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Geneva Motor Show 2019 | The 18 cars you must see | Autocar

Published on Mar 5, 2019 396,469 views

It's the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and that can only mean one thing - your comprehensive round up of all the show stars, courtesy of Autocar, uploaded pronto before the close of day one of the show. Subscribe now:

Join us, then, to discover the Geneva show's most important stars, from tiny EVs to full-bore (maybe) 300mph hypercars.

We've the lowdown on: the Alfa Romeo Tonale concept, the Aston Martin Vanquish Vision concept, the Aston Martin AM-RB003, the Audi Q4 e-tron, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, the Citroen Ami One, the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the Honda e-prototype, the Koenigsegg Jesko, the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster, the Lamborghini Huracan Evo Spyder, the Peugeot 208, the Pininfarina Battista, the Polestar 2, the Renault Clio, the Volkswagen ID Buggy.

And a modified vintage Lamborghini tractor.

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  • Vedad
    Vedad Неделю назад Koenigsegg has 1600hp not 600hp
  • Patrick Steinmark
    Patrick Steinmark Неделю назад Thank You....He's a pretty experienced journo w/ Autocar, so i'm surprised he fucked the dog that badly with the official numbers.
  • AceRay 24
    AceRay 24 Неделю назад Jes-Ko , not Yes-Ko
  • Victor
    Victor Неделю назад AceRay 24 it’s yesko, stupid... it’s pronouced that way. I am from Sweden
  • staggabob
    staggabob Неделю назад Thanks! I was just thinking 600bhp doesn't sound anywhere near enough for 300 mph and seemed a surprisingly low figure for a Koeninsegg!
  • Thomas Rupesinghe
    Thomas Rupesinghe Неделю назад @AceRay 24 It's actually pronounced Yes-ko
  • OfficialPixel - CSGO Content
    OfficialPixel - CSGO Content Неделю назад @AceRay 24 UH OH SOMEONE DIDN'T GET THE FACTS RIGHT
  • Daniel Martini
    Daniel Martini Неделю назад so much for that cheat sheet
  • Tyler Sanders
    Tyler Sanders Неделю назад Damn the Peugeot 208 is such a beautiful car.
  • Nanardpvt18 !!!
    Nanardpvt18 !!! Неделю назад Oh YESSSSS ! 😍😍😍
  • Jochem
    Jochem Неделю назад I think the back looks weird. The black bar should be lower down, as it is on the 205..
  • DAM8658
    DAM8658 Неделю назад The Clio looks great too. Would put anything American to shame. Wait, there isn’t anything American.
  • Life Goes
    Life Goes Неделю назад Sans those ridiculous wheel arches.
  • T
    T Неделю назад I wanna see what it looks like transformed into a UK police car
  • Karthik SM
    Karthik SM Неделю назад Volvo v40 definitely better
  • Tyler Sanders
    Tyler Sanders Неделю назад @Karthik SM nah.
  • Karthik SM
    Karthik SM Неделю назад @Tyler Sanders peugeot sucks.none of theur cars are actually good
  • nils holgerson
    nils holgerson Неделю назад Best looking Peugeot in 30 years
  • Mamo
    Mamo Неделю назад Btw, the Jesko has 1280 hp on pump gas or 1600 hp on E85.
  • TechJunkie
    TechJunkie Неделю назад I was gonna say! No way 300 mph with only 600hp.
  • mightyfitz
    mightyfitz Неделю назад (изменено) I had to listen to that 3 times. No idea how he could say that without batting an eye
  • Karan Mehta
    Karan Mehta Неделю назад 800kg downforce at 250 kmph plus a 7 clutch tranny
  • Jason Hunt
    Jason Hunt Неделю назад I bet it did say 1600 and he just misread it.
  • AceRay 24
    AceRay 24 Неделю назад Also , its Jes-Ko not Yes-Ko
  • Rok šerbinek
    Rok šerbinek Неделю назад @AceRay 24 his fathers name is Jesko (pronounced Yesko), so i'd say its called the "Yesko". Considering that he is swedish and not english.
  • seamas cassidy
    seamas cassidy Неделю назад He writes it down and still gets it wrong this bloke needs sacking!
  • trash can
    trash can Неделю назад Rok šerbinek no i'm swedish and you pronounce it jesko
  • Pequa Boy
    Pequa Boy Неделю назад AceRay 24 Watch some video on this car with Christian in them. He says it both ways. Strange.
  • Third Palermo
    Third Palermo Неделю назад @TechJunkie are you deaf?
  • Third Palermo
    Third Palermo Неделю назад @TechJunkie its 1600hp lol
  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders Неделю назад @seamas cassidy you wouldn't want to be sacked for this in reality small mistake. Don't be so fast to ruin people's lives
  • KIBE
    KIBE Неделю назад @Karan Mehta and over a ton at 270-300
  • Dune Wing
    Dune Wing 1 день назад Peugeot very nice one of the best Cars in this world.
  • fan2lexus
    fan2lexus Неделю назад Where are the Lexus RC-F Track Edition and the LC convertable ? 🤔
  • TCutt7
    TCutt7 Неделю назад Aston Martin seems to be very radically changing their design
  • MikeZolo
    MikeZolo Неделю назад TCutt7 finally
  • G.D. Goodwill
    G.D. Goodwill Неделю назад They have to compete, GT is from the old days. It's a business model they can't support their company on anymore. It's all about sport and track performance now, while the cars get tucked away in the darkness even more than before ...
  • teeruven vyanen
    teeruven vyanen Неделю назад @G.D. Goodwill they are not abandoning the gt format...they are just diversifying their range, a bit like Porsche.
  • G.D. Goodwill
    G.D. Goodwill Неделю назад @teeruven vyanen Haven't read or heard that before, so thanks for clearing that up!
  • AceRay 24
    AceRay 24 Неделю назад Looks so cool
    ALCHEMIST Yohan THE RESTORER & SCIENTIST Неделю назад @AceRay 24 0🌞🗺Look🌅Hot🌋to Me🙄
  • David Brook
    David Brook Неделю назад A Corolla with 20 mm ride height? Koenigsegg with 600hp??
  • Zeid Sonbola
    Zeid Sonbola Неделю назад Ikr??
  • The10thWarp yee
    The10thWarp yee Неделю назад The koenigsegg has 1600 hp. He was mistaken
  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael Неделю назад The10thWarp yee exactly what 600bhp car can achieve 300mph.
    PANKAJ BAJAJ Неделю назад (изменено) Ferrari lambo Porsche Aston Martin buggati audi bmw bently Rolls royace volkswagon koenisegg go full speed ahead with electric supercars racing.
  • jiff jiffernson
    jiff jiffernson Неделю назад Nice presentation. Respect for our time. Captured perspectives and essence of cars design for needed time with needed info. Great selection.
  • will006
    will006 Неделю назад 7:31 600hp Koenegseigg? with over 1000 lb/ft torque. i think you mean 1600hp?
    PANKAJ BAJAJ Неделю назад Wirelessly solar charged autonomous mobile controlled super luxury Suv with vtol flying launch control
  • JJNews13
    JJNews13 Неделю назад Don't think that crib sheet helped him 😂😂
  • john kidd
    john kidd 3 дня назад I enjoyed this presentation very much. From top super car to the small day time running car. Short but great shots of the cars and plenty of info to each of them. Now that's what I call a good Vid for all of us to enjoy and see a lot of motoers at the same time
  • Nabil Ansari
    Nabil Ansari Неделю назад Alfa Romeo is art
  • Agostinho José Alexandre
    Agostinho José Alexandre Неделю назад Super high quality video sir. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✊🏽✊🏽
  • Mr Right
    Mr Right Неделю назад 7:34 600HP on Ethanol??? Yeah....... Nice one Autocar 😉
  • David Hunt
    David Hunt Неделю назад Mr Right more like 1600 hp
  • Azeem Qadir
    Azeem Qadir Неделю назад Even with the cheat sheet he failed
  • Mr Right
    Mr Right Неделю назад David Hunt I was taking the Piss out of the journalist David! Hence telling you to go to 7:34 seconds in to listen 👂
  • king young lee
    king young lee Неделю назад 300 mph?? Really? 500kph??
  • LynxAdvert
    LynxAdvert Неделю назад I'm very much a capitalist, but the price of these new hypercars and the fact that they all sell out says we have far too many people hording wealth in the world
  • deaths shadow
    deaths shadow Неделю назад The average citizens in the Western world have 5-10 yrs before the elite will be unchallengeable.The funny part is they have been warned for decades so they only have themselves to blame.
  • Jibwaddle Hosafat
    Jibwaddle Hosafat Неделю назад Maybe you should be less of a capitalist. The end result of abstracted and wholly individuated resource acquisition is, necessarily, unchecked sequestration. Humans will either learn to share the world, or they will lose the world (in one way or another).
  • Jibwaddle Hosafat
    Jibwaddle Hosafat Неделю назад @deaths shadow When we heard from Snowden, it was already too late.
  • TheWhiteUbik
    TheWhiteUbik Неделю назад They all sell out because the production is very very low, they make like few hundreds to few thousands of each. In a global market, that's nothing. This has nothing to do with hoarding wealth, it's peanuts
  • LynxAdvert
    LynxAdvert Неделю назад @TheWhiteUbik 20 years ago, McLaren only managed to sell 64 road going F1's. Aston Martin is hoping to build 150 Valkyries at well over double the price accounting for inflation.
  • TheWhiteUbik
    TheWhiteUbik Неделю назад @LynxAdvert It's almost like things have improved in the past 20 years in terms of production capability and quality/quantity of things to put in cars... fascinating
  • LynxAdvert
    LynxAdvert Неделю назад @TheWhiteUbik McLaren was hoping to sell 350 but only managed 64. My point being that these modern multi million pound cars sell out at a much higher rate than 20 years ago. The number of billionaires has more than doubled in the last 10.
  • TheWhiteUbik
    TheWhiteUbik Неделю назад @LynxAdvert You're right about that, but i hope it's in part due to population being more numerous (more millionaires and more middleclass too) and for the other part for an increased taste in exotics :D
  • Harry Lewin
    Harry Lewin Неделю назад Is it me or does the Ferrari f8 have the same wheel as the Ford Fiesta st-3
  • Victor
    Victor Неделю назад Ferrari never made good looking rims. Never ever.
  • camrok construction
    camrok construction Неделю назад Harry Lewin it does
  • tg72201
    tg72201 Неделю назад "The full-on Pista" sounds like. . . fun. . . .
  • Sam Heyes
    Sam Heyes Неделю назад Your making Jeremy Clarkson look stylish pal... sort it out !