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Funny videos 2018 ✦ Funny pranks try not to laugh challenge P22

Published on Oct 7, 2018 6,045,190 views

Hi my friends. Today we bring you the funny moments that make you laugh, we hope you enjoy and watch more.

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  • mark anthony daulong
    mark anthony daulong 3 месяца назад #8:08..very funny
  • Marzelle Jedreck Baniqued
    Marzelle Jedreck Baniqued Неделю назад Lol
  • Mr. Linton
    Mr. Linton 5 дней назад Lelqdexznmbse Kglglll Lvg Idhjvdhlfdhñg Ñllkkmmmm
  • Mr. Linton
    Mr. Linton 5 дней назад OaSwfwepolhlñgzvxccvnbmmlshpñhlgljskdkddj Ljcljbxzjlsk
  • Arcemoer
    Arcemoer 4 дня назад best yo yo
    ARMY BTS 1 месяц назад じゃじゃじゃじゃ
  • Edgaras Bars
    Edgaras Bars 3 месяца назад 4:39 funny laughs
  • Kryštof Čapek
    Kryštof Čapek 3 месяца назад Who is this Gold man?
  • Czequina Glyne Dizo
    Czequina Glyne Dizo 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Natawa talaga ako dito hahahahahahhahaahahhaha I laughed like for hours and hours for repeating lalong lalo na sa babaeng sumo gawa tapos Natakot yung lalaki 1like for video and subscribe=ibig sabihin tumawa kayo Gaya saakin 1like in my comment=I laughed for 10 hours even while sleeping tho hahahha
  • ferel lyne damayo
    ferel lyne damayo 2 дня назад 😂😂😂😂😂😆😆🤣🤣🤣😻😻
  • 王威Bob·bang
    王威Bob·bang 3 месяца назад 中国快手脑残人士丢人都丢到国外去了?身为一个中国人我都觉得丢脸。
  • Janet and Kate
    Janet and Kate 3 месяца назад 5:58 hahha
  • Ella Riza Elino
    Ella Riza Elino 3 месяца назад Like please 👇
  • leticia balase
    leticia balase 2 месяца назад Natawa ko kahit konti
  • lodjohn jolampong
    lodjohn jolampong 2 месяца назад Its very funny hahahahahahahahahahahahah
  • Sherwan Sndi
    Sherwan Sndi 1 день назад @lodjohn jolampong sara
  • irish asuncion
    irish asuncion 2 месяца назад Savage
  • tran hie
    tran hie 7 месяцев назад Very informative especially for the millenials:)
  • Jaden Quejada
    Jaden Quejada 6 месяцев назад xxx
  • nenith bibon
    nenith bibon 5 месяцев назад ako parang sinasadya lang nila yan o inulit lang yan h
  • Shakira Ariana
    Shakira Ariana 1 месяц назад [Rats] Hahahahahahaha.
  • Prince hydel Padua
    Prince hydel Padua 3 месяца назад Di ako natatawa -_-
  • Roblox Player
    Roblox Player 2 месяца назад Wow tibay
  • bitch lasagna 109
    bitch lasagna 109 1 месяц назад Ako rin
  • Prince hydel Padua
    Prince hydel Padua 1 месяц назад Jamuel Grozen thx
  • Prince hydel Padua
    Prince hydel Padua 1 месяц назад baldovino production oo nga e
  • mjay dayon
    mjay dayon 2 месяца назад scripted lol :)
  • janeha Edol
    janeha Edol 3 месяца назад (изменено) Natawa talaga ako sa 8 minute and 48 seconds
  • Yoongiversal_Jams 19
    Yoongiversal_Jams 19 3 месяца назад Ganun ba kaloko yung Chinese?😂😂😂(no offense,just a joke)
  • Shubhash Kumar
    Shubhash Kumar 4 месяца назад 2video😂😂😂😂
  • Madelien Espeno Parmis
    Madelien Espeno Parmis 6 месяцев назад Scripted Like this if it is scripted
  • Francz Olivia
    Francz Olivia 6 месяцев назад #rhodora
  • Mary Joy Equila
    Mary Joy Equila 6 месяцев назад Madelien Espeno Parmis
  • Draven Stamaria
    Draven Stamaria 5 месяцев назад U3