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Tesla Model 3 in-depth review - see why it’s the best electric car in the world!

Published on Mar 22, 2019 2,484,476 views

Introducing the new Tesla Model 3! With a starting price of around $35,000, it’s relatively cheap alternative to the more established Model S. But don’t let the price deceive you - the Model 3 still comes in with just as much high quality tech and styling as you’ll find in its older brother! So is Tesla cutting corners elsewhere to allow you to buy the Model 3 at such a price? Join Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!

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  • Johnnyxp64
    Johnnyxp64 3 месяца назад (изменено) thousands of model 3 video "reviews" out there... yet he is managing to make the best (complete) and most objective one in only 20mins!
  • David kowalewski
    David kowalewski Неделю назад Johnnyxp64 has ebikes
  • Le Mérovingien
    Le Mérovingien 2 недели назад is the best one? did you see all other thousands of it ?
  • Cy Gilbert
    Cy Gilbert 3 недели назад Matt, you have got to stop touching the glass on the doors! It just makes me cringe, even though YOU'RE the BEST. :D
  • Tokarev
    Tokarev 1 месяц назад @GGG That's actually factory fixed already, all new models come with a different sealant.
  • Tokarev
    Tokarev 1 месяц назад @bug a boo Someone steals your keys they can steal your car too. You can also password protect your Tesla.
  • Milan
    Milan 1 месяц назад I wish reviewers compared cars based on total cost of ownership over eg. 5 years. That's where electric cars excel due to low energy consumption, low electricity costs, low maintenance and wear. Petrol/diesel car purchase price is just the first expense, a membership fee to the Oil club that subscribes you to ridiculous fuel prices, air pollution and health hazard for others. See how Tesla 3 compares to BMW 330i
  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch 1 месяц назад Johnnyxp64 Dog Demuro does it in 30 minutes but not complete
  • Chris Darroch
    Chris Darroch 1 месяц назад "objective" ? Autopilot is malfunctioning and could easily result in death of the driver, passengers and anyone else involved in a potential crash.....yet he still recommends it.
  • Illya Laurette
    Illya Laurette 2 месяца назад Looking at you, Dough De Muro
  • Keyrena ltd
    Keyrena ltd 2 месяца назад (изменено) Well, this led is Hugh Hefner of the car industry. Before any car hit the road he need them.
  • GGG
    GGG 3 месяца назад (изменено) 9:17 lol
  • J. Kevin McNary
    J. Kevin McNary 3 месяца назад Perkelenaattori Come on. If you are going to be a clueless troll, at least come up with some original material.
  • reinterpret_cast
    reinterpret_cast 3 месяца назад He barely mentioned any downsides, how is it the most objective review
  • colorrage
    colorrage 3 месяца назад True
  • bindal127
    bindal127 3 месяца назад He's definitely the best
  • Perkelenaattori
    Perkelenaattori 3 месяца назад @Johnnyxp64 Might be because he's not a part of the Tesla referral program or the Tesla cult. It's gotten to the point that if you make a video on Youtube showing what sort of a massive pile of crap your Model 3 is, a horde of Muskrats arrive and start complaining how you shouldn't voice your grievances in public and how Elon is going to take us all to Mars. Tesla is a cult.
  • Victor
    Victor 3 месяца назад All Videos great job. Muslim
  • officersnout
    officersnout 3 месяца назад Cos....he's smarter than you that's why "pond life"
  • Glenn Millam
    Glenn Millam 3 месяца назад I agree. I own one, and it points out the good, bad and the ugly of the car very well. And, for me at least, the good far outweighs the others.
  • A
    A 3 месяца назад Victor sure.. I’m sure he meant that.. anyways bud, don’t think too hard on it, you might hurt yourself
  • Victor
    Victor 3 месяца назад A you must be stupid for not realising the commenter actually thinks there are thousands... And you like your own comments lol
  • A
    A 3 месяца назад Victor you must be stupid if you took the comment literally.
  • Victor
    Victor 3 месяца назад A you must be stupid
  • Some Phaggot
    Some Phaggot 3 месяца назад Johnnyxp64 stfu
  • A
    A 3 месяца назад @Victor must be fun at parties.
  • Victor
    Victor 3 месяца назад There are definetely not thousands of video reviews of this car.
  • Gene Phipps
    Gene Phipps 3 месяца назад Yes I have followed the Model 3 quire closely and watched at least 10 - 12 reviews and this guy managed to get most of the details right and avoid most of the common mistakes I typically see in reviews. And it was quick but still entertaining. Well done all round I would say.
  • Andrew Markus
    Andrew Markus 2 месяца назад 1919 - I bet we will have flying cars in the future! 2019 - Cars with built-in farting sounds!
  • Jeff Luo
    Jeff Luo 1 день назад You’re talking about flying cars in the era of the 737 max and MCAS, just think about that.
  • Jithesh M
    Jithesh M 4 дня назад they didn't think of sense of humor in a car
  • yellow white man
    yellow white man 5 дней назад Before building of flying car, the most prominent thing is to create pathway first. If not, it won't be any practical to be used
  • TNT310supralover
  • comment surfer
    comment surfer Неделю назад That is a dead phrase
    CAR XPERT XP 2 недели назад I don’t want flying cars
  • Insta Kill
    Insta Kill 2 недели назад we do have flying cars you dingus, this meme is so overrated and crappy
  • Legendary Soccer
    Legendary Soccer 1 месяц назад We’ve had flying cars since 2016 lol
  • FarukTTA
    FarukTTA 1 месяц назад People in 1919: hmm it doesn’t make dumb noises and we don’t need to drive it let’s buy people
  • Kami
    Kami 1 месяц назад “Cars don’t fly.”
  • Tokarev
    Tokarev 1 месяц назад 1919? They were saying that in Back to the Future in the 80's...
  • Daihat Su
    Daihat Su 1 месяц назад ...that's discrimination against burping and barfing sounds! Fart-supremacy has to end!
  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch 1 месяц назад Oof but only thing is we have electric cars now
  • Illya Laurette
    Illya Laurette 2 месяца назад 1919's ppl: "Worth it!"
  • Long Ng
    Long Ng 2 месяца назад still worth wating for 100 yrs
  • AK Media
    AK Media 3 месяца назад This bloke is a great presenter
  • ScrotusXL
    ScrotusXL 2 недели назад @Mark Plott you've lost the plott?!
  • ScrotusXL
    ScrotusXL 2 недели назад You should be on the telly Mat, but oh no it's full of over paid big headed spam purses.. No mate, don't bother, you won't fit in!
  • DangerousDavies2008
    DangerousDavies2008 3 недели назад @Mark Plott he gives away cigarettes?..
  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 3 недели назад AK Media - the presenter is a rent boy who shares fags.
  • lumi 2
    lumi 2 3 недели назад He is beautiful as well. Daddy material
  • 1 месяц назад AK Media I agree
  • One
    One 3 месяца назад "dont look at your phone screen while driving" Proceeds to build a car with everything in a screen
  • Matt Lillig
    Matt Lillig 6 дней назад Boris Movies I've had a model 3 for a year now. The speedometer on the screen is not an issue at all. Everybody complained about it before getting their car...then amazingly, nobody complained about it after
  • Michael Joseph
    Michael Joseph Неделю назад You have a point and working the screen on a right hand drive with your left hand if you are right handed ??? Whilst looking at the road ahead is not easy
  • Yann Roger
    Yann Roger 4 недели назад @Ali Mohammad Not at all, I don't care of those shit... But I do use Google assistant and all the good stuff it brings and it's not possible with Tesla unfortunately. I think this is what is missing for these futuristic car to be perfect.
  • Obsidian Fury
    Obsidian Fury 1 месяц назад One Well when you look at the phone you ll also have to hold it with your hand.The touch screen is build close to the steering wheel and the window so you can kinda look at both at the same time.
  • E Gold
    E Gold 1 месяц назад NOT A FONE!
  • Rylan Storm
    Rylan Storm 1 месяц назад Is there any need for the STFU or are you just being the big tough anonymous guy on the internet? He makes a valid point which is why other car manufacturers are putting in heads up displays. They've worked out that constantly changing your focus causes fatigue on long journeys
  • Nicks Traveling Adventures
    Nicks Traveling Adventures 2 месяца назад @Boris Movies lol you can set the speed on the screen and see a second speedometer as well so stfu
  • Ferrous Patella
    Ferrous Patella 2 месяца назад @Boris Movies how much less effort and time does it take to glance straight down then it does to glance diagonally down?
  • Boris Movies
    Boris Movies 2 месяца назад It’s a stupid idea of Tesla. It’s not safe to not have the speedometer in front of your eyes (now you constantly need to take your eyes of the road).
  • Leon Prädel
    Leon Prädel 2 месяца назад The Sisko It does. And you can even operate the wipers via a button on the end of the left steering column.
  • Mikkel Lupp
    Mikkel Lupp 2 месяца назад Well it can drive by it self so you dont really have to concentrate about the road when you use the screen
  • jep
    jep 3 месяца назад I mean yeah that's true but it's kinda different people use their phone to text, call, use social media etc. while driving, this screen is strictly for controlling the car.
  • ollierkul
    ollierkul 3 месяца назад @Ali Mohammad It has a web browser though...
  • The Sisko
    The Sisko 3 месяца назад Hopefully they have quick menu to turn on the wind wipers and fog lights.
  • Ali Mohammad
    Ali Mohammad 3 месяца назад There is no facebook, instagram or snapchat on the tesla screen which is usually the main part to why people use phones.
  • Perpendicular Driving
    Perpendicular Driving 3 месяца назад Hey, the screen is made to completely for the car, not for my entertainment 😂
  • Simply Roya
    Simply Roya 3 месяца назад I was thinking about buying this car. Now that I know there’s a fart machine, I’m sold.
  • What happens when
    What happens when Неделю назад @qp12qp wow you are such a bullshit artist. LMAO. Everything you said is complete bullshit. As for the turning on the AC part, you are exaggerating. You are making it look so bad, just to help our argument that it became quite comical.
  • qp12qp
    qp12qp Неделю назад @What happens when 'Advice' rejected. In 100,000 miles an internal combustion car will lose far more than 20% engine reliability and efficiency and will cost a lot of money for service to keep it in good shape, its emissions low, etc. Not to mention that from day 1 there is no comparison between the reliability of an e-engine and an i.c-engine. Also, when you turn on the air-conditioning, in an i.c car you notice a huge drop in engine power and thus active safety too, while in an e-car you just see the range get a bit shorter, there is zero power drop.
  • What happens when
    What happens when 2 недели назад Just be aware that the battery will lose 20% of its battery capacity after 100,000 miles. The battery loses even more capacity in cold weather. You want my advice? dont get one. Youll thank me later.
  • Dsn13 jcsn
    Dsn13 jcsn 1 месяц назад Of course you are
  • Oof
    Oof 1 месяц назад U got it or what?
  • Ajax 2.0
    Ajax 2.0 1 месяц назад @kalvinye LOL nice one XD
  • kalvinye
    kalvinye 1 месяц назад You can use my referral code to get 5,000 free Supercharger miles on a new Tesla:
  • Farhan Usmani
    Farhan Usmani 2 месяца назад Did u end up buying
  • Black Ceiling
    Black Ceiling 2 месяца назад Can you lend me a tenner please?
  • hipe4ever
    hipe4ever 3 месяца назад "Don't try this at home" Well ye, don't think I can drive a car at home, stairs might be an issue
  • Sulleimann Kombo
    Sulleimann Kombo 6 часов назад @Lilith Ayvazian just spoilt a perfect joke
  • Lilith Ayvazian
    Lilith Ayvazian 2 месяца назад He just meant don't try at home try at work 😂
  • royd77
    royd77 2 месяца назад @rixterz Tried it, won't come down anymore..
  • rixterz
    rixterz 2 месяца назад The new autopilot update works up stairs
  • Black Panther
    Black Panther 3 месяца назад Let alone bringing it inside!
  • Jack
    Jack 3 месяца назад When carwow reviews a Tesla, the views skyrocketed 900%.
  • OccamKant
    OccamKant 3 недели назад @William Powell Try driving one. Then all the mystery will be gone and you too will become one of us. ;)
  • Chachish Chacho
    Chachish Chacho 1 месяц назад William Powell it’s popular because everyone knows we need to go electric and they’re the first ones to do it right
  • GLR
    GLR 1 месяц назад That's because the Americans want to know more about their brand.
  • Roger Starkey
    Roger Starkey 2 месяца назад @William Powell Easily attracted by "shiney"? Maybe?
  • Jack
    Jack 3 месяца назад @William Powell Tesla is more like a gadget than a car, nowadays people like all their things to be connected because it's now an IOT era.
  • William Powell
    William Powell 3 месяца назад so true xD Idk why but i don't like teslas...there to over rated and i don't really like the looks :( I don't see whats so beautiful about it its just boring compared to a bmw m2 or cayman...guess I'm a car guy xD Idk i just can't get myself to like them and i feel like they are to much of a status symbol now
  • Mark Lawrence
    Mark Lawrence 3 месяца назад As it should ;)
  • tootingb
    tootingb 3 дня назад Price in US: £28,000 Price in EU: £45,000 Price in UK: £50,000
  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 10 часов назад Thin Redline k
  • Thin Redline
    Thin Redline 19 часов назад @nikolai moeller Its sad that you you never learned to speak to people any better than that, just the way you were dragged up I suppose :)
  • nikolai moeller
    nikolai moeller 19 часов назад @Thin Redline it's called taxes you dummie
  • Thin Redline
    Thin Redline 20 часов назад tootingb: This can't be right? why would there be such a difference?
  • Thin Redline
    Thin Redline 20 часов назад @Oh Yeah yeah 35000 usd
  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 20 часов назад tootingb wrong US:$25000 Not £28000
  • pan yeung
    pan yeung 1 день назад I was planning to buy a lexus, now this video has changed my mind.
  • Will Woodmansee
    Will Woodmansee 3 месяца назад The person who figured out the prices in the different currencies needs firing
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 3 недели назад No taxes on mrsp price why heaps cheaper, some states pay consumption tax @FemtioCent
  • Daniel Momcilovic
    Daniel Momcilovic 2 месяца назад Google is there for you for latest prices, don’t be lazy
  • crpm73
    crpm73 2 месяца назад (изменено) TheSlimeyLimey our economy has already shrunk by more than that 39 billion, so it’s not like we have any sort of economic advantage to tide us over while we start the loooong process of negotiating new trade deals, meanwhile all the jobs that rely on free movement of goods/services are at serious risk, and then when we do finally get round to negotiating trade deals we will get royally fucked by the economies that dwarf our own - particularly as we will be absolutely desperate by then. That is why our politicians are “dragging it out”.
  • Denis Savic
    Denis Savic 2 месяца назад its the taxes
  • Labas Rytas
    Labas Rytas 2 месяца назад @Enforcer1975 only one smart person respect! i tried similar car with display control and no buttons - what annoyance! and much more danger on the road - i could not see the road while trying to make any adjustments this car is disaster! it will bring many accidents - remember what i said
  • Labas Rytas
    Labas Rytas 2 месяца назад @xANI-S its vice versa you muppet
  • Tech Tested
    Tech Tested 3 месяца назад US is 35k + taxes, and for the EU and UK prices include shipping, import tax, and a whole lot of other government charges.. not really surprised with the price.. you