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Volkswagen Arteon 2018 review - is it better than an Audi?

Published on Jun 7, 2017 2,472,971 views

Check out our latest VW Arteon in-depth review:


The Volkswagen Arteon is the car which the German brand  hopes will lift it into the premium segment. The swoopy styling will set the standard for future VWs, but under the skin it’s all familiar - the platform is shared with the Passat. So does the stylish frock make the Arteon worth considering over an Audi A5 Sportback or a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe? Find out in my detailed review, where I comment on its quality, take a look at its tech, and work out if it feels expensive enough from behind the wheel.

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  • Davvy
    Davvy Год назад Looks like Matt hit the gym before this video!
  • Anthroplast
    Anthroplast Год назад its to smash that camerawoman
  • Cristi Cristi
    Cristi Cristi Год назад I hope he's not taking drugs, aka suprements to get those, they make him look unbalanced
  • John Ward
    John Ward Год назад His boyfriend likes it that way.
  • acchaladka
    acchaladka Год назад John Ward Wish I were his boyfriend. Dayyum.
  • Don Sniffen
    Don Sniffen Год назад Davvy I agree, I told him to stop the squats for his bum.
  • Mackayah S.
    Mackayah S. Год назад Davvy 😅😅😅💥😀
  • kanerl
    kanerl Год назад Cristi Cristi supplements aren't drugs you dumbass
  • Cristi Cristi
    Cristi Cristi Год назад of course they fkn are
  • kanerl
    kanerl Год назад Sure... Protein is a drug not a nutrient, same with creatine and vitamins...
  • ScottishDad
    ScottishDad Год назад Cristi Cristi what a hilariously misinformed comment 😂😂😂
  • GamingHazard
    GamingHazard Год назад (изменено) Cristi Cristi Agreed
  • kanerl
    kanerl Год назад Agreeing with stupidity... Way to make yourself look stupid
  • Greg Mieg
    Greg Mieg Год назад Nikki Sixx jerks off with the right
  • Gumbear
    Gumbear Год назад how do you know? XD
  • The Echelon
    The Echelon Год назад kanerl What's worse is calling other people stupid while you're the ignorant one. Learn the difference between supplements and drugs. Supplements are vitamins and protein, nothing different than you'll find in normal food. If you ever took a multivitamin or omega3 capsule, you've taken supplements. You can literally buy this at the supermarket. Drugs are hormones and other gear that will actually change your metabolism and rate of muscle development. Go read a book mate. Or rather, some articles online. There's no excuse spouting ignorance when information is so readily available in this day and age.
  • kanerl
    kanerl Год назад The Echelon And what's the absolute worst is not realizing that you're so stupid that you're arguing the same point I did... GG bro.
  • GhostGaming
    GhostGaming Год назад unfortunately he skipped everything but arms :(
  • Fynn
    Fynn 11 месяцев назад Just searched that comment
  • Shadow Blade
    Shadow Blade 9 месяцев назад agree
  • Indra Saputra
    Indra Saputra 3 месяца назад Im thinking about it too. Hahaha
  • Viktor BN
    Viktor BN 1 месяц назад He looks natural
  • Drum8888
    Drum8888 Год назад "I've got a sound meter on my phone, I'm going to shut up a second to see if I can get a reading" Talks through the sound level check
  • Konrad G
    Konrad G Год назад Don't forget checking the vibrations on the armrest. It surely gives a bad result.
  • Limited Seating
    Limited Seating Год назад Drum8888 Thought it was just me that noticed that 🤣🤣
  • Joseph Scarpino
    Joseph Scarpino Год назад I was just thinking that.
  • Davide Bardelle
    Davide Bardelle 5 месяцев назад that's cause he was just swiping through screenshots lol
  • Beardio
    Beardio 1 месяц назад Yea that shit was kind of annoying to me like bitch you didn’t get a true reading why didn’t you wait a second and shut the fuck up
  • Stevan Spasenovic
    Stevan Spasenovic 3 недели назад I will never understand why Matt always puts a shade on VWs...
  • Heavens
    Heavens Год назад Wow it’s very muscular, looks like it could give you a good pleasurable ride. The car is nice too ☺️
  • Matthew K
    Matthew K 5 месяцев назад I'd like to give you a pleasurable ride if you know what I mean 🙂
  • Ciaran Talbot
    Ciaran Talbot 5 месяцев назад @Matthew K weeb
  • Matthew K
    Matthew K 5 месяцев назад @Ciaran Talbot would you like a ride too?
  • Valk
    Valk 4 месяца назад Matthew K easy now
  • Ciaran Talbot
    Ciaran Talbot 3 месяца назад @Matthew K D:
  • Kumulaau
    Kumulaau 2 месяца назад Heavens — gay
  • Leon B
    Leon B 2 месяца назад @Kumulaau are you assuming their gender? xD lol
  • Timochat Road to 300 !
    Timochat Road to 300 ! 8 часов назад Ah yes ! ( Are we even talking about the car o3o ? )
  • Anand R.
    Anand R. Год назад Why you're wondering if VW can compete with Audi or BMW, I cannot imagine - VW OWN AUDI. They own Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Bentley too.
  • Fawexx
    Fawexx Год назад The Volkswagen Group consists of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, MAN, Scania, Seat and Skoda.
  • Zak 84
    Zak 84 Год назад FAWEXX ...and Ducati bikes. 🚴
  • TheWisherable
    TheWisherable Год назад Clearly you don't understand the difference between a brand and a group. They also own SEAT. If you were given a free choice between SEAT and Lamborghini, would you choose SEAT over Lambo because they're both by the same group? Stupid comment.
  • I like cake
    I like cake Год назад Anand R. Exactly
  • Ahmed D
    Ahmed D Год назад The point is that Volkswagen is not really competing with the likes of Audi, as the parent company is the same. As long as you buy one of their brands, it does not make a whole lot of difference to them.
  • Kevin
    Kevin Год назад Anand R. Porsche , Seat and Skoda too
  • jinboro23
    jinboro23 Год назад Anand R...they will not...why...each brands have they own class and people to target....vw for middle class, porcshe for rich, lambo for super rich, seat for teenager and so on...
  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson Год назад It's not stupid at all. They are responsible for all the brands mentioned, meaning why couldn't they compete with the other german brands?
  • fuckUmaddafakka
    fuckUmaddafakka Год назад Vw own Audi... yeah we already knew that, captain Obvious.
  • Heavens
    Heavens Год назад Germany owns all of them – case closed
  • Waka Flocka Project
    Waka Flocka Project Год назад TheWisherable same group but different class!!
  • J. Arnold
    J. Arnold Год назад Don't forget the newly acquired Navistar!
  • Nicolas Chavez
    Nicolas Chavez Год назад TheWisherable 4
  • Jack
    Jack Год назад There’s a distinct difference between those cars, VW also own Seat, would you choose a seat over an Audi? At the end of the day a VW is a BUDGET premium car and is never going to be truly able to compete with Audi, bmw, Mercedes etc.
  • Stefan Gorgievski
    Stefan Gorgievski 11 месяцев назад They are all the same
  • Ginjabredman
    Ginjabredman 11 месяцев назад that's just money wise, they own those brands and they could essentially borrow from those brands because they own them. But they are still individual companies with their own marketing teams and engineers and what not so it is still a competition.
  • Dominique Nelson
    Dominique Nelson 10 месяцев назад (изменено) VW is the affordable Audi. Same way Lexus > Toyota, Infinity > Nissan, Acura > Honda, Lincoln > Ford, Cadillac > Chevy. They're not in competition with each other.
  • Cody With A Chance Television
    Cody With A Chance Television 10 месяцев назад Right..
  • 1985cactus
    1985cactus 10 месяцев назад TheWisherable I would choose Seat over Lamborghini, since Lamborghinis are ugly as shit.
  • Isaac Sil
    Isaac Sil 5 месяцев назад Duuuuhhhh!!!
  • Michal Takáč
    Michal Takáč 5 месяцев назад @Ginjabredman not totally true. There are certain child companies that are responsible for technology development for the whole group. For example the infotainment system is developed by one child company and is used fro Skoda to Bugatti.
  • Rauntaveus Mcmillan
    Rauntaveus Mcmillan 4 месяца назад Porsche too
  • ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ;
    ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ; 4 месяца назад @J. Arnold wait what? Wasn't Navistar semi-affiliated with Ford? Or is this part of their new partnership thing?
  • Gamer India
    Gamer India 4 месяца назад Same administration but different group of people who makes these
  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 3 месяца назад Anand R. People comment but have no clue it’s actually sad lol.
  • Tan KX
    Tan KX Год назад carwow is turning into bicepswow
  • Calvin Chann
    Calvin Chann Год назад Aren't you just reinforcing the prejudices by saying that it's still only a Volkswagen. Then any brand will still only be "that brand".
  • Ace Gamer
    Ace Gamer 1 месяц назад Volkswagen translates from German to "The car of the people" so of course the car is not meant to be as flashy and sporty as say an Audi. However I respect VW for upgrading their design to make up for not being a rival for Audi.
  • Rune Andersen
    Rune Andersen 2 недели назад (изменено) Because you pay for the brand too, why do people pay 800 pounds for an iPhone? It's the same, you wouldn't pay the same price and get a Nokia. Even if IT could do the same things.
  • Joe Smed
    Joe Smed Год назад That car looks beautiful
  • Abi Velser
    Abi Velser Год назад I can't wait to see this car in the street, it's a beuty
  • Lysergic Casserole
    Lysergic Casserole Год назад Croatian Warmaster Bitch lasagne
  • Sri Harsha
    Sri Harsha Год назад Croatian Warmaster how the fuck do you know that the person is an Indian ......stop being baised you racist fuck
  • dave blueballz
    dave blueballz Год назад Abi Velser Your grammar isn't.
  • dave blueballz
    dave blueballz Год назад Sri Harsha stfu
  • Ubayd
    Ubayd Год назад thats basically all the dudes nowadays smh
  • a chicken
    a chicken 5 месяцев назад @Lysergic Casserole YA PREDICT THE DAMN FUTURE
  • Bob Outélama
    Bob Outélama 4 месяца назад All croatians are exclusively driving BMW, VW and Audi. @Sri Harsha
  • eyeCU13
    eyeCU13 Год назад This car is definitely a winner in my book. What a cool style! If I could afford it, I wouldn't think twice!
  • King Eric
    King Eric Год назад This Audi rs7 I mean Volkswagen areton looks nice.
  • RS 7
    RS 7 Год назад Does it look like a rs7 to u?
  • Wicked RAD
    Wicked RAD Год назад It's the closet to an Rs7 I'll ever own (im buying it when it gets to america)
  • Evan Sargent
    Evan Sargent Год назад more like a5 sportback
  • Jan
    Jan 5 месяцев назад Yeah RS7, totally sounds like a V8 with 560hp
  • Anton Babani
    Anton Babani 5 месяцев назад Thats because vw owns audi?
  • Vassago
    Vassago 1 месяц назад Blind fuck
  • Samuil Hristov
    Samuil Hristov Неделю назад Maybe RS5 not RS7
  • Richard Ikin
    Richard Ikin Год назад The thing with VW is, the badge has more kudos than Ford and Vauxhall, but not as much as Audi, BMW, or Mercedes. I can see myself getting one of these because of the bora that I have now, which absolutely refuses to fall apart. Quality is excellent.
  • coolertuep
    coolertuep Год назад well the mustang also is a ford but still prettttyyy cool. Its not about the brand but the individual cars. If you have 20k$ you could get a 10 year old Mercedes e-class, or you could get a brand new ford fiesta. Both the same price, which one is more "premium"? Its really not about the brand
  • Fawexx
    Fawexx Год назад a ford mustang will fall apart before a volkswagen will. built quality is a thing in germany. that is why the new fords, that are made in germany, eg. the mustang GT (designed in Germany) and the Focus RS (also built and designed in germany) are superior cars to the american engineered ones.
  • The #1 Jewfro
    The #1 Jewfro Год назад Funny thing is VW owns Audi
  • Peter Bone MP
    Peter Bone MP Год назад The #1 Jewfro Yeah, they also own Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley and Bugatti as well.
  • Patriots Legend
    Patriots Legend Год назад FAWEXX your delivery if you believe vw is as reliable as Ford.
  • josephborderline
    josephborderline Год назад (изменено) let me burst your bubble kid... reliability in german cars is a myth. just google most reliable car brands. german cars are at the middle or near the bottom. also quoting the focus rs, known for the head gasket failures in its latest models, doesn't make you look good.
  • Eric Burbach
    Eric Burbach 4 месяца назад @Peter Bone MP what is Jewfro ?
  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 4 недели назад I think somebody has been working out a little too much 💪🤪
  • Bogdan Toma
    Bogdan Toma Год назад And if it's a Volkswagen,what?Why this car can't be as good as a BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E class?In my opinion,this Arteon looks much better than BMW 5 Series and E class from Mercedes
  • AD M
    AD M Год назад (изменено) Bogdan Toma it’s the interior that’s the problem not the badge in my opinion. It has the same interior as any other fully loaded VW
  • Sahd Qasim
    Sahd Qasim 11 месяцев назад The 5 series was such an uncomfortable car when i went on a long trip. I was clenching my buttocks in the passenger seats for 2 hours straight
  • Tallandcharming
    Tallandcharming 6 месяцев назад AD M all BMW interiors are the same, I owned a 4 series and a 5 series and when I got a loaner 3 series that was the same too. I now have an Arteon, the interior is better than my 2015 4 series, its faster, better looking, better equipped and cheaper; oh and it has 5 doors for our new baby - win!
  • Ammar Hasan
    Ammar Hasan 5 месяцев назад @Tallandcharming It's not the BMW interiors, it's the Audi and Merc interiors that look great.
  • Tallandcharming
    Tallandcharming 5 месяцев назад Ammar Hasan I don’t understand your point?
  • Nice Max
    Nice Max 5 месяцев назад Because normal volkswagens dont have the perfomance, looks and feel (this one looks pretty good tho), sounds, interior.
  • Tagic Mrooper
    Tagic Mrooper 4 месяца назад Cause no matter how new VW is going to be, it's still going be a VW at the end of the day. That's the only argument you need to see here.
  • Todestuete
    Todestuete 2 месяца назад @Sahd Qasim What kind of 5 series was that and who drove it on which roads? It's a very comfortable car as every review will confirm.
  • carwow
    carwow Год назад Please note: no beetles were harmed in the making of this video.
  • Rían Byrne
    Rían Byrne Год назад carwow hi
  • Rían Byrne
    Rían Byrne Год назад Is it available now in Ireland
  • K Uddin
    K Uddin Год назад You'll be getting a call from the RSPCA tomorrow mate
  • Heavens
    Heavens Год назад carwow Good or VW wouldn't be happy if you were harming their Beetles 😉
  • HappyCrapper
    HappyCrapper Год назад carwow i dont think it was intended but you did review a Volkswagen (Volkswagen beetle) 😁
  • Ian Sneddon
    Ian Sneddon Год назад Apart from the one you gave concussion of the arse to 😆
  • carwow
    carwow Год назад Ah it's fine. It passed the carwow flick test with flying colours
  • Sam Cole
    Sam Cole Год назад Maybe the bug thought it was a VW Beetle...
    KING TDI Год назад carwow Matt's been hittin the iron #MakinDemGainzz 💪
  • Damian Wojtanowski
    Damian Wojtanowski Год назад hahhaa
  • TheKenjoje
    TheKenjoje Год назад please don't use bullshit inaccurate phone apps for db....the result is wrong, 69 db is noisy for 50 mph....
  • MISComputerNET
    MISComputerNET Год назад TheKenjoje I do agree with you. In the mid 90s, we can say that the industry standards were 67 db @ 100 km/h and 70 db @ 130 km/h. I do remember that E39 520i had a noise level of 64 db @ 130 km/h and test drivers, out of the test standards, cruised at 210 km/h to have 71 db. Eventually, if this Arteon has 69 db @ 50 mph or 80 km/h, it really is very noisy in today's standards.
  • Yxng Fauz The Sauce God
    Yxng Fauz The Sauce God Год назад Rian Byrne it is ye I was at the unveiling at connolys Volkswagen in Sligo
  • TheKenjoje
    TheKenjoje Год назад arteon is certainly noticeably quiter than old bmw 5 e39, from 140 km/h on.... it's always a matter of precision of instrument used, but it's obvious if the result is too 90s the result you mentioned could be applied for mid and high class cars, compacts and smaller cars were noisier
  • MISComputerNET
    MISComputerNET Год назад TheKenjoje Exactly. The results were for VW Golf or Opel Astra or Ford Focus.
  • TheKenjoje
    TheKenjoje Год назад (изменено) I don't think about end of 90s when speaking of typical 90s standard. golf mk4 is much quieter than mk3.
  • MISComputerNET
    MISComputerNET Год назад (изменено) TheKenjoje Might be wrong. But I remember these values from weekly Auto Bild Magazine. Anyway, it doesn't change our recent evaluation about his results:)
  • 00CaldinaGTT
    00CaldinaGTT Год назад (изменено) @Rian Byrne Volkswagen say the end of the Month tho they have had one for press & promo purposes
  • Nicola Pellacani
    Nicola Pellacani Год назад carwow I liked your comment and disliked as soon as I saw I changed the number of likes from 420 to 421 #smokeweedeveryday #blazeit #dontdrinkanddrivesmokeandfly
  • TheKenjoje
    TheKenjoje Год назад exactly, mat failed at basic car journalism level of information ;)
  • PuffinDragun69
    PuffinDragun69 Год назад carwow What about your vascular system?
  • yazidgilman
    yazidgilman Год назад flick test on that poor beetle.
  • X. Wolfsteller
    X. Wolfsteller Год назад 5:34 That bug came back to get you.
  • Sayan K Das
    Sayan K Das Год назад looks amazing. will it come to India??
  • AE86 of Mt. Akina
    AE86 of Mt. Akina Год назад That's how VW feels about the type 1.
  • Rijul Ranjan
    Rijul Ranjan Год назад carwow 1:39 A beetle was hurt........
  • P Killa
    P Killa Год назад Can you imagine ?
  • Hendra Saputra
    Hendra Saputra Год назад Sharp eye! :D
  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres Год назад you hurt that beetle fucker
  • Tenzin Dhonga
    Tenzin Dhonga Год назад carwow Very nice video but respect that little helpless beetle..... they feel the pain too.
  • Reactive_ Max
    Reactive_ Max Год назад Ha
  • ventende
    ventende Год назад That's not what I heard.
  • Hussan Yaghi
    Hussan Yaghi Год назад carwow I pretty sure they were considering 3ft for us is 300ft for the beetle.
  • 603 SAVAGE
    603 SAVAGE Год назад carwow how can you not imagine? VW owns Audi, BMW, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche, and other import brands.
  • danny kotze
    danny kotze 6 месяцев назад BMW 5reeks 2018
  • Josh Cahun
    Josh Cahun 5 месяцев назад carwow i was just about to comment that 😂
  • Nisse magerne
    Nisse magerne 5 месяцев назад Can u make a vid with a volkswagen phaeton plz
  • B K
    B K 5 месяцев назад carwow I’m surprised because the gun show was intense! 💪 3:00 👌
  • Balaji Chandrasekaran
    Balaji Chandrasekaran 5 месяцев назад @1:38
  • DatAviation 340
    DatAviation 340 5 месяцев назад Lol
  • AyEss
    AyEss 5 месяцев назад carwow morning
  • Govor Marian Cosmin
    Govor Marian Cosmin 5 месяцев назад fuckin retard
  • Blake Bowers
    Blake Bowers Год назад you do know vw owns audi and Porsche. right?
  • t g
    t g Год назад me myself and no one else . Also Bentley, Lamborghini, and Bugatti
  • Etha Vint
    Etha Vint Год назад me myself and no one else nope, Porsche owns vw
  • Ezgera
    Ezgera Год назад No, VW own Porsche. The Porsche Holdings owns VW. They outmaneuvered the whole market including some really big Hedgefonds, some of them are still salty. A lot of salty court cases afterwards, VW and Porsche basically won.
  • Aleksandar Mitkoski
    Aleksandar Mitkoski Год назад me myself and no one else also bugati lamborghini man ducati and many others
  • cosmin Feier
    cosmin Feier Год назад better check VAG
  • Fawexx
    Fawexx Год назад The Volkswagen Group consists of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, MAN, Scania, Seat and Skoda.
  • Hercules Souza
    Hercules Souza Год назад Everyone knows that Volkswagen owns not only those that you mention, but also seat, skoda, lamborghini and many others, but what's the point of your comment?
  • Riley Rawlings
    Riley Rawlings Год назад The Messenger in the beginning of the video he said that VW was trying to compete with Audi... but VW owns Audi
  • Joohhnn G
    Joohhnn G Год назад And germany owns all of those brands, case closed.
  • Dominik Arpáš
    Dominik Arpáš 11 месяцев назад Vw owns audi ? 😂😂😂😂😂 is just group
  • dannyjohn5175
    dannyjohn5175 9 месяцев назад me myself and no one else I do !
  • Tantiwa Hopak
    Tantiwa Hopak 3 дня назад 5:32 behind vw there were bmw and merc vehicles 😄
  • Brick
    Brick Год назад something something biceps
  • The White Raven - Drone
    The White Raven - Drone 10 месяцев назад (изменено) Why the hell would we at VW want to compete with ourselves. We didn’t make the Arteon to compete with ourselves in our Audi lineup. VW has a market and our Audi line has a market. Just like our Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Seat, Skoda Etc etc etc.
  • Jesus Satan
    Jesus Satan 4 месяца назад Wow, Volkswagen finally realized that DESIGN IS IMPORTANT! What an epiphany!