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The Subaru SVX Is the Weirdest Subaru Ever

Published on Feb 5, 2019 965,316 views


The Subaru SVX is the weirdest Subaru ever. Today I'm reviewing the Subaru SVX to show you why it's so weird -- and I'm showing you all the ins and outs of the SVX.

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  • Josh Bacon
    Josh Bacon 2 месяца назад Doug, the type of guy to set Internet Explorer as his default browser.
  • Mannard Mann
    Mannard Mann 2 месяца назад Netscape Navigator, baby!
  • matthew reed
    matthew reed 2 месяца назад @Mannard Mann 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • george Washington
    george Washington 2 месяца назад Lmao
  • John Mista
    John Mista 2 месяца назад Okay, that was good.
  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma 2 месяца назад Doug is the type of guy who uses Yahoo mail. And thats true you can see that in his previous videos when he asks for car dealerships.
  • Canal C
    Canal C 2 месяца назад *Micrsoft Edge
  • Joni
    Joni 2 месяца назад Ouch.
  • manoman0
    manoman0 2 месяца назад Oohhhh, good one, good one!
  • Schimmelkaas Bakstenen
    Schimmelkaas Bakstenen 2 месяца назад (изменено) He likes the crazy quirks and features of internet explorer
  • Twippie Diggs
    Twippie Diggs 2 месяца назад Internet Explorer is the best
  • Wesley alan
    Wesley alan 2 месяца назад Doug's the type of guy to give names to his Animal Crackers
  • 180MPH In The Wrong Lane
    180MPH In The Wrong Lane 2 месяца назад @Mannard Mann Naaahhh... he loves Opera 😂
  • Muhammad Khairul Ahsan
    Muhammad Khairul Ahsan 2 месяца назад Good one hahaha
  • Timothy lokotkov
    Timothy lokotkov 2 месяца назад It's because of all those quirks and features
  • Mr BrightSide
    Mr BrightSide 2 месяца назад @Rajat Sharma hey, I use yahoo mail!
  • Mr Reviewer
    Mr Reviewer 2 месяца назад I have a Lambo Aventador LP700-4 and made a review of it on my channel. I would be so happy if some of you could check it out
  • F B I
    F B I 2 месяца назад Epic
  • Wesley alan
    Wesley alan 2 месяца назад Lol!!
  • cmm373
    cmm373 2 месяца назад LOL
  • gil zur
    gil zur 2 месяца назад Microsoft Idiot Explorer
  • Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez 2 месяца назад How the hell you know that?You stalk Doug?:)
  • BBB H
    BBB H 2 месяца назад Geez... That's just COLD, bro. (Haha- what, did he use OS/2 until like 1998?)
  • Tiv Robo
    Tiv Robo 2 месяца назад On his Mac ;)
  • therealknapster
    therealknapster 2 месяца назад Well it's infinitely better than crappy chrome or shitty Firefox and anything on earth is better than wankest safari . So he made a very good choice 👍
  • Nick Name
    Nick Name 2 месяца назад so? i use internet explorer and there is nothing wrong about it, in fact i think IE is better than Chrome, Edge or etc, i tested them all on my pc and there's no big difference between them, but IE has better menu. your statement sounds like - "look he use blue t-shirt", well everyone has different opinion about different things.
  • Sami Khamis
    Sami Khamis 2 месяца назад My dad does this
  • BBB H
    BBB H 2 месяца назад @therealknapster Well... Microsoft is exceptionally good at perfecting other company's ideas- vis-a-vis windows and IE... I'll grant that Firefox has its flaws, but i used it for years for one reason- usability (as in 'tabs', etc) (Ok two reasons- it was also much safer and more secure than IE, if only because it was less common and thus hackers had less of an incentive to find and exploit its flaws. (Also, each iteration of IE was built upon the last one, whereas when new browsers showed up (Firefox, chrome, safari, etc), they were clean-slate: modern from day one, vs (IE's) antiquated code which was patched and repatched, added to and expanded, etc, and therefore unwieldy and needlessly complicated... Kind of like how the first generations of Windows still used DOS as the kernel, eh? I use chrome now, usually (except for sensitive and safety-critical uses). IE has just left a bad taste with me over the years re: its vulnerability and awkwardness... Maybe I owe it another shot? Nah.
  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma 2 месяца назад @Mr BrightSide good luck to you✌
  • Trevor Miller
    Trevor Miller 2 месяца назад Josh Bacon best one yet
  • Weasel
    Weasel 2 месяца назад @Rajat Sharma Yahoo mail since '98 here bro.
  • Emppu T.
    Emppu T. 2 месяца назад Nah, good old Mozilla
  • pc-sound-legacy
    pc-sound-legacy 2 месяца назад You are the type of guy making yesterdays jokes and never realizing that because there are always some guys of your own class cheering it.
  • Alexander L
    Alexander L 2 месяца назад Probably. He does seem like he used to work for google, and quit 😂😂😂😂😆
  • Paul A
    Paul A 2 месяца назад Internet exploder
  • Meeker Extreme
    Meeker Extreme 2 месяца назад Who doesn't set it as default?
  • The Wedge
    The Wedge 2 месяца назад probably netscape. uses Excite as his search engine.
  • zszsz
    zszsz 2 месяца назад (изменено) boom! 😆 (somehow that becomes a compliment for his case.)
  • Taijean Moodie
    Taijean Moodie 2 месяца назад @Meeker Extreme people who want a browser that doesn't lag
  • EPH FranfutX
    EPH FranfutX 2 месяца назад JAJAJJAJA BEST COMMENT
  • GIT-FO
    GIT-FO 2 месяца назад @Mannard Mann Mosaic!
  • ts.exotics 458
    ts.exotics 458 2 месяца назад You have so many spots on your face
    BIG BIRD 2 месяца назад I don't think so
  • Big Noob
    Big Noob 2 месяца назад Big Noob, The type of guy that uses internet explorer.
  • Von Clohk
    Von Clohk 2 месяца назад ha
  • Akshay Kaylaser
    Akshay Kaylaser 2 месяца назад DuckDuckGo Lol. Oh wait thats not a browser lmao.
  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 2 месяца назад The Wedge I actually still have my old email address. I still use it for personal email sometimes, too!
  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 2 месяца назад Paul A Ford Exploder?
  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 2 месяца назад It’s just one of his own personal quirks and features...
  • moo24251
    moo24251 2 месяца назад yet he has 2.5 mil subs more then you and 800k views in the video
  • Dušan Barlík
    Dušan Barlík 2 месяца назад @Rajat Sharma now this one is very real! It's a pity it is burried below retards commenting "good one", "lol", and "Microsoft whatever whatever".
  • dfcart01
    dfcart01 1 месяц назад @Canal C LOL I was thinking the same thing.
  • GREG J
    GREG J 4 недели назад You're a douche bag type a guy!
  • Fat Man TV
    Fat Man TV 2 недели назад no he would set firefox as his default browser
  • The Wedge
    The Wedge 2 месяца назад if Doug was a car, he would definitely be an SVX
  • sebastian licht
    sebastian licht 2 месяца назад If Tony Ferguson was a car he would be a bicycle!
  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai 2 месяца назад If the SVX was a car it would definately be KITs gay brother
  • sebastian licht
    sebastian licht 2 месяца назад @Sundar Pichai That name is awsesome!
  • sebastian licht
    sebastian licht 2 месяца назад @Sundar Pichai Anjali is beautiful
  • Benjamin Mathew
    Benjamin Mathew 2 месяца назад He would be a mercades e63s wagon amg
  • sebastian licht
    sebastian licht 2 месяца назад I am sorry but Doug would be a 1973 Citroen SM
  • Walter - 1
    Walter - 1 1 месяц назад Nah he would be a Subaru DBRAT
  • Walter - 1
    Walter - 1 1 месяц назад Nah he would be a Subaru BRAT
  • Fat Man TV
    Fat Man TV 2 недели назад he would be a fiat multipla
  • Cars and Bass
    Cars and Bass 2 недели назад THE ACCURACY OF THIS IS OFF THE CHART 😂😂😂 I love Doug 👌
  • Christopher Ferguson
    Christopher Ferguson 2 недели назад @sebastian licht Hey that's my last name
  • Cecil Brown Media
    Cecil Brown Media 2 месяца назад My babysitter had this car and I remember finding a map in the back seat where Russia was labeled as USSR and I had a lot of questions.
  • Electro Magnetic
    Electro Magnetic 2 месяца назад Did you bang your babysitter? That's what you're suppose to do with babysitters.
  • R D
    R D 2 месяца назад Electro Magnetic his father did.
  • American Panzer
    American Panzer 2 месяца назад She's a keeper
  • Chemtrail Dreams
    Chemtrail Dreams 2 месяца назад Comrade babysitter
  • M M
    M M 2 месяца назад You got her into the back seat? Damn, good for you my friend!
  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai 2 месяца назад What a lying sack
  • Billy Beheler
    Billy Beheler 2 месяца назад Cecil Brown Media this makes me laugh
  • c704710
    c704710 1 месяц назад That is an oddity. Usually the entire USSR was mislabeled as "Russia" on old maps and globes in the USA. But I don't think I've ever seen Russia labeled USSR. Uhm, I presume you were in a car in the USA? Rumor has it that globes to display at soviet embassies were made with the entire USA labeled "California" to poke fun at US map makers.
  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai 1 месяц назад Should have been labeled CCCP then
  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai 1 месяц назад @c704710 California still thinks they are the entire United States to this day.
  • . Scout
    . Scout 3 недели назад Did u touch her tits and try grabbing her ass in king because you are a child you could get away with it?
  • . Scout
    . Scout 3 недели назад @Electro Magnetic hell yeah we are on the same page, we should get together and go on babysitter hunts where we bribe babysitters with high pay but promise them even better reward as we take turn banging them
  • Der Aua
    Der Aua 2 недели назад @Electro Magnetic babysitters are the best. I have a whole collection... in my cellar
  • Magnify
    Magnify 2 месяца назад if 7.3 seconds gives it an accelleration score of 1 - and you still give 11-second cars a score of 1, I'd say its time to recalibrate it..
  • Evan Pilkington
    Evan Pilkington 2 месяца назад 1 is the lowest possible score and they're both bad, so what's the problem?
  • kewlfinn
    kewlfinn 2 месяца назад So that means a new BMW 320 also gets a 1. Acceleration figures should be compared to other cars of similar class, not just numbers. All cars taking more than 7 seconds getting a 1 seems kind of odd.
  • Magnify
    Magnify 2 месяца назад (изменено) Evan Pilkington The scores are compared to all other cars in all classes, and that’s fine, but given that, there should be more resolution in the scores towards the outer ends. Maybe something like <2,5s 10points, <2,8s 9p, <3s 8p, <3,5s 7p, <4,5s 6p, <5,5s 5p, <6,5s 4p, <8s 3p, <10s 2p, and anything above 10 gets 1p. Practicality is also a score where basically any supercar is getting 1, usually regardless of the car even having a single storage compartment or not. 1 should be reserved for the absolute extreme of cases in my opinion.
  • fmd3d
    fmd3d 2 месяца назад @Magnify Everything less than 3 sec is easy 10 for me.. 7.3 sec is a good acceleration for me.. 4 points easily..
  • Nolan Abell
    Nolan Abell 2 месяца назад With a manual transmission swap and weight reduction I have a 4.11 geared SVX running 6 seconds flat 0-60
  • Chef4life79
    Chef4life79 2 месяца назад @Nolan Abell hi, fellow Subaru owner, not an svx though, I remember these cars, I read a few articles years ago talking about Subaru not having a transmission that would handle the sixes torque, and de-tuning the motor slightly and using a 4 speed auto was the best option at the time. I was wondering if you heard this too
  • Nolan Abell
    Nolan Abell 2 месяца назад @Chef4life79 yessir! Simple tuning will bump it up an extra 20-30 horse without changing reliability at all. Only issue is the OBD1. Need standalone so you end up spending $1500 on that extra power anyways. And yes the Legacy GT trans I'm using works fantastic for the torque.
  • Tyson B
    Tyson B 2 месяца назад Nolan Abell that’s really cool. Regular car reviews has a review of a road master station wagon with a t56 swap called the cammaster and that thing roars compared to the auto only option they came with. I’d suggest watching it, it’s hilarious
  • Craig Pearce
    Craig Pearce 2 месяца назад The dougscore is all crap and means nothing to anyone except Doug.
  • David Thompson
    David Thompson 2 месяца назад It's not quick by today's standards, but once it was going, it just kept accelerating.
  • beniamingt
    beniamingt 1 месяц назад @Magnify His scoring system is shit. Your points are correct. But it will be hard for him to change anything, because of all earlier videos. And value is also weak. It is speculation, it is in never ending process of changing and score is "forever". Over 10 seconds for 1 is still too crude. After 100 years of motorization most of cars didn't make 100 faster. At least margin of 15 seconds. VW Polo III (modern car) needed 20 seconds. Fiat 126 needed 50 seconds and it was produce to AD 2000. And what about practice acceleration? 60-100 for example. It is more important. 50% of fun factor should be related to gear box.
  • GoredonTheDestroyer
    GoredonTheDestroyer 3 недели назад @Evan Pilkington I mean, 7.3 for an AWD luxobarge is impressive.
  • Ruedi Mueller
    Ruedi Mueller 2 месяца назад I drive a 1992 SVX, which is great especialy here Switzerland at winter time.
  • Michael Romero
    Michael Romero 2 месяца назад Ruedi Mueller yeah boyyyyyy!
  • Lefteris Gaming
    Lefteris Gaming 2 месяца назад Doug the type of guy to yell ding ding at people when his bike bell doesn't work.
  • anonis stantzos
    anonis stantzos 2 месяца назад helllllllllll yeah bady
  • Zibby H
    Zibby H 2 месяца назад Best one Ive seen in todays video 😂😂😂
  • stingyblue
    stingyblue 2 месяца назад I feel guilty for laughing
  • Lefteris Gaming
    Lefteris Gaming 2 месяца назад @stingyblue don,t feel Guilty It is alright
  • Wesley alan
    Wesley alan 2 месяца назад Doug's the type of guy to give names to his Animal Crackers
  • Lefyre
    Lefyre 2 месяца назад Doug the type of guy to ride a bike with a basket in front
  • Michael Rossi
    Michael Rossi 2 месяца назад And secretly gives his “ding dong” a Doug score
  • Anton Chekhov
    Anton Chekhov 2 месяца назад Hhhhahaaahhahhahahqaahqhqhhqa
  • Roshiar Fares
    Roshiar Fares 2 месяца назад @Lefteris Gaming oh you're the dumbass that started the fight last time, what's up?
  • Just a random dude
    Just a random dude 2 месяца назад Ελλαδάρα
  • ShadowWolfGaming25
    ShadowWolfGaming25 2 месяца назад Lefteris Gaming seems like something I would do if I was like... 7
  • Chris Iver
    Chris Iver 2 месяца назад lmao thats a good one
  • Just a random dude
    Just a random dude 2 месяца назад You make funny and original "Doug the type of guy..." jokes. Keep it up.
  • Tim Winchester
    Tim Winchester 2 месяца назад 👌🏾😂😂🤣🤣
  • sebastian licht
    sebastian licht 2 месяца назад @Roshiar Fares I enjoy the banter!!!!!!
  • RealNameNeverUsed
    RealNameNeverUsed 1 месяц назад And yell ding dong when the doorbell doesn't work.
  • Docentino
    Docentino 4 недели назад Of all the 'Doug is ..." bits here this one ring-rings most true and is the funniest so far.
  • d3Rm0Nk
    d3Rm0Nk 2 месяца назад This car is so 1992 it doesn't get any more 1992y
  • JustARandomRDFan
    JustARandomRDFan 2 месяца назад Hello fellow brony
  • y a
    y a 2 месяца назад ninety toohy eh?
  • The Gaming Norwegian
    The Gaming Norwegian 2 месяца назад Ehmm yes it does... the 1991-1992 dodge grand caravan, now thats 90`s lol.
  • Kelsey Frost
    Kelsey Frost 2 месяца назад 1992y lmao
  • Fat Man TV
    Fat Man TV 2 недели назад @JustARandomRDFan no
  • Jason SandFo
    Jason SandFo 2 месяца назад Doug is the type of guy who pulls his sock up to his knees when wearing shorts.
  • Frank T
    Frank T 2 месяца назад It's funny how you speak of the "weird windows" but don't open them while driving. The purpose was to be able to roll the window at speed with no air turbulence in the car. I could smoke with the window down and no air blew around the inside. Very quiet with the window down.
  • msi
    msi 1 месяц назад Oh. Would have loved to see that
  • mercoid
    mercoid 1 месяц назад Frank T ....He does tend to miss a lot of obvious stuff in his reviews
  • Tiago Feitosa
    Tiago Feitosa 3 недели назад Congratulations to the owner for keeping such good care of this car. It's an amazing vehicle, unique in it's own way.
  • AutoAgitator
    AutoAgitator 2 месяца назад Windows have been mentioned so many time here Bill Gates subscribed to this channel.
  • Mr Reviewer
    Mr Reviewer 2 месяца назад I have a Lambo Aventador LP700-4 and made a review of it on my channel. I would be so happy if some of you could check it out
  • Alex Wise
    Alex Wise 2 месяца назад @Mr Reviewer no
  • Toasted Pastry
    Toasted Pastry 2 месяца назад @Mr Reviewer oooo he sniping
  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown 2 месяца назад I counted 38/40 windows mentions
  • Hamilton Dashcammer
    Hamilton Dashcammer 2 месяца назад @Mr Reviewer 👌👈 I will forcibly do this to ever hole in your body if you don't stop
  • Mr Reviewer
    Mr Reviewer 2 месяца назад @Hamilton Dashcammer it's the only way I can get subs .. Sorry
  • rasterops1083
    rasterops1083 2 месяца назад All SVXs came with windows installed?
  • john smitty
    john smitty 2 месяца назад @Mr Reviewer confused as to why you fishing for subs when you clearly already have a good enough job to afford a new lambo, shouldnt you be spending your time working on that job, or maybe enjoying the lambo, instead of trying to start a channel?
  • Ryan Adam
    Ryan Adam 2 месяца назад Hur hur hur
  • Team Rocket
    Team Rocket 2 месяца назад @Mr Reviewer i don't look at common car reviews
  • Team Rocket
    Team Rocket 2 месяца назад @john smitty you know how it goes . daddy stopped paying the bills ................. rofl .
  • Julian Brown
    Julian Brown 2 месяца назад The only way that will happen is if Doug starts reviewing Microsoft products in general.
  • MrTruth111
    MrTruth111 2 месяца назад @Mr Reviewer what does it have to do with a Subaru or windows?
  • Claude Speed
    Claude Speed 1 месяц назад @Mr Reviewer fucking liar
  • Robert Gates
    Robert Gates 1 месяц назад He sent me to keep an eye on the situation
  • Abusequalsintake
    Abusequalsintake 2 месяца назад That car would look so much better with Citroen badges.
  • Jack -
    Jack - 2 недели назад Haha yeah.. no..
  • Matthew Baker
    Matthew Baker 2 месяца назад 14:40 nah that’s the blinker fluid.
  • Brad P
    Brad P 2 недели назад It was not Subaru's first 6 cylinder engine. The XT6 had one. In terms of market segment, the SVX kind of replaced the XT6.
  • David Cordes
    David Cordes 2 недели назад Doug's the type of guy to meet Chuck Norris and give him a Doug score
  • Time Lapses
    Time Lapses 2 месяца назад Doug the type of guy to say please and thank you to Alexa.
  • aayan goverski
    aayan goverski 2 месяца назад Time Lapses omg so true
  • Ryad Hasan Ahmed
    Ryad Hasan Ahmed 2 месяца назад Time Lapse LOL
  • j freed
    j freed 2 месяца назад True, if we try to reflexively polite talking with machines then we will not gradually become more rude with real people.
  • airheart1
    airheart1 2 месяца назад (изменено) Loved my '96 SVX... got wrecked by a semi in a snow storm in 2010... jerk killed a great car :( As far as the 'weirdness' of the windows... they were designed that way because the large front window was too big (unstable as a single pane of glass, if it were one pane), and the geometry is not straight like a normal window, to be able to roll the whole thing up and down. They wanted a full glass look.. and this was the compromise they had to design to get it... and it worked.. and it was beautiful, reasonable practical and distinctive.