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Surplus Army Truck Adventure! - Dirt Every Day Ep. 40

Published on Jun 9, 2015 2,632,909 views

On this episode of Dirt Every Day presented by 4 Wheel Parts, Fred shows how you too can get behind the wheel of a military truck by buying one on an online auction. Fred has had many big tough 4x4’s that were military surplus vehicles, but none as massive as the Stewart and Stevenson LMTV he gets from Gov-Planet, an IronPlanet marketplace, online auction site that sells surplus vehicles such as Hum-vees and deuce and a half trucks. Fred then takes the big truck on a wild adventure as he tries to prove that a giant military veteran can be a great daily driver and off road explorer.

Dirt Every Day appears every fourth Tuesday on the Motor Trend channel.

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  • Robert Keys
    Robert Keys 3 года назад If you think it's bumby on the inside, you should try riding in the back of it
  • Keith Purdy
    Keith Purdy 3 года назад (изменено) Head light is out. Deadline it, cancel convoy.
  • casey963
    casey963 3 года назад +Keith Purdy Never cancel the mission. We'll just push back the SP an hour, let the mechanics fix it quick. An hour. Another hour. Another hour. NO ONE GO ANYWHERE, WERE ABOUT TO LEAVE. Another hour. Another hour.
  • Keith Purdy
    Keith Purdy 3 года назад True, why was I thinking it would be so easy?
  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 года назад casey963 Hurry up and wait! we're breaking wire soon......
  • Melody Storm
    Melody Storm Год назад And then artillery starts doing ranging shots but nobody's moving
  • Daniel Schick
    Daniel Schick Год назад That's unless you miss your WDOT window to convoy to Yakima
  • Simply Garza
    Simply Garza 9 месяцев назад Nah man, once it's been de-miled, it's totally operator level from there on out.
  • gamefreak9498
    gamefreak9498 6 месяцев назад this guy gets it
  • Anubis EgyptianJackalGodOfDeathAndStuff
    Anubis EgyptianJackalGodOfDeathAndStuff 6 месяцев назад We got a great big Convoy
  • Justa_Stock_SS
    Justa_Stock_SS 2 года назад who else noticed that they gave him a cup of water instead of a latte at 7:20
  • clownrock95
    clownrock95 2 года назад probably for the dogs he was drinking a coffee later on
  • Juble Tyre
    Juble Tyre 2 года назад There was a coffee cup in the background
  • G BC
    G BC 2 года назад Newag3Gaming .,. Plttttqr
  • FightMeBro_88
    FightMeBro_88 2 года назад ya the he said thats hot
  • HookedOnJonics
    HookedOnJonics 2 года назад The water was for the dogs look inside the cab on the dash. The coffee cup is on the bottom right.
  • Paletero man
    Paletero man 2 года назад minute 16:43 big food
  • thomas Rinehart
    thomas Rinehart Год назад Newag3Gaming .,. meeeeeeee
  • Michael Hartzell
    Michael Hartzell Год назад Newag3Gaming .,. Probably to drink while the coffee cooled or for the dogs.
  • jonathan pope
    jonathan pope Год назад i did but i thought it was empty instead of water
  • MoreWelds
    MoreWelds Год назад me
  • alajsj T
    alajsj T 10 месяцев назад Latte was on the dash
  • Per Bjerre Jespersen
    Per Bjerre Jespersen 8 месяцев назад I noticed they didn't shoot him for ordering a "latte"... I hope that was due to a bad primer... :) Semi joking, but I like the video :-)
  • Jim Reyes
    Jim Reyes 6 месяцев назад Latte was for a prius driver He order a medium cup of coffee with half n half so it can match color or truck. Just watch video ones.😎
  • Per Bjerre Jespersen
    Per Bjerre Jespersen 6 месяцев назад @Jim Reyes My "bad primer"-comment includes every sissy version of a coffee order :)
  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Per Bjerre Jespersen I drink cappuccinos and macchiatos on all of my military deployments when I get to bases that have it... the four shot caramel macchiato I drink to wake up has more caffeine than a pot of coffee, so it sounds like you are drinking the sissy version... both in where you drink and the version of coffee you drink.... (I lucked out my last deployment, a 24 hour Starbucks 200 meters from my bunk——. U.S. Army deployments, your experience may vary)
  • Per Bjerre Jespersen
    Per Bjerre Jespersen 6 месяцев назад @Rick Sanchez C137 lol kid... All your tours were "bad runs" :) lol ... But at least you had your girlychoca with cream O.o
  • Jessica Frye
    Jessica Frye 6 месяцев назад 7:21
  • Paul Mueller
    Paul Mueller 4 месяца назад water was for the dogs, maybe?
  • Peetar27
    Peetar27 3 года назад Watching him spray paint made my OCD explode.
  • Jonathan Ferguson
    Jonathan Ferguson Год назад Peetar27 glad someone else felt the same. This is a good looking truck until that happened
  • George DoubleDragon
    George DoubleDragon Год назад Yeh.
  • BrewPub
    BrewPub Год назад Totally agree. That kind of shoddy work gets on my nerves.
  • The Real J P Morgan
    The Real J P Morgan 10 месяцев назад He destroyed the entire thing. That thjng was made to serve our country and he ruined it by putting his channel name on it.
  • Rick Sanchez C137
    Rick Sanchez C137 6 месяцев назад I was waiting for the CSM to walk up and yell at him...
  • Mullay2
    Mullay2 5 месяцев назад Oh my gosh, mine too!! I can rattle can entire cars and have done so, this terrible example just about drove me around the bend!!!
  • Reinholdt Heck
    Reinholdt Heck 3 месяца назад I can just hear a csm rolling in his grave with that overspray
  • Ryan clifton
    Ryan clifton 1 месяц назад Yesssss fr
  • Philip Videos
    Philip Videos Неделю назад same
  • Tiger Rican
    Tiger Rican 2 года назад >undisclosed location >North of Salt Lake City
  • Anti Zakkonic
    Anti Zakkonic 3 месяца назад Could the name of it possibly start with Boy and end with ce Equipment? Real head scratcher there.
  • Barry Maynard
    Barry Maynard 3 года назад Ok. Who's the dude in the pink bunny outfit? I see some weird stuff on these videos.
  • Shakerhood69
    Shakerhood69 3 года назад @Barry Maynard I saw that also.
  • Hamish McGregor
    Hamish McGregor 3 года назад @Barry Maynard If you watch close its in every episode.
  • Shakerhood69
    Shakerhood69 3 года назад Thanks, I will have to watch for it now.
  • Mustafa Kilinc
    Mustafa Kilinc 3 года назад @Hamish McGregor lmao serious or troll?
  • Hamish McGregor
    Hamish McGregor 3 года назад @Mustafa Kilinc Serious... its a long running joke, I'm not sure when it even started but it was in some motor trend stuff before dirt every day even started, now its just in dirt every day, but every episode.
  • Mustafa Kilinc
    Mustafa Kilinc 3 года назад lol nice. ive watched a lot of motortrend and DED videos. just noticed it in this one! thats pretty funny
  • Bryce Richman
    Bryce Richman 3 года назад @Barry Maynard darude sandstorm
  • Walt Hansen
    Walt Hansen 3 года назад @Barry Maynard It's a motor trend editor by the name of David Frieburger
  • Barry Maynard
    Barry Maynard 3 года назад Heh. I find myself looking all over the video to see if I can spot him.
  • Jacob Pritchard
    Jacob Pritchard 3 года назад +Mustafa Kilinc theres a ded episode were they compare a go cart vs a go cart made with a motorhome chassis and thats were i first spoted it
    B0SSNINE 3 года назад +Jacob Pritchard Yeah that's the first episode it was in. It's in every DED episode since.
  • Daren D
    Daren D 3 года назад +Barry Maynard Motor Trend Teletubby! o_O hahah
  • This Old Chevy
    This Old Chevy 3 года назад +Barry Maynard hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I saw it ,,, that was weird
  • Robert Willgens
    Robert Willgens 3 года назад +Barry Maynard yeah i want to know to
  • Chris Gagne
    Chris Gagne 3 года назад +Walt Hansen Actually its not Frieburger there have been episodes of DED where it has appeared and David is in the episode helping with a build. Would not be surprised if it was Finnegan though..
  • Steven Stringer
    Steven Stringer 3 года назад +Barry Maynard Its a plastic suit for the Cameramen
  • CreeperTechHQ
    CreeperTechHQ 3 года назад +Barry Maynard Its CREEPY! 16:41
  • Paul Kutcher
    Paul Kutcher 3 года назад I saw the same thing
  • hannah isaac
    hannah isaac 3 года назад Weird
  • Riad Riahi
    Riad Riahi 3 года назад +hannah isaac o
  • Ethan Longfield
    Ethan Longfield 2 года назад its not a bunny its a bigfoot
  • George DoubleDragon
    George DoubleDragon Год назад Maybe it was the Sasquatch !?
  • Ford HIGHBOY 490
    Ford HIGHBOY 490 4 месяца назад I saw
  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris 4 месяца назад @Mustafa Kilinc meant to be the pink Sasquatch
  • Mosin1929
    Mosin1929 3 месяца назад It's the world famous pink SASQUATCH!
  • The wonderful wizard of cods aquatics
    The wonderful wizard of cods aquatics 2 месяца назад Pink Sasquatch man
  • Itz_gray_ 2019
    Itz_gray_ 2019 1 месяц назад Jacob Pritchard it was also in one of the Alabama truck episodes at the very end, it started patting his shoulder
  • Josh Henson
    Josh Henson 1 месяц назад Barry Maynard Sasquatch
  • Wulfr1cTheAce
    Wulfr1cTheAce 2 года назад I could drive one to high school... "Oh look, Jeff took my parking spot, he's gonna need a new car."
    THRILLS,GUNS AND CHILLS Silva 2 года назад hahahhahah hahahhahah hahahhahah hahahhahah good one... like to see u take my spot again jeff
  • Jfav Gaming
    Jfav Gaming 2 года назад I'm sorry man
  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris 2 года назад Steve Silva
  • mukaltin
    mukaltin 2 года назад EnterpriseGamer
  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall 2 года назад EnterpriseGamer heck yeah
  • Titan11
    Titan11 Год назад "Hey, there's my English teacher's car. This is for failing me on that last test!"
  • Sam slaughter
    Sam slaughter 11 месяцев назад MagikManMatt this guy is just plumb Silly not funny but silly and that stupid grinn tell's me too many drugs in high school
  • xephael
    xephael 8 месяцев назад "Oh look, Jeff took my parking spot, he's gonna need a new car." Yes Jeff would get a new car, paid for by you...
  • Hayden Misenti
    Hayden Misenti 7 месяцев назад that is why im so interested in this
  • ted parker
    ted parker 7 месяцев назад look, there's titan11's car. This is for being an idiot and not studying for your test
  • SpankyMonkey
    SpankyMonkey 3 года назад 6:14 Take note Europeans, diesel pumps in US are GREEN !!
  • plowize
    plowize 2 года назад I love you yanks well done been to America 3 times love it greeting from the uk
  • Fringeless
    Fringeless 4 месяца назад I love limeys.
  • manvstaco
    manvstaco 2 года назад The air brakes this truck is no joke. My buddy and I were smashed up in the windshield more than once in iraq :D
  • Richard Nielson
    Richard Nielson 2 года назад Lol yep the brakes on those damn things were touchy as hell. I damn near rear ended my lead guntruck.
  • TRS-80 Fanclub
    TRS-80 Fanclub 11 месяцев назад Doesn't hold a candle to the 46 army jeep. With its reverse gear ever so slightly to the left of its 2nd gear. 20 MPH to -5MPH was a folding windows dream. /as the blood trickled off the manual wiper motor.
  • Nick Motsarsky
    Nick Motsarsky 3 года назад (изменено) How does this military off-road truck with a central air-down system not have locking diffs?
  • Manny Rivera
    Manny Rivera 3 года назад I kno it's stupid
  • TheDudeofDudes
    TheDudeofDudes 3 года назад +Nick Motsarsky It does, he just didn't know how to drive it. Source: I drove them for years, they will handle MUCH more than he went through.
  • Solomon Shirley
    Solomon Shirley 8 месяцев назад (изменено) Yeah. You press the mode button and it locks the diffs
    TRUTH4 WTC7 7 месяцев назад Yup, and with the air way, way down in the tires,... it will crawl better then a HUMVEE!
  • ted parker
    ted parker 7 месяцев назад they haven't made manual locking diffs in years!! it's all automatically done. even the 151 didn't have locking diffs...
  • Nathan Fitzgerald
    Nathan Fitzgerald 1 месяц назад Alot of people delete the CTIS on the trucks and the 5 tons if they are used outside the military, they'll use the air tank and air them down outside like everyone else, some CTIS works fine, but my experience they are more trouble when you dont need it, would have deleted it in my 5 ton but it is the A1 version.
  • totalsalessolutions
    totalsalessolutions 2 года назад If you buy from govplanet then you better not be in a hurry. I bought a Hummer from them and had to pay within 3 days but it took nearly SIX MONTHS for them to process the EULA so I could pick it up.
  • BorisGrayman
    BorisGrayman 2 года назад totalsalessolutions does it come with title?
  • Dave Breckon
    Dave Breckon Год назад (изменено) totalsalessolutions It is a HMMWV, not a Hummer, those are civilian.
  • Chus Papi
    Chus Papi Год назад Dave Breckon He could have bought a hummer. Like an H1. They do sell those too. But nobody calls them hmmwv either. We called them humvees.
  • Ob Fuscated
    Ob Fuscated 11 месяцев назад H1 is a Tahoe in drag. Nothing like HMMWV.
  • Chus Papi
    Chus Papi 11 месяцев назад Ob Fuscated Not that I like the H1, but they were originally assembled on the same line as the hmmwv. So they weren’t actually that different.
  • David Huxtable
    David Huxtable 11 месяцев назад thats bad service do they ship abroad or can you export them once you ve bought them I was thinking of importing a few to Tasmania and oz but a that rate youd have to wait half a year to resell them! again! aswell as shipping charges!
  • Xtragicfever
    Xtragicfever 11 месяцев назад Chus, no one calls them Humvees either. Everyone in my unit called them by their vehicle number or "truck".
  • Chus Papi
    Chus Papi 10 месяцев назад Xtragicfever Your unit Everyone I know calls it a Humvee or truck also. You may recall “The humvee’s up and ready to roll.”
    DRIFTKING 8 месяцев назад Paid govplanet ad motortrend is BS
  • James Black
    James Black 4 месяца назад @David Huxtable I know when I bought a truck from Gov Liquidation, I had to sign a form specifically saying I would not ship it out of the country before I could pick it up. I'm sure it's the same with all military vehicles.
  • Paul Morris
    Paul Morris 4 месяца назад @Ob Fuscated your thinkin h2 h1 is just a civilianized hummvee
  • Andy Peterson
    Andy Peterson 3 месяца назад Humvee! @Xtragicfever
  • Colin Vargo
    Colin Vargo 3 месяца назад Ob Fuscated that was the H2
  • Mardi Shoer
    Mardi Shoer 1 месяц назад @Ob Fuscated H2 is the Tahoe, H1 is the H1
  • Gareth Miller
    Gareth Miller 2 года назад Fred you should use a Humvee for cheep truck challenge
    TheAKBUDDHA1 3 года назад Truck is at $4750 right now, so completely affordable.
  • jmendoza328
    jmendoza328 3 года назад Seriously!! You could buy it right now and enjoy it for the next ten years before gas prices sky rocked into European territory.
  • MorrillCornelius
    MorrillCornelius 3 года назад $4750 is the starting bid price; LMTVs usually bring 18-20K for a good runner, 6-10 K for a condition unknown truck. You also have to fill out a form stating what you will be doing with the truck and that gets sent to DOD for approval (Terrorist watch list check and such). You pay for the truck when you win it, but the approval can take up to 3 months and you cannot pick the truck up until afterwards. Also it is cash transfer only, he said "or Credit card" but that is only for small purchases, high dollar stuff has to be cash.
  • Zachary Fouts
    Zachary Fouts 3 года назад @MorrillCornelius I paid $5000 for my LMTV. Runs and Drives.
  • American Sniper
    American Sniper 10 месяцев назад MorrillCornelius unless your some chinese national or a non us citizen the whole process takes less then 2 months and you can now use MoneyGram to pay which means you can use debit card, credit cards, or cash I know I bought running hmmv with 8k miles and no doors for 5689$ and got it delivered 1 month and 12days later
  • ted parker
    ted parker 7 месяцев назад Payment can be made by wire transfer (recommended) or credit card (when full payment amount is $5,000 or less).
  • J Hoddy
    J Hoddy 3 года назад At 16:42 there is a guy in a pink Bigfoot costume
  • Alexander Curtis
    Alexander Curtis 1 месяц назад I think it is Finnegan
  • Salty Steel
    Salty Steel 2 недели назад Love my 1988 M998 HMMWV first contract batch SN: 53,333. 6.5L V8 non-turbo diesel with a 3L80 transmission. 10k rated CVT axles. Has 5300 original miles. Came from the Army Air National Guard in Columbus Ohio. Never deployed. Only used for light training exercises. I got it for $8100 from GovPlanet / IronPlanet. Got it titled, tagged, and insured. It's in mint condition. :D
  • David Hollenshead
    David Hollenshead 2 года назад Old Military Trucks are great, when used on a farm, or other local area. They kind of suck, if you try to travel a long distance because of the cost of fuel, low top speed, and the issue of getting spare parts.
  • Samual Whittemore
    Samual Whittemore 2 года назад David Hollenshead VERY TRUE! I drive my 5-tons (923a1/a2, 936a2) up to the lake, its about 22 miles from house. That's about as far as I like to go. Fun for a weekend camp out in the back, or going to a drive-in movie with your friends(do that all the time with a picnic table in back). BUT ---> Serious off road stuff - > not so much. They are really made for gravel roads or light cross country. But fun all the same. And WAY, way, -> extremely under powered. My m936a2 (weighs 36k) w/8.3 turbo Cummins is an absolute dog... You have to switch to low range just to pull out of a steep drive way. Not kidding.
  • fyneyoungstunna
    fyneyoungstunna 1 месяц назад Samual Whittemore sounds like you need to understand that you dont have a Cadillac.....and repower it with something better....
  • Demo 7241
    Demo 7241 2 месяца назад He needs to learn to control a can of spray paint
  • HatedJared
    HatedJared 3 года назад God I remember being packed into those trucks "nut to butt" for hours
  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 3 года назад and the ride in the bed is ten times worse than the cab.
  • Richard Nielson
    Richard Nielson 2 года назад When he said getting bumped around. I laughed my ass off. Memories of the Lmtv I drove for years in the military bumps are part of the job.
  • Ahnko Chee Outdoors
    Ahnko Chee Outdoors 3 года назад (изменено) Pink Bigfoot spotted hiding behind bushes @ 16:41 I am surprised at no lockers in a military truck like this. My Navy Surplus 1-1/4 GMC 6.2 Diesel 4x4 with Turbo 400 had Detroit Lockers front and rear.