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Smart Fortwo Cabrio - Red Color : Video on the Road

Published on Aug 31, 2015 1,293,956 views

Video on the Road of the new Smart Fortwo Cabrio, red color.
Prospective customers can choose between three different colours for the "tritop" fabric soft top: blue denim (jeans look), red or black. The headlining is always grey. The removable roof bars that can be stowed in a compartment in the tailgate come in the tridion colour.
Soft top: opens within twelve seconds
When the sun peeps out from behind the clouds, smart fortwo cabrio drivers can react quickly: the fabric soft top can be opened fully automatically in twelve seconds – even when driving at top speed. With the 3-button key the soft top can also be opened from outside the car by remote control.
Removing the side roof bars enables a full-blown cabrio experience. The roof bars can be stowed on the inside of the tailgate. This stowage compartment in the tailgate also offers additional stowage space for small items, for example fluorescent jacket, first-aid kit or warning triangle.
With an area of 1.8 m2 the "tritop" fabric soft top is approximately four percent larger than its predecessor. The outer covering is made of a particularly lightfast polyacrylic fabric and the inside features a polyester/cotton mix. There is a rubber layer in the middle. The soft top has a total thickness of 20 mm. The rear windscreen is heated and is made of glass.

  • TheBULL Punisher
    TheBULL Punisher 7 месяцев назад Nowadays one of the major problem is the parking space, I think it is one of the great and almost perfect solution, smaller that this you couldn't find.
  • Esthelary
    Esthelary 8 месяцев назад Viabilizar a entrada de modelos econômicos para o mercado interno bem como a sua industrialização melhorando a carga de impostos e tributos cobrados nos convencionais !
  • Shaun Dutton
    Shaun Dutton Год назад she can park
  • Buddy Clem
    Buddy Clem Год назад Shaun Dutton But she can't signal or look where she is going.
  • Leonardo Colon
    Leonardo Colon 3 года назад We are owners of a Smart Convertible and it has been by far the best car we have ever had! TONS OF FUN!!
  • Tonny USA
    Tonny USA Год назад Leonardo
  • saravana kumar
    saravana kumar 9 месяцев назад if any possible sell india contact
  • Nguyen Viet Ha
    Nguyen Viet Ha 6 месяцев назад Leonardo Colon tnumimo,okyjo,pokookokpkooloooko,okolokokokokokokoklhdvewqwzyqfjgv
  • wajid khan
    wajid khan 4 месяца назад Hi can you tell me about price
  • Bujaka Bujaka
    Bujaka Bujaka 7 месяцев назад Its a great car for students Singles. Only for City not for Highway Terrain and I owned Cabrio its not good in Winter or Rain so only in sunny areas. The big bad is , ther costs new about 16000€ + ..... so overpriced.
  • Sameer DuttShakya
    Sameer DuttShakya 2 месяца назад Ye like this I want this car
  • Cinderela Gomes
    Cinderela Gomes Год назад Muito chic! Biutful! Prático! Quem inventou é 10!
  • Darlene Johnson
    Darlene Johnson Неделю назад This is What I want but a younger MODEL
  • Edmund Escobar
    Edmund Escobar Год назад How much is that cabrio?do you ship in the philippines?
  • Esthelary
    Esthelary 8 месяцев назад O governo brasileiro deveria dar muito mais importância para a fabricação de carros elétricos como prioridade e obrigação de salvar nosso planeta...o quanto antes ...uso de energias limpas....
  • lookmoonoy narak
    lookmoonoy narak 3 месяца назад if the cycle can turn 360° ,it will veryyyyyyy good
  • Giuseppe Cerescioli
    Giuseppe Cerescioli 3 года назад Finalmente si sta evidenziando un pi' di personalita' ed esclusivita'' in questo modello aggiornato ma non cosi' attraente come la 451
  • Cinderela Gomes
    Cinderela Gomes Год назад Ah,meu nome é Rosa do Brasil! Byte!
  • Suzana D' Mata
    Suzana D' Mata 3 недели назад Sou apaixonada pelo meu Smart Fortwo Cabrio 😍💝
  • sreedharan cm
    sreedharan cm 2 месяца назад അവിടെയൊന്നും കാക്ക ഇല്ലാ തോന്നുന്നു
  • Алексей Матюшенко
    Алексей Матюшенко 3 месяца назад Всё лучше,чем мотоцикл и крыша над головой!
  • ABDUL BASIT hashmi
    ABDUL BASIT hashmi 9 месяцев назад When it will come in pakistan❤
  • samir dz ben hada
    samir dz ben hada 4 месяца назад روعة روعة روعة روعة نرجو من سيادتكم تسويقها لنا و باسعار معقولة وفقكم الله
  • MSMR tv
    MSMR tv 7 месяцев назад How to this book car in Bangladesh please give me phone
  • santosa -25
    santosa -25 2 месяца назад Pas buat yg suka mandiri