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RCR goes to Knoebels

Published on Aug 26, 2016 110,541 views

The greatest Amusement park on the planet! Pennsylvania! WOOO!

  • Spectorious
    Spectorious 2 года назад Ford Parent Teacher Conference
  • radical coyote
    radical coyote 3 месяца назад Harley Davidson trike conversion
  • Gazpacho
    Gazpacho 2 года назад Always wanted to lease one.
  • 111danish111
    111danish111 2 года назад @bigvirgotube 2013 Ford Escape S taxicab in Chicago hehehehehehehe
  • 111danish111
    111danish111 2 года назад I drive that six times a week , 8 to 10 hours a day in taxi form !!!
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 2 года назад I remember driving a Honda Euhhh.
  • ProfMyronGaines
    ProfMyronGaines 2 года назад "Nisssan Boring"
  • F2 Garage
    F2 Garage 2 года назад this was possibly my favorite part of the video
  • Elliott Fisher
    Elliott Fisher 2 года назад this was more PA than i can handle...
  • Roxas The Nobody
    Roxas The Nobody Год назад the rides are fun tho.
  • TomsFruitStand
    TomsFruitStand Год назад Never too much PA GREY AND BROWN GREY AND BROWN GREY AND BROWN
  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams Год назад im suprised i didnt see any middles-worth chips
  • That Contra Guy
    That Contra Guy Год назад Ya bot.
  • J Clark
    J Clark Год назад How about DelGrosso's
  • pop pop
    pop pop 2 года назад +Elliott Fisher I googled it. I realy don't think I found the right pa meaning.
  • HazardTyme5603
    HazardTyme5603 2 года назад You don't know how true that statement is...
  • Elliott Fisher
    Elliott Fisher 2 года назад +pop pop Pennsylvania...couldn't you have just Googled that?
  • pop pop
    pop pop 2 года назад I am just going to ask the silly question: What does PA stand for?
  • LittleCD
    LittleCD 2 года назад UGHH SO P. A.
  • cj4ebay
    cj4ebay 2 года назад Couldn't have said it better than that. too. much. PA
  • ZZT-X
    ZZT-X 2 года назад The Hershey Chocolate World Factory Tour ride.
  • Sweet Bro
    Sweet Bro 2 года назад Everything is WOOD. AND BROWN. BROWN.
  • ejisonfire319
    ejisonfire319 2 года назад omfg the insanity of it all... at least the root beer floats are good.
  • djweetos
    djweetos 2 года назад Greetings from Amsterdam:)
  • 2x4
    2x4 2 года назад Imagine going to Dutch wonder land :/
  • HRB
    HRB 2 года назад I'm gonna make a park in RCT, name it KnobBulls, and paint all the rides BROWN.
  • Xeclic
    Xeclic Год назад HRB BROWN cold white hot BROW cold white hot
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger Год назад I thought the same thing when I heard the fairground organ. At which point I rewound the video and played it back at 1.25 speed because "control failure"
  • NoBrakes23
    NoBrakes23 2 года назад The music made me think of ECT immediately.
  • HRB
    HRB 2 года назад +TheRoadDriverly GoG - Good Old Games
  • TheRoadDriverly
    TheRoadDriverly 2 года назад I heard the screams from the rollercoaster and was instantly thrown back into RCT. If only I could find mine.
  • Cleveland  Maker
    Cleveland Maker 2 года назад and serve brown food brown soda and brown ice cream
  • venichen1
    venichen1 2 года назад Nissan Boring.
  • Milsurp Mike Channel
    Milsurp Mike Channel 2 года назад The RCR logo looks like it was quickly created in Microsoft Paint a long time ago, and now that his channel is getting big, it kind of stuck to the point to where he has shirts made with it now.
  • KenzieM
    KenzieM Год назад So like Bob Ross with his afro
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger Год назад It's a good logo because like the cars he reviews, it's just so damn regular
  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 2 года назад but that's the point. it's regular
  • catfish552
    catfish552 2 года назад (изменено) You can actually buy the shirts, they've got a Redbubble shop.
  • Aaron MK
    Aaron MK 2 года назад 2:24 - Mr. Regular channels the aura of Hunter S. Thompson. It's the glasses and hat, I swear.
  • Tool0GT92
    Tool0GT92 2 года назад I feel like Mr Regular kidnapped someone at this park and they're in his basement right now
  • Flapjaw Spaceman
    Flapjaw Spaceman 2 года назад Someone finally made the connection!
  • simio1337
    simio1337 2 года назад Just like that Phantom Menace review guy
  • ETP 445
    ETP 445 2 года назад Yeah because he's happy
  • cashivan
    cashivan 2 года назад the happy place, happy face make sense now
  • Kaleido Motoring
    Kaleido Motoring 2 года назад Oooh was Mr. Regs on a daaaaate?
  • Ian Mittelstaedt
    Ian Mittelstaedt Год назад Was that Stef Schrader?
  • MacheteEnima
    MacheteEnima Год назад Mrs.Regular?
  • OCD Stig
    OCD Stig 2 года назад Her name was Linda BROWN.
  • deathpony698
    deathpony698 2 года назад @Cd K you don't know what he does with his free time.
  • Cd K
    Cd K 2 года назад that voice was female, so not the roman
  • deathpony698
    deathpony698 2 года назад a date with the roman
  • Kaleido Motoring
    Kaleido Motoring 2 года назад @catfish552 dat professional youtuber life lol
  • catfish552
    catfish552 2 года назад Goes on date. Still films it for Youtube.
  • Coffice
    Coffice 2 года назад Wow this version of Roller Coaster Tycoon looks amazing.
  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson 2 года назад this is my happy place, this is my happy face
  • Hunter Bacon
    Hunter Bacon Год назад What the hell is he eating
  • Soukuw
    Soukuw 2 года назад Shit who watches the videos? I save time by coming to the comments to get the best stuff. LED LIGHT BAR
  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson 2 года назад @spit fire the video watched me
  • spit fire
    spit fire 2 года назад You saw the video too?
  • musikizthewurld
    musikizthewurld 2 года назад My hot brown is best hot brown because cold white.
  • Kunai Wit Chain
    Kunai Wit Chain 2 года назад Rare
  • Varial
    Varial 2 года назад this is my toy car, this is my real car
  • Mr. Nin10do
    Mr. Nin10do 2 года назад bless this man, let him ride eternal into the highways of Valhalla
  • MultiJebusChrist
    MultiJebusChrist Год назад I think that's where the chairlift to nowhere goes...
  • The Sturmovik
    The Sturmovik 2 года назад All hail the mighty V8!
  • faisal3398
    faisal3398 2 года назад WITNESSED, TO VALHALLA!!
  • Matthew VandenBerg
    Matthew VandenBerg 2 года назад WITNESS HIM!
  • MoonBeamLaser
    MoonBeamLaser 2 года назад You will ride eternal, shiny and chrome!
  • Crispin Sugita
    Crispin Sugita 2 года назад (изменено) you got a big tow hitch, what do you tow? Nothing
  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 2 года назад A waffle with icecream? Why is this the first time I've ever seen that?
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas 2 года назад (изменено) I used to eat ice cream on waffles for breakfast when I was 5 years old. Dunno how I ever got into it but that was while living in Pennsylvania too.
  • ZFofficeonly
    ZFofficeonly 2 года назад +Darwinpasta that's what I thought too 😄 omg we have so much in common wanna bang?
  • JUGO49
    JUGO49 2 года назад I see Im not the only one who had that thought.
  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 2 года назад @Charles Shade II Yeah I've had that, it needs hot fudge and whipped cream to be complete, though
  • FW911
    FW911 2 года назад Another suggestion, hot brownie with ice cream on top in a bowl.
  • Scott Warmbier
    Scott Warmbier 2 года назад Is anything really "normal"?
  • Scott Warmbier
    Scott Warmbier 2 года назад BRILLIANT!
  • Totally Kyle
    Totally Kyle 2 года назад That's the reason ice cream cones exist
  • ShadowB8320
    ShadowB8320 2 года назад +Mountain Noobs There's no Ice Cream on Waffle in my country. My country failed me.
  • Special Snowflake
    Special Snowflake 2 года назад Your parents failed if you never had ice cream on a waffle
  • Alex Strömberg
    Alex Strömberg 2 года назад what, you've never had waffles with ice cream? you're parents did't love you then. (jk)
  • Tahlwyn
    Tahlwyn 2 года назад Is that not a normal thing?
  • adj789
    adj789 2 года назад it is
  • Darwinpasta
    Darwinpasta 2 года назад Well, it is Mr. Regular, you never know LOL
  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 2 года назад @Darwinpasta ROFL, that would be so nasty
  • Darwinpasta
    Darwinpasta 2 года назад And here I thought it was a stick of butter.
  • Walcom S7
    Walcom S7 2 года назад That's better than what I thought. Fuck, I'm hungry.
  • baconbob
    baconbob 2 года назад To be honest i thought that was a block of Cream cheese.
  • TheBigFatBeast
    TheBigFatBeast Год назад "I got a big tow hitch!" What do you tow? "Nuthin'."
  • Joshua Craver
    Joshua Craver 2 года назад "This is my wife's first tampoooon!!"
  • HiroshimaSpirit
    HiroshimaSpirit 2 года назад See the brown. Ride The brown. TASTE the brown.
  • 808
    808 2 года назад When I first started watching your channel, I saw the first gen dodge caravan review. Not knowing your style of video, and how you review cars by classifying them by the people who drive them, I thought you were some weirdo. Turns out, after many seasons of RCR, you are my favorite car channel on YouTube. Thanks for the absolutely hilarious videos, 808
  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile 9 месяцев назад Definitely is some weirdo though
  • Kara M
    Kara M 2 года назад Snow tires in summer, snow board rack on top... august... 😂😂😂
  • Dufffaaa93
    Dufffaaa93 2 года назад (изменено) The most American thing I've watched whole week.
  • Fletcher
    Fletcher 2 года назад Did anyone notice you with the discrete outfit?