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Funniest Russian pranks ! Must see !

Published on May 9, 2014 206,780 views

  • Huchen Courouleau
    Huchen Courouleau 2 года назад Even thought they went too far I laughed soooo badly
  • Phil Umali
    Phil Umali 4 года назад I don't like sadistic pranksters
  • Phil Umali
    Phil Umali 3 года назад I am a Filipino, mate. Any reasons why you hate americans? Just want to know :-/.
  • Cmaster150AJ
    Cmaster150AJ 3 года назад +RIP wtf americans are way better than were your from were the best country for a reason
  • Phil Umali
    Phil Umali 3 года назад Now now... Calm down, both of you. There's no point fighting each other about our country :-D. We are all humans after all :-). There are no differences in our species after all.
  • Katzek
    Katzek Год назад at least these are real and funny
  • Lukas svärdkvist
    Lukas svärdkvist 4 года назад Haha this is my humor. good shit!
  • Kazuya der Huso
    Kazuya der Huso 4 года назад Whats his name ?
  • MrFoggyG
    MrFoggyG Год назад I laughed so hard at 7:50 lol taped them 2gether
  • Michael Brookfield
    Michael Brookfield 4 года назад DID HE JUST BREAK THE GIRLS LAPTOP?!
  • Igor Härkönen
    Igor Härkönen 4 года назад I think so!!
  • stuckonrails
    stuckonrails 3 года назад @Michael Brookfield it wasnt a macbook, so its ok
  • Artemsoko
    Artemsoko 2 года назад +KYBO PC is the way to go with windows 10 of course
  • Jaime T Rubio III
    Jaime T Rubio III Год назад SuperDanizio even though
  • S.R. Clinkz
    S.R. Clinkz 3 месяца назад Its Russia Cyka!
  • Alim Kanca
    Alim Kanca 2 года назад Destroying other peoples stuff is evrything else than funny. Besides that i lol'ed
  • PianoGesang
    PianoGesang 2 месяца назад (изменено) I don't like these pranks but I like how Russians fight back. "Tough" Germans call the police and file a complaint.
  • Michal Jurč
    Michal Jurč 3 года назад so good ;) :D (russia = best)
  • Sber Ey
    Sber Ey 3 года назад Fake, in russia he would get killed
  • OH-NO
    OH-NO 3 года назад this video was made 7 years ago and yes this was made in russia
  • Narkanbekov sergsergseg
    Narkanbekov sergsergseg 3 месяца назад it is true If someone acts as him easily killed in Mongolia and Russia!
  • sameer rizal
    sameer rizal 4 года назад это так смешно
  • kostas kostas
    kostas kostas 2 года назад I hope someone gonna shoot you
  • Book of shadows contributor Brian
    Book of shadows contributor Brian 3 года назад Great video
  • бренд айам
    бренд айам 3 года назад 09:28 😂😂😂
  • Eden Grisaia
    Eden Grisaia 2 года назад Search the Ghalasashow channel on Youtube and you'll find similar pranks.
  • Rocco Hunter
    Rocco Hunter 2 года назад thanks lol
  • sangarp2001
    sangarp2001 3 года назад Almost a crime.
  • Alan G Mar
    Alan G Mar 10 месяцев назад In USA you would get sued
  • SneakyDoge
    SneakyDoge 2 года назад This is what I call "real"
  • Calvin Crowe
    Calvin Crowe 4 года назад Creepy
  • Arturo Loredo
    Arturo Loredo 2 года назад 9:20 that's crazy dude
  • True Forge Father Vulkan He'stan
    True Forge Father Vulkan He'stan 2 года назад How about 9:27? ....