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Funniest Airport Prank

Published on Apr 24, 2017 8,028,919 views

Funniest Airport Prank
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  • max chilla
    max chilla Год назад the First Girl is very cute
  • Negative One XIII
    Negative One XIII Год назад My thoughts exactly, lol
  • IceCreamie Sundae
    IceCreamie Sundae Год назад agreed
  • Carl
    Carl Год назад (изменено) KAwaI! :D
  • Dallen TV
    Dallen TV Год назад max chilla yeah she's so cute
  • W M50o
    W M50o Год назад These type of looking girls are common unless you live in a mud hut city. Calm down children..There are better looking women.
  • Sean Flynn
    Sean Flynn Год назад yea right they are all over guys like u,,,,,, your a fucking tool...........
  • Sean Flynn
    Sean Flynn Год назад wait does that mean I get to eat yours?????
  • VicioMental
    VicioMental Год назад The fat is good if you want to survive. Also is hot in certain people.
  • sarmashi
    sarmashi Год назад Jealous much ?
  • sarmashi
    sarmashi Год назад Many guys like their girls curvy, so being a bit fat is kind of sexy.
  • shoaib khan
    shoaib khan Год назад no you telling lie okay. she is not fat .that cute ok understand
  • siddharth ray chaudhuri
    siddharth ray chaudhuri Год назад She really is!
  • Alex Tararikin
    Alex Tararikin Год назад max chilla shes ugly as hell
  • Bee Zava
    Bee Zava Год назад Yup, she's hot and sexy.
  • Bart Z
    Bart Z Год назад "... not." u forgot about that :P
  • Kenny J
    Kenny J Год назад What "cute", Total Hottie!!
  • mvp
    mvp Год назад nah shes hot
  • Michele Renella
    Michele Renella Год назад Indeed, she is the face of Innocence. So sweet and cute... not like the cat-lady in the comments rude and arrogant
  • Hakasauars
    Hakasauars Год назад I'd put hand cuffs on her, but we aint going to the station
  • aliceparamorefan
    aliceparamorefan Год назад Julie Hobbs you're such a terrible person.
  • mvp
    mvp Год назад shes not even fat? You look like an anorexic witch SHES MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN YOU JULIE.
  • mvp
    mvp Год назад okay. then who is she....?
  • mvp
    mvp Год назад Jamesonbondy is making it up. People are fucked up ill never understand it
  • I'm not Norm
    I'm not Norm Год назад max chilla anybody know her name?
  • Kiran Joshua Daniel
    Kiran Joshua Daniel Год назад Her name is Ivana Fukalot !
  • Blue Marshall
    Blue Marshall Год назад max chilla Marry that Girl. Go!!ll 😇
  • Nora Gami
    Nora Gami Год назад say it again in few decades
  • Jadidutashampolain
    Jadidutashampolain Год назад exactly
  • Carlos Guerrero Ap
    Carlos Guerrero Ap Год назад Yes, but she is wanted for a crime that didn´t commit
  • Nishel Lesly
    Nishel Lesly Год назад poor girl
  • R. D.
    R. D. Год назад she's not interested. Get over it.
  • Damian A
    Damian A Год назад She's very cute indeed. I like these kind of women where my first thought is: 'There's something about her'. I don't like those standard slim and tall girls who look like models and seem bitchy and stuff. This girl seems like my kind of girl and I could make her mine, if she'd give me 30 minutes of her time. No joke.
  • Hessein Ali
    Hessein Ali Год назад I can make her mine in 20 minutes :D
  • NoFap 365
    NoFap 365 Год назад she is German so don't get exited if your race is different
  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma Год назад i didnt get it, whats the reference will you plz explain me.
  • Rifat Mahfuz
    Rifat Mahfuz Год назад (изменено) She's hundred times prettier than the slutty thin models they put in magazines
  • steel mask
    steel mask Год назад Are you crazy man? They said on TV that she's dangerous and unpredictable.
  • Neville Chou
    Neville Chou Год назад Exactly, she was on the newspaper too.
  • lacameyang arsenal
    lacameyang arsenal Год назад Julie Hobbs what are you talking about she's so buff
  • lacameyang arsenal
    lacameyang arsenal Год назад Julie Hobbs no one likes skinny girls so fuck off .I bet she's 100 times better looking than you
  • Guilio McEwan's Space
    Guilio McEwan's Space Год назад max chilla she was very cute.
  • ko aung
    ko aung Год назад She used to be my bitch...just saying.
  • happywelshchick7 Sarah P
    happywelshchick7 Sarah P Год назад I was freaking out with her she looked like she was about to cry.
  • Ms. Eel
    Ms. Eel Год назад max chilla That's how I feed my eel
  • Steve Gray
    Steve Gray Год назад Mrs. EEL she is way better than cute, truly beautiful
  • Agermanshepherdsheba
    Agermanshepherdsheba Год назад max chilla she's ugly too pale
  • doomswoop
    doomswoop Год назад Molly Ringwald
  • Dovenpeis
    Dovenpeis Год назад That's why I clicked. 😁
  • Fabrice Guyard
    Fabrice Guyard Год назад Effectivement, elle est jolie. Simple, naturelle et pas sophistiquée. En plus, son visage respire l'innocence, la pauvre !
  • doomswoop
    doomswoop Год назад +Stardust Being Nivea cares, because stress can cause dangerous & unpredictable behavior.
  • meteor
    meteor Год назад max chilla, no, she is not
  • 99 -
    99 - Год назад Julie Hobbs and you look like you need extra attention on YouTube
  • Steve Gray
    Steve Gray Год назад Julie Hobbs she definitely is not fat, not even slightly.
  • Steve Gray
    Steve Gray Год назад Julie Hobbs you really are amazingly jealous, the girl is lovely. If you truly think she is fat, and I suspect you are just trolling, then you must be a stick getting anorexia treatment.
  • Steve Gray
    Steve Gray Год назад deep dedhia she is both
  • happywelshchick7 Sarah P
    happywelshchick7 Sarah P Год назад You have issues if she was skinnier she would be anorexic lol
  • hAfIz 889r
    hAfIz 889r Год назад yes
  • Ruji Buji
    Ruji Buji Год назад max chilla Why would you just randomly comment your irrelevant opinion
  • who
    who Год назад Thats because she's Deutsche
  • Evelyn's Rhyme
    Evelyn's Rhyme Год назад max chilla so wtf
  • Dun Mill
    Dun Mill Год назад She looks a bit like Emilia Clarke.
  • Rocket Queen
    Rocket Queen Год назад (изменено) max chilla that's my wife BTW
  • Dun Mill
    Dun Mill Год назад (изменено) Are you serious? Is she really your wife?
  • mrlondongo
    mrlondongo Год назад Hakasauars "I'd put hand cuffs on her, but we aint going to the station" so where exact;y are you going sir? A darkened alleyway, an abandoned crack house perhaps, or if only for convenience sake, out in the f*cking desert, where you've already dug a hole.
  • Levent Çabuk
    Levent Çabuk Год назад Very Beautiful, Very Good
  • Ansh Mehta
    Ansh Mehta Год назад She looks like Rachel McAdams in True Detective (it's not her though)
  • TheClassy Otaku
    TheClassy Otaku Год назад max chilla she looks like the form of diabettes
  • dubrovnik4
    dubrovnik4 Год назад (изменено) I'd also like to know her name... Nobody wrote her name yet...
  • mat madi
    mat madi Год назад yes
  • LegenGary
    LegenGary Год назад I was about to say that then i saw this comment. 😁
  • Louis Dega
    Louis Dega Год назад you are jealous you sick bitch....
  • Samuel K
    Samuel K Год назад yeah man! She also looks like Nicole Aniston a bit
  • Mother of God
    Mother of God Год назад max chilla cutest girl ive ever seen
  • Samuel K
    Samuel K Год назад Madison Hettinga that girl!!! She's too too cute !!!
  • Sup Boy
    Sup Boy Год назад And the second guy is UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Zupari Zeshone
    Zupari Zeshone Год назад Anyone know her Instagram?
  • Xenon
    Xenon Год назад What's her Facebook? hehe
  • Aamir Sohail
    Aamir Sohail Год назад Cute I like
  • LanaK
    LanaK Год назад German people are good looking
  • Louis Dega
    Louis Dega Год назад Imagine how good they will look once they completely mix with Arabs and Indians!
  • Xenon
    Xenon Год назад Stivan Medicov, I'm normally better than MI5 at finding shit out, but even I can't find out who she is.
  • johnson topno
    johnson topno Год назад W M50o jealous😁
  • johnson topno
    johnson topno Год назад Julie Hobbs extremely jealous
  • Xenon
    Xenon Год назад (изменено) The girl in the vid is pretty, but she has something even more attractive which many women don't seem to have these days: she is feminine, shy, vulnerable, modestly dressed. This brings out the masculine essence within a man, and makes him want to protect her. That's why so many guys on here have the hots for her (myself included). If she was all loud and manly, she'd be just like every other chick with a dick these days.
  • Xenon
    Xenon Год назад Stivan, oh well, none of us may get her, but she's a great example of what to look for in a girl.
  • big dawgydawg
    big dawgydawg Год назад Julie Hobbs still a lot better looking than you though
  • Ali İhsan ASLAN
    Ali İhsan ASLAN Год назад Julie Hobbs fat ? I can burn whole Istanbul for her.
  • Wobeen
    Wobeen Год назад She Rlly Look Like Hayley Atwell
    ABISHEK K.K Год назад Julie Hobbs .no she is looking good than u.
    ABISHEK K.K Год назад Kiran Joshua Daniel .really bro
  • Sophie R.
    Sophie R. Год назад Julie Hobbs look in the mirror girl
  • Yabadabadu Unggawa
    Yabadabadu Unggawa Год назад The next victim (guy) looked like John Cusack
  • T.H. E-Mail
    T.H. E-Mail 2 месяца назад But she stinks! The police comes with an emergency suitcase full of deodorant.
  • Joseph_477
    Joseph_477 3 недели назад Exactly
  • Crise Clans
    Crise Clans Неделю назад I want mary him ..😂
  • ThatsSoRepti
    ThatsSoRepti 9 месяцев назад Omg I feel so bad for the first girl it probably felt like her whole life was falling apart. She was so scared 😿
  • Luis
    Luis 5 месяцев назад They were all scared, not just the first girl. I felt bad for all of them!
  • EricCharlesGraham
    EricCharlesGraham 3 месяца назад @Luis but she's attractive so naturally more feel sorry for her lol
  • 16YearsInHell
    16YearsInHell 2 месяца назад Since when do we need to care for dangerous criminals?? I hope they locked her up for a long time.
  • Адель Вагапов
    Адель Вагапов 2 месяца назад SHE IS STRESSED XD
  • Вячеслав Лобанов
    Вячеслав Лобанов 2 месяца назад perhaps, she's so scared because have remembered all her sins :-)
  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 2 месяца назад Women are weaker in those situations. Women live their whole lives caring so much about what other people think.
  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 2 месяца назад @Luis The guy with the long nose wasn't that scared you idiot.
  • Russell
    Russell 2 месяца назад Luis I feel bad for the prettiest girl and feel funny for the rest.
  • Vini Grae
    Vini Grae 2 месяца назад she definitely peeed herself
  • Luna Games
    Luna Games 2 месяца назад @EricCharlesGraham found the incile
  • Multiplicity
    Multiplicity 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • damakun9
    damakun9 1 месяц назад why did they have to do that to people?
  • Shard Eboran
    Shard Eboran 1 месяц назад But it s one hell of a story to tell your kids
  • Johannes Weger
    Johannes Weger 9 месяцев назад And they say Germans have no Humor
  • Fergal Lawlor
    Fergal Lawlor 4 месяца назад Well they did start Two world wars or 2 world wars #ww1 #ww2
  • manutor
    manutor 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Fergal Lawlor tbh the WW1 was started by Austria-Hungary(they were the first to mobilize the army), then Russia started mobilizing. Germany was actually the 3rd.
  • Just a human
    Just a human 2 месяца назад i made the war
  • youtube master
    youtube master 2 месяца назад spendine 1 million dollar on joke is no humor. ok i egsajurated a bit.
  • Promod Gogoi
    Promod Gogoi 2 месяца назад (изменено) Bhupati so true
  • Ruslan Nurutdinov
    Ruslan Nurutdinov 2 месяца назад (изменено) Yes, you dont have a humor. Its not funny video. For people without brain its maybe fun.
  • Naltronosu
    Naltronosu 2 месяца назад @Ruslan Nurutdinov Yeah, go back watching slav vines and stfu
  • Jay douglas
    Jay douglas 2 месяца назад Bhupati wrong
  • salome abashidze
    salome abashidze 2 месяца назад And who says that was a humor? The girl almost died with heart attack :))))
  • Mohsin Abbas
    Mohsin Abbas 1 месяц назад Well judging by this it seems they don't.
  • Maria S
    Maria S 1 месяц назад (изменено) I do not even know what is better: to have no humor at all or to have the most twisted sense of humor. Pranking people like that is cruel.
  • MrTupac1982
    MrTupac1982 1 месяц назад @Bhupati yes , good words
  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar 1 месяц назад This was no homour. This was sadistic pleasure.
  • akrinah
    akrinah 1 месяц назад Our Humor is deadly. :D
  • Moritz Mackrodt
    Moritz Mackrodt 1 месяц назад Da hast du recht 😉😉
  • Rustem Hamdoosh
    Rustem Hamdoosh 1 месяц назад Doch they have😂
  • László Szekeres
    László Szekeres 1 месяц назад @Just a human I am Spartacus!
  • __ElexTRoneX __
    __ElexTRoneX __ 2 недели назад @Just a human 😂😂😂😂
  • The Brain
    The Brain 2 недели назад @Fergal Lawlor This is not Really true.
    BANDs TheSHIT Неделю назад And i just made farttttttr Every morning
  • Rubens
    Rubens Неделю назад Du bist Deutscher, also kannst du das ja wohl schlecht behaupten
  • Anhsian
    Anhsian Неделю назад Aber dein Englisch ist kacke !
  • JUSH Fan
    JUSH Fan 9 месяцев назад That. Was. Honestly. So. Cruel.
  • Mike Killagreen
    Mike Killagreen 8 месяцев назад RPDR Fan Okay. You. Made. Your. Point.
  • fariszx
    fariszx 2 месяца назад It. Is. Supposed. To. Be. A. Joke.
  • Beezlie727
    Beezlie727 2 месяца назад It. is. a. joke. but. a. CRUEL. one! So is using all these periods!
  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 2 месяца назад grow a pair fagboy
    TRUE SELF 1 месяц назад @Jorge Hernandez s.t.f.u
  • Bobby Hernandez
    Bobby Hernandez 9 месяцев назад I probably saw this video 5 or 6 times throughout the year, only because of that first lady. Wow! What a beauty.
  • Altruist Civil Services -Forum WBCS
    Altruist Civil Services -Forum WBCS 2 месяца назад 7th time here
  • Just a human
    Just a human 2 месяца назад 2nd times
  • The One who Doubts the Plan
    The One who Doubts the Plan 2 месяца назад too bad she was raped and killed by refugees.
  • Jerichozis
    Jerichozis 2 месяца назад @The One who Doubts the Plan wtf man?
  • Memeorandum of Understanding
    Memeorandum of Understanding 2 месяца назад @The One who Doubts the Plan muslims
  • The Critical Thinker
    The Critical Thinker 1 месяц назад @Memeorandum of Understanding "by Jews" said the Nazis before holocaust, stop the dehumanization of an entire community before the history repeats itself.
  • Mert Kaftan
    Mert Kaftan 4 дня назад @The One who Doubts the Plan please say this is a dark humor joke wtf
  • The One who Doubts the Plan
    The One who Doubts the Plan 4 дня назад @Mert Kaftan yes she was. the sad thing is she is a pro refugee woman. she was gangraped and killed by the savages she tried to protect.
  • Mert Kaftan
    Mert Kaftan 4 дня назад @The One who Doubts the Plan that is surely sad, and i hope it be a lesson who tries to defend those disgusting bugs.
  • Winston Wolf
    Winston Wolf 11 месяцев назад The first lady is flawless beauty. 💞
  • Manoj Chakre
    Manoj Chakre 11 месяцев назад Honesty Integrity yeah she is
  • Petered Parkered
    Petered Parkered 11 месяцев назад Yeah
    SUCKRPUNCHED 11 месяцев назад She's like. 7/10
  • pachma
    pachma 10 месяцев назад 8/10
  • Atu Vuu
    Atu Vuu 10 месяцев назад French lady
  • ArmyCats
    ArmyCats 10 месяцев назад Don't like that hairstyle... 6/10...
  • Anik Yasin
    Anik Yasin 10 месяцев назад 9/10
  • Milorad Maletic
    Milorad Maletic 10 месяцев назад yes she is
  • Farid Salim
    Farid Salim 10 месяцев назад Honesty Integrity so so..
  • Lyès hmz
    Lyès hmz 10 месяцев назад Not right
  • Oleeq
    Oleeq 10 месяцев назад She is ugly
  • Alnir Zaly
    Alnir Zaly 10 месяцев назад She has a nice pair of lips and jawline
  • Nasri Kamel
    Nasri Kamel 10 месяцев назад She is indeed
  • Impact E.N
    Impact E.N 10 месяцев назад I give her 4.2 out of 5
  • The Rackhoon
    The Rackhoon 10 месяцев назад So true <3
  • Iggy Swag
    Iggy Swag 10 месяцев назад Nah
  • blankz 13
    blankz 13 10 месяцев назад Find her insta somebody, also they couldve given someone a heart attack just for a commercial
  • Danielle Morgenstern
    Danielle Morgenstern 10 месяцев назад ikr
  • Edo Setyo
    Edo Setyo 10 месяцев назад indeeeeed
  • Adhistana Bagoes
    Adhistana Bagoes 10 месяцев назад i thought im the only one lol
  • Thomas Artmann
    Thomas Artmann 10 месяцев назад Florian Louis German
  • FarCrySeries
    FarCrySeries 10 месяцев назад I have no idea why I feel like she is Ellen Page.
    ROCK IS REAL MUSIC 10 месяцев назад She looks like Scarlett johannson. Lol
  • Aiman Khan
    Aiman Khan 10 месяцев назад They hurt her so much, which is not good.
  • Adam Rizqi Muhammad
    Adam Rizqi Muhammad 10 месяцев назад Poor her. She's maybe limp immediately... 😁
  • Demian Ramirez
    Demian Ramirez 9 месяцев назад Honesty Integrity That's right
  • Max Magnum
    Max Magnum 9 месяцев назад blankz 13 hey, do you have her insta?
  • Lightning Ray
    Lightning Ray 9 месяцев назад Honesty Integrity watch yo when talking bout my whamen!
  • alan shuhime abdul majid
    alan shuhime abdul majid 9 месяцев назад Honesty Integrity yesss indeed!!! She is!
  • vee tour
    vee tour 9 месяцев назад Something is off with her. 5/10
  • Akulalak
    Akulalak 9 месяцев назад She is peggy carter from captain america😂
  • oldi184
    oldi184 9 месяцев назад Ueron 88 Ugly? Get the fuck out of here! She is very pretty. Fuck you. You scumbag.
  • Yabadabadu Unggawa
    Yabadabadu Unggawa 9 месяцев назад or - astrid berges-frisbey
  • Mohanad Nasser
    Mohanad Nasser 9 месяцев назад Honesty Integrity 10 - 10
  • Kingdom Warrior
    Kingdom Warrior 9 месяцев назад Florian Louis Shes german idiot
  • dididid dididid
    dididid dididid 9 месяцев назад William Brinkley ugly
  • Raghav  Malhan
    Raghav Malhan 9 месяцев назад So true... She is so sweet
  • Valkyrie PhantomCain
    Valkyrie PhantomCain 9 месяцев назад she's so hot
  • marshall portgas
    marshall portgas 9 месяцев назад She already mine. So please stop rating her.
  • The New South Africa
    The New South Africa 8 месяцев назад William William only because both her parents were white.
  • Nützlicher Idiot!
    Nützlicher Idiot! 8 месяцев назад someone find her instagram????
  • Lys Sweet
    Lys Sweet 8 месяцев назад Yess she is...
  • Jazen Valencia
    Jazen Valencia 8 месяцев назад She's really just average german girl. Cute but nothing spectacular.
  • arvind kumar
    arvind kumar 8 месяцев назад Yea
  • zakaria AISSA
    zakaria AISSA 8 месяцев назад she the opposite of that, cute shy innocent and the eyes are another story
  • Robina .S
    Robina .S 8 месяцев назад William William Yeah
  • Bodo Bach
    Bodo Bach 8 месяцев назад no german..german video
  • Дмитрий М
    Дмитрий М 8 месяцев назад William William She is 1.65 tall (midget)...
  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 8 месяцев назад DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO SHE IS
  • super sang
    super sang 7 месяцев назад Yes...👍
  • Jose Solis
    Jose Solis 7 месяцев назад I know
  • Denis v
    Denis v 7 месяцев назад 5/10 but her reaction is 10/10
  • Adult Killer
    Adult Killer 7 месяцев назад William William h
  • efcpl
    efcpl 7 месяцев назад Flawless beauty? You gotto have low standards. 6/10. A cute one.
  • matt r
    matt r 7 месяцев назад The blond behind her is stunning
  • Getsuga
    Getsuga 7 месяцев назад It is so weird to see those comments, if you know that girl personally and yeah she is german
  • tide pods
    tide pods 7 месяцев назад Melania?
  • Johnny Sins
    Johnny Sins 7 месяцев назад @Florian Louis She's German
  • ٣٦٧٨٩٢١
    ٣٦٧٨٩٢١ 7 месяцев назад Florian Louis comment tu sais? XD
  • Ezekiel Bagnes
    Ezekiel Bagnes 7 месяцев назад William William that's true
  • BoyHood DreaM
    BoyHood DreaM 6 месяцев назад William William agreed!! perfect 10 for me
  • mufeezist
    mufeezist 6 месяцев назад Looks like the girl from inception
  • slk 29
    slk 29 6 месяцев назад She kind of reminds me of Alycia Debman Carey
  • Asep Firmsnsyah
    Asep Firmsnsyah 6 месяцев назад Her face breaks my so so beautiful
  • basilbrushnz
    basilbrushnz 6 месяцев назад No she has sharp knees. 2/10.
  • Sushil Uttekar
    Sushil Uttekar 6 месяцев назад 10/10
  • Asif Awan
    Asif Awan 6 месяцев назад Agreed
  • Noman Jan
    Noman Jan 5 месяцев назад U r right
  • waRin Enah
    waRin Enah 5 месяцев назад You could see she looks simple yet in your mind, you could say she's beautiful...
  • theOC
    theOC 5 месяцев назад William: It bothered me that they messed with her!! It got me upset. I'm still pissed!
  • A Who Snackbar
    A Who Snackbar 5 месяцев назад @William William, you need a girlfriend.
  • RonnieTheSkeleton
    RonnieTheSkeleton 5 месяцев назад And you're a flawless virgin.
  • Architecture Lovers
    Architecture Lovers 5 месяцев назад german girls are beautiful
  • Judas Zwei
    Judas Zwei 5 месяцев назад She's my type
  • El buen Micky
    El buen Micky 5 месяцев назад Rate your mothers
  • mr777
    mr777 5 месяцев назад Ugly
  • Zurain Shah
    Zurain Shah 5 месяцев назад In this comment section a statement applies perfectly.."Men Will Be Men"
  • Joshua Wang
    Joshua Wang 5 месяцев назад She's cute and quite😍😘
  • chasta laslo
    chasta laslo 4 месяца назад @Manoj Chakre she's fucken ugly I've seen better
  • Christian Benedetti
    Christian Benedetti 4 месяца назад Shes georgous
  • Christian Benedetti
    Christian Benedetti 4 месяца назад @SUCKRPUNCHED 8.5/10
  • lil boi
    lil boi 3 месяца назад So many people in the world and none of them can find her,whats her name 😓😢
  • Gabriel Waggoner
    Gabriel Waggoner 3 месяца назад William William a nice neck
  • honneur et patrie
    honneur et patrie 3 месяца назад only flawless that i know is flawless victory
  • TheAwsomeGaming Boy
    TheAwsomeGaming Boy 2 месяца назад Winston Wolf 🐺
  • BikerGirl
    BikerGirl 2 месяца назад I think she's really pretty. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)
  • Iftakher Lizu
    Iftakher Lizu 2 месяца назад Honestly i just saw the whole video for her....she is too cuteee
  • Mehboob km
    Mehboob km 2 месяца назад (изменено) My thoughts exactly!! The raw beauty, you don't see much make-up on her and we did not see her smiling yet!
  • turek
    turek 2 месяца назад 10/10
    THE EXPERT 2 месяца назад I know her I'd rather propose 😁
  • Josean rodriguez
    Josean rodriguez 2 месяца назад yes she is
  • The One who Doubts the Plan
    The One who Doubts the Plan 2 месяца назад unfortunately she wasn't anymore. she was raped and killed by refugees.
  • И Иванов
    И Иванов 2 месяца назад Yep,she is
  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 2 месяца назад Guys like you are the ones skyrocketing the egos of 6/10 girls. She is average looking.
  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 2 месяца назад @oldi184 dude ...she will never even give you a chance you pathetic cum stain.
  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez 2 месяца назад I don't know which sad place in the world you're living and what type of monsters you run across in your daily life to find that girl "flawless".
  • Russell
    Russell 2 месяца назад Like a princess
  • Рамис Карама
    Рамис Карама 2 месяца назад Pretty usual for me. But I live in Russia
  • Jay douglas
    Jay douglas 2 месяца назад Winston Wolf sure pal
  • Alexandre Miranda de Lacerda
    Alexandre Miranda de Lacerda 2 месяца назад Winston Wolf heaven on earth
  • T.H. E-Mail
    T.H. E-Mail 2 месяца назад @Atu Vuu Why does the French lady speak German?
  • syed ali
    syed ali 2 месяца назад Hell yea man. She is perfectly innocent
  • Jolny Pokker
    Jolny Pokker 2 месяца назад loser
  • dzulkafley samad
    dzulkafley samad 2 месяца назад She is indeed a natural beauty
  • alta resistenza
    alta resistenza 2 месяца назад @Kingdom Warrior in fact she speaks German ....
  • Rio Rivaldo
    Rio Rivaldo 1 месяц назад I want to cum inside her
  • Rico Prasetyo
    Rico Prasetyo 1 месяц назад ye
  • bman342a
    bman342a 1 месяц назад Kinda with you. Don't know that I would say flawless, but I find her looks intoxicating, there's character there.
  • Heinrichgermany
    Heinrichgermany 1 месяц назад @Atu Vuu she is german
  • Black Adam
    Black Adam 1 месяц назад 9/10
  • Ferenc Lovro
    Ferenc Lovro 1 месяц назад she's absolutely beautiful. everything about her is perfect. easy 10/10.
  • kadapols
    kadapols 1 месяц назад 2:14 is WAY better.
  • Podz
    Podz 1 месяц назад 8.76543/10
  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 1 месяц назад Winston Wolf Thirsty b*****😂😂😂
  • seven six
    seven six 1 месяц назад Yes, indeed
  • chinchy111
    chinchy111 1 месяц назад Did you just assume her gender
  • Lain Iwaku
    Lain Iwaku 1 месяц назад if i would be on front of her i would be like "no way that girl is terrorist" lol
  • v for Vendetta
    v for Vendetta 1 месяц назад She only okkkkk
  • Hugh Jaynis
    Hugh Jaynis 1 месяц назад she cute but pause at 2:39 and tell me she is flawless again :D
  • 刘胜杰
    刘胜杰 1 месяц назад lol
  • bob
    bob 1 месяц назад No u
  • Igor Dobrenky
    Igor Dobrenky 1 месяц назад natural rustic beauty.
  • Adéle
    Adéle 1 месяц назад yess please find her instagram
    JAGG VIVIF 1 месяц назад Its so beautiful, anybody know who is?? The first girl???
  • Igor Dobrenky
    Igor Dobrenky 1 месяц назад @Hugh Jaynis it would be better if she did not open her mouth
  • Amir Jamali
    Amir Jamali 1 месяц назад yes she is gorgeous . i watched 20 time's just for see her
  • George Leary
    George Leary 3 недели назад Yes she is
  • Dave Mercado
    Dave Mercado 3 недели назад And was about to die
  • Ytterbium ofElements
    Ytterbium ofElements 2 недели назад @Manoj Chakre she is German
  • Blender Student
    Blender Student 2 недели назад 10/10
  • sanjay rajendram
    sanjay rajendram 1 день назад Think if coincidentally if they had an actual suspect!!! He'd be like WTF !!!😂🤣😂
    VIJICHA 1 день назад (изменено) I Am Here Only First Girl 😘😘😘 She's So Pretty
  • samuel Des
    samuel Des 2 недели назад Hier ist der deutsche Kommentar nach dem du suchst ❗️☝🏻
  • Yasar 7
    Yasar 7 2 недели назад Deutsch
  • David Hak
    David Hak 2 недели назад Samuel ist klein
  • Pherelo HD
    Pherelo HD Неделю назад Bingo
  • kalpesh Pawar
    kalpesh Pawar 4 дня назад Girl is so simple gordeous.... But you will gives a heart attack to somebody!! Don't do that!😢
  • James
    James Год назад I have anxiety. If that happened to me, I would be found guilty for nothing... Oh😨
  • Tshilande Imraan
    Tshilande Imraan Год назад 😂😂😂
  • Fikret Orak
    Fikret Orak Год назад Lol 5 days ago there was a police control at the airport and i made a eye contact with a police, I panicked. They stopped me and searched all my luggages.
  • PhinksJinxs
    PhinksJinxs Год назад Everyone has anxiety, you should say, "I don't know how to filter it out."
  • BattleMage
    BattleMage Год назад Me too! I would have panicked & tried to take someone hostage ...LOL
  • Manda Panda1989
    Manda Panda1989 11 месяцев назад PhinksJinxs yea everyone gets anxious but there are people that get anxious so badly and sometimes for nothing or for the littlest things like me