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1991 Honda Civic ED6 EF Hatch: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Oct 3, 2016 547,798 views
  • goodeggpro
    goodeggpro 2 года назад But now it smells great!! Best story ever.
  • taunusv4power
    taunusv4power 6 месяцев назад I just read this when he said it. Nice timing lol
  • Jeiku Furame
    Jeiku Furame 2 года назад Thing is, stock old Civics are so rare nowadays.
  • Sekushiwolf
    Sekushiwolf 2 года назад UGH
  • Jeiku Furame
    Jeiku Furame 2 года назад What? They are. People always "customize" them. 
  • David Maglioli
    David Maglioli 2 года назад Go look for a CRX, Prelude, MR2, or Civic Hatch thats been well kept and hasn't been modded or beat to hell. I'll wait...
  • Jeiku Furame
    Jeiku Furame 2 года назад @David Maglioli I doubt I'd be able to find one. People get new cars every five years or so here. 
  • MB
    MB 2 года назад (изменено) yep. there is a 1997 sir civic over here in perth Australia, mint condition all stock, and there asking 24000 lol