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Regular Car Reviews: 1991 Nissan D21 Hardbody

Published on Jan 25, 2016 560,709 views

Why can't we have small pickup trucks in the USA? Oh yea, Chicken-Tax.

  • uRev
    uRev 3 года назад "Thrody Bottle"
  • jesse basler
    jesse basler 3 года назад +uRev 3:42
  • Grimm Gaming
    Grimm Gaming 3 года назад i was gunna comment the same thing haha
  • Dennis -RIP- Dog
    Dennis -RIP- Dog 3 года назад THRODDY BOTTLES
  • Violetta
    Violetta 3 года назад +uRev I heard it and went straight for the comments LOL
  • Rey Castillo
    Rey Castillo 3 года назад +uRev Glad I'm not the only one who misheard
  • Rob Cape
    Rob Cape 3 года назад +uRev you beat me to it...
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +uRev Like that?
  • Rob Cape
    Rob Cape 3 года назад +RegularCars yeah, we all did.
  • Revolushun1
    Revolushun1 3 года назад +RegularCars YOU LIKE THAT?!?
  • zyllofmitain
    zyllofmitain 3 года назад +uRev Caught that. Thanks for keepin it real!
  • Matthew Klingsberg
    Matthew Klingsberg 3 года назад +uRev Had to keep replaying that part to make sure, gets funnier every time
  • uRev
    uRev 3 года назад @RegularCars Loved it :)
  • tao l
    tao l 3 года назад +uRev i'm gonna print this on a shirt.
  • Pweezey951
    Pweezey951 3 года назад +uRev lol im not the only one who heard it
  • CmdrJKihn
    CmdrJKihn 3 года назад +uRev OK, it's clear I wasn't the only one who heard that. Lol.
  • bigfornoreason1
    bigfornoreason1 3 года назад +uRev Yeah...I feel like he purpose mangles a word or term in every review just to see if people notice.
  • Cole Jackson
    Cole Jackson 3 года назад +uRev Yup. That's what it is. A Thrody Bottle.
  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam 3 года назад +uRev Hees an Inglish Mayjer.
  • Cole Jackson
    Cole Jackson 3 года назад Throttle Body???
  • Brandon Obaza
    Brandon Obaza 2 года назад He done made a "spoonerism"
  • Joe M.
    Joe M. 2 года назад LOL same.... "TOP COMMENT"
  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 2 года назад I backed that up like 5 times to make sure I heard it right.
  • Cole Jackson
    Cole Jackson 2 года назад lol
  • MrNewcaledonia
    MrNewcaledonia 2 года назад uRev
  • Samual Iam
  • penguinsscareme
    penguinsscareme 6 месяцев назад Came here to say this.
  • Keem Clan
    Keem Clan 6 месяцев назад @RegularCars yeah. Thats what we love about this channel. Well made but not professional. You can see so much effort in every video but it doesnt feel like a shitty reality TV show.
  • BAgodmode
    BAgodmode 5 месяцев назад Right? Looks like Uncle Regular’s been hittin the bottle again.
  • Dominic Daley
    Dominic Daley 4 месяца назад lol
  • ecosby100
    ecosby100 2 месяца назад uRev mine crap out and the only one I could get was from a Montana junk yard
  • Dark Bounty
    Dark Bounty 2 года назад My grandma has one. She's trying to see which will die first, her or the truck.
  • Meadow Creek
    Meadow Creek 11 месяцев назад Dark Bounty I doubt she placed the bet on the truck
  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 7 месяцев назад She’ll die first. No offense to your grandmother. Hell, she could live 30 more years and she’s still die first.
  • drottle
    drottle 6 месяцев назад Bad news for your granny
  • J H
    J H 6 месяцев назад What's the current status?
  • MK 420
    MK 420 4 месяца назад Im sorry about grandma u.u
  • nk jeetun
    nk jeetun 3 недели назад @MK 420 ive one (1989) n still in perfect going strong, perhaps her grandma has gone by now
  • Scotty Barnett
    Scotty Barnett 5 дней назад Too funny
  • accountnumber90
    accountnumber90 3 года назад Mmmm...90's burgundy interior.
  • Dick Wrinkle
    Dick Wrinkle 3 года назад +accountnumber90 Stained red by the hymens i busted in high school.
  • Leland Joseph
    Leland Joseph 3 года назад +Ethan Curtis well, that's just flat out savage
  • Tunerdude94
    Tunerdude94 3 года назад +Ethan Curtis Holy fucking shit
  • Tunerdude94
    Tunerdude94 3 года назад +Ethan Curtis I hope you don't mind if I steal that line. My buddy's got an 88 Honda with similar interior and he'll fucking have a stroke if I tell him this.
  • Dick Wrinkle
    Dick Wrinkle 3 года назад Haha glad you got such a kick. Go for it.
  • corvusala
    corvusala 3 года назад +accountnumber90 EARLY 90's.
  • Rosco P. Coltrane
    Rosco P. Coltrane 3 года назад +accountnumber90 Do automakers offer interiors in burgundy anymore? If not they should.
  • accountnumber90
    accountnumber90 3 года назад Some offer red leather interiors, but I haven't seen a cloth burgundy interior in a long time.
  • Pyrochazm
    Pyrochazm 3 года назад +accountnumber90 Oh fuck yeah, it was either red or blue. My 90 4runner and 89 Camry both had the blue, my 93 F150 had the road rage red EVERYTHING.
  • accountnumber90
    accountnumber90 3 года назад My parents had a Grand Caravan that had a burgundy interior when I was a kid. I think the Corolla my dad drove had blue, or bluish-grey cloth, too. 
  • Rosco P. Coltrane
    Rosco P. Coltrane 3 года назад @accountnumber90 What year was the Grand?
  • accountnumber90
    accountnumber90 3 года назад (изменено) '93, or '94 I think. It was a woody, too!
  • Rosco P. Coltrane
    Rosco P. Coltrane 3 года назад Sweet.
  • CosmicPentastar
    CosmicPentastar 3 года назад (изменено) +accountnumber90 Yeah, my parents had an '83 Pontiac Grand Prix and then a '93 Chevy Caprice when I was growing up. Both had that burgundy interior. The Caprice was like wide wale corduroy... really cool and not something you see today. My '89 Chrysler 5th Ave (last year for the M body) also has a burgundy velour interior. Nothing quite says "pimpmobile" like a burgundy velour interior. Heck, "Burgundy Velour" is practically a porn name.
  • Jay Morrison
    Jay Morrison 3 года назад +CosmicPentastar 1991 Mercury G. Marquis (last year for the 1st gen panther chassis, and the Windsor 302). Black vinyl half roof, black paint, Burgundy Velour interior with black accents. Loved that car. Still have yet to find a drivers seat nearly as numbingly comfortable as that was after 14 hours.
  • accountnumber90
    accountnumber90 3 года назад My dad test drove a Crown Vic once and I swear, everything about that car made it the most comfortable car I've ever ridden in! I love Panther Platform cars!
  • Niggalodeon
    Niggalodeon 2 года назад +accountnumber90 i fucking love it
  • Noah Griffin
    Noah Griffin 2 года назад Yes, I should know. I've also got one that is white with a burgundy interior.
  • boer harms
    boer harms 2 года назад seewww Fannccyy
  • Jacob Fuchs
    Jacob Fuchs 2 года назад my d21 has it hahaha
  • Rosco P. Coltrane
    Rosco P. Coltrane 2 года назад @Jacob Fuchs Nice.
  • Gixxer 1
    Gixxer 1 2 года назад very common interior color for these trucks , my 87 is blue
    YUNG SMUT Год назад accountnumber90 I CAN SMELL THE CIGARETTES
  • GallerTheHoly
    GallerTheHoly 7 месяцев назад accountnumber90 oh hell yeah
  • Jordan S
    Jordan S 4 недели назад @Dick Wrinkle Hymen collector in the 90's became Rape culture of whatever the fuck this decade is called.
  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson 2 года назад A friend of mine has one of these with over 800,000 miles on it and it is still airtight. Knock on wood.
  • Deven Erdman
    Deven Erdman 9 месяцев назад Do you mean the body? I mean.. 800,000..
  • jonathna11
    jonathna11 7 месяцев назад Same engine?
  • Andrew Monroe
    Andrew Monroe 7 месяцев назад mine has 450thounsand miles same moter 2nd clutch
  • jonathna11
    jonathna11 7 месяцев назад @Andrew Monroe mine has 175k and I just put in a clutch kit at 165. But Chinese guy drove it so ruined the old clutch
  • Andrew Monroe
    Andrew Monroe 7 месяцев назад jonathna11 nice I've owned my truck for 5 years now and I would never sell it
  • jonathna11
    jonathna11 7 месяцев назад @Andrew Monroe I'm going on 1 year and greatest truck I have ever owned I want to lower mine lol
  • Eric Xavier
    Eric Xavier 3 года назад Mr. Regular. Come to Puerto Rico. Car culture here would give you enough videos for a year.
  • TheZProtocol
    TheZProtocol 3 года назад +Eric Xavier I can't wait for him to rip on Technicas, 3 potes and Punto 8s!
  • Eric Xavier
    Eric Xavier 3 года назад Aw hell yeah. Tercels. Corollas. Mirages. Mustangs... Sidekicks and anything similar... All from the 80s and 90s and stanced.
  • RegularCars
    RegularCars 3 года назад +Eric Xavier It's possible. Roman (the guy who sings the songs) is Puerto Rican
  • Cake Monster
    Cake Monster 3 года назад (изменено) +RegularCars I read your comment during his song at the end
  • Shaya Moayedi
    Shaya Moayedi 3 года назад +RegularCars if you want cool cars I've heard Cuba is a good option
  • Outside & Stuff
    Outside & Stuff 3 года назад +RegularCars That's why he can rap so good! JK, I'm not racist. My good friend is from Puerto Rico.
  • pipo721
    pipo721 3 года назад +Eric Xavier Puerto Rico, where 70% of cars are Corollas or Technicas haha
  • Bryan Castillo
    Bryan Castillo 3 года назад +pipo721 and Tercels
  • Eric Xavier
    Eric Xavier 3 года назад Really! No wonder hes so good then (JK). Anyways if you ever come here hit me up.
  • Eric Xavier
    Eric Xavier 3 года назад @pipo721 Hey at least he could do a whole series on Technicas! Mitsubishi may be struggling in the US but its sure as hell making a profit here in PR.
  • Muammar Gibran
    Muammar Gibran 3 года назад +RegularCars ah, if only you can go here to Asia (Indonesia, by the way), you'd do the same thing too...
  • Kanver6
    Kanver6 3 года назад Nice! Good to see fellow Puerto Ricans watching Mr. Regular. Awesome channel, big fan, and ...saludos a todos los boricuas!!!! Didn't know Roman was from PR. That's cool. Apart from the Mirages (I own one), Tercels, Corollas, Mustangs (I also own one), etc. there is also a great car culture here. Let us know when you guys come over here. Maybe you can review some of your viewers cars from around the island.
  • Eric Xavier
    Eric Xavier 3 года назад @Kanver6 Yep. Fieles fanaticos y en la casa. Mirage? A new one or the usual suspects? Theres a 93 Mustang at home too.  It would be great to shows Mr. Regular around. Cars change a lot from the coast to the mountains here in PR. 
  • Kanver6
    Kanver6 3 года назад Yeah. It would be great to show these guys around. Mine's a 99 Mirage 4 door 1.5 ES model. The 'stang is a '98 3.8 convertible lowered on the front and rollin' on 20" chrome wheels. Yeah... I know... :/ 
  • Eric Xavier
    Eric Xavier 3 года назад lol yes Im sure you know. Lets hope they visit!
    RE! SPECT! WALK! 3 года назад +RegularCars I always thought thought you sang the songs. Lol.
  • Wings & Strings
    Wings & Strings 3 года назад +RegularCars Having eaten half my weight in Goya products every year since birth, I salute you, lewd Puerto Rican songbird with no face.
  • ap2pat
    ap2pat 2 года назад +Eric Xavier Puerto Rico. the island of the rotary gods!
  • Judge Judith Sheindlin
    Judge Judith Sheindlin 2 года назад last time i went to puerto rico they were uncivilized and throwning rocks at each other
  • Eric Xavier
    Eric Xavier 2 года назад +DanielWhaaaa lol nice trolling, but no.
  • pedroair28
    pedroair28 Год назад Don't forget Samurai's!
  • Hayden's Productions
    Hayden's Productions Год назад Did Hurricane Maria destroy that car culture?
  • Dr.Swag Killer
    Dr.Swag Killer Год назад Hayden's Productions lol
  • Scotty Barnett
    Scotty Barnett 5 дней назад Right he should do 1 on a metro.
  • LoveKnife
    LoveKnife 2 года назад I got in a really bad accident, a big dodge ram hit my hardbody and flipped us a few times, we ended up upside down. My friend and I both got out of the truck unscathed, what could've killed us in a normal car did no damage to us whatsoever in the Hardbody I can honestly say that a Hardbody saved my life.
  • Jason's Journeys
    Jason's Journeys Год назад KusoNeko 🙏
  • Mattias Johansson
    Mattias Johansson 9 месяцев назад Don't know about the D21, but I drive a Datsun 720 and it feels like I would rather have a crash in a cardboard box than in that one. :P
  • Google Cendrum
    Google Cendrum 7 месяцев назад Your hardbody saved your soft one
  • watch this
    watch this 6 месяцев назад What did it do to the Dodge and it's driver
  • Mick 4740
    Mick 4740 1 месяц назад watch this it deleted it
  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 недели назад Dude that's wild. 3 years ago I got t boned in my 02 xterra, which yes, I get it, is much newer and safer than a hardbody. But it's basically the successor to the pathfinder which was the successor to the hardbody trucks. Same story though, we rolled over, landed on the roof, and the biggest injury sustained was a bruised elbow from my arm hitting the door. My passenger was fine, and we walked right out of a truck that was still upside down. I swear they're built with magic
  • Bern on Cars
    Bern on Cars 3 года назад You need to drive the almighty 1984-88 Toyota 4X4 Truck
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 3 года назад +ThatGearHead™ They're both amazing trucks.
  • MattsInTheBelfry
    MattsInTheBelfry 3 года назад +ThatGearHead™ I always wanted that black one in Back to the Future. Last year, I bought a 2001 Tacoma and kinda fulfilled that lifelong dream. Manual trans, xfer, hubs, locks, windows, and no intermittent wipers!
  • C M
    C M 3 года назад +ThatGearHead™ Shit, if he comes to Georgia, I'd love for him to review mine. lol
  • Just a Random Dude
    Just a Random Dude 3 года назад +ThatGearHead™ And take it to MOOOAAAAB!
  • C M
    C M 3 года назад @Just a Random Dude YEAHHHH, MOOAAABB BRO!
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 3 года назад I really want to take my Samurai to Moab. ._.
  • C M
    C M 3 года назад @InvictvsNox that would be pretty sweet. MOAB
  • TheRoadDriverly
    TheRoadDriverly 3 года назад +ThatGearHead™ I had an 85 4x4 Xtra cab before I got my Saab. That thing was a beast but probably the least reliable Toyota Pickup in existence. Nothing is impervious to age unfortunately, but when I get some money I'll get another one.
  • TheRoadDriverly
    TheRoadDriverly 3 года назад +Logan M They had solid axles up to 1985, but the body panels were a bit different after 83.
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 3 года назад Wait, they ditched solid axles...? Why?!
  • Mymomsagirlpoopgood
    Mymomsagirlpoopgood 3 года назад (изменено) +ThatGearHead™ i have a 1986 toyota pickup with small lift and big tires with a turbo engine, but becides that pretty stock. It is basicaly the back to the future truck becides having IFS and regular cab. Has the smitty bilt tube bumpers and the roll bar with the KC's on top. RCR should come drive it
  • C M
    C M 3 года назад @InvictvsNox better ride quality and lighter I think. Not positive. They went with wishbone and torsion bars. I'd like to have a solid axle in mine though. 
  • InvictvsNox
    InvictvsNox 3 года назад same
  • The Metal Butcher
    The Metal Butcher 3 года назад +ThatGearHead™ The 2x4 wasn't too bad either.
  • Stryker425
    Stryker425 3 года назад He should come see my '81 with a Chevy 350 swapped in... Also MOAB.
  • Daron Aavis
    Daron Aavis 3 года назад M8 in straya we have all the trucks.... that are good. Small trucks. Bigger trucks. But not really big trucks. Biggest truck in straya is the LandCruiser VDJ79. Look it up. 4.5l turbo V8 diesel. Pretty sweet truck. Smaller than ya rams and independent front suspension raptors. Solid axles ftw
  • DC Garage
    DC Garage 3 года назад +InvictvsNox It still has a solid rear axle too obviously, but as with most trucks, it switched to independent front suspension.
  • Celtic Viking
    Celtic Viking 3 года назад Love my 85 4runner.
  • Daron Aavis
    Daron Aavis 3 года назад @Celtic Viking You should man, those are awesome little trucks, hope it gets used!
  • Steven Hurd
    Steven Hurd 3 года назад +Celtic Viking The "Unicorn" 1 year only FI and solid front axle. Seen 2 and none in 20 years. Even more rare I saw was a very early 86 Turbo SR-5 4Runner w/all power and digital dash and climate control, sunroof. power d side seat. The other impossible to find model. Too bad it was a auto. I know I will never see another that nice. I have 2 Pathfinders now and a 87 'Yota Reg Cab short box 5spd. Love em both but what few stock 4Runners are left are dwindling with every estate sale. That's how I got my 95 4x4 Pathfinder LE-V6 for a song with 87k on it. With most SE stuff added (gears, 31's on the chrome XE wheels, fairly tough skid plates everywhere). Have quick connects on sway bars but have only raised the bars to level it and even stock with the good diff it will smoke both the tires off the line. I just bought a rough one, 2wd with a shot tranny to "build". Never seen a Pathfinder with a 2' 3' drop and Z71 rims. So I am building it.
  • Celtic Viking
    Celtic Viking 3 года назад +S Hurd i have power windows (that still work alright), sunroof, cruise control, back seat heater but no digital cluster. I think only the turbo models had those. Mines a 22re. Its far from stock, but everything about it is great. I want to be buried with it.
  • Steven Hurd
    Steven Hurd 3 года назад +Celtic Viking Forgot about the heater, in Australia it was also a ac unit. Only seen 1 in the Turbo. 22r's were great, In 85 when it was done up for what became the 22REC such as my 86 has. But when they did this in 85 they went single roll timing chain and like a belt it needs replaced at set miles or high miles. Mine was over 300K when it started pouring oil out the front main cause that's a higher pressure oiling area because of the pump. But damn good motors. I love the VG30 and 33 a lot too.
  • pittim
    pittim 3 года назад He did a first gen 4runner a while ago
  • Pajama Sam
    Pajama Sam 3 года назад +Logan M They stopped using the solid axle for the pickups in 85
  • juan's Dawon
    juan's Dawon 3 года назад +justfakeit888 yup I had the 1985 SR-5 2x4 Toyota truck back in 87 and it was pretty reliable.....
  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 3 года назад So 22RE > KA24E then?
  • Pajama Sam
    Pajama Sam 3 года назад @GT6SuzukaTimeTrials I personally don't know much about the ka24e however a 22re with the right maitn ence and care will run basically forever
  • Dakota Neubert
    Dakota Neubert 3 года назад i drive a 88 4runner and its honestly the greatest thing i will ever drive in my life
  • G-man
    G-man 3 года назад +ThatGearHead™ You gotta take the D83 for a ride. Best powertrain on the mkt. Never left me stranded. Tremec uses their tech on the 'NEW CLOSE RATIO T56 MAGNUM'. Mine has a bolt on speed demand self-oiling system. It works with it's own sump for high sustained g-forces. You''ll never go wrong buying quality. Shop Assistant: TMr Drebin, the D83 Swedish sure-grip suck machine you ordered has arrived" Frank: *cough Its a gift!
  • Tom Garcia
    Tom Garcia 2 года назад i had a 1991 toyota pickup .. an equally great truck with better styling in my opinion
  • Desert Fox
    Desert Fox 2 года назад Tom Garcia agree Love those years
  • jonathna11
    jonathna11 Год назад ThatGearHead I have a 97 Nissan. It's great so far just bought it
  • Flame Beats
    Flame Beats Год назад "Check out that 4x4!" - Marty McFly
  • Truck Stuff & More
    Truck Stuff & More Год назад I have a 88 yota great little truck with the gutless 22re it may be slow but it'll get you where you want to go
  • REM223SBR
    REM223SBR 11 месяцев назад If he comes to Nebraska he can review my 83 yota 4x4 hilux
  • John Stine
    John Stine 10 месяцев назад Unkillable
  • Robert Blevins
    Robert Blevins 9 месяцев назад No I don't. (Need to drive the almighty whatever...)
  • Quinn O'Meara
    Quinn O'Meara 8 месяцев назад Bernie those trucks are basically god
  • Gerardo Błaszczykowski Rosas
    Gerardo Błaszczykowski Rosas 6 месяцев назад Fuckers are like 16 grand here
  • David Shelby
    David Shelby 2 года назад I have a 97 Nissan hardbody with over 300,000 miles and it's all original and still running strong to this day 😏 tough little truck
  • Lord Humongous
    Lord Humongous Год назад David Shelby Yeah. I had a 91 Pathfinder about ten years ago with 300k on the odometer. And it ran like a Swiss watch. I wonder how many miles are on it now?
  • Atomic Reverend Alexander
    Atomic Reverend Alexander Год назад David Shelby I too have a 1997 I am just curious how many timing chains have you done? Mine kills them like a good clock at about 50,000 miles
  • Why RuMad
    Why RuMad 2 года назад agree 100%, this Nissan trucks are tough. my bro has one with 390000 miles and it runs like a clock.
  • Ken Matharoo
    Ken Matharoo 2 года назад So it runs at 60 rpm?
  • BandomBeviews
    BandomBeviews 2 года назад Mbuuqw Plays Lol
  • Why RuMad
    Why RuMad 2 года назад @Mbuuqw Plays​ when we say it runs like a clock, we mean it never misses a beat. 60rpm? Lmao since when a clock runs that fast haha a clock's 3rd hand runs at 1RPM per minute you fool. Someone needs to go back to 1st grade haha
  • Ken Matharoo
    Ken Matharoo 2 года назад +george palacios (lots of lmaos and hahas) how did I not take that into consideration T-T
  • Why RuMad
    Why RuMad 2 года назад @Mbuuqw Plays what you need to take is some damn math classes 👉60rpm hahaha this guy lol
  • The Almighty Cornholio
    The Almighty Cornholio 2 года назад There is nothing such as a too basic truck 2008 Nissan Titan Manual windows, manual locks, manual mirrors Grey bumpers Steel wheels 8ft bed Never happier
  • B Caldwell
    B Caldwell 2 года назад I have owned a 97 since 2002. It's been the best little truck ever!
  • Jay M
    Jay M 11 месяцев назад I have a 95 reg cab n 97 king cab. Killer trucks. They run forever....
  • Sean Sutherland
    Sean Sutherland 2 месяца назад I've owned 4 sadly every single one has been from the East coast and has rusted horribly, maybe one day I'll find a nice one for a reasonable price
  • IronManAlchemist2100
    IronManAlchemist2100 3 года назад (изменено) +RegularCars Thanks for reviewing an old classic Nissan truck. As a design engineer for Nissan, I personally love our older cars and trucks. They are as you said; Reliable and un-killable and that is the exact reason why you just don't see new vehicles like this anymore. It's the very reason why corporate decided to end the Xterra line. People loved them too much, kept them for too long without any major issues, and we never updated the vehicle. Nowadays, cars and trucks are given new trims, styling, and features almost every year and people have too many reasons to buy new. It's an ever changing world we live in.
  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius Год назад To think Nissan's Cali design studio came up with this great utilitarian truck...and now?
  • Just Zach
    Just Zach Год назад IronManAlchemist2100 Greed ruins everything.
  • Lord Humongous
    Lord Humongous Год назад (изменено) I'm actually in the market for a 1st gen Xterra right now. Could buy a newer rig, but I don't want a bunch of bells and whistles. I just want a simple and reliable daily driver/off roader. Newer vehicles are anything but simple and reliable. If they're out of warranty you're pretty much screwed.
  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 7 месяцев назад Tyler Durden Xterras are nice, but I’d try looking for a Pathfinder. Those things last almost indefinitely. I was at an off-road course and found a guy with an old ‘93 Pathy with over 550,000 miles. Same engine, same everything. Not modified at all, and was working great both as an off-roader and a daily driver. Just slap some Michelin Defenders in her and you’re good to go!
  • leguygt
    leguygt 3 месяца назад Still driving the '86.5 D22 V6 King Cab 4x4 as the original owner. Near mint condition despite the ~187K miles on it! Faced with the issue of deteriorating deals & gaskets. Would love to find an entity that could help with insuring it has another 33+ year existence. - Guy in OH, by way of PA, by way of 27 years in GA.
  • twoeightythreez
    twoeightythreez 1 месяц назад I wonder if anyone else recognized The door handles lifted directly from the B11 Sentra.
  • Wayne S.
    Wayne S. 2 года назад my friend has my old truck like this. He is up to over 350,000 miles on the complete original motor and he says it still doesn't burn any oil.
  • Socky Noob
    Socky Noob 2 года назад Man I wish the chicken tax was repealed and we could make trucks small again.
  • Yard Sale Dale
    Yard Sale Dale 6 месяцев назад I.E. RoCks & ShOcKs govs like tariffs. Free money.
  • thegreatcarraway
    thegreatcarraway 3 года назад Fun fact: Chevrolet markets the Colorado as a "Smart-Sized" Pickup. They literally cannot say small truck. GM thinks the truck consumer thinks SMALL IS BAD BIG IS GOOD.
  • Zack Salter
    Zack Salter 3 года назад +thegreatcarraway Hell, I want the s10 and Sonoma to come back in the size they were with the good ole long block 4.3 v6 and the 2.5 Iron Duke 4 cylinder as the engines. Now those were good ass trucks. Also the Ranger would be great to have back. I loved small trucks.
  • Zack Salter
    Zack Salter 3 года назад +thegreatcarraway I had a 94, and it was the best truck I've owned.
  • DangerDavez
    DangerDavez 3 года назад +Zack Salter Europe has a new version of the ranger which looks nice. Can even get it in Diesel. It seems slightly bigger than the older ones but it looks pretty nice. Don't know why they aren't available in NA.
  • Zack Salter
    Zack Salter 3 года назад +DangerDavez chicken tax. haha. And yea. I know there is still a Ranger, but it's now more of a midsize truck. It isn't the small little mighty worker it used to be.
  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 3 года назад In a 1990s the s 10 was carburetor and slow af compared to my 1996 hardbody was efi
  • Zack Salter
    Zack Salter 3 года назад @Chevy sucks wtf are you talking about? The s10 was only carbed for the 83-86 models years on the 2.5 and 2.8 liter engines. By the 90's nothing was carbed. Idk where you got your info from, but obviously you don't know what you're talking about. lol. 
  • Stupid California Drivers
    Stupid California Drivers 3 года назад +thegreatcarraway the Colorado isn't even small or "smart-sized" anyway. I test drove one and I felt like I was driving a tank. Nothing at all like my '95 Nissan
  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 3 года назад @Zack Salter lmao 1991 it was carbed even then my hardbody would whoop any S 10s ass.
  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 3 года назад The Best mini trucks were the Nissan hardbody and Toyota pickup where I live I see hundreds upon hundreds still running and I see maybe a few S 10s
  • Zack Salter
    Zack Salter 3 года назад No sir. It was tbi. lol. I've had plenty of them, none have ever been carbed after 86. Sorry you're not right. lol. And I agree though, The hardbody and toyota pickup are absolutely the best. Very solid ass trucks. Know what make you a true car guy? Not being a little bitch about what is better than the other. 
  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 3 года назад Most Chevy owners hate the Nissan hardbody like he said in the video small trucks are like a sin. Which I don't see why people don't need full size trucks all the time.
  • Zack Salter
    Zack Salter 3 года назад I love them all. Even the Ford Ranger. I'm an open minded car guy. I understand that some have their downfalls and their strong points. They're all equally as great to me. lol. But, if I had to choose, I would get either another s10, or a hardbody. 
  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 3 года назад I love the ranger till ford discontinued it but they did for a good reason the F-150 was selling a lot better but there's rumors of the ranger and bronco returning :)
  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 3 года назад I just saw a new z71 Colorado and it's not small at all lol
  • Jeremy Tome
    Jeremy Tome 3 года назад +thegreatcarraway Ironically, the new Colorado is the same size as the 90's Silverado. And yet the parking spaces are the same size.
  • Thomas L
    Thomas L 3 года назад +Zack Salter I have an 86 s10, it was tbi
  • Adam Winebarger
    Adam Winebarger 3 года назад +Jeremy Tome A buddy of mine has an 03 silverado and, parked next to a new colorado, the silverado looks to be the same size, maybe a little bit smaller
  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 3 года назад If I'd park my Nissan hardbody next to both of those it's even smaller sometimes smaller is better 
  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 3 года назад A '93 D21 4x4 5-speed came up for sale near me today with 77k asking $3,000. Worth it? Not much rust at all.
  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 3 года назад (изменено) @GT6SuzukaTimeTrials​ Make sure the guys actually taking care of it and changed the timing chain because the ones from the factory suck.
  • Spaghettios
    Spaghettios 3 года назад +GT6SuzukaTimeTrials Buy it. A Hardbody with 4X4 with low miles and minimal rust is a gem nowadays.
  • GT6SuzukaTimeTrials
    GT6SuzukaTimeTrials 3 года назад @Spaghettios I should have bought it, but I only had $2k to spend at the time and he didn't take that. 
  • Spaghettios
    Spaghettios 3 года назад That sucks. :\
  • G-man
    G-man 3 года назад +thegreatcarraway Yes, that is what the consumer thinks. They buy the trucks and cars that manufactures manufacture after asking and observing what consemers actually behave and consume. Engineered aero, materials, and design now permit size with liitle compromise to efficiency yet massive gains in safety. The language and concepts applied are market, marketing, supply and demand. The US domestic mkt. is primarily based on trucks not cars, which are too oil price-economically dependent and teh sub-prime mkt that finances them. Bad and bad. The domestic manufacture of 'cars' market has not been profitable in 20 years. The Euro and Japanese manufactures of cars have been largely profitable worldwide (incl US). Mr. Reg's English major and tonality may provide a sense of authority but fallacy can still be grammatically correct. A capital letter follows a peroid still.
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 2 года назад Smart-sized pickup? CADILLAC CATERA.
  • ɐlex
    ɐlex Год назад That's what every American automobile thinks what the consumer wants.
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas Год назад By the 90's nothing GM North American was carbureted, TBI or EFI was the norm after about 86-88
  • Nick Rynearson
    Nick Rynearson Год назад It doesn't help that the S10 was pretty shit
  • Grinders and Gears
    Grinders and Gears Год назад Yeah, funny thing is people loved the S10. Nobody loved the Colorado, they sucked to work on and weren't as reliable, and who wants a midsize truck anyways. So naturally, Chevy brought back the truck nobody wanted the first time around. I'd like to ask the people that made that decision WTAF they were thinking. They should have brought back the S10, not an even bigger Colorado, I think the new Colorado is actually bigger than an old C/K 1500...
  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas Год назад Yep! Eleventy thousand million S-10 pickups/Blazers sold in Iowa in the 80's and 90's. The Colorado? Not so much. 6/8ths the size of the C/K and within a couple of grand of the full size in price. Whats the point?
  • Ragimund VonWallat
    Ragimund VonWallat Год назад zack salter...i miss the ranger...i even miss the shitty 3.0L that say something
  • uhh
    uhh 3 года назад dat purple tint tho.
  • Vertex
    Vertex 3 года назад Give your meat a good 'ol rub
  • olskoolnewpaint
    olskoolnewpaint 3 года назад +Fappolice Yeah, was probably black 20 years ago. That type of tint always turns purple after the sun burns the shit out of it for a few years.
  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee 3 года назад +olskoolnewpaint lol if it was 20 years old no doubt itd be bubbled up. I'm thinking maaaayyybe 5-7 years old lol
  • olskoolnewpaint
    olskoolnewpaint 3 года назад @Thomas Lee Nah, if you apply it correctly, with baby shampoo, water and heat it will never bubble.
  • Dick Wrinkle
    Dick Wrinkle 2 года назад +Thomas Lee we've since had the Windows re tinted but at the time of filming, it was probably at least 10 years old.
  • jackelracer593
    jackelracer593 Год назад Ethan Curtis everett?
  • :D
    :D 3 года назад I love at 4:24 "as far as safety... just don't crash".
  • twoeightythreez
    twoeightythreez 1 месяц назад I had one. They actually did pretty good as long as you didnt hit a wall or a tree. IMO they were about as safe as small vehicles got back then.
  • Sean Donaldson
    Sean Donaldson 3 года назад If you're interested I now own a Subaru Baja Turbo that i'd let you review as soon as I'm finished fixing it, before I mess with it.
  • Ziginox
    Ziginox 3 года назад +Tiberius Hrafn-Úlfur I'd love to see this review. I'm pretty sure he'll tear into it pretty hard for being relatively useless, though.
  • Eric Pettersen
    Eric Pettersen 3 года назад Email him at
  • Ballibusteros
    Ballibusteros 3 года назад +Tiberius Hrafn-Úlfur IS this happening?
  • Nick Rynearson
    Nick Rynearson Год назад Ah the Subaru Baja just as useless as a Lincoln Blackwood.
  • Jeff Evanson
    Jeff Evanson Год назад Or the Chevy Avalanche.
  • Alan Velociraptor
    Alan Velociraptor 9 месяцев назад I like those things, but they're still really expensive, the cheapest one I've ever seen was $5000.
  • KittyCatCuddlinKevin
    KittyCatCuddlinKevin 3 года назад My GF has one of these, 96 with 200k miles, in 10 years It's had maybe $130 in unexpected maintenance on it. (upper pulley bearing, fan control resistor, o2 sensor)
  • 47MasoN47
    47MasoN47 2 года назад 258k on my hardbody and still going strong :D