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(20+ MINUTES) FUNNIEST Fails Compilation August 2018 - Try Not To Laugh Or Grin Challenge

Published on Aug 22, 2018 342,339 views

Dumb Genius, (we used to be the Best Vines), brings you the best funny vines compilations, try not to laugh challenges, fails, wins, and hilarious viral videos. We find the best new dank memes, funny clips, and you laugh you lose challenges in order to create an army of fails, life awesome moments, and epic wins.

This comp is brought to y'all from our good friend @WinFailFun

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  • Kplayz_FLY
    Kplayz_FLY 4 месяца назад To all those people stop it get some help
  • dasten123
    dasten123 4 месяца назад Sigh.. can't somebody make a fail compilation without people falling down and/or injuring themselves? :|
  • Deranged Chicken
    Deranged Chicken 4 месяца назад 0:42 RIP ears of headphone users!!!!
  • breathe and squeeze
    breathe and squeeze 4 месяца назад yup. that was pretty douchey of the channel to hit us with that one.
  • Deranged Chicken
    Deranged Chicken 4 месяца назад @breathe and squeeze sorry what was that... i can't hear you!
  • Jamel Simon
    Jamel Simon 1 месяц назад Idk why but i love hearing the people taking the videos die laughing 😂😂
  • Jan Kindl
    Jan Kindl 8 месяцев назад Ok... I smiled maybe twice...
  • Hernan Molina
    Hernan Molina 4 месяца назад (изменено) Very good, Excelet 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • juicy boi
    juicy boi 8 месяцев назад 360 no scope? On a skateboard?
  • stein1385
    stein1385 4 месяца назад Quality here is sub-par
  • Tarnished Knight
    Tarnished Knight 4 месяца назад Blaring music @0:47. Thumbs down.
  • Kaya the bulldog
    Kaya the bulldog 8 месяцев назад Stop it call me Patrick not the Krusty krab
  • Christy Krohne
    Christy Krohne 4 месяца назад 7:13 is my favorite. I just can't stop watching it.
  • skynosaka
    skynosaka 4 месяца назад 13:31 is by far the funniest.
  • Sean Andrei Palacio
    Sean Andrei Palacio 8 месяцев назад So Many Peoples Are Being Fooled And Hurted By A Thing That Has No Life. So THIS IS WHAT WE CALLED "stupidity"
  • Henrik Jørgensen
    Henrik Jørgensen 8 месяцев назад What's it called now?
  • David Amos
    David Amos 4 месяца назад It has a life and is being kept very much alive by the stupid young which are replacing the stupid old. You see it's a stupid cycle bound to repeat itself. Stupid is as stupid does. Play stupid games get stupid prizes. Now you know put theory into action and stupid on.
  • Todd Foret
    Todd Foret 4 месяца назад @Henrik Jørgensen now it's called look at me I'm on Facebook
  • umefunasone together
    umefunasone together 4 месяца назад @David Amos but you watched it!!!
  • umefunasone together
    umefunasone together 4 месяца назад but you watched it!!!
  • טל רוזנצוויג
    טל רוזנצוויג 8 месяцев назад best one I have seen in a while :D
  • Miniya Davenport
    Miniya Davenport 8 месяцев назад This is me everyday
  • Do It Like The Bereans
    Do It Like The Bereans 8 месяцев назад Almost chuckled at the first one. Looked like he did "the worm" while hitting the ice. 2:24 made me snort--crap! 4:37 :''D 13:25 PAHAHAHA! 17:34 Made me LOL
  • Carlos Elías
    Carlos Elías 8 месяцев назад Do It Like The Bereans jajajajaja
  • Jackie Allen
    Jackie Allen 4 месяца назад I have to say, with all of these cringe videos, sometimes peoples ridiculous laughs are funnier than the videos. 😂
  • Hitarth Vyas
    Hitarth Vyas 3 месяца назад किसी कारणसर कहा गया है....."गोरा चुतिया है। एक भारतीय।
  • Thunderrunner03
    Thunderrunner03 4 месяца назад (изменено) Source 16:56?
  • Zayna Calmira's Anarchy
    Zayna Calmira's Anarchy 2 недели назад 6:00 The way she tossed the cat in the sky makes me think she can lift off a plane with that kick!