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2019 Nissan Maxima SR – The 4-Door Sports Car?

Published on Feb 23, 2019 782,614 views

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For nearly 40 years, #Nissan has offered a sporty, premium flagship sedan in America called the #Maxima. The #NissanMaxima has always been the flagship for the Nissan lineup and while sedan sales have suffered a lot over the year, the company managed to sell about 3,000 units in January 2019. Having some much history helps and with so many Maxima fans out there, the current generation gets a slight tweak for 2019. Standard LED headlights, a new head unit, and additional safety features make it a more attractive premium sedan but is it truly the four-door sports car that Nissan wants you to think it is?

  • Redline Reviews
    Redline Reviews 2 месяца назад Happy Saturday everyone! That Avalon Touring that you see in the background will be making an appearance in an upcoming comparison test! It should show up in a week or two, until then... Let us know what you think would be the winner: The Avalon Touring or Maxima SR?
  • TheLifeOfCars
    TheLifeOfCars 2 месяца назад Despite the controversial looks of the Avalon, I would take it over the Maxima. Nissan’s quality has gone down since Renault merged with Nissan. Plus, I prefer the 8 speed automatic and the more interior space in the Avalon, vs. the Maxima’s CVT and cramped interior.