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Funny magic show

Published on Mar 8, 2010 3,813,606 views

Magic show of humor

  • jiulianhuan
    jiulianhuan 6 лет назад Your comments translated Into English, they become, "Too cool! It feels good to back to childhood ... For those who love the circus!" Is that right? Thanks a lot!
  • TheFightingOne
    TheFightingOne 4 года назад "Magic"
  • my mangobango
    my mangobango 2 года назад Funny? No. Magic?io9. No. Creepy as hell? Yup
  • Vitalii Piskunov
    Vitalii Piskunov 4 года назад Worlds most amazing Magic tricks
  • vincent7520
    vincent7520 2 года назад iT4S MIME SHOW, NOT A MAGIC SHOW; iT4S A CHEAT 8 … LOL
  • Alexander Strieb
    Alexander Strieb 5 лет назад Thats.... Thats just creepy...
  • Jacob Courson
    Jacob Courson 5 лет назад Songs names? and AWESOME
  • snowcarriage Cheng, Cheng-hung
    snowcarriage Cheng, Cheng-hung 5 лет назад Thanks for uploading!
  • ThePstjtt
    ThePstjtt 5 лет назад More mime than magic, but fun.
  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 2 года назад who are these 2?  the taller guy looks like a guy from "Mad TV"
  • SophieTheCoolAnimeGirl
    SophieTheCoolAnimeGirl 4 года назад Jolly good show
  • Robert Fradin
    Robert Fradin 4 года назад a consommer sans moderation
  • Salvador Hazan
    Salvador Hazan 4 года назад Magñifico Divino y muy bien actuado
  • docmimo
    docmimo 6 лет назад Demasiado tierno! ;)
  • Annie B-C
    Annie B-C 6 лет назад Tres sympa et trop mignon :o) Merci Julianhuan
  • Felix Levin
    Felix Levin 6 лет назад Класс!!!
  • Jean-Baptiste Virly
    Jean-Baptiste Virly 6 лет назад Trop sympa ! Cela fait du bien de retomber en enfance... Pour les amoureux du cirque !
  • jiulianhuan
    jiulianhuan 6 лет назад "Trope drole" means "too funny" Is that right? Thanks a lot!
  • Claudine Fau Beaufils
    Claudine Fau Beaufils 6 лет назад Mime !!!! Extra ...
  • WildFoxTails
    WildFoxTails 6 лет назад I find this creepy... Such a high level...