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Funny magic show

Published on Mar 8, 2010 3,811,337 views

Magic show of humor

  • jiulianhuan
    jiulianhuan 6 лет назад Your comments translated Into English, they become, "Too cool! It feels good to back to childhood ... For those who love the circus!" Is that right? Thanks a lot!
  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 2 года назад who are these 2?  the taller guy looks like a guy from "Mad TV"
  • Maryka46
    Maryka46 3 года назад Quel talent -   continuez c'est très sympathique à regarder.  Cordialement MK
  • TheFightingOne
    TheFightingOne 4 года назад "Magic"
  • my mangobango
    my mangobango 2 года назад Funny? No. Magic?io9. No. Creepy as hell? Yup
  • ximo pame
    ximo pame 5 лет назад muy buena actuación
  • snowcarriage Cheng, Cheng-hung
    snowcarriage Cheng, Cheng-hung 5 лет назад Thanks for uploading!
  • ThePstjtt
    ThePstjtt 5 лет назад More mime than magic, but fun.
  • Jacob Courson
    Jacob Courson 5 лет назад Songs names? and AWESOME
  • Alexander Strieb
    Alexander Strieb 5 лет назад Thats.... Thats just creepy...
  • Jean Farinelli
    Jean Farinelli 5 лет назад J'ai vraiment aimé ce mime! Bravo    (MS)
  • Salvador Hazan
    Salvador Hazan 4 года назад Magñifico Divino y muy bien actuado 
  • Greg McMahan
    Greg McMahan 5 лет назад Very entertaining, no doubt. A bit misleading calling it a magic show, perhaps "Funny Mime Show" would be more appropriate. I was thinking this act could be expanded by portraying the assistant as the person who built the mechanical doll and he's showing off his latest invention. Enter carrying the doll and a tool box. Maybe in a steampunk theme.
    JEAN-FRANCOIS FIZET 4 года назад Superbe !
  • docmimo
    docmimo 5 лет назад Demasiado tierno! ;) 
  • Annie B-C
    Annie B-C 5 лет назад Tres sympa et trop mignon :o) Merci Julianhuan 
  • Felix Levin
    Felix Levin 6 лет назад Класс!!!
  • Jean-Baptiste Virly
    Jean-Baptiste Virly 6 лет назад Trop sympa ! Cela fait du bien de retomber en enfance... Pour les amoureux du cirque !
  • jiulianhuan
    jiulianhuan 6 лет назад "Trope drole" means "too funny" Is that right? Thanks a lot!
  • Claudine Fau Beaufils
    Claudine Fau Beaufils 6 лет назад Mime !!!! Extra ...