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I Drove 900 Miles In A Hydrogen Car: Hyundai NEXO Review

Published on Dec 22, 2018 592,382 views

In some alternate reality, it’s not electric cars replacing gas-guzzlers on the nation’s highways, but hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. I recently got a glimpse of that alternate timeline, spending five days behind the wheel of Hyundai’s newest hydrogen car, the NEXO. My co-pilot: Joshua Vergara of JVTechTea. My mission? A 900-mile road trip from San Diego to Sacramento using nothing but hydrogen ... and leaving nothing but water behind. Spoiler alert: we accomplished our mission, but not exactly the way we'd planned. Join Joshua Vergara and MrMobile for the Hyundai NEXO Review!



MrMobile's Hyundai NEXO Review was produced following five days in a Hyundai NEXO review vehicle provided by Hyundai Motors of America. The car was driven from San Diego to Sacramento with many intervening stops, for a trip length totaling approximately 900 miles. The vehicle was refueled four times during the test drive period.

Hyundai Motors of America covered travel and lodging costs during the NEXO review period, as well as a $300 gift card for hydrogen fuel. The entirety of that gift card was exhausted on hydrogen fuel for the NEXO during the drive period. No compensation or other consideration was requested or provided. Hyundai was not offered copy approval nor an advance screening of this video before publication.


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  • MrMobile [Michael Fisher]
    MrMobile [Michael Fisher] 7 месяцев назад Hey folks! For a more vloggy, chill, and fun take on this road trip, don't miss Josh's video!
  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 2 недели назад Anything higher price is worthless
  • Bear
    Bear 3 недели назад Burning hydrogen won't solve the pollution problem, there is scientific evidence of this
  • KC
    KC 2 месяца назад lol i got excited for a second because i thought the car had a 900 mile range
  • cattlewrangler walsh
    cattlewrangler walsh 3 месяца назад So water vapour comes out the exhaust? But water vapour is the main greenhouse gas.
  • Julien F
    Julien F 3 месяца назад We should have used hydrogen for 100 years with cars...and now...its coming because air is shit as the sea...thanks goverment for your ingerance
  • Jonathan Stephens
    Jonathan Stephens 4 месяца назад (изменено) Your comparison of Hydrogen refuelling time compared to EV charging time is highly misleading. You should be comparing Tesla's charging speed using their latest V3 design which is twice as fast. Hydrogen cars do not have a practical refuelling speed advantage. After three hundred miles of driving you need to take a break, which means 15 minutes charging is not an inconvenience, as you would need the same rest time regardless of fuel/energy choice.
  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 5 месяцев назад MrMobile [Michael Fisher] i don’t get this electric cars are so much better
  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 5 месяцев назад MrMobile [Michael Fisher] try Cadillac cooled seats those are the only cooled seats I’ve ever had, as a rental car and people say they have those cooled seats are the best
  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 5 месяцев назад Who thinks fuel cells cars are better they are more expensive slower they do not have electric car practicality, and hydrogen is very expensive
  • Amit Tejpal
    Amit Tejpal 6 месяцев назад CLICKBAIT, you didn't drive for 900 miles, good video though
  • Muntakim Haque
    Muntakim Haque 6 месяцев назад CH4 is 23 times more potent as a global warming agent than CO2. Unless the methane was mined, the production process for Hydrogen actually helps alleviate greenhouse affects. Common things that produce CH4 include dung, other solid waste and landfills. All of which should get a treatment plant to extract the methane anyway. The biggest obstacle in this regard is that producing electricity from CH4 industrially and putting them on the grid is more efficient so Hydrogen in the process is redundant as the car too uses batteries, but since it is far less reliant on it as you pointed out and battery production is extremely harmful to the environment (not as much as extracting fossil fuels though) Hydrogen even in this scale is as green an alternative to the greenest most efficient electric car power consumption cycles.
  • Alandala
    Alandala 6 месяцев назад Hydrogen fuel cell is not the future! I wouldn't see anyone driving something like this anytime soon, plus, it looks like it's more expensive than petrol cars!
  • giorgi kifiani
    giorgi kifiani 6 месяцев назад @Gillie Siut p
  • Leggir
    Leggir 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @Şahin yaşar no pollution, less smog in the cities, quiet, and keeping pesky heavy money out of your wallet. 😊
  • Şahin yaşar
    Şahin yaşar 6 месяцев назад @Leggir than where is benefit for driver
  • Leggir
    Leggir 6 месяцев назад @Şahin yaşar no. Much more expensive
  • Gillie Siut
    Gillie Siut 6 месяцев назад Everyone said the same thing about electric. Now there are tesla charges everywhere
  • Şahin yaşar
    Şahin yaşar 6 месяцев назад is Hydrogen Car are more cheap for perKm more than gasoline?
  • Leggir
    Leggir 6 месяцев назад @Faris Ebrahim I stand corrected. Fuel cell hydrogen only has water and electricity as a byproduct. Hydrogen combustion has water and NOX as byproducts. Currently hydrogen is largely produced from Methane and as such is worse for the environment than just burning methane alone.
  • Leggir
    Leggir 6 месяцев назад @Faris Ebrahim Electricity can be. It's important to realize that there's limitations beside cost. No magic bullet.
  • Faris Ebrahim
    Faris Ebrahim 6 месяцев назад MrMobile [Michael Fisher] So what if hydrogen isn’t fully clean? Electricity isn’t either. It comes from power plants.
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 6 месяцев назад @Leggir if NOX was taken out of the equation, and the Hydrogen comes from renewables we ARE GOLDEN,
  • Leggir
    Leggir 6 месяцев назад @Autistic Boy Not golden. Theres other realities. For example it takes more energy to crack water into H2 and O2 then you get out combining them. This is about 260 kJ per mole of water or just shy of 5 eV per molecule of water (4 electrons times 1.23 V). Splitting one liter of water would take at least 16 MJ (4.4 kWh), which is more energy than it would take to launch a liter of water into deep space! Engineering Explained has a recent video on pros vs cons.
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 6 месяцев назад @Leggir true if we can somehow remove the NOX from the equation then we are golden if the Hydrogen dosent come from fossil fuels
  • blacklizted
    blacklizted 7 месяцев назад Back to reviewing cars? :)
  • Leggir
    Leggir 7 месяцев назад Hate to break it to you. H2 cars aren't as clean as you think. Combustion of H2 is hot, at those temperatures Nitrogen combines with oxygen producing various NOX emissions.
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 7 месяцев назад @eDrive what Hydrogen needs is a Clean infrastructure, and a Hydrogen Generator to make fuel in your own home like electricity in batteries
  • eDrive
    eDrive 7 месяцев назад Hydrogen cars is an outdated old technique. That will never suceed. Why? Because you need t invest an tremendous amount of energy to create the hydrogen out of water and the energy in a fuel cell, you creating when making electricity out of that hydrogen is way less than you invested.
    HITESH AJARA 7 месяцев назад Best Vid till now 🙄😎🤗🤔
  • TrueDesireHD
    TrueDesireHD 7 месяцев назад 4:47 is H35 cheaper than H70? or is it just based on much pressure the car can take? (thinking like slow charging vs rapid charging)
  • jtdougl
    jtdougl 7 месяцев назад I've been waiting for your video since the podcast!
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 7 месяцев назад @Gil Iglesias yes older cars with easier computers can easily be hacked unlike today. but me personally im gonna stick to my car not having a computer at all
  • Gil Iglesias
    Gil Iglesias 7 месяцев назад @Autistic Boy when I heard about it was around 2005 and people were installing these "hydrogen on demand" systems in Texas, a few companies arise due to demand. Now that I remember my neighbor said hacking the computer was very challenging in order to make it work
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 7 месяцев назад @Gil Iglesias its true that gas prices are only going to continue as time passes i mean look at Europe 12$per gallon thats a price only the wealthy can afford. i Hope Hydrogen with the improvement in technology by using renewables decreases the cost of Hydrogen
  • Gil Iglesias
    Gil Iglesias 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @Autistic Boy well I don't know, I just heard about those when gas prices skyrocketed and people were looking for alternatives for their cars. My neighbor seemed very happy with that system but I never bother to do a research about it. Well how about that company Plasco Energy Group, it produces hydrogen just by burning garbage?!!
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 7 месяцев назад @Gil Iglesias yah the HHO systems are very impractical Y not just have an Engine that runs off of Hydrogen instead. understandably the increase rate of backfire, limited infrastructure (thats isnt green) and is very difficult to make at home if the technology of Hydrogen improves these are the problems Hydrogen has to succeed in
  • Gil Iglesias
    Gil Iglesias 7 месяцев назад @Autistic Boy I don't think so. In Texas I always heard about cars "running on water" but turns they install a system HHO know as hydrogen on demand ( apparently you are not really storing hydrogen, it burns from the moment it becomes hydrogen) and you can install it in your traditional combustion engine
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 7 месяцев назад @Gil Iglesias were u talking about the fuel cells that improve gas mileage in an ICE car but otherwise are pointless
  • Gil Iglesias
    Gil Iglesias 7 месяцев назад @Autistic Boy never heard about those, I have to do a research
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 7 месяцев назад ​@Gil Iglesias Hydrogen ICE cars?
  • Gil Iglesias
    Gil Iglesias 7 месяцев назад Have you ever heard of "hydrogen on demand" on vehicles?
  • Autistic Boy
    Autistic Boy 7 месяцев назад the fact that you guys went to the exact location where Windows XP wallpaper was taken is awesome thank you for the video
  • Somanshu Kumar
    Somanshu Kumar 7 месяцев назад (изменено) What about this MrCar [Michael Fisher]
  • AyyDynamic
    AyyDynamic 7 месяцев назад Reviews from the heart, not the wallet. Love these.
  • Alex Kennedy
    Alex Kennedy Неделю назад What does that even mean?
  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith 3 недели назад @Grant Simpson"The was an old ladie who said, " battery presstitutes lie, I don't know why, perhaps they'll die." I a million years old, ever since Noah gave me a flashlight that didn't work, I've hated batteries, anyone who's not a knothead feels the same. Luckily, Noah's wife Joan (ne Ark) had fresh ones in her , uh , thingy.
  • Grant Simpson
    Grant Simpson 2 месяца назад Steve Thea interesting, thanks for the heads up about eBay.