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2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Jul 18, 2016 724,912 views

We review the long-hated. Chrysler PT Cruiser. Why does car-culture hate the PT Cruiser so much? We dive into it. This is a long review but there's a lot to go over. Also there's a Joe Rogan shout out.

  • Fabio Flesik
    Fabio Flesik 2 года назад I came for a car review, I left with a PhD.
  • Whose Money
    Whose Money 10 месяцев назад Fabio Flesik hahahahaha
  • aldo3g
    aldo3g 9 месяцев назад Same here xD
  • Mark V.G.
    Mark V.G. 7 месяцев назад ahahaslaoalolololoolololo
  • 1997 Honda civic
    1997 Honda civic 5 месяцев назад Oh I got mine from a different site...
  • Kriste Isopahkala
    Kriste Isopahkala 5 месяцев назад Bravo, sir.
  • Oddly Sister
    Oddly Sister 4 месяца назад IM HELLA WEAK FR THO
  • el jefe
    el jefe 3 месяца назад Yea this guy obvi has a knack for schooling mfers
  • Zogger568
    Zogger568 2 года назад I can't believe he just analyzed the PT Cruiser to be a representation of our fragile state on the socioeconomic scale holy shit
  • TriStar
    TriStar Год назад Your profile picture fits your reaction quite well lol
  • MasterYoshidino
    MasterYoshidino Год назад I know. I just wrote the car off as a cheap car with no value in the car enthusiast market. Not an EV. Not a muscle car. Not a hypermiling hybrid. Not a luxury car. Not even a boring car like a Toyota Corolla. It's the kind of car you see at a junk yard and don't give it a second look.
  • Tate Beasley
    Tate Beasley 11 месяцев назад I was once in the situation he described buying a goddamn pt cruiser.
  • Dschinghis Khan
    Dschinghis Khan 10 месяцев назад English majors man.
  • laz foot
    laz foot 10 месяцев назад English moajor, well if that is true then he is the most pragmatic english major that walked the face o the planet
  • Brooks Van Pelt
    Brooks Van Pelt 8 месяцев назад Juan Reynoso I give it a second look when I glare at it
  • Ricky McGowen
    Ricky McGowen 7 месяцев назад My mom had a PT Cruiser... My grandma has it now, and the car is dying...
  • Trent Heberling
    Trent Heberling 4 месяца назад @TriStar That is one kick-ass username you have there sir and agreed!
  • TriStar
    TriStar 4 месяца назад @Trent Heberling Thank you, my favourite aircraft and (besides Apache Attack Helicopter) is probably one of the better sexual identities :D
  • Camaro SS
    Camaro SS 3 месяца назад A cheap commuter for my wife who has been forbidden to drive my SS Camaro.
  • civic cruiser
    civic cruiser 3 месяца назад @MasterYoshidino every pt we got traded in at the dealership I worked at usually ended up going to the auction. Ive never seen one run well even when babied lol but they aren't as bad as the hhr...
  • Paul CCraciun
    Paul CCraciun 2 года назад This went from a simple car review to psychological and sociological debate in like 8-9 minutes.
  • mike dog
    mike dog 3 месяца назад That's what happens when a literature major decides to make a car review.
  • Ijustwastedyourtime0
    Ijustwastedyourtime0 Год назад This could be a thesis for a masters degree, it's that good.
  • MrWafflez000
    MrWafflez000 2 года назад I'm going to make a petition to have Mr. Regular a host of a radio station on the next Grand Theft Auto game
  • Digimer
    Digimer 2 года назад That is so dumb... It would be awesome!
  • BadgeFTW
    BadgeFTW 2 года назад That would be AMAZING! Instead of the shitty talk radio on gta5
  • Cory _182
    Cory _182 2 года назад Haha perfect, might of been a good idea for the older gtas
  • Kyle Soler
    Kyle Soler 2 года назад SHEMALE PORN ADDICTION!
  • user number1
    user number1 2 года назад Huh.... hm.... You know, that's fucking brilliant. I agree, make it so.
  • Erron Kebabb
    Erron Kebabb 2 года назад Oh my gosh i would LOVE that. Chakra became my favorite comedy bit/radio show the INSTANT i heard it.
  • scarface12347
    scarface12347 2 года назад +Kyle Soler LIQUID BROWN!
  • MrWafflez000
    MrWafflez000 2 года назад lol where would I make some sort of petition
  • ZileAite
    ZileAite 2 года назад Looks like a simple to use site and its free. Change.Org is another popular option.
  • Dave Carter
    Dave Carter 2 года назад I will sign that petition and pre-order that game.
    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 2 года назад I fucking swear!!!
  • Oaks
    Oaks 2 года назад (изменено) #mrregulartogta Edit: Or #misterregulartograndtheftauto
  • ludicer
    ludicer 2 года назад This needs to happen.
  • Jonathan Rouse
    Jonathan Rouse 2 года назад holy fuck i would love thay
  • CaptainSkelebones
    CaptainSkelebones 2 года назад that would be surprisingly fitting. he has that adult swim/frank jav c quality about him that you just cant put your finger on. and it would be interesting. id sign that petition, and id thumb up this comment
  • AllAroundMan
    AllAroundMan 2 года назад Heh heeeeeeeeeeeeeey welcome back to 98.3 FM THE BEER BELLY
  • MrWafflez000
    MrWafflez000 2 года назад someone make the petition
  • CaptainSkelebones
    CaptainSkelebones 2 года назад @MrWafflez000 in your comment you said you would do it though, you do it!
  • MrWafflez000
    MrWafflez000 2 года назад @CaptainSkelebones lol i don't feel like having to maintain it
  • MrWafflez000
    MrWafflez000 2 года назад nvm I'm doing it now what should i say for the description
  • MrWafflez000
  • MrWafflez000
    MrWafflez000 2 года назад and also someone give me a good picture for it
  • J P N
    J P N 2 года назад WORLD WAR BROWN
  • Dave Carter
    Dave Carter 2 года назад @MrWafflez000 THAT is NOT the petition I agree to sign. I want the man on GTA SPECIFICALLY.
  • MrWafflez000
    MrWafflez000 2 года назад @Dave Carter lol
  • kevan navek
    kevan navek 2 года назад he was a radio host in his college years...him as a gta host would be priceless. It would be the best radio station in gta yet!
  • Matt Waller
    Matt Waller 2 года назад PLEASE.
  • TheOrigGearhead
    TheOrigGearhead 2 года назад Man you guys are fake af I just singed the petition and I'm only one of TWELVE?! Come on people fill out the petition this is an important cause!
  • Malik Williams
    Malik Williams 2 года назад yas
  • Dropped Nation
    Dropped Nation 2 года назад +BadgeFTW gta v commercials are flipping retarded
  • Generic Memes
    Generic Memes 2 года назад Yes.
  • Just a Random Dude
    Just a Random Dude 2 года назад YES!
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 2 года назад Well, he'd best brush up on his Florida jokes, 'cause there's about an 80% chance the next GTA will be in Vice City.
  • Raven Castro
    Raven Castro 2 года назад MrWafflez000 Yo where the petition at? I'll sign that petition!
  • Mr. Lince
    Mr. Lince 2 года назад yes
  • Delta MacK
    Delta MacK 2 года назад MrWafflez000 Jesus merciful Christ that would be so nice
  • Siana Gearz
    Siana Gearz 2 года назад Signed!
  • Siana Gearz
    Siana Gearz 2 года назад Wait, perhaps he should share a radio channel with Mike Stoklasa.
  • Elitist Trash
    Elitist Trash 2 года назад Siana Gearz fork in the brain
  • searchoverload8
    searchoverload8 2 года назад Digimer I believe he's mentioned in a previous video that he actually was a radio host at one time
  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 2 года назад omg yes
  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam 2 года назад Someone please tell me where I can sign said petition... Please?
  • Siana Gearz
    Siana Gearz 2 года назад @Samual Iam scroll a bit up in this comment thread. You'll find it. 
  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam 2 года назад Thanks boss :)
  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam 2 года назад We need to promote the hell out of this...
  • Max Andrews
    Max Andrews 2 года назад omg please
  • J Ā K E -Æ8
    J Ā K E -Æ8 2 года назад MrWafflez000 yea ::)
  • rustyATV
    rustyATV Год назад I'd sign a petition for Mr Regular to review a Roadkill or Mighty Car Mods car
  • Speedster5280
    Speedster5280 Год назад I am down for that and I would listen to it.
  • TheGameDeity
    TheGameDeity Год назад I'd love it if he reviewed the'd be lit.
  • Sherkhan Nasim
    Sherkhan Nasim Год назад Update on this, I need to sign this petition!
  • Ryan Chandler
    Ryan Chandler 8 месяцев назад IT CONTINUES
  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt Год назад I will bet the PT Cruiser will become a hit with future hipsters.
  • -Ah vilable-
    -Ah vilable- 7 месяцев назад I am future hipster and I can confirm it is my dream car.
  • Gabriel Ttenroc
    Gabriel Ttenroc 7 месяцев назад That’s a scary thought that people will actually WANT this car
  • KanadeSana
    KanadeSana 7 месяцев назад I want one for there design and here in Germany they have Mercedes engines.
  • Jessica Because
    Jessica Because 4 месяца назад "future hipsters"
  • Rusty pickup man
    Rusty pickup man 3 месяца назад Benjamin Burkhardt it’s a hit with current hipsters
  • Gilbert G.
    Gilbert G. 2 месяца назад I own one and just like the fact that for a convertible with a stick insurance is pretty good
  • SteevK69
    SteevK69 2 месяца назад I've seen one in purple with wood-panel sides, and I could see this as a surfer Woody Wagon. (Turbo model, of course...)
  • John Griffin
    John Griffin 1 месяц назад I ain’t no hipster but I’d buy one for the hell of it
  • CptOverkill
    CptOverkill 2 недели назад If they last that long... All the ones I see out here in the middle states are rusting at rates faster than cars twice their age.
  • Faizan A
    Faizan A Неделю назад If they were reliable cars, sure.
  • Bryanna Smith
    Bryanna Smith 2 дня назад Benjamin Burkhardt i have one and everyone hates on it😂😂 exact model, year and color as the video
  • Mill Village
    Mill Village Год назад I think my local mechanic got PTSD from working on my sister's PT Cruiser Convertible.
  • -Ah vilable-
    -Ah vilable- 7 месяцев назад One of the best cars
  • TristanPlaysBass
    TristanPlaysBass 7 месяцев назад personal transport stress disorder
  • yuukame
    yuukame 4 месяца назад @TristanPlaysBass i'm fucking wheezing
  • Gilbert G.
    Gilbert G. 2 месяца назад I own one. I can confirm that they give you pmsd, post mechanic stress disorders. 2011 sonatas are worse though
  • Josh Barth
    Josh Barth Неделю назад Mechanic here. Can confirm. My main argument against these cars is that everything about them is absolutely horrid, from a mechanic perspective.
  • Shame iz dank
    Shame iz dank 8 часов назад Gilbert G. My uncle owns one. bought new, died at stop lights many times. Now it sits as it rusts away. Terrible car
  • Lucas Avalos
    Lucas Avalos 2 года назад RegularCars: come for making fun of the PT Cruiser, stay for the deep philosophical insight.
  • Hendrik Botha
    Hendrik Botha 2 года назад Hi Mr. Regular, I'm a high school student, and I would just like to thank you for making this awesome video. I watched this out of boredom last night, procrastinating on writing my Lord of the Flies literary analysis paper. Today, I wrote the best essay I have ever written, It's about the themes of postmodernism in the book. I didn't know what postmodernism was until yesterday lol. Thank you again, you inspired my greatest writing ever, and you earned a sub.
  • Christopher Flores
    Christopher Flores 2 года назад This video was deeper than I expected. I'm going to go contemplate life now...
  • Enrique Rivera
    Enrique Rivera 7 месяцев назад Christopher Flores I
  • Eyeball
    Eyeball 2 года назад man, this is way more depressing than i expected it to be
  • Zoltan Benedek
    Zoltan Benedek Год назад Eyeball Thank God that your rainbow socks are here to stop us from suiciding
  • Kevin Batts
    Kevin Batts Год назад My wife had PT Cruiser when I married her. I dont like to admit it but that was one of the most functional cars we've ever had. It had great space it was decent on gas. It could fit five adults. I lost a ton of money on trade in though.
  • George Sciblo Jr
    George Sciblo Jr 10 месяцев назад Kevin Batts yes! Fits 5 adults very comfortably!
  • Matt's Garage
    Matt's Garage 9 месяцев назад Kevin Batts Yup! 4 inches shorter then a Neon, but that high seating allows room for rear seat passengers to put their feet under the front seat. We’ve got 4 in our family & love them, great in the snow & pretty safe in a crash as well, a very cheap car to own too.
  • TWX1138
    TWX1138 5 месяцев назад Before my inlaws moved here, my wife fairly seriously considered buying one and stashing it in their garage, so when she visited she could do errands with them. Basically it had enough room to get his needs at the hardware store taken care of, but they could both get in and out of the back because the rear doors were wide enough. My biggest concerns were based on the head gasket problems, same issues that my '97 Stratus with the 2.4 suffered, and the issues with the timing belt and servicing it. I knew if it sat there it wasn't going to get much in the way of maintenance and would probably deteriorate disproportionately getting that weird kind of intermittent use. They aren't bad cars for someone that needs to be able to switch between light but bulky cargo and passengers but doesn't have the space for a minivan, but some of their maintenance issues are annoying. Also makes it a bigger problem for someone poor ending up with one, the head gasket and the timing belt and associated tensioner are not easy to do one's self.
  • Rusty pickup man
    Rusty pickup man 3 месяца назад George Sciblo Jr I wouldn’t say that I don’t fit in the back or front seats but then again I am 6’5”
  • rekozma
    rekozma Год назад sitting in my 2006 pt watching this review and feeling so...well lost.
  • Melinda Greer
    Melinda Greer 9 месяцев назад rekozma I'm sorry.
  • James Patrick
    James Patrick 2 года назад wow, I have learned more in a PT Cruiser video than my literature class
  • Peter Laing
    Peter Laing 2 года назад Mr. Regular is one of the main reasons my vocabulary has grown quite exponentially ever since I started watching him about a year ago.
  • pmthelastmanonearth
    pmthelastmanonearth 2 года назад Good use of the word "exponentially". PS, I feel like Jacques Cousteau having watched this...
  • Royce Amatique
    Royce Amatique 2 года назад me 2
  • Christopher Mundahl
    Christopher Mundahl Год назад Lolll!!!
  • can't think of a name so, yeah
    can't think of a name so, yeah Год назад James Patrick, honestly same
  • k
    k Год назад please don't remind me of how shitty my economic situation is, I am watching random car videos to escape from my reality
  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam 2 года назад This got deep. Like dark kinda deep.
  • Scott D
    Scott D 2 года назад it's regular car reviews, they go there sometimes. this one however, is so on point. very philosophical
  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam 2 года назад @Scott D yup....
  • Eric Krings
    Eric Krings 2 года назад very correct
  • RainbowblitzFTW
    RainbowblitzFTW 2 года назад God, this review made me sad, more so since I've always liked PT Cruisers
  • DarkoMajestic
    DarkoMajestic 10 месяцев назад RainbowblitzFTW take him to court!!! Sue him!!
  • RickTrajan
    RickTrajan 7 месяцев назад I know this is really late, but is it the exact car or what it offers? Did you end up buying one?
  • Mr Mercury
    Mr Mercury 2 года назад I HATED the PT Cruiser... than I owned one... it's a very practical vehicle, decent on gas and tonnes of room, the back seats comes out and you basically got a panel van... I now don't drive it cause it broke down and I got a Chevy cobalt but I kinda miss it
  • J G
    J G Год назад I disliked it (not really hated it) until I was looking for a car in desperation. I've owned my Cruiser for 3 weeks and despite the very usual front bumper starting to rip off, I love that everything works and has some real power, especially when I have the turbo model. It's going to be temporary as I'm looking for a Miata.
  • TheD2JBug
    TheD2JBug Год назад Same here . except the gas mileage. Mine was bad on gas ....
  • AJ
    AJ 7 месяцев назад @TheD2JBug My dad's was bad until we replaced the O2 sensor. Maybe give it a try
  • Fullmental
    Fullmental 7 месяцев назад (изменено) I LOVED the PT Cruiser...Then I owned one. It's a very impractical vehicle, horrible on gas and no power to get onto the highway even with the 5 speed, the hatch is too small to make use of without pulling the seats out and finding someplace to store them...Now I drive a new Civic because the PT broke down a few dozen times too many and I got fed up with dumping thousands on it every year only to have the same shit keep breaking over and over again like clockwork.
  • RichaadEB
    RichaadEB 2 года назад this channel is too good for youtube
  • Isaiah Ash
    Isaiah Ash Год назад time for vidlii. lol :-D
  • Josh Lusco
    Josh Lusco Год назад I tell you in my experience this car is junk mechanically and I've owned two 2008 models. they are however now affordable roomy with retro flare but as I said mechanically garbage .
  • Hiram Rosa Jr
    Hiram Rosa Jr Год назад Way too good
  • 한동훈
    한동훈 Год назад indeed
  • Jason B
    Jason B Год назад They need to start a Webcast TV show
  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt Год назад (изменено) PornHub? kidding
  • Benjamin Burkhardt
    Benjamin Burkhardt Год назад Josh Lusco 5-speed models are okay ... 5-speed turbos are the holy grail (especially the convertible manual turbo model)
  • Kosmokat
    Kosmokat Год назад I swear to god this Channel is like a nexus for all the channels I watch, Love u rich
  • Fox Knives
    Fox Knives Год назад Didn't expect to see you here... great channel here.
  • Liam Gideon
    Liam Gideon 10 месяцев назад damn never expected you to be here of all places
  • Fiddlewise
    Fiddlewise 8 месяцев назад RichaadEB! Ay! How goes makin' music? Know this is two years too late but surprised to see you here.
  • Cornelius McMuffin
    Cornelius McMuffin 7 месяцев назад errmahgerr, top10animecrossovers
  • Jarred Geis
    Jarred Geis 7 месяцев назад amen
  • Isaac Roebuck
    Isaac Roebuck 2 года назад I just finished watching this video and i can't help but get the feeling that i just watched a PT Cruiser review.