
    Hello Frens 1 месяц назад lmaooo
  • NotPhantom
    NotPhantom 1 месяц назад Same tho
  • Ivan Gutierrez
    Ivan Gutierrez 3 недели назад Ian Mangham European?
  • Taivas
    Taivas 2 недели назад Same
  • Angry Pent
    Angry Pent 4 дня назад Nobody ever called a knee gear quick witted
  • Sumuqh
    Sumuqh 1 месяц назад 67k people disliked without watching the whole thing 😂
  • Andreas Lindhé
    Andreas Lindhé 1 месяц назад I disliked it because of how over-the-top he is.
  • Plumpstery
    Plumpstery 1 месяц назад @Andreas Lindhé its called having a personality
  • Coolfred
    Coolfred 1 месяц назад @Andreas Lindhé that's the point
  • Kai Cullen
    Kai Cullen 1 месяц назад Andreas Lindhé huh almost like he’s trying to be a energetic and funny Internet personality
  • Ryan K.
    Ryan K. 1 месяц назад I disliked because he was practically ruining the center screen on someone else's Tesla
  • zamardii12
    zamardii12 1 месяц назад I disliked it after watching the video.
  • Sumuqh
    Sumuqh 3 недели назад @zamardii12 because you're a normie
  • Copenboro
    Copenboro 3 недели назад Disliked cause he's fuckin annoying
  • Copenboro
    Copenboro 3 недели назад @Ryan K. also that, that was incredibly infuriating to watch. I'd want his head if that was my car. Licking it, smashing it with a fuckin plunger, holding a flame to it Completely unnecessary when the whole point was to prove how great the onboard computer panel is.
  • RexySmith zerowastealternatives
    RexySmith zerowastealternatives 3 недели назад or they watched and they are part of people Hating on Tesla for real and they felt offended 😂
  • B Kaz
    B Kaz 3 недели назад Andreas Lindhé that’s the point. He’s being facetious
  • HossKirkland
    HossKirkland Неделю назад Click bait titles suck
  • The_GhostXD :P
    The_GhostXD :P Неделю назад (изменено) @Copenboro OMG Ur soo Fucking Dumb!!! He did it 1st to show how resistent the screen is (coz of the complaints of other retards like U) 2nd coz the owner let him do it ok?? And if U dont like it (the video and DougDeMuro) why are U watching this video??? like...WTF?!?! Go do other shit and hate on urself for being a 0 IQ morron....
  • DJ Ramen
    DJ Ramen 6 дней назад like me
  • Scrubs ,
    Scrubs , 5 дней назад I'll watch the whole video k
  • Young John
    Young John 4 дня назад This guy is crazy
  • Noobs X
    Noobs X 3 дня назад Lmao me too but I liked it later
  • Inside the Casino
    Inside the Casino 3 месяца назад (изменено) This is the ONE time that I actually like a click-bait title. Great video!
  • AnimateMJ
    AnimateMJ 1 месяц назад ._.
  • Lofts Sympatico
    Lofts Sympatico 3 недели назад Terrible video,... one could call it a negatively fueled N0-Muskathon. Bet Munro bought sold short on a piss pot full of Tesla stock, then 'released the dogs'.. (i.e.this video)
  • Bijan Kavehamoli
    Bijan Kavehamoli 2 недели назад @Lofts Sympatico I like how you're hating on him but can't spell his NAME.
  • Anish Suresh
    Anish Suresh 3 недели назад Imagine renting your model X out for Doug demuro to plunge and lick the screen
  • A n g e l o
    A n g e l o Неделю назад Anish Suresh —— that plunger set off my danger alert warning alarm
  • Anish Suresh
    Anish Suresh Неделю назад A n g e l o Lmaooo
  • realimsocrazy
    realimsocrazy Год назад All the dislikes are probably the people who read the title and didn't watch the video or the motorheads
  • Onkar Kadam
    Onkar Kadam Год назад probably hahhaa
  • Xander Krolis
    Xander Krolis Год назад (изменено) I did watch the video, but in complain 1 and 2 he could still enter the car with how the door opened. Or the people who disliked the video, might have not watched the whole video (*_*")
  • Boian Simeonov
    Boian Simeonov Год назад agreed
  • SySTeM4T1c
    SySTeM4T1c Год назад I just disliked because it's straight click bait. I always dislike the click bait.
  • Mateusz Walicki
    Mateusz Walicki Год назад Then you've never seen clickbait.
  • Planet 7
    Planet 7 Год назад SySTeM4T1c it was not clickbait idiot he was just saying the complaints people say
  • David Barnes Stuff
    David Barnes Stuff Год назад realimsocrazy thanks. I almost quit watching at 1 minute.
  • Dylan Walker
    Dylan Walker Год назад This guy is a meme gold mine
  • Oliver Killeen
    Oliver Killeen Год назад I disliked because of this idiot welcoming climate change onto Earth, also "pigeon wing" pissed me off,and he also "knows better" than everyone
  • André Winkel
    André Winkel Год назад THEY ARE
  • UP RailFan Link
    UP RailFan Link Год назад Yeah I watched the entire video about the Tesla Model X.
  • MrStefano218
    MrStefano218 Год назад Fuck me
  • joakim burman
    joakim burman Год назад Captain Oli what are you even talking about?
  • Theodor Kollerød
    Theodor Kollerød Год назад (изменено) SySTeM4T1c To be honest this is isn't click bait to trick you, it's a sarcastic title that is supposed to make the content funny. The title fits the video in a really humouristic way. Click bait is titles that says "I MET THE CRINGIEST HOTTEST NUDE GAMER GIRL", and the video is only about a girl that said she plays games and is a girl. That's click bait. People are really minding the point of this videos title
  • Suh
    Suh Год назад Nahh he’s weird licking the screen and shit
  • Boi McBoi
    Boi McBoi Год назад Xander Krolis, he was obviously being sarcastic in those
  • Finn Fann
    Finn Fann Год назад He's being massively sarcastic, @Captain Oli :P Watch the whole thing. He loves the thing.
  • Glenn V
    Glenn V Год назад I wonder if the guy in the video is gay now? Surely driving electric car for 15 minutes is not enough to make you a raging homosexual? I wouldn't risk driving one for an entire day but I think 15 minutes is safe. I drove a rented one for about an hour last summer, about halfway through I was craving dick, never had a gay thought prior. They truly are life changing
  • London Boi
    London Boi Год назад realimsocrazy no he is just a hypocritical fuck
  • Kaven Haul
    Kaven Haul Год назад Why watch a video when you can read titles?
  • Joseph L
    Joseph L Год назад realimsocrazy Motörhead is a great band. (See what I did there?)
  • Benis
    Benis Год назад im surprised by the amount of autism in the comment section, it was sarcasm in it`s purest form
  • Shawn Sands
    Shawn Sands Год назад Yeah no.
  • The Multi Gamer
    The Multi Gamer Год назад Nope, watched the video. Still disliked
  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless Год назад I was quite close to doing that 😂
  • Potato Fries
    Potato Fries Год назад clickbait.
  • Daniel Zhang
    Daniel Zhang Год назад SySTeM4T1c I don't think clickbait is just something that makes you want to click. I think it's also mislesding.
  • Tina Jackson
    Tina Jackson Год назад realimsocrazy DARN IT
  • Jo Awesome
    Jo Awesome Год назад Like is that even a question
  • Philgood Dr.
    Philgood Dr. 11 месяцев назад Now before getting a new car, I'll watch this guy's video to make sure I don't buy what he likes. It is totally irrationnal and bias. I once bought a 3000€ 2003 roadster because every driver of such little roadster I crossed was smiling. I still have it and it will become a collector. Not seen any big smile behind a Model X wheel yet, beside this guy in this video while draining and overheating the battery to loose a few miles of the short range left. On the contrary, i have some real empathy for those poor owners misslead by fake info and data of that nature and cruising slow at gasteropodic speeds on ze Autobahn and attempting to reach destination or to queue at the next charger. Life's too short for that crap.
  • P/\TRIOT
    P/\TRIOT 8 месяцев назад Bruh, 2000th like on this comment
  • Asianharry
    Asianharry 8 месяцев назад Disliked because it helps our enviroment.
  • PC Ce
    PC Ce 8 месяцев назад Tesla is garbage. It's just a joke. No engine sound, no clutch, no gears. Any retarded fool can drive them. The car can drive by itself, that you can literally be a complete idiot and say that you can drive a car.
  • Shivblade Kurosaki
    Shivblade Kurosaki 8 месяцев назад well he is too retarded from the start guy who suck dicks for oil company
  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 8 месяцев назад Well, he instantly said that tesla as a company sucks, so it's pretty easy to hate him for that. But it's really easy to tell its a joke after a while. Tesla is pretty god damn cool.
  • PC Ce
    PC Ce 8 месяцев назад I will never switch to electric. CO2 recycling is very likely to happen which makes more sense to continue running internal combustion engines than to be running a boring electric car where there is no free revving engine, no clutch, no gears.
  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 8 месяцев назад Paul S Wow, you are stupid as all hell! I'm no car fanatic, but recycling CO2 seems like a complete waste when you can: 1.Prevent further global warming. 2.Use an energy source that is virtually unlimited and that will not start costing more due to it becoming more and more scarce. And 3.What point is there to have a car that makes a lot of sound, it's just annoying, some cars may sound cool, but it's not necessary, we could make a pretty big change in noise pollution in large cities if all cars where quiet.
  • Axel Caceres
    Axel Caceres 7 месяцев назад I gave it a dislike once he used the toilet plunger on the screen. That's a $80k car and he almost broke the screen, or maybe even the pixels, by doing that TO SOMEBODY ELSES CAR!!! LOL
  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 7 месяцев назад Axel Caceres But he knew it wasn't going to break.
  • Axel Caceres
    Axel Caceres 7 месяцев назад @Speedbun no. No he didn't. He, obviously, did it because he assumed it wouldn't break and it didn't. However, ITS NOT his car and that may have drastically reduced the life of the screen. If we knew it was his than it doesn't even matter. But it belongs to somebody else and I can guarantee that if he'd asked the owner "hey, so can I put a toilet plunger on the screen and pull on the screen to prove to my viewers that the screen won't freeze? Also, I'm planning to hold a flame close to the screen.." NOBODY would say yes to that with a vehicle that costs around $90k.
  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 7 месяцев назад (изменено) He clearly knew it could handle it, did you even watch till the end? Despite that, I don't think the screen is just gonna shatter all of a sudden just because of the shit he did to it. Anyways, this discussion has nothing to do with the original comment at this point, so Imma stop here and go watch something else.
  • Axel Caceres
    Axel Caceres 7 месяцев назад @Speedbun ok, I'll tell you what. Send this video to Tesla and ask them if it can be harmful to do what he did. Then get back to me when/if they answer lol. I've been selling smartphones for 8 years. I've seen literally EVERYTHING.
  • DanTheMan FPV
    DanTheMan FPV 7 месяцев назад not gonna lie, I did that lol. I now know its a good review lol
  • Tom Langely
    Tom Langely 7 месяцев назад No the dislikes are from people who actually know something about Tesla! Things like Tesla wouldn't be in business if it wasn't for the millions the government gives them! That people have had to wait for years to get a car they purchased with cash! Tesla has never met a build deadline! You can't drive more than 100 miles with one! And finally their cars are just plain junk!! THATS WHY THEY DISLIKE TESLA!!
  • Tom Langely
    Tom Langely 7 месяцев назад @Glenn V sorry dude you can't drive a Tesla all day maybe for a 100 miles that's about it!
  • Ray Sun 1214
    Ray Sun 1214 7 месяцев назад yeah
    IAM SERIOUS 7 месяцев назад the dislike probably because he lick the F*** touch screen.
  • Tom Langely
    Tom Langely 7 месяцев назад @IAM SERIOUS Tesla's are pieces of shit!
  • DanTheMan FPV
    DanTheMan FPV 7 месяцев назад @Tom Langely get your fucking facts straight before you open your fat mouth bitch. The government only gave tesla money back in like 2010 or something, AND they paid it back before the deadline, with a 20 million dollar bonus. Tesla is way better quality then your shitty honda civic. And lastly, they go fucking 300+ miles of range on a single charge. You need to learn your God damn facts jackass.
  • Tech Mark
    Tech Mark 7 месяцев назад I watch it
  • Eric Hall
    Eric Hall 7 месяцев назад realimsocrazy I was just about to say that
  • Andrei's Tutorials & Gaming
    Andrei's Tutorials & Gaming 7 месяцев назад That's right.
  • Nik Falcon
    Nik Falcon 7 месяцев назад Lol I liked the video just because of the title
  • mattress shirt
    mattress shirt 7 месяцев назад @Onkar Kadam i agree but how he set up the video is stupid
  • Kostas
    Kostas 7 месяцев назад realimsocrazy I watched the video and it was just awful humour. I disliked
  • J Beaman
    J Beaman 7 месяцев назад Dammit I did this. I threw a hate comment within the first 30 seconds and then had to delete after. lol
  • Kez
    Kez 7 месяцев назад Or people from San Francisco
  • Bojan Terzija
    Bojan Terzija 6 месяцев назад My dislike was this misleading title, and all other propaganda.
  • exmacy
    exmacy 6 месяцев назад realimsocrazy true
  • Meagan James
    Meagan James 6 месяцев назад realimsocrazy slepep Hhjmkllllll Lkkkkkkkkkkkolllllll🕍🕍🕍🕍🚥🚥⛽️🚥🎺🎪
  • Batman
    Batman 6 месяцев назад realimsocrazy Total rubbish .
  • Jz Eat
    Jz Eat 6 месяцев назад I immediately disliked then watched and changed it ha
  • ragnarox16
    ragnarox16 6 месяцев назад Disliked because he was treating a person's rental car like shit.
  • unforgettable Plays
    unforgettable Plays 6 месяцев назад I hate you I am disliking all your videos Tesla is amazing
  • Will Roberts
    Will Roberts 6 месяцев назад Or, all the lame sarcasm, gay music, and treating someone else's property like shit.
  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 6 месяцев назад realimsocrazy That is precisely correct. I left a comment saying that I greatly appreciate Tesla and this vehicle and lost respect for Doug over his blind ridicule and stubborn dogmatic position that all vehicles must be internal combustion engine driven. I didn’t even watch the video I thought he was so stubborn and the attitude just irritated me from the beginning. However today I saw his model three review and noted his enthusiasm for Tesla. This caught me off guard so I took a second look at this video thinking the two must’ve been made it completely different time or something must’ve changed his mind, but then it became very clear that the tagline is Clickbait, not the annoying type - I get what he’s going for, appealing to those who have made dogmatic claims in order to change their minds. Very funny and I liked the repulsive auto pilot.
  • Austarius
    Austarius 6 месяцев назад A motorhead is someone who's addicted to speed. Not someone who likes combustion engine vehicles...
  • Emily Yu
    Emily Yu 6 месяцев назад I did watch the video. 😒
  • Fly White
    Fly White 6 месяцев назад Motor heads hate when their 671 blowered rat motor nova with drag slicks get dropped. At the drag strip by an over sized luxury golf cart
  • C Gsm
    C Gsm 6 месяцев назад How dare you to say that about the tesla model X
  • tont
    tont 6 месяцев назад Speedbun You know that tesla’s body is basically hyundai’s pieces put together. Very low quality
  • Sailor Barsoom
    Sailor Barsoom 6 месяцев назад I was all ready to write something snotty when I saw your post. So I thought, "OK, fine, I'll watch some more of the video." I've been Poe-ed!!
  • Teslavideos
    Teslavideos 6 месяцев назад True! By the way, if you have time, please check out our first video on Youtube, of the Model S. Appreciate your feedback :)
  • Malicious Director
    Malicious Director 5 месяцев назад I have model x and 3 its Great the Doors are amazing i love how precise the sensors are,Tesla realy made an amazing product
  • Sailor Barsoom
    Sailor Barsoom 5 месяцев назад @PC Ce I quit liking cars when they got rid of the crank. It was bad enough when they switched from steam to gasoline.
  • PC Ce
    PC Ce 5 месяцев назад @Sailor Barsoom you have completely lost what is being discussed here. Electric cars are garbage because they are so boring to drive. It's a real fact.
  • Sailor Barsoom
    Sailor Barsoom 5 месяцев назад @PC Ce You personally may find them boring because, um, because they don't go vroom-vroom? But I watch one video after another of people who drive these cars and smile, shout "WOAH!" or giggle like schoolgirls. THEY don't seem bored. For them, superior performance is exciting enough, even if the sound of inefficiency is missing.
  • PC Ce
    PC Ce 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @Sailor Barsoom how on Earth can a car that you drive with a single pedal fun ? I have driven Tesla's and other electric cars and I felt like I am not driving anymore. They are are boring because they are so easy to drive. Anyone with very low coordination skills can drive them.
  • Bran ley
    Bran ley 5 месяцев назад @Sailor Barsoom yeah. A friend of mine was thinking the same way as you after watching so many YouTube videos filled with false claims that electric cars are fun. He went and purchased one and now he is regretting it. He is so bored of driving it that he wants to get rid of it, and get back to driving a gas car with a stick shift.
  • Sailor Barsoom
    Sailor Barsoom 5 месяцев назад @Bran ley Well yes, if what makes a car exciting to you is that it's complicated or difficult to drive, you're really going to hate the future. Unless you're a rich guy like Jay Leno and can afford to collect 1929 Pierce Arrow or 1908 Stanly Steamer, the Years to Come are going to be pretty dull. Granted, electric cars can blow the doors off of ICE cars, clutch and all, but they are pretty easy to drive. Maybe somebody will develop a software emulation of overly-complicated, inefficient ICE cars. Could even play vroom-vroom over the stereo.
  • Bran ley
    Bran ley 5 месяцев назад @Sailor Barsoom What's the point of even driving a single pedal car in the first place ? The car handles a lot of things might as well let the computer drive it for you. By the way, car manufacturers knows that stick shifts are for the people who needs to have a sense of driving. They provide the ultinate rich driving experience that no ev can ever replicate. Driving EV'S are so easy that it is soo boring. You don't know what kind of fun it is to do downshift Rev matching, heel toe, and performing hill starts. People can never get enough of doing those. I drive only because I love doing those.
  • Sailor Barsoom
    Sailor Barsoom 5 месяцев назад @Bran ley You can only do one-pedal driving with the regenerative braking turned on, and you can turn that off. Wham, you're back to two-pedal driving. I'm surprised nobody's told you this before. I'm sure that in the future there will be playgrounds where you can rev and shift and do all that cool retro stuff, just as there are still places you can ride a horse. I don't know anybody who would say that cars suck because they don't stop to eat grass.
  • Bran ley
    Bran ley 5 месяцев назад @Sailor Barsoom I know. Two pedal cars are boring too. With an ev you cannot do certain things. Its very lImited and hence the fun is limited. The only thing you can do in a ev is go fast or slow down with a single pedal or 2 pedals. With a stick shift, you can do a lot more cool fun stuff, with the combination of the all the 3 pedals and the gear shifter. That's why it's so much more fun to drive a stick shift. This is why electric cars are so booring.
  • Sailor Barsoom
    Sailor Barsoom 5 месяцев назад @Bran ley Again, superior performance is enough for most people. But I do hope there is some way in the future for people to have their retro fun. I don't ride horses often, but I do enjoy it when I do.
  • Dennis Alvarez
    Dennis Alvarez 5 месяцев назад True that
  • Mathijs Frenken
    Mathijs Frenken 5 месяцев назад Or you know... the fact that it is clickbait.
  • Mythreya J L
    Mythreya J L 4 месяца назад Motorhead here.
  • Iron Arm
    Iron Arm 4 месяца назад hmmm, why would motorheads dislike a video with a title stating that an electric car is awful? I agree with your first thought though.
  • Aimon Soturi
    Aimon Soturi 4 месяца назад @Oliver Killeen LOL
  • Andrew Holdaway
    Andrew Holdaway 3 месяца назад No we disliked it cos you can't get into the car in a tight space because the driver/front pass. doors are 'conventional'; and the gull wing doors _are height restrictive. Basically in the door department the car is the worst of both worlds.
  • Minh Đỗ Lê Thành
    Minh Đỗ Lê Thành 3 месяца назад I did not like the clickbait. Thus I disliked. Logical complaint by all sense of the word.
  • Leon B
    Leon B 3 месяца назад clickbait title
  • kuriakose jim
    kuriakose jim 3 месяца назад Omggg😂😂😂 I actually thought he hated tesla
  • Nishanth N
    Nishanth N 3 месяца назад realimsocrazy I think most of them actually saw the video and were disappointed that it was not an awful car! And the title was misleading them to watch it...
  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 2 месяца назад 05:50 the panelgap on that hood is big enough for a fist.
  • Rol PvP
    Rol PvP 2 месяца назад Theodor Kollerød just seeing the thumb, I was thinking this video was a negative point of the Tesla... buuuuut I laughed a lot with his sarcasm and I loved the video.
  • PiE MAN
    PiE MAN 1 месяц назад @Oliver Killeen bro did you even watch the full video?
  • Cory Pinion
    Cory Pinion 2 недели назад And what's ur problem with motorheads. Tesla is good and all until it shorts out and burns to the ground.
  • Bijan Kavehamoli
    Bijan Kavehamoli 2 недели назад I agree
  • opponent 116
    opponent 116 Неделю назад realimsocrazy disliked it cause its tesla
  • Fish Army
    Fish Army 3 месяца назад the doors when they go up turn into the Tesla logo
  • A-Innovations
    A-Innovations 2 месяца назад WHOA
  • The Man
    The Man 2 месяца назад WHAT
  • Ger -
    Ger - 2 месяца назад Mind Blown
  • Echoblaze
    Echoblaze 2 месяца назад DAMMM
  • Justin Norris
    Justin Norris 2 месяца назад Damn I just realized that
  • Nick
    Nick 2 месяца назад For the first 10k miles, yes. After that, they break.
  • Jxcksonn
    Jxcksonn 2 месяца назад @Nick you speaking from experience or ....?
  • Btown
    Btown 2 месяца назад Nick yeeaahhh... you probably don’t have a Tesla
  • Timothy Nguyen
    Timothy Nguyen 2 месяца назад (изменено) Nick My family owns one so I guess I have a say in this. When we first got the car, it needed adjustment but now it has been fine for 35k miles so far. Also, our car was one of the earlier ones (#1860) so yea.... sample size of one so take it for what it is...
  • Francois Audy
    Francois Audy 2 месяца назад Hol' up, what
  • Teddy Brady
    Teddy Brady 2 месяца назад Fish Army holy shit
  • Siixco
    Siixco 1 месяц назад whoa
  • ke6gwf
    ke6gwf 1 месяц назад Wow, never saw or heard that before! Lol
  • Fardan Ahmed
    Fardan Ahmed 1 месяц назад Sick!!!!!!!
  • TandyThe Duck
    TandyThe Duck 1 месяц назад wow never noticed that
  • Marc Brown
    Marc Brown 1 месяц назад HOLY BALLS YOUR RIGHT
  • Mika 2006
    Mika 2006 1 месяц назад MIND BLOW
  • Marli Alexandra
    Marli Alexandra 1 месяц назад Fish Army whoa i literally didn’t know that holy crap. haha
  • Tepper
    Tepper 2 недели назад say WHAT?
  • Sameerzz
    Sameerzz Неделю назад i just noticed it
  • Sharkgamer999
    Sharkgamer999 2 месяца назад 4:20 Tesla: Doug I’m here! Doug starts running towards the car Tesla: Okay I guess I’m leaving
  • Eshaan Thakral
    Eshaan Thakral 1 месяц назад Haha 420
  • Giovanni S
    Giovanni S 1 месяц назад I laughed too hard😋😂
  • Adrian D
    Adrian D 2 месяца назад You borrowed a car from an app just to lick the screen inside lol
    MAY-PAC 3 недели назад Adrian D 😆
  • Elijah Rodgers
    Elijah Rodgers 1 день назад And put a plunger to it
  • oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah 2 месяца назад My brain cant handle this lvl of sarcasm
  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 1 час назад oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah the 68K people maybe hate sarcasm
  • Lilxannykid
    Lilxannykid 6 месяцев назад Elon musk wants to know your location
  • Mr. Question mark
    Mr. Question mark 6 месяцев назад :DDDD and location wheres minigun
  • Tony Pham
    Tony Pham 6 месяцев назад Shut up
  • Dino Pappous
    Dino Pappous 6 месяцев назад Elon Musk = This Generation's PT Barnum......
  • Tyler Haines
    Tyler Haines 5 месяцев назад whats inside wants to know your location also
  • Darchan Darchan
    Darchan Darchan 5 месяцев назад he better know what sarcasm is
  • Intuitive Minded
    Intuitive Minded 5 месяцев назад (изменено) I’m pretty sure Elon musk doesn’t care about this guys dumb videos...lmao did anyone see how this guy parked? ...Asshole Parking lol. “They’re not loud” “I’m a car enthusiast” yeah’re pro fossil fuel, pro long term earth destruction, ok..
  • Skandi
    Skandi 5 месяцев назад @Intuitive Minded is that sarcasm?
  • Owner
    Owner 5 месяцев назад @Tony Pham no u
  • Alexander Heim
    Alexander Heim 5 месяцев назад Kinda adorable how you think he doesn´t know already :D
  • Midnight club Los Angeles is dead
    Midnight club Los Angeles is dead 4 месяца назад He would launch a falcon heavy to your house.
  • Frank Kovacs
    Frank Kovacs 4 месяца назад He already knows.
  • night shot
    night shot 4 месяца назад The is ok
  • A man
    A man 4 месяца назад So he can use his flamethrower
  • Seller
    Seller 4 месяца назад Elon musk wants you to work with Tesla
  • Niathanador 17
    Niathanador 17 4 месяца назад Elon musk probably know his location
  • Tran Clan
    Tran Clan 4 месяца назад So he can kill you
  • Ja Series
    Ja Series 1 месяц назад He's in a Tesla, musk knows his exact location. I want this car so badly.
  • Trevor Williams
    Trevor Williams 1 месяц назад he already does.
  • Fuego
    Fuego 1 месяц назад @Tony Pham Fuck you
  • Clutch Master
    Clutch Master 1 месяц назад It's Philadelphia, at 4:38 you can see the Comcast center building in the top left. Im from Philadelphia so I would know this :/
  • NotYTFaZe_ Tfue_God
    NotYTFaZe_ Tfue_God 3 недели назад Lilxannykid lol
  • Quinn Ey
    Quinn Ey 3 недели назад He already knows
  • InfiniteGMR 07
    InfiniteGMR 07 2 недели назад Intuitive Minded If you think their dumb, than why are you watching his videos??? Common sense kid.
  • Andrea M.
    Andrea M. Неделю назад @Intuitive Minded "INTUITIVE" minded?:)))
  • Xerius Mavalvala
    Xerius Mavalvala 6 дней назад Haha 😂
  • Maddison Sylvain
    Maddison Sylvain 2 месяца назад 4:21 I love how the car basically walked away from him so passive aggressively. It was like “Nuh Uh don’t touch me you called me a pigeon bitchass.”
  • Valentine Beatz
    Valentine Beatz 1 месяц назад Anyone else notice the car with it's trunk open driving by at 0:32?
  • MRMEDaKhosy
    MRMEDaKhosy 1 месяц назад That's a good eye 😂
  • skrrt skrrr
    skrrt skrrr 4 недели назад 😂
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    JustLikeNicky Неделю назад I did lol
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    Kaki Game 4 дня назад Eagle eyes!!
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    Oh Yeah yeah 1 час назад Valentine Beatz me
  • Eric Choi
    Eric Choi 2 месяца назад 67K people haven't even watched the video.
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    Mackenzie Hoey 2 месяца назад 0:32 the guy in the background driving his car with the freaking trunk open
  • KhanDaPwner
    KhanDaPwner 3 недели назад (изменено) Tesla owner: "Oh hey ill just rent my car to a stranger through turo" Doug DeMuro: "Thanks for letting me rent your car. I won't abuse it, you can count on me!" Also Doug DeMuro: 3:11
  • francisco touzet
    francisco touzet 4 дня назад Bro best video you ever made I like it. Thanks for putting a smile on my face keep up the good work.
  • No
    No 3 недели назад 1:44 “Now as everyone knows, the model X’s rear doors open upwards like a pigeon trying to take flight in times square in order to eat a cheese puff” Yes Doug that was my first thought
  • Bad Cornflakes
    Bad Cornflakes 3 недели назад Just imagine a wild Model X flying around New York eating cheesepuffs
  • Bijan Kavehamoli
    Bijan Kavehamoli 2 недели назад @Bad Cornflakes and then exploding like a few sticks of dynamite
  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 1 месяц назад Gotta admit.... You had me pissed off at the start but after watching the video I'm giving it a thumbs up 👍😂
  • Brad Suarez
    Brad Suarez 2 недели назад I was so triggered at first and was about to leave a nasty comment then I realise you were being sarcastic. Lol.
  • bwownie bwownie
    bwownie bwownie 1 день назад SAME
  • Gabe Miller
    Gabe Miller Неделю назад 3:10 is what you came for. Thank me later.