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Volkswagen Golf R vs Golf GTI Performance 2018 review | Head2Head

Published on Apr 15, 2017 1,353,845 views

Volkswagen has just updated the Golf R with a few design tweaks, an increase in power to 310hp and a raft of new performance options. However, it's also upgraded the GTI Performance pack too so that now has 245hp. The price difference between the two is a little over £3,000. So is it worth upgrading to the R or is the GTI Performance all the hot hatch you could ever need? I test both cars, time their 0-60mph times, check their in gear acceleration and generally have a blast trying to find out...

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  • bear grylls
    bear grylls 2 года назад the golf is faster but the golf is better looking so its the golf for me
  • Feelsqtpman
    Feelsqtpman 2 года назад bear grylls i dont agree, I prefer the golf
  • bear grylls
    bear grylls 2 года назад Terrible Television people are deluded obviously the golf is a way better car
  • MatWatsonCars
    MatWatsonCars 2 года назад I agree, but I prefer the Golf than the Golf. It's just better at being a Golf. Though the Golf is still a good Golf. Either way - Golf.
  • Rohan W
    Rohan W 2 года назад You lot are all wrong, why would you take the golf when you can have the GOLF or the G.O.L.F. In all seriousness though I would have the GOLF.
  • Emyr Ilhan
    Emyr Ilhan 2 года назад guys stop fighting, obviously the golf is better than the golf ok
  • KoS
    KoS 2 года назад you sound like a golf going to a golf who has come back from a golf. but the question of whether the golf is the golf you want will have to depend on the golf really..
    DUNTEE 2 года назад The golf has more bhp than the golf but the golf has more torque.
  • Rohan W
    Rohan W 2 года назад Are you sure as I thought the Golf had more torque but the golf had more bhp
  • bear grylls
    bear grylls 2 года назад well hands up whoever thinks that the golf is better (me too)
  • Eli Shur
    Eli Shur 2 года назад Dude, you understand that people would prefer the golf just because of it's fancier badge don't you?
  • Big Chris
    Big Chris 2 года назад That extra line in the bumper does it for me - golf wins!
  • KoS
    KoS 2 года назад fuckn'ell Eli!!
  • bear grylls
    bear grylls 2 года назад obviously the golf is better
  • Chance
    Chance 2 года назад The Golf is for real men. Whereas the Golf is for homosexuals.
  • S K
    S K 2 года назад I prefer the Golf especially when I get a hole in one .
  • K Uddin
    K Uddin 2 года назад Dont listen to these Golf fanboys, the Golf is clearly the better car
  • bongmist
    bongmist 2 года назад Tough choice, so I decided to pick the german car.
  • Karl P
    Karl P 2 года назад I totally disagree, I'm going for the Golf
  • Karl P
    Karl P 2 года назад But, thinking outside of the box for a minute, have you considered the Golf?
  • Royalty T
    Royalty T 2 года назад bear grylls lol
  • Rohan W
    Rohan W 2 года назад While you lot are deciding on the Volkswagen Golf, Ill have the VW one
  • Karl P
    Karl P 2 года назад I'ave ad a wolswagen for fotty years 'an I'm never doing to 'ave another one yet, not in my life time. My Deira took me the shops other day and I saw the Golf.. I nearly had a a hat attack. The kind lad took me for a ride and I did have a hat attack
  • NubletPie278
    NubletPie278 2 года назад I would personally say Tennis is much better
  • Milind Dixit
    Milind Dixit 2 года назад I considered the Golf, but upgraded and got a Golf in the end. It was a wise choice because I a test drove a Golf and hated it.
  • Gary Willis
    Gary Willis 2 года назад The golf is faster, but the golf is better looking so I bought the polo.
  • Dean Roberts
    Dean Roberts 2 года назад bear grylls I like golf but prefer football so it's rugby for me!
  • StreetBanter UK
    StreetBanter UK Год назад bear grylls mhm i really like the curves in the golf it repersents the curvality of mutarity with that being said the golf is not in my standards this time ...... i choose the golf as it is more fuel econimal than the horrible boring golf
  • João Soares
    João Soares Год назад And what about the Golf?
  • ReneVaeli
    ReneVaeli Год назад (изменено) is the golf best for golf though? say you are a golfer, would you consider a golf for golf or rather a golf?
  • MaD SaM
    MaD SaM Год назад Stop arguing I'ld rather go in golf to play golf
  • Attwell9
    Attwell9 Год назад its named after gulf wind not the sport
  • ReneVaeli
    ReneVaeli Год назад the golf's interior is waaay nicer, no arguing there
  • Andrew D
    Andrew D Год назад Attwell9 yeah and the polo is named after the mint not the sport.
  • George Joiner
    George Joiner Год назад Just buy a rabbit
  • JFF AutoMotor
    JFF AutoMotor Год назад check also my channel for the video of this car Golf R 2017
  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams Год назад bear grylls I knew the golf would be the better choice
  • Gavin Kapp Osborne
    Gavin Kapp Osborne Год назад Defently the Golf, you get so much more inside the cabin, and with the Golf you can choose what colour
  • Rohit Pathak
    Rohit Pathak Год назад I think I prefer the golf too as it looks much better than the golf.
  • Brain WatHCer
    Brain WatHCer Год назад HAHAHA
  • Suraj Boro
    Suraj Boro Год назад bear grylls nope, I'm not going to be swayed by your suggestions. I'm picking the golf, that's final. Not the golf, but the golf.
  • boi
    boi Год назад Man actually so many people loves the golf
  • Manny Echaluce
    Manny Echaluce Год назад wrong the Golf is way better than the Golf, the only thing that will beat it is a Golf
  • Shadow 144
    Shadow 144 Год назад U guys are all GOLF fanboys... I prefere the golf
  • Tony Cable Phobia Ferguson
    Tony Cable Phobia Ferguson Год назад The Golf is a bit underrated, but thats why i love it, so its easily the golf for me.
  • David Hill
    David Hill Год назад I like the volkswagen more than the golf
  • THEw5000
    THEw5000 Год назад Yes the golf is so much better than the golf I mean why would you want a golf when you can get a golf? I would choose the golf over the golf any day just for the golf performance. Golf performance is way better than the golf's. Good job golf.
  • Ryan Earnest
    Ryan Earnest Год назад (изменено) What the golf?! 1.2k likes! This is why I love the golf.
  • Sotto
    Sotto Год назад Golf
  • The Beast Cars
    The Beast Cars Год назад bear grylls That doesn’t make sense
  • fred may
    fred may Год назад Personally I would buy a Golf as opposed to these two cars.
  • seavixen125
    seavixen125 Год назад I'm surprised how much faster the golf is compared to the golf. But I think I'd rather have a sti
  • fred may
    fred may Год назад Attwell9 - Then why do VW put a golf ball looking thingy on top of the gearstick. Suppose Polo is a wind as well.
  • AliE
    AliE 11 месяцев назад As jeremy clarkson said. If you want a vw golf. Dont buy a vw golf. Buy a audi s3
  • pete nieminen
    pete nieminen 10 месяцев назад bear grylls no the golf is faster than golf
  • Reality Flow
    Reality Flow 9 месяцев назад I just wanna say. You funny barstuds. But yh I'd also get the golf. The GOLF seems tooo golfy for me.
  • ___.haris .___
    ___.haris .___ 9 месяцев назад I'm so fucking confused with all these comments 🤔😰😂
  • Supreme
    Supreme 6 месяцев назад You idiot are you blind? Obviously the Golf is better than the Golf, although I do admit that the Golf looks nicer but I think the Golf is more practical so I will go for the Golf.
  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven 6 месяцев назад It's just as well that a VW Gol wasn't in this comparison. Then you'd all have serious difficulty choosing. (Yeah, the VW Gol is a real thing, since 1980. Look it up.)
  • GQ 2611
    GQ 2611 6 месяцев назад The comments here are 👌😂👍
  • phresh
    phresh 3 месяца назад i see
  • Disturbing User
    Disturbing User 3 месяца назад Peugeot 308 GTI look better
  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 3 месяца назад I once got raped by a golf so I'd never buy one. But I have fucked a few golfs in my time so I'd definitely go the golf
  • Dylan Hagsauce
    Dylan Hagsauce 2 месяца назад I am really glad I read the whole comment section before i add jokes you guys got this covered ahaha.
  • Mr Azza
    Mr Azza 1 месяц назад Fucccck, I’ve read the word “golf” so many times that my golf is starting to look weird
  • YesLad123
    YesLad123 1 месяц назад Are you ok? I don’t think you are because the golf is just way better
    I BROKEMYOWNHEART 2 недели назад Looks are everything
  • Mark Nagy
    Mark Nagy 2 года назад Had the 2015 GTI, enjoyed it immensely. It was in for service and my sales guy offered the R for a test drive while I waited. Needless to say, I now have 2016 R in the driveway. Couldn't be happier - best car I've ever owed. It just puts a smile on my face every time I start the engine. It has all the practicalness of a GTI, but that engine, exhaust and drivetrain puts it over the top. Great review Matt. Being an owner of both cars, you didn't miss a thing in your comparison.
  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 года назад Just ordered mine, can't wait to pick it up!
  • Peter benn pan
    Peter benn pan 2 года назад Mark Nagy plus you can have lots of fun in the snow 😎
  • TechFromHeaven
    TechFromHeaven 2 года назад Mark Nagy the gti and r have the same engine, just a different turbo
  • Del Boca Vista
    Del Boca Vista Год назад hey Mark - Is the R just about as comfortable for daily driving or is it alot stiffer? the jerks at the nearby VW wont let me test drive an R.
  • Mark Nagy
    Mark Nagy Год назад Del Boca Vista My R is a great daily driver - no issues with stiffness. I didn't get the DSG, but it's not a problem for me, even in Toronto rush hour traffic. Only complaints, no sunroof and not a fan of auto hold feature.
  • Del Boca Vista
    Del Boca Vista Год назад ohhhhh no sunroof. Damn!
  • Oggy Oggy
    Oggy Oggy Год назад Mark Nagy A manual R. Nice choice. I think I'm gonna get the 7.5.
  • acchaladka
    acchaladka Год назад Mark Nagy Can you say more about why you went with the manual? I’m in Montréal and have similar questions, about to order mine even though I don’t love the darkness inside. Wondering how I could brighten up the interior and about DSG vs manual. Mostly highway driving for me and I usually prefer manual but this car seems better suited to DSG.
  • Gabriel Flores
    Gabriel Flores Год назад Mark Nagy Try an M240i.
  • Ernie Flannel
    Ernie Flannel Год назад (изменено) Mark Nagy The sales guy offered a test in the R model while you waited? Did he suspect you weren't happy with the GTi or was he just a pushy salesman? Not sure id appreciate being hounded in a dealership like that when ive only gone in for a service. Cheeky of them to suggest you buy another, and I understand you were able to do so but it makes it sound like they are only interested in making money. From experience, I find dealers very friendly but its all false, they don't really care about the customers unless they think you will go back and trade it in for another new car. The customer has the upper hand, and best thing to do is buy a good new car and keep it long term. Im waiting for Audi to get in touch in 6 months to see if I want another. No, I do about 5000 miles a year, my car will last me a long time. It well pisses them off :D
  • LEXUS-RX300
    LEXUS-RX300 11 месяцев назад Ernie Flannel business 101
  • el daddy
    el daddy 5 месяцев назад Too sad that the focus rs smokes the golf r
  • Tom Davies
    Tom Davies 2 недели назад @el daddy LOL no it doesn't
  • el daddy
    el daddy Неделю назад @Tom Davies yes you're right
  • Marc Savic
    Marc Savic 2 года назад I find living with the R on a daily basis so easy. Weekday commute to work is easy...comfort mode on and you just sit back and relax. Room for 2 kids in the back, in baby seats. On the weekend, put it in race mode and the beast comes alive. It's a great compromise this car.
  • Got memes?
    Got memes? 2 года назад 0:55 they have more swirl marks than my 5 year old mk6 with 117000 kilometers
  • Reon Storm
    Reon Storm 2 года назад I Thought i was the only one who saw that! Really annoying if you buy a new car with a horrible paint finish.Honestly most people would'nt notice.
  • Jan Havlík
    Jan Havlík 2 года назад I suppose this is a testing car for journalists. They do not care about scratches, just go through a car-wash so the car is clean...
  • Nig BKD
    Nig BKD 2 года назад ILLUMINATUS i noticed that too haha
  • freibier
    freibier 2 года назад Yep, the cars for journalists have a rough life, so it is no wonder the paint looks somewhat abused. The cars get abused on track, in the case of the R someone maybe even thought "let's see what the 4WD can do on an unpaved road" and afterwards the cars just get a quick car wash treatment. I do not think VW will bother to give the cars the full polish/wax treatment before every review.
  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd 2 года назад 11000921 Bournville College Her panties are under my bed
  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd 2 года назад 11000921 Bournville College shall I send them to you
  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd 2 года назад 11000921 Bournville College how old are you boy?
  • martinnmartin
    martinnmartin 2 года назад ILLUMINATUS how are they caused?
  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd 2 года назад 11000921 Bournville College If you don't mind, I am under the sun bed getting brown, sit down and wait your turn boy
  • Owen Ltd
    Owen Ltd 2 года назад 11000921 Bournville College where shall I send these panties...what address
  • Nig BKD
    Nig BKD 2 года назад fuck Bourneville college and fuck Owen ltd.
  • jtkent28
    jtkent28 2 года назад [TECHNOLOGIC] I saw that also.. who's detailing these cars??
  • valleysofneptune
    valleysofneptune Год назад Probably washed at the local wash n scratch car wash
  • PJ Rice
    PJ Rice Год назад I think its gotta be a very cheap finish to be that swirly as a test car- wow!
  • WeekEnd133
    WeekEnd133 Год назад Dude, I have a 2017 GTI, and my #1 complaint about the car is that I get swirl marks so easily on the paint. Such a crappy paint job by VW!
  • Nig BKD
    Nig BKD Год назад WeekEnd133 search "2 bucket method" on youtube
  • WeekEnd133
    WeekEnd133 Год назад (изменено) Nig BKD I already do that. I detail cars on the side. It's not the way I'm washing the car, or the materials I use. The cars paint is junk! I can literally make a swirl mark just by rubbing my finger on the paint, with little to no force applied. It's horrible paint. I've never thought about wrapping my cars until I got this car.
  • Manc780
    Manc780 Год назад As a car valeter/detailer I noticed the swirls straight away. I put it down to them being press cars that get thrashed about in all conditions on a regular basis and then quickly washed (probably through a drive through car wash) before they go to the next person.
  • Gowtham Oleti
    Gowtham Oleti 2 года назад Golf GTI because Jeremy Clarkson drives it as a daily driver.
  • Mrdjan Jozic
    Mrdjan Jozic 2 года назад Gowtham Oleti LoL😂
  • Gustavo Monteiro
    Gustavo Monteiro 2 года назад Gowtham Oleti seriously ?
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 года назад Gowtham Oleti hahaha hell yeah! You won comment of the day for me
  • Cory D
    Cory D 2 года назад agreed
  • Tom Norton
    Tom Norton 2 года назад I'll become obese and smoke 40 cigarettes a day if we're using that logic
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 года назад Tom Norton that is not a good logic. Jeremy has been into car journalism for over 3 decades. He knows what a good car is. And he knows what a bad car is. As a daily driver, he chose that car because it is a more grown up car and a more logical car. And he still can have fun with cars as we all seen in the grand tour.
  • ufster81
    ufster81 2 года назад (изменено) Nope, Jeremy Clarkson is a dinosaur when it comes to car reviews. He is an entertainer first and foremost and I stopped respecting his opinion a long time ago to decide between cars which I would buy. His opinion is mostly based on intangibles instead of features like carwow and other contemporary reviewers. He is mostly interested in how a car feels rather than how it is to actually own that car. That makes it fun to watch but as far as informative aspect of reviews go, carwow, autogefühl etc. will serve you much better these days, that is if you're interested in buying a car rather than fawning over it.
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 года назад ufster81 those carwow shows are undoubtedly good in reviewing a car but they review based on numbers and facts. Jeremy reviews are based on emotion. And he simply points out the facts in an entertaining way. Like the review he did between the golf gti and the bmw 2 series where he puts a nuclear war head and chops off mannequin legs. You should understand that the boot of the golf is bigger and the golf has more legroom. But at least he does it in a funny way. You don't have to agree with him but with over 30 years of car experience, he knows what makes a good car. A big glove box and big door bin are not what makes a good car. He probably is the only person who tried every car in the world. Let's say that money is not a problem for him and he still gets a 35 000$ car. It means a lot because he also owns a mercedes s 63 coupe.
  • Tom Norton
    Tom Norton 2 года назад Charles-David Bérubé ultimately it's down to personal preference as both cars trump each other in different aspects. Matt has also been reviewing cars for a while and knows how to drive too!
  • ufster81
    ufster81 2 года назад (изменено) I enjoy my big door bins on my Golf, it comfortably fits 1.5 later water bottles and they don't rattle because it is coated with some kind of clothy material. I also enjoy all the other practicality features such as the auto-hold feature because I live in a city where steeps are plenty. I'm guessing Clarkson doesn't give a shit about these but I certainly do. Also, while I enjoy driving country roads in the occasional weekend, I'm not really obsessed about how direct my steering is because most of my time spent with the car is in congested traffic.
  • Sully
    Sully 2 года назад Gowtham Oleti does he actually?
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 года назад ufster81 as jeremy is over 60 y/o. I'm pretty sure he cares about a sensitive car. I mean, he fucking drives the best luxury car in the world so.. he won't talk about the door bins or stuff like that in a review as it's boring info. But when he is alone at a dealer buying a car, he for sure looks for a car that will offer the most. If he drives a golf gti over the mercedes s class (voted best luxury car in the world), it must mean something. And that is enough for me to buy the new gti when i'm done with my mk5 gti.
  • Massive Glove
    Massive Glove 2 года назад +ufster81 But he drives dozens of cars a year, some for thousands of miles. And he picked the GTI to own.
  • Sully
    Sully 2 года назад Massive Glove what year gti gold does he drive the newest face lift or from 2014 onwards
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 года назад El Chapo 2014 onwards
  • Gowtham Oleti
    Gowtham Oleti 2 года назад Yes he does.Don't you watch The Grand Tour cuz in the last episode he actually reviews his own car(Golf GTI)comparing with James's own BMW i3.
  • AutoBum
    AutoBum 2 года назад ufster81 I feel bad you think like that and you're alive. Did you ever think about how many cars Jeremy owned compared to yourself. There's a reason people watch top gear, they want to know what it's like to be driving it on a road trip instead of, as you know from other car reviewers, a few miles.
  • Tom Norton
    Tom Norton 2 года назад NBASFAN get a grip
  • 3DFX
    3DFX 2 года назад (изменено) Gowtham Oleti Jeremy Clarkson wish he had my GTI Clubsport like me! He owns the normal GTI though. However he made a Review of the Clubsport, which all off you should now go and read at once... ;)
  • sukust
    sukust Год назад Sheep
  • anonymous UK
    anonymous UK 8 месяцев назад @ufster81 So you'll only buy a car that can carry big water bottles? Stupid opinion sorry. I'd rather have a car that puts a smile on my face then care about how many water bottles I can put in it. Throw the bastard bottle on the back seat or floor it's not gonna hurt your water.
  • GY
    GY 6 месяцев назад Gowtham Oleti i’d pick the golf gti cuz it can carry a nuclear warhead
  • Eric tintd
    Eric tintd 5 месяцев назад @Tom Norton just doesn't know how to change the speedo from kmh to mph
  • Karn Yvekz
    Karn Yvekz Неделю назад @Charles-David Bérubé exactly this
  • tanafc96
    tanafc96 2 года назад Hatchback 0-60 in 4.2 wow! Can't wait to get this
  • Makrinus
    Makrinus 2 года назад tanafc96 same, in like 20 years
  • Viewing
    Viewing Год назад I bought my 7R but the 2.0 TSI was way too slow so i swapped it with a vr6 and boosted it.
    KING TDI Год назад tanafc96 the RS3 does it 3.6 seconds!
  • ZameGaming
    ZameGaming Год назад The reason for the faster time is that the road is not completely flat
  • Can we hit 5k subs with no videos?
    Can we hit 5k subs with no videos? Год назад Rs3 does 3.6 seconds for a hatchback!
  • Jack Brian
    Jack Brian Год назад the rs3 also costs a shit ton
  • dont care
    dont care 10 месяцев назад Jack Brian my guy we're talking about speed not price. When he's surprised by this hatchbacks' speed, sharing a faster hatchbacks' speed just makes sense.
  • dont care
    dont care 10 месяцев назад Also the A45 AMG does it in 3.9!
  • David Navin
    David Navin 4 месяца назад It’s got a performance exhaust fitted
  • IIIRattleHeadIII
    IIIRattleHeadIII 2 месяца назад @Jack Brian it's not interesting when it costs a lot more, everybody can make fast expensive cars.
  • Cisco Network Designer/Engineer
    Cisco Network Designer/Engineer 2 года назад Golf R is my favorite dream car since I am little boy (R32 MK4)
  • eval1979 v
    eval1979 v 2 года назад Cisco Network Designer/Engineer I owned a r32 mk4. Absolutely love it except roads in NY are shit so I keep destroying my rims and my engine light won't go away.
  • numbereightyseven
    numbereightyseven 6 месяцев назад And the VR6 before that. Very nice car to drive.
  • VRSWeb
    VRSWeb 2 года назад That Golf R is immense. 4.2 seconds to 60... wow. thats nearly supercar quick
  • Tyler S
    Tyler S 2 года назад VRSWeb If you put a Stage 1 remap on the Golf R then it does in in 3.7 seconds!
  • Sirion
    Sirion 2 года назад VRSWeb Jeep Cherokee can do 3.5
  • Tigerex966
    Tigerex966 Год назад (изменено) launch control is taking the driver out of the occasion. a child or grandma can no launch a car as fast as a lifetime real racer. Luckily manuals have a few more years. you need to master lauch techniques or get chipped to get manuals to perform close cause manufacturers limit the rams in them. but it can be done but only with practice and skill. around a well known track the lighter weight may come in handy
  • Nedews
    Nedews Год назад but it IS a supercar
  • basslover352
    basslover352 Год назад I'd rather drive a Golf R than a trackhawk. It's apples to oranges. But one costs more than twice (nearly 3 times) the other.
  • Nick Buckel
    Nick Buckel Год назад Tigerex966 if you're talking about the gti or golf r... No. The DSG is faster than a racecar driver switching gears. 2 of the best (Scott Speed, Tanner Foust) tested it.
  • Neil Aspin
    Neil Aspin 10 месяцев назад So what. It's a lot of fun.
  • dont care
    dont care 10 месяцев назад Sirion Tesla Model X P100D can do 3.1 :)
  • dont care
    dont care 10 месяцев назад A45 AMG - 3.9s RS3 - 3.6 Supercar quick.
  • Dan C
    Dan C 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Low weight=quick acceleration. Simple little cars dont weigh much. A supercar isn't simple or little. This car is.
  • Joel Peart
    Joel Peart 8 месяцев назад Problem is when you want to go faster than 60
  • MrArchie800
    MrArchie800 Год назад I really like this chap's reviews, no bullshit and useful info done quickly without much waffle, and man what a great job you have!
  • KingSadim
    KingSadim 2 года назад 4.2 seconds from the factory, wow. Good review Matt.
  • Mogsy28uk
    Mogsy28uk 2 года назад Imagine what a bit of Bluefin magic would bring!!
  • VtecAbuser
    VtecAbuser 2 года назад Probably 4.1 knowing their tunes.. ha. Much better tunes out there for these.. Our 7R with Stage 2 does 3.3.
  • Jiaen Lu
    Jiaen Lu 2 года назад I am just not a big fan of the wheels on the gti
  • Aziz HACHIMI
    Aziz HACHIMI 11 месяцев назад They're ugly as f....
  • SteevK69
    SteevK69 2 месяца назад I LOVE the wheels on the R
  • Richard McFarlane-Cen
    Richard McFarlane-Cen 2 года назад I think the Golf R is better looking. Very slight understatement is never a bad thing.
  • Dave Stauffer
    Dave Stauffer Год назад Richard McFarlane- especially for an older driver. At 55 i want performance but not flash. Plus, the gti is more of a cop magnet....
  • SteevK69
    SteevK69 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Dave Stauffer Either is a cop magnet in red, not as much in blue, much less in gray...
  • Steve Hughes
    Steve Hughes Год назад Absolutely love my R. Brutal and practical.
  • Joe Achilles
    Joe Achilles 2 года назад Another great Review Matt, I need to get my hands on a.... Golf
  • Mohamed.S Khan
    Mohamed.S Khan 2 года назад New Audi S3 vs Rs3
  • Ryad Leghrib
    Ryad Leghrib 2 года назад m.s khan those two are worlds apart XD
  • Ryad Leghrib
    Ryad Leghrib 2 года назад m.s khan those two are worlds apart XD
  • cr8zyshredda007
    cr8zyshredda007 2 года назад RS3 would smoke it.
  • JimB
    JimB 2 года назад I disagree with other comments ... the performance gap between S3 and RS3 is very little ... I actually like the S3 over the RS3. ..... even the new RS3 saloon track car, is based on the S3 engine, not RS3 engine .... that race car has the EA888 2.0 TFSI engine, not the RS3's 2.5 TFSI.
  • Jorge C.
    Jorge C. Год назад By the way, a variety of reviewers says that even Golf R is better than RS3 and more fun to drive, let alone it's 10-15k less expensive. RS3 is worth only if you have the cash or you if you want your ego fueled. And stay away from 2.5liters 5 cylinder...those motors are trash. Go for either a 2 or a 3 liter.
  • B&B
    B&B Год назад @JimB while that is true but thats not because the S3 2.0 TFSI is any better then the RS3 2.5 TFSI, its due to racing regulations. AUDI was forced to switch to the 2.0 TFSI because the 2.5 TFSI was making too much power and isn't a 4 cylinder. Mechanically speaking the 2.5 TFSI is miles ahead in terms of engine performance and build.
  • blainevaq
    blainevaq Год назад +JimB I Prefer the S3 Sportsback compared to the RS3 Sportsback.... If you go for the Auto box in the S3 there isn't a big lot in performance,But there's a ridiculous price difference between them (the S3 is just nicer)
  • ____stu____
    ____stu____ Год назад Why, we know the outcome lol
  • misiekbogiem
    misiekbogiem Год назад RS3 belong with AMG45 and BMW M1 performance-wise. So RS3 all the way.
    BMW KING Год назад The rs3 will kill the s3
  • Viewing
    Viewing Год назад Volkswagen owns Audi...
  • misiekbogiem
    misiekbogiem Год назад Earth is round.
  • Dylan Tavarayen
    Dylan Tavarayen Год назад Yes please car wow
  • Alan Bush
    Alan Bush Год назад Mohamed.S Khan &&&&
  • Horro Smith
    Horro Smith 9 месяцев назад Oggy Oggy hahaha
  • NigiVlogs
    NigiVlogs Год назад I got my first car this year, 2004 Golf 5 2.0 TDI 140hp and I love it, I would enjoy owning those new Golfs but they cost more than my apartment d:'(
  • PancakeGaming
    PancakeGaming Год назад Same bro!! Except I have a 1.9Tdi 105 HP.
  • Ana Bang
    Ana Bang Год назад My first car also was a 2004 Golf V 2.0 TDI 140 :D It ran 240000km then we sold it for a new car
  • Sayful
    Sayful 11 месяцев назад So why don't you finance it? You could lease them.
  • AadilF1
    AadilF1 10 месяцев назад This... nobody buys them outright, they're all leased.
  • Glegorly
    Glegorly 10 месяцев назад How you getting 2 litres as your first car? Insurance must be mental, I’ve had to get a 1.2 golf because of insurance cost
  • Henjoh 176
    Henjoh 176 8 месяцев назад I had a 2007 Volvo XC70 D4
  • vladiinsky
    vladiinsky 7 месяцев назад Dude, you have an 4y older golf 5 than mine, but I could really use that additional 35 hp of yours... Cheers
  • MrVoayer
    MrVoayer 2 года назад (изменено) All results and all numbers were astonishing. For both GTI and R. With 65BHPs more it is no surprise that R is much quicker. But as our roads are not racing tracks GTI should suffice.
  • SunLoverMan
    SunLoverMan 2 года назад MrVoayer R is faster because of awd not hp
  • MrVoayer
    MrVoayer 2 года назад Are you telling me that GTI would be just as fast if only it had 4WD? Be careful there.
  • SunLoverMan
    SunLoverMan 2 года назад MrVoayer almost, awd will eliminate wheel spinning on the start. but on stage1 gti will be much faster than R on roll.
  • Aleister Owley
    Aleister Owley Год назад AWD sure, but the R's have 60 ish more hp
  • tom colls
    tom colls Год назад The AWD system makes up more of the 2 seconds than the 65bhp does. Applying power to the ground and grip is the more important part of the first 100 metres of launch
  • kevin Rotge
    kevin Rotge 1 месяц назад @SunLoverMan you need to compare stock to stock and tuned to tuned.
  • SunLoverMan
    SunLoverMan 1 месяц назад @kevin Rotge I was not saying that tuned gti will have same performance as stock R, lol
  • Jose Lora
    Jose Lora 6 месяцев назад The Golf R is basically marketed to the older consumer who has a bit more money in their pockets, isn't a boy racer, and doesn't want to scare the in-laws. Meaning, the subdued look of the Golf R compared to the GTI seems to be intentional in my opinion. If I were to choose, I would definitely go for the more mature looks and 4WD drive system on the R.
  • resigned liberal
    resigned liberal 2 года назад (изменено) Really it all comes down to disposable cash. Bought a GTI SE a few months a go, but did look at the R...maybe not that seriously. IMHO the GTI gives all that is required to LEGALLY have a blast on public roads and allows you to handle any type of traffic scenario. I'm not sure how often I would run into a situation were I would be thankful that I would have the R over the GTI. Maybe, rarely in bad weather conditions. Considering the +$10,000 difference, it's hard to justify the upgrade. Having said that, If I was dripping with cash I would buy an R in a heartbeat.
  • Jere Heimonen
    Jere Heimonen 2 года назад 0-60 mph 4.2 seconds? With hot hatch! Crazy! :D