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Published on Oct 13, 2018 29,147,660 views
  • Sebbchen
    Sebbchen 1 месяц назад 3:08 What a savage xD Just throwing some snowballs
  • Go T.o
    Go T.o 1 месяц назад (изменено) Should be a Canadian team 😂
  • motivate me
    motivate me 1 месяц назад watch this 😔😅
  • Kyle Williams
    Kyle Williams 2 месяца назад Some good clips in this video but I disliked it anyway because of the fake thumbnail. I hate that Sh!t.
  • Brent Haymon
    Brent Haymon 1 месяц назад (изменено) They use clickbait to get you to watch their dumb ass video.
  • Richard Suzuki
    Richard Suzuki 1 месяц назад @Brent Haymon Which is why I always read the comments first :)
  • Tyler Keller
    Tyler Keller 1 месяц назад Kyle Williams agree
    MYBIGKINDHEART 1 месяц назад @Richard Suzuki but it's people like you that have made this world the way it is you are disgrace to the human race now niageliana is gonna piss all over your face
  • Ghanashyam Mhatre
    Ghanashyam Mhatre 22 часа назад @Brent Haymon य ।पससलसरकललड सर्वानि यचगयच य ज
  • Star Tetrahedron
    Star Tetrahedron 1 месяц назад And the mascot saunters away in failure, having been defeated at his own game by the unassuming member of security detail. Surely he will have lost the respect of his pack and will have to endure the often painful and lengthy process of trying to maintain his alpha status in the face of many potential challengers who wish to dethrone him. A disheartening and very humbling experience indeed for this now dejected alpha mascot.
  • Marvin Manuel
    Marvin Manuel Неделю назад lol that was scripted, some league has been really creative in terms of entertainment during a break.
  • Elena Corzantes
    Elena Corzantes 1 месяц назад Dude who stomps the ground with his sick ass moves. Crushes the mascot. Well done my good fella
  • I4 beautee
    I4 beautee 1 месяц назад Yeah, that's the best part😏👏👏
  • Luke Hooker
    Luke Hooker 1 месяц назад bestest ever click bait
  • kiarna nixon
    kiarna nixon 2 недели назад ..
  • Mustafa Khan
    Mustafa Khan 1 месяц назад 😱-OMG what a dance moves 2:00
  • Michaelaslay Queen4
    Michaelaslay Queen4 1 месяц назад 3:22 i knew my grandma lost her wig 🤣
  • Kenya_Chan
    Kenya_Chan 1 месяц назад Michaela Towns lmfao she didn’t even secured it😂😂
  • monty stevens
    monty stevens 1 месяц назад she had so much power that she blew her head gasket! A lil jb weld should fix it for the next time.
  • imperialsnyc
    imperialsnyc 1 месяц назад @Kenya_Chan gotta secure your head gear
  • Electro Skull
    Electro Skull 1 месяц назад In the description is written 10 most embarrassing moments in sports but in title it's 20???
  • sdrtcacgnrjrc
    sdrtcacgnrjrc 1 месяц назад and in the video itself it's '20 most funny moments in sport'
  • Bravilor
    Bravilor 1 месяц назад It's because compilers of these kinds of videos generally seem to be unintelligent to the level of being like bots.
  • RP
    RP 1 месяц назад 4:04 Awesome effort by the guy, regardless of his weight he gave his best effort.
  • some dude on YouTube
    some dude on YouTube 1 месяц назад but why was he even in that race?
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад @some dude on YouTube Probably "the best" from his country, or the only one who applied to be in the race most likely. That's a poor effort from an average jogger.
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад Awesome effort would be if he lost some freaking weight first and actually trained before entering. This is not an amateur's race, or just running for the sake of running, it was some kind of an event with audience and scores and those other guys were making good time. There is no excuse to be in it so fat.
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @yambo000 How do you know he didn't lose some weight and train before the race? You don't know him or what his story and circumstances are, could have been worse but he ran his heart out. Lets see you do better
  • Nicholas Watts
    Nicholas Watts 1 месяц назад @yambo000 look out we've got a big dick swinging badass in the house
  • Andrew Guthrie
    Andrew Guthrie 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster I'd be concerned about his heart.
  • Linda Moore
    Linda Moore 1 месяц назад I have respect for the runner,he did try
    MYBIGKINDHEART 1 месяц назад @some dude on YouTube I remember this it was down to some stupid retarded rule, what dick fuck thought it was a good idea for him to run this race is well banged up from every Tom Dick and Harry lol
    MYBIGKINDHEART 1 месяц назад @Nicholas Watts but he was right what he was saying but I remember this stupid pathetic decision I think he was some shot put thrower can't remember now it's a long time ago that he had to go in this race or he would forfeit some bollocks, pathetic really
  • davidca96
    davidca96 1 месяц назад I agree, at least he was brave enough to try and he finished. Thats respectable.
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster Even if he did train and lose weight he doesn't belong with serious athletes. He is making the mockery of the event. If he did lose weight good for him, but that don't make him fit for this race either. He either didn't do enough, or is not capable of doing enough, both thing disqualify him from being in such events. I consider myself in terrible shape, I was the fat kid who ran 100 metars in 17 seconds, this dude is running 14 or 15 seconds after "training". Come on, that's embarrassing.
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @yambo000 Not his problem whether he "belongs with serious athletes". He volunteered or was asked for whatever reason and he stepped up and ran his heart out so don't belittle the effort he put in when it seems that we don't know his circumstances unless you can enlighten me to them. Seems you know more about who should and shouldn't be in these events more than the organizers of the events themselves. You should work for them to make sure they don't make this mistake again.
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster Even if you're asked you respectfully decline such a silly offer. If I was offered to play for Real Madrid in a real match for whatever reason I'd sit my fat ass in the stand instead. If it's a charity match where athletes play with regular people in mixed team I'd might accept but this was a serious event, you can see by the standard of running others have set.
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @yambo000 Why should he decline? Because you wouldn't accept it? When you get an opportunity you do the best you can do with what you have. Man ran his heart out while you'd be too scared to show up. You only insult him and his efforts but if you were in his place you wouldn't even bother. That says a lot more about you than it does about him.
  • Leon Flores
    Leon Flores 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster yambo is right, dude should have lost more weight!
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @Leon Flores I'm guessing the amount of weight he lost in the time frame given was the best he could do unless you know who this guy was and how long he had to lose weight
  • Leon Flores
    Leon Flores 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster well he hadn't lost enough weight he shouldn't have entered. Embarrassing to the sport!
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @Leon Flores I'm sure one fat guy running in a race and living his dream doesn't embarrass a sport.
  • Anon Nyymi
    Anon Nyymi 1 месяц назад Maybe he was like Adrian Solano (you can find in YT). He was shit in the grand cheme but his country best.
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster He only got the opportunity because no decent athlete applied from his region. You don't get a random invite to this type of an event, he clearly applied and is getting eliminated right away. He should run with amateurs and shouldn't run competitively until at least he can do a minimum run required for a fire-fighter because that wasn't even it.
  • Yang Fuwen
    Yang Fuwen 1 месяц назад Definetely great effort! Just have a easy googling you will find out that this guy from Samoa was trained as a shot putter not a 100-meter-runner. He entered 100-meter for there is no qualification standard for smaller nations there
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @yambo000 Still don't see how that takes anything away from his effort? You're saying its better their country has no representation at all? I'd rather be represented by a fat guy who tries his best and puts the best effort possible than a fit guy who doesn't or no one at all. It also gets the event out there so more people are aware and can apply thus more competition and higher standards. Or if it embarrasses the sport like Leon said that's on the organizers to have proper vetting and no loopholes not the people they approve.
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster Yes it is better with no representation than this guy. He makes it look like the fastest person in their country is this lump of fat. The organizers did mess up here too, but he should have had shame as well.
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @yambo000 I disagree. I'd rather have someone represent me than have no one at all. He was the best who volunteered. Any shame should be directed at those from his country who are better and able to compete but didn't. Shame on those people. They are the reason "this lump of fat" was the fastest person representing them, not him. He ran his ass off and followed his dreams only for a no one like you to try and shame him and his effort.
  • Beebug 17
    Beebug 17 1 месяц назад Yeah, he is most likely faster than me. He did great! He used his best effort!
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster Yeah, no, that's embarrassing, he shouldn't have done that. He embarrassed himself and his country. I've seen a 7 year old kid making better times than he did there. There is no excuse.
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @yambo000 Yeah, no, you're embarrassing, you shouldn't have done that. You embarrassed yourself and your country. I've seen a 7 year old kid making better arguments than you did. There is no excuse.
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster Perhaps you did, but I didn't make my arguments in a public arena with an intention of competing. These are amateur comments and he is an amateur runner. He deserves the ridicule.
  • Max Thruster
    Max Thruster 1 месяц назад @yambo000 I find no reason to continue this conversation. Agree to disagree. You're not bringing up any counter points so we'll just keep talking in circles.
  • Andy murday
    Andy murday 1 месяц назад Should be given credit for going out and giving it his all.
  • yambo000
    yambo000 1 месяц назад @Max Thruster Fat fucks should train in private.
  • D Carbs
    D Carbs 1 месяц назад (изменено) If I remember rightly, he's the only person to represent the country EVER at the olympics. In ANY sport. The country has a population (literally) of half the size of my village (11,000) @yambo000
  • yambo000
    yambo000 3 недели назад @D Carbs Maybe then you should just say we have no good sprinter in our country and don't go make an ass of yourself.
  • Satish Yadav
    Satish Yadav 3 недели назад He's from Tuvalu, a country whose major income is from selling of domain name .TV
  • Mohamed Shajith
    Mohamed Shajith 2 недели назад @some dude on YouTube Samoan sprinter was injured. So, their shot-put athlete ran in his place.
  • Christopher Concept
    Christopher Concept Неделю назад He was a representative for his country. Not every country is fortunate enough to have athletic programs.
  • dadan mulyana
    dadan mulyana 20 часов назад
  • Airplanes_Ivan
    Airplanes_Ivan 1 месяц назад 2:02 is not embarassing... It's a meme.
  • magyar
    magyar 1 день назад Gender-athlete vagy póthaj, és szellemlovas a motoron. :-)
  • PawPatrolFan92
    PawPatrolFan92 49 минут назад Finally I have been able to send me more than $6153 through this wonderful site
  • Tod Tod
    Tod Tod 2 месяца назад This is the worst music I have ever heard in my life.
  • Bob Saturday
    Bob Saturday 2 месяца назад mute the sound then dummy
  • Nemo Pettersson
    Nemo Pettersson 2 месяца назад Agree, Guantanamo Torture Sounds!
  • Amritpal Singh
    Amritpal Singh 2 месяца назад Poop from my o o o o o my a a a a a a a a anal!
  • karayuschij
    karayuschij 2 месяца назад There is a mute icon for this… I used it :D
  • Tod Tod
    Tod Tod 1 месяц назад LittleMaster44 wrong , this is what you mother sounded like when she had you. Asswipe
  • Düzgün Altun
    Düzgün Altun 1 месяц назад The point in the end if your Sentence made it so dramatic
  • Ralph River Eagle
    Ralph River Eagle 1 месяц назад (изменено) Reggaeton, Trap and Dubsteb = Shit
  • Tod Tod
    Tod Tod 1 месяц назад LittleMaster44 chances are , you haven’t , I’m from the South. Probably never heard yours either.
    MYBIGKINDHEART 1 месяц назад The best thing to do is play a different soundtrack in the background and mute this video easy
  • davidca96
  • Ruben Haak
    Ruben Haak 1 месяц назад 3:50 her dick around my head
  • Jason Nycto
    Jason Nycto 3 недели назад You're not have the music in your soul,this is a good relaxing song
  • Paul Legge
    Paul Legge 3 недели назад I don't even know what it is, but it sounds a lot like an extract from a Florence Welch song and she's singing "From my mum". I either doubt it actually is her or I doubt she ever released a song with "From my mum" in it. William "" Adams, Jr. may very well have released such a song alongside Kat Graham, but certainly not Florence Welch.
  • Jason Nycto
    Jason Nycto 3 недели назад Its a good song anyway guys
  • Rhys Gordon
    Rhys Gordon 3 недели назад @Jason Nycto No... no its not... it is FAR from good..
  • Jason Nycto
    Jason Nycto 3 недели назад @Rhys Gordon lmao,perhaps not enough for you Im a music lover,just let it get through you It makes you feel free I'm Haitian Homie😂 if I feel your country's music its because it's good Loll
  • Rhys Gordon
    Rhys Gordon 3 недели назад ​@Jason Nycto Im sure there are people who enjoy it. But as an Audio engineer I cannot respect this type of production.. It is an insult to actual talented musicians. This kind of production is the reason the music industry is no longer a meritocracy..
  • Jason Nycto
    Jason Nycto 3 недели назад @Rhys Gordon you're right,but that's a talented person.It needs vibes and feelings to make this And as a beat maker I think it's a good dubsteb shit. Love DSG btw
  • Gracie Diamond
    Gracie Diamond 3 недели назад True
  • Avery Petty
    Avery Petty 3 недели назад I turned off due to music, couldn’t finish the video.
  • Shane Austin
    Shane Austin Неделю назад @Rhys Gordon as an audio engineer you should know how difficult it is to produce a high quality electronic track,and respect this one for how much effort was put in. I can play a few instruments but producing from scratch is a whole different game.
  • Rhys Gordon
    Rhys Gordon Неделю назад @Shane Austin Im well aware of how difficult it can be to create a song from scratch. Unfortunately, modern electronic music does not take much effort. With the abundance of loop & sample packs out there, along with every single preset you could imagine, its as simple as scrolling through a list and seeing what fits/sounds right. Unless this guy is the exception and creates all his own samples & own sound design/synthesis. Which I would be very doubtful of. Theres a reason why you see so many artists saying the line "I made this in a day!"
  • shivam gurjar
    shivam gurjar 3 месяца назад Dance of that dude was not embarrasing bro
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 3 месяца назад It was embarassing for the entertainer in costume
  • Elluka Heights
    Elluka Heights 3 месяца назад It was you bitch
    NOO NOPE 3 месяца назад yeah i was thinking almost half of these were far from embarrasing. He def was the most fun to watch. 2nd was the snowball lol. just didnt see that coming.
  • Roberto richardsen
    Roberto richardsen 3 месяца назад correct .. it was not embarrasing at all (for the crow ) ... (only for himself) ;-)
  • Jun Fan
    Jun Fan 3 месяца назад That shit he was doing was crazy
  • Ramathorn 82
    Ramathorn 82 3 месяца назад shivam gurjar Was there live to see that dance. It was hilarious and the crowd went crazy. Wish I could dance like that.
  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 3 месяца назад @Elluka Heights no it wasn't sit the fuck down kid
  • Gamin' Haven
    Gamin' Haven 3 месяца назад His Name is Akinfenwa
  • flkg kfsjl
    flkg kfsjl 3 месяца назад I thought he might lose his chewing gum!
  • Faye Cruz
    Faye Cruz 3 месяца назад shivam gurjar 12
  • Faye Cruz
    Faye Cruz 3 месяца назад 12356456789012345678901234565678991234567890
  • Daphne Draffin
    Daphne Draffin 3 месяца назад Man he killed it!!!!!💀💀💀
  • Kinjal Palit
    Kinjal Palit 3 месяца назад Yeah man the dance was epic
  • Storm Walton
    Storm Walton 3 месяца назад That was at Tropicana Stadium For The "Rays"Baseball Team in St Petersburg FL i worked security and he dances for every game to hype the crowd.
  • Magnus Wiklund
    Magnus Wiklund 3 месяца назад Agree! :)
  • Killer kl-rt
    Killer kl-rt 3 месяца назад Dude was a stripper
  • Alpha genesect
    Alpha genesect 3 месяца назад Lol he danced him off
  • Peyton Losick
    Peyton Losick 2 месяца назад @Jeremy Smith agreed
  • Asanti Lubika
    Asanti Lubika 2 месяца назад @Gamin' Haven are u being fucking racist or is that just his name
  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 2 месяца назад Racist, Idiot.. black guy with a african nme?????dmn you are a special kind of if Beyonce wear blond wigs, does that imply anything racial, or if my name is as white as they come...does tht mean Im racist, or incorrectly labelled, being racist is racist not wearing blond wigs, or calling a black dude by a african name, ...hating him because of his skin color is...stop racially profiling only make you look like a nag with a wet panty....
  • Monu Verma
    Monu Verma 2 месяца назад Yes bro
  • Malik Usman
    Malik Usman 2 месяца назад
  • Queen Beulah
    Queen Beulah 2 месяца назад For his kids maybe 😂
  • john smith
    john smith 2 месяца назад Im kiss your bobs and vegena is though
  • Jesper Fuglsang Nielsen
    Jesper Fuglsang Nielsen 2 месяца назад Dance of Who???
  • Angelo Jose
    Angelo Jose 1 месяц назад WAS EMBARRARING FOR THE BEAR...NOT FOR SECURY..
  • Apun Ka Games
    Apun Ka Games 1 месяц назад free games download with
  • F Mohammed Ibrahim
    F Mohammed Ibrahim 1 месяц назад Yes I agree
  • Yacil Zaman
    Yacil Zaman 1 месяц назад Yea not embarrassing
  • Football JR
    Football JR 2 дня назад
  • Noa Decker
    Noa Decker 1 месяц назад (изменено) 02:02 that’s not embarrassing that’s awesome
  • kicsipupi
    kicsipupi 1 месяц назад that guy rules:)
  • Kayci Chui
    Kayci Chui 1 месяц назад best meme
  • Роман Старцев
    Роман Старцев 1 месяц назад he`s cool)
  • DJ Zin
    DJ Zin 1 месяц назад Right!!! there are a lot of stuff on here thats awesome and not embarrassing haha
  • Wolf Nation
    Wolf Nation 1 месяц назад LOL
  • Miss Tonya c007
    Miss Tonya c007 1 месяц назад Bombay!!!!
  • Alfi Singh
    Alfi Singh 1 месяц назад 4:08 - 4:18 😇 Love your spirit 💙
  • Marcin Wojna
    Marcin Wojna 1 месяц назад Ok
  • IllumiNOTi The_Oblivion_Light
    IllumiNOTi The_Oblivion_Light 1 месяц назад Ah ya beat me too it. I was thinking more like maybe football or wrestling, but track? You're not built for that amigo!
  • Sludge
    Sludge 1 месяц назад His country needed a competitor and he stepped up.
  • Auggie Williams
    Auggie Williams 3 дня назад The guy from Tuvalu deserves respect and only respect.
  • DoeKidd Official
    DoeKidd Official 1 день назад 1:06 Quand Tu Veux Sauter Ta Go Coûte Que Coûte 🤣
    AKASH GURJAR 2 месяца назад You can call it funny 😝But no embarassing 😌
  • 4u25out
    4u25out 2 месяца назад This one is embarrassing 3:42
  • John Ruze
    John Ruze 2 месяца назад @4u25out what?
  • Malcolm Marshall
    Malcolm Marshall 1 месяц назад AKASH GURJAR ;
  • Diamond Blue
    Diamond Blue 1 месяц назад John Ruze not
  • Brent Haymon
    Brent Haymon 1 месяц назад (изменено) It's not embarrassing. It's just dumb and stupid.
  • minato namikaze
    minato namikaze 1 месяц назад Legend has it that the bike is still being driven by a ghost
  • Mo Cawil
    Mo Cawil 2 месяца назад 00:57 Kevin Hart trying to jump over Shaquille o'neal 🤣
  • Leah Sager
    Leah Sager 2 месяца назад No that is Paul Pierce and Nate Robinson
  • Mo Cawil
    Mo Cawil 2 месяца назад @Leah Sager I know. I was joking.
  • Zura Lanch
    Zura Lanch 1 месяц назад Did you click on this vido because you saw Kevin and Shakil's image as a shortcut of this video or you clicked on this video because you saw a sexy girl and had no desire to see male sportsman and wanted to see a sexy girl?
  • Mo Cawil
    Mo Cawil 1 месяц назад @Zura Lanch hahaha I read the title. Not everyone is a perv.
  • Zura Lanch
    Zura Lanch 1 месяц назад do you know what is user experience? The aim of the shortcut is to see it and you do not need to read it to economy the time. And shortcut here is misleading. I'm not perv. I am a man! And I like sexy women ;)
  • Mo Cawil
    Mo Cawil 1 месяц назад @Zura Lanch I'm not saying you're a perv I'm just saying I read the title and wanted to see some embarrassing moments and I knew there is going both men and women
  • Zura Lanch
    Zura Lanch 1 месяц назад The majority doesn't read the title. That I know. And I think you didn't read either. And you mean that I was perv.