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Forza Motorsport 7 Review

Published on Oct 4, 2017 833,292 views

Turn 10's latest love letter to speed and style is a typically brilliant racer.

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  • Antonio Alvarez
    Antonio Alvarez Год назад IGN, get this guy to review everything and give him a raise. Now.
  • Wolf 117
    Wolf 117 Год назад (изменено) Antonio Alvarez or because he is an Auzzie?
  • Wolf 117
    Wolf 117 Год назад Nick Leach probably because he is Australian. Auzzies know cars
  • kagganerah
    kagganerah Год назад hes just fun and full of analogies. i wonder what that would be if he reviewed an action game.
  • Radio Raven
    Radio Raven Год назад I remember when he wrote for official PlayStation 2 magazine Australia.
  • Samuel NC
    Samuel NC Год назад agreed.. it's a joy to listen to his reviews.
  • Rafael Salazar
    Rafael Salazar Год назад His review scores are a bit saturated though, I never watched any of his reviews yet that has a score of 7. But his reviews in general are very detailed and sometimes unforgiving, which is a good thing. You can say that he's really passionate about cars and loves racing games in particular, that's why it's so interesting to watch his reviews over any other reviewers.
  • Hailey Matthews
    Hailey Matthews Год назад I gave you your 400th like. :3
    JDINCINERATOR Год назад As long as he isn't going to give everything a 9.2 then it's all good.
  • Tristan Maguire
    Tristan Maguire Год назад Honest to god I feel proud to be Aussie after hearing this guy review forza.
  • Osama Ahmed
    Osama Ahmed 10 месяцев назад agree
  • jpowers55
    jpowers55 Год назад All racing games should be reviewed by someone with a European or Aussie accent.
  • Per07
    Per07 Год назад not for Daytona USA please
  • MCFC Home And Away
    MCFC Home And Away 5 месяцев назад why lol
  • Abel Alvarez
    Abel Alvarez 1 месяц назад @Per07 lets keep that on either in English and/or in Japanese 😆😂
  • ARX78
    ARX78 Год назад When I think racing I think loot boxes.
  • FalconGamer58
    FalconGamer58 Год назад ARX78 when i think big companies and AAA i think microtransactions and saturated gameplay
  • tawilk
    tawilk Год назад how's it any different than spinning a wheel?  same mechanics from previous forza's.
  • George Bush
    George Bush Год назад FalconGamer 58 Better than gt
  • J. Michael
    J. Michael Год назад Loot boxes and micros on a racing game? Damn!
  • Red Til I’m Dead
    Red Til I’m Dead Год назад J. Michael Agreed, it's disgusting dude.
    JDINCINERATOR Год назад You didn't know about this?
  • Shohoku Tensai
    Shohoku Tensai Год назад It doesn’t use real money. It’s the game’s currency
  • masterninja74
    masterninja74 Год назад People shouldn't be surprised. After all, when people kept buying them and defending them, of course, they're going to pop up even when were small pieces of content. And you know what they'll keep doing it as long as people continue mindlessly defending them. You may not have to buy them with real money but make my words it's coming, and it will only get worse. I have no problem giving devs more money when it's earned after all these are people that can do something I wish I could do, but I'm just too stupid. But taking things out that might have been there a few entries ago is not earned.
    SLICK Год назад Welcome to 2017
  • sloppy kills
    sloppy kills Год назад the gaming media and people act like Forza 7 is the only game that has em you don't have to buy them it only an option on the campaign I got shitloads of money. you don't have to buy games that have them so stop bitching about it OMG it ain't the end of the world
  • Syuna
    Syuna Год назад J. Michael gran turismo had them way before mobile games buddy 😂😂
  • Flareb 99
    Flareb 99 Год назад Console Gamer X they said they would add micro transactions in a few months
  • Balto D
    Balto D Год назад Yep.
  • Gar Funkle
    Gar Funkle Год назад it's in game currency dude.
  • Balto D
    Balto D Год назад Gar Funkle Currently Yes. But MS already confirmed it plans to open it up for real money transaction. If you play the game, you can easily see where it would be implemented.
  • Balto D
    Balto D Год назад No. It's not there now. However it's obviously BUILT for micro-transactions, and MS has already confirmed that it will be implemented at a later date.
  • Trickster95
    Trickster95 Год назад Balto D But in previous Forza games tokens were never mandatory and never replaced credits as the currency for a product in the game and they haven't said they are doing it now, stop making ridiculous assumptions.
  • Balto D
    Balto D Год назад Trickster95 MS has already confirmed they're implementing it in the game. I'm not spreading anything. Why do you think everyone here is saying it?
  • X Rah
    X Rah Год назад That's odd because to me less content does not equal more sophisticated. If you aren't playing a game from a smaller studio looking to prove themselves or someone like CDPR or FromSoftware, it's going to be a dumbed down game.
  • Trickster95
    Trickster95 Год назад Balto D When did I say they aren't adding it to the game, I did say they have been implemented in other Forza games, I'm saying that they aren't going to force you to use it in order to buy something at that it would just be an alternative extra that you could use instead of credits, but you can still use credits aswell as tokens. It's really no big deal.
  • Balto D
    Balto D Год назад When did I say that it was going to be mandatory to use and that it was going to replace the in-game currency? I said they were adding it to the game- which is still complete and utter BS. Not to mention quietly changing "Ultimate" addition without without updating the stores page, then after being found out- made no news of the change, and quietly changed the notes on the store page. The whole game just reeks of money scamming BS. At a company like Micro-Softs level, I expected a lot more integrity.
  • Trickster95
    Trickster95 Год назад They did say they are going to completely rework the VIP system. I.e adding in the double credits perk permanently
  • Chowdhury1000
    Chowdhury1000 Год назад This is why I use pirate bay
  • Lost Montanelas
    Lost Montanelas Год назад Flareb 99 They said they would add microtransactions with real money in a few months? Where is the link of this news?
  • Balto D
    Balto D Год назад Lost Damned it's all over the place man. Have you searched for it?
  • Syuna
    Syuna 11 месяцев назад sloppy kills they only say that because they are trying to make the game look bad jealousy is a common especially if u have a PS4 an like racers
  • Guy with a black screen
    Guy with a black screen 6 месяцев назад luckily they removed itfor a in game store
  • PremiumAzteca
    PremiumAzteca 4 месяца назад Looks like i've witnessed a new level of intelligence in the comment section. There aren't any microtransactions in the game!!!!! Loot boxes could only be bought with ingame money, and they aren't necessary in any way whatsoever. Also they were removed a couple of months ago. It's also not a yearly update, as turn10 has announced they will continue their support for FM7 until 2023, and there won't be a FM8 in a long time
  • Catrunner S.
    Catrunner S. Год назад Forza7 : loot boxes edition
  • Ryder
    Ryder Год назад Catrunner S. You can’t spend real money it’s only mostly for the special edition cars that are supposed to be rare. They didn’t want another horizon 3 where everyone had a lot of horizon editions week 2
  • Olli Laine
    Olli Laine Год назад Forza 6 also had loot that boosts money and xp gain and also some that boost like grip,engine power by 3% etc
  • Syuna
    Syuna Год назад Catrunner S. Still better then gran turismo sport
  • Flareb 99
    Flareb 99 Год назад Vortex Ryder they said they would allow you to use real world money after a few months, most likely early 2018, telling you in case you didn't hear fam
  • Jaroslav Houdek
    Jaroslav Houdek Год назад It was allowed in all Forza games in past 4 years. But hardly ever necessary. That's the difference. So far Forza 7 doesn't seem to need money poured from outside, there is plenty of in-game credits it you are half decent player.
  • Trickster95
    Trickster95 Год назад Flareb 99 No they haven't, they have said you can buy tokens, they never mentioned forcing you to use tokens for anything. So please do some research and come back.
  • Flareb 99
    Flareb 99 Год назад (изменено) Trickster95 so what would the tokens be used for? Buying shoes for your driver. Turn 10 said they will let you use real world cash to unlock loot boxes not now but later on.
  • Trickster95
    Trickster95 Год назад Flareb 99 in previous games it has been an alternative to buying cars instead of the usual credits, the cost 79p and are entirely optional. They will do the same here.
  • Cj Treasure
    Cj Treasure Год назад LOL
  • Zann Rebel
    Zann Rebel Год назад Flareb 99 5 months later no microtransactions, who looks dumb now?
  • Xiate26
    Xiate26 Год назад Forza 5 score 8.8 Forza 6 score 9.0 Forza 7 score 9.2 Forza 8 score (Another .2 increase?)
  • Skorner64
    Skorner64 Год назад (изменено) This guy needs to do more reviews, his voice and enthusiasm is infectious and fun to listen to on a review. If IGN reads comments they will see many saying the same as me, he should be the voice to IGN reviews. They would be a lot more popular.
  • Prophet of regret
    Prophet of regret Год назад this guy is really good at racing game reviews.
  • Flareb 99
    Flareb 99 Год назад He can't do other reviews cause he wouldn't do a lot of games outside racers justice I feel, cause he seems to be more of a racing fan then a jrpg for example
  • Venser
    Venser Год назад He is their racing guy. It's good to have a reviewer who understands the genre.
  • Minerva Stormwater
    Minerva Stormwater Год назад Venser yeah and an Aussie guy too
  • jinrex015
    jinrex015 Год назад 9.2 best IN YOUR FACE forced microtransactions feature
  • TheGoncas2
    TheGoncas2 Год назад should be lower because of that.
  • Ryder
    Ryder Год назад jinrex015 not even micro transactions because you can’t spend real money on them only in-game credits
  • Dmitry
    Dmitry Год назад Give it a month or two.
  • Garrett Kiger
    Garrett Kiger Год назад jinrex015 bro, it's not even in your face. You can choose to never touch the damn things if you want. Leave the loot boxes to all the little boys and girls that want that driver gear bullshit
    JDINCINERATOR Год назад No it shouldn't- publisher BS shouldn't replace a developer's toil and sweat.
  • bot in action
    bot in action Год назад Dmitry Yanchuk comment in a month or two.
  • Nathan Morrison
    Nathan Morrison Год назад Well... Still no microtransactions...
  • Focal Point Images
    Focal Point Images Год назад Awesome game, i love it.
  • Ads Cordite
    Ads Cordite Год назад Still prefer the Horizon series :)
  • Mohit Singh
    Mohit Singh Год назад Both.. BOTH :)
  • flaigus
    flaigus Год назад It is ok to like both and they compliment each other perfectly
  • Rig Gamerz
    Rig Gamerz Год назад I prefer Motorsport feels more like real racing but horizon is ok
  • thamonkaface999
    thamonkaface999 Год назад I wish they add real race tracks inside the next horizon fantasy map.
  • JoelR 853
    JoelR 853 Год назад Perfer Motorsport since it feels more real. But horizon is amazing as well.
    AP3XBOX Год назад Ads Cordite I did, until this game came out. I love it more than horizon now.
  • Ork Diktator
    Ork Diktator Год назад Fark Gogol if you were an adult you wouldnt make such comments
  • CapitalJ2
    CapitalJ2 Год назад (изменено) Chris Sedlmair I wouldn't say it's a kiddie game, but I did notice that more kids play Horizon over Motorsport. It's simply an easier game. Horizon just seems to easy to me. I get bored just driving around, and the tracks aren't that challenging. The scenery is cool while you're driving, and plenty of cars, but drifting around for no reason, and easy race routes just get boring to me. Horizon is cool at first, but too easy to keep me coming back to play
  • awesome models
    awesome models Год назад yea me too
  • daniel dunkley
    daniel dunkley Год назад CapitalJ2 yeah I agree and like you i liked horizon 3 for a bit because of its graphics etc but it was too easy and I found it boring just driving around with nothing to do. I know people will disagree and I know that a lot of people like the relaxing feeling if not much to do and just cruising around. to be honest I was never a massive forma fan until forza 7 came out. I love it all the cars are amaZing the visuals are omg and I think unjust prefer the clear target to finish the race no rubbish between.
  • FxtrotOscrRmeoDelta
    FxtrotOscrRmeoDelta 11 месяцев назад Loved em both since they’re introduction. The one thing that makes Horizon more replayable... Traffic. I love the randomness of it. Sometimes it screws you over. Sometimes it’s the only reason you won. The way traffic lackadaisically pull out in front of you. Don’t signal then make a right turn from the inside lane. That shits immersive too. All they need now is all the traffic models holding a cell phone.
  • Izzy S
    Izzy S 11 месяцев назад Are they good?
  • I haven't taken a shower in 7 days I know
    I haven't taken a shower in 7 days I know 10 месяцев назад Izzy S what. The traffic comment above yours or the Forza franchise? Forza is one of the best racing "Simcades" in the world. So yea it's great. But wait till Forza Horizon 4 drops. Look it up and u will see.
  • Jewish Cultist
    Jewish Cultist 9 месяцев назад Ads Cordite me to but i like both lol
  • Thomas Bangalter
    Thomas Bangalter 4 месяца назад There is a Japan exclusive Forza series called Forza Vison. The maps are all the horizon maps mixed with Motorsport maps. 420GB for xbox one x and PC only
  • Josh Dixon
    Josh Dixon 2 месяца назад Your a child that's why
  • Neuron
    Neuron Год назад Microtransactions?????? You have to be kidding me..
  • Mateus Vinícius
    Mateus Vinícius Год назад Neuron Ever since Forza 4 (not sure about the earlier games) there were microtransactions.
  • Ryder
    Ryder Год назад Neuron it’s not even micro transactions you can’t spend real money all the crates are bought with is in-game credits for cosmetics and super rare cars
  • n18ritti
    n18ritti Год назад its micro$oft what did u expect , with Activision they make the best money grab games
  • Rares Macovei
    Rares Macovei Год назад Don't bother with them. It's not such a big deal.
  • Red Til I’m Dead
    Red Til I’m Dead Год назад Rares Macovei That's not really the point, it's a pretty shitty move by Microsoft and Turn 10.
  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Год назад Console Gamer X Cuz they like to bash Microsoft for something that isn’t even a thing yet.
  • ExileKnight91
    ExileKnight91 Год назад 2017...need I say more???
  • Hocka Gaming
    Hocka Gaming Год назад It's not microtransaction if you buy it with in game credit
  • Mars Bars
    Mars Bars Год назад n18ritti You just completely ignored the comment above you
  • Balto D
    Balto D Год назад The game is obviously built with Micro-Transactions in mind. MS has already confirmed that it will be in the game at a later date.
  • SiCxNeMeSiS
    SiCxNeMeSiS Год назад Balto D Yeah its for people that dont play the game n want the expensive cars... Its really easy making money in forza but to collect all 700+ cars goodluck lol i just buy with in game credits and only get cars i want to get
  • mike franzen
    mike franzen Год назад Neuron its using yur credits no real money you cant buy fake credits i looked
  • InfiniteBlasters 072
  • Cole Phelps
    Cole Phelps Год назад Loot Box 7: Rise Of the Microtransactions
    HELLO THERE Год назад Cole Phelps rise of the microtransactions, in a game that doesn't have any microtransactions🤔
  • trilogy10100
    trilogy10100 Год назад the loot box's are in game credit you earn racing
  • icy1007
    icy1007 Год назад There aren't any microtransactions in Forza 7.
  • Nihal Shetty
    Nihal Shetty Год назад (изменено) The loot boxes don't have any big effect on gameplay. You can still play it like before.
  • Nathan Morrison
    Nathan Morrison Год назад But its cool to jump on the loot box hate bandwagon before actually seeing how they work in-game...
  • NotALegend
    NotALegend 2 месяца назад trilogy10100 lol they are in game money
  • Rune
    Rune Год назад It has micro transactions... YAY!!!
  • MysticTjay
    MysticTjay Год назад Rune like 99% of AAA games out
  • AlkamistStar
    AlkamistStar Год назад Rune Actually it doesn't...but yay anyway right?!
  • LightningBlueMeanie
    LightningBlueMeanie Год назад That you don't have to use. Yay!
  • Knowledgeheuheu
    Knowledgeheuheu Год назад (изменено) Console Gamer X Oh look it's CrapGamers second account trying to damage control LOL.
  • Rune
    Rune Год назад GamerNRetro that's not a good excuse, I don't need to buy it but they'll keep continuing to scam other people. It's a gambling trick that we all let happen when they first started showing up a lot 5 years ago. Now it infects singleplayer games, makes the game harder for legit players because they need to give you a purpose to buy them and it doesn't work if items are too easy to get. Not only is it a scam but it ruins gameplay. It's a terrible addition to $60 games which is already a lot of money, then most games have dlc which is normally about another $50 to $60 more. Almost every game now doesn't even add to the game with dlc, it's cut features from the full $60 game they sell to you a year later for another $50. Now add that with micro transactions that the community buys and big youtubers who have majority kids as their fanbase who are easily tricked while they're supporting and advertising them. When will you guys realize that micro transactions ruins games and how they are scams especially from greedy companies like EA Activision or Ubisoft.
  • LupusAries
    LupusAries Год назад 99% RLY? Ok, would you kindly show me those 99% of AAA games that have Micro transactions?
  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Год назад Wait Team 10 said there will be no microtransactions until everyone is happy about the currency Forza 7 has. These “microtransactions” your seeing here is achievable by in-game currency.
  • FalconGamer58
    FalconGamer58 Год назад LupusAries 100% he means
  • Logan Abshier
    Logan Abshier Год назад Rune failrace look up his channel
  • i make music
    i make music Год назад Rune because all the meat head parents gave their kids their credit card during call of duty. All us adults are suffering....oh the humanity!
  • GrandTheftAero
    GrandTheftAero Год назад Rune like almost any other game
  • Antros Gregoriou
    Antros Gregoriou Год назад It's amazing how In our time fan boys still exist. :)
  • Gazzle Spaz
    Gazzle Spaz Год назад Xbox, leading the game industry in micro transactions.
  • Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)
    Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section) Год назад Cuphead is FULL of micro-transactions
  • Altered Ace
    Altered Ace Год назад Oasis S. K
  • SP
    SP Год назад Shadow4192008 majority of games have micro transactions nowadays..
  • SP
    SP Год назад Shadow4192008 Overwatch, modern warfare remastered (alongside much of the cod games in recent years especially), majority of EA Games (FIFA comes to mind) rocket league, GTA online, Forza Horizon 3, Mafia 3, battlefield series, majority of mobile games (no shocker) Destiny, pretty much every freemium game you can imagine (obvious, because that's the point of the freemium business model), these are some games that come to mind at the moment, but there's a ton more.
  • popa chopa
    popa chopa Год назад Oasis S don't forget scummy dlc practices like with halo wars 2.
  • SolidBoss7
    SolidBoss7 Год назад Oasis S. Funny thing is, as of now there's actually none in this game....
  • Stay Sane
    Stay Sane Год назад Shadow4192008 even the last of us had them lol
  • Tran Phuc
    Tran Phuc Год назад ^ but atleast not in single player campaign
  • Raveen Bikha
    Raveen Bikha Год назад scorpio true 4k well now every ms game have micro transactions and ultimate edition which means content behind paywalls
  • Red Til I’m Dead
    Red Til I’m Dead Год назад scorpio true 4k Not every game does it at all, so stop defending this bullshit practice.
  • Admyr 6
    Admyr 6 Год назад scorpio true 4k OH OH FANBOY ALERT
  • CarreraGT
    CarreraGT Год назад Oasis S. I mean I think EA were first and then others followed but still
  • Humanguillotine
    Humanguillotine Год назад Halo 5: requisitions
  • checkrazor76
    checkrazor76 Год назад Funny how whatculture just did an article on this and it shows PS4 leading the way with games that have micro transactions. After all multi system games were put aside the PS4 had around 40% more loot box type games than MS. They are a horrible thing unless done correctly. They should be for cosmetics only and not available in single player games. And there should always be a way to earn the same items in game. And no it should not take thousands of hours to earn.
    UMA DELÍCIA Год назад Warner Bros are the worst actually, see Shadow of Microtransactions
  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Год назад Activision: Hold my beer
  • Gazzle Spaz
    Gazzle Spaz Год назад SP Brazy I’ll give Overwatch a pass. It’s 100% cosmetic.
  • ark13700
    ark13700 Год назад Uncharted 4 had microtransactions and 'treasure chests' right out of the gate. All the free dlc weapons you had to open special 'DLC chests' with an absurd amount of relics (or a couple of Uncharted Points) and they mostly give you the dlc outfits instead.
  • SkinnyPenis
    SkinnyPenis Год назад Overwatch and halo 5 has microtransactions and no one complained
  • Logan Abshier
    Logan Abshier Год назад Shadow4192008 oh and the crew the major problems are dlcs unless its a major thing liek all new storys it should be free like hey im chargeign the people who spent 60 bucks ten dollars a month for all the cars where adding sure it changes nothing and is super easy but do we care
  • Logan Abshier
    Logan Abshier Год назад Raveen Bikha the ultimate ed for fh3 it is way cheaper i made the mistake of not buying it and now im like 125 into the game and i still dont ahve everythifn including the 20 dolar pack that came with it plus all the extra season packs
  • Shisha CEO
    Shisha CEO Год назад Valve started the trend with the lootboxes
  • Thunderbolt210
    Thunderbolt210 Год назад This is why you can't trust IGN reviews smh. All the fuckery that's in forza 7 and you wouldn't know it based on this review.
  • Dmitry
    Dmitry Год назад Yeah, gamespot too.
  • Logan Abshier
    Logan Abshier Год назад Loot crates are actually just wheel spins you make more money and most cars are cheaper
  • TheGusBus
    TheGusBus Год назад Because it’s still a brilliant game.
  • David Francois
    David Francois Год назад Thunderbolt210 there is no micro transactions, you can’t buy currency with real money
  • Thunderbolt210
    Thunderbolt210 Год назад @david francois Turn 10 already said they are going to be adding a store so you can purchase currency with real money, and its been hinted that the game was built around the idea of micro transactions based on all the changes implemented .
  • Cameren
    Cameren Год назад Agreed. Turn 10 fcked up big time getting rid of classes. The multi-player lobbies are a fcking joke
  • mark partridge
    mark partridge Год назад I think this review is fair. the games basically a 10/10 but knock it down to 9.2 because of the micro transactions
  • Thunderbolt210
    Thunderbolt210 Год назад mark partridge lol ok
  • Stay Lit
    Stay Lit Год назад Cameren This got a 9.2 but they don’t even have car classes anymore?! AND NO TUNING?!!!!!! EVEN HORIZON 3 HAD TUNING. This can’t be foreal, there’s no way they got rid of tuning and classes
    CAHAN Год назад Stay Lit They didnt get rid of tuning ignore the delusional Gran Turismo fans
  • Jared M
    Jared M Год назад Stay Lit were are you hearing this?
  • Anthony Couto
    Anthony Couto Год назад Dude, tuning still exists in Forza 7, what are you guys talking about?
  • The Dude 7
    The Dude 7 Год назад Forza Motorsport 4 is still the best Forza game.
    CAHAN Год назад The Dude 7 Forza 7 is better than Forza 4 in every way, the only real flaw that Forza 7 has is the micro transactions and even they dont affect the game much
  • landroverlover
    landroverlover Год назад Dislexic Potato yes but there was like no differences between forza 7 and forza 6 all they did was add 1 map an re add maps they took out of previous games, than increase the graphics thats not worth a whole new game, every other game got better within 2 years project cars has rally and 20 new maps, need for speed did everything the community asked for and what did forza do!????
    CAHAN Год назад landroverlover Forza 7 has over 700 cars, they focused heavily on the car range for this game and it shows the game is jam packed with content and is more polished than Forza 6 with much greater graphics. I do think Forza 6 was a better upgrade from Forza 5 but Forza 6 was near flawless so it wasnt realistic to expect a big upgrade from Forza 7 what else could they do apart from increase the amount of content and improve the graphics?
  • landroverlover
    landroverlover Год назад Dislexic Potato most of those cars were just dlcs from forza horizon 3 and forza 6 and most of the cars theyve added recently are quite bad and just random, but there was a lot they could add with the amount of resources and time they have, like the couldve added in some rally or off road tracks, new conditions like blizzards from horizon and that would make it actually worth playing
    CAHAN Год назад landroverlover What do you mean the time they have Forza is an annual franchise you cant expect massive changes every year, regardless Forza is still easily the best racing franchise out at the moment and Gran Turismo, even with the much longer time period they had to make Gran Turismo Sport, needs to take some serious notes from Forza. As long as Forza continues to give high quality games with plenty of content then I'm fine with the franchise not making huge changes every year
  • Retr0 Blade
    Retr0 Blade Год назад mark partridge mate have u even been on a server it is like handing 3 year olds loaded guns and saying 'aim and pull the trigger'
  • Aaron Duran
    Aaron Duran Год назад 9.2: most creative micro transaction exploit; driver customization.
  • BenG
    BenG Год назад 70 gbs on Xbox One... 100 gbs on Xbox One X...
  • Rune
    Rune Год назад BenG it's because of the 4K assets.
  • Archie Peake
    Archie Peake Год назад Even without 4k 70GB is ridiculous... For comparisons sake Horizon Zero Dawn is only 43GB
  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Год назад vZeqk_ You can lower this way down by using ID on the Xbox. Different languages takes a huge portion of GB.
  • Angel Kibble
    Angel Kibble Год назад 70GB for a game is normal this generation, for example: Final Fantasy XV (with DLC) - 74.95GB WWE 2K17 - 68.41GB (whereas the PS3 version is about 11.54GB with all season pass DLC) Final Fantasy XIV - 68.97GB
  • Tommy Eastwood
    Tommy Eastwood Год назад vZeqk_ its a lame game. Who cares about hzd??
  • Ibrahim Hassan
    Ibrahim Hassan Год назад vZeqk_ 700 hundred cars
  • bot in action
    bot in action Год назад vZeqk_ it has more content than horizon 1 car is like 200mb
  • あかし
    あかし Год назад vZeqk_ ur comparing orange and apple.....
  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez Год назад 100gb for my pc version
  • Phillip Lemmon
    Phillip Lemmon 10 месяцев назад Get an 8tb external hard drive....achievement unlocked, problem solved.
  • Ravi Rajyaguru
    Ravi Rajyaguru 10 месяцев назад GTA 5 is 75 GB for PC version and was released in 2013. Let that sink in.
  • Snake Gaming
    Snake Gaming 9 месяцев назад Archie Peake that's how you which game has a higher quality the higher the better
  • vl4eva
    vl4eva Год назад Who came from or seen the GT: Sport review??
  • Ben Blackwood
    Ben Blackwood 2 недели назад 🤣 These comments! It's 2019, they've removed lootboxes, and the game has never had microtransactions in it. And for the past year they've been adding cars for free.
  • Millenia Williams
    Millenia Williams Год назад Can't wait to play this on my Xbox One X... When I get my Xbox One X!
    GARAGE BUILT Год назад Millenia Williams it's better on 4k PC
  • George jakob
    George jakob Год назад Millenia Williams same only with PS4 Pro & GT sport😉
  • Gamer Dad
    Gamer Dad Год назад So u gonna spend more money to play a game that asks you to spend more money ? Might aswell just play forza 6. They are the same exact thing just one doesn't have dynamic weather
  • Sn653ake
    Sn653ake Год назад George jakob me too. Just pre ordered the Limited Edition. See you on the road bro.
  • Tommy Eastwood
    Tommy Eastwood Год назад GARAGE BUILT not really.
  • BroImLeandre
    BroImLeandre Год назад People got so mad at this comment. SMH that’s how you know they’re hating.
  • ninjakawa1000
    ninjakawa1000 Год назад Its POOBOX ONE X
  • icy1007
    icy1007 Год назад Actually it is not. The Xbox One X version is the PC version at max settings with a different AA implementation.
    GARAGE BUILT Год назад icy1007 but not better.
  • icy1007
    icy1007 Год назад GARAGE BUILT it's the same.
  • Ethan
    Ethan Год назад Millenia Williams cool
  • yeah lol
    yeah lol Год назад (изменено) Haha.... I play in Wii U.... And work...
    OBAAAMAAA Год назад Millenia Williams what are you 4
  • BlooDaKiller
    BlooDaKiller Год назад Analog Man in a Digital World on what resolution? I got 2 1070s and a ryzen 1600
  • Matty86 •M86•
    Matty86 •M86• Год назад ultimate super savage but Xbox games are available on PC making them Microsoft games I guess
  • Cj Hill
    Cj Hill Год назад Did you get it yet? I need some people to play with
  • 4Nick3
    4Nick3 Год назад If you get an Xbox One X I’m kidding
  • Millenia Williams
    Millenia Williams Год назад Cj Hill GT Sport?! HELLS NO!!!
  • Jesse Turner
    Jesse Turner Год назад Millenia Williams lol I really can’t see the point of buying the X
  • Luke Davis
    Luke Davis Год назад Jesse Turner For the sole reason to post about having one, every day, since there's nothing new to play on it.
  • Az Lean
    Az Lean 9 месяцев назад Forza is an Xbox exclusive sorry to say. You have that cheapo third party developer racer called iRacing to go play. GARAGE BUILT
  • Rick Peters
    Rick Peters 3 месяца назад @Az Lean lolwhat? Forza games are on pc since like forza 5