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Enzo Car Review | Top Gear | BBC

Published on Mar 19, 2010 6,287,135 views

Ferrari weren't too keen on lending the Top Gear team its new Enzo. Not surprising when you consider it costs half a million pounds! Fortunately, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason, just happened to have one. He also had a new book out too. Cue some shameless plugging... of the book!

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  • Phillip Betts
    Phillip Betts 3 года назад Ah, back when paddle shifting needed to be explained.
  • B Kng
    B Kng 2 года назад What's paddle shifting?
  • Afraz Ashik
    Afraz Ashik 2 года назад Jeremy wasnt explaining paddle shifting. He was saying about what all happened during 150 ms and contrasting it with the simple action of pulling a paddle.
  • senna
    senna 2 года назад +Bandit King Manually shifting gears with the paddles on the back of the steering wheel.
  • Shock
    Shock 2 года назад @gullw1ng: it was a joke
  • gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs
    gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs Год назад 150 milliseconds.... modern dual clutch gearboxes do it in.... 30? What a progress in just over 10 years.
  • cloridan Beauchamps
    cloridan Beauchamps 11 месяцев назад gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs a vag dsg does it in 6ms
  • Rasmus Kuosmanen
    Rasmus Kuosmanen 10 месяцев назад cloridan Beauchamps a cvt does it in 0ms
  • gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs
    gfsdgfabfsdafjsavbdfs 10 месяцев назад When Chuck Norris changes gears, time runs backward.
  • Federico Sergio
    Federico Sergio 6 месяцев назад Also, sequential manuals from the mid 2000's are delightfully slow compared to modern dual clutch transmissions.
  • Denis Tahirovic
    Denis Tahirovic 4 месяца назад Now a ducking Clio has "dual clutch, paddle shifting"...
  • Nikolay
    Nikolay 3 месяца назад @Denis Tahirovic but its a shitty dct
  • Denis Tahirovic
    Denis Tahirovic 3 месяца назад @Nikolay like really really shitty
  • mattsa pic
    mattsa pic 3 месяца назад ​@Rasmus Kuosmanen lol a VAG DSG is leagues above a CVT.
  • rimmersbryggeri
    rimmersbryggeri 3 дня назад @cloridan Beauchamps What the hell does a vag need a paddle shift for?
  • Tom
    Tom 2 года назад Love the idiots who don't understand the ironic product placement. Some people will never understand british humour
  • Oliver Heap
    Oliver Heap 2 года назад (2-0 spurs)
  • Nathan Kolbe
    Nathan Kolbe 2 года назад Tom very ironic
  • first name last name
    first name last name 2 года назад But you know what does help you understand British humor? That's right, Nick Mason's new book will! Available for only 30 pounds in the nearest book store!
  • Beni J
    Beni J 2 года назад veeery good book!
  • Jason Barrett
    Jason Barrett 2 года назад (изменено) Tom some people don't understand humour at all
  • Shultz
    Shultz 2 года назад Tom Or sarcams :D
  • Bo Huggabee
    Bo Huggabee 2 года назад (изменено) he needs to sell that book cause the enzo was too damn expensive to drive. thats why they had to choose customers and pretend it was a privilege. 6 years later the 458 is a common production ferrari capable of keeping up with the enzo.
  • Malik Ashurov
    Malik Ashurov Год назад Bo Huggabee yeah but a 458 isn’t an Enzo
  • Joel Cullum
    Joel Cullum Год назад It's funny but went on too long.
  • Kill all Chinese apes
    Kill all Chinese apes Год назад Dawww, too bad you have no control over how many idiots there are in the world. You’re completely powerless haha.
  • Nabil Al Nahin Chowdhury
    Nabil Al Nahin Chowdhury 9 месяцев назад i only liked your comment to make the number of likes 666
  • Lucio Bazzani
    Lucio Bazzani 9 месяцев назад I love british humour.
  • Stig’s Danish Cousin
    Stig’s Danish Cousin 8 месяцев назад Haha only Brittes and Danes understand the svagery and jokes😂
  • Victor Franqui
    Victor Franqui 8 месяцев назад Yes I wish you were here in the dark side of the Moon
  • BadTrip
    BadTrip 4 месяца назад @Bo Huggabee Think about this then: The top cars today (Koeniggsegg and Veyron) has 1000bhp more than the Enzo. Just saying.
  • Bo Huggabee
    Bo Huggabee 4 месяца назад @BadTrip and you can't use it but in a few select locations.
  • Laphroaig
    Laphroaig 3 месяца назад (изменено) Where's the humor? They say they're against product placement and then they put blatent product placement in there own vlog. It's just stupid.
    LA BARRA DEL GALLO EN LA MAÑANA DE LUNES A VIERNES 3 месяца назад I do like british humour... Have always been a fan of islamic culture....!
  • WittowBudduh
    WittowBudduh 3 года назад I love how many Pink Floyd references he's dropping, besides the book plug.
  • Nathan Alexander
    Nathan Alexander 3 года назад It's so good haha
  • Nushnee
    Nushnee 3 года назад I'm not a pink Floyd fan, can someone tell me some of them?
  • Michael caplinger
    Michael caplinger 3 года назад i wish you were here
  • Mafkaas Dikkema
    Mafkaas Dikkema 3 года назад +Nushnee it's A Saucerful of Secrets, Atom Heart Mother, Dark Side of the Moon, Delicate Sound of Thunder, Set the controls for the heart of the sun, Wish You Were Here, The Division Bell ;)
  • 31lafouine
    31lafouine 3 года назад +Mafkaas Dikkema PLus ther's the one armed bandit noise at the beginning of Money at 1:31, and then the whole intro when Mason takes his helicopter
  • 31lafouine
    31lafouine 3 года назад +31lafouine And the drum intro of Time
  • Oussama Saadaoui
    Oussama Saadaoui 3 года назад +WittowBudduh it's the division the bell
  • adham farooqui
    adham farooqui 2 года назад High hopes.... don't forget high hopes
  • TheTarrMan
    TheTarrMan 2 года назад I'm surprised they didn't drop in the end-part of Saucerful Of Secrets. (The song, not when he was describing the wheel)
  • Grayson Shindler
    Grayson Shindler 2 года назад fuckign pls
  • Hamish Goldsworthy
    Hamish Goldsworthy Год назад Most supercars behave like Animals. The Enzo is like A Momentary Lapse of Reason.
  • mtS_
    mtS_ Год назад you missed Ummagumma at around the 4:30 mark
  • Copper Wing
    Copper Wing Год назад 31lafouine *great gig in the sky
  • james woods
    james woods Год назад Ummagumma,
  • ancient astro
    ancient astro Год назад 666 likes!!!!
  • Cracken
    Cracken Год назад yeah, hahah
  • Salty Admiral
    Salty Admiral Год назад I hate that I didn't get them all... If only I was more of a refined gentleman, a learned academic with a taste for the finer things in life... Un amoureux de la haute culture! ... Then I would know these things too, and I would not have needed to use Google translate for the French part..:(
  • German Velasquez
    German Velasquez 11 месяцев назад Actually it was because the only condition that Nick put to lend the car was to make as many references about Pink Floyd and his book as Clarkson can... what a masterpiece of history, music and... journalism
  • james woods
    james woods 4 месяца назад @Nushnee Saucerful of Secrets, Atom Heart Mother, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish you Were Here, Ummagumma, Delicate Sound of Thunder, The Division Bell, All are Pink Floyd song or Album Titles.