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The Unfortunate History of the AMC Pacer - Documentary Film

Published on Dec 7, 2013 1,566,696 views

Behind all the jokes and insults, the AMC Pacer is actually a car with a great deal of history. It began as radical new design from an underdog company. In an attempt to combat the big, bland, boxy cars from Detroit's "Big Three," little American Motors Corporation decided to build something a little different. Their one-eyed car stylist Dick Teague proposed a small, wide car with big windows and smooth aerodynamics. Americans had never seen anything like it.
This in-depth documentary tells the true story of the Pacer. Unbeknownst to many, the car persevered through manufacturing setbacks, government regulations, and many other troubles. Featuring a ton of old car advertisements and rare footage of AMC's factory, the film helps paint a picture of the Pacer's world. Director Joe Ligo sits down with AMC stylist Vincent Geraci, author Patrick Foster, and television personalities John Davis and Pat Goss from PBS's MotorWeek.

  • Listening Point
    Listening Point 3 года назад Everyone laughed at the AMC Eagle and now everyone drives a crossover. The brand was way ahead of their time.
  • jack hewitt
    jack hewitt Неделю назад You know I was thinking the same thing you see crossovers every where now but the little amc invented it ahead of their time without a doubt
    TATTOO VAMPIRE1966 3 недели назад I bought a 88 Eagle 4x4 Wagon brand new, a lot of friends laughed at me until winter came in Kenosha, Wis. The home of AMC! I liked my F-150, But that Eagle was one Helluva Car..
  • Rick B
    Rick B 3 недели назад My father taught me how to drive with his AMC eagle... R I P, Pop.
  • GermanShepherd1983
    GermanShepherd1983 4 недели назад LOL. I had a friend who bought a new Eagle in January of 1982. It broke down every week, and I'm not kidding. In March of that year I rode with him and sure enough the alternator went out and we walked 2 miles in 20 below weather to a nearby farm for help. It was during that walk that he decided the Eagle was going, and it did, for a Chevy Blazer. Worst piece of junk ever made.
  • Don Sperrazza
    Don Sperrazza 1 месяц назад agreed the subcompact crossover movement does have some traces to the eagle.
  • Mr and Mrs. Smith
    Mr and Mrs. Smith 2 месяца назад The Eagle was an awesome car!
  • Stealth Customs Corporation
    Stealth Customs Corporation 3 месяца назад @Barry Ervin Drove a restomodded 1980 Eagle with 18 inch rims and low profile tires in the mud and snow with no problems! WHATS YOUR POINT????? Do some research and post data before posing lies.
  • Gary Schreckengost
    Gary Schreckengost 3 месяца назад Btw,I've had quite a few offer for it,n yes you still still see them I northern Wyoming. I know of 6 on road here in bighorn county,all daily drivers.
  • Gary Schreckengost
    Gary Schreckengost 3 месяца назад Have a 82 eagle,love it ,great in Wyoming winters.
  • Daveed56
    Daveed56 5 месяцев назад Bought my "Lunar Vehicle" as my friends called it in 1975, drove it for ten years.... a lot of fun memories!
  • Erick Gregory
    Erick Gregory 5 месяцев назад The Eagle ok, I can get on board, the Pacer no.
  • Old Guy
    Old Guy 5 месяцев назад It was a great car I bought a used one for five hundred bucks and drove it almost three hundred thousand miles with little trouble. the key is service a car at three thousand miles. ,
  • Nemo
    Nemo 5 месяцев назад subaru came around 7 years after the Eagle died with the outback, and it sold so well it saved the company. it's still their #1 cash cow today. so yeah, if AMC could have toughed it out just another decade they'd have been in a good position to succeed.
  • Spuds
    Spuds 5 месяцев назад Agreed, they were really cool .. and still are!!!
  • Kevin Schmidt
    Kevin Schmidt 5 месяцев назад Listening Point find a tittle