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Regular Car Reviews: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Published on Dec 29, 2014 582,970 views

Tiny car. Tiny turbo. Loads of fun. One way ticket. Solid alibi. Reciprocating saw. Multiple states. Cash only. Ek praat Afrikaans vandag. Ek kan wegsteek op die Kaap. Verenigde State van Amerika geld koop baie Volkswagens. Kom ons kuier. Waar is die biblioteek? Die pen is in my hand. Die boek. Die boek! Die boek. Hoeveel rand sal dit neem vir gereelde motor resensies aan ZA kom?

Here is the link to the ruling report:

  • SpaceManDawn
    SpaceManDawn 4 года назад The Fiesta ST is a lot like MMA. There's definitely something gay going on there. But I'm still gonna watch.
  • 2UR GSE
    2UR GSE 1 месяц назад LMAO
  • William Freeze
    William Freeze 5 месяцев назад Spot on
  • Cowboy Crickets
    Cowboy Crickets 5 месяцев назад 4 years later... still best comment
  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Год назад SpaceManDawn 3 years later and still best comment
  • Ya boy Krokos
    Ya boy Krokos 2 года назад 2 years later still best comment
  • Cameron Keel
    Cameron Keel 3 года назад 11 months later still best comment
  • Farnese Vandimion
    Farnese Vandimion 3 года назад +SpaceManDawn It's gay, because it's a hatch?
  • brady M
    brady M 3 года назад LOL
  • TrollarchStaffDoWork
    TrollarchStaffDoWork 4 года назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Scarlet Swordfish
    Scarlet Swordfish 4 года назад @SpaceManDawn  Yeah, sounds like you're into back door stuff.
  • Brandon Merino
    Brandon Merino 4 года назад hahahahaha
  • TheMeanmarine13
    TheMeanmarine13 4 года назад hahaha nailed it!
  • Bill Pence
    Bill Pence 4 года назад lol
  • daybreaK
    daybreaK 4 года назад Best comment
  • SpaceManDawn
    SpaceManDawn 4 года назад I guess I'm hatch curious? Alright. Sorry. I'll go to bed now.
  • PistnRods
    PistnRods 4 года назад So narrow that you can't avoid feeling up your m8s leg while shifting.
  • youngsoldier93
    youngsoldier93 8 месяцев назад Then you both lock eyes and be like "bro, I never thought you'd feel this way about me bro, bro." 😂
  • Draxthedestroyer 16
    Draxthedestroyer 16 9 месяцев назад You think a fiesta is uncomfortable, try sitting in my friends Honda S2000 with massive amounts of weight reduction and a 2jz swap, It has no air conditioning, it’s his daily driver car and he lives in ARIZONA!!!
  • kevin hodge
    kevin hodge Год назад My girlfriend has to lean to the left so I have space to shift 😅😅😅
  • Skylar
    Skylar Год назад My mini Cooper is the exact same if the shotgun Rider is over 200lbs. Always touch their legs on accident and then they touch my leg on purpose
  • Seanvich
    Seanvich Год назад Just don’t grab the wrong KNOB!
  • Osoji
    Osoji Год назад Just how I like it
  • morgan lee
    morgan lee Год назад YungNinno yo 😂
  • YungNinno
    YungNinno Год назад PistnRods I drive a 2017 Manual Fiesta SE and I have gotten to 2nd base shifting into 5th gear 😂😎
  • Ryan Redmond
    Ryan Redmond 3 года назад "It's like discovering the Toasters in high school with 'Don't Let the Bastards Grind You Down' during the crest of ska's third wave. You think they're a new band and then your art teacher says 'No. They've been around for ten years now' and pulls out a copy of 'New York Fever' on vinyl and you realize that you're too hip to be cool. This may be the greatest quote I've ever heard in a car review.
  • Negil Leufeln
    Negil Leufeln 4 года назад When I drive my parents 2014 Ford Escape I can't see anything. So I leave extra room, but I never feel quite safe. Sure, there's the extra airbags, and big beams. But I can't see. When I drive my '91 Civic, I feel safer. Not because the car is safer, but because I can see. I'm in control of the car. I know exactly what's upfront of me and what's behind me. The solution in my opinion is to promote locking seat-belts (and if we really want to go there, 5-point harness, or even just a four-point) with a small roll-cage built underneath the siding instead of airbags. I drive a Dodge Stratus. Wait, let me start that over. I drive a small 4-cyl. race car at a circle track. I've been t-boned at 100km/h, I've been rammed into from the back and front. Not once have even received a minor injury. Why? Not airbags, not giant beams and poor visibility, not traction control, not automatic transmissions, because of roll cages, 5-point harnesses, helmets and neck-braces.  Obviously, it would be unrealistic to expect the world to start wearing these and retro-fitting cars, but just think about it. We can still have good visibility and have safety.
  • Corey Long
    Corey Long 4 месяца назад Negil Leufeln dame kinda thing aye I agree
  • Jake Stallkamp
    Jake Stallkamp Год назад 0
  • ricerocket_ed6
    ricerocket_ed6 Год назад Every car made after 1973 in the United States has to support 1.5x the vehicle's weight on it's roof, more people are dying in rollover crashes because of them not wearing seat belts, which apparently is still a problem. My '03 RSX has decent visibility but not from behind, as the C pillar is monstrous. You're right though, ever drive a new Subaru WRX/Crosstrek? Those pillars are thin and the visibility is amazing, and they still get 5 star rollover ratings.
  • Rob Cohen
    Rob Cohen 3 года назад +TheS2Guy Driving my parent's Hyundai Optima is like that. I have to remind myself to merge way in advance because it's so hard to see out of, it is really nerve racking. I drive a 90s car too :)
  • blues03
    blues03 4 года назад @TheS2Guy Ah, my mistake. I should have inferred that much (I do need to sleep). I agree with your statement about furthering one's own driving skills to better respond to lesser aware drivers on regular roads. I also wouldn't mind wearing a 3-point-harness and could see those being implemented as an option like on high-end AMG/M/Porsche vehicles..but I can't imagine cages becoming a standard option ever, like you yourself said.
  • Negil Leufeln
    Negil Leufeln 4 года назад @blues03 Never been involved in any accidents (on the road), I've been racing at a speedway for 5 years, where I have been t-boned, and involved in many other accidents, but we're safe because our cars are built for the track.  All I was saying is on the road you don't know how people drive, on the track you can learn how they drive.
  • blues03
    blues03 4 года назад @TheS2Guy Holy shit dude, didn't want anything- I just hope you're alright from all that. Quit getting (car) rekt and stay safe out there :T
  • Negil Leufeln
    Negil Leufeln 4 года назад @DoomsdayMelody91 sadly true. The road is uncontrolled and you can't learn the way other people drive like you can on a track (where even if other drivers are idiots, at least you can learn how to avoid them).
  • DoomsdayMelody91
    DoomsdayMelody91 4 года назад @TheS2Guy You aren't going to be able to prevent accidents 90% of the time in your civic just because you see them coming though. You could be the best driver in the world but you still have to worry about all of the idiots around you.
  • Negil Leufeln
    Negil Leufeln 4 года назад @Charles Darwin What I was thinking of was a half cage, since it would still provide plenty of support for the driver and passenger in the case of an accident and would still allow for decent visibility and room. (although not for the passengers, but that's okay since nobody cares about them anyways)
  • Taylor Davy
    Taylor Davy 4 года назад I agree with this, my weekend car is caged with buckets and harnesses. But there is one problem. With a cage they would have to be hidden under the trim because hit your head on a steel pipe when you are not wearing a helmet and it is game over. Meaning the pillars would be bulky to cover the cage. Now maybe your saying the 911 RS's (GT2, GT3 etc) have cages and you don't need a helmet but look closely, they are half cages only behind the seats. Safely away from your cranium in a crash. Which in my opinion every two seat sports car should have.
  • Bob
    Bob 4 года назад @bcsizemo It's funny you say that. Rear cameras are mandated to be standard on all cars starting 2018.
  • Negil Leufeln
    Negil Leufeln 4 года назад @bcsizemo Yeah, rear windows. I always want to adjust the rearview mirror in the Escape so I can see more, but then I remember that it wouldn't make a difference since the rear window is tiny.
  • bcsizemo
    bcsizemo 4 года назад Hell the way Ford is going the side window is going to be a quarter the height of the door.  They might as well go ahead and start making rear cameras standard, that way they can just eliminate the rear window. Actually the one thing that pisses me off the most about the super tall door, isn't just the visibility, it's the fact it sucks for hanging your arm out of while cruising along.  I mean who wants their elbow at the side of their head?
  • Hayes Lewis
    Hayes Lewis 2 года назад On the other hand....If the government continues to increase rollover standards soon we can safely race cars without the expense of a cage.
  • George Perakis
    George Perakis 2 года назад That was already true for some SAABs.
  • JO Grobler
    JO Grobler 4 года назад Holy fucking shit you wrote Afrikaans in the description :D THATS MAH LANGUAGE!! Guessing you were Google Translating it soooooon!! Directly translated here's what Mr.R wrote: I'm talking Afrikaans today. I can hide on the Cape. Unites States of America money buys many Volkswagens. Let us socialise. Where is the library? The pen is in my hand. The book. The book! The book. How many Rand (South African currency) would it take for Regular Car Reviews to come to ZA (Zuid Afrika, old name for South Africa).  Thanks for making me love this show even more now! Hope it brings great pleasure knowing your reviews make it all the way to the southern tip of Africa. Groot groete van Suid Afrika seun! 
  • Cory Sayles
    Cory Sayles 3 года назад OH MY GOD! hahaha love how the dad was totally a murderer, but that's cool. lmao. Great video
  • Guillermo Feliciano
    Guillermo Feliciano 2 месяца назад 5:14
  • Guillermo Feliciano
    Guillermo Feliciano 2 месяца назад Scrolled way down to see who else realized.
  • Max Archer
    Max Archer 4 года назад Aw, no Recaros? Would've liked to hear what you thought of them. FWIW these cars are faster than Ford would like you to believe. HP is around 180 at the wheels, not the crank, and torque is up in the 220s at the wheels, even though Ford rates it less than that at the crank. Also, it's got way more than 135MPH in it, I've had mine up close to 140 and it was still pulling.
    SVXTI 2 года назад Bought a 15 Fiesta ST and couldnt be happier. I know the feeling well you cover at the end of the video, I try to behave and shift at 2k rpm when the light comes on but its just so eager to rev and go play.
  • BagelBytes
    BagelBytes Год назад Nathan McCallister traded in my 2016 mustang GT fastback for a 2017 FiST and I love the thing. So composed in corners, and so tight with the on-center steering is awesome
  • CineRaphael
    CineRaphael 2 года назад scoterofd better than a civic isn't it
  • Jacob Adelstein
    Jacob Adelstein 2 года назад Doggieman1111 lol hi mom
  • Doggieman1111
    Doggieman1111 2 года назад As long as you're not "playing" on the public roads and endangering others.
  • Kyle Scheffler
    Kyle Scheffler 2 года назад scoterofd I'm right there with you my friend. really resisting the urge to go crazy with it. there's a reason I got those spare rims from a guy parting his out. haha. need to get snow tires now and see what kinda fun I can get my self into.
  • Philip Ofrias IV
    Philip Ofrias IV Год назад "it's not going anywhere" meanwhile in the US Ford is ditching all of it's manuals except for the mustang
  • opiumden34
    opiumden34 2 недели назад @thas1227 I think sales are not the issue. It is that they can make more money on each of the $50k trucks and suv's they sell.
  • thas1227
    thas1227 1 месяц назад @FirebirdCamaro1220 If you didn't want them to stop making them US should have kept buying them. But after 2000 There was a sudden plummet in sports/compact cars.
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад That's because they are ditching all of their passenger cars except for the Mustang, Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln Continental
  • Joseph Apodaca
    Joseph Apodaca 9 месяцев назад Yeah, that part of the video dated itself. Shame
  • jriley1992
    jriley1992 3 года назад I don't know why, but 4:48 made me laugh harder than I should have.
  • Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber
    Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber 4 года назад Even though Ford is an American company, it took Ford UK to show you how to make a small practical fun car. :v
  • Mark Clarke
    Mark Clarke Год назад Even though Ford UK developed this car, they wouldn't have even existed in the first place without their american parent company. What's with that?
  • cloridan Beauchamps
    cloridan Beauchamps Год назад Push Back fiero
  • Tom Ferreira
    Tom Ferreira Год назад And it was made in Germany.
  • benanderson89
    benanderson89 3 года назад @Patrick Connolly Yeah, and we sacrifice silly amounts of Torque for excellent fuel economy. Its the trade off. The Mustang in the UK is rated at 390lb-ft - but brochures here by law list the lowest recorded output on regular95 fuel (which is premium91 in the states). Given how much an NA engine can vary just by outside temperature alone, its unsurprising it says 390.
  • P J
    P J 3 года назад @benanderson89 I wasn't talking about fuel economy I was only stating the torque figures. And the Mustang GT 5.0 makes 400 ft lbs
  • benanderson89
    benanderson89 3 года назад @Patrick Connolly With noticeably worse fuel economy and the need to rev it higher than a Diesel to get that Torque figure. Both engines have their upsides and downsides. The 2.2L 4cyl Diesel is still getting nearly 300lb-ft and close to 40mpg - obvious advantages over a V6 getting nearly half the MPG despite the power hike. Also: I got the Mustang power wrong. Its 390lb-ft, not 390Nm (you damn Americans and your non-metric system!)
  • P J
    P J 3 года назад @Jens Fosbæk The ecoboost is in the Transit Van here and its detuned to make 400 ft lbs. In the F150 it makes 420 and in the Navigator it makes 460 ft lbs
  • Jens Fosbæk
    Jens Fosbæk 3 года назад +benanderson89 I wouldn't brag about 385nm of torque. the gti Polo had 320nm, and that is a 1.8 turbo petrol engine. The 3.5 ecoboost has 620nm. I would love to see that engine in a van.
  • Jens Fosbæk
    Jens Fosbæk 3 года назад +benanderson89 I wouldn't brag about 385nm of torque. the gti Polo had 320nm, and that is a 1.8 turbo petrol engine. The 3.5 ecoboost has 620nm. I would love to see that engine in a van.
  • benanderson89
    benanderson89 3 года назад @Jensfos Because vans in Europe come with diesel engines - low total HP but very high torque. If you knew anything about engines you wouldn't be complaining about that. The transit (at least in the UK) is 155hp, not 115hp. But since its a diesel engine, as mentioned, its got a mountain fo Torque. 385Nm to be exact - a V8 Mustang GT is 390Nm just to give you an idea of how powerful the transit's DCi engine is.
  • Jensfos
    Jensfos 3 года назад +Diego Ruiz I'd rather have a real american ford, than these euro shitboxes you produce. Sincerely a Norwegian. Lol, a van that producec 115hp.. What a disgrace
  • riothero313
    riothero313 3 года назад +Diego Ruiz hahahhahahahha I like your jokes, well done.
  • benanderson89
    benanderson89 3 года назад @Patrick Connolly The insinuation was that they were identical when they're clearly not. @rubberwoody eh? You mean no V8 on the Mustang in the UK or no V8 in the Fusion? The fusion never had a V8 and the V8 Mustang is the most popular model in the UK with 70% of total orders.
  • P J
    P J 3 года назад @benanderson89 Who cares they are still essentially the same vehicle
  • Rubber
    Rubber 3 года назад @benanderson89 but no v8 lel
  • benanderson89
    benanderson89 3 года назад +Patrick Connolly The latest generation Fusion/Mondeo are not exactly the same. The USA gets a Sedan. Europe gets a Hatchback and Wagon instead, and Europe gets different suspension. Same thing with the S550 Mustang. Europe gets better dampening and stiffer springs with the security, premium and performance packages as standard equipment.
  • armymatt83
    armymatt83 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz wrong
  • armymatt83
    armymatt83 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz fusion and mondeo are the same car.
  • DoomsdayMelody91
    DoomsdayMelody91 4 года назад @Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber I believe you mean Mazda, not the UK.
  • cjmillsnun
    cjmillsnun 4 года назад @Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber The Capri never got the Rover V8. It did however get the Essex V6, and the Pickford got the Cologne V6 Now that was one hell of a car.
  • MakeSh00t
    MakeSh00t 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz ford F150 best selling car in the world. Ford mustang is far way better from uk cars ford. I had ford focus st, ford focus 1.8 16v ghia full packet, Ford mustang v6 192hp i can tell you all cars are good but best was mustang. U can not compare vs usa cars. Ford usa is more reliable than europe. Usa car can go easy 200.000 miles to 300.000 miles, europe ford, very hard to get those miles, it will allways break before to get those miles. And ford ranger is not ford f150 totaly diferent cars. ANd i am from europe. And focus fiesta was from germany, mustang from canada.
  • P J
    P J 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz Over the years Broncos went from midsize to fulsize and even a compact model was made called Bronco II
  • Rubber
    Rubber 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz early broncos are smaller than the late ones based on the f series
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @awesomeologyism Really? It doesn't look really big on BAJA Edge of Control (only place where I've seen its size compared to other vehicles)
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz The Ford Bronco was a full-size, not a compact
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @DrClaw77 Ehhh... A Ranger is just a "new-age Bronco". Both are compact pick-up trucks based on being good at going offroad instead of just pulling
  • DrClaw77
    DrClaw77 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz not to mention the Kuga basically usurped the Escape in the States. Thankfully. I know a lot of fellow Americans were fond of its evolving "truck-like" looks, but the Kuga is much more honest as to what a crossover (and its audience) is. I also think Ford needs to bring the Ranger to the States. That and bring back the Bronco.
  • RS1
    RS1 4 года назад More practical then the focus svt zx5 doupt it.
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz I thought the whole argument was about Ford UK vs. Ford of America Not Ford of Europe vs Ford of America
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @Nakke144 Still European anyways and most tend to be better than their US counterparts
  • Nakke144
    Nakke144 4 года назад European Fords are pretty much designed by Germans.
  • P J
    P J 4 года назад Flex are dope and versatile. Get the twin snail model and they go like stink as well!
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад Could someone also explain to me all the hate flying around about the Ford Flex? The reviews on it are universally positive, from both Automotive Experts, and from people that've bought it and driven it.
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Patrick Connolly Also being an American, I can second the notion that no one likes Minivans/MPVs. As Mr. Regular touched on in the Odyssey video, buying one is the Death Knell of one's Social Life
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz I will admit that it has a box-esque shape, but there isn't a hard corner on that thing
  • Rubber
    Rubber 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz we dont talk about that thing here.....
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @awesomeologyism Like Ford Flex is fucking rounded, RIGHT!?
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz The "Land of the 90º Angle" Unless you're thinking of vehicles from the 1980s, this only applies to our V8s And the comparison for the Mondeo and Fusion is for the American Fusion, not the MPV Fusion. The American Fusion is just a Mondeo with a different name.
  • Fiftycalibur
    Fiftycalibur 4 года назад There was never a market for what you just described until recently. Europe's been doing it longer. This is natural. 
  • Rubber
    Rubber 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz you know the fusion and mondeo are exactly the same right? get off your typical euro snob highhorse
  • Push Back
    Push Back 4 года назад @pks7777777 The American built GTO was built by Pontiac from 1964 to 1974. Ten years. The Australian built GTO was built from 2004 - 2006. Three (model) years. 
  • P J
    P J 4 года назад @pks7777777 Actually the old Pontiac GTO moniker was was built for only 10 years 1964 to 1974. We are referring to the Australian built one 2004 to 2006....which was a huge flop.
  • MananaMan
    MananaMan 4 года назад @Push Back Right, but the original design which lasted for like 30 years was made by amuricans. The new model that was in production for 2 years was made in Australia.
  • Push Back
    Push Back 4 года назад The GTO from 2004 - 2006 was built on the Monaro platform in Australia. 
  • MananaMan
    MananaMan 4 года назад @Push Back The GTO the grand prix and grand am, and the solstice were all american manufactured.
  • MananaMan
    MananaMan 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz You're wrong about the Fusion and the F150 completely. Also the galaxy was a joint effort so it's american. Pontiac Vibe beats the kuga hands down. ALSO the fiesta was developed by an american
  • Browningate
    Browningate 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz So you're saying you don't like Flex because of how it looks? It actually looks nicer than most vans.
  • P J
    P J 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz MPV's are called mini vans here and we have them too as well..... but the fact that no one wants them here is why we have SUV's
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @Channel 2012 We have lots of those in Europe and they look much nicer. Also, nobody wants that much from a car over here. With 7 seats you're overdoing it most of the time. Do you think you have MPVs? Europe has the most of any automotive area · Ford Galaxy · Volkswagen Sharan/SEAT Alhambra · Peugeot 808/Citröen C8/Lancia Phedra · Chrysler Voyager · Honda Odyssey · Kia Carnival · Renault Espace · Toyota Previa · Hyundai H1 · Mitsubishi Grandis And I might be missing some...
  • Browningate
    Browningate 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz It's a seven-seater with room in the back, so it's actually a lot like a van. Maybe you don't like it, but I'm sure families appreciate it, even if it is underpowered and front wheel drive.
  • P J
    P J 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz  Because we can! Our fuel is relatively cheap compared to you. Id never buy an 8000 dollar new car no thanks you get what you pay for.......
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @Patrick Connolly What? Most our cars are pretty rounded. You're the land of the 90º angle! Even our cheaper cars (like the Renault-derived Dacias) are quite damn reliable. Yeah, they're slow and the equipment is poor but you can get a car for $8000 and drive it for 150k miles without much problem at all!
  • P J
    P J 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz And yet you all have these little dinky shitboxes. We live in the world of F350's and Expeditions, Suburbans, etc.
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @Channel 2012 FUCK NO! It is too long, wide and heavy. Only like 15 people in the whole Europe would consider buying it (I do not think someone would buy it!)
  • Browningate
    Browningate 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz Flex is a wagon, so I would think it would appeal to foreign countries quite a lot actually.
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @Patrick Connolly Who the fuck would want a Explorer? Or the Edge? Or the Flex? They're all pieces of shit and weight more than a 2-story house
  • P J
    P J 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz And by the way the Fseries pickups out sell everything here. 2015 They will be all aluminum. UK does not even produce such models like the Flex, Edge, Explorer, Taurus SHO, etc. heck UK didnt even get the mustang till now. You are very biased as to what you have not driven.
  • P J
    P J 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz The latest gen fusion/mondeo are the exact same.
  • sdlausen
    sdlausen 4 года назад Its because in EU, people are willing to pay a bit more for quality. Here in the USA, the cheaper something is, the more people will buy it. In the US, people would rather buy a can of soda that is $.10c over one that is $.20c more and healthier -- hypothetically speaking. Same analogy goes for cars her in the USA. Look at what VW did with the American Jetta, they cheapened the shit out of it reducing it's price and sales are WAY up. Americans wouldn't pay for an expensive Euro hatch back in the day. NOW that's changing -- thankfully. 
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @spazracing94 Not at all, the Fusion is longer. A bit like comparing the 3-series (Mondeo) and the 5-series (Fusion)
  • SpaztasticTV
    SpaztasticTV 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz the fusion and the mondeo are the same car 
  • Terry Chao
    Terry Chao 4 года назад it should be no surprise here since in Murica we only care about engine! =p
  • Browningate
    Browningate 4 года назад Are you saying a car called "Fiesta" came from somewhere other than Mexico? ;-)
  • Excedrine
    Excedrine 4 года назад :V
  • Ponygt 662
    Ponygt 662 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz Agree with that but most Mondeos are more expensive than similarly priced Fusions so is it over all segments If there was no parent company umbrella name Ford, this ecoboost and Fiesta etc wud have been some VW or some Saab or some Mazdas, so respect the father and mother though 1 is better than the other
  • Sam Robb
    Sam Robb 4 года назад Yes thank you detective 
  • Gavin Irvine
    Gavin Irvine 4 года назад its now  mostly ford Germany there's very little of ford UK left
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz I can't deny the roof and stability thingy is better in the Transit than the E-series BECAUSE I'VE NEVER DRIVEN EITHER.  Nobody has an E-series, they all have F-150s or F-250s... because that's how we do.
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @Leslie48 You can't deny the combination of high roof and stability is better in the Transit than in the E-series. I have a driving license since May this year and I have always driven a 2005 Ford Transit T350 with the high roof and a 115hp diesel engine due to my work It is a great vehicle, specially considering that I have a cargo of 11x6ft and that I can move up to 8000lbs with so much ease. I am a novice, all my practice and tests were with a 2008 Honda Civic, and the Transit is both easy to drive considering its size (almost 19ft long!) and great to move stuff
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz To be fair there are different regulations to meet in the US vs. the UK, these and personal tastes in the US mean that for every small business owner who would get a panel-van if they operated in the UK, they'd get a Pickup truck if they operated in the US... for the most part.
    LOLKINGBABY 4 года назад @Push Back WTF are you smoking?
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz A panel van is just a sub-specialty of vans. They're usually based on passenger vehicles w/o rear side windows (hence the "Panel"). The Transit and Econoline are neither of these. But there's nothing wrong with the Econoline, and they're still selling quite well, and ford will still be manufacturing the chassis until 2020. Ford is doing away with them because they're planning on thinning out the number of different vehicles that they manufacture. The Transit is more prevalent worldwide, hence they're doing away with the econoline. And the Fusion and Mondeo have near the same curb weight. The Ranger is lighter and better offroad, because it was made to go offroad. The F-150 isn't offroad oriented, it's work oriented. And a Maxed out ranger can only tow as much as the 3.5L NA V6
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @Shane Smith They're not worse, just less effective than they should be and we all know it already A Fusion is long and heavy, the Mondeo does the same for less. A Transit can get a high roof without losing much stability; also, FORD is killing the E-series because even they think the Transit is the way to go. A Ranger can pull too but it's lighter and better when offroad. Should I continue?
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @Leslie48 We also have the Tran-Connect here in Europe and it's quite stupid. The true Transit is about to wipe-out the American Econoline for life. Even FORD admits one of America's big things about commercial vehicles, the panel van, is worse than the European model
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz "Most of the Ford UK cars are better than the Ford USA cars" You were definitely speaking specifically about Ford UK 
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber We don't do many small cars at all.
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Edward Caffery @Diego Ruiz  He was comparing it to all minivans. But the Galaxy is barely even ford. The mechanicals are mainly volkswagen.
  • Edward Caffery
    Edward Caffery 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz Ford's new Escape is a Kuga and Ford ddoesn't offer a minivan in the US anymore
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Leslie48 I think you're right My mistake. I haven't seen any of the transits around here. All I see is the E-150 through E-450 fleet vans.
  • Leslie48
    Leslie48 4 года назад @awesomeologyism I think you may be confusing the Ford Transit with the Ford Transit Connect.  The Transit in the UK is a full-sized van, the Transit-Connect is that weird micro-van that just recently came available in the US.
  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz I don't see your point honestly, are you trying to claim that European manufacturers are superior due to a few cars that are better in the general opinion? 
  • paul williams
    paul williams 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz It absolutely cannot tow/haul anywhere near the amount of an F150, you're on some other shit.
  • petey2crazy
    petey2crazy 4 года назад @Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber The US did have the Merkur XR4Ti, which was kinda like a Sierra XR4i, except different body and powertrain. 
  • TwoWheelJockey
    TwoWheelJockey 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz Our tow ratings don't include the weight of the vehicle. So if they say it can tow 8,000 pounds it can tow 8,000 plus the weight of the vehicle.
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @awesomeologyism A Transit can move the same weight as a F150 and it uses 4 cylinders most of the time, sometimes with as little as 115hp and it can move over 8000lbs (vehicle+cargo)
  • awesomeologyism
    awesomeologyism 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz  In all fairness, we don't use pickups as much for off-roading as we do for actual work. That's why it doesn't have anything less than a V6 And the Econoline is a full-size van, I don't think you can really compare that to the Transit. The Econoline held damn-near 80% of the American Full-size van market when they canceled it. Ford canceled it because they were consolidating their vehicle manufacturing, and the US was the only real market that it sold to. And please, The Cherokee XJ is the best Compact SUV
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад @WasstschoBasstscho I'm talking about Ford Europe in general, not just Ford UK
  • WasstschoBasstscho
    WasstschoBasstscho 4 года назад @WasstschoBasstscho Ok I looked it up, both German and British...
  • WasstschoBasstscho
    WasstschoBasstscho 4 года назад Isn´t the Fiesta a German car?
  • Push Back
    Push Back 4 года назад Yup. I had the latter and it was freakin' awesome.
  • Manuel Lujan
    Manuel Lujan 4 года назад @Push Back G8 and GTO
  • Push Back
    Push Back 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz Pontiac's only decent cars came from GM Australia. 
  • Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber
    Gara Von Hoiwkenzoiber 4 года назад @Diego Ruiz Ford Escort xr3i Ford Capri with it's awesome sounding Rover V8 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Did the US get those?
  • Diego Ruiz
    Diego Ruiz 4 года назад Most of the Ford UK cars are better than the Ford USA cars · Mondeo (UK) vs Fusion (USA) = Mondeo · Transit (UK) vs Econoline (USA) = Transit, to the point they're killing the Econoline by 2015 · Ranger (UK) vs F150 (USA) = Ranger can be good when far from roads, F150 can't · Galaxy (UK) vs all-minivans-ever (USA) = Galaxy · Kuga (UK) vs all-small-SUVs-ever (USA) = Kuga It's quite stupid how the non-native division of a brand can be so much better than the original brand!
  • Mike Tython
    Mike Tython 3 года назад his license plate says RCR. is that a coincidence, or is he just a huge fan?
  • SAi VLOGGa
    SAi VLOGGa 2 года назад what does 337 stand for?
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад Thanks for actually talking about the car this week. :)
  • JayTac1
    JayTac1 Год назад Benjamin Smith Really? What information did he present about the Fiesta ST?
  • DoomsdayMelody91
    DoomsdayMelody91 4 года назад @splewy Theres usually an allegory in there somewhere
  • yoy
    yoy 4 года назад @splewy epic meme
  • splewy
    splewy 4 года назад @Matthew VandenBerg It's just nice to hear his entertaining thoughts on the car, rather than his thoughts on Pittsburgh.
  • chrisinator13
    chrisinator13 4 года назад My thoughts exactly
  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith 4 года назад @Matthew VandenBerg RCR has a way of making information more interesting, like how he described how the car was meant to be driven. He is goofy in how he talks and presents information, but he still tells us useful information. I go to RCR because it's funny and entertaining, but also because it's informative. If you take any of the qualities away, the show becomes stupid or just your average car review. 
  • Matthew VandenBerg
    Matthew VandenBerg 4 года назад Because the thousands of other real car reviews can't provide you actual information? RCR is a Car Roast.
  • howcin
    howcin 3 года назад Blah blah blah burner phone hahaha
  • appelpower1
    appelpower1 3 года назад Great car, but it bothers me that Europe, the continent that made this car, doesn't get the nice big satnav screen. Instead, we get what appears to be the screen of a Nokia 3310, connected to a needlessly complicated dashboard with 23 million buttons and located so high up, far away and deep inside the dash that you can't possibly read what it says.
  • Vestion
    Vestion 9 месяцев назад I know this comment is old, but yeah, I still get baffled by my dashboard, especially when the bluetooth randomly decides to disconnect and I have to reboot the system.
  • Sakura Media
    Sakura Media 4 года назад Is this the first time I've heard an engine in RCR? Or am I just deaf?
  • samp330
    samp330 4 года назад Mercury Sable included, though short 3 second bit
  • Kaisuke971
    Kaisuke971 4 года назад @Seiko The Neko The MR2 is Mr Regular's favorite car (that's what he said), so you should have remembered at least this one 
  • Sakura Media
    Sakura Media 4 года назад @Kaisuke971 I've been around since about the SRT-4 review but have watched every other one before and after that.
  • Kaisuke971
    Kaisuke971 4 года назад So might be new in town 
  • Che1seabluesdrogba11
    Che1seabluesdrogba11 4 года назад Porsche cayman, lotus, MR2,volvo many other ones
  • bartekko
    bartekko 4 года назад Toyota echo as well, the very first review
  • Mojo
    Mojo 4 года назад On the top of my mind, E30 318i, Corvette C3 and some others. I wouldn't say deaf but hard hearing.
  • Philip Rosenthale
    Philip Rosenthale 2 года назад Mr. Regular, you are legend.
  • Jonathan Ray Pereira
    Jonathan Ray Pereira 2 года назад yup, Rom and his weird songs are living in mr. regular's shadow.
  • Milsurp Mike Channel
    Milsurp Mike Channel 2 года назад Sooo... you shoot a Mosin?
  • jdl 68
    jdl 68 2 года назад @prelude2tube I have a vepr 12 that thing is built like a tank it takes any ammo I put in it it has a magwell bolt release button amberdex safety the stock folds it takes up to 25 round drums it's not that much now but in a few years I'm sure they will be way expensive. I just think nobody has caught on to them yet
  • Milsurp Mike Channel
    Milsurp Mike Channel 2 года назад I made a gun review in thd RCR style on my channel if you wanna check it out.
  • prelude2tube
    prelude2tube 2 года назад @ Hadji Annihilator No argument, but they DO make a 7.62x54R. What's more, they're in that sweet spot of high end, while still being relatively cheap.
  • jdl 68
    jdl 68 2 года назад prelude2tube a vepr is a high end gun.
  • Chuck
    Chuck 2 года назад mosin forever
  • prelude2tube
    prelude2tube 2 года назад Or a VEPR...
  • Milsurp Mike Channel
    Milsurp Mike Channel 2 года назад Or an SVT...
  • Aleksandr Kamarov
    Aleksandr Kamarov 2 года назад Or a PSL
  • a291
    a291 4 года назад so..... who did the dad kill ?!
  • AirWolf2301
    AirWolf2301 Год назад a291 plot twist... the kid