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Project Cars 2 Review "Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?"

Published on Sep 17, 2017 317,451 views

Karak takes a look at Project Cars 2 out Sept 22nd for PC, PS4, and XBox one.
Project Cars 2 goes for 59.99

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I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details. I am not one of those bigger gaming website no 2 minute reviews here only details. So if your tired of places like IGN or Gamestop enjoy your time here
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  • machine JJ
    machine JJ Год назад "a bunch of pissed off accordions on a race to Armageddon" this guy's analogies are always hilarious.
  • WarriorWithin111
    WarriorWithin111 Год назад Karak is a master wordsmith for sure. Not only is his vocabulary huge, he also does it on the spot rather than reading a script. That takes some serious skill. I can't help but wonder how his mixtape would've sounded like if he wasn't a full-time gamer lol
  • Nova The Etheral
    Nova The Etheral Год назад WarriorWithin111 Probably like Aesop Rock
  • Mr. Penguin
    Mr. Penguin Год назад ill never play this, but here i am watching this because i enjoy your reviews. keep up the good work man!
  • KD KD
    KD KD Год назад Mr. Penguin why you don't want to play it?
  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 7 месяцев назад KD KD is this worth to buy now
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад (изменено) Lots of content here and some great gameplay. But it needs a patch and a bit of finesse for me. And its Steam reviews are horrid. The screen tearing and other issues Digital Foundry pointed out do indeed happen from time to time. I tested with cars on a track with every number of opponents available and anything above 24 starts to incur some performance and image issues
  • Michael Salo
    Michael Salo Год назад What do you get on the PS4 Pro that the base model doesn't have?
  • lwaves
    lwaves Год назад +ACG Cheers for bringing up how well the gamepad worked, it was a big point for me. Those shadows were horrendous and with the other issues I'll definitely wait. I still have Forza coming in under two weeks so that'll do me for racing.
  • NJ
    NJ Год назад ACG the first game we still need to tune the helll out of cars and steering settings to enjoy the game in the Xbox?No thanks
  • The Outerhaven Productions
    The Outerhaven Productions Год назад The PS4 Pro renders at 2560x1440p that is upscaled to 4K. Better meshes, better details, higher shadows, high def textures.
  • CarefulAtheist
    CarefulAtheist Год назад You just bought yourself a "Never receive a review copy from Slightly Mad...ever" ticket. They dont like these kind reviews. Holy needed to see the forums after the release of PC 1 !!
  • F0R//A racing channel l Forza channel
    F0R//A racing channel l Forza channel Год назад Michael Salo Better graphics/resolution, frame rate.
  • Charlie Cairone
    Charlie Cairone Год назад ACG my deepest condolences that a Tom Brady ad ran before this great video.
  • dario
    dario Год назад it surely looks like it needs some fixings here and there. Also some of the menus are damn ugly.
  • MrCatsEyes
    MrCatsEyes Год назад (изменено) ACG needs a patch ? So thier selling another broken to fuck game. Was considering buying but after your comment and pc1 was a mess ,they can stick this up thier butt.
  • Philip Pears
    Philip Pears Год назад Thanks for an honest review, confirmed my suspicions that FM7 will be the better bet. OMG can't believe you needed a patch on console wtf? If it can't be good out of the box then what point is there in having dedicated hardware for gaming which is supposed to eliminate performance issues? FM7 will have 700 cars vs Pcars2 180 and the same dynamic day/night weather effects, and judging by prior versions will drive better both with gamepad or wheel without having to muck around with ffb settings.
  • man finn
    man finn Год назад forza is acarde ;v
  • Brandon Wyatt
    Brandon Wyatt Год назад lol a PC and a proper wheel and pedals is the only way to play this game.
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад hahaha. That would be because they deleted it
  • CarefulAtheist
    CarefulAtheist Год назад ACG Oh my. Makes sense. Lol
  • Raklödder
    Raklödder Год назад and you need to get a wheel because a gamepad won't do
  • moiskellerwerter bra
    moiskellerwerter bra Год назад ACG i realy need an answer: F1 2017 or Project Cars 2 Wich should i buy?
  • Ford Entertainment Group FEG
    Ford Entertainment Group FEG Год назад The Outerhaven Productions no it doesn't. PS4 pro can't do 1440 natively
  • NoGoogleNO!
    NoGoogleNO! Год назад Hard to find a Steam game that doesn't have horrid reviews nowadays. It's like the Millennials only know thumb up/down and are confused about what to say when something is not perfect and/or exactly what they were expecting. And honestly with the hype most games have for months before release now, the level of expectations is sometimes ridiculous.
  • awdrifter3
    awdrifter3 Год назад This is a real and honest review. IGN and other major review sites gave this game a glowing review, just like NFS Shift and Shift 2, both werr mediocre to bad games. This game is built on the same engine as Shift and Shift 2, in Shift 2 they introduced some really bad input lag, so that feeling of "translation" of you input is probably the lingering effect of that delay, probably due to them adding Nvidia's Physx and it's not playing well with the AMD hardware in the consoles. This game will be a skip for me, SMS is not that good at making racing games. To me a racing game needs to get the handling physics right first, but they chose to add on fluff like the dubious rain effects and helmet cam.
  • GeetarGeeker
    GeetarGeeker Год назад I love this game so much but the performance on the Xbox one is horrific. I really hope they will patch all these problems. The visuals particularly are horrible at times...
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад you bet
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад that sucks man
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад true that
  • Fernando Cárdenas
    Fernando Cárdenas Год назад Needs more road going "normal" cars instead of these race cars with no character.
  • MrMaldezzar
    MrMaldezzar Год назад I have same problems like you ........ For now i think Assetto Corsa i best sim .
  • Thomas V.
    Thomas V. Год назад I take my words back dude. This game SUCKS right now. Everything is so broken on ps4 :(
  • Jason Moyle
    Jason Moyle Год назад Steam reviews are erelevant as they are for the PC version you can't buy ps4 games on steam.
  • JuergenGDB
    JuergenGDB 7 месяцев назад Does this still apply after their upgrade?
  • Digby Dooright
    Digby Dooright 3 месяца назад It's still selling for 60 dollars on Steam! Too much for me. -,-
  • TMillah17
    TMillah17 Год назад Your reviews always rise above excellence. Thank you for your hard work!
  • Zaryel
    Zaryel Год назад Dude, nice review, take some time to rest too :)
  • Peter Cho
    Peter Cho Год назад I think he can take a long nice break he deserves when youtube stop demonetizing his vids :(
  • Zaryel
    Zaryel Год назад (изменено) Yea, I understand but he is really producing high quality content every day. That is hard af.
  • Sukh
    Sukh Год назад Why does youtube demonetise his videos tho?
  • Rin Tin
    Rin Tin Год назад (изменено) Many genres on YouTube including gaming channels are being effected. Seems toy unboxing channels are the only safe route these days. To answer your question "why?". No one can figure out what is acceptable and what isn't. Seems the bots they (Google) have doing the majority of the work for them are "still learning" shall we say...
  • Denver N.
    Denver N. Год назад As far as I can tell, he's one of the hardest working youtubers out there. Its complete bs if his vids get demonetized
  • ljessecusterl
    ljessecusterl Год назад Best review channel I've found. I agree with y''s absolute garbage that his vids get demonetized.
  • ian m
    ian m Год назад Videogame channels are getting demonized because most games include guns and violence which are now things on the shit list but since this is a racing game it shouldn't get demonized unless he says something that could be considered inappropriate in addition to swearing
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад dont need any
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад not sure
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад thanks
  • AirJarKilla
    AirJarKilla Год назад M
  • TAGS Battfink
    TAGS Battfink Год назад (изменено) Sounds wicked, small issues aside, defo getting this day one, loved the first. Tell me, can you still remove the drivers hands and wheel from the cockpit on the xbox version? I find it so offputting when using my rig, pcars one wad epic for allowing this, sewt movement and fov all on console version
  • toppdogg2k17
    toppdogg2k17 Год назад meh. I'll wait for the pc version with vr.
  • Hector Mejia
    Hector Mejia Год назад if you're waiting for a sale, it's up for 30 bucks on the xbox store til 12/10. thanks for the review!
  • Astral Frost
    Astral Frost Год назад (изменено) Always a fantastic review! It looks a little rough, no doubt. Though I really like the dynamic weather system. Love the increase in cars and track layouts, as well. But ultimately, I'll take your advice and wait for a sale. Forza 7 is upon us, as is the next GT.
  • Tim datoolman
    Tim datoolman 9 месяцев назад Great review, loved the "ass hat" comment, I laughed out loud on that one.
  • RAY M
    RAY M Год назад they really Suffered On NFS Shift Series and same suffer as on Project cars1 i wonder just replace enigne ffs
  • Goodeus Maximus
    Goodeus Maximus Год назад so ill wait for this to be 20 bucks on PC. Hopefully Forza 7 and GT Sport pan out
  • Alex Jacobsen
    Alex Jacobsen Год назад Soo... all these weather effects can they we controlled or do they just sort of happen ? nice review btw TU
  • Jean-Gérard Beauport
    Jean-Gérard Beauport Год назад One thing I found interesting in your review is your comment about the AI. From other reviewers who have had the opportunity to preview this game they seemed to feel like the AI had dramatically improved as some of the drivers would make mistakes and not take the absolute perfect line etc, and that was a huge selling point for me (as mostly an offline player). So yeah, I find that interesting that you haven't had the same experience ...
  • ACG
    ACG Год назад sounds like our thoughts are the same then. I discuss just that after I talk about the odd steering issue
  • ThreeDaysOfDan
    ThreeDaysOfDan Год назад Good AI has never been defined to me. You have GT 1 AI that is fast but sticks to a track line like glue. You have GT5/6 AI that is slow ( except for the lead car), and cedes way to you . You have NFS/Motorstorm AI that is both fast but deliberately goes out of its way to ram you off the track . You have driveclub AI that is fast, and incredibly reactive etc. Iv played hundreds of racing games and honestly peopel who claim games have Bad AI are talking out their ass. An AI is only bad if it's slow or downright intrusive. I don't see why people insist on having AI competitors wreck every damn race. Its rare when you have some idiot overshoot a turn in real life
  • Calvin Campbell
    Calvin Campbell Год назад Dope review as per bro and I've been on the fence about getting this on pc, so thanks for the timely review I'll wait for a sale or patch
  • Iso Guy
    Iso Guy Год назад Thanks for the review, was really helpful. Guess I'll wait for forza!
  • Chris Gonzo
    Chris Gonzo Год назад Surprised to see PC2 review up already. Yo da man!
  • Keven Aucoin
    Keven Aucoin Год назад (изменено) Great review. Have some early thoughts on GT Sport ?
  • Panda Xkills
    Panda Xkills Год назад mr. Karak, do you inject Redbull into your veins? YOU'RE ON FIRE WITH ALL THESE REVIEWS! xD
  • Megumin
    Megumin Год назад I still play gran turismo 2-4 I will buy gtsport but I really want project cars 2