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The BMW Isetta Is the Strangest BMW of All Time

Published on Mar 23, 2017 3,719,880 views



Of all the cars BMW has ever made, the BMW Isetta is the most ridiculous -- and the most unique. This video shows exactly why the Isetta is so crazy.

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  • finirre
    finirre 6 месяцев назад When you tell her you drive a bmw and you pick her up in an isetta
  • rev3rse
    rev3rse 6 месяцев назад lmao
  • KingProne
    KingProne 5 месяцев назад lmfao
  • Charles Nunez
    Charles Nunez 5 месяцев назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • D00MTR33
    D00MTR33 5 месяцев назад Aka "The Steve Urkle". Hmmm hey Laura, you want some.... cheese?
  • Spastmatiker
    Spastmatiker 5 месяцев назад to be honest, she would probably think its cute and it would attract more looks from girls than the "BRO POWER AAAAH" BMW's
  • Brian The Explorer
    Brian The Explorer 5 месяцев назад @oXiDe not only will the chick diss you, she’ll tweet and Instagram about it
  • Red haired Gangstah
    Red haired Gangstah 5 месяцев назад I was reading the comments with a straight face until I came into this
  • Ezra Peterson
    Ezra Peterson 5 месяцев назад my dream car be like
  • eaglevision993
    eaglevision993 5 месяцев назад If she rejects you because of the car you drive better keep looking for another one....and I don´t mean the car.
  • spryght1
    spryght1 4 месяца назад And she tells you you are having the sexiest car ever.
  • Böses imbusch
    Böses imbusch 4 месяца назад Smash her
  • Nitin Sharma
    Nitin Sharma 4 месяца назад oXiDe 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • The Dred God
    The Dred God 4 месяца назад no flex?
  • the Accountant
    the Accountant 4 месяца назад 😂👍
  • Steinn
    Steinn 4 месяца назад @Spastmatiker I guess you are right. My girlfriend knows nothing about cars and has absolutly no interest in changing that. But she looooves the Isetta. Same with other cute classics like the original Mini, Fiat 500 and things like that.
  • D.M
    D.M 4 месяца назад LOL U MADE MY DAY XDD
  • g0679
    g0679 4 месяца назад oXiDe Like an invitation to dinner and a movie. Followed by the drive-in theater with snack bar fare. Like the pre-movie advertisement said, “Make it a DINNER DATE!”
  • Alt Fit
    Alt Fit 4 месяца назад Hey babay, I drive a BMW i model... i for isetta
  • True Form Oblivion
    True Form Oblivion 4 месяца назад Deceased 💀💀💀
  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime 4 месяца назад True it is a BMW
  • SvenTviking
    SvenTviking 4 месяца назад Brian The Explorer Would you want a chick that’s that big a cunt?
  • HrHaakon
    HrHaakon 4 месяца назад If she's a car-girl, she'll be impressed.
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 месяца назад I wish a guy would pick me up in an isetta
  • KPAracing
    KPAracing 3 месяца назад Once I told a girl I was driving a Mercedes-Benz and which I did, but it was a truck. The look on her face was priceless hahaha
  • Physzendax
    Physzendax 3 месяца назад imagine, Streets of a old city on a sweltering summers day, you can your girl in this like it was a Scooter, rubbing swet and sharing memories...
  • graghams taylor
    graghams taylor 3 месяца назад mistersurrealist , That's why I bought one ! 💪😄
  • graghams taylor
    graghams taylor 3 месяца назад Spastmatiker , No, trust me, it doesn't work like that , I had an Isetta back in the day & my then girlfriend ran off with some 'flash Harry' with a Jag !!
  • Iftekhar ahmed Rayan
    Iftekhar ahmed Rayan 3 месяца назад typical 😂
  • coprographia
    coprographia 3 месяца назад oXiDe Urkel
  • Christian Hexum
    Christian Hexum 3 месяца назад ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE ISETTA STOCK!
  • Bigman :3
    Bigman :3 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂😂🤣🙃🤣🤣
  • Cleverly Blonde
    Cleverly Blonde 3 недели назад Hey, a tight intimate seat in a cute little car. I think it's romantic. All I can say is, maybe not for the first date... ;)
  • Xan
    Xan 2 недели назад Hell yea brotherrrrr
  • Grim LEEDS BoY
    Grim LEEDS BoY 2 недели назад Why would you tell her you drive a bmw haha
  • Ashton Leah
    Ashton Leah Неделю назад Ll
  • Lord Kiltridge
    Lord Kiltridge 4 месяца назад (изменено) The Isetta is a BMW for men who have no need to compensate for anything.
  • Carlos Leon
    Carlos Leon 3 месяца назад it's a car for men with big schlongs
  • Pete Lind
    Pete Lind 3 месяца назад They should revive Isetta , with their 1649 cc 118 Kw motorcycle engine ... that thing would go 120 mph on highway .
  • Patrick Breuer
    Patrick Breuer 3 месяца назад @Pete Lind
  • Dave Hakes
    Dave Hakes 3 месяца назад Yup.
  • kg062007
    kg062007 3 месяца назад Well Urkel was black.
  • m64h
    m64h 3 месяца назад . . . except stupidity
  • kunstwerk fusion
    kunstwerk fusion 3 месяца назад @Pete Lind just stay off the autobahn lol
  • Ferenc Gyurcsány
    Ferenc Gyurcsány 2 месяца назад reverse compensation
  • Ascdren
    Ascdren 2 месяца назад The isetta is a BMW for short men.
  • dominick.
    dominick. 2 месяца назад lol
  • g s
    g s 2 месяца назад Mr bean?
  • Lord Kiltridge
    Lord Kiltridge 2 месяца назад @g s More like Mini-Bean.
  • Makoto Kikuchin-chan IS MAI WAIFU
    Makoto Kikuchin-chan IS MAI WAIFU 2 месяца назад The Isetta is a BMW for men who have no need don't care to overcompensate for anything. Fixed it for you.
  • NatanelYaHu
    NatanelYaHu 2 месяца назад @Carlos Leon does this schlong make my car look smaller?
  • Carlos Leon
    Carlos Leon 2 месяца назад @NatanelYaHu sadly your sausage makes the car look gigantic. Sorry bro
  • NatanelYaHu
    NatanelYaHu 2 месяца назад @Carlos Leon that's not what your wife said.
  • NatanelYaHu
    NatanelYaHu 2 месяца назад @Carlos Leon what's the difference between your dick and your jokes? No one laughs at your jokes.
  • Carlos Leon
    Carlos Leon 2 месяца назад @NatanelYaHu I'm oddly fine with that because with your penis, it wouldn't count anyway
  • Lanciarules
    Lanciarules 1 месяц назад It is not a BMW: it is an italian ISO RIVOLTA made under license
  • glossy bella
    glossy bella 2 месяца назад Imagine getting honked at and then you turn around and see this car behind you
  • Shoota_Gang
    Shoota_Gang 2 месяца назад Bell Marie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Archit Anand
    Archit Anand 2 месяца назад U might not even see it
  • Joseph Erhardt
    Joseph Erhardt 2 месяца назад Here's the US version of that: :)
  • rampampam z
    rampampam z 2 месяца назад hahagaga
  • Brian Leonard
    Brian Leonard 2 месяца назад I would quickly grab my fly swatter..
  • Whitt Solak
    Whitt Solak 2 месяца назад Imagine it's driver smiling humerously, but then getting honked at from behind, and turning around to find a Peel P50
  • ItsDorian
    ItsDorian 1 месяц назад Hahahha good one XD
  • D Man
    D Man 1 месяц назад LOL
  • J Moz
    J Moz 1 месяц назад "Did I do that hukhukhukhukhuk"
  • Bigman :3
    Bigman :3 1 месяц назад 🤣🤣
  • Bigman :3
    Bigman :3 1 месяц назад Brian Leonard 😂🤣
  • kassiedoo
    kassiedoo 1 месяц назад Lollll
  • Jose Eliseo Gutierrez
    Jose Eliseo Gutierrez 2 дня назад glossy bella lol
  • Sweets Sweeter
    Sweets Sweeter 2 месяца назад So basically you're driving a vintage Coca-Cola machine!?
  • spudnic88
    spudnic88 2 месяца назад no, I Coca-Cola machine has more horsepower.
  • Detailer Network
    Detailer Network 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂
  • Detailer Network
    Detailer Network 1 месяц назад @spudnic88 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Ronnie Butler
    Ronnie Butler 1 месяц назад Sweets Sweeter lol 😀👍
  • Lexi xoxo
    Lexi xoxo 2 недели назад *mini fridge
  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 1 месяц назад "What happens if you get in an accident in the Isetta and the door won't open?" Well unless the other vehicle was a bicycle, you'll be dead so it won't matter.
  • Enno VanDam
    Enno VanDam 6 дней назад John Morgan lol true
  • Heaven's Dick
    Heaven's Dick 2 месяца назад BMW: "i Don't wanna talk about this."
  • nagmashot
    nagmashot 4 месяца назад People tend to forget that germany lost the war and was in Ruins. .. and most of the cars of that time were very small very cheap and used little fuel... A average german father Who survived the war and earned a little money to buy such Micro cars were happy to conquer europe again peacefull to visit Italy and make summer holidays there
  • Sarah ursic
    Sarah ursic 3 месяца назад Very selfish of him ; going on that trip alone ! And germans visited other country immediately post war ?!!
  • mvn43 43
    mvn43 43 3 месяца назад @Sarah ursic selfish?
  • Daniel Craig
    Daniel Craig 2 месяца назад @Sarah ursic yes
  • Jack Grimaldi
    Jack Grimaldi 2 месяца назад You think dad made it to Italy in this thing? Lot of hills between Deutschland and Italy sir.
  • Plane J
    Plane J 1 месяц назад @Jack Grimaldi East German families went to Hungary in a Trabant and that's more than 10 hours of driving; some families went to Italy post-war in a VW Beetle. So yes, this was a thing.
  • Britt Pomales
    Britt Pomales 1 месяц назад Europe it self was in ruins. I remember cringing when I saw old clips/movies shot in Europe bc the cars were so off. I thought that was the style not bc the economy wasn't okay.
  • jayaline
    jayaline 3 недели назад Aww poor German dad. Votes for Adolf. Yells "Deutchland Deutchland" at all the rallies. Then at the end when Adolf loses the war dad can only afford a small car, awwww, I'm shedding a little tear here.
  • Plane J
    Plane J 3 недели назад @jayaline Cause you had a choice not to vote for Hitler am I right? And EVERY German was a devoted Nazi, weren't they? You sound stupid.
  • Adam Fidelio
    Adam Fidelio Неделю назад @jayaline Bc WW2 was that dad's fault? But you have never lived under a totalitarian regime so you cannot understand anyways.
  • Noolaiph X
    Noolaiph X 3 дня назад Hmmm. And today: Audi A8; BMW 7 series; Mercedes Benz S- class; the Space Program..... Hmmm.
  • Twice Abroad
    Twice Abroad 2 месяца назад BMW needs to make more cars like this! I would really like a modern version of the isetta.
  • Alexandra Gallardo
    Alexandra Gallardo 2 месяца назад There is but it's not from BMW, the name is microlino but i´m not sure if they´re selling it yet.
  • smartwizardst1
    smartwizardst1 2 месяца назад I absolutely agree. I don't see why I'd need anything bigger to just get to and back from work, and maybe grabbing a small bag of groceries along the way. Of course I'd want a big family car for the weekend, but I'd be more than happy with something this small with an updated heater and a small A/C. Almost as small as a motorcycle, but still protecting you from the weather or a crash, at least better than bikers' clothes. One doesn't need to burn all that excess gas to haul a 5 seater chassis going to work alone. Parking in tight spaces gets easy too. Also 250cc today can give you ridiculous amounts of power for something as small as this. With a modernized suspension that reduces body roll, it would easily keep up with everyone else on a highway during morning traffic. Or there could be an electric version, with an added solar sunroof option. You could get a lot of range from a battery the size of its tank, when you have a chassis this small. I can see lots of advantages to reviving this super small size class of cars.
  • Joe H
    Joe H 2 месяца назад It’s gonna flip if you don’t go extremely slow in turns
  • Zander.
    Zander. 1 месяц назад The i3?
  • smartwizardst1
    smartwizardst1 1 месяц назад @Zander. Yes, the i3 is close, but there could still be an even smaller one. Like an "i1".
  • KaHnlAY28 3
    KaHnlAY28 3 1 месяц назад A modern isetta is like modern black and white television
  • gimmepowder
    gimmepowder 1 месяц назад @smartwizardst1 Electra Meccanica's Solo might be what you're after although a used first gen Leaf would be a lot cheaper.
  • ABC I
    ABC I Неделю назад They could put a v-6 in it and the Isetta would be the fastest thing on the road.
  • Noolaiph X
    Noolaiph X 3 дня назад Just mind the hills......and they are alive with the sound of music.
  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores 2 дня назад You mean a smart car?
  • Tea Party
    Tea Party 2 месяца назад (изменено) As stupid as I might sound, I would love to have this vehicle as a gift from graduation 😂
  • Set
    Set 1 месяц назад it would be lit, id drive it everywhere
  • Turn Around
    Turn Around 1 месяц назад @Set except for hills
  • Hari haran
    Hari haran 1 месяц назад Smart, girls have to sit super close to you. This car can get you laid a lot.
  • Bobon Meiknob
    Bobon Meiknob Неделю назад @Hari haran Sure, just got to climb in the back sea.... Oh. Never mind. :-/
  • Nico Arguelles
    Nico Arguelles 2 месяца назад Wtf no Doug score? I want my 15 mins back
  • ItzMehMonopolyMan
    ItzMehMonopolyMan 2 месяца назад LMFAOOO
  • dementedpuppy
    dementedpuppy 1 месяц назад Check the metris video
  • kerry potter
    kerry potter Неделю назад LOL
  • Noolaiph X
    Noolaiph X 3 дня назад Yeah, man, what the deuce?
  • mihan2d
    mihan2d 1 день назад 0, 0, 0, 10. The ten is for the "cool" factor.
  • Vimal Sobhee
    Vimal Sobhee 3 недели назад Doug was so much happier driving the isetta than the chiron
  • Moment 2 Moment Pictorial & Cinematic
    Moment 2 Moment Pictorial & Cinematic Неделю назад We all know that Doug would definitely fail to live up to the standard of any 2010's rapper, however, if he was a late 1940's West German farmer...
  • Jonathan Gangemi
    Jonathan Gangemi 1 месяц назад don't talk to me or my son ever again -Land Rover
  • Valcor
    Valcor 2 месяца назад Lol I was laughing my ass of at the horn bit imaging his 6 foot ass driving down the road sounding the horn as he shifts.
  • ABC I
    ABC I Неделю назад --Like is telling everyone to get out of the way, I want to pass you.
  • Trevor
    Trevor 2 года назад Mid engine, rear wheel drive, lightweight, manual BMW. What more do you want?
  • Rens Olthof
    Rens Olthof 2 года назад Horsepower 😂
  • Ross MK
    Ross MK 2 года назад An E30 😂
  • Mike, TheAnimated
    Mike, TheAnimated 2 года назад Trevor All of that, in an actual car.
  • Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties
    Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties 2 года назад Trevor more hp
  • dangerous toys56
    dangerous toys56 2 года назад Trevor - bigger motor, like high output twin cylender- maybe some wide wheels with mags. id buy one👍
  • josh heredia
    josh heredia 2 года назад Trevor 14 horsepower
  • Drakilicious
    Drakilicious 2 года назад Crumple zones that are not my legs would be nice.
  • Tom Forrest
    Tom Forrest 2 года назад Josh 13 horsepower
  • ImBarryScottCSS
    ImBarryScottCSS 2 года назад JB4 and these rock 17HP from the factory easy.
  • Joshua Knighten
    Joshua Knighten 2 года назад Call me crazy, but I think I would like to have a Seat Belt...
  • LiquidSm0ke
    LiquidSm0ke 2 года назад Trevor hahaha
  • pilotstyle123
    pilotstyle123 2 года назад Its the spiritual older Brother of the Porsche 918
  • Jniwx
    Jniwx 2 года назад A bumper to bumper warranty could be nice to add too...
  • Zakatak 698
    Zakatak 698 2 года назад Trevor e
  • The Almighty Cornholio
    The Almighty Cornholio 2 года назад Crumple zones that aren't my knee caps lol
  • Regis Riley
    Regis Riley 2 года назад Right Mid engined haha
  • CoastEpPlays
    CoastEpPlays 2 года назад Trunk space
  • BluRitzy
    BluRitzy 2 года назад An M5
  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 2 года назад and it doubles as a coffin if you're ever in an accident. So functional!
  • Haru Yamagucci
    Haru Yamagucci 2 года назад Finally, I've been waiting for this exact review for years. Much love from beautiful Bangor, Maine where auto insurance is the lowest in the nation, home prices are still some of the lowest in the entire western world and recreational marijuana is legal for all to enjoy.
  • tver
    tver 2 года назад (изменено) Will they do an electric/hybrid drive roadster tribute as the iZA or iZ8?..
  • Not a Name
    Not a Name 2 года назад (изменено) +Pennywise Italian ingenuity paired with German practicality...
  • none of your business
    none of your business 2 года назад Ross MK ricer
  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez 2 года назад Legend M3 2003 GTR,thats the what we need:)
  • brim
    brim 2 года назад Trevor don't forget the fact it's a two seater.
  • Carter Macomber
    Carter Macomber 2 года назад D
  • Sepeda137
    Sepeda137 2 года назад Trevor I
  • Alex Bunn
    Alex Bunn 2 года назад none of your business do you even know what rice stands for
  • Recruit _Drinking_Coke
    Recruit _Drinking_Coke 2 года назад Alex Bunn yes
  • Alex Bunn
    Alex Bunn 2 года назад none of your business extending my previous reply rice stands for race inspired car enhancements Yet you are calling that person a ricer for liking a completely stock car as it would be presumed because he hasn't said otherwise This means you are saying a stock car is rice which goes against the meaning of rice entirely
  • Super Saver
    Super Saver 2 года назад Trevor power
  • Detastic!
    Detastic! 2 года назад said every bmw fanboy ever
  • Tony Pate
    Tony Pate 2 года назад Wow The "DOUG" finds a helmet to fit that big big head at last ! Who say's life is over when get EHS syndrome the "DOUG" rocks man can even put his mad waving arms (classic stage 2 EHS along with the shouting like a 8 year old in a sweet shop, sorry candy store ) keep it up Doug the full on stage 3 Ollie Williams may be years away you still the man dude Kool with a K
  • VarietyGamer
    VarietyGamer 2 года назад More car.
  • sienile
    sienile 2 года назад At least 1 liter of displacement?
  • Jay AR
    Jay AR 2 года назад Has enough power.
  • otto Vonostrovo
    otto Vonostrovo 2 года назад 350cc max!
  • BBB H
    BBB H 2 года назад I want this.
  • Hunter
    Hunter 2 года назад WHY????? THIS CAR SUCKS!!!!!!!
  • Atha Pratama
    Atha Pratama 2 года назад extra horsepower from the old one have 12 and the newer one 13,that makes it a hot rod
  • Jizzle
    Jizzle 2 года назад Trevor it sounded better on paper..
  • Mason Passmore
    Mason Passmore 2 года назад Trevor ii
  • mr. skit
    mr. skit 2 года назад Trevor don't forget the single door
  • mr. skit
    mr. skit 2 года назад tougeteggy every car is like that
  • Jim Rr
    Jim Rr Год назад I want the GT version with 15 hp
  • Jizzle
    Jizzle Год назад @unsub unsub now every car is a mid engine, lightweight, rwd, manual bmw?
  • Kamil Kostrzewa
    Kamil Kostrzewa Год назад Jim Rr m power
  • WestSarly
    WestSarly Год назад an aftermarket exhaust
  • Darth Gamer
    Darth Gamer Год назад Fuckboi and douchebag snob status
  • Luke Spurlock
    Luke Spurlock Год назад Bumper to bumper warranty
  • Hüseyin Uğur Alacatli
    Hüseyin Uğur Alacatli Год назад 2002 turbo
  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname Год назад Trevor dude u forgot to mention that stock naturally aspirated loud exhaust note. :P
  • mr bad example
    mr bad example Год назад i have a smart, Mercedes mid engine, rear wheel drive, going on 10 years, it will top 95MPH with over sized tires before the computer slows it down. in normal driving i get about 50MPGs, almost tempted to let Doug drive it...
  • Nathan Stoddart
    Nathan Stoddart Год назад Trevor 🖕🏻
  • Nathan Stoddart
    Nathan Stoddart Год назад 🖕🏻
  • Minigunmann
    Minigunmann Год назад Trevor 😂 More power
  • Phileas Fogg
    Phileas Fogg Год назад A freakin turn signal
  • Yoshi
    Yoshi Год назад Trevor 😂😂😂😂
  • xxaaxxS_a_u_da99xxaaxx
    xxaaxxS_a_u_da99xxaaxx Год назад (изменено) Trevor you mean one wheel drive
    TEEMODO Год назад all wheel drive tbh
  • ExileStriker
    ExileStriker Год назад Trevor ummmmmmm a Bugatti?
    TEEMODO Год назад THEPRO38 0 Shut up bugattis are over rated
  • Irishcarspotting
    Irishcarspotting Год назад THEPRO38 0 why'd anyone want a buggati
  • Directioner P
    Directioner P Год назад Trevor Good comment.Thank you.👍
  • Farlié LaCroix
    Farlié LaCroix Год назад Trevor TURBO!!
  • Fatima De Jesus
    Fatima De Jesus Год назад Trevor i
  • Luca2490
    Luca2490 Год назад Its 13....
  • Lee B
    Lee B Год назад I had the Heinkel version which was better because the steering wheel is not attached to the door .unfortunately the 200cc engine had a tendency to over heat easily and it had a cable operated straight forward / back comb tooth gear leaver which if not adjusted right made finding the right gear rather hit and miss. Also the Heinkel model has a plexiglass domed rear screen and on a sunny day you knew exactly how an ant feels under a magnifying glass. Top speed was around 55mph and if you had a passenger it handled not bad at all but one up it was better turning one way more than the other bit like a bike chair out fit.
    [DELETED USER] Год назад Turbo charged v16 engine
    TEEMODO Год назад The Swag emperor who tf wants a v16 don't you mean v12
  • 3 X In a Row
    3 X In a Row Год назад Trevor more than five inches of space Ty.
  • Angelo Mananghaya
    Angelo Mananghaya Год назад Trevor iii
  • Tyler
    Tyler Год назад something that is not a bmw
  • Nicholas Lemmon
    Nicholas Lemmon Год назад Trevor ikr
  • Themadboss 15
    Themadboss 15 Год назад Trevor I
  • DenizTheMennis Vlogs
    DenizTheMennis Vlogs Год назад Trevor I
  • Hamilton Bros
    Hamilton Bros Год назад Trevor the gta monster, what is the top speed?
  • Ismo
    Ismo Год назад Trevor horsepower and better looks
  • manictiger
    manictiger Год назад I feel like it's so tiny that you could just modify it to be a helicopter without too much expense. Now you can be claustrophobic at 2000 ft.!
  • Size Ola
    Size Ola Год назад Trevor turbo aventador engine 😂😂😂
  • Nickrizzle_
    Nickrizzle_ Год назад Trevor lol
  • Demarco Rosas
    Demarco Rosas 11 месяцев назад Trevor if I were to drive a BMW, I would take a 335i
  • DSP16569
    DSP16569 10 месяцев назад In Germany seat belts where mandatory for the front seats at end of the 60's - Back seat seat belts at the early 80's. My first car a VW Passat from 1978 has had no back seat belt. The Isetta was build in the early 50's when economy starts to rise and the people could buy very cheap cars (or better little motor-bikes with more than two wheels and some roof for rain protection). In Europe before the war cars where only for the rich people, then the war stopped all kind of mass motorisation and so europe was (related to cars for most of the people) 30 years behind. The Iseta is then more the german FORD - Model T or A than a Studebaker ;-) - And nobod would lough about a Model T bud would see the historic importance (regional).
  • Rasta Man
    Rasta Man 10 месяцев назад Trevor working blinkers
  • Michael Grostas
    Michael Grostas 10 месяцев назад My tractor has more hp.....25 and weighs half as much😂🤣😂
  • Jochen Fries
    Jochen Fries 10 месяцев назад Kind of. There is an electric tribute to this named the Microlino, made by a Swiss company called Micro.
    JMC RJC 8 месяцев назад @Pennywise 😂🤣
  • Gamingkreepercat 76
    Gamingkreepercat 76 3 месяца назад A ford raptor
  • ItzMehMonopolyMan
    ItzMehMonopolyMan 2 месяца назад More space.
  • ItzMehMonopolyMan
    ItzMehMonopolyMan 2 месяца назад A normal-regular sized automobile.
  • rockabye baby
    rockabye baby 2 месяца назад Life insurance LOL...
  • Sleepy Cobra
    Sleepy Cobra 2 месяца назад You forgot lot of attention
  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack 1 месяц назад A Hayabusa engine.
  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack 1 месяц назад Or to be reasonable some 400 to 600cc engine with 40_70hp. Or we'll. I think the ninja 250 has 30hp or something
  • Katarina Queen
    Katarina Queen 1 месяц назад a hamburger
  • Britt Pomales
    Britt Pomales 1 месяц назад he's explaining how it's so weird. entering the front was enough for me
  • Neon Moon Pie
    Neon Moon Pie 1 месяц назад Swap a BMW motorcycle engine in it.
  • CJ Roberts
    CJ Roberts 1 месяц назад Idk
  • Cyclops
    Cyclops 1 месяц назад Trevor I bet only 648 know what everything you said means
  • Jordan Connolly
    Jordan Connolly 2 недели назад Trevor to right
  • Roger King
    Roger King 4 месяца назад (изменено) Here in Europe we call this type of vehicle a "Bubble Car". They were made to deal with fuel shortages and the economic hardships post war which ran through to the 1960s. Great (and dangerous) fun, but actually very expensive these days. From the sound it was making, it sounds like this one has some carburetion issues: they will normally plod uphill quite happily.
  • Honest John
    Honest John 2 месяца назад Expensive indeed now = £15 in 1975 (4 wheel Brighton built ) up to £15K today. Wish I'd kept the darned thing. LOL
  • Andy Mairena
    Andy Mairena 1 месяц назад Thank you for educating me
  • Jarmo
    Jarmo 1 месяц назад I would take the engine out, save it for when you sell it, and put a 30 kw electric motor in it, way faster and not a literal hell to drive
  • Frank Pirolo
    Frank Pirolo Неделю назад "Hey Baby, wanna go for a ride? I'll pick you up in my BMW
  • Arif Akyuz
    Arif Akyuz 3 месяца назад 10:05 UPS Truck Driver: Ahh, what a beautiful day, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, the boxes behind me aren’t breaki- Isetta passes by UPS Truck Driver: Wait wut....
  • Futureworld X
    Futureworld X 2 месяца назад That would be me. LOL. I used to have those days all the time, except it wasn't an isetta, it was a BEAR! LOL. I worked for UPS in Alaska!
  • Mohammad Hassan Nejad Neisi
    Mohammad Hassan Nejad Neisi 2 недели назад I drive a BMW Pulls up with a mini fridge
  • mihan2d
    mihan2d 1 день назад (изменено) I can already see a nice catchphrase for a movie: A guy pulls up with this and then another guy comments "I didn't know you drive a damn fridge"
  • Rytis Rytis
    Rytis Rytis 3 недели назад If you think about it ,one horse has a lot of power 13 hp is amazing i think this bmw top speed is 900km/h and you can probably drag race in this thing Maybe even drift