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Try Not To Laugh or Grin Watching The Funniest Magic Tricks Compilation so Far - Co Vines✔

Published on Nov 23, 2017 49,164 views

Try Not To Laugh or Grin Watching The Funniest Magic Tricks Compilation so Far
Music Mostly Provided By: Kevin Mcleod at
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  • Cheryl Downer
    Cheryl Downer Год назад His friend is part of the show that's the point hahaha
  • Nike Blitzer
    Nike Blitzer Год назад 4:17 me when cracked my head open
  • Braiden Sellars
    Braiden Sellars Год назад I feel bad for the "magician"
  • Lola jgjgifjf
    Lola jgjgifjf 1 месяц назад Me too
  • Werewolf Boy
    Werewolf Boy 5 месяцев назад He has a very strong head
  • cool guy
    cool guy Год назад Love it u da bomb
  • Erika Rasmussen
    Erika Rasmussen 4 месяца назад I honestly feel bad for the magician
  • Giovanni Vasquez
    Giovanni Vasquez 8 месяцев назад I feel bad for that dude in the back
  • ken put
    ken put 8 месяцев назад u dont have to ruin it for him leave him alone
  • Wildfire
    Wildfire Год назад The trick at the end tho
  • Amber Bowling
    Amber Bowling Год назад I have one of those UFO things
  • Danny Lai
    Danny Lai 2 месяца назад they might cause WW3 if they keep on fighting
  • brightstars
    brightstars 1 месяц назад PFT. Ha AHAHAHAHAHAJAJ
  • NonBinaryBeauty
    NonBinaryBeauty Год назад 1st VIEW
  • Lloyd Babehis
    Lloyd Babehis 2 месяца назад Y there fighting
  • Imtiaz Mastoi
    Imtiaz Mastoi 1 месяц назад he describe wwe
  • SNH !
    SNH ! 4 месяца назад Whant to see magic?? Press here it will turn blue 👇
  • Xxxx Fernando
    Xxxx Fernando 1 месяц назад Wait ill try presding the other 1 i think it also turns blue
  • charlene gonzales
    charlene gonzales 3 месяца назад 5:23
  • Køøkie Kœ
    Køøkie Kœ 3 месяца назад Thats just an abusive friend, not a real friend. you really shouldnt be friends with people like him. they'll just ruin your lives :(
  • Lola jgjgifjf
    Lola jgjgifjf 1 месяц назад I think it was his brother
  • Catherine Masiclat
    Catherine Masiclat 3 недели назад 🤣
  • TC Moamen
    TC Moamen Год назад G O O D V I D E O :)