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NASTY 530 Horsepower Terminator Cobra Review!

Published on Jul 25, 2014 2,318,181 views

For this video, I do another quick shoot and run review of my friends 530 wheel horsepower Terminator Cobra.This is one of my most requested reviews and just could not say no even for a quick video. It is one of the best sounding cars I have ever heard in my entire life-it's so brutal. Thanks for watching and stay awesome! Social stuff below!

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  • Tessy McGovern
    Tessy McGovern 3 года назад Anyone else agree it is meaner than a hellcat? 
    PANDA MM 3 года назад hell yes I do.
  • Rmaul246
    Rmaul246 3 года назад +TORO Sharpy if ford took that engine and put the same amount of money the hellcat has in and made it better the hellcat would get walked on all day
    PANDA MM 3 года назад @BF4_Legion​ I told my mom I wanted a 1999-2004 mustang for my first car, then she said she wasn't buying a mustang and I asked why, she said because it's a sports car and the insurance would be to high, so all I can do is dream at this point...😧😧😧
  • Rmaul246
    Rmaul246 3 года назад +TORO Sharpy sports car? american muscle. And i have a 2001 and its not that bad. I get better insurance then my moms jeep grand cheroki. If you want cheaper insurance take a driving class and if you driving less then 2 hours a day tell your insurance a big discount
    PANDA MM 3 года назад i thought sports car?? too when she said that, and i plan on taking a driving class, im gonna do anything i can to lower my costs, except not get a 1999-2004 mustang.
  • LJJ r.
    LJJ r. 3 года назад it's a nice looking car but hell no!!!
  • viirusone
    viirusone 3 года назад +Arthur McGovern HAHAHAHA! "hellcat"... Pffftttt
  • viirusone
    viirusone 3 года назад +LJJ r. who's going for nice looking? hellcat is a Cobras lunch.
  • Papi. Chulo
    Papi. Chulo 3 года назад +viirusone Are you on planet Earth? This Cobra would destroy A hellcat
  • nick conner
    nick conner 3 года назад +TORO Sharpy I told the same thing to my parents but they let go though with the whole thing. I wanted a 99 to 04 but ended up with a 98 cobra. if you need some barganing power tell you mom that of she puts the car on her poicy and not yours you will save a ton of money. only cost my parents 650 a year and I just pay them every other month.
  • Jimbo Cee
    Jimbo Cee 3 года назад lmao no
  • me29903
    me29903 3 года назад +TORO Sharpy lol its also like 14000 for a decent one
  • TheBrockOriginal
    TheBrockOriginal 3 года назад +TORO Sharpy my 2000 grand am was higher than my 01 mustang.. but that may be my insurance company.. wish you the best of luck
  • James Smith
    James Smith 3 года назад +me29903 $17k gets you one around 100k miles
  • me29903
    me29903 3 года назад ya thats why i said decent haha if your going to want to do anything to the motor or mod anyway your going to want to get one with the lowest miles you can 
  • viirusone
    viirusone 3 года назад @me29903 or just a new motor swap from summit 
  • me29903
    me29903 3 года назад no one will sell you one even with 150000+ miles on them for under 9000 a new motor would be like 16000 so in the end it would be worth it to just get it with a good motor the 4.6 in those are amazing anyway the only motor better is 5.4 in the cobra.
  • viirusone
    viirusone 3 года назад @me29903 you get what you pay for kid :)
  • me29903
    me29903 3 года назад lol ya that's true but people will try and charge you an arm and a leg for these cars even when they arnt worth it just because it says cobra on it ive bought a 97 and an 03 now every time they want more then there worth then again where im from there hard to come by 
  • Raul Puentes
    Raul Puentes 3 года назад +James Smith Bought mine for $18k with 50k miles. They're very affordable considering how much power you're getting.
  • me29903
    me29903 3 года назад and how much power you can make 
  • Rmaul246
    Rmaul246 3 года назад +me29903 on stock block it can make +1000 hp
  • DQuincy Lee
    DQuincy Lee 3 года назад I agree..
  • Blank Wisdom
    Blank Wisdom 3 года назад +TORO Sharpy Get yourself like a 96 - 98 cobra. I only pay 42 bucks for insurance with my 97 cobra :D
  • !LogiiQ
    !LogiiQ 3 года назад +Arthur McGovern Lmfao, Hellcat has much more power, but I am more of a fan of the stang.
  • me29903
    me29903 3 года назад +!LogiiQ lol its not hard to make as much with a cobra
  • !LogiiQ
    !LogiiQ 3 года назад @me29903 You're right, But still, 700 HP is hard to top.
  • jesus olguin
    jesus olguin 3 года назад +TORO Sharpy what you can do is put the car under your moms name, that way you save on insurance
  • jesus olguin
    jesus olguin 3 года назад +nick conner thats what i did i bought a 13 gt500 and put it all on my dads name so i can save on insurance.
  • me29903
    me29903 3 года назад +!LogiiQ ya but personally i would rather drive a cobra its looks meaner and seems like a funner car to drive i have never personally driven a hellcat but they seem boreing you can go very fast but it seems most there power comes in on the top end
  • Nv Marijuana
    Nv Marijuana 3 года назад +James Smith you dont know shit
  • Cobradriver99
    Cobradriver99 3 года назад +me29903 over 9000!!!!!!
  • Kenny mahr
    Kenny mahr 2 года назад +Boosta Pottomus you must not be on earth even a badass cobra like this wouldn't beat a hellcat. Track time maybe but in a roll race/street race the hellcat with superior tcs and computer nonsense would sadly win hands down. But I would take the cobra all day
  • mark perez
    mark perez 2 года назад Anyone else agree this guy is a idiot ?
  • Joe Ferreri
    Joe Ferreri 2 года назад yes i want one of thesee
  • u666sa
    u666sa 2 года назад hellcat was good until it got nerfed
  • Jeff Horton
    Jeff Horton Год назад yesss
  • George Uriarte
    George Uriarte Год назад Tessy McGovern hell no 😂😂😂😂
  • mag or lag
    mag or lag Год назад me
  • Jose Mosqueda
    Jose Mosqueda Год назад Tessy McGovern yup but shelby gt500 faster then hellcat
  • Matt Myers
    Matt Myers Год назад Yaa
  • Dajon King
    Dajon King Год назад not. chandler hellcat hp is 707 this is 530 hp
  • Max Mason
    Max Mason Год назад Dajon King the weight difference is crazy
  • Mad Driftzz
    Mad Driftzz Год назад Dajon King He's not saying it's faster he's saying it's more aggressive
  • Dajon King
    Dajon King Год назад @Mad Driftzz oh i didnt know what he meant
  • Knox Vitela
    Knox Vitela Год назад Tessy McGovern minus well just bend over for ford while you are at it ! It's a badass car but come on now
  • Gooby Goob
    Gooby Goob Год назад Tessy McGovern I love you for using the correct form of "than."
  • James Spiller
    James Spiller Год назад Tessy McGovern Hell yes!!! 😀
  • Murdered 4.6
    Murdered 4.6 Год назад Tessy McGovern it's easily meaner then fatcat anyday
  • unholy roller
    unholy roller 2 дня назад Meaner? Definitely not meaner than a hellcat
  • lmfscrew
    lmfscrew 2 года назад Here I am. Back watching this video for about the 300th time lol never gets old!
  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 года назад Same
  • Jay Dude
    Jay Dude 2 года назад Yesssss
  • eli sternfels
    eli sternfels 2 года назад Same here.. Best vid on this channel.. Maybe even best on YouTube IMO
  • Jay Dude
    Jay Dude 2 года назад +eli sternfels haha YESSS I even know all the words he says 😂😂😂
  • ethan3w
    ethan3w 2 года назад Same lol
  • Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified
    Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified 2 года назад same....
  • skid Lover
    skid Lover 2 года назад ikr
  • Peter Suriner
    Peter Suriner 2 года назад dad will come in and he's like terminator again?.. Im going on like 800th time watching this
  • Unknown
    Unknown 2 года назад lolololol
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад lmfscrew it's the personification of Darth Vader in a car!
  • Ivan Evgeniev
    Ivan Evgeniev 2 года назад Me two.This video made me fall in love with 03-04 Cobra.Real mean car.
  • Mach1Myshtsa
    Mach1Myshtsa 2 года назад yeah same....XD
  • Mo'men Tawileh
    Mo'men Tawileh 2 года назад Same here ✋
  • itsblanko
    itsblanko 2 года назад Same :)
  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 2 года назад Omg same!!!
  • Blazed UPP
    Blazed UPP 2 года назад lmfscrew same
  • smokeymcpot210
    smokeymcpot210 Год назад no shit right? haha. i pretty much smile thru this whole video. hopefully i can own one eventually
  • Melissa Stephens
    Melissa Stephens Год назад smokeymcpot210 w
  • 1red_6
    1red_6 Год назад lmfscrew Same.
  • Hillbill549
    Hillbill549 Год назад omg im not the only one???
  • Simmy Sim
    Simmy Sim Год назад lmfscrew u need to think about getting a life u bitch
  • Cruz96 Productions
    Cruz96 Productions 10 месяцев назад lmfscrew th is has to be the most rewatched vid ever made!! My 1000th time watching this friggin vid🤣
  • Art Part
    Art Part 9 месяцев назад lmfscrew I've seen this video WAY too many times but I still like it.
  • Doug Parker
    Doug Parker 9 месяцев назад lmfscrew yes I agree
  • convex
    convex 8 месяцев назад I have a term mustang for sale for 2495
  • Dna Drewzy
    Dna Drewzy 4 месяца назад Same
  • Jon Roberts
    Jon Roberts 3 месяца назад lmfscrew. Me and you both. Ive been looking at buying one, ported blower ok, think he could get even more if the heads were ported too. Probably pushing close to the 600 range still mostly stock.
  • AeroFox87
    AeroFox87 1 месяц назад Still watching it.
  • Benjamin Moore
    Benjamin Moore 3 года назад I swear to god I thought that white truck was about to crash into my dude at 5:25 hahaha
  • CALIBER 50
    CALIBER 50 3 года назад I had a mini heart attack seeing that😂
  • Jayson Clark
    Jayson Clark 3 года назад every time I watch this I think the same thing
  • META 19991
    META 19991 2 года назад yeah same, I was RIP lol
  • HexagramMan
    HexagramMan 2 месяца назад White truck should have moved over...
  • anon
    anon 3 года назад problem with fast cars. you can only pull hard for a gear or two. then you are over speed limit.
  • godgiven
    godgiven 3 года назад thats what radar detectors are for :)
  • anon
    anon 3 года назад v1 ftw! saved me countless times
  • JayCanTreAllDay
    JayCanTreAllDay 3 года назад Like a cop is gonna catch up to a 530hp vehicle when the highest they have is like 285/305hp
  • godgiven
    godgiven 3 года назад @JayCanTreAllDay the average cop car is under 285hp for sure, but they dont need to be fast enough, they have radio's
  • Lui Martine
    Lui Martine 3 года назад @anon Smiles per gallon. :)
  • Lui Martine
    Lui Martine 3 года назад @Lui Martine Or in my case insane screaming.
  • Jacoby 1911
    Jacoby 1911 3 года назад The tricky part of running from cops isn't escaping the cruiser it's keeping them from seeing the plates and avoiding the cop ahead of you that just got radio warning of your stupidity. By far the best method of running is with a sport bike. Something with 600 cc or higher.
  • Black Glokage
    Black Glokage 3 года назад +Ian Jacob Can't out run a helicopter sadly
  • Jamie Perna
    Jamie Perna 2 года назад (изменено) What? Wheel horse power I will give you under 300, but the Ford Police Interceptor Twin Turbo V6 is 365 and the Hemi Charger is 370...  0-60 times under 6 sec. but yeah still not catching those cars. Just don't make a mistake, this isn't GTA or NFS. HAHA! The Crown Vics with a 4.6 were 250...
  • Greenespirit
    Greenespirit Год назад JayCanTreAllDay they have like 280 in a 4k pound boat lol
  • waterloo123100
    waterloo123100 8 месяцев назад Jamie except they still prefer the crown Vic over the intercepter any day of the week.
  • Jordan Price
    Jordan Price 4 месяца назад Plus I have think they also are limited on how their top speed is if I remember correctly..
  • Matthew Cox
    Matthew Cox 3 месяца назад My town has Coyote cops.
  • bernaed godspeed
    bernaed godspeed 5 дней назад You can adjust the limiter to any speed you can handle.. grow a pare and feel alive..
  • Bucking Blue Horse
    Bucking Blue Horse 3 года назад At 6:30 is when everyone melts with the eargasm of America
  • The exploitation of Retro Rob
    The exploitation of Retro Rob 3 года назад lol great comment
  • ScaleneMass27 YT
  • Clayton Alspaugh
    Clayton Alspaugh 1 месяц назад Bucking Blue Horse 7:55 is better!💪🏼❤️
  • AJ632
    AJ632 3 года назад I think those look pretty badass, they look sooo much better then the camaros of the time
  • Garret
    Garret 3 года назад Wtf? Did u just say the camaros of the time!!?!? Lmao no such thing as a 2004 camaro buddy...
  • AJ632
    AJ632 3 года назад +Rockinsweetly yeah I thought of that after I posted, but like the ones form the late 90s when that similar mustang body was out
  • Quinton Hall
    Quinton Hall 3 года назад +Ryan Seriously use your head, he thought it was an SN95 body. Regardless, 95-04 are sexier than the 90's camaros
  • ainslyreynolds
    ainslyreynolds 2 года назад +AJ632 I completely agree. I don't think Camaros have looked good since 1969
  • Quinton Hall
    Quinton Hall 2 года назад @ainslyreynolds hahaha yup
  • Slimzo
    Slimzo 2 года назад thank you I hate camaro fans
  • sxbvy tt
    sxbvy tt 2 года назад Garret then what was out in 2004 lol? idek myself.
  • Lukas Vaughn
    Lukas Vaughn Год назад kyuubikenji ゲーマー Nothing. Camaro production stopped in 02 and didn't come back until 2010
  • Squid_Garage
    Squid_Garage Год назад AJ632 alex is it you 😂
  • Mr. 5.7 R/T
    Mr. 5.7 R/T 10 месяцев назад AJ632 X
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад I bought a terminator because of this video. One of the best and worst choices of my life so far. Not a reliable car at all lol
  • TheGlowingPiston
    TheGlowingPiston 2 года назад lol how's the car been for you so far? what made it the worst choice?
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @-BuiltNotBrought Type R- it's been awesome. what made this the worst choice is that this car is in fact not a daily driver. i've had a bunch of shit break, like o rings on the injectors, battery, alternator, and i've had the hardest time getting it to pass emissions so be sure you live somewhere where you don't have to get emissions testing. i don't feel comfortable in this car. i feel like it is always going to break or shut down or something. but other than that, it's an awesome car. i've gotten so many compliments on it. still way better than the auto v6 i had before this lol
  • 1-UP
    1-UP 2 года назад That's odd? My buddy had his for 4 years and no problem except for the mass air flow senor that needed to be replaced.
  • Helljumper
    Helljumper 2 года назад +OPG Koyote Probably the guy before you pushed that car hard bro.
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @??? yeah this car was, what i'm thinking, a turbo car before i got it. it has an aeromotive fuel system, live axle, and then shorty headers are a giveaway
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @Lala_C yeah this car was, what i'm thinking, a turbo car before i got it. it has an aeromotive fuel system, live axle, and then shorty headers are a giveaway
  • 1-UP
    1-UP 2 года назад @OPG Koyote Do you still have those upgrades for it? I'm running a 94 V6 and my goal is to make it run V8's for their money.
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @??? yes it's got full bolt ons, fuel system, live axle. i'm not touching anything because i'll need it in the future and there's no point in replacing what doesn't need to be fixed
  • Eddie Lombera
    Eddie Lombera 2 года назад +??? A 94 v6 will be very expensive to beat a v8
  • 1-UP
    1-UP 2 года назад +Eddie Lombera there's a guy with a V6 mustang that outran a 1000hp 2013 skyline gtr
  • Eddie Lombera
    Eddie Lombera 2 года назад +??? Link
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @Eddie Lombera i think he's talking about the LPF V6 turbo build that beat the 720HP R35. it's on 1320Video
  • 1-UP
    1-UP 2 года назад +OPG Koyote yup that's the video I'm talking about and there is another one too.
  • AirgunnerCA
    AirgunnerCA 2 года назад +??? That wasn't a 90s v6... The new ones are something else
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @AirgunnerCA yeah they can take a lot. that motor in theirs is definitely on their last legs if it hasn't blown already
  • TheGlowingPiston
    TheGlowingPiston 2 года назад @OPG Koyote wow, you can actually make a shit ton of power and you get the iron block, how much was the car when you picked it up? I know thier not the most reliable it's like living with a supercar thanks for giving me backround lol. 
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @-BuiltNotBrought Type R- lol yeah the motor is good for 800+hp, the block is good for 1000+hp...i got mine with 13,700 miles with bolt ons, fuel system, and live axle for $27,000 in May.
  • KLX_Gaming
    KLX_Gaming 2 года назад SO its for sale now to me right? since its such a pain in your ass and any termi is my baby I'll kindly take that beeauty off your hands free of charge how does that sound? lmao jk man cherish that thing no matter what I want one so badly and I'm only 16 :( Going to get one tho noone will stop me hahaha
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @KLX_Gaming lol that's awesome man. Yeah I will say save up before you buy because shit will break if it's not broken already. No matter how well of a condition, no matter how many miles. Things will sneak up and randomly break on you. But you will be the baddest kid in school without a doubt. You'll crush all the douche bags with their Camaro SS's and 2007-2008 Mustang GT's ;)
  • KLX_Gaming
    KLX_Gaming 2 года назад I dunno hard work pays off I could do it fuck it. drift out of senior year like WHIPPLE BABY lmao
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад hell yeah man. I'll tell you what there's no better feeling than putting this bitch in second gear and hearing that blower whine and snapping people's necks as that boost gauge shoots up out of the corner of your eye. I'd try to get one with the Eaton blower first though. I don't know what cars you've driven before but 600+whp especially with this car as your first car would be a trip
  • KLX_Gaming
    KLX_Gaming 2 года назад (изменено) @OPG Koyote I wish I've driven anything over 500 horse lol my cousin own a red 99 acr that he let me do a couple donuts in but thats it other than my moms pt cruiser lmao. Cant wait for the blower whine no matter what blower. VMP Ported Eaton anything with whine is good for me lol
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад lol that's what's up man
  • john smith
    john smith 2 года назад Wow I'm thinking of getting an 03-04 cobra but your experience is scaring me off from that now lol. How much have you had to put into it from braking down\fixing parts?
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад (изменено) @john smith well i had to pass emissions, so i had to spend $550 on a midpipe, $400 on a tune, $350 on a dyno tune, then for repairs, about $1200 on a new alternator, battery, and an o-ring exploding on a fuel injector. DO NOT let my experience keep you from buying one. These cars are 12-13 years old, and are going to have issues. It's honestly just a bit of a crap shoot. It also has to do with what mods are on the car already. But in the end it has been totally worth it. I get so many looks and compliments on it all the time, and I can't stop staring at it. It's super fun to drive, and I love how it sounds when it rolls down the street. I would still highly recommend getting one. If you are interested in one, or if you are interested in an Evo or STi, I would look up Xtreme Motorwers in Villa Park, IL. Tell them James Salmon said to call and ask if they have any terminators or what they have for sale. Not trying to promote business, but after a few months of a depleting bank account, I am a satisfied customer.
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @-BuiltNotBrought Type R- I got it for 27k, which seems a bit expensive but it came with all bolt ons, a built live axle, and a fuel system so i can run E85 in it when i want. the car had 13.5k miles on it when i got it, and it's a 10A coupe so the interior is really nice. definitely look into getting one at some point in your life, and I plan on having this one forever
  • KLX_Gaming
    KLX_Gaming 2 года назад @OPG Koyote Im confused, there are different types of cobras instead of just the coupe and hardtop? and paint of course but if there different versions of cobras too?
  • TheGlowingPiston
    TheGlowingPiston 2 года назад @OPG Koyote i will bro.. Thanks for the inspiration 
  • powerviking
    powerviking 2 года назад I've been daily driving my 04 for 7 years now. Its just as daily-able as my wife's corolla in my experience.
  • Joeybabbs .BABBS
    Joeybabbs .BABBS 2 года назад its a pos... trust me..i have had several...
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @Joeybabbs .BABBS lol yeah but the problems are worth it. what issues did you have with them? and how many have you owned?
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад @Ramesses II It depends on how I drive it. I mean like David said you actually do get pretty decent gas mileage; I fill it up about once a week if that and I drive it almost every day. If I baby it around, it does alright. It does have an aftermarket fuel system back to front, but it does alright still
  • theBenski27
    theBenski27 2 года назад build on monday we say
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад for sure bro
  • SC457A
    SC457A 2 года назад sorry to hear that.
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote 2 года назад still a really fun car. replaced the intercooler pump on it last night and it was a shit show after that. i let my buddy drive and he got pulled over going 18 over but the cop knew what a terminator was so he let my friend off and we revved the engine for him and shit it was awesome
  • Joe Estrada
    Joe Estrada Год назад +OPG Koyote what is insurance like ?
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote Год назад insurance isn't too bad. i can't remember off the top of my head specifically what the payment is but it's not terrible surprisingly. i thought it would be through the roof but when your insurance company doesn't know that you have over 500hp it keeps the rates down
  • Joe Estrada
    Joe Estrada Год назад +OPG Koyote how much are your oil changes ? And basically cost to own . If you don't mind
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote Год назад They're just like any other oil change you just gotta pay for the oil and a motorcraft filter. not expensive at all. then you just have your supercharger oil you have to change which i'll probably be doing here soon
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote Год назад so cost of owning isn't too bad it's really just like owning another mustang but since it is older i would have money saved aside in case something happens. these cars are such a crap shoot. some of them have quite a few issues, some have no issues at all. but it's not too terrible to the point where i want or need to get rid of it
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote Год назад oh fuck yeah man. i got borla stingers waiting in my trunk to be put in. i got a solid live axle swap, driveshaft, trans work, fuel system, all that stuff. porting the blower hopefully too we'll see
  • Jacob Cash
    Jacob Cash Год назад OPG Koyote what have you had go wrong?
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Год назад OPG Koyote mustangs are garbage lol. Should have went boosted Civic.
  • OPG Koyote
    OPG Koyote Год назад alternator, battery, o ring on a fuel injector went bad, just common problems nothing major
  • St. Beter
    St. Beter Год назад Clorox Bleach Nah stfu fuck hondas.
  • OVO XO
    OVO XO Год назад OPG Koyote so is it worth it? I was thinking about trading my 96 Gt for an 03 cobra. The only problem I have with mine every so often is my radiator either leaking or I bust a hose, but that's if I'm pushing hella hard constantly on a daily basis which I don't, and even then it only happens every couple months. But if I just drive it regularly I don't really have a problem with it
  • PJ Morrison
    PJ Morrison Год назад I did the exact same thing lol, but mine has been pretty reliable. It's actually what my channel revolves around. You can check it out if you'd like
  • Tits Magee
    Tits Magee Год назад OPG Koyote nothing but reliable with mine
  • 505 enthusiast
    505 enthusiast 11 месяцев назад OPG Koyote you might of got a neglected one
  • 505 enthusiast
    505 enthusiast 11 месяцев назад Gerard injectors isnt normal wear. But alternator and batteries Arent a big deal. Would expect to do maintenance, especially older cars
  • David Klimmek
    David Klimmek 9 месяцев назад OPG Koyote ur wasn't always check a used car well. Any car.
  • gamersetc.
    gamersetc. 6 месяцев назад OPG Koyote coming back to this post as I just caught notice of these cars again, I’m about to turn 19 and just got hired at my campus to work at the disability service center, so I’m gonna be making pretty good money, but I still am about a year or so out on getting one is it worth it ? It would be my daily driver and these things sound mean as hell to drive truly a special car. My question is I’ve never driven stick before, but I really want manual car I’ve heard these are quite punishing tho is it too much for a daily driver ? How’s the reliability of I get a plain stock one ? Thanks man
  • Germ .Fish
    Germ .Fish 5 месяцев назад It's a Ford, they always break.
  • nchondakid
    nchondakid 3 года назад I litterally get goosebumps when I look at that car
  • GT 350R
    GT 350R 3 года назад Me too man every time I see one I'm like a kid again with my new toy. My dream car, one day.
  • ztm454
    ztm454 2 года назад +DBZ Series im currently trying to get a black on black one financed fingers crossed
  • He whose name should not be said
    He whose name should not be said 2 года назад +ztm454 did you get it bro?
  • Israel Jimenez
    Israel Jimenez Год назад Man we need another terminator video
  • Eric Rocha
    Eric Rocha Год назад Israel Jimenez fr man asap lol
  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 10 месяцев назад He already made another one :) . It’s a 700HP Whippled Cobra.
  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧
    𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐑𝐞𝐝𝐑𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 3 года назад (изменено) Terminator flybys are the best. Seeing one coming up on you, at first all you hear is blower whine, then followed by that split second where it passes with both whine and exhaust coming together, then finally ending with a screaming tyrannosaurus rex.
  • DVJFan
    DVJFan 2 недели назад My Cobra does not have a blower whine
  • michael44drums
    michael44drums 3 года назад Did anyone else think he was gonna get hit at 5:23 ? Looked like a REALLY close call lol
  • Squirles G
    Squirles G 3 года назад Could you imagine how famous he would of gotten
  • Horse From Hell
    Horse From Hell 3 года назад It only looked like that because he was merging onto the highway...
  • AYOuBiiz
    AYOuBiiz Год назад I saw that i was high too
  • Joe Sully
    Joe Sully 11 месяцев назад Yeahh😂😂, he didnt see that guy when he was driving on the highway, couldve gotten hit baddd
  • Frederick Alston
    Frederick Alston 8 месяцев назад Me too🤣
  • Dna Drewzy
    Dna Drewzy 2 месяца назад Makes me nut everytime who’s watching in 2019?
  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 4 года назад Oh.My.LAWD does this car sound good. Thanks for watching!
  • boostingsideways
    boostingsideways 4 года назад Great vid David. Can I ask where/how you get the music you use in these videos? I have a hard time finding music thats allowed on youtube!
  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 4 года назад I have actually entire days dedicated to hunting for new music in my schedule during the week. So it is very hard. Mostly Royalty free music channels here on youtube.
  • boostingsideways
    boostingsideways 4 года назад Ok so its not just me. Ha. Keep it up man! Thanks
  • Amanda Jones
    Amanda Jones 4 года назад holy CRAP I love Pegboard Nerds!!! Awesome song choice :3
  • Dr. Bananable Lector
    Dr. Bananable Lector 4 года назад My favorite review of my favorite car, thank you blue... thank you \()/ 
  • Liam Grant
    Liam Grant 4 года назад Thats about all it does well.
  • Orshoski
    Orshoski 4 года назад Realistic dream car, that car is perfect!
  • Windex
    Windex 4 года назад Sounds like any other muscle car.
  • Paul L
    Paul L 4 года назад I'm sure it sounds way better than your civic buddy
  • STI555
    STI555 4 года назад Ooo burn...
  • Windex
    Windex 4 года назад @Paul L lol good one bro
  • powerviking
    powerviking 4 года назад All civics sound like trash. A slow piece of trash... that gets bashed on by literally every other group of enthusiasts.
  • Windex
    Windex 4 года назад @powerviking I know
  • Windex
    Windex 4 года назад I didn't even say it sounded bad so I don't know why y'all getting all offensive.
  • Paul L
    Paul L 4 года назад I'm just saying lol
  • Hless421
    Hless421 4 года назад (изменено) @JDMNATION_VTEC Says the JDM VTEC import guy. You always know it's a mustang just by the sound. I'm not trying to talk shit like that other dude. If one thing is certain, Mustangs do not sound just like any other muscle car. I don't see why people get mad, I laughed when I read that.
  • Milos Moravac
    Milos Moravac 4 года назад You should have found a tunnel In that monster you would deaf for the rest of your life!!! LOL
  • multipimpin24
    multipimpin24 4 года назад @powerviking Don't talk about civics bro cause us jdm enthusiast can say the same thing about mustang fans, like when a lot of muscle cars pass by it sounds like a big ass fart. Not tryna start cause I love muscle cars to
  • multipimpin24
    multipimpin24 4 года назад Hey David what video recorder do you use to record videos of the cars you review
  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 4 года назад Here's everything- How to Make an Awesome Car Video!
  • Brannon Barakat
    Brannon Barakat 4 года назад Yes!! I have been waiting for u to review a terminator cobra. This is by far my favorite mustang from ford and this is beautiful. Thanks David.
  • Jared Webber
    Jared Webber 4 года назад @Brannon Barakat you probably get this all the time but ate you related to jack barakat from all time low?
  • powerviking
    powerviking 4 года назад @multipimpin24 I also am a JDM enthusiast, my current J car of choice is a Evo VIII sounds like beast-mode sex on wheels... Honda drivers always be mad hating on me in that thing. More so than in either of my mustangs. 
  • SharkBait_
    SharkBait_ 4 года назад Do a BMW M-series next
  • multipimpin24
    multipimpin24 4 года назад @powerviking I feel you bro there's a lot of ricers that think their cars are the shit, and their cars are mainly civics aha, I have a 1999 Honda crv with a k24 swap and also sounds amazing and I get hated on by the ricers to trust aha
  • Krysco51
    Krysco51 4 года назад @teemov2 Even if they did/do, they sound like a wet fart while this cobra sounds like a beast. Ill take the beast, you can pass me with your fart cannons lol.
  • ThatVguy
    ThatVguy 4 года назад That guy in the truck was dreaming way to hard lol but he can dream.
  • STI555
    STI555 4 года назад Too many ppl on that STI and EVO wave...
  • Brannon Barakat
    Brannon Barakat 4 года назад @Jared Webber haha no not that i know of lol
  • Jared Webber
    Jared Webber 4 года назад hahaha ok just thought i'd ask
  • DwhNeo
    DwhNeo 4 года назад @powerviking idk why people hate on you there's as boatload of evo's and sti's on an everyday basis. BTW  this is coming from someone who is building a 89 CRX Si.
  • STI555
    STI555 4 года назад (изменено) @DwhNeo Honda's usually get a lot of hate too. Just saying.
  • multipimpin24
    multipimpin24 4 года назад @Tim Cocksmouth that's true
  • staytrue2u
    staytrue2u 4 года назад That's it. I'm swapping my flowmaster for borla
  • Hennessey Viper Venom
    Hennessey Viper Venom 4 года назад the tag says NC that's cool I was born and raised there in charlotte so Im a fan of NASCAR