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Best Sports TV News Bloopers Fails

Published on May 19, 2017 1,097,303 views

A collection of the best sports TV news bloopers fails. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!


  • woke.tre253
    woke.tre253 Год назад "If we sound stupid its not your television set, we are stupid". A motto to live by right there.
  • Cris KP
    Cris KP 3 месяца назад I read it just as he was saying it !
  • Andre Simpson
    Andre Simpson Год назад (изменено) That backwards shot though! -- 7:19
  • Dax
    Dax 1 месяц назад Ashley Simpson obviously staged
  • Mr. Naybayhood
    Mr. Naybayhood 2 года назад "That's kind of gay"
  • Bretty Miner
    Bretty Miner 3 дня назад Ur hands are soft and can uhh caress the ball lmfao
  • Kevin Frazier
    Kevin Frazier Неделю назад CLASSIC!!!
  • Lauren Keyes
    Lauren Keyes 8 месяцев назад The irony of sports 😂
  • chuah sang
    chuah sang Год назад Laughs are so contagious. I don't mind bloopers full of laughters. I'd rather watch blooper news more than the real news
  • Nick Fernandez
    Nick Fernandez Год назад 6:50 "that's kinda gay" 😂😂😂😂
  • Hop
    Hop Год назад 10:22 -- "written by Francis Scott OFF-Key". lol
  • Teal Chastain
    Teal Chastain 2 года назад "Francis Scott off-Key" classic!
  • Denise F
    Denise F 2 года назад eh uh eh eh uh we're excited 😅😅
  • MoeGabby
    MoeGabby 1 день назад This is one of the best and funniest sports bloopers videos I've ever seen. Well Done.
  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 2 года назад Maria is absolutely gorgeous
  • mgloco88
    mgloco88 2 месяца назад @Tydeus how is Maria?
  • josh wesley
    josh wesley 9 месяцев назад she is very hot
  • 4eightyvolt
    4eightyvolt 11 месяцев назад Maria Menounos. Wasn't difficult to find. Just search "Maria Mario Lopez" on YouTube.
  • Tydeus
    Tydeus 11 месяцев назад why is maria?
  • Say truth only
    Say truth only Год назад who is maria?
  • JUFFAIR101
    JUFFAIR101 Год назад Maria what is her name pleases
  • Mario & Luigi
    Mario & Luigi Год назад Just don't make her laugh 😣😝
  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 2 года назад I'm sure she likes to show of that rocking body honestly even in the cold
  • carlos duarte
    carlos duarte 2 года назад Raoul Duke poor woman. i felt sorry for her.
  • WillHellmm
    WillHellmm 2 года назад 7:18 is the best clip
  • valinperal
    valinperal 10 месяцев назад Like he didn't even know how to react.
  • ihate googel
    ihate googel 2 года назад I know right its so funny when he throws the ball and actually makes the shot! L O L
  • thecheesefactor
    thecheesefactor 7 месяцев назад 7:12 is an epic win. Should be in another video montage.
  • Laloni Chester
    Laloni Chester Год назад The behind the back over the head hoop shot should have went live and not a blooper
  • The-V12-Beast
    The-V12-Beast 2 года назад 0:35 Gets me every time :D
  • Garrett K
    Garrett K 10 месяцев назад The-V12-Beast that needs to be a meme
  • Reginald Andrews
    Reginald Andrews 2 года назад The Carl Lewis anthem was the BEST!!😆😆😆😂😂😂
  • honestogoodness bebong 2147
    honestogoodness bebong 2147 11 месяцев назад a basketball game that ended with a tie score...😅
  • Hizzy HI
    Hizzy HI 2 года назад (изменено) 5:55 the way this guy handles mistakes is just pure humour
  • Tyler
    Tyler 2 года назад This is one of the best channels on YouTube
  • DigitalWerewolf
    DigitalWerewolf 2 года назад "I don't know, Jeff!"
  • RCWard (Arcee)
    RCWard (Arcee) 2 года назад 10:11 I watched that four times. Just killed me
  • ProjectFlashlight612
    ProjectFlashlight612 Год назад Arcee That laughing clip needs to be a meme
  • B Pal
    B Pal Год назад I did the same. Charlie's laugh just kills me everytime.
  • Zachary Madden
    Zachary Madden Год назад That dig at the end too....Written by Francis Scott 'Off Key'. LOL
  • Dee Joshi
    Dee Joshi Год назад Lol
  • ibieiniid
    ibieiniid Год назад it should not have been that funny