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How I bought a Tesla for $78 Per Month

Published on Apr 3, 2019 4,478,949 views

I just bought the new 2019 Tesla Model 3 - here’s why it was only $78.39 per month. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan
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So how does a $40,000 car come down to a price of $29,450?

To start, this car is eligible for a $3750 federal tax credit until June 30th, 2019. This means if you pay more than $3750 in federal taxes, you will receive this entire amount back at the time you file your tax return. That money is as good as cash.

California drivers are also eligible for a $2500 Electric Vehicle Rebate, in which the state will mail you a check for $2500 upon showing proof of purchase.

Now Tesla gets a little sneaky after this…because in that $29,450 figure, Tesla also

So excluding the gas savings and only focusing on the first two, cash-value rebates, the ACTUAL price of the car comes to $33,750. For a brand new Tesla. Standard Range Plus. With AutoPilot.

So here’s how I bought this car for $78.39 per month:

Because I financed 100% of the car, my ONLY out of pocket cost was the taxes, license, and registration - which came to $4437.01

From the remaining amount I financed, my payment comes to $640 per month, or $7680 in the first year.

That means, in the first year, my total out of pocket cost is $12,117.01 between my payments, taxes, insurance, etc.

However, after the rebates and tax credits, that brings my TOTAL cost of owning this car for the first year down to $5867.01.

Because this car is for business use, the $1438 I pay in interest on the auto loan is a tax write off, the $4437 in taxes, licensing, and registration I paid upfront is a write off, and I can depreciate the car against my income. That’s a $14,075 tax write off…which saves me roughly about $4,926.25 in taxes.

So remember…my total out of pocket cost was $5867.01 after electric vehicle tax incentives. PLUS I save $4926.25 in taxes…that means I’m effectively buying a BRAND new Tesla Model 3 for $78.39 per month out of pocket…and realistically, this works out to be a FREE car when you take into account that MOST of that $640 per month loan payment goes towards principle, and that I can invest my money in real estate at a significantly higher return than what I’m paying in interest on the Tesla. But in terms of out of pocket cost: $78.39 per month.

And after going through the experience buying a Tesla like this, completely sight unseen, without ever having driven one before, I have to say…I don’t understand the concern of Tesla’s no-dealership model. Personally, I think the entire worry is overblown - and I think we’ll start to see a lot MORE car companies embracing this online-only business model.

We’re naturally entering an era where everything is done online. I haven’t been to a mall or physical store in FOREVER because it’s more convenient to buy it online, and USUALLY for a more competitive price because online stores have lower overhead, and that savings is passed down to the customer.

And for that, I have to give Tesla credit for being the first to really challenge the traditional business model of selling cars.

For business or one-on-one real estate investing/real estate agent consulting inquiries, you can reach me at

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  • alfreeland
    alfreeland 1 месяц назад Buy me one and I'll pay you $78.39 a month until I pay it off.
  • Kovu The Great
    Kovu The Great 1 день назад LOL!
  • Gatto Npc
    Gatto Npc 1 день назад None of you undertood the calculation behind that price.. because if you did understand it.. you will go and buy that car right after you read this comment.. but you will no do it.. because...? You do not belive it and by not bellive it you will not understand the calculation and how he got that price per month.
  • Rum Altagracia
    Rum Altagracia 2 дня назад Darryl Isaacs lol
  • Low Tense
    Low Tense 2 дня назад No my turn. But me one and I'll pay 5,000 a month.
  • phil1753
    phil1753 6 дней назад 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • i HughmannTM
    i HughmannTM Неделю назад alfreeland I'm ready to pay $80 if he buys for me
  • TJ
    TJ Неделю назад See you for your final payment.... in 2261
  • Sly Ny
    Sly Ny Неделю назад alfreeland why the car is trash. It doesnt go further than 310 miles. It only looks good
  • MWAY x3
    MWAY x3 Неделю назад I agree
    RADICAL LA 2 недели назад I’ll pay you 150$ every month 😤
  • AimeeLara
    AimeeLara 2 недели назад @boken168 no
  • Tesla Op
    Tesla Op 2 недели назад I’ll do 150$ a month profit for him n a gain for me
  • Bobby
    Bobby 2 недели назад Your pops had me lmao!!
  • jeremiah Jones
    jeremiah Jones 2 недели назад Ya right lying little goof
  • Celestial Lord
    Celestial Lord 2 недели назад that's so affordable that even minimum wage check will feel only a tickle
  • Tj Lovin
    Tj Lovin 2 недели назад 78 lol get me 3, I'm paying 657+insurance rightnow
  • Sujin Philip
    Sujin Philip 3 недели назад Same here in fact I will pay you 100 bucs a month if you get me a tesla model 3.
  • Anthony Grabowski
    Anthony Grabowski 3 недели назад @Darryl Isaacs thank you Sir it has been my life dream
  • Darryl Isaacs
    Darryl Isaacs 3 недели назад and Anthony wins the fantasy auction with a final bid of $1000.
  • Anthony Grabowski
    Anthony Grabowski 3 недели назад i will pay $1000 a month and i make $1000 a month! Because i love Tesla it has the same name as that guy! Please take all my money for this gem of a car, I promise I will kill animals to survive and always pay you !??
  • Derek Munich
    Derek Munich 3 недели назад buy me one and ill defiantly pay 200 a month
  • Patrick Hook
    Patrick Hook 3 недели назад This has somehow turned into a fantasy auction... $500 and ONE PENNY.
  • Simon Helgaker
    Simon Helgaker 3 недели назад therealtruckdriver ok
  • Daniel Limbach
    Daniel Limbach 3 недели назад (изменено) Snarky. So you don't want to put in the work it takes to makes this happen, you just want a Tesla for $78/month. Like own a business and put your name on a large car loan. Nice plan.
  • Vadim Dale
    Vadim Dale 3 недели назад Thats gold 😂😂😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • StevenSpielberg
    StevenSpielberg 3 недели назад $500 a month - final offer
  • CrstnJdiKnight
    CrstnJdiKnight 4 недели назад @therealtruckdriver lol
  • Goatku
    Goatku 4 недели назад 450$ a month get me one lol
  • therealtruckdriver
    therealtruckdriver 4 недели назад Buy me one and I will pay 400 a month
  • boken168
    boken168 1 месяц назад Me too,buy one for me, l can pay you $88.39 per month,you have $10 profit, Good deal
  • Onepiece barca
    Onepiece barca 1 месяц назад i can pay you $80 per month if you buy me one
  • bryan81
    bryan81 1 месяц назад This
  • BasicViDa
    BasicViDa 1 месяц назад alfreeland foreal bro . Me too!☝️
  • Daniel Christopher
    Daniel Christopher 1 месяц назад LMAO
  • John  Davis
    John Davis 2 недели назад This guy will pay $640 a month for the 5 years left on the loan after the first year passes... Clickbait-
  • Guestiest Guest
    Guestiest Guest 2 дня назад Jon Stanis sell a car after it’s devalued for a year? Good luck
  • drippingwax
    drippingwax 2 дня назад How much depreciation can he deduct during years 2 - 6?
  • mic209
    mic209 3 дня назад lookatyourpastside do you think the bank takes $78 from him every month, NO they take $640!
  • BcA - Biciclind cu Axel
    BcA - Biciclind cu Axel 3 дня назад In European Union a.k.a The Home of the Best Cars on Planet , with that money we buy an U.F.O :)))
  • Gadiel Philip
    Gadiel Philip 3 дня назад @canalftw electricity ain't free fam.
  • Smoke
    Smoke 3 дня назад @canalftw damn , pretty well t hought out.
  • Jon Stanis
    Jon Stanis 3 дня назад He assumed you realized that he could sell after 1st year. Its financed, not leased
  • Axel Eli
    Axel Eli 4 дня назад What if he sold it instantly to someone after only paying 79 dollars a month
  • Jon Poklop
    Jon Poklop 6 дней назад @canalftw Don't forget you have to pay for the electricity.
  • S R
    S R Неделю назад Lol poisonous avacado you got told
  • NPC
    NPC Неделю назад 640 a month car payment for 4 years? Yikes 🤢🤢
  • Mark M
    Mark M Неделю назад PoisonousAvacado watch this
  • PoisonousAvacado
    PoisonousAvacado Неделю назад Mark M you know nothing about youtube CPMs lol
  • Mark M
    Mark M Неделю назад John Davis Bruh he made like $80k on this video alone. The Tesla is paid
  • John  Davis
    John Davis Неделю назад @lookatyourpastside so? He could have applied all discounts and rebates to only one month and claimed that he was being paid to drive a brand new tesla lol- it's bullshit- he needs to spread all the rebates out over all payments and then that's what he paid per month...
    CAPTAIN DABBIN Неделю назад Jo Schmo yep we ALL got GOT ! Lol!
  • Jo Schmo
    Jo Schmo Неделю назад Exactly! He's cooking the books for a video. You NEVER get anywhere close to 100% of the write offs so this is crazy misleading. He got me to watch so I guess he won.
    CAPTAIN DABBIN 2 недели назад canalftw yeah that’s a good way to look @ it.
  • canalftw
    canalftw 2 недели назад (изменено) @CAPTAIN DABBIN but if he saves enough gas in a year, the monthly costs could still stay close to nothing for him. (personnally i dont burn 600$ in gaz a month, only maybe 120.) someone who drives a lot could benefit from an electric car, if they can accept the limitations of it. say driving 1000 miles a week on average, with 35mpg, it will end up costing the same in gas, so why not
    CAPTAIN DABBIN 2 недели назад First year!!?? Only!!?? The F’?
  • lookatyourpastside
    lookatyourpastside 2 недели назад John Davis he still paying $78 for that first year tho at least
  • jetsoverboston
    jetsoverboston 2 недели назад Ok YouTube... i finally watched it.... can you please get this out of my recommendations now
  • Mac Doodles
    Mac Doodles 2 недели назад Yeah... except you now clicked on the video which means YouTube thinks you're interested in this content and is now going to recommend more of the same things :)
  • sdad1 balqwds
    sdad1 balqwds 2 недели назад If you're using chrome, use an extension called "Video Blocker"
  • Fucknuts
    Fucknuts 2 недели назад This must be the hottest new trend, to post a message to Youtube telling them that you watched their recommendation...I've seen this 5 times in the last couple days. You're so cutting edge and trendy...*rolls eyes*
  • fraggy
    fraggy 2 недели назад When you hover over a video, you can click the three dots and click not interested. But I'm with you.
  • Oliver Twenty-Four
    Oliver Twenty-Four 2 недели назад exactly what i thought :-D
  • Painkiller_Jane
    Painkiller_Jane 3 недели назад Correct title: How I bought a Tesla for 78 dollars a month (for the first year of SIX)
  • XXX Xxx
    XXX Xxx Неделю назад First of 3* and he earned like 5k with this vid so the total cost for the tesla would me like 8k
  • John  Davis
    John Davis Неделю назад @Mora Africano Camilo Andres if you payed if off in one year the payments would be over $3000 per month lol- what you mean?
  • Celso deJesus II
    Celso deJesus II 2 недели назад @DarkDevilGaming bruh ain't taking none of my money so he can do whatever he needs.
  • Mora Africano Camilo Andres
    Mora Africano Camilo Andres 2 недели назад Well you got a whole year to pay it off, that's what I will do
  • DarkDevilGaming
    DarkDevilGaming 2 недели назад Yeah but what about the views? Man gotta make enouth to pay the other 5 years. I don't blame him tbh
  • Shar Blackmon
    Shar Blackmon 2 недели назад Did he just buy a car for content.... I’m too broke to even watch this 🙄😩
  • ekklesiast
    ekklesiast 2 дня назад He actually made $32k from this video...
  • R-Mc
    R-Mc 6 дней назад your very beautiful to me
  • NPC
    NPC Неделю назад @WALLY BUTLER lmao what
  • TheGameMakeGuy
    TheGameMakeGuy Неделю назад No he just made an investment of 40000 bugs that will turn into 3000 once he paid this off
    WALLY BUTLER Неделю назад If you are too broke then you need a "PROTECTION DOG" to keep from getting robbed. see
  • Scott Silverman
    Scott Silverman 2 месяца назад I wish my dad was as happy as urs, when I bought my Tesla he was pissed cuz I used his credit card or something idk
  • Scott Horsfall
    Scott Horsfall 5 дней назад 👌👌👏 👏 would do the same
  • Andrea Santos
    Andrea Santos 5 дней назад Scott Silverman LMFAO
  • Jackson Davis
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  • Jonezx2020
    Jonezx2020 Неделю назад Scott Silverman His dad is just joking and is just really proud of his son
  • Matthew Quint
    Matthew Quint 2 недели назад Hmm.. maybe because you stole his money?
  • Jasmine Escalaw
    Jasmine Escalaw 2 недели назад @Edward Sferrazza r/whoosh
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    Péter Répássy 1 месяц назад Xdd
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    Trisha Anne 1 месяц назад Fucken hilarious i like you omg
  • roblefreefall
    roblefreefall 1 месяц назад Ha ha
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    Fun4money Yo 1 месяц назад Scott Silverman he das was happy bcuz he thought Tesla was for him 😂😂😂
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    Anwar Sadad 1 месяц назад LOL
  • bryant
    bryant 1 месяц назад lmaooo “or something”
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    Fat Boy 1 месяц назад Epic
  • ALAN
    ALAN 1 месяц назад Maybe he wanted you to buy a more expensive one, try that
  • Nicknormous Reports
    Nicknormous Reports 1 месяц назад His dad is just stoked he didn't buy a Ferrari.
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    Case TeamCouture 1 месяц назад Scott Silverman 😂😂😂
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    Farouk Tamer 2 месяца назад @Herbie Husker YOU are an idiot. Either that or high as a kite.
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    Mattias Bergstedt 2 месяца назад @CJMC 7 So flat earth isn't a thing anymore? Rofl
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  • CheesyQuokka YT
    CheesyQuokka YT 2 месяца назад I know it's a joke but that made my really mad lol
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  • MO
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    Zainab Ahmad 2 месяца назад @Michael Filippi Tesla's are extremely quick and are extremely comfortable.Sit in one and you will know.
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  • DarthAmerind
    DarthAmerind 2 месяца назад Man I would've whooped your ass with the belt and take the car.. Use my card.. Shoot, I just got a tesla.. Lol
  • Chad
    Chad 2 месяца назад @Herbie Husker r/wooosh
  • Thomas Menghini
    Thomas Menghini 2 месяца назад 😂
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    Random Guy 2 месяца назад Edward Sferrazza r/whooosh
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    Magnus Ls 2 месяца назад Dads amirite?
  • Lee Spidor
    Lee Spidor 2 месяца назад @Edward Sferrazza lol only the guy in the video has a job and buys things alone. Everyone else just steals from mommy and daddy
  • Supa Blink
    Supa Blink 2 месяца назад This nigga 😂😂😂😂
  • Daniel Ko
    Daniel Ko 2 месяца назад HAHAHAHAHA
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    Bilal Lodhi 2 месяца назад CookieSwirlC Cooooooike. We go
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    Viz0r 2 месяца назад CJMC 7 I’ve never known anybody who has gotten cancer by sitting inside of an electric vehicle.
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    Michael Filippi 2 месяца назад @CJMC 7 Makes since to me. I would do more research on that if I were to buy a Tesla. Teslas are lame anyway.
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    Louis Anthony 2 месяца назад Scott Silverman 😂😂😂
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    Scott Silverman 2 месяца назад CJMC 7 do sum more research before u go preachin
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    Scott Silverman 2 месяца назад Mr G why u mad
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    Fernando Cárdenas 2 месяца назад Hahah, pops was looking pretty happy. Awesome.
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    Edward Sferrazza 2 месяца назад TEAR , oh 🤣😂!
  • Mr G
    Mr G 2 месяца назад @Herbie Husker thats it. I'm mad. 😠
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    Ichigo kurosaki 2 месяца назад 😂😂
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    Herbie Husker 2 месяца назад His dad is an idiot. Either that or high as a kite.
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    sylect visuals 火 2 месяца назад @Edward Sferrazza bruh
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    Rebellion CODM 2 месяца назад @Edward Sferrazza its a joke
  • Edward Sferrazza
    Edward Sferrazza 2 месяца назад Scott Silverman , why didn’t you just use your own money? Part time job? He would have been elated.
  • D.M
    D.M 2 месяца назад Looool
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    Mass Productions 5 дней назад All those savings and you didn't get the full auto-pilot?
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    RTG The best 2 дня назад Kelsey Barrett when u grow up and pay then u will know how much 5k plus u said twice so 10k oof that’s alot
  • Kelsey Barrett
    Kelsey Barrett 4 дня назад IKR? I was like 5k to have my own chauffeur?! I would pay twice that to not have to drive my car to work. It's like like one of THE only reasons to buy a Tesla.
  • Jake Swick
    Jake Swick 2 недели назад (изменено) and then $640/mo after the first year... youre a joke
  • vswick
    vswick 6 дней назад Jake Swick lol...Swicks are in tha’ house!
  • Jake Swick
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  • Marcelo Lucero
    Marcelo Lucero Неделю назад And one cent...
  • NPC
    NPC Неделю назад Then what does that make you for clicking on this video thinking you could get a Tesla for only $78 a month? Retarded? Stupid? Gullible? All of the above?
  • Anthony Hales
    Anthony Hales Неделю назад Guys as fruity as the car.
  • Fredrik pk
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    MattTheOak 1 месяц назад Should be called "how I'm gonna conveniently Ignore all payments beyond 12 months and effectively lie to get clicks on YouTube"
  • Fixing Old Stuff
    Fixing Old Stuff 1 месяц назад How to get car 4 cheap: Post clickbait video, pay car from YouTube money.
  • richard3700hz
    richard3700hz 4 дня назад Not to mention the fact that he is running 5 video ads on this 13 minute video. This moron won't be getting another dime of my view money, I'll be using ad blocker because of his insane amount of ads if I ever watch this crap again.
  • Eli Van the Businessman
    Eli Van the Businessman 4 дня назад I run a YouTube agency. Normal CPM is $1-3, Graham's is absurdly high, but it's just due to the niche. That means 1 million views is $1,000-$3,000 for a normal channel, for Graham it is $10,000.
  • Ali Achek
    Ali Achek 5 дней назад @Joe Robertson It really depends on the viewer demographic. For graham it's about $9-10k USD. So that times 4.4 would roughly be his earnings from this video
  • 5 дней назад Plus the referral link. Youtube works like a charm!
  • Joe Robertson
    Joe Robertson 6 дней назад @the devil himself 1m views is roughly $3000 USD....
  • Rudy Orre
    Rudy Orre 6 дней назад the devil himself no it doesn’t..
  • the devil himself
    the devil himself 6 дней назад 1 million views averages at about 100000 USD...
  • Eli Van the Businessman
    Eli Van the Businessman Неделю назад How to get Tesla for cheap: business deductions, then sell off the tears of people who don't understand how business deductions aren't tax fraud to the almighty YouTube algorithm, to get big aD mOnEy.
  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 1 день назад This is clickbait how tf do you expect us to afford $78.39 a month the title said $78.
  • zachary zathros Parnassus
    zachary zathros Parnassus 1 месяц назад lmao he talks about bait and switch and does the same thing with click-baiting lol
  • AK V
    AK V 4 часа назад @j j thank you. This is 78$ for the first year. Then you have to worry about paying the loan plus the remainder of the car. Plus interest at a low 3.75 must start be paid off.. This was smart. But not smart enough
  • j j
    j j 2 недели назад @farLander For the first year, the price increases after that, so he didn't even really get it for himself on average...
  • farLander
    farLander 3 недели назад How is it click bait? It doesn't say it's a video on how to get a Tesla for $78 per month. It says it a video on how HE got a Tesla for $78 per month.
  • Acronymn
    Acronymn Неделю назад 6:37 We can witness doug de muro take demonic control of his body
  • noffke
    noffke 6 дней назад i lost it
  • Michael Harings
    Michael Harings 3 недели назад Because I'm rich "I financed 100% of the car," and all kinds of tax write-offs = How I bought a Tesla for $78 Per Month
  • Josh Purdy
    Josh Purdy 2 недели назад @hello sunshine rich
  • hello sunshine
    hello sunshine 2 недели назад Michael Harings rich...or as a young man smart with his money 🤔
  • Ilan Pfammatter
    Ilan Pfammatter 2 месяца назад next up: how i bought a ferrari for $78 a second
  • Steezy Weezyzz
    Steezy Weezyzz 2 недели назад Thanks for making me laugh for 2 seconds
  • Elijah Ken
    Elijah Ken 4 недели назад thats quite more realistic.
  • Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert 1 месяц назад @Graham Stephanwhite bru, how can I block your videos so I won't have to waste my time again
  • soiceyboy33
    soiceyboy33 1 месяц назад Index believe it or not, an appliance econobox Corolla experiences more depreciation than buying an exotic car used. I know a guy that only buys used exotics and he sells them for almost the same price he bought them after owning and driving for a few years!
  • Kyle Outen
    Kyle Outen 1 месяц назад I dont think someone is gonna spend 3.5 billion on a ferrari
  • boken168
    boken168 1 месяц назад 玩數字遊戲而己,不要把當真
  • sinolog
    sinolog 1 месяц назад (изменено) @蔡紫鏡 美国人当然会骗你啊。呵呵呵。Good Luck! (开玩笑。。:)
  • Ilan Pfammatter
    Ilan Pfammatter 1 месяц назад 蔡紫鏡 take a guess
  • 蔡紫鏡
    蔡紫鏡 1 месяц назад Is this real?or just for fun lol~~
    250 SUBSCRIBERS WITH ONE VIDEO CHALLENGE 1 месяц назад I wonder how long you are going to pay that because that’s $6739200 each 24 hour
  • sinolog
    sinolog 1 месяц назад you should rent the Ferrari for 10€ for 1m. THEN GET 1(ONE) GOOD PIC for 90€ !!! #makesmuchmore$ense, aight?
  • That Fiat
    That Fiat 1 месяц назад Near the ferrari factory theres a store called pitlane You can rent a ferrari for 80 euro for 10 minutes And they make a lot of photos wich you can buy for 20 euro ...
  • sinolog
    sinolog 1 месяц назад How I disable #skinSOFTfocus #forFREE? - i write this and turn it off (classic bait-and-switch). --> all the BEST - YOU'VE GOT to figure out the rest. 🤑vs?☮️
  • Similak Child
    Similak Child 1 месяц назад They sell replica sports cars for as cheap as that Tesla. of course they don't drive fast like sports cars but its still good for the streets.
  • Shawn Liu
    Shawn Liu 1 месяц назад Hahaha 😂
  • geefreck
    geefreck 1 месяц назад Lol, hilarious comment 😆
  • Muhammad
    Muhammad 2 месяца назад Ilan Pfammatter lol
  • Scizzie
    Scizzie 2 месяца назад how i bought a ferrari for $78
  • Tyler Bryant
    Tyler Bryant 2 месяца назад How I bought a 50 million dollar mansion for $78 every ten-thousandth of a second. I guess the old saying of "It's not what you say but how you say it" rings true. Lol
  • John Way
    John Way 2 месяца назад But ur arse got grapes u repaym
  • RIchard Davidson
    RIchard Davidson 2 месяца назад lol
  • Eugene Kendrick
    Eugene Kendrick 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Index
    Index 2 месяца назад The cars are surprisingly affordable used, have fun with the maintenance though, and the insurance.
  • Graham Stephan
    Graham Stephan 2 месяца назад 😱
  • GraveUypo
    GraveUypo Неделю назад yeah i can totally buy a brand new car for free. there's a delar doing a promotion where you give a signal and then skip the first payment. that makes the car free, because i'm paying exactly $0 as the first payment. nevermind all the other ones, and the money i sank in before.
  • Arnjeir
    Arnjeir 2 недели назад I'd buy your dad a Tesla, he really seems to want one
  • lalo fierro
    lalo fierro 2 недели назад I think the dad though he was gonna give him the car.
  • Omar Prez
    Omar Prez 2 недели назад Dad: ohhhhhh, this is for me? Camera cuts Dad: wow just like u always want it! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️