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Supermarket Fails🏪😂Epic Supermarket Fails (Full) [Epic Laughs]

Published on Jan 19, 2018 2,534,486 views

These people failed to shop 😂
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Having plans going to the supermarket? Beware! You must be careful so you won't end up like them! Check this out! We have collected videos of epic supermarket fails and were absolutely funny. This will surely make you laugh out loud and turns your day bright. What are you waiting for? Click the play button now and enjoy!

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Supermarket Fails:

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  • Stephanie Wolfe
    Stephanie Wolfe Год назад I can’t believe people poop on the floor
  • Virginia Railfan67
    Virginia Railfan67 2 месяца назад Me either. BTW there is a poop museum in Japan.
  • 123TauruZ321
    123TauruZ321 3 месяца назад Probably mental disorder.
  • mmMmichaelJacksonNnn
    mmMmichaelJacksonNnn 3 месяца назад Maggie Sue that's because you're white
  • Catherine Stanley
    Catherine Stanley 5 месяцев назад A little boy pooped on our store floor near the registers becuase his mom ignored him when he said he had to use the bathroom, we were in the middle of her very large transaction, she told him to stand there and hush up, so of course after awhile of standing there the poor kid shit himself. We made her clean it up.
  • Katalyste
    Katalyste 6 месяцев назад I had to watch the video of the woman again to realize what she did.. That was disgusting! 😵🤢
  • an romeijn
    an romeijn 6 месяцев назад Stephanie Wolfe :C
  • Ernest Skinner
    Ernest Skinner 9 месяцев назад You like to poop in people's mouth!
  • Moonstone
    Moonstone 10 месяцев назад I know right, that is just disgusting 😷😷
  • Today
    Today Год назад Stephanie Wolfe that was so disgusting, she should be ashamed of herself.
  • rosa hernandez
    rosa hernandez Год назад I don’t even poop in public restrooms, let alone on the floor. Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Linda Raterink
    Linda Raterink Год назад That lady looked drunk to me, with a terreble case of the runs. And the kid well he's a kid sometimes they have more important stuf to do then go to the bathroom...
  • Maggie Sue
    Maggie Sue Год назад I can.
  • JayThePineappleDemon OverLord
    JayThePineappleDemon OverLord Год назад what kind of supermarkets are these that everything falls with the slightest touch?
  • Mr awesomeness
    Mr awesomeness 2 месяца назад its called walmart...
  • pumpertube
    pumpertube 2 месяца назад Chinese and Russian.
  • Britney Madden
    Britney Madden 4 месяца назад JayThePineappleDemon OverLord ikr00
  • Cryptozoology is pretty frickin’ sweet
    Cryptozoology is pretty frickin’ sweet 5 месяцев назад Cheap shitty ones.
  • Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers
    Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers 9 месяцев назад Hi
  • Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers
    Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers 9 месяцев назад @MR AD lol
  • Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers
    Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers 9 месяцев назад Ikr
  • Jalleh Doty
    Jalleh Doty Год назад :-)
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Jalleh Doty leaves me in stitches 😂
  • Jalleh Doty
    Jalleh Doty Год назад But nonetheless, this video is funny as it pokes fun at human stupidity ;)
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Jalleh Doty tell me bout it aye awhh damn.. 😒
  • Jalleh Doty
    Jalleh Doty Год назад Hi Kat, Well I've done retail in the past. I have worked for some really 'irresponsible' managers who were on a power trip and thought that there shit didn't stink and were 'really' lazy as I didn't go through any training as to what to do when stuff came up and that I would be blamed cause I didn't know what to do. These days? some business owners are just plain arrogant and stupid and thanks to cameras being everywhere, I find consolation and humor that these incidences are caught on camera
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Jalleh Doty that is so true this made me so wild watching this but Cldnt help but lol because of how stupid they are in here .. Managers like that deserved to be sacked aye.. it gives the place a bad name
  • Jalleh Doty
    Jalleh Doty Год назад Hi Kat, I know not every place is the same. Not every business acts responsible in this dept, some businesses are too lazy to train people properly to watch out for this problem, and its run by arrogant managers who think that nothing will go wrong or act cheap to save money, only too find that pride can bite you in the ass when something 'bad' happens
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Jalleh Doty i work in retail as well and cheap shelving whatever the prob needs to be dealt with straight away.. management could get sued n the business itself be screwed.. no excuses here really Which is why here in aus each workplace has workplace regulations and reps to prevent this kinda stuff..😊 i work on the floor im bound to see this stuff everywhere i go.. keeps ya on your feet lol
  • Jalleh Doty
    Jalleh Doty Год назад Well? I've worked in retail and have seen that happen, where you barely touch a shelf and BAM you have a total collision from barely touching it
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Jalleh Doty well then the workplace is at fault then clearly
  • Jalleh Doty
    Jalleh Doty Год назад Well? some businesses do cheap out on shelves and people can and do grab stuff in a hurry. So go figure
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад JayThePineappleDemon OverLord a supermarket with no health and safety regulations
  • Jenn Boud
    Jenn Boud Год назад I know right?! I was thinking the same thing. Employees/Customers  shouldn't be at fault if they put all of those products on tall shelfs that aren't nailed to the floor.
  • Patrick Banks
    Patrick Banks Год назад I work at kroger, I saw a mirror wall and glass shelves come crashing down with all the vases and flowers before. Sometimes things just aren't put together well, and something gives.. then it All comes down. But that time the hot bar serving case at the deli was 'too hot' and the glass exploded... that was pretty insane. It was just a loud POP, a huge crack, then shattered glass all over their chicken and crap.
  • MR AD
    MR AD Год назад JayThePineappleDemon OverLord The fragile super mart
  • Ronda Hildreth
    Ronda Hildreth Год назад What are those shelves made of, Popsicle sticks! 😲
  • Dovenpeis
    Dovenpeis Год назад (изменено) They are made out of liberalism with no regard for the interests of the American workers.
  • ChocoD
    ChocoD Год назад 5:36 looks like a murder scene hahahahahaha.
  • ninnew J
    ninnew J 1 месяц назад Lol, you read my mind.
  • Britney Madden
    Britney Madden 4 месяца назад ChocoD ikr
  • The Game
    The Game Год назад (изменено) It's amazing how nasty some people can be in stores pooping and pissing on the floors leaving used panty liner pads and dirty underwear. I wonder what separates them from animals.
  • Jay 322
    Jay 322 1 месяц назад Nothing in some ways but unfortunately animals are a LOT better than humans
  • Mary Walker
    Mary Walker 10 месяцев назад The Game Once a girl asked where the bathrooms were after buying tampons. I don't know if she was flinging it around but there was blood all over. So gross!
  • Infinite Rumination
    Infinite Rumination Год назад Bubba Spaarx You people are also a plague, to the comment sections of the internet. In fact, you are the true "race baiters," slipping racist comments in on every video. You are just a barbaric as the people you hate. Dumbass.
  • Clouxted
    Clouxted Год назад Bubba Spaarx racist
  • Zach Akins
    Zach Akins Год назад Hey don't blame it on the animals!😂
  • Eva Eliseeva
    Eva Eliseeva Год назад The Game Shut your mouth animals are way better then people.
  • The Game
    The Game Год назад Daiza Helms. I agree. When I made this comment about people acting like animals it had nothing to do with the race of a person. I was making a comment about how these people was acting like animals and doing their business in front of everybody just like an animal would do.
  • Beatmaster B
    Beatmaster B Год назад Daiza Helms dat’s WACCCUUUSS. LMAO 🐷🐷
  • D00M SL4Y3R
    D00M SL4Y3R Год назад Bubba Spaarx Gr8 b8 m8, but in all seriousness, please take that pathetic racism shit somewhere else...
  • MR AD
    MR AD Год назад The Game at least animal know how to clear their poop
  • Combat Wombat
    Combat Wombat Год назад The Game biologically nothing
  • countteddy
    countteddy Год назад animals dont do that , but humans do .........vile species
    MUSIC LOVER Год назад Why are you insulting animals!?
  • icecub2468
    icecub2468 Год назад don't put these fucktards with animals... animals are cleaner plus people know better than to be doing this dumb shit
  • Rick Jones
    Rick Jones Год назад We're was the thumbnail. That was the one I click on this video to see
  • Greendragon 245
    Greendragon 245 11 часов назад Report as spam/misleading please
  • Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson Год назад Rick Jones lxe,xsos
  • Steve Bailey
    Steve Bailey Год назад Chris Court lol look everyone! This kid got a hold of his/her mommys phone! And than had access to the comments lol HEY MA GET YOUR FUCKIN CHILD OFF THE INTERNET YOUR KID MIGHT GO THROUGH YOUR HISTORY AND FIND LAST NIGHTS PORN!
  • Munchkin Emerton
    Munchkin Emerton Год назад J C well he said “we’re” anyway! Not “we are”!
  • Munchkin Emerton
    Munchkin Emerton Год назад Rick Jones welcome to the land of click bait! Sadly that is what YouTube is turning into now! :(
  • Beary
    Beary Год назад Rick Jones That’s kind of sick, this woman has a disease where she literally can’t walk without pain, she was grocery shopping for her husband. There’s an entire article about it. Disgusting people.
  • Chris Court
    Chris Court Год назад Rick Jones drefdszgadfg
  • Khalid Ali
    Khalid Ali Год назад I am the thumbnail you are the thumbnail WE ARE THE THUMBNAIL.
  • Wesley Miller
    Wesley Miller Год назад Welcome to the internet
  • Claire Lynn Jones
    Claire Lynn Jones Год назад Rick Jones same
  • Lopiklop
    Lopiklop Год назад Uh oh... somebody wants his money back
  • B Breckner
    B Breckner Год назад 0:41
  • Chappy
    Chappy Год назад You mean where’s
  • Tim Ice
    Tim Ice Год назад J C that has a noun and verb
  • Tim Ice
    Tim Ice Год назад And that’s when Rick discovered clickbait.
  • J C
    J C Год назад "We are was the thumbnail" isn't a sentence.
  • Jake Plays Roblox
    Jake Plays Roblox Год назад Same!!
  • Amber Renee
    Amber Renee Год назад Rick Jones aww damn. Thanks for the heads up
  • the Celtic Crone
    the Celtic Crone Год назад Did that old bitty in the black dress, just SHART on the floor??? Cause, there was Nothing on the floor Before she got there! I mean, Seriously, WTF?????
  • Sean
    Sean Год назад maybe she had diarrhea? I was struck down with food poisoning once and THANK FUCK I was at home, because I had .001 seconds to reach the toilet.. Though it didn't help I was throwing up at the same time. Fucking nightmare.
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Sam Adams in limbo
  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Год назад Cat Momma yep makes you wonder where do people leave their brains.
  • Darkness Silence
    Darkness Silence Год назад Oh I wish I could give a like to everybody's comment.😢😢😢 but there are too many comments
  • Dovenpeis
    Dovenpeis Год назад She is clearly pissed out of her head.
  • Andrew Velonis
    Andrew Velonis Год назад Figure that out, did you?
  • Lawrence Genereux
    Lawrence Genereux Год назад How stupid do you have to be to not bolt free standing shelving to the floor or wall?
  • Billy Darley
    Billy Darley Год назад X bracing might help as well. keeps buildings from being toppled by the wind during construction. the domino effect dont help either.
  • Thiago Vidal
    Thiago Vidal Год назад Most of these shelves were way overloaded regardless. They look so weak and fragile and people just pile up an endless amount of stuff.
  • Rico g
    Rico g Год назад Lawrence Genereux I worked in a store once and the shelves didn't need to be bolted and none of them ever fell.i think it has to do with the width and quality of the shelving.
  • 78FullSizeBronco
    78FullSizeBronco Год назад You kidding? That would make sense, don'tcha know? Lol
  • Hughe
    Hughe Год назад A..holes think destroying private property is funny when you own the store ain't!
  • Puking Dino
    Puking Dino 4 месяца назад Hughe Huh? Is that English you are trying to speak?
  • Mr Spagett
    Mr Spagett 9 месяцев назад Can one of you be my dad
  • Khalid Ali
    Khalid Ali Год назад Aside from the theft and deliberate using the bathroom in the place most of these look like accidents I'm sure most store owners would be happy no one got seriously injured and didnt have to deal with that backlash
  • Mark W.
    Mark W. Год назад Chad Harmon ain't sure about shit
    XXX XXX Год назад only assholes use the word "a...holes" in a sentence as an insult!
  • Hughe
    Hughe Год назад You know it!!
  • GoldenState
    GoldenState Год назад Insurance doesn't cover the cost, consumer's pay for it with higher prices.💰
  • Chad Harmon
    Chad Harmon Год назад I'm sure insurance will cover the costs.
  • Skeezix
    Skeezix Год назад Hughe I thought the same thing. If you went to their house, hung on the ceiling fan, it breaks and you knock over the 4K tv while shitting your pants....they ain’t gonna be laughing. These idiots weren’t raised right.
  • Mormorda 666
    Mormorda 666 Год назад What is it with these idiots who think they can go into a shop and cause damage to their stock and equipment!
  • Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers
    Kitten with a few videos but needs 346 subscribers 9 месяцев назад @mkrulic517439 he probably tried to dab and the milk went FLYING xD
  • DarkNightPrincess
    DarkNightPrincess 10 месяцев назад (изменено) MegaJman72 So are most of the things you use for a perpose.
  • DarkNightPrincess
    DarkNightPrincess 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Mormorda 666 No, they will get caught most of the time. Usually you have to pay even if it was an accident.
  • Wenthony
    Wenthony Год назад Mormorda 666 entitled idiots who think customer is always right.
  • Emily Meador
    Emily Meador Год назад Mormorda 666 i
    RETRO N GAMES Год назад 1:40 - 2:00 I thought that I would die from laughter.😂😂😂
  • Steve Walton
    Steve Walton Год назад Mormorda 666 correct term is fuckhead I believe
  • Sheryl Crusco
    Sheryl Crusco Год назад Teddy Jordan Teddy really so it would be fun if someone did this shit In your house
  • Mormorda 666
    Mormorda 666 Год назад RM K I’d happily take pleasure in cutting you open and playing with your organs.
  • Mormorda 666
    Mormorda 666 Год назад If you think these folk pay for the shit they break then you’re as retarded as them! They enter a shop thinking it’s their personal play ground, they have no respect for the shop the employees and other customers. After coming in and disturbing the peace they will no doubt do a runner and some poor bastard employee has to clean up all the shit they’ve caused!
  • Sheryl Crusco
    Sheryl Crusco Год назад Mormorda 666 they can do it they just need to pay for the damaged goods plus ITS stupid oh look at me I'm gonna jump on a cart with wheels then they fall
  • Gabriel Davis
    Gabriel Davis Год назад Mormorda 666 some of these were accidental
  • yellybay
    yellybay Год назад Mormorda 666 .shut the fuck up it's for fun
    JELLO Год назад Miguel Cruz your stupid thats not the point its the matter of wasting supplies if someone walked in your house and broke something would you be pissed? any normal person would be it dont matter if they pay for it in some cases its the fact that you did it
  • Real Name
    Real Name Год назад (изменено) How about caning? 0:43
  • Saranity Lee
    Saranity Lee Год назад Miguel Cruz doesnt matter if they can pay the worker has to clean it in which they dont get paid enough for peoples stupidity
  • Benito R. Manzo
    Benito R. Manzo Год назад Mormorda 666 they thought by stepping on the shelve they can reach the stars but it fail.
  • mkrulic517439
    mkrulic517439 Год назад thank you. kid at 0:43 should be taught manners.
  • Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz Год назад Mormorda 666. The ones who CAN! pay if break Hhhhuuuuuu!!
  • Ulla
    Ulla Год назад Christ 😒 2:51 that lady is walking around without underwear, so she can take a dump anywhere at any time. Disgusting..!!! 😫🤮
  • memo the emo
    memo the emo 8 месяцев назад No. I think it just.. Ugh... "overflowed" in her whatever underwear.
  • Nicole Gleason
    Nicole Gleason 9 месяцев назад She’s probably either mentally disturbed or on drugs. Or both. I did know a lady who would accidentally shit herself but she definitely took precautions lol
  • Ulla
    Ulla Год назад Sha. Yeah I noticed that one. he probably didn't told he's mom until she discovered herself 😬.
  • Sha
    Sha Год назад And 4:04 too.... 😰
  • Peter Ney
    Peter Ney Год назад No lady
  • Dovenpeis
    Dovenpeis Год назад She is clearly pissed out of her head.
  • Tom J
    Tom J Год назад Tony Cariello .. dumb ass
  • Tony Cariello
    Tony Cariello Год назад GTFOH!!
  • paw crawl Owens
    paw crawl Owens Год назад Smart phones have made people really stupid, it's sad
  • You Man 34
    You Man 34 1 месяц назад Omg they could also be drunk, the the things fall with a small push or touch.
  • the mixelsfan 888
    the mixelsfan 888 Год назад KILL OFF THE WHITE MALENIALLS
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад (изменено) Elliot Fontenot nothing can be used as evidence where necessary.. safety practices failed
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Jock Wood 😂
  • Variety Vids And Gaming Sisters
    Variety Vids And Gaming Sisters Год назад Chris Owens ikr very sad people are mfs now
  • Chris madness
    Chris madness Год назад Chris Owens then why are you using a phone to write this comment
  • Outcast
    Outcast Год назад Chris Owens why do you blame it on phones
  • xiaochicash
    xiaochicash Год назад I would argue bad decisions have long been occurring, it's just now with cell phone technology we have the means to record it.
  • Qin Wang
    Qin Wang Год назад That is right
    LSGX BLIZZARD Год назад Chris Owens two videos from smart phones big deal, the rest were accidents and filmed on security cameras, smart phones didn't cause any of these.
  • paw crawl Owens
    paw crawl Owens Год назад Elliot Fontenot the punk throwing the milk jug, jumping in trash can, ok Einstein
  • Elliot Fontenot
    Elliot Fontenot Год назад what do smartphones have to do with anything in this video??
  • synth3tic
    synth3tic Год назад America's Funniest Home Videos documented the idiocy before smartphones! People are just dumb, sadly.
  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Год назад Chris Owens nope, just now it is documented.
  • Jock Wood
    Jock Wood Год назад No, they were stupid before! Smartphones have just made their stupidity public knowledge!
  • Wayne andrews
    Wayne andrews Год назад I bet you still take selfies . go on f/book & twitter with it tho , don't you , you toby ...
  • Wadjet
    Wadjet Год назад @ 2:52💩on floor...nasty tramp😒
  • It just Me
    It just Me 1 месяц назад Wadjet say i love and then say poop
  • Michelle Griffin
    Michelle Griffin Год назад Pamela La Roda WTF was that? Do you think she knew she shit? Maybe she was sick with cancer or had something mental going on. My mom said her distant relatives that were born with forms of arrested Development would shit anywhere then go light up a cigarette. They knew some things but not others (?)
  • Beth A
    Beth A Год назад Pamela La Roda nasty lol
  • Chukwubueze Anakwenze
    Chukwubueze Anakwenze Год назад @Pamela La Roda for fukn real... and @Jibbie49 not to mention bitch gunna b sitting and rubbing her dirty buns all over her car seat and dress. disgusting filth
  • Jibbie49
    Jibbie49 Год назад No, my point is she is out of the road endangering people's lives.
  • Wadjet
    Wadjet Год назад cause she's driving that makes it alright for her to 💩 in public?🤣
  • Jibbie49
    Jibbie49 Год назад She's buying beer, so just stop and think, she probably is also DRIVING.
  • K Say
    K Say Год назад Pamela La Roda omg I skipped over it the first time and just saw the kid shit on floor but that was horrible 😂
  • Exurbi A
    Exurbi A Год назад I love how the security camera employees laugh at their customers stupidity. XD
  • Simran Kaur
    Simran Kaur Год назад Exurbi A i
  • Roj Meri
    Roj Meri Год назад
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Exurbi A this drives me batshit
  • My Toys and Videos
    My Toys and Videos Год назад Those two idiots who's tried to steal 2 cases of beers and bottle of liquors. Stupidity beyond words.
  • TheReaper
    TheReaper 3 часа назад 0:01 was the most expensive damage Rip Best Buy
  • Katie Sturgill
    Katie Sturgill Неделю назад 0:43 welp... at least there was already a wet floor sign
  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez Год назад More proof why humanity is DOOMED
  • katmanduxo 1991
    katmanduxo 1991 Год назад Jose Sanchez smh no words... just the lack of common sense
  • Mita Charles
    Mita Charles Год назад Jos b v uknhj
  • Anarchy X
    Anarchy X Год назад So true bruh
  • GEt_left screaM
    GEt_left screaM Год назад i will kill all human
  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U Год назад Obviously nobody thought to screw the shelves into the wall. Dumb!
  • Soft Tape
    Soft Tape 3 месяца назад the first 2 be like “clean up in aisle 4”