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1965 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Oct 16, 2017 274,295 views

General Motors made the Chevy II as an answer to the Ford Falcon. The Nova was its highest trim package.



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  • FokkerBoombass
    FokkerBoombass Год назад Mr. Regular isn't a GM guy. Mr. Regular isn't a Ford guy. Mr. Regular is a car guy.
  • az zahar
    az zahar 1 месяц назад He's a Toyota fanboi
  • Cornelius McMuffin
    Cornelius McMuffin 9 месяцев назад but he is a honda guy.
  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 9 месяцев назад Hes just a regular everyday normal guy.
    PIGEON MAN 9 месяцев назад FokkerBoombass Mr regular is a guy
  • Chris Tasker
    Chris Tasker 9 месяцев назад Lmao. Thought he gonna say he's not a guy
  • James Connelly
    James Connelly 10 месяцев назад FokkerBoombass i have been looking for a 65 nova chevy 2 wagon
  • Uncle JOE
    Uncle JOE 11 месяцев назад i am a big fan of 90s cars too
  • Uncle JOE
    Uncle JOE 11 месяцев назад he likes old jdm and Chrysler doesnt really like anything swedish
  • Mickey Haddon
    Mickey Haddon Год назад FokkerBoombass toyota guy
  • karl ball
    karl ball Год назад Lol.. Wonder how long there will be a review of the 77 78 Chevy Nova 2 door?
  • karl ball
    karl ball Год назад Wish they were simple these days
  • Conner_The_Esquire
    Conner_The_Esquire Год назад Norweeb TM ... Me?
  • Norweeb TM
    Norweeb TM Год назад This is like the third time I ran into on youtube. fuck you are literally everywhere, love ur stuff my guy
  • karl ball
    karl ball Год назад Love how it ends.. Poectic!
  • Conner_The_Esquire
    Conner_The_Esquire Год назад FokkerBoombass Damn Right.
  • ian yavorski
    ian yavorski Год назад I can respect all males and models... except for fords, got stranded on the side of the road too many times and it gave me an aversion to them
  • PleaseSendSerotonin
    PleaseSendSerotonin Год назад He's a Toyota guy.
  • jakob weaver
    jakob weaver Год назад FokkerBoombass he seems to really appreciate Toyota though
    GETUP AND GO Год назад Case closed
  • Prius Hunter
    Prius Hunter Год назад He’!
  • Svenshine
    Svenshine Год назад He's a 90's guy. Every time he says "nineties" he creams himself a little. HNNNNNNNNNG SUB-ONE DOLLAR A GALLON GAS I think I creamed myself a bit.
  • RuinedRX8
    RuinedRX8 Год назад he car
  • David Mollura
    David Mollura Год назад He's a shemale porn addiction guy
  • Pezz Pezzer
    Pezz Pezzer Год назад He's a real fart guy
  • Dangerous Amoeba
    Dangerous Amoeba Год назад He's a Big Guy!
  • Nick Renda
    Nick Renda Год назад Mr. Regular is just a
  • Tripnotyst
    Tripnotyst Год назад He's a car show guy
  • Angel Martinez
    Angel Martinez Год назад Just a regular car guy 🙂
  • Kyle Soler
    Kyle Soler Год назад He is a Honda guy (explains his number of Honda reviews)
  • YJ K
    YJ K Год назад FokkerBoombass i
  • Getsuga Tenshō
    Getsuga Tenshō Год назад He is a BROWN guy!
  • andrew raju
    andrew raju Год назад hes a family guy
  • Willy Lamb
    Willy Lamb Год назад Okay.....
  • jettan
    jettan Год назад spessgnu
  • linglingjr
    linglingjr Год назад Dick Stroke shhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Dick Stroke
    Dick Stroke Год назад Cough cough Toyota guy cough cough
  • rodentexplosion
    rodentexplosion Год назад Pretty sure that most of us who follow the channel are car guys.
  • MustangLab 302
    MustangLab 302 Год назад He's a henns garage groupie guy
  • Carlo Jaime lizzeni
    Carlo Jaime lizzeni Год назад He's a bathroom guy
  • meteor smash
    meteor smash Год назад he’s guy
  • Panda Mcmuffin
    Panda Mcmuffin Год назад FokkerBoombass He's a Regular guy
  • O. Dean
    O. Dean Год назад "They break but they're never broken", that is one of my favorite lines from Mr. Regular. Apart from HOT BROWN, of course.
  • this cheesecake
    this cheesecake 4 месяца назад COLD YELLOW
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas Год назад (изменено) You could apply that to so much.
  • rick9021090210
    rick9021090210 Год назад "they may break, but they're never broken..." "well mantained, these machines will outlive us..." wow... those are heavy lines... nice review! cheers!
  • Jonah Hex
    Jonah Hex Год назад GM: Hey I didn’t do my homework can I copy yours Ford: sure just don’t make it obvious
    JERACERX Год назад Tucker: Kid who got their homework stolen
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars Год назад haha
  • Emil Davis
    Emil Davis Год назад Nash: The teacher who wrote the book.
  • Robert Tadic
    Robert Tadic Год назад Plymouth: the kid who does the homework early
  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce Год назад And Gm got 100/100 from the test and Ford gets a 98/100.
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger Год назад Classic rock, in a '60s car? WINGA DINGA MUSIC
  • Svenshine
    Svenshine Год назад Mika Waarnink, I think my favorite Syd Barret song is Jugband blues. The fact that he recognized that he was gone was so surreal.
  • Mika Waarnink
    Mika Waarnink Год назад Svenshine, I love psychedelic rock way too much.
  • Svenshine
    Svenshine Год назад Syd Barret Pink Floyd, Psychadelic rock, Metric tons of LSD
  • Michael Wolters
    Michael Wolters Год назад Mika Waarnink Really? I always thought it was Doo Wap.
  • Alec Driscoll
    Alec Driscoll Год назад XDTinman winga dinga winga dinga winga dinga
  • Mika Waarnink
    Mika Waarnink Год назад XDTinman It’s ment to be a rockabilly rythm. 50’s 60’s rock ‘n roll music basically.
  • XDTinman
    XDTinman Год назад I now saw WINGA DINGA DINGA when I see an nice old car, but I don't know what it means 😆😆
  • SuperFrankieOSX
    SuperFrankieOSX Год назад twotailedavenger WHAT I THINK EVERY DAY
  • TheChimbleySweep
    TheChimbleySweep Год назад How crazed is the Nova fanclub? Well, a friend of mine from high school loves these cars so much that he legally had his first name changed to Nova. So there's that.
  • Mason Tee
    Mason Tee Год назад So I guess it would be a huge sin and very disrespectful to put a Honda Accord engine & transmission in one of these or a Chevy Opala, huh?
  • Daniel Moukli
    Daniel Moukli Год назад datboi knows best no shit.
  • GreenLeaf5656
    GreenLeaf5656 Год назад datboi knows best I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about.
  • Brock Walls
    Brock Walls Год назад A dude I worked with bought a Lincoln MKZ and then changed his name to Lincoln. He was weird.
  • ...
    ... Год назад Big Block Nova guys were always serious as shit
  • Stone's Garage -DFW
    Stone's Garage -DFW Год назад And people thought my amc tat was excessive
  • JakeXD
    JakeXD Год назад GreenLeaf5656 nope, Nova Scotia means new Scotland. Xd
  • I z z y with my name in bold
    I z z y with my name in bold Год назад TheCommenter71 I think you're thinking of "Nora"
  • speedosausage
    speedosausage Год назад TheChimbleySweep Isn't Nova a girl's name?
  • mr.JR1981
    mr.JR1981 Год назад Do you mean Casanova
  • GreenLeaf5656
    GreenLeaf5656 Год назад Don't forget Nova Scotia in Canada, also named after the Chevy II Nova.
  • Umair Dawood
    Umair Dawood Год назад I feel like the Roman doesn't get enough love in Youtube comments but he killed it in this one. Love the outro song.
  • Jedi Master Joe
    Jedi Master Joe 8 месяцев назад He’s filipino
  • KevlosENT
    KevlosENT Год назад Roman's writing is one of the most important parts of the this channel.
  • theknifesong
    theknifesong Год назад +1
  • Daniel Stavenow
    Daniel Stavenow Год назад What was the outro song?
  • Lou D
    Lou D Год назад It reminded me of my ex, but just like her, I loved the shit out of that song.
  • D E
    D E Год назад Was looking for this comment, Roman's songs have grown on me.
  • Christian Diggs
    Christian Diggs Год назад Umair Dawood I was legit thinking "Damn, Roman... That was beautiful."
  • Lindsay Kimbrough
    Lindsay Kimbrough Год назад Umair Dawood He also writes a good bit of the reviews. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.
  • Jerrypintoswe
    Jerrypintoswe Год назад If this is the second Chevrolet, which was the first one?
  • Gemini 64
    Gemini 64 3 недели назад Well, a Nova is a Chevy, II. Isn't it? LOL!
  • owen lewis
    owen lewis 3 месяца назад Probably the second attempt at a mass market compact after the Corvair failed to set the world on fire
  • Samuel Molloy
    Samuel Molloy 3 месяца назад The first Chevy Six in 1929, the original Stovebolt Six, was ALSO 194 cubic inches
  • Ashley Sutherland
    Ashley Sutherland 7 месяцев назад The corvair
  • Yard Man
    Yard Man Год назад The series C classic six is the first vehicle produced by Chevrolet back in 1913
  • Commander Neyo67
    Commander Neyo67 Год назад Bel air?
  • waterpae
    waterpae Год назад ford falcon
  • Kooduh
    Kooduh Год назад MotoX Champ there ya go i was about to respond the same. Also, was going to comment...MrRegular nailed it in the narrative describing the driving experience of a 60's car. I own a 66barracuda and this made me want to go on another driving adventure to the market
  • MotoX Champ
    MotoX Champ Год назад (изменено) I think the Tri-Fives (55, 56 & 57) are considered the “first” models (Chevy 1) of mass produced Chevys. They were also known as the Bel Air, Chevy 150, and Chevy 210.
  • kolby4078
    kolby4078 Год назад that would be the Chevrolet Classic Six no joke
  • Frozen Cactus
    Frozen Cactus Год назад (изменено) The full size models: Caprice/Impala/etc.
  • Sigui Tim
    Sigui Tim Год назад Chevrolet 1.
  • Jonathan Rouse
    Jonathan Rouse Год назад Ford.
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz Год назад The one that got banned from NASCAR, the fuel-injected Chevrolet 150.
  • Maserati7200
    Maserati7200 Год назад Moist. Moist. Wetness.
  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 3 месяца назад CODE BROWN
  • Coonotafoo
    Coonotafoo Год назад Moist. Moist. Sogginess.
  • XeroSnake
    XeroSnake Год назад Last time I came this early I had to pay child support
  • Aaron Bane
    Aaron Bane Год назад I think the Chevy 2 looks better.
  • Onio Saiyan
    Onio Saiyan Год назад Heretic! Lol jk.
  • PkMnMasterBronze
    PkMnMasterBronze Год назад Carlo Jaime lizenni true falcons looks kinda weird
  • Robert Breeden
    Robert Breeden Год назад Opinions
  • ishliss
    ishliss Год назад Same, falcon has always looked to “bubbly” to me.
  • Cody Zwick
    Cody Zwick Год назад Chevy II > falcon
  • Foxmakesmodels
    Foxmakesmodels Год назад +Caleb Carrigan hell yes
  • Caleb Carrigan
    Caleb Carrigan Год назад Hell no.
  • MacheteEnima
    MacheteEnima Год назад Well, the difference is, the Chevy has styling. The Ford has none. Thanks Bob McNamara.
  • thestig572420
    thestig572420 Год назад Aaron Bane 100% agree. Falcon always looked a lil goofy to me. Really like the wagon version of the chevy 2
  • Carlo Jaime lizzeni
    Carlo Jaime lizzeni Год назад Aaron Bane are you blind?
  • GR46404
    GR46404 Год назад (изменено) My father, who was an insurance claims adjuster, was issued a Chevy II base model as a company car. It was the same color as the one here. It was a good little car. I always thought it was very practical for having rubber floor covering instead of carpet. Dad like GMs better than Fords, but the company bought mainly Fords after that. Thanks for the memories!
  • Various Engineering
    Various Engineering Год назад Because sleep is O V E R A T E D
  • David Irwin
    David Irwin Год назад Various Engineering Right?? I get home from working an overnight shift, all ready for bed. However, Mr. Regular is like, "NOPE"!
  • Wretched Slippage
    Wretched Slippage Год назад I do honestly think the II Looks better than the falcon. Thats just me though.. Falcon is still rad
  • Rainhill1829
    Rainhill1829 Год назад Damn, I need to go look forlornly at a sunset now.
  • Oldsmobile69
    Oldsmobile69 Год назад The most important airbag in a car is the one between the driver's ears.
  • P77777777
    P77777777 8 месяцев назад Honestly i think people should learn to drive cars with no features so it forces them to develop good habits
  • Gargenville
    Gargenville Год назад I see you adhere to the Git Gud school of traffic safety.
  • Oldsmobile69
    Oldsmobile69 Год назад OTOH, watching Russian car crash videos, fucking up lane changes seems to be a big portion of them.
  • Simon Dobrev
    Simon Dobrev Год назад It's sad that systems like traction control or some lane assists are becoming so dominant in today's cars. People pay less attention so they are more dangerous and it washes away the joy of driving.
  • Cardboard Silver
    Cardboard Silver Год назад 19 minute old RCR? Still has that fresh New Car smell to it.
  • Nerf Guy on the Bench
    Nerf Guy on the Bench 11 месяцев назад New Regular smell
  • Nick Lehne
    Nick Lehne Год назад Tom E MOIST
  • John Kennedy
    John Kennedy Год назад Beautiful review and delightful outro song
  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar Год назад (изменено) Doug DeMuro is the type of guy Oh sorry wrong channel.
  • Ryan Wequ
    Ryan Wequ Год назад Harish Kumar eh...close enough.
  • Stefan B
    Stefan B Год назад Spelt
  • nick skizekers
    nick skizekers Год назад (изменено) Robertas S. Why? People make mistakes, there's no shame in that, it's only part of being human. Not to mention it's only a YouTube comment, not an article for autotrader lol
  • Robert
    Robert Год назад Harish Kumar if you spell it wrong, delete it and write it again.
  • Sergey Akinin
    Sergey Akinin Год назад Sometimes the youtube comments section is a good place... it's usually under an RCR video.
  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar Год назад F.U.2.2! Exactly😁
  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar Год назад F.U.2.2! I spelt DeMuro wrong😁
  • Rhys
    Rhys Год назад Harish Kumar How original. My I ask how you fucked this comment up so badly that you had to edit it?
  • Affalterbach Brackley 1967
    Affalterbach Brackley 1967 Год назад I get up at 5am to go skiing, but at 4am for a new review of an old car.
  • Samlap25
    Samlap25 Год назад Affalterbach 1967 Nice going out to Breck/Vail CO in Jan
  • Affalterbach Brackley 1967
    Affalterbach Brackley 1967 Год назад Backcountry skiing accessed by hiking or helicopter is on. Near Valemount BC is my favourite, but somany good places in southern BC.
  • Sean Hartford
    Sean Hartford Год назад Samlap25 some resorts in BC are starting to open
  • Samlap25
    Samlap25 Год назад Where you skiing?
  • prylosec or something
    prylosec or something Год назад Where are you skiing it's still fall where I live