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2003 Toyota Matrix XRS: Regular Car Reviews

Published on May 6, 2019 160,890 views

We drive the 2ZZ poered Toyota Matrix XRS. It has flaws but it still was a contender for the Civic Si market share.



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  • Germaine Liew
    Germaine Liew 2 недели назад Nobody: Toyota Matrix: Exists Scotty Kilmer: Heavy breathing
  • Foxontherun2
    Foxontherun2 2 недели назад "take this toyota matrix for example..."
  • Akamveer Bansal
    Akamveer Bansal 2 недели назад And his Celica
  • Foxontherun2
    Foxontherun2 2 недели назад "and if you have any cars questions just visit the scotty kilmer channel" "AND I'LL ANSWER JUST AS SOON AS I'M DONE JERKING OFF TO MY OLD TOYOTAS!"
  • Toyota4Life
    Toyota4Life 2 недели назад Germaine Liew this XRS Matrix is badass. That 2zz motor changes the car
  • 1997 Toyota Supra
    1997 Toyota Supra 2 недели назад I was just gonna put that comment down too lol 🤣👌
  • TheLeewi98
    TheLeewi98 2 недели назад Toyota4Life do you watch every single video on youtube about toyotas since you are in every one of them 😂😂
  • Scoe88
    Scoe88 2 недели назад Get yourself someone who looks at you like Scotty looks at a Toyota.
  • danrawkz
    danrawkz 2 недели назад Scotty Kilmer doesn't like the 2ZZ, he thinks it's unreliable
  • Not Elon Musk
    Not Elon Musk 2 недели назад Am I the only one that finds him(Scotty) just plain annoying? granted he knows his stuff lol Just curious
  • kristoffer3000
    kristoffer3000 2 недели назад ​@Not Elon Musk He does not know his stuff at all. He pretends he does, but ask a mechanic and prepare for swearing.
  • peese of chet
    peese of chet 2 недели назад But he hates the 2zz-ge engine with a passion
  • KermitGang
    KermitGang 2 недели назад @Not Elon Musk Yeah I find him annoying too. He gives bad advice sometimes, so I question if he really knows his stuff. He also hates every car made after 1998.
  • Herbie Husker
    Herbie Husker 2 недели назад @Toyota4Life Toyota sucks.
  • Toyota4Life
    Toyota4Life 2 недели назад TheLeewi98 well doesn’t that mean your always watching them too ?
  • Toyota4Life
    Toyota4Life 2 недели назад Herbie Husker not even in your dreams. Keep trolling
  • Toyota4Life
    Toyota4Life 2 недели назад KermitGang he gives bad advice ? Do you have years of Being a mechanic under your belt and working on hundreds of different cars if you don’t shut the fuck up
  • Warren Mapp
    Warren Mapp 2 недели назад @kristoffer3000 Has he given you bad advice on cars or anyone you know?
  • Brian Hodgson
    Brian Hodgson 2 недели назад Pretty much LOL
  • Tim Beck
    Tim Beck 2 недели назад @Toyota4Life Dudes the definition of old man yelling at clouds. Get off your high horse
  • [REDACTED] _
    [REDACTED] _ 2 недели назад Lmao
  • Ronnie Trinidad
    Ronnie Trinidad 2 недели назад To Scotty Matrix is just a Corolla "SUV" and his Celica is just a Corolla sports car.
  • Cheetah
    Cheetah 2 недели назад @KermitGang Tf are you talking about. Almost under every video you can see the appreciation from people for the help. And about the Toyota, these are definitely more reliable than the others (mostly european cars), for example BMW's and Vw's with their DSG transmission.
  • Mike Cronis
    Mike Cronis 2 недели назад Scotty orgasms over Toyota like DeMuro gushes over allegedly "superior" German boring-ass cars. They both have to reference their fanboy car over anything else they review.
  • Joe Sisler
    Joe Sisler 2 недели назад Scotty complains about the 2zz, but then says 1zzfe problems... that guy is just an idiot that has no idea what hes talking about. Not just about the ZZ engines, just cars in general.
  • KermitGang
    KermitGang 2 недели назад @Cheetah I'm sure there's some decent advice scattered across his videos, but his views are outdated. He also can't seem to stand the thought of buying a car because it could be fun or a good project.
  • Lee Mayfair
    Lee Mayfair 2 недели назад Yo incase you see this. I want a 1980's Ford Escort regularcars review. The one with the 5 speed only.
  • Erik Harris
    Erik Harris 2 недели назад I've had an 04 XRS for a little over 3 years as my daily...205k+ and still going strong! Getting a new Accord this weekend though.
  • Avitus Nonius Midwestern Legion
    Avitus Nonius Midwestern Legion 2 недели назад You did not lol. But thats totally him
  • vteckid82
    vteckid82 2 недели назад I'm still waiting for him to have a heart attack from all that yelling
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 2 недели назад When you guys get old and get life miles on you then you will understand what Scotty is saying.
  • doug dimmadome
    doug dimmadome 2 недели назад Foxontherun2 he’s too old to jerk off
  • oce
    oce 2 недели назад He must get a kick out of these Toyota’s, he has no mercy for other cars hahaha
  • Andrew Brinkman
    Andrew Brinkman 2 недели назад Germaine Liew nice one
  • Thairish
    Thairish 2 недели назад Rev up your heavy breathing!!!
  • silosis
    silosis 2 недели назад (изменено) id take scottys advice over 99% of the keyboard mechanics here in the youtube comment section
  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez 2 недели назад @Herbie Husker Keep telling urself that loser. Toyota sells more cars than ur piece of shit american cars.
  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez 2 недели назад @BIG J Toyota sells more cars than the piece of shit american cars.
  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez 2 недели назад @Joe Sisler Scotty has more money than you, so who is the idiot??? The answer is you.
  • Rick
    Rick 2 недели назад @peese of chet so is this car good or?
  • 9 Year Old Cyberbully
    9 Year Old Cyberbully 2 недели назад Get an education you degenerate memer
    CHIP FUKMASTER Неделю назад @Toyota4Life if snotty kilmer was such a great mechanic where is his shop? 50 years of wrenching in his driveway...that's pretty sheeetttyy.
  • JT
    JT Неделю назад I might be wrong, but didn't Scotty have some unkind words about the newer Celicas, because this motor had problems?
  • Finna Fish
    Finna Fish 5 дней назад So from what I can tell the first gen matrix xrs has the 2zz ge but the base matrix was a 1zz fe. Scotty himself owns a matrix so I doubt he would own a car with an engine he thought was crap right? Im looking into getting a matrix myself and dont want to get one with a weak engine.
  • Heywood Jablowme
    Heywood Jablowme 4 дня назад @Not Elon Musk no you are just an idiot
  • ndgo
    ndgo 2 недели назад I saw this thumbnail and was like: oh yeah. That’s a regular car.
  • Karma Nv
    Karma Nv 2 недели назад We all did.
  • Toby Weber
    Toby Weber 2 недели назад Ohhh yeahhh....
  • 양금영
    양금영 2 недели назад when you only upgrade engine
  • Samuel Boulay
    Samuel Boulay 2 недели назад And tranny, suspensions a bit firmer, front strut bar, but yeah you buy this car for the engine
  • Nikku
    Nikku 2 недели назад When you hear that it has a 2zz so you and the bois go parting every junkyard xrs.
  • Andrew Duong
    Andrew Duong 2 недели назад Ultimate sleeper?
  • combee23
    combee23 2 недели назад Owner looks like hes coming straight from a late 90's dutch hardcore rave
  • BIGH1001
    BIGH1001 2 недели назад Straight outta thunderdome.
  • Swaggimus Maximus
    Swaggimus Maximus 2 недели назад Where does he find these guys? The guys from the Dodge Intrepid and Ford Centurion videos show how weird some of these owners can get.
  • Mike Morris
    Mike Morris 2 недели назад It makes me think all the fans are like this except me. But that can't be true.
  • Marar Dragoș Eduard
    Marar Dragoș Eduard 2 недели назад @Swaggimus Maximus you say this as if he's not weird as fuck himself
  • Jackson Rust
    Jackson Rust 2 недели назад combee23 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dude I am fucking crying!
  • eurosonly
    eurosonly 2 недели назад Literally every car owner they've ever reviewed on this channel fits that description. Which also gives you some insight as to just what types of people watch this channel.
  • SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad
    SLID Tossed Pissed Elemental Into Bleu Cheese Salad 2 недели назад Im just trying to figure out... who this fucknut of an owner.. is holding onto the bitch panic bar.. like RCR is going to ROLL THE BITCH! ID BE SCREAMIN YEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH RUN THE BITCH... RUN THE BITCH.. OPEN THIS MOTHERFUCKER UP.. LIKE A TIN CAN!!!! YOU ARE THE GRASS... AND IM THE LAWNMOWER!!!
  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite 2 недели назад Bar-O-Metal ®
  • Curtis Duncan
    Curtis Duncan 2 недели назад Now with... Suspension... Maybe
  • Brad Hazard
    Brad Hazard 2 недели назад Absolutely nothing wrong with a rear suspension you can pick up with one hand.
  • Slayermetallica69
    Slayermetallica69 2 недели назад I just found the perfect name for my new metal band
  • Schmidt54
    Schmidt54 2 недели назад Inflation adjustment is substantial for early 2000s car. We are getting old.
  • Jon Lasaga
    Jon Lasaga 2 недели назад Ikr It still feels like just yesterday I got my 83 gmc sierra off a used car lot but that car was new almost 40 years ago now
  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart 2 недели назад It doesn't help that Cash for Clunkers really drained the pool of cars from that era like Roman talked about. I really didn't realize the difference until I went on Craigslist and tried to find something between 1995 and 2005 with less than 150K.
  • Jon Lasaga
    Jon Lasaga 2 недели назад @Andrew Stewart Yeah its too bad cash for clunkers killed all the old cars. The average consumer just doesnt understand why old cars can be just as good as a new one.
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 2 недели назад @Andrew Stewart Amen! The Roman really hit the nail on the head. I was doing just what you were last fall, and here in Iowa and the used car market has gone insane since CFC.
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 2 недели назад @Jon Lasaga I did the same with a 73 Z/25 in 86......33 years ago!?!? And the Z (If still alive) is almost 50! I'm calling it. I'm old.
  • f181234
    f181234 2 недели назад Andrew Stewart thank god we didn’t have that in Canada
  • m_ khanster
    m_ khanster 2 недели назад When you really need the Toyota corolla want an mr2.
  • Patrick Tyler
    Patrick Tyler 2 недели назад m_ khanster mr2 never came with a 2zz
  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 2 недели назад Right the Spyder has 1ZZ but 2ZZ is a simple swap.
  • Sadpants McGee
    Sadpants McGee 2 недели назад The Celica GTS came with the 2ZZ
  • Haddedam
    Haddedam 2 недели назад @Patrick Tyler 2zz is kinda trash engine anyway. If matrix was the lotus hatch everyone would know what lotus owners know: 2zz can't handle cornering at all.
  • FarhanAxiq
    FarhanAxiq 2 недели назад Welp, there is corolla XRS at the time too.
  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 2 недели назад @Sadpants McGee Correct, and so did this Matrix and Vibe GT.
  • Sadpants McGee
    Sadpants McGee 2 недели назад (изменено) @GT6SuzukaTimeTrials Yes. That's why we're talking about it.
  • William Kesner
    William Kesner 2 недели назад 😳 not wrong
  • Daniel D
    Daniel D 3 дня назад @Haddedam may I ask why an engine would determine how a car handles? As far as I know, the gen 2 elise and exige are touted as some of the best handling cars you can buy
  • Haddedam
    Haddedam 3 дня назад @Daniel D 2zz starves itself of oil when corneriing and usually if a engine is very heavy it can ruin the weight distribution of the car and make it corner worse.
  • Gabe Solomon
    Gabe Solomon 2 недели назад This video was... shockingly normal. Run out of peyote or something?
  • weaselman24
    weaselman24 2 недели назад That man's sweater was all you need.
  • Curtis Duncan
    Curtis Duncan 2 недели назад Honestly. It was refreshing to get more review this time around.
  • maninredhelm
    maninredhelm 2 недели назад Toyotas are Mr. Regular's anti-drug.
  • GigglingChinchilla
    GigglingChinchilla 2 недели назад Ran out of BRRRRROWN
  • Jackson Rust
    Jackson Rust 2 недели назад These comments are hilarious 😂 I can’t get enough.
  • oce
    oce 2 недели назад Mescaline
  • Sean O'Neill
    Sean O'Neill Неделю назад @maninredhelm Have you seen the Supra video? It's got one solid minute of "hot dicks." It's great.
  • Shawn Bauman
    Shawn Bauman 2 недели назад The AM radio thing=I'm dying. 😂😂
  • Connor Blikre
    Connor Blikre 2 недели назад BIRBS IN THE BUUUUUUUURBS
  • thaferg6969
    thaferg6969 2 недели назад Most of the Toyota Matrixes I see are either near retirement homes, or putting along in the right lane on the highway. That said about 90% of people I see driving them are over 60.
  • nikster22
    nikster22 Неделю назад Pottsville!
  • thaferg6969
    thaferg6969 Неделю назад That reminds me: Newer cars made for young people end up being driven by the elderly. The perfect example is the Scion xB.
  • Eric Hampton
    Eric Hampton 2 недели назад I was waiting on a Keanu Reeves "Matrix" reference but the bird poop story was well worth it.
  • person749
    person749 2 недели назад A regular car on Regular Car reviews? Has hell frozen over?
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 2 недели назад That's the best comparison for a Toyota interior I have EVER heard
  • narlycharley
    narlycharley 2 недели назад I drove my 2003 Pontiac Vibe into work today and laughed when I looked down at the chrome bezel around the instrument cluster.
  • Wayne Moyer
    Wayne Moyer 2 недели назад @narlycharley I bought my 2003 Matrix XR new off the lot and owned it for a couple of years. I still remember that chrome bezel. I loved that car but I hated that dash in the sunlight.
  • TheMW2informer
    TheMW2informer 2 недели назад Johnny Nimble it’s designed by GM
  • TheMW2informer
    TheMW2informer 2 недели назад It’s never ever been a problem for me in 13 years
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 2 недели назад @TheMW2informer Relax tonto. The same commentary might easily apply to most generations of Camries and Corrolas. Dead mall inside.
  • TheMW2informer
    TheMW2informer 2 недели назад Johnny Nimble I don’t have the Toyota POS version I have a loaded Pontiac with a different looking interior. It’s got different color too.
  • Barath Vedant
    Barath Vedant 2 недели назад Most malls around me are like that. E-commerce is taking over
  • LeCoureurDesBois
    LeCoureurDesBois Неделю назад @narlycharley I have a 2007 Matrix and it never bothered me tbh
  • Maximiliano Barra
    Maximiliano Barra 2 недели назад B I R D B R O W N
  • THAT Guy
    THAT Guy 2 недели назад Congrats on singlehandedly driving up the price of another car.
  • Guy Le'douche
    Guy Le'douche 2 недели назад (изменено) WAIT A GOD DAMN SECOND, I thought I recognized that on ramp. Better get yourself checked after being in Columbia
  • racerxfile
    racerxfile 2 недели назад Long time listener, first time poster for "Birds In The Burbs" on 1360AM
  • Harris Naseem
    Harris Naseem 2 недели назад And just by this video the xsr variant just went up in resale value.....
  • David F
    David F 2 недели назад Go for the Pontiac Vibe Gt then it looks slightly cooler anyways
  • Harris Naseem
    Harris Naseem 2 недели назад @David F yes but relatively fewer numbers made in comparison
    FORD MUSTANG 2 недели назад @David F but the plastic...
  • Geeth San
    Geeth San 2 недели назад Yeah fuck people who do that. Like come on, we poor people gotta buy it too.
  • TheMatissV
    TheMatissV 2 недели назад @FORD MUSTANG I LIKE THE PLASTIC
  • Adrian Oliva
    Adrian Oliva 2 недели назад These sell in 24 hours on Facebook marketplace in Miami.
  • Oliver Kalamata
    Oliver Kalamata 2 недели назад YES on the Cable Throttle Bodies!!! I miss them so much!!! 😢
  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 2 недели назад Oliver Kalamata Fuck yeah man. Still drive my old ‘99 Pathfinder with a fly-by-cable throttle body. Despite being a rugged truck-based SUV, that baby is fun to drive. Mainly due to that old school throttle.
  • MJorgy5
    MJorgy5 2 недели назад Totally agree. My old man had a tC for awhile and the drive by wire completely sucked the life out of the car. Not to mention, the overdrive gear was too short to get over 30 mpg on the highway driving conservatively. Two huge knocks on a car that could’ve been fun and good on a road trip.
  • John Pearson
    John Pearson Неделю назад I agree fully. I have a 99 BMW M3 with a real cable throttle body and it's so much fun.
  • Mack Harris
    Mack Harris 2 недели назад Early morning crew where are you?
  • Power Playground
    Power Playground 2 недели назад Yooooo. I'm so early Mr. REgular left a spelling mistake in the description. XD
  • DavidFrostbite
    DavidFrostbite 2 недели назад ...yes. Early morning. Definitely not late-late-extra-late night crew...
  • Seth Voss
    Seth Voss 2 недели назад No formation :)
    NYPATRIOT 2 недели назад 6 a.m. punch in time sucks, but Mr.Regular makes it all right
  • Barry Goldwater
    Barry Goldwater 2 недели назад hi dad
  • Adam N
    Adam N 2 недели назад 9pm Monday on the east coast of Ausland.
  • The shade tree welder
    The shade tree welder 2 недели назад Hi
  • Madame Badonkadonk
    Madame Badonkadonk 2 недели назад In Australia, about to go to bed 😏
  • Ham Stirrer
    Ham Stirrer 2 недели назад This will have been uploaded 11am in UK, normally 4 in morning when Mr. Reg uploads!
  • Marcus Damberger
    Marcus Damberger 2 недели назад It's 4am and about to put in for the night and see RCR just posted a new video 15 mins ago, gotta watch it.