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All-new Range Rover Evoque REVIEW Exterior Interior 2019 2020 - Autogefühl

Premiered Dec 16, 2018 330,893 views

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In today’s Autogefühl's episode, we present you the All-new Range Rover Evoque. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines.

#LandRover #RangeRover #RangeRoverEvoque

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  • omar rashid
    omar rashid 7 месяцев назад Great Video Thomas/Autogefühl team. I like the new Range Rover Evoque and I'm glad Land Rover is offering more vegan friendly seats. I would have the new Range Rover Evoque in silver with Petrol engine and Vegan seat. Keep up the awesome work, Love Autogefühl=)
  • Mark Geller
    Mark Geller 2 дня назад You are the best. I can't wait for you to do the new 2020 Discovery sport which has been upgraded also, but seems to be the next step for those who actually need rear room space. With the upgraded look like Evoque and just a bit larger space, that may be the winner!
  • slaWterCH
    slaWterCH 7 месяцев назад Stunning car, no doubt. They are on a roll when it comes to design.
  • Richard Goode
    Richard Goode 7 месяцев назад @essel23fly To as a customer to purchase as point.
  • essel23fly
    essel23fly 7 месяцев назад What?? The back bumper is horrendous. I cringe every time I see one. What were they thinking? The car looks pointy and thin in the back.
  • Richard Goode
    Richard Goode 7 месяцев назад Agreed.
  • Arjen Kroos
    Arjen Kroos 7 месяцев назад In full HD, full screen, full length let's go!!!!
  • 5putput
    5putput 7 месяцев назад (изменено) He's soon going to have to change it to something like: "In 4k, 4 real, 4 you, let's go!!!"
  • Supreme Etnel
    Supreme Etnel 7 месяцев назад Arjen Kroos Full lenx lets Go *
  • Arjen Kroos
    Arjen Kroos 7 месяцев назад @TND ZA No 😂😂😂. I don't like him since he left Bayern.
  • TND ZA
    TND ZA 7 месяцев назад Any relations to Tony?
  • Mounir El Khair
    Mounir El Khair 7 месяцев назад You don’t need a Velar with the new Évoque looking like that. Love it 😍
  • Mounir El Khair
    Mounir El Khair 7 месяцев назад Richard Goode ironically we share the same last name just in different languages. 😁
  • Richard Goode
    Richard Goode 7 месяцев назад Agreed.
  • NZG
    NZG 7 месяцев назад Much much better than previous model...👍🏻
  • Vid Petrovič
    Vid Petrovič 7 месяцев назад Ouyeah... i'we been whaiting for this for a long long time...
  • John William
    John William 7 месяцев назад not a big fan of SUV's or Range Rover...…. but its in "Full HD and Full screen... narrated by the great Thomas
  • Dick Wiener
    Dick Wiener 7 месяцев назад Great and informative review!
  • joshua nzuki
    joshua nzuki 4 месяца назад I enjoy Thomas indeapth reviews
  • Autogefühl
    Autogefühl 4 месяца назад feel free to share =)
  • sara Muhamad
    sara Muhamad 5 месяцев назад This is a message to Range Rover company I like it very muccch can I have it for free😂😂
  • Basant Kerketta
    Basant Kerketta 1 месяц назад Wow, great sir, very good range Rover review you had done 😎 , Thanks.
  • First Name Second Name
    First Name Second Name 6 месяцев назад That climate control screen is going to be such a ball ache 😖
  • Megat Iszmil
    Megat Iszmil 7 месяцев назад good video from Germany
  • Vennessa Lawrence
    Vennessa Lawrence 6 месяцев назад Great review
  • Vennessa Lawrence
    Vennessa Lawrence 6 месяцев назад Whats price in US dollars
  • Rishmita neog
    Rishmita neog 7 месяцев назад Great work Thomas!! keep going 😄👍
  • Amit
    Amit 7 месяцев назад Good update to the Evoque and great review but while the interior looks nice the infotainment system doesn’t look as intuitive/easy to use as Audi’s or BMW. Is this the case?
  • Amit
    Amit 6 месяцев назад @Gary J. Interesting. I would also apply that to the latest Audi's too. The Bang & Olufsen sound systems are brilliant. Also the interiors in the new Audi's are stunning and are way ahead of what BMW are doing right now. The new Q8 is pretty great.
  • Autogefühl
    Autogefühl 6 месяцев назад interesting! I ll take a look
  • Gary J.
    Gary J. 6 месяцев назад (изменено) People often forget that infotainment is not just 'info' - what you see, it is also what you hear. While the BMW system may be slightly more intuitive, the sound systems on the Rangies are in a different league. As one who drives both Range Rover's and BMWs, I can tell you first hand that Land Rover's sound systems are much better than BMWs, while the intuitivity of basic functions on the info system are easier on BMWs.
  • Autogefühl
    Autogefühl 7 месяцев назад not too easy to use indeed as I have shown
  • Jerel Pledger
    Jerel Pledger 5 месяцев назад It's a mini Velar pretty much
  • brent maxey
    brent maxey 7 месяцев назад I’m so excited for this release!! We already went to the dealership here and put our order in. April can’t come soon enough!! Land Rover did it again🤯🎉.
  • Autogefühl
    Autogefühl 7 месяцев назад enjoy!
  • Karma
    Karma 5 месяцев назад I got the 2019 Evoque SE version in india!! Its outstanding and can't wait to get it!! Its too good!!