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Regular Car Reviews: Corvettes at Carlisle 2014

Published on Sep 15, 2014 189,760 views

No matter what you think of Corvettes themselves or the kind of culture they cultivate, it's hard not

to respect the amount of dedication that goes into Corvette ownership. We've reviewed several, and

we've yet to meet someone who ever takes their responsibility lightly. And that's deserving of a certain

respect in itself.

  • Mechanic
    Mechanic 4 года назад Your videos always sound kind of depressing, ...sort of like Pennsylvania, so maybe it all makes sense.
  • linglingjr
    linglingjr 3 года назад A gaggle of dad mustaches. I love you and your masters degree in literature.
  • GmJunky87
    GmJunky87 3 года назад I must say, you are an amazing wordsmith and orator!!
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад @gmjunky87 thanks :)
  • GmJunky87
    GmJunky87 3 года назад Very welcome!
  • Mitchumthegreat
    Mitchumthegreat 3 года назад @RegularCars ur good wit ur word thingies too
  • bonjourmssr
    bonjourmssr 3 года назад +gmjunky87 He makes William Safire look like a great big not good user of words
  • David Sanborn
    David Sanborn 3 года назад +gmjunky87 He had me at "a cynical poseur with a clipboard and sour grapes" to describe being an outsider at such an insider event. I know the feeling well but I've never put it to words.
  • ap2pat
    ap2pat Год назад He has the best words. Bigly.
  • SilverSpade92
    SilverSpade92 4 года назад I saw you, waving man 6:05
  • Kelly Pagano
    Kelly Pagano 2 года назад The way you can simultaneously romanticize a car/ car culture, and ridicule it is nothing short of mesmerizing. When you get all poetic, it really can evoke that mental imagery and nostalgia. Well done as usual
  • SmileyLegoGuy
    SmileyLegoGuy 4 года назад I've been on youtube for years, and seen tons of youtubers hit 100k subs, but for some reason, this channel has been more rewarding to be subscribed to than any other channel ive seen
  • acousticbruiser19
    acousticbruiser19 4 года назад It's because Mr. Regular knows how to describe things in a way that anyone can understand because we've all had those moments. It's being normal and philosophical at the same time without being a pretentious douche.
  • slartbarg
    slartbarg 4 года назад Good god, the part when you talked about what a car can be to someone, that's some of the realest shit you've ever said.
  • TheDriver458
    TheDriver458 4 года назад ...and that's why I love cars. Once you have your first car, you treat it like your family, no matter what the car is. Could be anything, Corvette, Miata, 3-series, even a Yugo (I don't know if that's stretching it or not).
  • SmileyLegoGuy
    SmileyLegoGuy 4 года назад yeah my m3 is my firstborn :)
  • Rubber
    Rubber 4 года назад @SmileyLegoGuy fucking rich kids
  • greg howe
    greg howe 4 года назад Yeah! My 1990 suzuki sidekick
  • TBM Avenger
    TBM Avenger Год назад My first car was a jeep patriot... very bad car, statistically. I loved it more then my own life.
  • That Contra Guy
    That Contra Guy Год назад Jeep xj, my baby right there.
  • LIMB Clinic PC
    LIMB Clinic PC 10 месяцев назад My 94 Cutlass was a piece of shite that would have a hard time going up hills, had fucked up rear view mirrors that could not be fixed because it had weird pieces that cars don't use anymore, and would on occasion overheat for no apparent reason. But I'll be damned if it didn't take the punishment that came with me learning how to drive like a champ.
  • james wilsoncroft
    james wilsoncroft 4 месяца назад TheDriver458 my first car was a $900 SAAB NG900 turbo and it lasted two months before tranny and clutch went kaput. Tossed through a wringer but gave me a fun first car experience before I discovered all the problems. Lesson here people, always be smart about your first car purchase, don’t ever put too much trust in words but in physical evidence of the car’s condition. Despite all this I miss that little beater, fast forward 3 years I’m a SAAB guy because of it and I love the quirky weird kid’s lunch table vibe as Mr. Regular described in his review of that ‘86 900 Turbo
  • Son Of Konzan
    Son Of Konzan 1 месяц назад 2011 fj cruiser. 133,000 miles when i inherited it. love that thing.
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад I think I could listen to you talk for hours.
  • Matt Maran Motoring
    Matt Maran Motoring 4 года назад Lol this was hilarious. More car show videos please.
  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 4 года назад Still have to make my way to carilse sometime for any event. Good job!
  • shadowreaver752
    shadowreaver752 4 года назад You should totally have him review the smurf and you do the fit. 
  • Snilsson
    Snilsson 4 года назад @shadowreaver752 YES!
  • Tman5293
    Tman5293 4 года назад @shadowreaver752 Holy shit yes! @ThatDudeinBlue, @RegularCars, make it happen!
  • Theeban Ganeshan
    Theeban Ganeshan 4 года назад @shadowreaver752 Yes!!
  • TheSamplebridge
    TheSamplebridge 4 года назад come to the fall Carlisle. its oct. 1st - 5th.
  • acousticbruiser19
    acousticbruiser19 4 года назад David Patterson, an RCR fan! All the more reason to subscribe to your channel.
  • J.Yossarian
    J.Yossarian 4 года назад Regular Car Request: One of the early Z series Nissans/Datsuns!
  • J.Yossarian
    J.Yossarian 4 года назад Weird, 21 likes, but no replies. Does this mean everyone has absolutely no qualms with this suggestion?
  • RoachOverlord
    RoachOverlord 4 года назад They should do every generation. I'd love to get them to review my Z31.
  • J.Yossarian
    J.Yossarian 4 года назад Classics first though!
  • RoachOverlord
    RoachOverlord 4 года назад @J.Yossarian How old does a car need to be to be considered "classic"? My Z is an 84, which makes it 30 years old this year.
  • J.Yossarian
    J.Yossarian 4 года назад @RoachOverlord That's a good point and, TBH, the Z31 is probably the best model for RCR, but I'm really hoping he'll cover either the 240, 260 or 280!
  • Bumpy Road Brewery
    Bumpy Road Brewery 4 года назад @RoachOverlord I think it's 25 years, but check with the DMV.
  • IOUaUsername
    IOUaUsername 4 года назад (изменено) The 280zx would be a more interesting review. It's not a pure z car, it's one they tried to weave some luxury into. It's insanely well equipped, but all the added technology is from 1982, so you get weird things like a CRT TV, pushrods to control the rear windows from the front seat rather than motors, and a red LED digital dashboard.
  • HKM _
    HKM _ 2 года назад We still have bottled milk delivered in my town
  • Christian Fabrizio
    Christian Fabrizio 2 года назад 😂😂
  • MrKalashnik0va
    MrKalashnik0va 2 года назад (изменено) Where do you live, 1950's ville? Do people there still think Eisenhower is president?
  • Merylposting
    Merylposting 2 года назад where i lived a few years ago there was a milk delivery service. in cartons, though
  • Raccoons are cool
    Raccoons are cool Год назад Who cares it's milk!
  • Patrick Rostker
    Patrick Rostker Год назад Here too! ...except its when you order your groceries online and the store offers it, then yatta yattta miatta. ( had to add those last three words to googles suggested ciabatta. )
  • Hague Films
    Hague Films 7 месяцев назад Interesting
  • Your Nevergunnaknow
    Your Nevergunnaknow 4 года назад (изменено) I bought a shift knob from a man with a hook for a hand. I think that sums up the whole show. I like it.
  • Hondeer
    Hondeer 4 года назад (изменено) Every Corvette owner I've ever known has had the description said here. Respectful, good family, matching hats with wife, the car is a part of the family and when you buy a new Camaro, they welcome you into their group at the local Autocross kinda like a little brother with a solemn nod and a hand shake that says 'You're on your way'. Good people them Corvette people.
  • Romero Turner
    Romero Turner Год назад There is actually 3 in my neighborhood, C7 z06 convertible, C6 Coupe, And a C5. They are nice people.
  • prylosec or something
    prylosec or something Год назад My grandmother owned vettes
  • Justin Key
    Justin Key 4 года назад Regular Cars + Corvettes = rain
  • Brian J
    Brian J 4 года назад Welp, now I have to go get some chocolate milk and try it with a pinch of salt. 
  • Touge Season
    Touge Season 4 года назад my thoughts exactly
  • Danthefordfixer
    Danthefordfixer 4 года назад salt will bind with any bitter element in food and make it seem sweeter, coffee drinkers who are complete wusses add salt to really bitter coffee. never heard of chocolate milk though.
  • Dojix
    Dojix 3 года назад +Brian J I thought the video was talking comparatively, like a pinch of salt will make you appreciate the sweetness of chocolate milk more.
  • 100vasiliy
    100vasiliy 4 года назад then a GTR shows up. 
  • Just Pelé
    Just Pelé 4 года назад and is ignored.
  • ZingKingX
    ZingKingX 4 года назад And the warranty gets voided.
  • ACFM hd
    ACFM hd 4 года назад (изменено) Yes the Nissan has some power. Truth is, nobody gives a crap about it.  Remember how the Dodge Neon SRT-4 was real fast and all the losers bought one? And how at the end of the day they were still ONLY driving a Dodge Neon? Well, it's kind of like that.
  • RL Agito
    RL Agito 4 года назад @ACFM hd thats not true the gtr has been a success. its a cult car like the corvette. theyre both in the same price range too.
    LOLHICRONO 4 года назад @ACFM hd Good joke. Nissan GTR's are worshipped in Japan and no European mentions anything American when speaking of such cars.
  • moon videoz
    moon videoz 4 года назад but like.. GTRs and Corvettes suck
  • AJ
    AJ 4 года назад @moon videoz HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man. I hope you drive a 997 Porsche or an AMG.
  • moon videoz
    moon videoz 4 года назад in my mind i do
  • AJ
    AJ 4 года назад @moon videoz Then you have no room to talk.
  • Onward and Upward
    Onward and Upward 4 года назад @ajvasil Probably a Lada.
  • 100vasiliy
    100vasiliy 4 года назад the GTR is addored in Europe. i would know, i live in Eastern Europe. Corvete not so much 
  • Thunderstruck170
    Thunderstruck170 4 года назад @RLAgito the Corvette base price is half as much as the base GTR price though
  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 4 года назад @moon videoz fuck you drive an Alero?
  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 4 года назад @Charlie Baylor I'd be mad if I drove one
  • 100vasiliy
    100vasiliy 4 года назад @Thunderstruck170 70k. or 40k used. Also can buy a used R8 for 40k. so no one would buy a Corvete 
  • DRthirdLEGGED
    DRthirdLEGGED 4 года назад @Thunderstruck170 ya but in a high speed crash I would rather be sitting in a gtr 
  • Archibald VonFookFace
    Archibald VonFookFace 4 года назад @100vasiliy where did you find an R8 or GTR for 40k? That sounds really cheap even for a used car.
  • 100vasiliy
    100vasiliy 4 года назад Euro. not dollars 
  • Warhead Urban Exploration
    Warhead Urban Exploration 4 года назад @100vasiliy and I highly doubt you have a GTR. 
  • 100vasiliy
    100vasiliy 4 года назад i dont. but i would love to buy one
  • Marine475
    Marine475 4 года назад Apples to oranges. Both good cars but really different in every way.
  • ACFM hd
    ACFM hd 4 года назад @Squidward .Tentacles I agree in that regard. I do respect the Nissan for what it is and I am a big fan of some Japanese cars.  I owned a S2000 for many years and loved it. It's just that the original comment implied that Corvette owners at a corvette rally would feel intimidated by the arrival of a GTR.  And that's just laughable. It would be like someone pulling up to Harley Davidson gathering on a Hayabusa. Although the Busa would wipe the floor with a Harley in regards to performance, no one would be impressed or give it a second look.
  • NoBrakes23
    NoBrakes23 4 года назад Godzilla is an awesome car, but it weighs a go-zillion pounds. Some of us like to turn while going down a hill, and all the horsepower, AWD, and fancy driver aids in the world won't make up for the car being too damn heavy.
  • projectile dysfunction
    projectile dysfunction 4 года назад @LOLHICRONO you seem to be under the mistaken impression that anyone outside of europe gives a shit about europe
  • Mythbuster
    Mythbuster 4 года назад A GTR showed up... And then what? The Vette showed the GTR who's boss. Cause you know what? the GTR needed 4 attempts AND Nismo tuning to beat the American plastic ZR1 and the Viper ACR around the friggin Nürburgring. Don't be such an arrogant twat thinking the GTR is "the car of all cars"... A GTR has no soul. It's not even an engineering marvel if it can't beat simple brute force(Vette, Viper) around the most difficult racetrack in the world without extra tuning... 
  • Mythbuster
    Mythbuster 4 года назад (изменено) @RLAgito The old Skylines were cult-cars, the R35 is nothing more than a computer with no soul. And I've ridden in one. Spectaculary fast around the racetrack... but soul-less. 
  • Thunderstruck170
    Thunderstruck170 4 года назад @100vasiliy don't know where you saw a used audi r8 for 40k, but the lowest i saw was $75k.  If you wanna go used car prices I can match you there, C6 ZO6 for $35k or ZR1 for $65k
  • 100vasiliy
    100vasiliy 4 года назад i can give you a website of used cars in Europe and you will see prices starting at 40k Euros 
  • IronSoul
    IronSoul 4 года назад @RLAgito same price range, I don't recall 60k being anywhere near 130k O,o 
  • Warhead Urban Exploration
    Warhead Urban Exploration 4 года назад (изменено) There was a massive GTR convention in Los Angles last July. 30 GTRs showed up along with nearly one thousand preteen boys and their parents.
  • Thunderstruck170
    Thunderstruck170 4 года назад @100vasiliy that would be why, im talking about US dollars not Euros
  • malevolenceXXXensues
    malevolenceXXXensues 4 года назад @ACFM hd well, in my opinion Corvettes are about the sensation of Danger, straight-line performance, high horsepower for a moderate priced sports car, and the oversteer. While Skylines are more balanced out, better turning, and technologically advanced. But keep in mind a Z-28 Camaro did dominate the latest Skyline on the track
  • SmileyLegoGuy
    SmileyLegoGuy 4 года назад @ajvasil Well I drive an M so can I say they suck
  • J.Yossarian
    J.Yossarian 4 года назад @malevolenceXXXensues IT DID?!?! Link please.
  • ACFM hd
    ACFM hd 4 года назад @Mythbuster Absolutely agree, No soul.   Plus, ugly as hell.  The front end looks like a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse.
  • daybreaK
    daybreaK 4 года назад @Wolfram Ferdinand gtrs don't appeal to old white guys oh its Japanese we fought them. Still to this day there is an underlying hatred towards the Japanese from the baby boomers
  • Warhead Urban Exploration
    Warhead Urban Exploration 4 года назад and at the end of the day, the GTR is mostly enjoyed by preteen boys. 
  • Mythbuster
    Mythbuster 4 года назад (изменено) @HerpDerp063849 I've ridden in one thank you very much. The pacecar at the Supercar Challenge on the Dutch circuit of Assen, being driven by the owner, an ex-racing driver, and he absolutely went for it, because he was told to "make them(us) a bit crazy"...  You can litterally feel the computers keeping you on the road.  That exact thing makes it soulless, it's too perfect, too humorless. It's a spectacular computer and an amazing experience, but a computer none the less. It's the preteen boys who say the GTR isn't soulless because its "so very fast". I ain't a Chevy fanboy at all. If anything I'm a Dodge or BMW fanboy. I'll have a slower Countach or a Murciélago over a GTR any day. Sorry for prefering good old mechanical handling, like my underpowered E36.
  • J.Yossarian
    J.Yossarian 4 года назад @Mythbuster I just like it because it's a fantastic car and is the perfect blend (in looks at least) of import and American muscle IMO. pls dont hate me
  • Newgenerationisbg
    Newgenerationisbg 4 года назад @100vasiliy Just because american cars aren't imported much, doesn't mean they aren't popular. Here in the capitol of Bulgaria, I see 3-4 Camaro's on my 30 minute commute to school every day.
  • Marine475
    Marine475 4 года назад @HerpDerp063849 You miss the point. Supercharged or N/A engine power delivery is way different than in modern turbo car and some people enjoy real torque curve and not a flat line. To assume that Nissan engineers know better is just childish, both companies have resources to build whatever they want, the technology is there so is the knowledge. The only difference is in the objective they want to obtain. It's the same thing with 911 engine in the back or Ferrari using N/A V12 in their most powerful cars.  BTW V8 in vette is lighter than turbo v6 in GTR
  • Mythbuster
    Mythbuster 4 года назад @J.Yossarian What? I hope you're refering to liking the Vette for those reasons? O.o I'm confused, cause I don't see how the R35 has any muscle-styling in it :/
  • J.Yossarian
    J.Yossarian 4 года назад @Mythbuster Well, to an Aussie, it looks like it does, with that big, aggressive front and what not.
  • malevolenceXXXensues
    malevolenceXXXensues 4 года назад @Raven Lawrence lolnope
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад Unless it's a nismo, it's slower
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @100vasiliy No one is talking about used, and in the US a new C7 is 50,000 dollars, a new GT-R is 100,000 dollars. A C7 Z06 is 76,000 dollars and will run rings around a base model GT-R for 24 grand less. And by the way, I would take a C7 Z06 over new R8, let alone a used one, R8 and audi in general are about the most bland and boring a super car can be.
  • 100vasiliy
    100vasiliy 4 года назад @Justa318i the only good thing about Corvete is the engine. thats it. it nowhere near as refiend and detailed as a GTR and a R8
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @100vasiliy Except the C7 z06 has better wheels, brakes, and suspension than an R8 and GT-R Gimme a call when Nissan and Audi stick massive carbon ceramics on their car for under 100,000 dollars new.
  • malevolenceXXXensues
    malevolenceXXXensues 4 года назад @100vasiliy as refined as your grammar?
  • Justa318i
    Justa318i 4 года назад @Steven Nathan Do some research, a car's brakes, wheels, and suspension aren't really up for debate. And it's preference, but I think a RWD V8 would be more fun to drive than an AWD 6 cylinder whose computer handles all of your inputs.
  • Mike Müller
    Mike Müller 4 года назад A year later the same GTR shows up to be chased away by the 2015 Z06.
  • 123cloro
    123cloro 3 года назад @Mike Müller only to be chased by the NISMO GTR
  • derpatime11
    derpatime11 3 года назад 1969 corvette ZL1 has a 10.5 second quarter mile. The gtr was beat from the start.
  • Max Andrews
    Max Andrews 2 года назад More like 12 seconds dumbass.
  • Max Andrews
    Max Andrews 2 года назад This is coming from somebody who still has a confederate flag. Pathetic redneck, mad cause you're fat and broke.
  • Knightrem 10
    Knightrem 10 Год назад BTW, no one cares if you're driving anything newer than a C3.
  • GlowBox
    GlowBox Год назад 100vasiliy Cars are cool, guys, let's just chill and enjoy each other's enthusiasm
  • MagnificentPig
    MagnificentPig Год назад The corvette zo1 which cost around the same price as a Nismo fucks it up in a 1/4 mike and on the track
  • Nick Kamouzis
    Nick Kamouzis 9 месяцев назад Even 3 years ago that joke is old, fuck! Youve definitely killed yourself by now
  • Tam Ago
    Tam Ago 7 месяцев назад GTRs arent soulless because the people who work on them put all them banzai spirit into making them wanna beat someone in sounds and straight lines vette, viper wanna beat somone arount the track? GtR personally id take a gtr, because theres one thing I like about it that sets it off the supercars and supercar killers rear seats
  • Aaron Ries
    Aaron Ries 2 года назад +regularcars You should write a book. AND THEN NARRATE IT! This is Amazing. I hope some day you get to that point in your career!
  • Tztok-Jad95
    Tztok-Jad95 4 года назад This is the most american event ever